The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Echigo no ryû - full transcript



A boy?

Yes, your baby was born.

Young Lord...



"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 24:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

NAGAO Kagetora:

OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi



TAKEDA Nobushige: KASHIMA Noritoshi

KASUGA Gengoro: TANAKA Kotaro
Hazuki: MANASE Juri

SATO Ryuta


KAWAHARA Takamasa:

Princess Yu:

KOUN Jiden: REIZEI Kimihiro

NAGANO Narimasa: KOICHI Mantaro
SUNOHARA Wakasa-no-kami: KIMURA Sakae

ASHIDA Nobumori: IIDA Kisuke

SANADA Gentaro: OGIWARA Shinji
SANADA Tokujiro: SAKAI Kazuhisa


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture
Buddhist Memorial Service Coach: OSAWA Kiyohiro
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

SANADA Yukitaka:
SASAKI Kuranosuke


AIKI Ichibei:
KONDO Yoshimasa


AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Produced by: NAKAMURA Takashi
Art Direction by: SHIMIZU Kensuke
Technology: KAWASAKI Kazuhiko
Sound Effects: IMAI Hiroshi

Photography by: TAME Akihiro
Lighting by: IUCHI Minoru
Audio: WASHIZU Nobuatsu
Image Art: YOSHIDA Kenji
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi
Art Direction Manager: SUGIHARA Hiroki

Directed by:
SHIMIZU Kazuhiko





It's been a while, Kansuke.

My Lady!

It appears you were having a dream...


It's been a while since I have
had a good dream...

Who is this princess?


You were calling out to her,
over and over.

You were unconscious for ten days.

Ten days?

Where am I?

Annaka, Joshu.

You were shot by a musket at
Kawagoe Castle.

I was worried that we couldn't find you,

so I asked Sir Sanada for help.

You can't get up yet.

MAY 1546

Kansuke regained consciousness
at Chogen-ji Temple,

on the outskirts of Annaka.

So you're up!

He's a tough samurai.
He plans to live yet.

Kansuke, Hojo Ujiyasu beat the
Uesugi in that night attack.

Their manner of retreat
was magnificent, too.

What became of Uesugi Norimasa?

He fled to Joshu.

I brought you here.

If you had died along the way,
I would have discarded your body.

You are truly persistent.

Thanks to him, your life
was saved. Thank him.

Did you treat me?

No, I'm not a doctor.

Then again, not many doctors have
seen a wound like yours.

It's the duty of a priest to treat
someone abandoned by the doctors.

If you're going to die anyway,
I thought I'd give it a shot.

This is what was taken out of your body.

Is this from the Tanegashima...?

Sir Yukitaka, it looks like your
miracle medicine worked.

Miracle medicine?

What is it?

I remembered hearing this
from a mountain priest.

That if you drink the watered down
dung of a gray horse,

it'll heal any wound.

Did I drink it?


Shinome is the one who prepared that
precious miracle medicine for you.

So you have to thank her.

Doesn't the Lady hate the Takeda?


The Sanada haven't fallen as low as to
use horse dung as a tool for revenge.

I didn't mean it that way.

Anyway, your body is strong enough
to be cured by horse dung.

No wonder you survived all those
wounds on your body.

Sir Sanada, why did you save me?

You'll have to be my guide to Kai.

Sir Sanada, does that mean...?

Shinome and Koun have come to
an understanding...

Even if I stay here in Joshu,
I can't rely on Lord Uesugi.

If I fall with him, I'd feel badly
toward my vassals in Shinano.

Go to Kai or wherever you want.

It's an inconvenience to the temple
to keep a good-for-nothing defeated...

soldier who won't renounce the world.

I just don't understand it. Why rely
on a lord who banished his father...

and had the daughter of a man
he defeated bear his child?

Will our vassals be happy
if we go through...

such extents to return to our fief?

I can't face the late Sir Unno or my father.

Lady Shinome...

The Takeda are not what the rumors say.

What do you mean?

My lord is...

Enough. It won't be good for
you to talk any more...

Lady Shinome!


Harunobu, who visited Princess Yu
in Suwa, hid Kansuke's disappearance

out of concern for her health
after childbirth.

My lord... are you going
to battle again?

The people in Saku are defying again.

Don't worry. Shiro, here, will
bring us victory this time.

Didn't Kansuke come with you?

He headed for Saku first.

He was overjoyed with
Shiro's birth.

I wanted to see his happy face.

Yu, do you like Kansuke?

I don't dislike him now.

More than me?

You and Kansuke are different.

How are we different?

Kansuke has no mercy in his actions.


He's probably living only for his motive.

He wants to make you
the ruler of the country.

He probably thinks that mercy
stands in the way of that motive.

But you can't discard your
compassion for people.

When I see his happy face,
I feel strangely relieved.

It makes me think he still has
a beautiful side in him.

And I don't have that
beautiful side in me?

You are one who naturally
cherishes human compassion.

If you didn't have
Kansuke by your side,

you wouldn't have
engaged in so many battles.

Sir Itagaki said so, too.

Itagaki said that?

He said that Kansuke knows that...

and that is why he takes his
strategizing very seriously at heart.

That if Kansuke wasn't around,
you might have lost early on.

Kansuke defeated the Suwa family,
for that motive...

Then sent me to you,
to have Shiro born...

In that respect, he should be
someone despicable, but...

Strangely enough, I have
no grudge against him.

Is that what I am thought of?


A few days later...

Sanada went to see Lord Nagano
Narimasa of Minowa Castle.

So you're going to Kai?

Please forgive me.

Are you submitting to the Takeda?

I am ashamed of myself, after all
that you've done for me.

I guess it can't be helped...?

Your ambition is to recover the
fief held by the Sanada family.

I, who couldn't get Lord Uesugi
to rise for you, am ashamed...

Not at all! I have no intention
of condemning you for it.

Lord Uesugi won't last very long.

Which means, the Takeda may direct
their spearheads at us in Kozuke province.

If that happens, we'll be enemies.

If you are going, knowing that,
then I won't stop you.

Leave Joshu with your ambitions.

That is the way of this world.

I am very sorry.


This is how you write it.

Sir Sanada!

Sir Sanada!


Sir Sanada, is it true that you
are submitting to the Takeda?

And if so, why?

Staying in Joshu, won't allow me
to return to Shinano.

Are you going to discard
your obligations then?

Are you going to seek refuge
from your mortal enemy?

I just want to regain
my hereditary fief.

The daimyo lords across the country
may seek rule and dominance,

but my ambition remains solely,
to protect my fief and people with

my very own hands.

That's not possible if I remain
in Joshu as a ronin...

My family has been hereditary
vassals to the Uesugi family.

Isn't it morality to serve
the Uesugi until the very end?

Isn't it treacherous to submit
to the Takeda?

If our lord, Unno, were alive, you
would have been killed on the spot.

My decision holds.

For what purpose were you a ronin
during the past five years?

Was it to become a traitor?

If you refuse to change your mind,
then divorce my younger sister.

Is that what you want?

I will not divorce him. I will
not leave my lord's side.

Brother, my husband was
the lord of a castle,

while you are a simple vassal.

Therefore, you have different paths to take.

For the past five years,
what have you done?

Just indulged in pleasures,
to play up to Lord Uesugi!

What are you saying?

My husband, who was the lord of
a castle, disguised himself

as a mountain priest to spy
on the enemy in Shinano,

in concern for his former vassals.

Do you know how degrading that was for him?

Rather than rely on Lord Uesugi
who indulges in pleasures...

He is better off with the Takeda.


For the sake of what
my husband believes in...

I am prepared to defy our late
father and you, Brother.

If you are going to kill my
husband, then I shall die, too.

Uncle! Please forgive my father!

Please forgive him.

You boys...

We will eventually crush the
Takeda. Don't forget that.

I am a fortunate fellow.

Truly fortunate...

Is Murakami Yoshikiyo the only
enemy to the Takeda now?

Yes... he is the most fearsome enemy.

We would like you to break down
the ji-samurai in eastern Shinano.

You may not attain peace in Shinano
even if you overthrow Murakami.

We'll have to fight the
Ogasawara, too, I'm sure.

And after that Kiso.

No, I am talking beyond that.


Lord Uesugi isn't the Hojo's
most fearsome enemy now.

I'm looking beyond that.

Beyond Murakami and Uesugi...
is Echigo?

The Uesugi have been guardians
to Echigo in the past.

However, the Nagao family have
replaced them as guardians now.

The lower dominated the upper?

Indeed so.

However, Nagao Harukage, who
succeeded as lord, is sickly and unreliable.

Therefore, there are endless
domestic strifes in Echigo.

Unlike the Takeda and Hojo, the
lord of the Nagao clan is a fool.

That fool has a younger brother.

Younger brother?


The weak-willed Harukage called
back his younger brother...

from the temple, and gave him a castle.

That younger brother, yet a stripling,
had magnificently crushed the vassals

who were plotting treason.

That younger brother will probably
rule Echigo province after Harukage.

If you defeat the Murakami, the
empowered Nagao family in Echigo...

will stand in the way of the Takeda.

(God of War)

That younger brother was Nagao Kagetora,
known as the dragon of Echigo,

and the future famous
Uesugi Kenshin.

It wouldn't be until later that
he receives the Uesugi name

from the Uesugi family.


Correct the disorders
of this world.

Destroy the unjust.

Fill the emptiness of my heart
with the wrath of justice.

Please grant me powers.

Meanwhile, Takeda Harunobu surrounded
Uchiyama Castle in Saku-gun, Shinano,

where the Oi clan had gathered
anti-Takeda forces and had holed up.

After Oi Sadataka's downfall,

Oi Sadakiyo took control of the ji-samurai.

Yes, I know.

Aiki Ichibei!

Do we have any secret
contacts in the castle?

Unfortunately... no.

We'll just have to use
force then. Nobushige....


Please wait.

Lord, we are working on cutting
their water supply in the castle.

What will you do after that?

Just wait it out. They'll be
forced to surrender soon.

No, they may not surrender,
but may come out and attack us.

To act first, would lessen
the casualties on our side.

We haven't used force in a while.

In any event, if Oi Sadakiyo commits
hara-kiri, this battle will end.

Amari, are we going to allow
the remnants to live again?

Lord, you are one who naturally
cherishes human compassion.

If it weren't for Kansuke,
you may have lost early on.

We may attain victory through
strategizing, but...

If we leave survivors, there'll be
a threat of treason later.

Men, make preparations
to act upon my orders.

Do not let anyone live.

What's happened to the lord?

With Kansuke gone, he seems
like a changed man.

That's not true.

He reminded me of the
previous lord, Takeda Nobutora.

This is how a battle should be, though.

Reporting! We have cut off the
water supply for Uchiyama Castle!

You have?

Good job, Kyoraishi!

Lord, please send a messenger
to persuade them to surrender.

If Kansuke were alive,
he would have advised that.

Itagaki, are you
taking me lightly?

A Mukade clan member is here!


What is it?

Yamamoto Kansuke is alive!

Where is he now?

He's with Sanada Yukitaka in Joshu.

He's staying with the Sanada?

What a persistent fellow...

I see... so Kansuke is alive.

Thank you for informing me.

Lord, please send a messenger
to persuade them to surrender.


This time, we are using force.

We'll battle them tomorrow.
Show no mercy.

The castle fell in four days.

Only the lord, Oi Sadakiyo, and
his eldest son were captured alive.

The others were all killed.


Kyoraishi Minbu!

You did a great job in cutting
the water supply to Uchiyama Castle.

You've served the Takeda family
from my father's time

and have managed the
Mukawa clan very well.

You are hereby promoted to
samurai general with 50 cavaliers...

and will be included in my council
of hereditary councilors.

Thank you! I am very honored!

In addition, you may assume the name
of Baba, the famous hereditary

key vassal of the Takeda, and call
yourself Baba Minbu-no-sho Nobuharu.

I humbly accept the appointment.

In Joshu, the Sanada family
were ready to depart for Kai.

Koun, thank you for everything.

Thanks to you, our lives
were saved in Joshu.

That was nothing.

Don't thank me when you're about to
endanger your lives from this point on.

Sir Yukitaka, this is a farewell
gift from me. Please accept it.

It's the "rokudosen" coins that you
put in the dead man's coffin.

This should be appropriate for you,
who seek the battle scenes.

The Sanada family had died once.

And once you die,
you can't die again.

I shall gratefully accept this.

I know. When I recover my fief,

I'll build a temple and make
you the founder of it.

What can a fool like you possibly do?

While I'm waiting, I'll be
needing the "rokudosen" first.

Thus, the Sanada came to Kai.

Kansuke! It's good to have
you back! Good job!


This is Sir Sanada Danjo-no-chu Yukitaka.

Yes, I've heard about him.

Sanada Danjo, face me.

I am Sanada Yukitaka.
I am pleased to meet you.

I've been waiting for you.

Kansuke, what was the
Tanegashima musket like?

It was like horse dung.

Horse dung?

That is worthless...
like dung in battles.

Sanada Danjo, I shall grant you
a stipend of 200-kan.

Yes... I am truly grateful for it.

Your fief will be Sanada-go
in Chiisagata, Shinano.

But I can only offer you the
northern part of Sanada-go.

Which is a small patch of land
around and including Matsuo Castle.

Your former fief is mostly
occupied by Murakami right now.

Are you giving me a castle?

Sanada, I am posting you there
to keep an eye on Murakami.

It's a perfect place for you.
Work hard at it.

Yes... I will do my best at it.

Now, Kansuke... I have
good news for you, too.

Yu gave birth to a boy in Suwa.

The princess gave birth to a boy?

Lord, congratulations!

Forget your duties as military
strategist for a while,

and serve by Shiro's side in Suwa.

That would make Yu happy.


Shortly after, Sanada returned to
his home in Matsuo Castle.

Gentaro... Tokujiro...
This is your father's former castle.

Your father's new battle
will start right here.

Be prepared to protect
this castle, too.



Hazuki, so you came first.

My lord... Lady Shinome...

I've been waiting for you.

Denbei there, helped me
with the preparations.

Hey, don't forget the "Sir" before my name.


What preparations?

All of you...

My lord...

My Lady...

We are so glad to
have you back alive...

Welcome back!

Aren't you serving Murakami now?

Don't expect us to do nothing
about your return to the castle.

Please make us your vassals again!


You left your home and land
to come to this castle?

We'll protect you in this castle.

We will receive our stipends
from you someday.

Lord, you will surely get back
your entire fief someday.

Lord! Lord! Lord!

This feels like a dream...

All right...

I have something to show all of you.

Sanada made a new start here
with a new flag.

The design with the "rokurensen"
became his family crest.

What are you looking at?

Sir Sanada returned to the castle.


I heard he joined the Takeda.

Do you want to go to him?


The Takeda is our enemy.
Forget about your past obligations.

This land, which we are living on,
used to belong to the Sanada.

Who does the Suwa land we used
to live on, belong to now?


Meanwhile, Kansuke entered Suwa.

Sir Itagaki, congratulations on
your victory at Uchiyama Castle.

We captured it by force.

We lost many of our soldiers.

Sometimes, you have to use force.

Is that what you think?

Kansuke, didn't you feel anything
different when you met the lord?

As always, he is great at
grasping a person's heart.

It appears he has gained confidence.

I hope he doesn't get a swelled head.

Swelled head?

The lord is still young.

He's been winning all his battles.

So the over-confidence may close
his ears to remonstrations.

What kind of lord he'll turn into...

will depend upon the battle that
is looming with the Murakami.

It is fortunate for us that you are alive.

Please watch over the lord
with extreme care.




I, Yamamoto Kansuke,
have just returned alive.

Returned alive? What are you talking about?

I see... So you have a musket wound.

Does it still hurt?

No. The pain...

...just disappeared right now.

My heart is filled with joy.

I brought the Young Lord.

Young Lord...

Kansuke, hold him.

Young Lord...

Thank you for being born...

Thank you very much...

You are... my...
my life.

Episode 24:
The End


Episode 25: A CRUEL LAW


Jyoetsu city in Niigata prefecture.

Harunobu's greatest foe, Nagao Kagetora

later known as Uesugi Kenshin, this was his home ground.

{\an8}Kasuga-yama castle ground

Kasuga-yama jyo which did belong to Nagao family was

an impregnable castle used entire mountain.
Illustration of Kasuga-yama Castle

The place where the Main Castle stood.

Statue of Uesugi Kenshin

Rinsenji which is located at the foot of castle.

Kagetora spent his young life in this temple

and is said to learn the importance of justice.
"Justice First" (Is said to be Kagetora's writing)

Portrait of Uesugi Kenshin

Taki-dera Bishamon-ten.

{\an8}Bishamon-ten is a Buddhist god of wealth and Virtue

This is where Kagetora came to pray
for the victory before he went off to war.

Kagetora believed he was
an incarnation of Bishamon-ten.

Jyoetsu-city, home of a
great commander Uesugi Kenshin.