The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Sawakoshi yasen - full transcript

This is our opportunity
to crush the Hojo!

It won't benefit the Imagawa
or Takeda to crush the Hojo.

The Takeda sent Kansuke as a
messenger to negotiate peace

between the Imagawa and Hojo.

The Takeda saved the Hojo, who
were fighting with the Imagawa

and driven in a corner in Kanto.

With this peace treaty, Hojo
Ujiyasu is able to fight fully

against the Uesugi, who had
surrounded Kawagoe Castle,

their strongpoint in Musashi Province.

Kansuke went to their aid,
with a certain ambition at heart.

This is the beginning of the
night attack at Kawagoe,

which would give fame to Hojo Ujiyasu.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 23:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Japanese Music Coach: HONJO Shotaro
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

SANADA Yukitaka:
SASAKI Kuranosuke


KASUGA Gengoro: TANAKA Kotaro

Hazuki: MANASE Juri

KUSHIMA Echizen-no-kami (flashback): Terry ITO
GENKO Etan (flashback): IGAWA Tetsuya
MATSUDA Shichirozemon (flashback): SAKAKI Hideo

IMAGAWA Yoshimoto:

KAWAHARA Takamasa:

MEKATA Shinsuke:


Princess Yu:

HOJO Tsunashige: ISHIBASHI Tamotsu
NAGANO Narimasa: KOICHI Mantaro

HONMA Goshu: NAGAE Hidekazu

UESUGI Tomosada: TAKEMOTO Junpei
Prostitute: SHIMOKAWA Tomoko


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture
Miura City in Kanagawa Prefecture

UESUGI Norimasa:

HOJO Ujitsuna:

SHIMIZU Yoshimasa:

DAIMON Masaaki

TAIGEN Sufu Sessai:
IBU Masato

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Produced by: NAKAMURA Takashi
Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: TANAKA Mitsuru
Sound Effects: ISHIKAWA Takao

Photography by: SASAKI Tatsunosuke
Lighting by: HORIKAGO Isamu
Audio: TAKAYAMA Motohisa
Image Art: YAMADA Yasuichi
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi
Art Direction Manager: MATSUTANI Takafumi

Directed by:


The kites in Suruga sure go up high.

Lord Harunobu, can I
ask you a question?

What is a victory battle?

A victory battle... like that kite, I'd say.

It reads the direction of the
winds, and positions itself in

an advantageous spot.

The thread is like the human bond.

The person who skillfully
maneuvers that bond,

will attain victory in battle.

The one who reads the winds
and maneuvers the thread

correctly is the victor?

That's right.

With no wind or thread,
you can't fly a kite.

A person is powerless
against Nature.

I get it. So it's the person
who reads the winds,

attains his own province
as well as others,

and uses his concubine to gain a bond.

Bring that over.

Do you know what this is?



Sessai, I guess they don't
know about it in Kai.

Two years ago, on the southern
part of Tanegashima...

The ship of foreigners drifted ashore,
and these rifles were introduced.

Harunobu, if you let the wind
take its course, then you might

find yourself at the mercy
of the new powers.

Nature may not change, but the
human world will quickly change.

Don't misread the signs now.

If this should be used, what
do you think will happen?


This is a "teppo" (rifle)
called Tanegashima.


I bet Harunobu hasn't
seen one yet.

I've heard about it, but...
Where did you get it?

Shimizu, tell him.

This was made at Negoro
Temple in Kishu.

Tsuda Kenmotsu, who controls
Negoro Temple, is making it?

Do you know him?

When I was still a ronin,
I visited Negoro Temple once.

Kansuke, you have connections
all over, don't you?

He hasn't made that many yet.

Our army only has two of them.

Hojo Tsunashige, the lord of
Kawagoe Castle, has one of them.

Tsunashige is originally from
the Kushima clan in Suruga.

But he entered the Hojo family
as my son-in-law.


Do you remember Kushima Hikojuro?

He's related to Tsunashige,
so he's at Kawagoe Castle, too.

Father, please run away!


Please run away!

He's the one that attacked
my father in Hanagura!

He hated you, didn't he?


While waiting for relief
from Ujiyasu...

They holed up in Kawagoe
Castle for six months.

Lord Tsunashige...

Ujiyasu's relief can't even come close.

Our provisions will soon be depleted.


Hikojuro, rather than die in starvation...

We should rush out and die
gloriously in battle.


Uesugi Norimasa joined hands with
the former lord of Kawagoe Castle,

Ogigayatsu, and Koga Shogun
Ashikaga Haruuji, and surrounded them.

APRIL, 1546

In response to this, Ujiyasu
set up camp around that,

with an army of 8,000.

The enemy numbers around 80,000.

Not even an ant can enter Kawagoe Castle.

So there's no way we can send
provisions into the castle?

Not only that, but we can't
even send word to them.

We can't let Tsuneshige die.

We must send him word somehow.

We must tell him to hang in there
until we make our move.

How do we do that?

We have an agent in the enemy's camp.

Send a messenger to that agent.

Who can we send into the enemy camp?

If they should be suspected,
they will be killed on the spot.


Eighty thousand?

Are there that many of them?

How many do the Hojo have?

About 8,000.

80,000 versus 8,000?

We're going to die.

Master, are we going to die here?

If we fight forcefully, we will.

Why are we assisting in a futile
battle like this?

There are only 50 of us.
We won't be of much help, anyway.

Takichi, you're talking too loud.

Kansuke, didn't you suggest that
we give them reinforcements?

Aren't you up to something?

That's what Sir Itagaki said, too.

If you have something up your
sleeve, then tell us about it.

Hey! Stop talking like you are
superior to the Master.

Correct your ways!

Sir Yamamoto, please tell me...

The truth is, I want to bring back
a certain general under the Uesugi.

A general under the Uesugi?

He's currently under Nagano Shinano,
the councilor for the Uesugi.

Could that be...?

Yes, it's Sanada Yukitaka.

Is he on the enemy's side now?

I want you to check if he's
in the enemy camp or not,

and notify me of his whereabouts.

Come back as soon as you find out.


The Odawara's defeat is clear.

We don't have to rush. When the
men starve to death,

Kawagoe Castle will naturally
fall into our hands.

It's about time that their
provisions hit rock bottom.

Yes, the soldiers are starting
to go hungry, I believe.

If we attack the castle now,
the Hojo's reserve army may find

the situation hopeless,
and submit to us.

Why wait and give them time
to devise a strategy?

They might boost the spirits
of the soldiers in the castle.

We should grasp our victory
at once, before that happens.

Nagano, what is there to fear?

The enemy has 8,000 soldiers,
and 3,000 in the castle.

Whereas, we have 80,000!

When the Shogun betrayed
Odawara and sided with us,

our victory in this battle was decided.

The Odawara have submitted to the
Imagawa, and surrendered their lands.

The Odawara have no choice
but to submit to us now.

If I may humbly speak up...

The Hojo did not submit
to the Imagawa in Suruga.

They signed a peace treaty.

They detached the Imagawa from us.

This is a strategy of the Hojo's,
to focus on us.

Nagano! How many times
must I tell you!?

It's not the Hojo, but Ise!

The outlaw from Ise snatched away
the lands of Izu and Sagami.

He is like a thief!

Yet he audaciously took the Hojo name.

Just hearing his name
makes my blood boil.

Now is not the time
to dwell on reputation.

Yes, it is!

If I don't dwell on it now,
when will I?

Nagano, they don't have the
leisure of devising a strategy

or sending a messenger into the castle.

They can only abandon the castle
and withdraw to Odawara,

or attack us with a deathly resolve.

We can waste our soldiers, after
we see what they will do.

It's as Kuragano says.

Listen, there may be a
Hojo agent in our camp...

Kuragano, it's Odawara...

There may be an Odawara agent.

If there is anyone who acts
suspiciously, arrest him at once.


Kansuke, what do you want?

Please send me in to the enemy camp.


I heard that your agent in the
enemy camp is Honma Goshu.

That's right.

He was the one in secret contact with
the Uesugi when he was in Sagami.

Yet you employed him, knowing that.

He was banished from Odawara,
and returned to the Uesugi.

Are you saying you would be able
to get in contact with him?

Yes. If he sees me, he will
approach me from his side.

I'm sure he wouldn't forget
this face of mine.

The others do not know me, so they
wouldn't know I'm with the Hojo.

In that case, Kansuke, will you go?

Please leave it to me.

Leave your vassal with Shimizu.

Yes... and what message should
I send to the castle?

To not rush out of the castle,
until I come up with a strategy.

And what will that strategy be?

Kansuke, did you forget?

Unlike my grandfather and father,
I am a coward.

Therefore, I can only plead for my life.

Listen, Kansuke. The signal
is the prostitute.


When the number of prostitutes
increase in the enemy camp,

leave the camp at once.

Is that clear?

Very well.


Are you a spy?

No. I'm looking for someone.

Who are you looking for?

Sir Sanada Yukitaka.

What do you want with him?

I can't say, until I see him.

Then, die.


I'll tell you...

Lord! We've captured a suspicious ronin.

Let me go!

Are you a spy?

I'm Yamamoto Kansuke, a ronin
from Ushikubo, Sanshu!

Please allow me to be
in the corner of your camp.

Don't lie!

I am not lying!

He must not be a spy...


Step down.

He can't be an agent with that limp leg.

He wouldn't be able to even climb a tree.

Doesn't an agent have to be
able to climb a tree?

How shallow-minded.

Oh, never mind.

If it comes to battle,
I'll let you fight in it.

If you distinguish yourself,
I will employ you.

Thank you!

Do you remember me?

I have a message from Sir Ujiyasu.


Is that you, Honma?

Sir Nagano...

What are you doing?

Since you were worried about it...

I was checking if he is
an agent or not.

I haven't seen him before
in Odawara, but...

That ronin used to serve Sanada here.

It's been a long time.

Never mind. Go.

Did you come to see me?


How strange... Kansuke.

Lord Tsunashige!

Lord Tsunashige, Honma Goshu
sent a letter by arrow.

Sir Ujiyasu is making his move?

The castle has received
our message.

Good job, Kansuke!

Don't look, Kansuke.

She's my "suppa" (ninja).


All her relatives were killed
by the Takeda.


She lost her peaceful life.

It's not just Hazuki... My clan and
grandfather hate the Takeda, too.

Therefore, I will never
submit to the Takeda.

I am not telling you to submit.

Please lend us your help.

That would be the best way
to retrieve your lands.

That is still considered
as submission.

The Takeda will eventually
control Shinano.

It won't be the Murakami,
Ogasawara, or Uesugi.

Unless you join the Takeda...

You won't be able to return
to your homeland.

If you will ally yourself
with the Takeda...

That day will come sooner.


Do you have the power
to negotiate with me?

I am a strategist.


Takeda Harunobu hired a ronin
like you as his strategist?

That is the kind of lord he is.

Unlike the previous lord, Nobutora...

His strength isn't limited
to military force...

He is very resourceful.

He can read people's minds, too.
He is a very merciful man.

You and Lord Harunobu are the
two most capable men I've ever met.

How flattering... but I won't
fall for that trick.


Please meet with my lord.

What about Hojo Ujiyasu?

You're not here for the
Hojo, are you?

The sound I heard earlier, bothers me...

Wasn't that some kind of signal?

Are the Hojo attacking?

I don't know.

But the Uesugi will eventually lose...

See, Nagano! This is the
Odawara strategy.

He pleaded for his life to the
Shogun, Ashikaga Haruuji.

He said if he will spare the lives of
the soldiers holed up in the castle,

he will give the castle and
surrounding lands to him.

He's asking for mercy.

What did the Shogun reply?

He ignored it. He said if he
spared even a single man,

then it'll result in future trouble.

The Odawara sent similar letters
to the Oda and Sugaya in Hitachi.

He is repeatedly asking
for help from the Shogun.

Who would've thought that he is
such a shameless coward...

Do not take him lightly.

Nagano, aren't you the one
who is taking me lightly?

That night, there was a party
at the Uesugi main camp.

They seemed to be celebrating
their battle victory.


The camp is in complete disorder.

The lord won't heed Sir Nagano's
word of advice.

Where did those prostitutes come from?

Don't you know? They're the
ones the lord patronizes.

They came to offer comfort.

How strange... It seems
too conveniently arranged.


Stop it.

We're launching a surprise
attack tonight.

Are you a spy?

We'll have Tsunashige open
the castle gates

to draw the Ogigayatsu-Uesugi army.

Our target is the main camp of
the Yamanouchi-Uesugi army.

If we kill the lord of Uesugi,
the Shogun and other camps

will fall like dominos.

It is often hard to see the
opportunity of a victor.

But you can clearly see the
signs of a loser.

Sir Sanada!

So you are a Hojo agent, after all.

What did you notify the castle?

What is it?

Sir Sanada, please let me go.

I am returning to the camp now,
to die in action.


My parents are living in Joshu.

I was sent to Odawara as an agent.

Because Lord Hojo was a far
greater leader than Lord Uesugi...

I pledged my loyalty to him.

Unaware of that, my parents
cried in joy when I returned.

I would like to die as a Joshu
samurai for the sake of my parents.



I appreciate this!

Kansuke, you are an agent
for the Hojo, after all...

Are the Hojo attacking?

I cannot let you die.

I'll accompany you to the end,
in this battle.

Wear this white cloth to
distinguish yourself from the enemies.

We'll set passwords, and go light.

Don't gather in one spot.
Move freely.

Leave the heads there.

When dawn breaks, we'll make
our shouts of victory!

The enemy is attacking!

Lord! The enemy has
launched a night attack.

Please escape.

Protect the lord!

There's Uesugi Norimasa!
Kill him!


Sir Shimizu, I am honored
to be killed by you.

Honma... Good job!


Where's the lord?
Where's Nagano?

Sir Nagano let the lord escape.

Sir Kawahara fled with them, too.

Where did the Hojo forces go?

Toward Kawagoe Castle.

Kawagoe Castle pretended to
surrender, so that they can launch

a pincer attack on the enemy.

Such a small army against
the army of 80,000...

The Takeda signed a peace
treaty with them

because of their excellent
battle strategies.

Don't you want to see the Hojo's
victory battle with your own eyes?

Meanwhile, Ogigayatsu-Uesugi who had
no idea of Lord Uesugi's flight...

was waiting in front of Kawagoe
Castle for Tsunashige to submit.


What's going on?

The enemy is behind us!


On April 20, 1546...

The Ogigayatsu-Uesugi were wiped
out in a night battle.

The Shogun's force took flight.

Uesugi Norimasa fled to Hirai
Castle in Joshu.

The Hojo magnificently overcame
its inferiority in Kanto, overnight.

We won!


Lord Ujiyasu...

Tsunashige, good job!

Thank you for hanging in there.


The battle is over.

It's time to leave.

Sir Sanada, are you going back
to the Uesugi in Joshu?

Or are you going to head to
the Takeda in Kai?

Please think it over carefully.

Sir Sanada...

That one-eyed warrior
is from Hanagura!

Princess, congratulations.

It's a fine young lord.

The lord and Kansuke will be very happy.


We now have a boy with the
Takeda and Suwa bloodlines.

I'm going to name him Shiro.

I want to see him quickly.

Is it going to be when
I go to battle next?

Reporting. We just received word
that the Hojo army won against

the Uesugi army of 80,000
at Kawagoe, Musashi.

Now, that's an unprecedented
great victory.

Very amazing, indeed.

How's Kansuke? Is he safe?

During the scuffle, his vassals
lost sight of him.

He might've died in action.

Itagaki, don't tell Yu
about this.

She just gave birth.

Yes, Sir.


Episode 23:
The End




Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

This is the location of the
Kawagoe night attack

where Hojo Ujiyasu
attained glorious victory.

The Hojo force holed up
in Kawagoe Castle.

The Miyoshino Shrine that was
situated in the castle grounds

received great offerings from
the generations of lords.

Near Tomyo-ji Temple, which is
relatively close to Kawagoe Castle...

is where the desperate battle
between the Hojo and Uesugi was held.

Many skeletal remains were
found on its premises.

Kawagoe was an important
strongpoint in controlling Kanto.

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