The Saint (1962–1969): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Crooked Ring - full transcript

Steve Nelson is an up-and-coming young boxer with a promising career but his girl-friend Connie approaches the Saint because she is fearful of his next opponent, a mysterious Australian known as the Masked Angel, who has actually killed a man in a fight, although there was no evidence of foul play. The Saint is suspicious of the Angel's manager, Doc Spengler, the more so after a man who has offered to spy on Spengler is found dead and the Saint is shot at. Then Steve is deliberately run over and unable to box. The Saint decides to take his place in the ring and unmask the Angel once and for all.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I suppose fighting with the fists

is one of the oldest sports in the world.

Even back in the ancient days of Rome, it was popular.

Then the gladiators used a form of leather glove

called the cestus.

It was filled with iron or lead.

Fortunately, since those days,
the gloves have changed,

but not the object of fighting.

Two men still face one another with the sole idea

of beating the other into submission.

I wonder who called it the noble art.


Hey, I know you, you're the famous Simon Templar.

Hello, Mr. Grady about?

I'm afraid not.

I thought I had a note asking me to meet him here.

I sent you that note, Mr. Templar.

I'm Connie Grady, Pat's daughter.

I think you know my fiance, Steve Nelson.

Sure I know Steve.

He's a pretty good fighter.

I didn't know he was engaged, though, congratulations.

Thank you.

I shall be there next month when he defends his title.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Mr. Templar.

If he goes in against this Australian fighter, the Angel,

I'm afraid he might be terribly hurt.

Now hold on a minute.

We won't know until after tonight's eliminator

whether he'll be fighting the Angel or Torpedo Smith.

It'll be the Angel, Mr. Templar, I know it.

Why, the fight fixed?

Yes, no.

Not in the normal sense.

The Torpedo's not going to take a dive or anything,

but he'll lose, I'm certain of it.

Torpedo Smith's a good boxer.

But it won't help him.

I've been around the fight game all my life.

I know most of the rotten and crooked tricks.

There's a group behind the Angel working something new.

Do you know what?


Have you spoken with Steve about this?

I've tried, but he won't listen.

The syndicate that is backing the Angel has invested a lot

in getting Steve's title, and they'll do anything

to protect that investment.

Frankly, I don't know what I can do.

But if I think of something, I'll do it.

Thank you.

That was very nice, but seeing as you're engaged,

I think a handshake will suffice in the future.

Hi, Steve, nice to see you.

Hi, Simon, I gather you've already met Connie.

Steve, Mr. Templar's gonna help us.

Aw now, look, love, you're not still

carrying on about that?

Why it never does any harm to know

what the opposition is up to.

I'd like to take a look at Johnny Angel

before tonight's fight.

Well they're weighing in here this afternoon.

You can meet him then.

Quiet please, quiet.

Torpedo Smith scales 13 stones, seven and one half pounds.

Oh, hello, Steve.

You look in great shape.

I feel just fine.

Good, have you met Simon Templar?

Good luck tonight.

Simon, this is Whitey Mullins,

one of the greatest trainers in the business.

Mr. Templar, nice to meet you.

Did you decide in what round you're gonna win?

We'll work him around for five,

and then we'll take him in six.

How do you feel about that, Torpedo?

He fights with his mouth.

Let's see how he does in the ring.

Quiet please.

Johnny Angel, 14 stones, 11 pounds exactly.

What about a picture of you shaking hands with Torpedo?

You're joking, I'd more likely crash his head in.

Sure hope you saved your money, mate.

Because after tonight, you're gonna be

just one big has-been.

We'll see.

You shouldn't have done that.

I was gonna offer you a job

sweeping up around my training quarters.

Strange, I was gonna offer you the same job,

but I don't think you'll be bright enough to handle it.

Why you.

As it is, I was gonna give you six rounds.

Now you're gonna go in four, just four.

Don't let him needle you.

I won't.

This is ne fight I really want to win.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The main event on the program is a 12,

three-minute-round eliminating contest

for the heavyweight championship

of the British Empire.

The winner of this contest will be matched against

the present holder of the title, Steve Nelson of London.

On my right, Torpedo Smith of Jamaica.

And on my left, Johnny Angel of Australia.

At the weigh-in this afternoon,

Smith weighed 13 stone, seven and a half pounds.

Angel weighed 14 stone, 11 pounds.

Who's the second in Torpedo's corner?

Dave Snyders, he's pretty good.

Best man for cuts and bruises in the business.

Seconds away, round one.

Looks like these boys are very wary of each other

at the moment, and neither is taking any chances.

The only punches thrown so far have all come

from the Torpedo, and at a very respectful distance.

And in he comes.

20 knockouts to his credit?

What's he been fighting, girls?

The Angel is taking no evasive action at all.

He's just letting Smith work in and punch close.

He nearly got him with that one.

Yeah, but he didn't put him down.

He's a tough nut.

And now the fight's really warming up,

and Smith is chucking everything at him.

Another minute in that round, Smith would've taken it.

Don't count on it, Angel's a tough boy.

He's slow and he's no boxer, but he can take punishment,

and he can hit hard.

Doc Spangler doesn't look too happy about things.

Now keep away from him, do you understand?

He almost took you that time.

You've got to finish it fast, see?

He's too strong for you to go the whole distance.

Make the pace and save yourself.

I'll tell you when to go.

Take the fight to him.

You want to get him early on, see, understand?

We're gonna take him in our time, got it?


Seconds away.

Here we go again.

And right from the bell,

it's Smith going in with everything he's got.

I don't know about them, but I'm exhausted.

Round Four coming up.

This is the one the Angel said he'd take him in.

Don't think the Angel could take an aspirin right now.

Smith's got him.

Keep an eye on the Angel's corner, will you?

I'll watch the other.

You don't really think they'll try anything now, do you?

Connie seemed to think so.

Forget that, I told you.

She's a right born worrier.

Well watch anyway.


Everything looked legit to me, you?

Just the vaguest idea.

I think it's too obvious.

And this is the round in which the Angel said

he would win, and it certainly looks as if he's determined

to make that prediction come true.

What's happening to Smith?

Angel's walking all over him.

Smith's in trouble now, he's in real trouble.

He's just standing there, and the Angel's poring into him.

One, two, three,

four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, out.

All right, you'll be fighting the Angel for your title.

What went wrong?

It was Smith's fight, and he suddenly started slowing up.

It wasn't a punch that slowed him up, either.

He came out of his corner looking fine,

and then suddenly, wham, his timing went, his direction.

Maybe he can tell us.

Don't think that he'll feel like talking for a while yet.

Let's see if we can help him.

Hey, Whitey, how is he?

The boy's dead.

Listen to them.

Every newspaper in the country wants to talk to you.

Well, could we at least give them an interview.

They've not been very friendly to us so far, you know.

That's exactly what I want.

I want them to hate you, loathe you.

That way, they'll keep paying to see you get slaughtered.

Oh, but Doc, listen, what about the people back home?

Even my own mother thinks I'm a heel.

Your mother thought that long before

I made a fighter of you.

Would you like me to discourage

the gentlemen of the press?


And don't be too polite about it, either.

Can I just for once have an interview

and say something like, uh,

thought the other guy was a good fighter?


Listen, there was a fighter called Kid McCoy.

He made his fortune out of the hatred of the mob.

They paid to see him fight and hoped he'd

get beaten to a jelly, and he never was.

Not until after he became champion anyway.

Well I don't like it, but if you say so.

Break it down, break it down.

Now we never talk to the press,

now get going, go on.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Good evening, I'm from the British Museum.

We're mounting a display of Prehistoric Man.

We wonder whether the Angel would like

to contribute his body.

All right, smart guy, on your way.

Look, mister, I don't wanna give you any trouble.

So why don't you just get your foot out of the door and go?

I'm hungry.

You win that title and you'll never be

hungry again in your life.

Don't worry, I can beat Nelson.

If you listen to me, you can.

If it weren't for me, you'd still be in the boxing booths.

I won that fight tonight.


Who are you?

Where the devil's Max?


You mean him?

To be fair, he did try to stop me.

Now I'll be as brief as I can.

Torpedo Smith is dead.

That's not a very good joke.

Smith didn't think so, either.



But I didn't wanna hurt him.

Is it true?


Then it's a bad break but there's nothing

we can do about it.

Every fighter knows the risks he takes.

Yes, but those risks become pretty high

when the fight is crooked.

Crooked, what do you mean by that?

Before the officials come down,

I want a look at those gloves.

They're clean, so was the fight.

Look, mister, I don't know what your business is,

but any talking we do, we do to the Board of Control.

Yes, they are clean.

But the fight wasn't.

I don't know what it was you pulled, only the result.

Smith is dead.

The fight was on the level.

You can check on anything you like.

I'm going to, believe me.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, whatever is you're working,

it had better be pretty well hidden.

Because from now on, I shall be looking for it.

Find out who he is.

We might have to stop him before he gets too smart.

All right.

Connie, what else did you find out about the Angel?


Thank you.

Only the gossip around my father's gym.

They say Spangler found the Angel in a boxing booth,

trained him, and he hasn't lost a fight since.

Well, Steve, now we've seen him fight.

What do you think?

He's a tanker.

He can take punishment and hit hard, but that's all.

I can think of a dozen boxers who can take him easily.

So they have to have some way of slowing up his opponents.

Yes, but how?

Did you check the mouthwash in Smith's corner?

Yes, it seemed all right to me.

The Board of Control are taking it off for analysis.

Excuse me.



Wrong number?

Yes, or else somebody trying to check up

on whether I'm here or not.

Steve, I think you better take Connie home.

If you'll be having visitors, I'd rather stay.

Connie, would you mind going home alone?

Of course not.

You can borrow my car.

Good night, Simon, and both of you, please be careful.

Of course we will.

Be right back.

Well, Steve, with a few preparations,

we should be able to get a good night's sleep,

until our caller comes.

You need sleep anyway, you're in training.

No, you sleep, Simon.

I'll just doze, I'm a light sleeper.

Glad you're a light sleeper.

I don't think we're going to have to look

too far to find our visitor.

And when we do, we can return this.

A simple job, a simple straightforward job,

and you have to foul it up.

I'll tell you, they were expecting me.

That door was rigged.

I was lucky to get out of there.

From what I know about the Saint,

he'll be breathing down our necks from now on.

Oh don't worry, he was lucky tonight.

I'll have another chance, and there won't be any mistakes.

There better not be.

All my life, I waited to weigh in a champion.

Now I can do it, and I'm not letting

anybody stand in my way.

Steve, how much do you know about Whitey Mullins?

You don't think he had anything to do with

fixing the fight, do you?

He was in Torpedo Smith's corner.

Simon, you're wrong, believe me.

Last night, we almost had to hold him down to stop him

breaking into the Angel's dressing room.

All right, and how about the other second?

Dave Snyders, I don't know.

I've never heard anything against him.

Most men can be bought if the price is right.

Do you know where he lives?

No, but Whitey'll be able to tell us probably.

Dave Snyders, 40 Northam Street.

Thanks, Whitey.

How you feeling now?


I went out last night and got drunk.

It didn't help me nor poor old Torpedo.

How long had you been with him?

Ever since he turned pro, he was a good boy.

If I knew they'd fix that fight last night,

I'd kill them, I swear it.

Did you see anything at all suspicious last night?

Do you think I'd be standing here if I did?

I've been over that fight in my mind

a dozen times, Mr. Templar.

There was no way they coulda fixed it.

If anything should occur to you, you'll let us know?

What do you want Dave Snyders for?

Whitey, if you turn over enough stones, sooner or later

something's gonna come crawling out.

Simon, you don't think we're making a mistake, do you?

It's possible it was just an unlucky punch.

It was an unlucky punch all right.

They certainly didn't intend to kill Smith.

Maybe the fight was on the level.

I mean, we didn't see anything and Whitey didn't either.

I'll go along with it except for one thing,

last night's visitor.

They wouldn't try to scare me off

if they had nothing to hide.

Now there's another thing.

Why should we be followed?

The black sedan?


You gonna shake him?

Wait til we get to the next light.

Be right back.

Hello, Max, I have something of yours, I think.

Anytime you want it back, just call round for it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

That's an attractive key ring.

Hey, what are you doing?

Bye, Max.

Hey, that's my keys, hey.

People will park in the most unfortunate places.

Mr. Snyders, Dave?

Likes to sleep in in the mornings.


Yeah, what is it?

There's two gentlemen to see you.

What can I do for you?

Oh hello, Steve.

Hello, Dave.

You know Simon Templar.

Yeah, saw you last night, didn't I?

Isn't this room a mess.

I'll tidy it for you.

Hey, put that back.

Now go on, get out of here, get out.

We wanted to talk to you about the fight.

Yeah, bad business, eh, bad.

Dave, we're pretty certain that fight was fixed.



We thought you might be able to tell us.

Now wait a minute, me, you don't think

I had anything to do with it?

No, not yet anyway.

We're just digging around in the dark, Dave.

We wondered if you'd seen anything.

You know, anything out of the ordinary.

Oh, I don't think so.

Everything in our corner seemed pretty straightforward.

I was too busy to see what the Angel's seconds were up to.

Could anyone have tampered with your equipment?

No no, Whitey or I were with it all the time.

Did you have anything to eat or drink before the fight.

Had some tea in the dressing room,

but that must have been okay, we all drank it.

Look, honestly, I can't think of a thing.

Doesn't get us much further, does it?

No, thanks anyway, Dave.

Mr. Templar, if you're interested, I could dig around

a bit, you know, ask a few questions.

Anything you come up with will be helpful.

Of course, information of this sort needs money.

I may have to pay a few people.

Don't worry, you won't be out of pocket.

Tell us how it was done, and I'll make it worth your while.

Well, say, 500.

For the whole story, yes.

You're on, why don't we meet tonight?

Say here, eight o'clock.

I can't promise anything, mind.

Cheerio, Dave.


Don't tell me, you were polishing the doorknob.

Oh, no, I was just going to, uh.

Happy days are here again.

I think Dave might shortly be in the higher income bracket.

Is that man gonna give you 500 quid?

Yeah, and that's not all.

I think I know someone who might double that.

Who is it?

There's a bloke to see you, sir, says it's important.

Mr. Spangler.

I know you, don't I?

You were in Smith's corner last night.

Yes, that's right?

What can I do for you?

I've got something to sell.



That's a very valuable commodity

in these days of noise and bustle.

But I'm not in the market.

The noise I'm gonna make it'd be a lotta trouble for you.

Let's drop the double talk, shall we?

What do you want?

500 pounds.

You're out of your mind.

Angel, see our guest out, will you?

Now hold it a minute.

I don't know how the fight was fixed.

That fight wasn't fixed.

I won it fair and square.

Of course you did.

Now I think you'd better leave, sport.

All right.

There's one thing you oughta know.

At eight o'clock tonight, the Saint's

gonna pay me 500 pounds to tell him all I know.

Course, I'd rather do business with you.

But if you're not interested.

Perhaps, perhaps we do have something to talk about.

Angel, take a walk.

Won't you sit down?

You really think Snyders will find out something then?

I think he knows already.

He just wants to look like he's earning his money.

You gonna pay him then?

If he tells us what we want to know.

You want me to come with you tonight?

No, thank you.

You and Connie go and have something to eat.

Meet me at my place later.

Okay, fine, cheers.

Well, what do you think?

I told him I didn't have the money here

but you'd take it to him.

You're not gonna pay him, are you?

Of course not.

Snyders is a luxury we can't afford.

Well now, I'll take care of it.

Good, I think with a little careful planning,

we might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Snyders and the Saint, and I do mean kill.

Simon Templar.

Mr. Templar, I'm at Grady's Gym.

I'm onto something.

Can you get down here right away?

Yes, I'll be there in about 10 minutes.

What is it you found?

I'll tell you when you get here.

Make it fast, will you?


Well, that oughta bring him.

Can I go now?

You said I could.

What's your hurry?

We'll go downstairs and wait for your friend.

You killed that boy as sure as if

you'd shot him dead.

You're talking nonsense, Mullins.

I don't know how you did it,

but if you try the same thing when the Angel

fights Steve Nelson--

Don't be stupid, Mullins, now give me that gun.

Drop that gun, Spangler.

It's not what it looks like, I assure you.

He came here tonight, threatened me

and attempted to kill me.


It's just a graze, come on, help me in the chair with him.

Whitey, you just sit there, take it easy.

Didn't mean this to happen, I had no alternative.

He pulled a gun on me, it was self-defense.

Was Dave Snyders killed in self-defense too?


I don't know anything about that.

I haven't been out of this house all day.

Well you better ask Max about it.

He tried to gun me down tonight.

Why should Max wanna harm you?

Because you told him to.

What's the matter, Spangler, am I getting a little

too close to the truth about how those fights are fixed?

Fixed, really Templar.

I don't have to fix them.

The Angel is a first-class fighter.

He's a third-class tanker.

Without your gimmick, he couldn't win a raffle.

Whitey, think you can walk?

Oh, I'm all right.

Oh, Spangler.

I'm gonna give the police all the evidence they need

to fix you, but not until after the fight.

I want to see Steve pound your boy right into the ground.

Hold still.

Whitey, you must be crazy walking into

Spangler's place like that.

Perhaps I was.

But I got to thinking about Torpedo,

and I thought they might try something on

when you fight the Angel.

So I couldn't stick around any longer doing nothing.

Thanks very much, but it still wasn't very smart.

You'll have to watch yourself in future, too, Mr. Templar.

Spangler didn't like what you said

about giving the police evidence.

He wasn't supposed to like it.

I'm trying to draw him out in the open.

What do you mean?

Well at the moment I can't prove a thing,

but Spangler thinks I possibly can.

That's why he's trying to make certain I won't talk.

You think he'll take another crack at you?

I'm counting on it.

There, how's that?

I'm all right.

Still feel a bit groggy, though.

You better take it easy for a couple of days.

Take it easy?

How can I take it easy?

You've got a fight coming off in three weeks.

What about the training?

That's all right.

I'll get some of the boys from the gym to work out with me.

Steve, how it would be if I worked out with you?

I could stand a little exercise.

Would you?

Well that would be great.

Fine, it's a deal.

When do we start?

Tomorrow morning, five o'clock.

Simon, do you think it was Dave Snyders

who fixed Torpedo Smith in some way?

No, if he'd have had a hand in the fix,

he couldn't have said anything without involving himself.

They must have worked the trick from their corner.

Looks like it.

Come on, let's move a little faster.

Move over to the side.

Looks like the same car that passed us 10 minutes ago.

Was it?

I didn't notice.

Does it mean anything?

Guess not, I'm just suspicious of everything these days.

Another car coming.

Busy road this morning.

Another car my foot, it's the same one.


You all right?

I think my arm's broken.

Stay here.

Come on, get out.

Look, lady, I'm gonna hurt you if you don't get out.

You know something, you've got it coming.

Are you all right?

Yes, how's Steve?

I think his arm's broken.

We better get him to a hospital.

Oh no.

I want you to make a few phone calls.

Come on, let's move.

Well just how long are they gonna keep us waiting?

I don't even know what we're waiting for.

Nor do I, we just had a call

saying something big was gonna break.

Well the only thing I know, Doc Spangler and the Angel

went upstairs about 15 minutes ago.

I wonder what's going on up there.

This is ridiculous.

I was asked to come here to meet

the Boxing Board of Control.

Now I found out the whole thing's a hoax.

I'm sorry to have used this method, Mr. Spangler,

but I had to be sure you'd come.

Well, I don't intend to stay.

Hang on for just a few minutes.

The show won't be the same without you.


What show?

You'll find out.

Hey, it's Simon Templar.


Mr. Templar, what's going on up there?

Well in good time.

I promise you it'll be worth waiting for.

I'll see you in a minute.

Look, I'm not waiting around here any longer.

Come on, Angel.

I'm a very busy man.

You certainly are.

You must have spent hours working out ways to get rid of me.

Why really, Mr. Templar,

you must have a persecution complex.

Oh, then you had nothing to do with Max

trying to run me down this morning?

Certainly not.

That's odd, because that's not what

he told the police in his statement.

I'm afraid your Max is something of a failure.

All he's done is ruin Steve's chances here

of knocking the living daylights out of your Angel.

That's most unfortunate,

but you'll never prove it had anything to do with me.

I'll prove one thing.

That he couldn't win in a fair fight.

Why you.

Angel, hold it.

He's not done too badly so far, 26 knockouts.

I hate to keep on about this,

but they weren't fair fights.

I'd like to see what he'd do without a little outside help.

Why you.

Angel, big mug.

With the champ in that condition,

you might have to wait a long time.

There's no one left for the Angel to fight.

I've thought about that.

And I have a proposition for you,

which I'd like the gentlemen of the press

downstairs to hear.

I'm not interested in anything you have to say.

Come on, Angel, we're going.

Spangler, a check here for 5,000 pounds.

How would you like to back the Angel for the same amount?

I'll back the Angel to the limit, Templar,

but against who?


I can't really believe you're serious, Templar.

Spangler, I was never more serious in my life.

Will you hold the stake?


Yeah, Doc, set me up with him.

I'd enjoy it.

All right, all right it's a match.

Good, one more thing.

I suggest the winner pays the money

to Torpedo Smith's widow.

Very well.

Mr. Templar, you ever done any professional boxing?

Steve, you mustn't let him do it.

May I see him for a moment?

Simon, you can't do it.

He's a pro fighter, he'll kill you.

That's a chance we'll have to take, isn't it?

I have to draw them out in the open.


Now, where and when does this slaughter take place?

Why not here and now?

I have a free afternoon.

Well this shouldn't take very long, should it?

I warned you.

You'll have to punch a lot harder than that, sport.

That was just practice, sport.

Not here, fellas, get in the ring.

Get some gloves.

You act as the referee.

Listen, Simon, keep away from him.

If he lands one of those big punches, he'll finish you.

You don't have to tell me that.

If I can make it appear that I stand a chance

of winning on points, they'll have to put the fix in.

Well I'll be watching.

It'll come, you count on it.

It'd be too much to lose, 5,000 pounds and a reputation.


Take him fast, and don't underestimate him.

He could give you a hard time.

He's nothing.

Let me tell you.

If he should beat you, we'll be finished in the business.

This is one time we don't have to put the fix in.

I hope not.

But if you get into trouble.

Okay, we'll do this according to the book.

Three-minute rounds.

How many rounds do you want to go, six?

That's okay by me.

What, six seconds.

Seconds away, round one.

Listen, don't mix it with him or he'll take you.

Watch it, man, you got beat on points.

Him, he's nothing.

Just keep covered up, that's all.

He's confident now, so he won't be too careful, see?

And keep away from those big punches.

Seconds away, round two.

Come on, let's get this over with.

Uncover your chin just once,

and I'll get it over with quick.

He's boxing the pants off you.

Stay on your feet for one more round.

The fix is going in.

It has to be this time, Steve.

I don't know where to look.

You've got him now, Mr. Templar, you'll kill him.

Not this time, Whitey.

Take it, Steve.

He'll be set up this time, the fix has gone in.

Get him.

Seconds away.

Seconds away, that means you, Whitey.

All right.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight, nine, out.

Some form of nerve gas, I should imagine.

One whiff of that would slow a boxer down.

So simple.

But how did you get on to Whitey?

Oh, when I went to Spangler's house, heard the shot

and broke in, Spangler had the gun in his hand.

I examined Whitey's wound.

It had already congealed.

Then he must have been wounded already.

Yes, I took a shot at Max's car.

Whitey must have been driving, and I clipped him.

So the little scene at Spangler's must have been put on

to convince you of Whitey's innocence.

That's right, but now that we've solved that mystery,

I have an extra special treat for tonight.

Seats for professional wrestling.

Now that's something that's definitely not fixed.