The Saint (1962–1969): Season 4, Episode 4 - The Smart Detective - full transcript

Neither Inspector Teal nor the Saint are impressed by Peter Corrio, a smug private detective who boasts to them that his security system for the fabulous Oppenheim emerald is fool-proof. They are suspicious that he has managed to solve so many jewel thefts that have evaded the police. Then the Saint meets Janice Dixon, who tells him that her brother was killed trying to escape from the police having had jewels planted on him by Corrio. She believes that Corrio himself has engineered the recent thefts in order to return the jewels for the rewards involved. Then Janice is snatched and taken to a boat owned by Corrio. Not only is the Saint going to find her, he plans also to steal the emerald and show Corrio which of them is the smarter detective.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm a friend of Mr. Nigel Perry.

He's expecting me.

I'll tell him you're here, sir.

Thank you.

Polo is a sport much favored by the English upper classes.

It provides, amongst other things,

an exclusive and expensive way of breaking a leg.

Has a lot of snob value, too.

For example, if you have been in a car accident

and you go to hospital, you'll be treated well enough.

But you limp in and say you have been

tossed by your polo pony and you will be

treated like a prince.

Simon, it's nice to see you again.

Nigel, it's nice to see you.

It's been too long.

Come and sit down.

Thank you.

I'm glad you were able to come.

It's pretty short notice.

Oh, I was a loose end anyway.

My lunch date turned up with her husband.

Where, here?


Apart from that your note

was far too intriguing to resist.

Yes, I was counting on that.

Simon, I need your help.


Hello, darling.

You don't need any help from me.

You're doing fine.

This is my fiancee Moyna Stanford.

Moyna, this is.

Darling, I haven't spent the last 20 years in a nunnery.

Even if I had,

I imagine I'd recognize the famous Simon Templar.

Miles is playing a marvelous game.

That's his second goal.

Bully for him.


Miles Hallin?


He was your father's business partner, wasn't he?

Yes, and now mine since I inherited

Dad's half of the business.

You'll like him, I'm sure.

Well, that's the end of the game.

You may even meet Miles for yourself.

Which is the cue for me to go and powder my nose.

If you'll excuse me.

Thank you.

I wish Moyna and Miles got on better.

Isn't Hallin the one that the papers call

The Man Who Cannot Die?


Last year he was racing at Le Man.

Pile up at over a hundred,

then got out of the car and walked away.

He's a lucky man.

That's the sort of chap he is.

Lives hard, plays hard.

Nigel, you said you wanted my help.

That's right.

Well, what about it?



Well done, chaps.

Drinks are on me, huh?

Nigel, come have some champagne.

Miles, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.

Well, bring him along, too.

Just a moment.

Simon Templar.


I've wanted to meet you for a long time.

Nice to meet you.

You know, you and I have a lot in common.

We do?

Well, sure.

We're the last of the adventurers.

Living for excitement is a lost art.

I wouldn't go that far.

Sure it is.

Today, kids get their kicks by taking pills.

They don't hunt big game or climb mountains.

How can they know what life is about

if they haven't looked at death?

I know.

Death's come to me a dozen times

and I've always cheated him.

Perhaps the next world isn't ready for you yet.

Simon, what are you doing on the weekend?

What'd you have in mind?

We're going shooting.

Miles has just board the game rights

over 5,000 acres in North Wales.

Why don't you come along?

Sure, you might learn something.

I'm pretty good with a shotgun.

I'll give you some pointers.

Simon has quite a reputation as a marksman, Miles.

Why, I'm sure I'm not in Mr. Hallin's class.

You're too modest.

It's time one of us was.

Actually, Templar.

For a man who's natural habitat is a cocktail bar,

you might find the going a little rugged.

You ready, darling?

Do you mind if I drive back with Simon?

You could go with Miles.


I'll tell you what.

I'll give you a 10 minute start

and still beat you back to London.

For six months now Miles has been drawing large sums

from the company's account.

Over a thousand pounds a time.

Well, have you mentioned it?


He said he'd been gambling.

Living it up, generally.

And the other day I overheard a phone call.

Miles was shouting things like you're pushing me too hard

and I can't keep paying you that kind of money.

That's the sort of thing you say to a pressing bookmaker.

Perhaps, but I'm certain it's blackmail.


You have any other reasons for thinking so?


Can the company stand these big withdraws?

It's not important.

He can have my last penny if it would help.

He was with my father when he died.

He tried to save him at the risk of his own life.

The least I can do is try and get him out of this trouble.

Wasn't as dangerous as it looked.

Miles is a great driver.

The cemeteries are full of them.

He did?

When was this?

I see.

All right, Ms. Sutton.

Thank you very much.




That was my secretary.

Miles phoned her this afternoon from the club

and asked her to draw 5,000 pounds.

Payoff time again, huh?

Looks like it.

She's delivering it to his flat.



Simon, will you help me find out what's going on?

Oh, Nigel.

I, uh.

I thought you hated blackmail.

I do, but I'm not overly fond

of your friend Miles Hallin either.


Well, looks as though I'll have

to handle it myself then, doesn't it?

Goodnight, Simon.

Nigel, finish your drink and we'll talk about it.


Thanks, Simon.

Stay here.

I'm gonna take a look around.

You looking for something?


Miles Hallin.

The double-cross didn't work, Hallin.

I'm giving everything I have to the cops

first thing tomorrow morning.

No, wait.

I don't know what happened tonight.

Somebody brought the money back.

Brought the money back?

What the blue blazes are you talking about?

It's true.

Somebody brought the money back here.

That means somebody knows about our little deal.

Now, look here, Hallin.

It's about time we had a final settlement.

That suits me.

You bring the money over here and we'll discuss it.

Where do I come?

I have a houseboat named The Swan

moored near Chelsea Bridge.

And don't keep me waiting.

Ah, how'd you make out?

I lost him.

Somewhere around the Chelsea Bridge area.

I cruised around for a bit afterwards.

I found a bike parked down near some houseboats,

but I couldn't swear that it was his.

Well, we better go and have a look, haven't we?

Do you want to go now?

Tomorrow will do.

We're going to Wales in the morning.

Miles might suspect I'm involved if I put him off.

Well, let's not worry about it now.

You go home and get some sleep.

I'll see you at the station in the morning.

All right.

Goodnight, Simon.

And thanks.

It was a good try.

First of all, tonight's payment.

No need to count it.

You'd know better than that.

How much more?

Another 10,000.


Covering up murder is an expensive business.

Another one like that and the price goes up.

You don't look like a murderer, Hallin.

I find it difficult to believe that you'd walk out

on an old man and leave him to die alone

of thirst in the desert.

I can't possibly raise 10,000 pounds.

But you did walk out, didn't you?

I tell you it's impossible.


It's too bad for you that the old man had strength enough

to write it all out in detail.

Makes very juicy reading, too.


A week.

I can't.

You better.


I'm going away tomorrow with my partner

for three or four days.

A shooting holiday.

The holiday will have to wait.

The holiday can't wait.

That's where I get the 10,000.


When I get back, things will be easier.

It'll take three or four months, but you get the idea.

Boy, you're a cool one.

I manage.

Just as a matter of interest, how are you gonna do it?

Bullet in the head,

or fix a gun so it blows up in the guy's face?

It'll have nothing to do with shooting.

It's too obvious.

Well, if you want to be cagey.

You inherit the business?

That's the idea.

Then I guess I can wait.

We have a deal?


No need to keep you any longer.

Goodnight, Mr. Hallin.

Hard to believe, isn't it?

That I'd shoot a man in cold blood.


Morning. Hello.

Have you been down to Chelsea yet?

I haven't had time yet.

I'll try on the way back.

Don't you worry.

By the time you get home, I'll have something definite.


Change your mind?

Coming with us?


If you like hare, I'll bring you back a brace.

That shouldn't be too difficult.

When they hear what a crack shot you are,

they'll come out with their hands up.

Goodbye, Moyna.


Look, darling.

There's almost 10 minutes before the train pulls out.

There isn't any reason why you should wait.

Perhaps Simon will give you a lift back.

I keep pushing you off onto other people, don't I?

All right.

I hate station goodbyes anyway.

Bye, Nigel.

Bye, Simon.

Once again, thanks.

I'll see you at the barrier.



Take care, darling.

I wish Nigel wasn't going.

Lonesome already?



What about?

I don't know.

It's silly, but I've just got a terrible premonition that...

Oh, it's ridiculous.

I just don't trust Miles Hallin.


I don't know.

Well, I've never liked him and the last few weeks

he's been absolutely impossible.

Moyna, Miles is being blackmailed.


By whom?

For what?

For what, I'm not sure.

The character who's blackmailing him

lives on a houseboat down here.

I'm gonna drop in on him.

Hello, what's this?

You wait here.

I'll find out what's going on.


What have you got there?

Claude, used to steal, boy detective.

Oh, it's you.

Another lightning deduction from the mastermind.

What are you doing here?

I just happened to be passing.

May I take a look?


I wouldn't bother with the glass cloth.

He wasn't poisoned, he was shot through the neck.

Who is he?

Name of Morton, an Australian.

According to his passport,

he entered this country seven months ago.

As far as we know he didn't have a job.

He did make some money though.

Quite a lot.

How do you know?

Bank book.

Regular deposits of large sums.

Look, Simon.

You never just happened to be passing.

Do you know anything about this?

I didn't even know his name.

What else have you dug up?

Not a lot.

Pile of burned papers in the stove over there.

I've got a feeling this is going to be a tough one.

Well, in that case, I'll leave you to it.

Now, where were we?

By the way, Claude.

What does his passport list his occupation as?

A mining engineer.

A mining engineer?


There could be some connection here.

Miles was with Nigel's father when he died.

They were prospecting for gold in some

godforsaken desert in Australia.

Oh, you're right about the connection.

Now, how'd Nigel's father die?

Well, they found gold, a big strike.

And they ran out of water.

There was only one canteen left, so they tossed for it.

Nigel's father won the toss.

So, he picked up the bottle and started walking.

Now, just a minute.

Who told you this?

Miles Hallin.

I mean, he made it sound much more heroic.

Said he cheated when he tossed the coin.

Made sure Nigel's father would win.

But Miles got out alive.


Started walking and came across a well or something.

Nigel's father died.

They never found him.

Well, now let's do some wild theorizing.

Supposing Miles killed Nigel's father.

Morton, this engineer, found out about it,

and was blackmailing him.


But there's just one thing wrong.

I mean, what motive would Miles have

for killing Nigel's father?

Surely, he must've known Nigel would inherit

his own father's business.

Who inherits now?


I mean, if anything should happen to Nigel.

I do, I suppose.

Well, that is when we get married.

When are you getting married?

Next month.

And until then?

Simon, you don't think?

Miles and Nigel are going to be alone

in pretty desolate country.

Shouldn't be too difficult to kill a man

and make it look like an accident.

What are you going to do?

Gonna call Nigel.

Where are they staying?

Um, pub.

Prince of Wales.

But there's no telephone there.

It's right out in the wilds.

All right, I'll send a telegram.

Tell him to wait for us.

We can be there in the morning.


Oh, we haven't got one of them not since

Dwight's father died, didn't we love?


That's going back about five years ago.


Do you know where Mr. Perry is now?

He and Mr. Hallin went out about an hour ago.

These shooting rights of Mr. Hallin's.

Can you tell us where they are?


Oh, they haven't gone shooting.

Didn't like the look of the weather.

They've gone to Aukove Athrike.


Aukove Athrike.

Dragon's caves.



Nasty old place it is.


Full of potholes and mines and things

right under the mountain.

Miles of them.

Never been properly explored, see.

Very dangerous.



Well, the roof's not too safe

and there's always the danger of flooding.

Three students from Cardiff got lost there a year ago.

But there you are.

Mr. Hallin and Mr. Perry wouldn't listen to me.

Can you show me where these caves are?

Well, I'm very busy.

Yes, very busy, he is.

I would be happy to make it worth your while.

I'll be ready in 15 minutes.

We need ropes and things like that, you know?

Hurry, please.

You're wasting your time, you know?

Never find them once they're in those caves.

All right?




How much farther are we going?

We haven't even started in.

We're not exactly equipped for a full-scale exploration.

Oh, in a place like this,

the only equipment you need is guts and a good lamp.

No point in taking unnecessary risks.

Oh, come on, Nigel.

What's the matter with you?

A little danger makes a thing worth while.

If we really crawl under this mountain,

who knows what we might find.

An underground lake, a new cavern.

Hey, that would be something.

We could map it and call it Hallin's Cabin.

Hallin's Cabin!

Nigel's Folly.

You really enjoy danger, don't you?

Oh, it makes life worth living.

You know, I haven't seen you as cheerful as this in ages.

Oh, well.

Come on.

Let's see if we can find Hallin's Cabin.

Good boy.

Is this the only way in?

As far as we know anyway.

Must be miles of tunnels in there never been explored.

You said there were three students lost down there.

What happened to them?

Who knows?

Perhaps the roof collapsed, perhaps they fell.

We never found them.

You could lose an army in this place.

Did Hallin mention a particular part he was going to?

No, no.

Not to me.

Well, we better start looking, hadn't we?


What's the matter?

Oh, nothing.

I'll be all right.

Going underground frighten you?

Oh, a bit.

I don't like being closed in.

Claustrophobia, I expect.

Why don't you go back to the hotel?


No, I'll be all right.

Which way?

You can take a choice.

You can either go that way or there's a big chamber ahead

with half a dozen passages leading off.

If we have to, we'll try them all.

Knowing Hallin, he'll take the less well explored sections.

Well, in that case, we'll have to try the deep.

I don't like the idea.

Nobody's been down there before as far as I know.

It's up to you.

Carry on.

All right.

I'll belay you.


I'm your anchorman.


I told you.

There you are.

I'll get rid of these rocks in case they fall on your head.

Is that right?

That's it.

Tighten that.

Take it easy.

Here I go.

You make it all so beautifully easy.

The deeper you get, the colder it becomes.

Wish we could be sure we were on the right tunnel.

There's no way of knowing.

Don't you think we ought to turn back?

Try some of the higher levels.

I would if I were you, sir.

We have a better chance of finding them that way, I'm sure.

All right.

We go back.

Hey, Simon.

Shine your torch down here quickly.

It's a French brand.

The kind Miles smokes.

We go on.

Should I give 'em a call?

Yes, try it.


What was that?

Somebody else in the caves.

Coming this way?

Who knows.

We don't want to get mixed up

with a bunch of tourists, do we?

Get a move on!

The trouble is with you, you're antisocial.

All right, come on down.

I'm at the bottom.


I'm right behind you all the way.

Okay now, down with this foot.

Come on.

One more.

More slack!

Okay, slack away!


What is it?

Oh, nothing much.

I just caught my leg on that hook.

Let's have a look.

You have a nasty cut there.

Mr. Pugh!

Throw me down the bag with the first aid in it.

All right.


I'm coming down!

Does it get any better?

I can't see.

It curls a bit up ahead.

Look, Miles.

Don't you think we ought to call it a day?

We've been going for nearly three hours now.

We ought to be starting back.

All right.

Look, I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll give it another half hour,

then we'll get out of here, all right?


But only half an hour.

There, try that.

Thank you.

Oh, it's not too bad.

I think I can walk on it anyway.

Yes, you can walk, but you can't climb.

Excuse me, sir.

I think it would be better if the young lady stopped here.

Would you mind, Moyna?


No, of course not.

Well, I mean, you'd stand a far better chance

of catching up with them without me, wouldn't you?

You'll be all right.

We'll leave you some light.

I've got some candles here.

We'll be back as quick as we can.

Don't worry.

I'll be fine.

There's something to the left and down a bit.

Let's try that.

Plenty of handholds.

I'd really like to find out if it's a major tunnel.

All right.

We'll take a look at it and then we're going back.

Yes, of course.

Come on then.

You go first and I'll act as anchor.


It'll be safer if I belay you.

I doubt if you could hold me if anything should happen.



That's Moyna.

Get back to her as fast as you can.

Give me your pack.

Are you going on?

I have to.

Now move.


Where's Nigel?

Oh, thank god you're here.

He's fallen.

I couldn't handle him alone.

I was going back to get climbers.

Where is he?

Look, there's not much hope.

Where is he?

Look, there's not much hope, you see?

He fell here.

I just couldn't hold it.

I don't think he'd have had a chance.

It sounds like a very fast stream.

Look, we can't do anything here alone.

Let's get back and get a proper search party.

You must be fairly sure he's dead.

What the devil are you talking about?

I did all I could to save him.

I'll bet you did.

He's still alive.


Wait, are you going down?


I'll hold the rope.


I'll tie it off.

Moyna and Pugh are back there.

Another accident might be hard to explain.

Now I'm going to need help to bring him up,

so I don't want any mistakes.


Hey, hey, hey.

That's it.

That's it.

There you are.

Better now?

We'll go find Mr. Templar.



It's my legs, I can't move them.

We're gonna get you up from here.


Is he all right?


Thank heavens.

This could be pretty painful.

When the rope went I thought he must've fallen.


Make it fast Hallin!

You're gonna pull him up!

Think you can hold onto me?


Pull away!

Hold it!


The roof gets lower further down, miss.

Wouldn't you rather stay here?


I'm much better when we're moving.

I'd rather go on.

He's alive?


Only just.

You made a bad job of it.

What are you talking about?

It was an accident I tell you.

So you keep saying.

Look, when I ran into you I was going for help.

Why should I want to hurt Nigel?

He was my friend, my partner.

Very touching.

You listen to me, Templar.

I've listened, Hallin.

And you are a liar.



He's unconscious.

It's probably just as well.

You did this.

That's why you brought him here.

Not now, Moyna.

We'll settle it all later.

Is he hurt bad?

I'm afraid we need a doctor before we move him any more.

I'll start back right away.

I'll be here in about three hours with a rescue party.

Here, take that.

We're gonna have a long wait.

Better save your battery.

We'll never dig through that.

We're gonna have to find another way out.

There's no other way.

We came by the only entrance.

Then we'd better find another way

of getting to it, hadn't we?

What's the matter, Hallin?

You beginning to think you're not immortal after all?

The papers say you're The Man Who Cannot Die, remember?

Finding a way to the main cavern may take some time.

Then we'd better get started.

Moyna, we're gonna have to find another way out.

You're gonna have to stay here with Nigel.

I'll be all right.

Good girl.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

There's an opening along this wall and down a bit.

It might lead somewhere.

Williams, go and get the doctor.

Thomas, go and get the rest of the men from the village.

You others, start getting the equipment ready.

Are you all right, love?

Climb down there.

We'll have to jump to that ledge.

Let's take a breather for a minute.

It must be nearly light outside by now.

Why was Morton blackmailing you?


Did he know you left Nigel's father to die?

You're crazy.

I did everything I could for the old man.

I left him the water bottle.

Everybody knows that.

Everybody knows what you told them.

I did what I could to save him.

The same way you tried to save Nigel?

That was an accident.

How many more times?

Was shooting Morton an accident?

Stop it, will you?

Get off my back.

Then jump.

Come on, Templar.


Come on, Templar.

Move to one side, please.

What's the matter, Templar?

Are you beginning to think you're not immortal?

Before I go, before you go,

I thought you'd like to know.

I did kill Morton and I did leave Nigel's father to die

as I planned to leave his precocious son,

that partner of mine,

before you put your meddling little fingers into it.



They found a way around.

Come on.

Simon, where's Miles?

I'm afraid he fell.

There wasn't much I could do about it.

He was a good friend.


Nigel, you must realize.


All right, boys.

A good friend.

Come on.