The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Schizoid Man - full transcript

Number Six wakes up with a new identity. Now he's Number Twelve. Worse, Number Two asks him to impersonate someone--Number Six. But the new Number Six is more like him than he is.


(Six) Where am I?

(Two) In the village.

(Six) What do you want?

(Two) Information.

(Six) Whose side are you on?

(Two) That would be telling.

(Two) We want information...

(Two) Information...

(Two) Information.

(Six) You won't get it.

(Two) By hook or by crook...
...we will.

(Six) Who are you?

(Two) The new Number Two.

(Six) Who is Number One?

(Two) You are Number Six.

(Six) I am not a number.
I am a free man!

(Derisive laughter)

(Number Six) Now?

- (Woman) A circle.
- Right.


- A star.
- Right.

- Thank you, Number Six.
- What for?

Helping with my mind reading.


A square... No, a cross.

No, a square. Definitely.

- You sure it's a square?
- Yes.

Nobody but you believed in me.

They lack imagination.
Concentrate - the festival is soon.

There's still a month.


- A cross.
- Right.


- Three wavy lines.
- That's all.

- Can I take another picture?
- You've taken five.

It's practice for the photo section.

- What event haven't you entered?
- The pole vault, but I might.

- Don't you have... Ahh!
- I'm sorry. Did it hurt?

- Wounded for life. Look.
- I'm sorry, it was clumsy.

- Don't worry. It will mend.
- Can I still take a photo?

You'll have to hurry.

1 7 out of 25. Quite remarkable!

- Could it mean we're... simpatico?
- There's more to it than that.

In the last four runs, you've got
73 out of 1 00. You're gifted.

- Like it?
- You do need more practice.

I agree. Could we try another?

OK. What shall I do?

- Well, er, look this way.
- Yes?

Er, put your hand to your face.

Not over it. Up to your mouth.
That's marvellous.

I'll keep this.
Can we try more cards?

It's too late.
You may reduce your average.

- You care?
- Don't forget the cards.

- Tomorrow?
- We'll see.


(He clicks fingers - door hums)

- Be seeing you.
- Seeing you.

(Clicks fingers - door hums)

Switch me in to Number Six.

Closer and infra-red.

Breathing is shallow. Light sleep.

Let's deepen it, shall we?
Pulsator. Visual.



(Humming continues)

(Breathing deepens)

(Static burst)
Left-handed, Number Twelve.

(High-pitched beeping)

(Man) Morning, Number Twelve.
Sleep well after your flight?

Breakfast is in 1 5 minutes.

Good morning, Number Twelve.

Be seeing you.

- Morning, Number Twelve.
- Why do you call me Number Twelve?

That was your name
when we last met.

Ah, my dear chap,
delighted to see you.

You're looking fine.

We had to pull every string
to get you back here.

Now, breakfast.
A la carte, table d'hôte.


They screamed as if
I were taking their pensions.

Did they?

I haven't forgotten -
Flapjack Charlie.

Even then we knew you'd make a top
field man. I'm still stuck in admin.

You always did enjoy food.
Even before a Black File job.

Sorry I didn't shave.
Couldn't find a razor.

- My dear chap, I'm so sorry.
- Must've been mislaid.

- And after all that flying.
- Yes.

You must feel a bit disorientated.

- What's it all about?
- Our prize prisoner - Number Six.

Toughest case I've seen.
There are ways to crack him,

but he's too valuable.
No lasting damage.

- That's why I need you.
- Why me?

You have two gifts -
your ability as an agent.

- Oh? And second?
- Your unique physical advantage.

Growing a moustache overnight?

Not quite.
You took longer in Bucharest.


I remember Susan wouldn't
kiss you until it grew again.

Yes, good for Susan.

You know, you really do bear a
remarkable resemblance. Remarkable.

Your job is to impersonate him.
Take his sense of reality away.

If he doubts his own identity,
he'll crack. Do you like the idea?

It has possibilities,
but you'll have a job

I am not Number Six.

Ah-ha! Excellent, Number Twelve.
Of course.

Very professional. Living
the part already. That reminds me.

Allow me.

You're now officially Number Six.

I shan't need this to remind me
that I am your Number Six.

His details are in here. Study it.

Watch that, Number Twelve.
Number Six is right-handed.

Yes, we'll need a few changes.

Don't worry - a couple of
my girls will work you over.

They're very pretty.

You'd hardly know yourself,
Number Twelve.

This is Number Six's.
Familiarise yourself with it.

Look as much at home
here as he does.

That shouldn't be difficult.

When he gets back, in a few minutes,
you will be in possession.

- It's not the same.
- The same?

You've changed things.
Little things.

This rubbish... it's not mine.

This should be gilt, not silver.

Don't try that line with Number Six.
He has a strong sense of territory.

- He won't be shaken on possessions.
- No, he won't.

Oh, even I may have trouble telling
you apart. You'll need a password.

The password is Gemini.

Well, he'll be here soon.
It's better that you meet him alone.

Oh, er, good luck.

(Door hums)

What the devil...?

Oh, very good. Very good indeed.

Number Two's idea, I suppose.

Are you from a copying service?
Or one of those double agents?

After your trouble,
can I offer you a drink?


Am I meant to go fuzzy at the edges
and run off screaming "who am I?"

Probably. No idea.
Would you like some ice?

Thank you.

- I think it spoils it myself.
- I keep it in that Thermos bucket.

So, I have a freckle on my nose?

When they film my life story,
you've got the part. Cigar?

Er, you'll have to learn
to smoke it right-handed first.

And you how to light a cigar.


And you how to smoke my brand.

There's Black Russian cigarettes.
I never touch them.

- It won't work, you know!
- Quite. So run and play elsewhere.

I have a strong sense of identity.

You...? Oh, yes.
You're meant to be me.

You are the goody Number Six - I am
supposed to be the baddy. Right?

There's no supposed about it.

Er, shall we settle this
like gentlemen?

You claim to be a gentleman?
Very good.

That line is worthy of me.

We both claim to be Number Six.

I am Number Six, you are claiming.

- Well, let's prove who is correct.
- How?

Pistol shooting?
What was Number Six's average?

- 90 per cent.
- Correct. Shall we go?

- Where?
- The recreation room.

I don't want any advantage.
Check synchronisation.

One. Two. Three.

Good. Electronic. Can't kill anyone.
Number Two takes no chances.

- Three-second intervals, right?
- Whatever you say.

Sorry, old boy.
Number Six is a right-handed shot.

Good. Ready to go now.
Three-second intervals.

Now. One, two, three.

(Static bursts)


It's uncanny. Number Twelve
has caught his whole style.

In Haiti, we say "stolen his soul".

Well, I do shoot
more like me than you do.

What does all that prove?

That you should have practised more.

- How's your fencing?
- You've seen my file.

Turning the tables? Very neat.

- "These foils have all a length?"
- "Aye, my good lord."

- Hamlet. Act Five.
- Scene Two.

You have done your homework.

No, you've done yours.
Even the Shakespeare bit.

Oh, yes, good agricultural stuff,

but hardly worthy of my place
on the Olympic team.

No swordsman, no shot either...
if ever!

If ever you want a duel,
your safest bet is axes,

in a very dark cellar.

You still claim to be Number Six?

You're getting on my nerves.
Are you an Olympic boxer, too?

You should know, it's in my record.

Perhaps you'd like to find OUT.

Oh, come. Make up your mind.
Are you orthodox or a southpaw?

I'm surprised at Number Two.

His agents just aren't
what they were.

(Echoing growl)

Oh, dear. We're in trouble
with the headmaster.

Must be confusing for it -
not knowing which of us to bite.

This way.

Number Six, come in.
Heard you were having some bother.

(Electronic whining)

- Who are you?
- Switch that idiot thing off.

- I'm getting cramp.
- Who are you?

You know who I am.
I am Number Six!

- Where are you from?
- You know that, too.

How did you get here?

You know better than I do.
I was unconscious!

What purpose have you here?

I have none. I'll leave if you like.

(Whine increases)
How did you know of Number Six?

- What people?
- How did they produce you?

I do not understand!

(Tone of whine changes)

Why were you
in the recreation room?

I was teaching that synthetic twin
of mine how to shoot and fence.

(Tone changes)

One last time,
what do you want with Number Six?

I am Number Six.

I... am... Number Six.

Number Six. Six! Six!

Six! Six!

Hmm. Your boy
is dedicated to his work.

- I said he was tough, Number Twelve.
- Number Six... Six.

Quite right. Careless.
He might've heard.

- You still insist you're Number Six?
- Yes...

Your mind can lie
but your body can't. You'll see.

Soon he'll think
he's the cube root of infinity.

This will be interesting.
These are Number Six's fingerprints.

Yes, I know my own fingerprints.

First, the thumb.

That's mine.

Never off duty, are you?

I suppose you know
your fingerprints, too.


- That's mine.
- So if I say it is Number Six's,

one of us is lying.
Not at all.

As I am Number Six,
we'd both be telling the truth.

Let's find out, shall we?

There, that's my thumb.

Now you.

Right thumb only, I think.

- Simple. Foolproof.
- Too simple and foolproof.


Very ingenious. And scientific.

The trouble is,
science can be perverted.

- I'm inclined to agree, Number Two.
- You agree?

I'm inclined to believe
in human instinct.

How do you mean?

I mean that if I were in his shoes,

I'd rather be convinced by a human
being than by a piece of machinery.

You have something in mind?

Certainly. May I?

Number 24.

- Alison?
- Yes?

I'm at Number Two's.
Can you come over?

- I was about to wash my hair.
- It won't take a minute.

And, Alison,
bring the cards with you.

What do you hope to achieve?

To prove that I am Number Six...

...and he is a fake.

That's what you wanted, isn't it?


Good heavens, it can't be.

Mother Nature's been playing tricks.

It's weird.
I mean, which one of you...

I am the original.
He is the economy pack.

- Impossible.
- On the contrary.

But I don't know which of you...

You can settle that.
Number Two says it's impossible.

- That's why you wanted the cards.
- Right.

- I don't follow.
- We have a mental link.

Now let's see which one of us
you have a mental link with.

A run of five
should be sufficient. Right.





- Now!
- A cross.


Just... Just relax. It's exactly
the same as it was in my cottage.

I'm looking at the next card now.
Are you ready?

A cross.


Three wavy lines.

- Now.
- A square.

A run of five you said. Fitting.



Three wavy lines.


A cross.


A star.

- Now.
- A circle.


A square.

You don't need to say,
it's five out of five.

He's the one. He's Number Six.

I could have proved it sooner -
it would hardly have been fair.

Huh! Isn't it awful? I took it
last night. All arms and legs.

There was a simpler way
to identify Number Six.

He has a mole on his left wrist.

Oh, yes, of course.

So has this one, my dear.

- There, you see?
- If you gentlemen have finished for today

I'll see the young lady home.

Be seeing you.

Why on earth did you do that?

You must know Number Six
and she have a rapport.

Someone must pay!

Number 1 1 8, why was there no mole
on Number Twelve's wrist?

Why was there no mole?

You've jeopardised this operation.
Report to me tomorrow. First thing!


My dear chap...

There is a simpler way
to identify Number Six.

He has a mole on his left wrist.

Who are you?

He's the one. He's Number Six.

(Manic laughter)

He's cracking, Number Twelve.
Won't be long now.

The left hand, Number Twelve.

The left hand.

It's always left. Now, catch.


I'm Number Twelve.
I'm left-handed. I'm Number Twelve.

I... do not... smoke cigars.

I do not smoke white cigarettes.

I smoke black cigarettes.

Black cigarettes I smoke.

Flapjacks are my favourite dish.
Flapjacks... favourite dish...


(Two) Don't forget, Number Twelve,
you're left-handed. Left-handed.

(Electronic crackle)

(Echoing growl)

Get off.

Let's see how Number Six
is getting on.

Number Six?

Control room, Number Six is gone!
Find him!

The atmosphere is very different here
from what it was elsewhere.

What's the password?

- Gemini.
- That's not it.



Control room.
No trace of him yet.

Give a general alarm.
Orange alert.

I'm a very light sleeper.
It's in my file.

Five-yard range. Nerve gas.

One squirt, you're paralysed.
Two squirts, you're dead.

Couldn't sleep...

Came here because...

- Who am I?
- You know who you are.

- You're Number Twelve.
- Yes. I'm Number Twelve.

Sometimes, in my dreams...

...I'm somebody else.
- Who?

I don't know.

Sometimes, in my dreams,
I've resigned my job.

Why did you resign your job?
In your dream.

Sometimes I'm here in my dreams,

and then I come back.

I want to know.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

I think we'll call Number Two,
he might be able to help.

- The password!
- I don't know what you mean.

- What is it?
- What password?

- What is it?
- Schizoid. Schizoid man.

Schizoid man.

What's your name?

- Curtis.
- Give me your left wrist.

- You won't get far.
- We'll see about that.


Schizoid man.

Schizoid man. Schizoid man.



Get me Number Two. Curtis here.


Schizoid man.

- Number Six is dead.
- What?

He's dead. Rover got him.

Control room,
de-activate Rover immediately.

We're examining Rover at the moment.

There'll be hell to pay.

You must go and report your failure.

You wanted him broken, I broke him.

- I wasn't to know he'd go berserk.
- Nor was I.

You should have.
This was your idea.

What do you mean?
You know it wasn't.

Well, you certainly didn't resist.

With its origin,
no, I didn't. Nor did you.

Recriminations won't help.
When do I go?

Half an hour. They want you
to talk to Alison first.

What for?

She may have some insight
into Number Six's motives.

Oh? All right.

- (Knocking)
- Come in.

Just me.

- I thought we should have a chat.
- Oh?

You had some rapport
with Number Six.

My masters want to know if you had
any insight into his mind.

- Insight?
- That's right!

I don't believe
in such things but, erm,

you were meant to
read each other's minds.

- It doesn't work like that.
- Oh? How does it work?

In spasms. Little things.

Coincidences which
aren't really coincidences.


Bad habit of mine,
playing with lighters.

I'll probably start a fire one day.

Well, you've nothing to tell me.
I'll be on my way.

Be seeing you.

- You ready?
- Just coming.

Oh, have you thought
about my proposition at all?

- Sorry, I've had no time.
- You must have some views.

I'm afraid not.

Look, old chap,
we've never fallen out before.

The General won't behead you.

We won't know until
I've reported to the General.

Report to the General?
That's new.

I don't mean him personally.
Oh, you know what I mean!

You are edgy.
Never known you so strung up.

You mean I'm not as I was?

Yes. Susan said just a month ago,
you're quite unflappable.

- You have changed.
- We all change.

- The job changes us.
- Yes.

The helicopter will take you
to the landing strip. Excuse me.

I'm ashamed of what I did
to Number Six.

- Why tell me?
- Everyone has to tell someone.

- It was your job.
- It was a betrayal.

Isn't everything we do here?

You don't often get a second chance.

There are no second chances.

There can be, for the lucky ones.

If I had a second chance,
I wouldn't do it again.

- Well, bon voyage.
- Thank you.

Oh, one last thing.
Security regulations. Must be obeyed.

- The blindfold, old chap.
- Yes, of course.

You won't forget
to give Susan my regards.

I won't. Goodbye.

Susan... died a year ago, Number Six.