The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 3 - Free for All - full transcript

Number 6 runs for the office of Number 2.

Where am I?

In the village.

What do you want?


Whose side are you on?

That would be telling.

We want information...



You won't get it.

By hook or by crook...
...we will.

Who are you?

The new Number Two.

Who is Number One?

You are Number Six.

I am not a number.
I am a free man!

- What do you want?
- Number Six?

- What?
- You are Number Six?

- That is the number.
- Call from Number Two.

Good morning, good morning.
Any complaints?

I'd like to mind my own business.

- So would we. Fancy a chat?
- The mountain can come to Mahomet.


- Everest, I presume?
- I've never liked heights!

- How's Number One?
- At the summit.

- Play it according to Hoyle?
- All cards on the table.

- Rely on that.
- Hmm.

Um, whose move?

Yours only.

Confide and we concede.


Oh, Number 58,
let me introduce Number Six.

Don't be shy, my dear.

Keep up your strength.

She may be a mere Number 58,
but she used to work in Records.

She has a great variety
of information, haven't you?

Annenukat ta'enen zabot, hm?

Ohna. Mija ista juksa boto.

Zabot. Vee.

Wonderful gift. Photographic memory,
you know. She's done well.

She won't be here long.

- Nicely done.
- International cuisine. The best.

- French?
- International.


Good morning!
Congratulations on yet another day!

Today will be dry, some cloud
perhaps, but enjoy yourselves.

- Marmalade?
- Thank you.

That's lucky,
we start our election campaign today.

A showery outlook is depressing.

Elections? In this place?!

We choose every 1 2 months.

Citizens have a choice.
Are you going to run?

- The first chance I get.
- I meant for office?


- Mine, for instance.
- You have a sense of humour.

Naturally, humour is the very essence
of a democratic society.

Number Two, Number Two... !

It looks like a unanimous majority.

That's been worrying me.
Very bad for morale.

Some people don't appreciate
the value of free elections.

- Everyone votes for a dictator.
- Not at all.

Frankly, dear fellow, YOU are
just the sort of candidate we need.

Number Two! Number Two!

What happens if I run against you?
I might as well.

- Delightful.
- What physically happens if I win?

- You're the boss.
- Number One's the boss.

Join me.

If you win, Number One will
no longer be a mystery to you.

Anyway, I'll introduce you properly,
and see how you feel

after assessing the madding crowd.

Number Two, Number Two!

Good people of our community...

Rah! Rah! Rah!

There is a lack of opposition

in the matter of free elections.

This isn't good for our community,

and reflects an acceptance
of things as they are.

We know what to do.
What must we do?

Progress! Progress!
Progress! Progress!

Exactly. We are very fortunate
in having with us a recent recruit,

whose outlook is particularly
militant and individualistic.

Rah, Rah!

Let us hope he will not deny his duty

by refusing to take up the challenge.

It is my pleasure to present to you
the one and only Number Six!


I am not a number.

I am a person.

At some time, all of you held
positions of a secret nature

and had knowledge
that was invaluable to an enemy.

Like me, you are here
to have that knowledge protected...

or extracted.
- That's the stuff!

Unlike me, many of you
have accepted your situation

and will die here like cabbages.

- Keep going. They love it.
- Others have gone over to our keepers.

Which is which?
How many of each?

Who's standing beside you now?

I intend to discover who are the
prisoners and who the warders.

I shall be running for office
in this election.

Good people, let us applaud
a citizen of character.

May the better man win,
and a big hand for Number Six!

Be seeing you.

Bita dee naist gorovisch, dit.

Six! Six! Six!

- Don't get het up, dear fellow.
- She doesn't even speak English.

Precisely. Knowing your prejudices,
I didn't give you a regular.

She's new here
and quite charming.

- What's the procedure?
- That's better.

The transport, with the lady driver,

will be at your disposal
for the election period,

and anything else - within reason.


You'll attend
the dissolution of the council,

in half an hour at the town hall.

Thanks very much.

You take me... to the town hall.

- Ereta paz na!
- The town hall.

- Ah, paz na.
- It's all right, thank you.

I'll...I'll walk. It's all right.

- Nota meyroota?
- That's it.

Veta - mesya.

Dav hey xirini.


- Congratulations.
- Come again?

I'm Number 1 1 3 and this
is my photographic colleague...

...number 1 1 3B.
- Smile.

We contribute to the local paper,
The Tally Ho.

- Drive on.
- We haven't had anyone like you.

- Congratulations.
- How will you campaign?

- No comment.
- "Will fight for freedom..." all costs."
- Smile!"

- Internal policy?
- No comment.

Will tighten up Village security.

- Smile!
- External policy?

- No comment.
- Our exports will operate

in every corner of the globe.

- What about life and death?
- Mind your own business.

No comment.

Thanks a lot. Be seeing you.

Calling Number Six,
calling Number Six!

Read all about it! Read all about it!
Get your election edition now!

Read all about it!
Get your election edition now!

This assembly is called to order.

Calling Number Six,
calling Number Six.

Not that way.

Nor that.

Straight ahead. Now.

Good show.
Come ahead, my dear fellow.

You are welcomed as the
prospective opposition candidate.

Kindly approach the centre dais.

- Play the game.
- According to Hoyle?

According to the laws
of democratic society.

These are for the protection
of the citizens.

You're a civilised man
and would not, I'm sure,

deny the right of proper procedure.

Kindly approach the centre dais.

The final resolution
is a vote of thanks to Number Six,

carried unanimously,

and there is no further business
at this time.

- Any questions?
- Certainly.

Where did you get these dummies?

- Do you wish to question them?
- I do.


Who do you represent?

Who elected you?

To what country
do you owe allegiance?

Whose side are you on?

Mustn't get too personal,
dear fellow.

Any further questions?

This... farce,

this 20th century Bastille that
pretends to be a pocket democracy!

Why don't you put us into solitary
confinement and have done with it?

I call this meeting to order!

Look at them.
Brainwashed imbeciles!

Can you laugh?
Can you cry? Can you think?

Is this what they did to you?

Is this how they broke you
till they got what they wanted?

You must still have a brain.

You must desire
to be a human being again.

This is a most serious breach
of etiquette.

I imagined your desire
to stand for election was genuine.

I'll give you a chance.

You were carried away by enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, the rules demand
that you should undergo the test.

All those in favour?
Carried unanimously.

They told me you were coming.
Do you take sugar?

Please let me assure you
that I could be a friend.

- A friend?
- Yes. We both know they're watching.

It doesn't prove we are sympathetic.

But the community has to live.
So must you.

Come, have some tea, and we'll talk.

- How many lumps?
- No lumps.

No? Good. That shows discipline.
Of course I knew it anyway.

- What's that?
- From your records.

We have everything.

You gave up sugar four years,
three months ago on medical advice.

- That shows you're afraid of death.
- I'm afraid of nothing!

You're afraid of yourself.
You're aware of that.

Good, you're honest.
That is of use here.

Honesty attracts confidence.

And confidences are our business.

See how honest I'm being with you.

Good technique.
Where did you get him?

The Civil Service,
he adapted immediately.

Number Two here.

Sorry, but things got out of hand.

I'm aware that he's valuable, but I
couldn't risk the project failing.

Certainly I'll be more careful.

But he's a very stubborn customer.

Yes, right away.

Certainly I'll warn them
not to damage the tissue.

Yes? Oh, yes, indeed.

First stage only.

Oh, absolutely.

Clearly understood.

This is merely the truth test,
and there's no need to be alarmed.

Why did you wish to run
for electoral office?

That is a lie, but won't
be held against you.

Everything you think here
is in the strictest confidence.

That's better.

Why did you run for office?

Come, come. You thought if you won
and took over our village,

you would be able to control
an organised breakout, correct?

But this was a mistake, wasn't it?

You are on the side
of the people, aren't you?

You mustn't think only of yourself.

You have a responsibility.

Central Area, have Number Six's
transport standing by.

Good, good. Simply splendid.

- Thanks for the tea.
- Any time.

- You'll vote for me?
- Naturally.

Be seeing you.

What do you think of your chances?

- Amfeata!
- What are your chances?

I'm confident.

Number Two considers you
a worthy opponent.

Very kind of him to say so.
I'll do my best.

Rest assured,
the community's interests are mine,

and maintaining the security of
citizens is my primary objective.

Be seeing you.

That was the lunchtime news
on this election day.

It's going to be close.
Stand by for our bulletin every hour.

You've only been here a short time,
but there's only one thing to learn -

obey the rules,
and we will take good care of you.

Try it.

Hm? Dai tozno.

- Be seeing you.
- Intoich bozna.

- Intoich bozna.





Lai eezit zona.

Lai eezit zona...
Lai eezit zona.

Lai eezit zona.

Lai eezit zona...

Lai eezit zona.

Lai eezit zona. Lai eezit zona.

Lai eezit zona.

Six! Six! Six! Six!

Don't do anything rash.
Give him time.

Now you're being simply foolish.

It won't get you anywhere.
Go back before it's too late.

Go back.

Southern Perimeter alert!

Southern Perimeter alert!

Now approaching.

Contact imminent.

The community's interests
are very much my own,

and maintaining the security of the
citizens will be my main objective.

Be seeing you.

Be seeing you...

You are just
the candidate we need.

I am not a number. I am a person.

Six! Six! Six! Six!

The final resolution of this council
is a vote of thanks for Number Six.

I am not a number.
I am a free man!

You can enjoy yourselves,
and you will.

You can partake
of the most hazardous sports.

The price is cheap.

All you have to do
in exchange is give us...


You are then eligible for promotion
to other, more attractive spheres.

Where do you desire to go?
What is your dream? I can supply it!

Winter, spring, summer or fall
can all be yours at any time!

Apply to me

and it will be easier and better.

Six! Six! Six! Six!

Some come here with a fresh face,

with an enthusiasm
that cannot be denied.


Be careful. Their promises
ring richly in your ears.

Our friend Number Six
has a splendid record.

He has adapted himself admirably
to our procedure.

But he has no experience whatsoever

of the manipulation
of such a community as ours.


Has he got the administrative
ability to implement his policies?

Can you trust him?

Trust the old regime, the policies
are divine, the future certain.

The old regime forever.

And the old Number Two forever.

Confession by coercion -
is that what you want?

Vote for him and you'll have it.

Or stand firm
upon this electoral platform

and speak a word without fear.

The word is freedom.

They say six of one and half
a dozen of the other.

Not here.

It's Six for Two,
and Two for nothing...

And Six for free for all,
for free for all. Vote! Vote!

Six! Six! Six! Six! Six!

You seem to be doing well.

What do you do
in your spare time?

I cannot afford spare time.

You hear that? He's working to
his limit - can't afford spare time!

We're all entitled to spare time!
Leisure is our right!

Six for Two! Six for Two!

Six for Two! Six for Two!

In your spare time,
what will you do?

Less work...

...- and more play!
- - Six! Six! Six! Six!

Non-alcoholic gin, whisky, vodka.
Looks the same, tastes the same.

- But you can't get tiddly.
- No alcohol, sir.

- You voting for me?
- You and only you.

Gin, whisky, vodka.
Looks and tastes the same.


You're spying on me, aren't you?

Get me a drink.

Kaka si traka ka mookni.

- Alcoholic drink.
- Kaka si tracka si mookni, nasda.

A drink!

Vote for Six! Vote for Six!

Vote for me.

E vata.

I'm for you.
Let me be. Never let me go.

Never let me go...

Vote for me...

Hen droichtna. E vata.

Droitcha. Droitcha.

You're spying on me, aren't you?


Vote for me.

I'm for you.

Let me be... and let me... be.

- Large or small, sir?
- That's it.

- A double.
- With or without water, sir?


Take a seat,
I'll be right with you.

A little drop now and again
keeps the nerves steady.

You're scared, aren't you?
Frankly, yes.

- Of what?
- It may seem improbable,

but I'm wondering
what'll happen to you.

Don't worry,
there's no surveillance here.

This is the therapy zone.

Clever, aren't they?

Clever, aren't you?!

They are.

Damn clever.

If you want to be an alcoholic,
you can be one here in privacy.

So long as you rejoin the flock
in good time.

- You don't approve?
- Of the Village?


To hell with the Village.


- See him?
- Yeah.


He's a brilliant scientist.

Just does that for a hobby.

Come with me,
I'll show you something.

We leave him here in peace.

He brews his brew,
plays with chalk.

Once a week
we photograph the stuff,

and clean it up so that
he can start on another lot.

Clever as hell. Cheers.

- Vote for me...
- Vote for me...

And I'll be...
- I'll be ever so comfortee...

Ever so...

- Quicker than usual.
- I warned you not to make it strong.

- We mustn't damage the tissue.
- There will be no remembrances.

The portions are exact
to take him through the election.

Six for Two! Six for Two!

I don't think we'll need a recount.

Sorry. Sorry.

Don't mention it.

We want Number Two!
We want Number Two... !

Looks as if they want Number Two.

Well, I haven't cast my vote.

Come with me.
I'll show you the ropes.

We want Number Two! Number Two!
Number Two! Number Two!

No point going into detail.

Anything you want, press a button -
you're the boss.

I'll be on my way.
Thanks for everything.

- Lai eezit zona.
- Lai eezit zona.

Aka bo'itsa, boita.




- Vane tusti. Tusti!

- Anything I can do for you?
- Just checking.

- Be seeing you.
- And you.


Boita. Boita!


Boita. Boita!

Tic tic.


Tic tic.

This is our chance!
This is our chance - take it now.

I will immobilise all controls.

Listen to me, you are free to go!

Free to go! Free to go!

You are free to go!
You are free, free.

Free to go!
You are free to go!

I am in command, obey and be free!

You are free to go!
You are free to go, free to go!

Will you never learn?
This is only the beginning.

We have many ways,
but we don't wish to damage you.

Are you ready to talk?

On my way.
Everything go according to plan?

All will be
satisfactory in the end.

Give my regards to the homeland.