The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 10 - A Ghost Along the Mississippi - full transcript

Klaus declares war on his enemies. Hayley and Jack become Tristan's pawns.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

If this prophecy is fulfilled,

you will all fall...

One by friend, one by foe,

and one by family.

When I am buried, the
family part of the prophecy

will be over.

Elijah, do it!

Someone is ascending to the regency,

the witch who was once
inhabited by Finn Mikaelson.

They took it, the Serratura.

The weapon that's used to
take down Klaus and Elijah?

I was meeting with a witch.

I was hoping she could help me destroy it.

The only way to get
rid of it, is to use it.

Do you actually love her?

I've lost count of the amount of times

you've been there for me.

No. No!

I think you're far more affected

by this world than you care to admit.

You want to control it rather than allow

it to control you.

The inevitable, unavoidable parts of life

make you uneasy.

No, no, no, no.

Aah! Ugh!

Some might say death is inevitable,

and yet here I am a thousand years old,

sipping an exquisite aged whiskey

while a beguiling muse sits across from me.

I am the perfect picture
of health and vitality,

a master of my fate,

a conqueror of death itself.

Aah! Yaah!

See? That's exactly my point.

You make some glib,
throwaway line about death

as though it means nothing
to you, but it does.

If not your own, then at
least the death of others.

So beneath the devilish banter

and charming wit,

Klaus Mikaelson bears the burden

of a deep-seated psychological
trauma about death.



I'll tell you what I
know about death, Camille.

Death dances silently in everyone's shadow,

And she doesn't give a damn, so...

Why give a damn about her?

You do give a damn.

Why else surround yourself with immortals

if not to avoid the agony of loss?

You disagree. Fine.

I hope it's a long time
before I'm proven right.



Tell me what happened.


The moment he looks at
you as he looked at me.

The moment you know he is in love with you,

you're going to do something for me.

You will drink this blood of mine,

and then you will slit your own throat

and bleed out silently.

You will want to cry out,

but you will not make a sound.

She did this to me.

I died.

I'm dead.

Well, you will not stay dead.

She will pay for her
actions, I swear to you!

Oh, what's happening to me?

You're transitioning.

You need to feed on blood soon,

or you will die again, this time for good.

How is she?

She's just risen from the dead.

As soon as she feeds, her mood
will change for the better.

In the meantime, these
attacks need to be answered!

Our retribution must be swift,

and it must be brutal!

Agreed. After the Serratura
has been recovered.

Freya's pendant is also missing.

And Finn's mystical essence along with it.

So let the imbecile stay lost.

Our business today is to
finish off the de Martels.

No, brother. Think, think.

Tristan needs the most
powerful witch in the city

to activate that weapon,

A Regent.


who was once possessed by Finn!

No. Stay here.

She will need you, brother.

I trust this won't take much longer.

I'm on a schedule.

Look, man. If you want me to activate

your big, bad Serratura, you're gonna
have to backup, give me some space.

Or I could always have my witch put Finn

back inside of you,

have him complete the deed.

I'm sure he'd be quite pleased
to aid in his brothers' downfall.

I do this for you, I get that pendant.

Of course. That was the deal.

"Reveye ak.

"Reveye moman ak trape dife.

"Moman ou sè prè.

"Tann prizonye ou".


You wanted it, you got it.

Give me the pendant.

Hold him here.

No, no, no, no, no.

We may have use for him yet.

You really want to cross a Tremé witch?

If he acts up,

place my old friend Finn back inside him.

Ok. You poked the witches nest.

What's your plan now?

Heh heh. Worry will be
the death of you, Marcel.

The rest of our plan is already in play.

Still say we should take my dartboard.

Your calendar girls, too?

Some things are best left behind, Jack,

and besides, I let you
take your bow and arrow.

Not exactly sure what we're gonna hunt

in the French Quarter, though.



You gonna hide in the woods, or are
you gonna come out here and fight?








Uh. The light is killing me.

You'll adjust.

Why does the music sound so loud?

Why does everything hurt so much.

As soon as you feed, your heightened senses

will cease to be painful and become...


You just assume I'm gonna do it?

Feed on human blood?

What did I expect? I chose to live here

right along all of you,
knowing what you are.

What the hell did I think was gonna happen?

This was only ever gonna end one way.

I deserve this.

No one deserves this,

not unless they choose it,

and some of us don't have that choice.

We just have to survive

what is forced upon us.

But I do have a choice.

I can choose not to feed.

Hmm. You're an obeah witch, right?

Older sect, too, with all
that show you got going on.

Do not speak to me.

You're powerful witches,

proud people,

and rightly so from what I understand.

I mean, you don't usually
bow down to anybody.

Your ancestors must be turning
in their graves right now,

watching you running around here,

doing a vampire's business.

I said do not talk.

Yeah, I heard you.

I just have to know.

What does it feel like

to be a backstabbing traitor?

Stay on task.

This is for your ancestors.


May they judge you harshly.

Unh! Agh!


we should chat.


Oh, I miss him.

He just wanted me to be happy,

Get married, have a few kids.

I guess the great O'Connell
family line endeth here.

You know...

I never really got, uh...

the comfort he got from his faith,

but right now, I wish I
believed in an afterlife.

Vampirism is by definition an afterlife.

Which one is it, Klaus, Heaven or Hell?

Look. I don't know what to tell you, man.

You want your big, bad Serratura,

you're gonna have to go after Tristan

because he took it with him

after he forced me to activate it.

So deactivate it.

I couldn't even if I wanted to,

and just for the record, I'm all done

with vampire demands for the day.

Push me and see what happens.

You don't want to see what happens.

My family's in jeopardy,
you're responsible.

That's on you, man!

If Tristan didn't have the pendant,

then he wouldn't have any leverage over me.


The longer you wait,
the more you'll suffer.

You know,

I think it's better this way.

I mean, look at me.

I'm gonna make a super hot corpse, right?

- Perfect for an open casket.
- Camille.

I want my wake to be at
Rousseau's. I want it to be epic...

An open bar and dancing,

and no one cries, or I come back,

- and I poltergeist the hell out of...
- Stop it!

I will not entertain this
kind of talk any longer.

You must feed.

I need you.

This is not about you. This is about me.

I like who I am.

I've spent my entire life being

this exact version of sane,

and if I turn, if I become a vampire,

I don't know what I'll be,

I don't know who I'll be.

I know.

I know you'll be an extension
of the person you are now.

You'll be strong and... and understanding

- and brave.
- No!

You don't know me!

You think you know me, but you don't.

There is a darkness
inside of everyone, Klaus.

- What if mine takes over?
- I won't let it.

You can barely contain your own darkness.

It is better I die as someone I'm
proud of than live as someone I despise.

No! It's better a flawed life
lived than wasted rotting in clay!

It's not gonna happen,

Not to you.


I'm not gonna feed, all right?

So you can either respect that,

or we can spend the last...

Couple of hours we have together

in a screaming match.

I tried that.

I tried that.

The more you struggle, the more
wolfsbane gets pumped into your veins.

Jack, your leg.

Are you ok?

Yeah. They worked me over pretty good.

With all the... the wolfsbane in my system,

I ain't healing so well.

Just breathe.

When we get a chance to fight, be ready.

Hayley, Hayley, listen.

I don't know if I'm gonna get that chance.


We are gonna get out of here, Jack.

I love you. Ok?

- I've... I've always loved you.
- Don't.

When I first saw you, I broke.

You broke me,

and nothing has ever been the same since.

I just want to know that it was all real.

Every moment, every touch, every word.

How absolutely darling

or pathetic.

I suppose it's all relative.

You let us out of here, or so help me,

I will kill you!

Hmm. Somehow, I doubt it.

I've been pondering this moment

since you tortured me.


What's the best way to truly hurt a hybrid?

And then it came to me.

- Ugh!
- No! No!


No! No!


What's happening?

A messenger came.

Some compelled tourist.

He left this.

- Who?
- Jackson.

Courtesy of the Strix.

So unless we meet their demands,

Hayley will be next.

Jack, I'm so sorry.

I never should have brought
any of this into your life.

I was so selfish.

I never met anyone who was
always just there for me.

You let me feel what it is to be loved.

But I will make them suffer for this.

I promise you.

I will make all of them suffer.

Let go of me!

I'm afraid I don't have
time to be delicate.

What the hell?

I had Freya create a boundary spell.

- Klaus.
- I'm off to save

the mother of my child,

and to do so, I must face those

with a distinct advantage.

I cannot wage war if
I am worried about you,

and I will not entertain any thought

of letting you die.

You have no right to do this.

I will be back long before you starve.

In the meantime, if the
pain should get too great,

I suggest you stop this
foolishness and feed.

Type O negative.

Just a hint of copper aftertaste.

Trust me, you'll learn to love it.

This is the same as force-feeding me!


If you care about me at all,

you won't do this.

I will never forgive you.

I'm just going to have to risk

you never forgiving me.

I'll never forgive myself if I let you die.


Two Original vampires

and two powerful witches

against an army of miscreants...

I'm rather looking forward to it.

Keep in mind that I'm mortal,

and as much as I want
these guys out of my city,

I like breathing, so
let me go to the covens.

I can propose an alliance.

They hate you guys, but if
I explain what's going on...

There's no time.

There never is,

but before we rush into battle,

let's keep in mind that Tristan may be

the very foe to lead you to your doom.

Isn't this exactly what
the prophecy foretold?

Rebekah's on the run.

I will not lose the two of you, as well.

Rebekah's safe.

Brother, perhaps you should stay.

And what kind of father would I be

if I didn't fight for
the mother of my child?

No. I have no intention
of being outmaneuvered

by Tristan de Martel of all people.

Intention's got nothing to do with it.

As long as Tristan de Martel

has the Serratura and your baby's mama,

the advantage is all his.

Well, then we should take
that advantage from him.

I'm gonna need something that belonged

to his sister.

Sispann agresè.

Run him down.

Nice timing.

Oh. My love,

I knew you'd find me.

Hello, Camille.

What do you want?

Have you come to gloat?

Actually, I'm quite
sympathetic to your plight.

I was once denied the
right to die with dignity.

I grew to hate the one who
took that choice away from me,

so if you have decided to die, so be it.

Thank you.

All things considered,
that's the nicest thing

anyone's done for me all day.

As you prepare for what's to come,

I would offer you another choice.

You can starve alone,

or you can choose to risk what remains

of your life to help me.

If you touch a hair on her head...

I'll do my very best to
restrain my brother, Tristan,

but you and I both know
he can be impossibly savage

when he wants to be.

State your terms.

You'll meet us at Patrick's
dock, the warehouse.

We exchange Aurora for
Hayley and the Serratura.

Oh. Tristan, I would make it snappy

unless of course you want Niklaus

to eviscerate that poor girl.

Go retrieve that filthy cur.

Double the dosage of wolfsbane.

Make certain she suffers.

Now hold up.

Maybe we should think this through, huh?

I already have.

The Mikaelsons want to make a deal,

so I'll give them exactly what they want,

and once I know Aurora is safe,

I'll order the Strix to descend en masse.

Before the night is over,

we will seal them away for all time.

You think this is gonna work?

You are a Regent to the city

filled with the power of your ancestors.

I can channel you, add your power to mine,

and then we'll see.

Fair enough.

Kache l'nan san. Je chèch je yo.

Here they come.


I wish I could say it was a pleasure.

Marcellus, made your bed
with the enemy, I see.

Membership has its privileges.

Let's get on with this, shall we?

Hayley Marshall Kenner

only slightly worse for wear.

You'll have to forgive
her if she seems a bit off.

There's enough wolfsbane in her system

to kill an entire pack.

However, here she is as requested.

Now where's my sister?

She lives. You can thank Elijah for that.

I wanted to flay her and
hang her skin as a flag.

Anyway, enough chitchat.

Let's conclude this
tedious business, shall we?

My sister first,

and if you're tempted to argue,

consider the numbers.

If they try anything, attack.

Oh, brother, you came for me.


Come on.

Ohh. Come on. Come on.


What are you doing?

No. Aurora, what have you done to us?

Kache l'nan san. Je chèch je yo.

Kache l'nan san. Je chèch je yo.

Not to us.


To you.

Kache l'nan san. Je chèch je yo.

What is this?

You know what they say.

Payback's a bitch.

How is this possible?

The Serratura creates
an impenetrable boundary.

Nothing living or dead can pass through.

And thanks to your lunatic
sister, I'm neither.




Stay close to me, ok?

What are you waiting for? Take them now!

Before you rush headlong

toward almost certain death,

As your sire, I would
like to invite you all

to employ just a little
bit of common sense.

We are ancient vampires, Elijah,

each of us almost as strong as you.

You might almost be
successful in subduing us,

but at what price?

Most of you will die in the process,

and for what?

To avenge a fool

marching you headlong

toward your very extinction

in the name of a witch's prophecy?

You do realize he engineered

absolutely all of this

purely to satisfy some petty grievance

against my family?


doesn't care for any of you.

Stop listening to him!

The only danger here

is the choice that you must make.

You see, I'm not your enemy.

It's true.

I delivered you into this existence.

I can just as easily pluck you out of it.

The choice is yours to make.

It's done. The moment has passed.

Be smart, Aya, smarter than Tristan.

Don't waste any more of our guys.

Stand down.

You will not abandon me.

It's a shame it has to end like this.

Aya, this isn't over.

May the ghosts of our
fallen keep you company.

Aya. Aya!


Where are you going?

Are you so eager to die?

I'm already dead.

Well, at least let me thank you.

Do not mistake me helping your family

with forgiveness for what you tried to do.

My choice in this is the
only thing I have left,

and no one is taking that away from me.

you need to get that.

Camille, I'm begging you.

Don't leave me.

I won't let her die.

If you care for her,

you will let her choose.

I will not lose her because

of your stupid principles.

Allow her the dignity
of this choice, Niklaus.

You force her, you lose her forever.

We finish this.

So this is to be my end.

No, no.

This is the very beginning.

You are going to the bottom of the ocean,

where you will drown in darkness

again and again and again

over the course of centuries.

This will be your splendidly horrific

and perpetual end.

What have you done with my sister?



but I assure you her death

will be spectacular.


You took a very good man from this world.

He will be with me forever,

but you... you will be forgotten...

And as you rot in the ocean,

remember my face.

Because it's gonna be the
last one that you ever see.

Got your text.

It's a funny place to have a chat.

Hmm. Hilarious.

A dead girl leaving soon-to-be dead flowers

at her dead brother's grave.

It's just another pointless
ritual in a pointless life.

I know what you're going through.

I... look.

As pointless as you think your life is,

there are people out there
right now, right now...

Davina, Kinney, hell, even Klaus...

who know better.

Well, you don't need to give me a speech.

I called you here

because you've been a friend,

and I figured you wouldn't be judgey

no matter what I choose.

No way. I'm the last person to be judgey.

My life is messed up as it is,

but, uh, I will say this.

As crazy as this world is with

the monsters and the
lunatics running around,

it's still a better place with you in it.

You know, I did something today.

I risked my life fighting
one of those monsters.

It felt good.

Yeah. I know that feeling.

It's amazing what happens when
you stop fighting what you are.

My uncle was really big
into doing the right thing,

wanted to help the people, fix the city.


if I stuck around I could...

continue what he did.

If I was a vampire,

I would have the strength
to make a difference.

Of course, I would have to feed.

Are you sure about this?

Not in the slightest.

Back inside enemy lines, huh?

I hardly think we're enemies, Marcellus.

I know where your loyalties lie.

If I had know that they
were gonna go after Hayley,

I would have warned you.

I know.

Thank you.

And speaking of where things lie,

what did you do with Tristan?

Well, I persuaded some
rather dedicated longshoremen

to release our little monster in a box

to the deepest, darkest depths

of I don't give a damn.

Well, then to the devil
in the deep blue sea.

How can Aurora be gone?

Oh. Apologies I left your
lunatic ex unattended.

See, I was busy casting the
spell that saved the day.

The effort left me a little taxed.

She was drugged to a stupor
and confined by your spell.

Well, she couldn't have broken free

of my barrier on her own.

Either she was aided by a witch

or someone who has access to dark objects.


He's the only one left who
would risk his life for Aurora.

It's time.

Till death do us part.


I hope you don't mind.

I helped myself to the
Mikaelson family blood stash.

And how do you feel?

I have to admit

at first it felt strange,

that... metallic taste,

but then it was like electricity

coursing through my body,

a million stars exploding
in my mind all at once

like nothing I have ever felt before.

It was amazing,

and all I can think now...

is I want to do it again.