The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Live and Let Die - full transcript

Davina takes Mikael to a cabin to heal from his wolf bites. Klaus searches for them. Elijah, Marcel and Hayley try to rescue some young wolves.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

This town was my home once.
I want it back.

We should have known
our mother would not

be bound by anything
as obvious as death.


I have come to heal our family.

For you, I will undo everything

that has been done,
thereby giving you a new life.

You mean, you don't
recognize me?

It's been a long time, Finn.

Well, there's no way
Kol would listen

to anything other than his ego.

And even the wildest
us of Mikaelsons

has seen the error of his ways.

- I'm Kaleb.
- Davina.


- You filthy dogs.
- It can't be.

- Hello, son.
- Father!

How do you expect to show
them the error of their ways?

Perhaps it's time to
turn our attention

to the outskirts
of our beautiful home.

Pay up.

Any prospects?

Well, since you asked,
yeah, there's this one guy.

I mean, we've only
been messaging so far,

but I think I like him.

Like, really like him.

- So what's the problem?
- Oh, I don't know.

Might have left a few things
out of the old profile.

For example, what's
got two thumbs

and drinks blood to survive

oh, right. This guy.

What the hell is
wrong with you people?

We didn't do anything.

This nothing your kind
hasn't done to us.

Learn your history.

I don't know
who the hell you are.

We had a deal.

Vampires stay out of the
quarter, everybody's cool.

That's not good enough anymore.

Oh, yeah?
Says who? You,

or that witch you
all answer to now.

Lenore, right?

Never thought I'd see the day...

Proud werewolves
on a witch's leash.

I hope those rings you're
wearing are worth it.



That's enough.

Your privileges here have
been revoked permanently.

So when we come back,
you need to be gone

because next time
I won't call them off.

Consider this a warning, Marcel.

It's the only one
you're gonna get.

This is a city of death.

Fires, floods,

to say nothing of the violence
we do to each other.

We may laissez
les bon temps rouler,

but really we've turned life
into one big party

to distract ourselves
from a single unavoidable truth.

We're all going to die.

Is that what you're afraid of?

Who says I'm afraid of anything?

Cami, we've been meeting
like this for weeks now,

and you're still dodging
my questions.

Now how do you expect
your patients

to open up to you when you
won't open up yourself?

I'm open.

What do you want me
to be open about...

My dead uncle, my dead brother?

How about the living?

I mean, you're
highly intelligent,

you are charming,
and you're beautiful.

I mean, surely you must
have friends, boyfriends.

You really mean to tell
me that there's no one

that warrants discussion here.

I'm attracted
to the wrong kind of guy.

I know.
Tale as old as time.

Well, Cami, that's your tale,

and part of
the therapeutic process

is in the telling of it.

There was this one guy.

Smart, loyal, abs for days,
but I was his rebound girl,

if I'm gonna be
honest with myself,

and he was also...
Well, unique in ways

that mean I should
probably stay away from him.

- Unique?
- Just trust me on this one.

We're not compatible.

Now you said one guy.

Am I to assume
that there are more?

There was this other guy.

Also unique.

I mean, nothing ever
happened between us.

He just got
under my skin, I guess.

Manipulative mother,
abusive father,

and under all that anger
and mistrust and cruelty,

there was goodness in him, and
no matter how much I tried,

I couldn't pretend
it wasn't there.

You cared for him.

You wanted to save him.

So... what happened?

Some people don't want
to be saved.

Brother! Niklaus!

You do realize that
literally everyone here

has supernatural hearing, right?

Where is my brother?

Oh, I'll just...
I'll check his calendar.

Wait. No.
Not his wife, so...

Hayley, this city is under siege
by an army of beasts following

my deranged mother's
every command.

Now considering
it was your people

who just declared
war on my kind,

perhaps now's not the best time

for your particular
brand of sass.

Klaus left a while ago.

If you want to find him,
I can't help you.

If only there was
a magical device

that people use to call people.

I don't know.
I'm out of ideas.

Good luck.

Oh, one more thing, Elijah.

Those beasts that
you're referring to,

they be under Esther's control,

but like you said,
they're my people,

so if you hurt them,
your bitch mother

will be the least
of your problems.

Finally, you pick up your phone.

I've been trying to get
ahold of you for days.

Way to leave a girl hanging.

I know. I should
have called you back.

I didn't want you to worry.

I just...

Things are complicated.

Yeah, well, word
on the streets...

And by streets, I mean Josh...

Is that you've gone
totally M.I.A.

Seriously, are you ok?
Where are you?

I'm fine.
I'll be back soon, I promise,

and... and thanks for calling.

It's good to hear your voice.

Davina? Davina?

Well, that was rather rude.

Well, it's a pleasure
to see you, too, Camille.

Don't... don't do that
crooked smile thing, ok?

I haven't seen you for months,

and now you're appearing
out of the blue?

What do you want?

I have a rather
long list of people

of people I need to
track down and deal with,

and at the top of that list is
is a certain runaway witch.

Maybe she doesn't
want to be found.

And for good reason.

Had I magically resurrected

the insane
vampire-hunting father

of my sworn enemy,
I'd be hiding, too.

Wait. What?

Oh, haven't you heard?

Mikael the destroyer
back from the dead,

and by all accounts under
the complete control

of your little friend Davina.

Well, you heard her clearly.

She didn't say where she was.

Oh, on the contrary, luv.

You just had to know
how to listen.

For instance, I heard
cicadas, and I heard terns,

but the real giveaway
was the church bells.

Did you know Davina's
family owns

a little cabin
in Terrebonne Parish?

It's been abandoned for years,

but a brief glimpse
at a map shows

it's just a mile from
the loveliest little chapel.

So what's the plan?

Well, the way I see it,
if Davina wants to use

Mikael to kill me, we
just have two options.

One, you reason with her.


I don't think you'd
like two very much.

Fine. Let's go.

Kol, concentrate.

Unless of course
you've finally heard

from our missing Davina Claire.

Well, it's only
a matter of time.

I mean, look at this face.

How long can she
possibly resist?

Given your progress,
I'd say indefinitely.

No matter.

I'll find her.

Now focus.

Conjure her in your mind.

Clever girl.
She's somehow blocked

our locator spells.

Not entirely my fault then.

Considering your sole task
was keeping track

of a teenager,
you might want to draw

a little less attention to your
absolute failure to do so.

You're one to talk
about your failure.

You got that human girl to bare

her soul to you yet,
or are you too busy

playing captain to a pack of
mangy dogs to have any success

as a fake head shrinker?

You know what
your problem is, Kol?

- Oh, I would love to...
- Boys.

Now if I'm right, Davina
has the white oak stake.

Find the girl, Kol,
and get it back.

You don't look so good.

Those bites?

Werewolf venom is to be purged
by force, not acquiesced to.

And what is that, like,
a viking bumper sticker?

Exactly how much longer are
we gonna be hiding here like cowards?

Elijah saw you.

If he knows you're here,
then Klaus does, too,

so I'm sorry,
but until I unlink him

from my friends,
you're stuck here with me.

is inevitable, child.

Your fear will prove to be
our greatest disadvantage.

I'm not afraid.

Well, you should be.

You are weak.

But I'm still in charge.

By the way, I spelled it
while you were purging.

It won't fall off again.

Ah, yes.
Your magic.

How well did that serve you
when the wolves attacked, hmm?

Magic can only ever
fight half your battles.

Remember that.

Ok. Fine.

You're so tough, teach me.

Teach you what?

How to be strong.

We don't want to run.

Look. I know,
and I respect that.

But believe me,
there's a big difference

between wanting to fight
and knowing how to win.

So show us.

You've kicked their ass before.

I'm guessing you
didn't do it alone.

Um, yeah. Not that I don't dig

the whole "karate kid" vibe
that we got going on here,

but how are we supposed
to learn to defend

ourselves from an army of
superwolves in, like, one day?

Lesson one.

Always be on your guard.

Well, I trust our message
was well-received.

Loud and clear.
Those vampires should be

gone by tomorrow.

In my experience,
one can never be

too careful with
these creatures,

so we'll greet them
with superior numbers.

Would you bring the recruits,
please Sam?

Oliver, Aiden, I have
a task for you.

What's going on here?

Tonight is luna sanguineus,
a blood moon.

Now 1,000 years ago,
your people marked

this celestial event
with a rite of passage,

electing not to shrink
from their nature

but to embrace it with pride

by slaying a human being
and activating their curse.

Tonight as unturned
wolves, you will kill

with the singular purpose

of unleashing that warrior
that lives within you.

They're just
a bunch of kids.

Aiden, we can no longer afford

to hide our children
from the horrors of war.

From now on, your either with
us, or you're against us.

Come with me.

What's that?

The crest of our clan, a
reminder that we always carry

the honor of our ancestors
before we go to battle.

I wasn't ready.

First lesson, always
be on your guard.

It's heavy.

I was half your age
the first time

my father gave me the staff.

I would have torn every muscle

rather than let him see
me strain, and had I...

He would have corrected me.

No offense,
but your dad sounds like a jerkwad.

Mothers love their children.

Fathers make them strong.

My mother tried to sacrifice me,

and my dad took off
when I was born, so...

You're anticipating.

Do not let me see
your move before you make it.


Get up.

I can't. Unh.

I hurt my ankle.

The ability to endure pain is
the warrior's true weapon.

Master that, and nothing
holds power over you.

Now on your feet.

I said...





Perhaps you've actually
learned something today.

"Wait in the car, you said.

"I'll be right back," you said.

Did I not sufficiently
explain to you

the urgency of this endeavor?

You're the one who hijacked
my afternoon to drag me along

to this revenge fantasy
of yours.

Excuse me if I need
a drink to take off the edge

before the killing begins.

So that's your plan, is it?

Ply me with alcohol and then
prattle on until I'm convinced

to leave Davina and Mikael
alone to plot my death?

No. My plan is to listen.

Come on, Klaus.
You could have

eavesdropped on
that phone call and vanished

before I even knew
you were there,

so let's just get
to the part you

you really want me to play...

Therapist, stenographer,
drinking buddy.

Call it whatever you want.

I know why I'm here.

To give you the one
thing you've never had,

someone to hear your side.


You want to kill your father.

Fine. Let's talk.


Um, I'm sorry.
I know I haven't called in a while.

Don't be silly, luv.
Are you all right?

Where are you?

Um, I'll text you the address

and maybe a list
of things you can bring me.

All right.
I'll be right there.

As a devout feminist,
I refuse to say

that you hit like a girl.

So let's try this
again, shall we?

Tell me again why
I don't get to be

outside with everybody else,

you know, with the nice teacher.

You are my responsibility.

Says the feminist.

Fighting is rhythm.
There is a music,

there is a meter,
there is a pattern.

Let that rhythm beat within you.





And then once you've
established your cadence...

You change the key.

Very nice.

Now the head or the heart?

None of this means anything
if you cannot make the kill.

What if I can't do it?

You will to

Now the head or the heart?


We need to talk.

We're not here for a fight.

Just hear him out.


I suggest you be succinct.

Please. I need your help.

The witch wants soldiers.

So now it's either join up
or pay the price.

I've known my brother
Finn to be merciless.

I'll admit this exceeds
even my expectations.

They're just kids.

Marcel, you know the quarter
like the back of your hand

if anyone can get
them out of here, it's you.

And take them where?

There are still wolves
deep in the bayou,

ones that didn't take a ring.

They can look after them.

The ones who never
sold out, you mean.

If you want to look at it like that,
that's fine.

We did what we had to do.

You wolves have been
fighting us for decades.

Why trust us now?

One of the recruits
is my little brother.

There's no way I'm
sending him to war.

Tell us what you need.

My mother's intentions are far
less savage than my father's.

She'd prefer to place
us all in new bodies,

there by reuniting
our family in some bizarre coven

of extremely
dysfunctional witches.

So, what,
are you just gonna kill her, too?

If only I could,
but therein lies my predicament.

If I kill her,
she'll just jump into another body,

and if I somehow manage
to thwart that

nasty little inconvenience,

she'll rejoin the bloody
witch ancestors

and haunt me from beyond.

Right now, Mikael
has the white oak stake.

He needs to die first.

And how are you gonna
do that unarmed?

I've taken precautions.

Oh, goodie. Papa Tunde's
mystical knife

of ludicrous torment.

Glad that's still around.

You know my parents
dedicated their lives

to making me feel
weak and afraid.

I've killed them once already.

I can do it again.

Klaus, wait.

I get it.

The hurt your parents
have inflicted on you

for a thousand years, I understand
what you are fighting against,

but the real question is
what are you fighting for?

Ask me to dance.

You want to dance?

No. I never want to dance.

I'm actually really bad at it,

but I'm trying to make a point.

There's more to life than the pain
that they made you feel.

A cold beer, a slow
song, a good friend.

There are good things, Klaus.

And you need to see that, too.

There's no real peace
in revenge.

Yeah. I've read about this.

I've never actually
seen it firsthand.

It appears someone
has knocked you

head over heels quite literally,

and I thought I'd
have that honor.


Ugh! It smells like...

The wrong end of something
quite dead, yeah.

It's just a little
something I picked up

from a shaman bloke in Uganda.

There we go.

Wow! The pain's just...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's magic, right,
it's not a miracle.

It's quite a spell
you've got going here.

I mean, not to pry,
but I figured

you had your secrets
after our last date ended

in a werewolf bar brawl.

Yeah. I'm sorry about that.

That's right. I never really
liked dull girls anyway.

That said, what exactly
is going on here?

You're still not
the trusting sort.

Do you trust me?

Are you slicked?

Those sad eyes might fool
some people but not me.

I know what you're after.

You've got a lecherous
heart Davina Claire.

I won't be used, not for my
body nor my medicinal herbs.

We can hold hands, that's it.

Whatever it is you're up to,

well, you can tell me
when you're good and ready.

Now the kids are being
held in the city of the dead

until we bring them
through the quarter

to St. Anne's church.

Now meanwhile, Vincent
is holding a meeting

with a few humans in the know,

the ones who have been reluctant

to fall in line
with his new leadership.

He's going to use the children
to kill any opposition.

Activate their curse,
send a message

to anyone who's thinking
about going against him.

It's two birds, one bloodbath.

Ok. So we'll hit them while
the kids are on the move.

Aiden, make certain you
and Oliver escort the children.

We'll handle the rest.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Esther and her psycho
son are already

giving me the stink-eye.

These kids go missing on my watch,
I'm as good as dead.

You wanted to help your people
and make amends for the past.

This is your chance.

What have we here, a
liar and a thief?

I'm just looking about.

Give me one good
reason why I shouldn't

kill you right here!

The bracelet, the one she
uses to control you.

I'm a witch.

I know the magic to turn it off.

You'll be free to do
whatever you want,

provided you promise
not to harm me.


I take it we have a deal.

Watch it.

You take the kids.

Split up and find them!

Listen up, listen up.
We got to go.

Don't ask questions.
Just move.

Come on. Go, go.

Ollie, this way.

Come on, come on.

Go ahead.

It's a passageway
from the prohibition days.

It'll take us pretty much
anywhere we want to go.

Where are they?

They should be right behind me.

Any minute now.

Hey. Where's Marcel?

Oh, he's getting
the getaway car.

Hey, bigmouths.
Shut it.

There are werewolves everywhere.

Here we go.
About time.

Don't bother trying to run.

We've got you surrounded.

What, you don't think that

we would be dumb enough
to bring them here, do you?

Yes. I do apologize
for any inconvenience.

The little ones you seek
are elsewhere,

which I suppose leaves
you here with me.

You're the ones
that don't seem to understand.

We're not looking for the kids.

The witch wants you.

You listen to me very carefully.

I told a good friend
I'd do my very best

to spare the lives
of her people.

You leave right now,
I will honor that.

Stay, and the situation
becomes irrefutably awkward.

Very well.

You should probably leave.

Either I'm in,
or I'm out, right?

Let's go. Move.


Aiden, you made it.

Of course I did.

Told you I'd be here, didn't I?


Thank you, both of you.

No problem.

We're all fighting for the same thing,
you know?

Just trying to protect
the ones that we love.

Well, I guess that's
all they got.

So it would seem.


Actually, I'm just
getting started.

Perhaps your next body
will last a little longer

than this one, brother.


Ugh! No.

You phone is chockfull of texts.

Who's... who's Cami?

Come with me now.


Enough games, Davina!

Send out my father.

Let's finish this.

Release me,
or I will kill you right now!


Is this not what
you brought him for?

I'm not afraid!

Hello... boy.

You seem rather impatient.

Are you so eager
to meet your end?

I'm only eager to stand over
your burning corpse again.

Only this time,
I intend to enjoy it more.

I've traveled all the way back
from hell for this moment.

Well, then I'd hate
to keep you waiting.

Aagh! Aagh!




Where is she?
If something happened

to her, Klaus, I swear to God!

Davina's fine. She'll wake
with a spectacular headache,

but given her intentions for me,

she should count herself lucky.

Of course if you drop
dead of a heart attack,

I may have to kill her
on general principle.

You're the one who
ditched me at the bar.

I had to hitchhike and then run

on the back roads of the bayou!

Well, your perseverance
is duly is noted.

Oh, shut up.

I am so mad at you,
I can hardly speak,

but I am here,
and it is to tell you...

Not to bargain with you
and not to shame you

but to tell you
under no circumstances

will you hurt that girl,
do you understand me?

You have my word.

Is that Mikael?
Is he...

He's still alive and in
complete and utter agony.

I decided to take your advice
and keep him that way.

Didn't think you
were gonna show.

Didn't think you were a vampire.

Ditto on the whole leader
of a werewolf army thing.

P.S. these pictures don't
really do you justice.

You're way hotter in person,

you know, when you're
not murdering people.

You know, I shouldn't have come.


But you did.


I guess I hoped seeing you

might make me feel
a little less...

I don't know...

Ok. Look. Maybe for tonight,

we could pretend
things are different.

I'm not a vampire,
you're not a wolf,

the city isn't about to implode.

We could just...
I don't