The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 3 - Every Mother's Son - full transcript

When Klaus and Elijah receive a cryptic invitation to dinner from their mother Esther, they find themselves preparing for the worst. Esther reveals a shocking secret about Klaus' childhood and unveils her ultimate plan for her children.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

This town was my home.
I want it back.

All of your scheming,
the enemies that you have made

every single day
of your miserable life,

what results did you expect,

that your child would be born
into a happy life?

This was our family's hope.

We need to regain
control of the city.

You want allies, right?

This is ground zero
for a new vampire community.

You may think that
you're better than us.

We're all you got.

We made a deal.
He'll pledge his loyalty to Cassie,

report back, and tell me
everything that he learns.

Her name is Gia.

She's the first one
that I turned.

She's gonna need a mentor.

We should've known our
mother would not be bound

- by anything as obvious as death.
- Where is she?

Finn, Kol, we have
a family reunion to plan.

Which restaurant

is missing a compelled chef?

It was certainly a card
I played in the past,

but I had no hand in this.

Oh. Well, then I guess
we have Elijah to thank.

This wasn't my doing.

Then where did this
all come from?


What the hell was that?

An invitation from our mother.

Ha ha ha!

Now, children,
it's very hot.

Rebekah, Kol, be careful.

Where's Niklaus?

Elijah, Finn,
where's your brother?

He's in the woods,
mother, hiding.

What are you doing here?

Father said he's
to take me hunting later,

but I'm no good, not with him.

He gets angry at me.

I understand.

Do you know what I
do when I'm afraid?

I listen to the starlings.

When I was a little girl,

my mother taught
one of them a tune,

and since they mimic
each other's songs,

it spread until every starling
in the forest sung it.

When we made this our home,

I brought those same
birds to these woods.

Whenever you hear
one sing, Niklaus,

remember, I'm with you...

Always and forever.

It is times like
this I'm really glad

that I never knew my mother.

We have enough enemies here,
and now the war for our home

is to be fought
against my own family.

Your wretched mother
and her disciples

tried to put a carving knife
through our baby's heart.

I will happily add
to the body count.

You will do no such thing.

Esther is a master
in the art of possession.

We know whose body
she currently inhabits.

We must decipher her intentions
before she finds a new host.

Her last invitation was an assassination
attempt on all her children.

I think we can assume her
intentions are decidedly foul.

Well, then we have...

This afternoon
to prepare for the worst.

Bloom is off the rose, I see.

Shut up.

Wondered when you'd show up.

You pupil is waiting.

It's not like you to shirk
your responsibilities.

As you well know, she is
not my burden to bear.

You turned her.
You teach her.

Why'd you come?

I'm looking for
a cooperative witch.

I don't know where Davina is,

and, given the fact
that she's got

your father on a leash,
I wouldn't put her

in the cooperative category.

Not Davina.

Perhaps another witch
on another leash.

What makes you think
I got another witch?

Perhaps the daylight ring
on your new librarian.

Good point.

My memory is a little shaky.

Lucky for you, though, I
know someone who can help.


Why don't you take Elijah
to meet our friend Lenore?

If this is your idea of a joke,

I can assure you,
I'm not amused.

Oh, there's nothing funny
about what's going on.

Mikael is back,
witches causing chaos.

If just seems like you need all
the friends that you can get.

You're Oliver, correct?

Do I know you?

No, but I am,
in fact, the person

you're meeting with
this afternoon.

Look. I'm here to meet Cassie.

I don't know
who you are, friend,

but you certainly
are no teenage girl

that has magic powers.

What a keen observation, friend.

My name is Vincent,
and when you speak to me,

you are, in fact,
speaking to Cassie, hmm?

I offer this as proof

so if I decide I don't want

to answer to number two
in chain of command?


I could make an example of you,
show your pack what happens

when Cassie's requests
are denied...

Or... We could
start again.

That ring comes at a price,

and you'll begin
paying for it today.

And skip the salad course.

Let's not make this
dreadful evening

any longer than it needs to be.

So I guess letting
Oliver live paid off.

He just informed me
your mother has

a partner in crime,
another witch.

Building alliances in her quest
to destroy us, I imagine.

Why does she hate you
so much, Klaus?

She had 6 kids.

It's not like she doesn't
have the maternal Gene.

7, actually, and
I think at one time,

she loved us very much.

One died before I was born.

I didn't know that.

Years later, my brother
Henrik was killed

by the werewolves
in our village.

The loss of another child
pushed my mother over the edge.

So she used her magic to
turn us into immortals.

I think that's when
she loved us the most,

but it was her undoing.

It triggered
a sequence of events

that led to the reveal
of her long-held secret.

My birth father was the werewolf

whose pack killed
my little brother.

Of course, when
Mikael found out,

he murdered my real father,

and so my mother
lost her lover, too.


No wonder she's crazy.

I'm out of my mind having
just given away Hope.

I can't imagine if
she'd actually died.

You know, my siblings
used to tell each other

she didn't hate us.

She hated herself
for what we'd become.

I think they believed that,

even after she tried
to kill us all.

What did you believe?

I don't know.

I just knew I wanted her dead.

Well, every good story
needs a wicked witch.

It'll be all the more
satisfying when we melt her.

So you're not much
of a talker, huh?

No problem.

Last guy I hung out with,
he wouldn't shut up.

So I guess I was
due for a change.

Your task is to
lead me to someone.

Let's just do that, shall we?

You want to walk
in silence, cool,

but you're going the wrong way.

Marcel believes
I can instruct you.

First lesson...

Do your best not
to waste my time.

Go away. I'm busy.

Just blatantly
practicing magic, I see.

Herbal remedies for a neighbor
who lost her insurance,

but my guess is, an Original

ain't here to talk
neighborhood gossip.

I have a favor to ask you.

Quarter is crawling
with witches.

Go ask one of them.

Don't typically ask
favors of my enemies.

So you come across
the river to bother me.

It's unfortunate, isn't it?

Bureaucracy has not been
kind to your community.

Those tax incentives
on local businesses,

been stalling for months.

Of course, a persuasive person

could potentially
remove any red tape.

I'm listening.

A certain someone...
Let's say, a witch...

Has a troublesome tendency of
jumping into other bodies.

When she does so again,

I'd like to know
into whom she jumps.

Soul branding.

It's a sacrificial spell.

I'm gonna need an item
that's been spelled

by the witch in
question and a python.

I shall retrieve
the enchanted item.

My partner will
take care of the python.

Ew. What?

Second lesson of the day...

Acquisition through
mind compulsion.

How the hell do I do
mind compulsion?

Can I help you?

I'm most certain that you can.

Let me guess.
You need a favor.

Painless one, I promise.

There was a necklace I
gave you a long time ago.

It was a leather strap with
a metal bird on the end.

Yeah. You gave it to me
when I turned 11.

You remember.

Mikael is back.

Elijah is babbling on
about family drama.

Come here, Klaus.

Birds are sacred to the vikings.

It's how we find land.

It's how your father and
I found our home here.


If ever you are lost or
scared or in need of me,

just clasp the bird
and I will come.

Do the others get one?

I love all my children,

but you, Niklaus,
you're the most special.

That is why I'm giving
this to you and you alone.

Promise me you will
wear it always.

I promise.

Your father may
teach you to hunt,

but I shall teach
you to win the heart

of the prettiest
girl in the village.

Where's your starling necklace?

Oh, must've fallen off.

You need to find it
now, immediately.

It's all right, mother.
I found it.

You owe a great thank-you
to your brother, don't you?

Don't you?

Thank you, Finn.

Do I even want to know
why you're asking

for a necklace that
your mother gave you?

Believe me, Marcel, you want
no part in the latest chapter

of our sprawling family saga.

Thank you for
holding on to this.

I've heard from Kol.

He's still looking
for the young witch.

I imagine he'll
find her soon enough.

A shame he'll miss dinner,

although it is best that his
new identity remains unknown.

This new witch
you've brought me,

Lenore, she seems
rather stubborn.

Mother, I'd be happy to open
her up to new possibilities.

Have Oliver handle her.

Your means of persuasion
will be needed for dinner.

Have we received any
response to our invitation?

I imagine your message
had quite the effect.

Both he and Elijah have
been on the move all day.

Of course.
Clever boys.

Make sure you're ready
for them this evening.

I've handled everything
exactly as you've instructed.

I'd expect nothing
less from you, Finn.

You torture your own?

I persuade.

I'd like for you to do the same.

She had some visitors
earlier today.

I'd like to know
what they wanted.

Don't dally.

Marcel's witch is
being held captive

in the quarter.

Oh, perfect.

Mother is a step ahead
of us, as usual.

Oliver is with her.

I'll go, and I'll get
her to do the spell,

but I need the necklace.

I don't like this...

No. You don't get to ignore me

for days and suddenly act like
you're concerned, Elijah.

Just for once, please,
will you trust me

that I will do something
and it will get done?

Thank you.


I don't want to hear...

There's something else.

A disciple of Marcel's
was instructed

to fetch another ingredient.

Ask for Gia.


What's going on with your two?


She's stronger.
That's all that matters.

A snake.

That was my big
lesson of the day...

Snake fetching.

Hold on. You compelled
yourself a snake?

No! I stole the damn thing.

Captain condescension
didn't feel the need

to cover the mind control
chapter in today's lesson.

Did you even try?

I don't even know where
to start trying, Marcel.

Why Elijah?
I'm not stupid.

You want something from him.

I just can't guess
the reason you think

I'm the way to get it.

Actually, I want
something for him,

and it's the same thing
that I want for you.

Which is what?

This. Us.
Our new community.

Look. I learned
my lesson the hard way.

You can't make
your way in this town

unless you have an Original
looking out for you.

Klaus is so fixated
on those wolves,

and Elijah is so
wrapped up in centuries

of his family's old crap
that he can't see it,

but we need him.

We need him to see us
as family, too.

I couldn't even get my own
family to care about me.

How am I supposed
to win him over?

I've known that man 200 years.

He's cranky.
He's fussy.

He can ride your last nerve,

but he has
an Achilles' heel, ok?

He can't help trying
to fix what's broken.

You don't need to be anything

other than what
you already are...

Someone who needs his help.

Are these outfits
really necessary?

Appears as though we're
showing respect, Niklaus.

Mother will be more
likely to surrender

her true intentions.

Well, I doubt
her guard will drop

just because I'm dressed
like a bloody lawyer.

We need every advantage
we can get, Niklaus.

You always did excel
at diplomacy.

Just know if she tries anything,

I'll tear her new body
to pieces.

Ha ha ha!

You two haven't changed a bit.

Linens and silk can't disguise
your pathetic self-loathing,

and you, despite the
arrogant facade,

you're still the same
paranoid little boy

full of hate and fear.

Forgive me.

I don't believe
I've had the pleasure.

You mean, you
don't recognize me?


So much for the unbreakable
bonds of family, huh?

Always and forever, indeed.

It's been a long time...


Now that the introductions are
out of the way, let's eat.

They worked
her over pretty good.

We need to
get her out of here.

What? Well, then what?

They'll know that I let her go.

Look. You asked me to
infiltrate Cassie's coven.

I'm not gonna blow my cover for
some has-been, hippie witch,

no offense.

I guess we could always make
it look like you got jumped,

tell Cassie that Lenore
got rescued by her people.

Let me guess.

You want to beat
the hell out of me,

make it look convincing?

Oh, I can't say
I won't enjoy it.

Ok. Just...

Just not the face, ok?


What an aromatic Bordeaux.

Well, it was a challenge
to find a good pairing.

What wine goes well
with treachery?

Don't pout, brother.

Tonight is meant to be
a happy occasion.

What, exactly,
are we celebrating?

Well, my return, of course.

Remember, I spent
900 years, right,

lying daggered in a box.

I'm rather enjoying
this new body,

strolling about your lovely city
that you've made your home.

Do tell me, what'd I miss?

Regale me with
your contributions

to society...

philosophy, art...

Or have you two
merely cut a path

of destruction across time?

The last time we met,
you were helping our mother

try to annihilate the lot of us.

Let's not throw stones
in glass houses.

Are we expecting another guest?

Mother will sit at the head,

and as for the seat
across from me,

that's reserved for
another of our clan.

Care to wager an educated guess?

How about a paranoid one?

Well, there's no way
Kol would listen

to anything other than his ego.

And yet our mother has made
such a compelling argument

that even he, the wildest
of us Mikaelsons, has seen

the error of his ways and
accepted his new form with vigor.

Change, dear brothers,
is inevitable.

You would dare
face us as a mortal?

The only thing inevitable
is your death.


I suppose the honor of carving

should go to the oldest.

We have much to discuss.

It's gonna
be ok, I promise.

What's your dog in this fight?

You're not a Mikaelson.

I sort of am in spirit.

The werewolf mother.

Turned witch rescuer,

Listen. Can we do
the spell, or not?

After what that bitch
and her lackey did to me,

I'll do any spell you want.

I'm rather
enjoying my evening.

And I'd enjoy you
getting to the point.

I had 900 years to
learn to be patient,

although I am curious why you

kept me daggered in
a box for so long.

You were daggered for being
an ever-simpering sycophant.

Did mother bring you
back from the dead

so you could wash her knickers?

She raised me because
I was treated unfairly,

cheated out of all but the
smallest portion of my life.

Elijah, I can understand such
cruelty coming from him,

but I always thought of you as
being the compassionate one.

What did I do to deserve you
turning your back on me?

Were you afraid of Niklaus?

Are you still,
or perhaps jealousy

is why you kept me
locked in a box.

You coveted the duties
of the eldest brother,

in which case, you had
near on a millennium

to fix the problems
of this family

and instead produced
9 centuries of failure.

You might reside...
Somewhat parasitically,

I might add...
In another body,

but let me assure you,
in 900 years,

your tedious sentiments
remain quite the same.

You see, Finn, like father,

you've always despised
our supernatural existence.

Father, of course, slaughtered

and consumed his own,
whereas you,

you became pretentious and
dull, much like this meal.

I will not ask you again.
Where is mother?

Ah, my darling
son, I've missed you, too.

So will this take long?

You want me to soul brand
the resurrected spirit

of a 1,000-year-old witch.

It's best I take my time
and do it right.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

No one should ever
have to lose a child.

No. No one should.

You have the talisman?


So how does this work?

You brand Esther with the
spell, and then what?

The next time she
jumps into a body,

she'll be marked with
a distinctive symbol

on the back of her hand.

This way, you always
know who she is.

We still don't know
why she's here.

When Esther held you captive,

did she give you any idea
why she's doing all this?


How hard did they hit you?

What besides love inspires
such pain and cruelty?

And Esther...

Her love is...

Very, very strong.

Why don't you say
what you came here to say

so this wretched night can end.

It pains me that you and Elijah

look at me with such disdain.

I wish you could see
that my every action

has been to protect you.

You actually believe
that, don't you?

I knew you were a liar,

but now I see you're
utterly delusional.

If you can, forget the
hatred that you cling to

and remember all the times
I've mended and healed you.

Ha ha!

Elijah, do you recall
the day Niklaus

challenged your
father to a duel?

Did I leave your brother
to die alone?

What did I say
when you came to me

and asked me to help him?

That you would rather die

than to watch any
of your children suffer.

Aagh! Oh!

Tell me what happened.

I challenged him.

What were you thinking?

I thought if I could
just best him just once,

he would see that I'm worthy.

You need to hold still.



Niklaus, calm down.

Everything is going to be fine.

He laughed at my challenge.

He said he would
take this from me

as a prize after defeating me.

We began to fight, and
he knocked me down.

He cut the bird from my
neck, and I grew so angry,

I hit him again and again,
and then I cut him.

What happened next?

The look on his face, I'd
never seen it before,

and I was so proud.

Mother, I held this up to
show him I had kept my prize,

and then he...

Why would...

Your father in his rage

struck you with his sword.

I wouldn't let him
take this from me.

It was your gift to me.

You're a good boy, Niklaus.
You did the right thing.

The necklace.

It wasn't a spell to protect me.

Promise me you will
wear it always.

It made me weak.

I sought to protect
you from yourself.

If you would've
killed your father

in that duel or anyone else
over the course of your life,

you would've
activated your curse.

You ruined me.

You left me to suffer
at the hands of a father

who valued only strength.

I kept you from becoming a beast

for as long as I possibly could.

Oh, you lied to me to hide
your own transgressions

because of your own fear!

My whole life,
I sought the approval

I was denied by the man
I thought was my father.

You turned me into
the weakling he hated!

Look at me!

You rant, and you rage about
the monster I've become,

but you, mother,

you are the author
of everything I am.

She's gone.

Where is she?

Are you ok?


You sure?

Just getting my bearings.


The mark.

It's you, isn't it?


Where is our mother?

Where am I?
What's happening?

Leave her.
She's a puppet.

Niklaus, look at her.

She has absolutely no idea.

What are you talking about?
Who are you?

Shut up.
Stop talking right now.

Our mother orchestrates
this entire evening

just to torture us
and then simply vanishes.


What if we are not
the only minds

she was hoping
to poison tonight?

Go ahead.
You can answer it.

Elijah, I'm at Lenore's shop.

That'll be enough.

They're gonna come for me.

My darling, it's been
the idea all along.

Why would she want Hayley?

To kill her, to punish us,

to learn the truth
about the child,

for one of any
number of reasons,

all of which will be
rendered moot

when I send her
screaming back to hell.

It's so lovely
to finally meet you.

Tell me, do my sons
ever acknowledge

the good you bring
into their lives?

After all, it was you
who gave them hope.

The promise of a child
shows us all

the possibilities of
a future that could be.

Children are meant to save us

from the worst parts
of who we are,

a truth that makes
my own circumstances

all the more tragic,
wouldn't you say?

I don't pity you, Esther.


It's a terrible thing
for a mother

to fail her child,
as you well know...

But now I offer you freedom,
the gift of a new body,

freedom from being a hybrid.

I have the ability
to return to you

all that you have lost, Hayley,
to make it so you can have

a family of your own, more
children of your own.

Wouldn't that be nice?

I assume
I have the misfortune

of speaking to my mother.

You hide behind your
spells like a coward.

I did not come here to wage war.

Everything you do
is an act of war.

If you touch her, so help me...

Hayley is free to go.

I've spoken my piece.
She knows why I'm here.

I have come to heal
our family, Elijah.

Well, that's a grim
sentiment coming from you.

Go now.

My intent was never to harm,
only to heal, as I have already

healed your brothers
Finn and Kol.

For you, I will undo
everything that has been done,

thereby giving you a new life,
one without the vampire curse

I inflicted upon you.

Ask Hayley to share with
you my loving proposition.

You're a fool if you think we'll
accept anything you offer.

Oh, you are wrong, Niklaus.

There will come a time,
my darling...

When you will beg for it.

Of course she used
those damn birds

to make her escape.

Besides mother's offer of
rebirth, what else did she say?

I don't know.
She rambled a lot.

She blamed the two of you for
what happened to Hope, to me.

Well, I trust you're not
thinking of taking her offer.

Hayley, I'm talking to you.

What do you want me
to say, Klaus?

I lost my daughter, so, yeah,

when your mother offers
to wipe the slate clean,

excuse me if I'm tempted.

By the way, thanks for
your help tonight, Elijah.

I'm sorry that it takes
me being in danger

for you to even talk to me.

Leave her.
I need you with me.

Our mother, Elijah, the woman
brought us into the world,

made us what we are, and the
whole time, she lied to me.

She made me weak.

You were never weak, Niklaus.

You are and you have always
been the most fierce of us all.

In a thousand years,
I've never seen anyone

successfully stand against you,
not even our wicked father,

not one of the countless
devoted to your destruction.

You will protect our home,

even in the face of an
adversary such as our mother,

because that, brother,
that is what you do.

You remain ever the
wise counsel, brother.

The rest of the family could
learn something from you.

♪ Left-handed voodoo ♪

♪ sure do got a spell on me ♪

- Bourbon, neat.
- What? You need another python?

Oh, one can never have too many.

♪ Yes, I am ♪

You playing tonight?

I don't think so.

It's a shame.
You're rather good.

Ever since I turned, I
haven't been able to play.

I don't know why.

♪ Won't you give me
something about it? ♪

It's different for us.

Cadence, rhythm...

♪ Woke up this morning ♪

Harmony, our experience
of the senses is altered.

We move faster.

We hear things with
a greater acuity.

Silences are at once
longer and more profound.

♪ This you should know ♪

Sounds are simply
different to our ears,

and then there is the ocean.

For a vampire, it's
extremely heightened...

♪ Hey, mama,
kiss my worried mind ♪

♪ all the time ♪

♪ if you don't love me,
won't you... ♪

Sometimes difficult to express.


Yeah. That's...

That's exactly it.

Your music, the joy you felt

when playing,
you can learn again.

I can help you.


Because if someone
had done the same thing

for myself and my siblings,
I'm quite certain history

would have unfolded differently.

Where were you?

I saw Elijah.

You were right.

He found something
he wanted to fix.

He's gonna help me.

He's gonna help us all.

you must have known

they would never give in
without a fight.

Of course. Tonight
was not an ultimatum.

It was an invitation.

Just want to get them thinking.

After all, only those
who know they are lost

will ask to be found.

They're defiant by nature, and
they've grown very strong.

How do you expect to show
them the error of their ways?

I will systematically destroy
everything they hold dear.

I've already taken
the wolves from Niklaus

and made them my own.

It is time now to focus
on the prodigal son Marcel

and his small nest of
vampires across the river.

Now that we have cleansed
the quarter of his kind,

perhaps it's time
to turn our attention

to the outskirts
of our beautiful home.

We will take their pride,
their joy, their love.

We will lay it all to ruin,

and when they are at
their lowest point,

in their deepest despair,

they will have no choice
but to beg me

to release them from their
pain, and because I love them,

I will.

Sync & corrections by Rafael UPD