The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 19 - An Unblinking Death - full transcript

Desperate to help Kieran, Camille insists on an unconventional treatment, but her good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. After Klaus and Elijah disagree over the best way to ...

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Previously on The Originals:

Kill him. If we can't all create

some son of community, then what's the point?

Kill each other and
get it all over with.

If there is no peace between us,

then how can you expect
others to follow suit?

The city's inhabitants will
not adhere to this agreement.

We have a message from Marcel Gerard.

You and I were betrothed.

I guess that makes us
kind of like royalty.

We made an alliance that's gonna
change everything for the wolves.

- An alliance with who?
- Klaus.

A moonlight ring to protect
werewolves from the curse.

What do I have to do?

I've been hexed, and
I don't know how long I have.

The pills, they're networking.

These hexes, they start with magic.

They alter the very
chemistry of the brain.

I can't be fixed?

There's only death.
Mine and yours.

This is the body.
This is the blood.

May they cleanse me of sin and
preserve my soul in life everlasting.

I'd say it's a little late
for that, Father.

I see you still have your faith.

- Stay back.
- If only it could save you.

Sean, God, no!

To life everlasting.

- Drink.
- Be gone, demon!

Come now, just one sip.


I know who you are,
you hateful bitch.

Oh, Sean, I tried...

I tried to help you.
I tried to save you.

But this city...

This city is full of monsters.

Yeah. Trust me, I know.

Remind me to never piss off a witch.

Help me get him on his side.


Uncle Kieran?

What do you want from me?

You saw that, right?

It was just for a second,
but it was him.

I don't know, Cami.

I mean, maybe he's still in
there underneath all the crazy,

but the crazy is pretty thick.

Maybe he just needs
a shock to his system,

something to wipe the slate clean.

Josh, I think I have an idea
on how to fix him.

Can I help you find something?

Yes. In fact, I believe you can.

I'm looking for a book,
about yea big,

filled with our mother's
most powerful spells.

It appears to have been misplaced.

- How very mysterious.

At first, I feared
the witches had succeeded

in their efforts to obtain it,

but considering
their last attempt ended

with me relieving a rather
large, tattooed gentleman

of his hands, I began to wonder

if the thief wasn't
a bit closer to home.

Don't make this harder
than it needs to be, brother.

Well, admittedly, I did have a
theory that your sudden interest

in mother's grimoire was in some way
related to whatever foolishness

you've been conducting
with the Crescent wolves.

Therefore, I took it
upon myself to carefully

place it where naughty,
little fingers could not pry.

And here I thought you,
of all people,

would understand, I am simply
trying to help those wolves.

Play Samaritan to the abused,

champion to the underdog,
so to speak.

How splendidly noble of you.

Have you ever considered
that, like you,

I am trying to keep Hayley safe,

using our mother's magic
to empower her people

so they are capable
of protecting her?

Yes, unless, of course,
they decide to seek retribution

for decades held in exile.

And Hayley will find herself
in the middle of an uprising.

One that will only
provoke further violence.

You see, you risk turning New
Orleans into a war zone, brother.

I won't let that happen.

The drums of war were beating
long before we returned.

I suggest you use a little less of
this and a little more of these.

Whoa, no way.

Cami, Josh told
me how bad things have gotten.

I should be there for you.
Just let me help.

How, by getting yourself killed?

You have a target
on your back, Marcel.

The last thing I need is for
you to get hurt because of me.

I'm more worried about you.
Kieran's dangerous.

I got this.

You come here, I'll throw
you out myself, all right?

I mean it.

What the hell?

OK. Yeah.

Totally see how we got kind of a
crime scene vibe happening here.

Just don't freak out, OK?

Hi. I'm Dr. Sheski.

Just gonna get your pulse.

Think very carefully
before you speak.

The sound of your voice
is likely to make me

regret what mercy
I've shown thus far.

Yeah, yeah. I know, I'm on your
"who's been naughty" list.

Thing is, Cami needs you.

Whatever anger you have towards
me, don't make her suffer for it.

She's with Kieran.

I'm gonna have to let
the authorities know

what the hell is going on here.

- Oh, right.

Dude, be cool.

It's just a priest hexed by a
witch because of some vampires.

Accept that these things
are real, then forget them.

I mean later.
You forget them later.

Crap. OK. Let me start over.

Dr. Sheski, my uncle needs
to be sedated, something strong.

He looks like he should be in an ICU.

Yeah. See, this other witch
put this boundary spell on him.

So he's kind of stuck in here.

This man is malnourished,
severely dehydrated.

Which is why you're here.
But first, doctor,

what do you know
about shock therapy?


First, it's incredibly dangerous.

But it has been known to help
treat cases of extreme psychosis?

Answer the nice lady.

We don't fully understand it yet,
but, yes, in some patients,

using electrical current
to induce seizures

can subvert a psychotic episode,
in effect, rebooting the brain,

but only in the most extreme
cases, do we even consider--

Like my friend said, we're talking
about a priest hexed by a witch.

I don't think it gets
any more extreme than that.

That's it.

Inhale and release.

I guess this means no epidural, huh?

You sure I can't do this
thing in, say, a hospital,

you know, the place
with the doctors and the drugs?

Honey, the werewolves have been
having babies out here

since before you were born.
Stop worrying.

Then what, Eve?

I don't even know what it's like to
have a mother, let alone be one.

Trust me, when the time comes,
you'll know exactly what to do.

I hope so.

As fun as it is to image Klaus
changing dirty diapers,

I'm pretty sure
that I'll be doing this alone.

I somehow doubt that.

Pardon the interruption.

I wonder if I might have a quick word

with the conspirators
of a supposed uprising.

You're making a grave mistake.

So you're just worried about us.
Is that it?

Look, Elijah, we know all about
your brother's reputation,

but if there is even a chance
that these rings can help us

take control of our curse--

Our gift.

Then, honestly, we don't
care what he's really after.

- Won't have to.
- I see.

There are those in the Quarter

who will consider this
a great provocation.

Apparently, most of them see
us breathing the same way.

You signed a pledge, and you looked
me in the eye as you did so.

We don't want a fight, Elijah.

We just want a better life.

Allegiance with my brother will
guarantee you anything but that.

What the hell?

Which one of you is in charge?

Who's asking?

Hayley, are you OK?

It's OK. Here. Come here.

Oh, God.


Here. Get him away from here.

Come on.

- Hayley.
- Elijah.


It must have been in the gas tank.

You're the fastest.

Take him, anyone else who
can't walk on their own.

It's OK, Elijah. I'm fine.

They need your help.

Just hang in there, OK?

Oliver, no.

- Oh, God.
- Press here.

Give me your shirt. Now!

It's OK.

How'd you learn how to do that?

You get a hell of an education
when you leave home at 13.

That should slow the bleeding,
at least until the healing kicks in.

The vampires.

They don't even have the guts to
do their own dirty work themselves.

I mean, why bother
when you can just compel

some poor son of a bitch
to do it for you?

I say we hit them back, hard.

Stay here, Oliver.

I need you to look after
everyone until I get back.

- Where the hell are you going?
-If this was vampires,

I'm pretty sure that I can guess
who gave the order.

I'm gonna go find Marcel.

There's a special place
in hell for your kind.

Not the first time
I've heard that one.

Well, isn't this
a gruesome, little scene?

Klaus, what are you doing here?

I received an urgent call
on your behalf.

It seems I've been tasked with doing

what your coward
of a boyfriend could not,

which, by the looks of things,
is dissuading you

from whatever madness
it is you're about to attempt.

Are you ready?

Please, I'm begging you,
don't force me to do this.

Fine. I'll do it myself.

Camille, your uncle is a good man.

He shouldn't suffer.

He's been suffering for weeks.
He's dying, Klaus.

This might be the only
chance he's got.


I have to take care of something.
H! be back as soon as I can.

- Where are you?
- Elijah, I'm fine.

Just take care of the pack
while I'm gone, please?

Is she OK?

Apparently, yes,

It's a good thing that bomb
went off where it did.

Could've been a lot worse.

People could've got killed.


Get everyone out of here...



What the hell did you do to me?

- We have to do it again.
- Are you serious?

That was something coherent.
It's working.

Doctor, see to your patient.

You get away from me.

Heartbeat's irregular.

You can't keep this up.
It'll kill him.

- No.
- Cami.

We need to have a word in private.

I think you need to prepare yourself.

This story does not
have a happy ending.

- But the treatments--
- Will kill him.

Were you to push him over the brink,

I would hate for you
to have to live with that,

no matter how noble your aim.

So that's it, then?
You just expect me to surrender?

Maybe it's time.

Not to give up, to let go.

It's not your decision to make.

Jackson, she's gone.

Help! Somebody help!

OK. Hold on. Hold on, Eve.

Come on, Eve.
Come on.

It's OK.

You got some nerve
coming up in here, mama.

Someone attacked my pack
in the bayou this morning,

and since I don't see any genius
mastermind types around here...

...why don't you just tell me
where Marcel is

and we can both get
on with our day.


You think I'm playing?

There were families out there.

He used to keep a place...
1917 Patterson.

If he's still around, he'll be there.

I wouldn't stay that close
to him if I were you.

He's kind of unpredictable
and murdery.

This is fascinating.

Would it be possible to speak
to the witches responsible?

Yeah. You don't want to do that.


Hey! Little help in here!

Klaus, where are you?

- His wrath burns against you, demon.
- This is not happening.

I'm in a bit of
a situation here, love.

Somebody sent a suicide bomber
out to the bayou this morning.

What? Where are you?

- I'm in the city now. I'm fine.
- Give it to me.

I figured an attack like
that must have been Marcel.

He's hated the wolves for years,

and after that stunt he pulled
with the witches...

So I tracked him down.

I thought you might like
to help kick his ass

for trying to blow us
to kingdom come.

Would you get him
out of here now, please?

Make sure he remembers nothing.
All right, Hayley, listen,

I assure you,
once I am finished here,

you will have my undivided attention.

In the meantime,
please stay out of trouble.

You don't have to worry.

Elijah's with me.

That wound should be healing by now.

She never killed anyone,
never activated the werewolf gene.

So she can't heal, not like us.

My blood, it could heal her.

Vampire blood?

Trust me, she'd rather die.

We can't just let them
get away with this.

We don't even know who's to blame.

The hell we don't!

And if we don't fight back,
they'll just do it again.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

I'd offer you a drink, but...

Sweet pad.
-It's just temporary.

Friend hooked me up.

Believe ii or not, I still got
a few of those kicking around.

I need friends to keep me informed,

to warn me when someone's coming,

looking to blame me
for things that I didn't do.

For the record, you didn't
have to work Diego like that.

You and I are long overdue
for a chat.

You want to talk? Talk.

Tough girl.

You're a lot like
your dad in that way.

Oh, yeah. I knew him.

I knew your whole family.

In fact, if you knew them like I did,

you'd know just how many
enemies they have.

Back in the '90s, it was the Crescent
wolves who took over the city.

Or tried to.

They lived to throw down,
and they were good at it, too.

They didn't care who they killed
as long as they got more power.

So the Crescent curse was
your way of stopping them?

How heroic.

It was either that or kill them all,

and I'm not big
on indiscriminant slaughter.

See, I have this thing about kids.

So I've heard.

You did more than hear about it...
Andrea Labonair.

You're living proof.

He's in cardiac arrest.
You might want to look away.

- What the hell are you doing?
- Massaging his heart

His body is shutting down.

Even with my help,
he doesn't have much time.

Your blood.

If you fed him your blood,
he'd wake back up, right?

As a vampire in transition, yes.

As for the hex...

...perhaps his death will be a mercy.

Do it. Just do it.

Please, Klaus, I can't let
him die, not like this.

How long have you known who I am?

I saw how interested you
were in those Crescents.

After your little family reunion
out at the old plantation house,

I started to put
two and two together.

Tell me something, Marcel.

Did you kill my parents?

There was infighting
among the wolves.

Your folks were laying low.
Somebody turned on them.

I honestly don't know who.

I got there afterwards,
found you in your crib.

Give me one good reason
why I should believe

anything that you have to say.

Believe whatever you want,
but you were the last Labonair.

I mean, could've been a lot
of leverage for our side,

but instead,
I took you to Father Kieran.

What's that?

Money mostly.

Stuff you need to start over
someplace safe.

Whatever happened in the
bayou, I'm not your guy,

but the way things are going,
eventually, I might have to be.

So this is your grand plan.

Get me out of town, and Klaus
and Elijah follow closely behind?

I can't say that wouldn't
be a positive side effect.

So why don't you leave,
follow your own advice?

I was born here, Hayley.

So was I.

Guy on the bike, the bomber...

Word is, he had a gambling problem.

Owed money to the casinos.

More importantly,
to the humans who run them.

And, Hayley, when things get bad,

remember, I tried to get
you clear of it.


I'm afraid I have to go.

What happens next, after he wakes?

He'll be in transition,
craving blood,

but I'll be back before then.

He's gonna be furious with me.

He's a priest.
I turned him into a vampire.

What kind of desperate move is that?

Well, you know as well as I do, love,
he'll never go through with it.

Turning him wasn't the goal.

It was to give you a
chance to say good-bye.

Klaus, will you stay
just a little longer?

Of course.

Is this the peace you promised?

I gather my brother believes
he can remove your curse.

Klaus was offering us freedom,

not just from the pain
that comes with turning,

but from the contempt we've
faced our whole lives.

And what about Hayley?

Want to make this place
right for her,

safe for her and the baby.

Cami, what happened?

The hex...

I could feel it like a...
living thing inside of me.

It's gone.

Oh, my God.

Yes, you've had a trying day, father.

How best to break it to you?

It appears the hex was broken... your death.

Back up.

I died?

For how long?

A few hours, give or take.

I'm sorry.

I just couldn't lose you,
not like that.

I made him give you his blood.

I see.

So the devil has a deal
for me, after all.

Uncle Kieran I...

That hunger you feel,
it'll only grow stronger.

I know how it works.

Then you will soon know if you
do not feed, you will die.

I know if that's the choice that I
have to make,

I'm dead already.

Please leave me with my niece.

I'd like a private moment
to talk with her.

It's OK.

Klaus, thank you for today.

For being kind.

Hey, Ollie. How do I look?

You look fine, Evie.
You look just fine.

You always were a terrible liar.

Damn it.

Look, all you got to do is
just trigger the curse.

You'll heal.

It's who we are.
It's who you are.

Why can't you just accept that?

Why can't anyone see
what needs to be done?

Living here like animals,
fighting between tribes,

scared to stand up for ourselves.

Who's gonna lead us? Jackson?

He wants to bow down to that hybrid.

Hayley? She's not one of us.

At least now, we have
an enemy to hate.

Oliver, no.

- Tell me you didn't--
- You don't understand.

Then explain it to me, Ollie.

I know you.

I know you wouldn't
hurt your own people.

Look, it wasn't supposed to
happen like this, Evie.

I just...

I just wanted to make a little noise,
just get our people mad.

But I didn't agree to all this.

They stabbed me in the back,
and now you're--

Who? Who put you up to this?

You stupid kid.

Do you have any idea

what the pack's gonna
do to you when they find out?

They're not gonna find out, Evie.

If they did...

...all those people
would have died in vain.

I had to do whatever it took... make us strong.

- Ollie, no.
- And I've got to do that even now.

Ollie. Oliver, no.

No! No! Ollie!

I'm sorry, Eve.

Everything is where
you said it would be

except that key you mentioned.
That's the one thing I couldn't find.

It's the one you usually
wear around your neck?

That key is a very important
part of our family legacy.

You have to find it.

I will, I promise.

I am so sorry.

I never wanted to involve
you in this, in any of it.

This can't be how it ends.

It was the only way
it was ever going to end.

I made peace with that
a long time ago.


I don't know how bad
this is gonna get,

and I don't want you to see it.

So in a moment, I'm gonna let go,

and you are gonna turn around,

and you are gonna walk out of
here without looking back.

OK, kiddo?

Promise me.

Without looking back.

They are counting on our doubts.

- That's right!
- Yeah!

They are counting on our fears!

- That's right!
- Right!

You stayed.

Come morning, they will
know that we are not cowards.

What's going on?
What is he doing?

We are not afraid!

He's making a move for power
in the wake of tragedy.

He's not alone.

There was another attack
after you left.


Your friend Jackson
will need your help.

They will want vengeance.

Blood for blood.

And, unfortunately,
in troubled times,

people do not look for the best.

But rather, the loudest.


I'm surprised to see you here.

The bayou explosion,
the attack on my child.

Tell me what you know.

I know the wolves have
no shortage of enemies.

- Marcel, for one.
- Marcel wouldn't stoop so low.

The witches, however...

I have witnessed firsthand
the depths of your cruelty.

You don't think I did this.

What kind of monster
do you take me for?

How ugly I must seem
next to the pure,

innocent glow of
your precious Camille.

So sad about her uncle, by the way.

Kieran is in transition.

He has been released from the hex.

A hex of that magnitude?

Kieran's hex will return...

...if it hasn't already.

- No!
- Not yet, priest.

There's more work to be done.

A final offering
to complete your penance,

that which you hold most dear.

That boundary spell,
on the other hand,

now that he's died,

I imagine it won't be
quite so confining anymore.

Have you changed your mind?

Yes. It appears I have.

Don't fight it, Cami.

In death, we are whole again.

Bless her, Father.

Kill her.

Rejoice in life eternal.

You deserved far better than this.

Klaus, you need to know
I had nothing to do

with that business
out in the bayou today.

I never thought you did.

I'm calling to let you
know the priest is dead.

Your exile is suspended
for the next 24 hours.

You may return to the
Quarter to bury your friend.

Why are you doing this?

She woke in the dark,

not knowing where she was...

...or who was watching over her.

It was your name she called.
and if you can grant her comfort... be it.

I know where I'm going.

If any of you want to follow,
hey, that's up to you.

That's up to you!

Kieran's dead.

Did you get it?

It was around his neck,
just like you said.

PS, I do not feel
awesome about this.

I know.

But people are
gonna be coming after this.

Cami is not ready for that, not yet.

So what now?

Storm clouds are gathering.

Someone bombed those wolves,
and we know it wasn't us.

Witches, humans, vampires, wolves.

City is at a breaking point.

We need to be ready.

First Marcel's massacre,
now bombs in the bayou.

I'll assume you're ready to
give up this doomed treaty.

This alliance with the wolves...

If it is to succeed,
I believe you'll want this.

I suppose I have Hayley
to thank for your change of heart.

The rifts in this city run far deeper
than I even imagined, Niklaus.

These tribes, these
factions, they're families,

and families will choose to fight.

Mayhem has descended upon our home,

and if I'm to choose a side...

To our victory, brother.