The Mist (2017): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Law of Nature - full transcript

Nathalie's influence over the remaining church parishioners continues to grow. At the mall Alex and Jay grow closer until Eve intervenes. Kevin and the group make a stop at Adrian's home where Kevin makes a shocking discovery.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "The Mist"...

- Hey!
- He tried to skip the rations

and just eat whatever he wanted.

We got two days worth of rations left.

Take away food, take away water...

that's when people
start doing bad things.

Anyone who endangers the group
is thrown out!

Fuck all of you!

I want to be someone you can believe in.

I'm gonna do rapid detox.

I need your help.

Do you know what a trial by ordeal is?

We walk into the mist.

Whoever dies, we will provide
an answer for the people here.

They will know who to follow.


Mom, no!

I told you to stay away from her!

Mom, stop! He saved me.

There are signs
of intercourse, but no violence.

There are also traces
of triazolam in her blood.

I want to find the boy
who raped my daughter.

I want him to suffer,

and then I want him to learn

that there will be no salvation.

We're lost.

We're not lost.

We're on Laurel.

This is my neighborhood.

Stop the car.

Stop the car!

- What?
- This is my street.

I need to go.

I need to check on them. I'm sorry.


I have to say goodbye.

We're almost out of gas.

- Your parents have a car?
- Yeah.

I'll figure out the gas problem.

It'll only be a second.

I'll go with you.

I'm fine.

It's okay.

I'll help you with the gas.

I'll stay here with the car.

Nathalie, tell us what's going on.

When does the miracle happen?

The Black Spring is the miracle.

This is bullshit!

When it happened back in 1860,

it was because a young woman was abused,

and now it has happened again.

Nature took Mikhail, because
he had done awful things,

things he went to prison for.

Nature took Link
because of what he did to me.

Nature took Romanov,
because he ordered Link.

Every time, She spared me.

Now think about that
before you question me again.

I miss it.

Are you going out there again?


when I know what it wants me to do.

You probably shouldn't touch me.

Your mom will shoot off my hand.

And even if it's burned,
I kind of like it.

Any news on the western front?

A ton of arguing

about how they were
going to split rations.

It's basically Gus and a calculator.

He's starting to talk about
scavenger parties, expeditions.

He's asking for volunteers.

I imagine he wasn't successful.

It's going to be bad.

It already is bad.

It's going to be a lot worse.

What can I do?

You can find me a room,

one with no windows.

Can I sit?

Of course. Please, please.

We were married here, Liza and I.

Romanov married you?

He did.

He buried her, too.

When he did, he told me.

God listens to those
who call to Him with favor.

It was church talk for,

"It's your fault
for not praying hard enough."

I'm glad he didn't come back with you.

You walked through that door alone,

and I felt...


It must have been very hard for you.


Raising a baby alone.

My mother was not...

She wasn't around...

so I know how it is
to be raised by a dad who...

It's the last thing
that I wanted for Jay.

But that's what he got.

I had no idea what I was doing.

I don't know how to...

talk about things

or teach someone how to be,

you know...

a person.

And I messed up...

and I raised a boy who...


I think he did it.

I guess that, part of me
knew that first night,

but when I went out there
for you in the mist,

I could feel it in every part of me.

I think that he raped that girl.


Hi, Dad.

There's some food on the stove
if you want.

Where's Mom?

In the living room.

On the third day after the mist came,

she couldn't sleep.

She was so afraid.

I woke up, and she
was standing on the stoop.

They already got her.


Birds, huge flocks of them.

Got the gun when I heard her scream,

but I was too late.

God, iit's all my fault.

I made him what he is.

You're a good man.

No, I'm not.

I lost him the minute I lost her.

How do people get through the loss?

How are you getting over Benedict?

Did you know that the trails
that airplanes leave in the sky

contain biohazardous toxic waste
from hospitals?

So many horrible things in the world.

Just awful.

Bad people, bad, bad people

hurting the very thing
that gives us life.

And now Mother Nature has had enough.

I don't know what to do.

Yes, you do.

You're blinded by society,

but deep down, you know.

You know, and it's not your fault.

You just need to open your eyes.

Tell me how to open them.

Feel your purpose.

- I don't know what my purpose is.
- Yes, you do.

Tell me what my purpose is.

You must feel it yourself.
Trust your instincts.

I don't think that I have instincts.

They're better than you think.

I don't think that I have a purpose.

Everything in nature
has a purpose, even violence.

Animals kill to survive.

They don't kill for pleasure.

Only humans do that,

and when they do, they trespass
against Nature's order.

That is why the Black Spring is here.

It is here to take the trespassers.


My purpose is to restore order.

It always was.

You were just following the wrong law.


Does it suit me?

So beautiful.

Come here.

My gosh.

I'm coming for you.

You okay?

Yeah. Good thing I went
with the bigger helmet.

Wait. Let me get to you.

I'm good. I'm fine.

- You're good?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.


Did you ever want to live like that?

Like what?

You know, garden furniture, barbecue,

Christmas lights?

I don't remember, remember?

Yeah, but what does your gut tell you?

Sounds kind of nice, don't you think?


I think the bank
of restaurants is closer.

Still half a mile.

But without power for the last week,

I don't think there
will really be enough good food

to make it worth it,

so maybe Pricemart's gotta be our spot.

It could already be raided.

Do you know what she's doing right now?

- Who?
- You know who, Alex.

What is she doing, Shelley?

She's making out with the boy
she accused of raping her.


It's really none of our business.

I'm telling you, something's wrong.

Look, I don't know
what it's like to lose a child,

but what happened
could have happened to anyone.

Are you saying...

I'm saying
what you're doing is dangerous.

You need to stop.

Let her talk, at least.

She was in there with my daughter.

She was there, and she did nothing,

and I watched her walk out
of the mist without a scratch.

You don't think that's weird?

I think it's crazy talk.

Hey, the woman lost her daughter.

I don't need her gaslighting
people into hysteria.

The grieving woman is hysterical?

That's how you're playing this?

She has a point.

I'm just trying to keep my mall safe.

It's not your mall, mister.

Where have you guys been?

Just skating.

Your mom's been looking for you.

Of course she has.

You know, it's not a bad thing

to have a mom
that gives a shit about you.

We need some water
from the storage locker.

Ground floor, under the service hallway?

Do you think you can help with that?

Yeah, of course.


Hey! Hey!

Open the door!

Let me out!

You really think
I'd let you keep doing this?

That I'd let you hurt her again?

Open the door!

You can't do this!

Watch me.


Eve! Eve!

Let me out!

Come back!

I bet you haven't even cried.

Your mother had the biggest
heart you could ever imagine.

I've cried every day.

You don't know how to do that.

Of course I do.

You never loved me.

That is true.

And if I can love, I guess that means

there's something wrong
with you, not me.

A dad is supposed to love his son!

A man is supposed to love women.

I guess we're both messed up.

At least we don't have
to lie to each other anymore.

The time has come to leave.

I know now what it wants me to do.


Connor has confessed
a terrible secret to me.

His son is guilty
of molesting the Copeland girl.

The last message he had from him
was from the mall.

That is where we must go.


For us to offer those who trespass

against the natural order of things.

Only after the disease is purged
will it move away from here

and leave us in peace,

in harmony with each other once again.

I don't understand.

Isn't that just more violence?

It is purposeful violence.

What's the difference?

Every act of destruction
is an act of creation.

Why Jay?

He raped that girl. He's the catalyst,

just like in 1860.

How do you know?

She's been right
about everything else so far.

Where is Father Romanov's God?

We're good.

I found a way.

Come with us.

Help us restore order.

Wait. Wait, help!

Please, please let me in!

- Are you armed?
- No, I won't hurt you!

I know you. You're Mr. Copeland!

- Who are you?
- I'm Vic.

I work at the game store!

Please, just let me in! I know Alex!

- You've seen her?
- Of course.

I just came from the mall.

I'll tell you all about it
if you let me in!

Did you see Jay come back?

No. Why?

He just went to get water.

It's been like a halfhour.

He's probably just using
the bathroom or something.

I think I'm gonna
go walk around for a sec,

see if I can find him.

Why don't you wait for your mom?

It's okay. I'll be back.

Alex, what are you doing here?

I'm looking for Jay. Have you seen him?

No, not since last night.

Why don't you just stay away from him?

- Shelley...
- I mean,

girls usually don't go
on play dates with their rapist.

Thanks for your help.

Unless there's
something wrong with the girl,

unless it's the girl
that the mist wouldn't touch.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

Too bad. I'm giving it to you.

Hey, come on, man.

Don't touch her.

Why are you immune to the mist, Alex?

Why didn't it want you?

Shelley, we've got lots of work to do.

Let it be.

- Is Alex okay?
- Yeah, she's okay.

She's okay. She survived.

- Is she hurt?
- No, no, not yet.

What does that mean?

They are freaking out over there.

They're going all "The Last Stand."

What is that? I don't know
what you're talking about.

It's this game where you
have to defend yourself

from zombies and other survivors,

everyone turning against each other.

- Jesus.
- I only survived by house hopping.

So where are we going?

I'm waiting for my friends,
and then we're going to the mall.


That was fun.

That, it was.

Can't remember having sex before,

but I'm pretty sure this was good.

You did okay.

Felt like it wasn't your first time.

I wonder if I have a wife somewhere.

I mean, I don't miss her if I do,

which is just extra weird.

Maybe they know at Arrowhead.

If I took out some dude
who wanted to kill me,

then I guess I shouldn't
go back there right now.

Did you, um,
have somebody before all this?


We should go.

They're waiting.

Come in.

Wes, what can I do for you?

Come up with a food plan?

I'm working on
the least dangerous scenario.

Just haven't come up with it yet.

We'll be okay, son.

Look, I'm a soldier, okay?

When people talk
about help coming their way,

they're talking about me.

Help would have come by now.

Everyone's just barely
hanging on out there.

I know.

We need to do something.

I told you I'm looking into it.

No. About that woman, about Shelley.

I mean, it's dry grass down there.

She's a lit match, and people
are starting to believe her.

What is she saying now?

She says that the only reason
Alex survived the mist

is because she's a part of it,
that they're connected.


This is nuts.

We have one day of food left,

and they're ready to believe anything.

I'll see what I can do.

Who's that out there?

It's Alex's dad.

Yeah? Did he give it to you, too?

He always seemed
a little light in his shoes.

You're disgusting.

They are more of a family to me
than you ever were.

Not that that's hard
with a psycho like you.

You know Mom was afraid of you, right?

She was afraid of you.

She thought she loved you, I'm sure.

She didn't.

Her heart was too big
to admit it, but she knew.

She knew what?

You're a monster.

Not the cocksucking, though.
She was okay with that.

Hell, even I could have been okay

if you'd only been
just right in the head.

You're lying.

All those pills that she took,

she couldn't stand to be around you.

Stop saying that!

I know what you said to her.

I know what you called her. She told me.

She wouldn't leave you.

I wasn't gonna let her be a victim.

Yeah. You're messed up, all right,

and that's why
she finally went out there.

That's why she was so scared that night.

She loved me!

No one could love you,

not the real you!

Alex loves me.

Until she finds someone
that could fuck her!

I did!

I... I had to.

I wasn't gonna let her
choose someone like Jay.

It's okay.

She loves me.

Mom loves me.

You... You love me.

You love me.

Who the hell is this?

I'm Vic. Cool dolphin.

I like him. He can stay.

Vic says there's trouble
at the mall. We're going.

Yeah, but where's Adrian?

He's still in there.


Jesus, Adrian, what happened?

He... He tried... He tried to kill me.

Adrian, it's okay.

He went crazy.

He went nuts.

Adrian, come here. Come here. Come here.

All right, hold that on.

He wasn't in his right mind, all right?

I'm just...

I'm sorry. I should have come
with you no matter what.

- I have no one now.
- No, no, no, no.

Adrian, Adrian, you have us.

You have us. You'll always
have us, all right?

You'll always be part of our family.

Okay, let me see that. Let me see this.

You need antiseptic or something, okay?

Where do you keep your medicine?

- Bathroom.
- Okay. All right.

All right.

Hey, sit down.

Thank you.

Of course. We need... I need iodine.

There should be some
up there, top shelf.

- Maybe just some BandAids.
- No, no, no.

I'm not taking any chances
with this. Let me see it.

Yeah, okay.

All right.

Hey, don't worry.

DDo you promise?

What? Do I promise what?

That I'll always be a part
of your family, no matter what?

I promise.

Even if I did something stupid?

Adrian, don't worry.

I'm not gonna leave you, okay?

All right. Let's see if they
have anything else.

Why do you have...

I just didn't want to be alone.


What did you say?

I couldn't lose her.

She's the only one
who loves me. I'm sorry.


Adrian, what did you do?

What did you do? What did you do?

What have you done?!

You said. You said I would always be

a part of your family, no matter what!

You're hurting me!

Jay was gonna take her away from me.

- Adrian.
- Stay!

You need help, Adrian.

Don't say that.

I'm not sick. I'm not a freak.

You... You said...
You said I would always be

a part of your family, no matter what.

- You will.
- But you're just like everyone else.

No, Adrian. No.

Get down on your knees.


Get down!

Okay. Okay. All right.

I'm getting down.

I'm on my knees, Adrian.
I'm on my knees.

I love her.

I'll protect her.

I'll protect both of them.

Adrian, Adrian, please. Please don't.

I'm sorry.

Adrian, please.

Adrian, what happened?

- Where's Kevin?
- Adrian, where's Kevin?

He... He's...

Adrian, you need to calm down.

You need to tell me where he is.

He's dead!

No, no, no.

My dad killed him.

Are you sure?

He shot him in the... in the face.

I tried.

I tried...

What do we do?

We go to the mall.

Why? It was Kevin
who wanted to go there.

Let's just...

- Let's just get the fuck out of here.
- No. No! No!

I promised him.

I promised him I would protect them.

I promised him I would keep them safe.

Did you ever have kids?

Not that I know of.

There's nothing on earth

that makes you feel so big

and so inadequate all at the same time.

I know that Alex
had nothing to do with the mist.

I just couldn't take seeing her alive,

happy even.

It was you who set the fire.

Jesus, Shelley,
you gotta stop this craziness.

They're starting to believe you.

You have to confess,
or I'll do it for you.

I wanted to,

so I went to your office to talk to you.


Imagine my surprise
when I found food there.

You had no business in that office.

What do you think they're gonna say

when they know you have your own supply?

I'm trying my best here.

I do nothing but help.

You've been ready
to send people out for food

when we have plenty.

Well, someone has to lead.

We... It's important that I'm alive.

It's for everyone's safety.

Guess we're both crazy.

Will you confess?



N... Shelley.

Or you want me to do it for you?

No, no, SShelley, please. Wait.

No, no. No.

Let go of me!

It's for everyone's safety.

Sure we'll find a way to manage,

even after you've been thrown out.

Go be with your daughter.

Are you ready?

I think...

You want to stay behind.

And the others?

They were afraid to tell you.

They didn't want to disappoint you.

It's not that we don't believe you.

We just... It's safer here.

We want to wait and see.

I understand.

You do?

Thank you.

May She bless you.

Where are they?

They want to stay. They're ashamed.

It really is a beautiful place.

Are you ready?


Every act of destruction
is an act of creation.




- What happened?
- I... I found her like this.

You did this!

No, no, no! Wait! Wait!

- I heard you earlier!
- Wait, wait, wait!

- You fought with her!
- Wait! No, wait!

Who else would do this? Who else?


Ilt was Alex.

I saw her running away from here.

Shelley must have been onto something.

It was Alex.

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