The Mist (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Waiting Room - full transcript

Kevin's group make to the hospital in time to save Bryan. Kevin has a brutal encounter with his estranged brother, Mike.

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Previously on "The Mist"...

- What's your name?
- I don't remember.

Hey, Uncle Mike.

I don't think my brother
knows what a man is.

What's the faggot doing here?

I'm here to hook up
with hot football jocks.

- You thought?
- Let him go!

What do you say you and I,

we choose to trust each other?

I could really use someone to trust.


We need to find a working car.

Maybe this guy will give us a ride.

You have the only working
car. You're my only chance.

I will kill you all if I have to!

- I can't give you...
- Shoot him!

If we don't get him to a hospital,

he's gonna die!


- Faster!
- I can't go any faster!

I'm gonna hit something.

What if nobody's at the hospital?

Holy shit.

- Take him in the side.
- They have power.

- Come on.
- Watch out, get him...

Nurse! What is going on out there?

Is anybody coming? The military? Police?

We hoped you knew.

What happened? Get me a gurney!

Dr. Bailey, GSW to the upper left thigh,

actively bleeding.

Start a largebore I.V.,
and run L.R. wide open.

Is he gonna be okay?

I'm gonna work on him right now.

Yeah, but that's not what I asked.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

He's gonna be fine.

He'll be fine.

You don't know that.

But here's what I know.

If he dies, it's because of you.

What are you talking about?

I'm not the one who shot him.

Yeah, but you're the
one that didn't shoot.

You can't blame me for
not just killing people.

Yeah, but you are killing people,

and Bryan could die because of you.

I didn't shoot him!
There's a difference!

Not anymore.

So, um, we're cut off
from the operating rooms,

and there's only so much
we can do in the E.R.,

but we controlled the bleeding,
and there's no evidence

that your friend injured
any major vessels or nerves.

He lost a lot of blood,

so expect him to be weak for a while.

Can we see him?

Yeah, for a few minutes.

Emergency generator?

We should be okay for
another day or two.

Electricity and old
batterydriven equipment,

that's what we can use.

How are things out there?

Not good.

And here?

We're running out of food.

We're running out of medicine.

The mist is in the entire east wing.

If I wanted to make sure

my wife and daughter aren't here,

where would I go?

I'm home! Already done?

We have moved in.



First kiss inside our front door.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

This is the living room. It's not done.

This is where you'll work your magic.

Yes, because I am the woman.

Exactly. And in here...

Think she'll like it?

When did you do this?

Yesterday. I said I was going to Mike's.

Thank you.

Not just for this.

I'd do anything for you.

It's strange.

I've never been happier.

But I've also never been...

less myself.

It's the weirdest feeling.

We should unpack before she gets home.

- Sorry, man.
- Thanks.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Have you seen either
of these two people?

No, I haven't.


Hi. I'm looking for
my wife and daughter.

Have you... Have you seen them?

No. I'm sorry.

Have you seen either
of these two people?

All right. Thank you.

Guess some things never change.

You came into this world
crying, and you never stopped.


What happened?

Jesus, Mike.

I was outside when the mist came...

fixing another goddamn
hole in Main Street.

These three kids came towards me,

just normallooking teenagers,

but there was nothing normal about them.

They beat the... out of me,

and I ran here.

One of 'em jumped me, and
pushed this goddamn thing

into my stomach right
before I crawled in.

This is gonna sound insane.

No, trust me. It won't.

They knew me.

They said it was for Ricky Gustavo.

Remember that kid I used
to beat up in school?


They talked about stuff
they couldn't have known.

Whatever's out there...

it messes with your head.

I don't even know what's real anymore.

I'm real.

Prove it.

You think I'm a pretentious asshole,

and I think you hide your
insecurities with aggression.

Okay, it's you, all right.

What the hell is going on?

We're dying. That's what's going on.

Or at least I'm dying,
anyway, that's for sure.

You're not dying.

Meds are wearing off.

According to Dr.
Bailey, I'm just waiting

for an infection that's gonna kill me.

You still think I'm not dying, kiddo?

That's some shiteating grin you got.

Are we sure it's not brain damage?

Easy, kid.

Yeah, kid.

Can you move?


Not too long.

And I'm out.

You know, so you two
can make sweet love.


I'm not...

I'm not ready for you to be nice to me.

Then what should I do?

Just get some rest.

Where have you been? Bryan's awake.

I, My brother's here.

Is it bad?

Yeah. It's pretty bad.

What now? Do we move on?

Not yet.


Just from what Alex has told me,

I didn't think you guys were...


We're not...

but we used to be.



Sorry. You'll have
to entertain yourself.

Not a home till all my books are up.

I just wanted to ask you something.

As long as it doesn't stop me working.

What'd you mean before,

when you said you'd never been less you?

Sweet. You've been
all concerned about me.

No, I'm not concerned, just curious.

What did you mean?

All women are two people.

Here. Read "Madame Bovary."

Please don't jump off a cliff.

You're thinking of "Wuthering Heights,"

and nobody jumps off a cliff.

Okay, well, then explain
it in a nonliterary fashion.

I write about owls, remember?

You know who I was before I met you.

Do I?

I was dating guys in
your brother's crowd.

The bad guys.

Bad guys were very
popular or so I remember.

And I still am that girl,

but I'm also not, 'cause I met you.

And if I hadn't, I'd still be partying,

going from guy to guy,

certainly wouldn't have been a teacher,

'cause no one...

no one thought I had
anything to offer...

but you.

I'm such a hero.

My hero.

Here. Drink this.

Yeah, water. That'll
take the pain away.


- Shit.
- Shit!

What can I do?

You can't do shit.

Bailey gave me the last of the meds.

There's nothing left for me but pain.

Where's Eve and Alex?

Last I heard, they were at the mall.

I'm sorry for what happened to Alex.

I hope she'll be okay.

She's a great kid. I'll give you that.


I noticed after years
of being so certain,

all of a sudden, you're carrying.

That's what you want
to discuss right now?

You shot anybody?

You think you can?

I don't want to.

Never gonna make it.

I made it so far.

You should practice.

Practice killing people?

What are you talking about?

Jesus, Mike, no.

I'm in so much goddamn pain.

And it's not gonna stop.

I'm not killing you. Are you insane?

You don't like me, anyway.

It won't be hard.



I can't do that!

I'm gonna get an infection and die,

and until then, I'm gonna
lay here in unbearable pain.

I can't do that!



You remember that guy?

God, you sloppy piece of pussy.

That weird guy with the knife
in the woods? You remember him?

He wanted to be blood brothers?

And when you told him
that we already were...

This is worse than the pain.

He took the knife,
and he cut his own arm.

You remember?

And he kept saying, "It's just blood."

It's just blood."

And then you grabbed
me, and we ran away.

I regret that now, by the way.

And I was so scared afterwards,

and you just held me.

Yeah. That's...

That's when you grew the vagina.

There's always a way.

You can't save everyone.

God knows you tried.

Hey, kiddo?

Hi, Mike.

Hey, Eve.

Hey, you want a beer?

No, thanks. I'm fine.

Well, I should probably head on home.

I just wanted to check in on kiddo.

Kiddo's fine.

Well, Eve Lovett in a
house with a picket fence.

I didn't see that coming.



Don't stop.

Don't stop.

Where'd that come from?

I just was in the mood.

Dr. Bailey.

I need your help with my brother.

Your brother?

Man in 132 with the,
rebar in his stomach.

I didn't know who he was. I'm sorry.

Look, there's gotta be
something you can do for him.

The O.R.'s in the east wing.

I mean, you were able to help Bryan.

Yeah, but based on the
location of the injury,

odds are the rebar is
in your brother's liver.

The only thing that keeps
him from bleeding to death

is the pressure that
the rebar is exerting

against the liver's blood vessels.

Now, I can take it out,
sure, but I can't stop

that kind of bleeding
without a clotting agent,

and I need a sterile environment,

and all of that is in the O.R.

Then we go there.

Mr. Copeland, I don't think...

I've survived running
through the mist before.

- How long?
- How far away is it?

I don't know. Maybe 300 feet.

Okay, we can do that.

I've been running outside longer.

With a patient on a hospital bed?

All right, if I get him there,
could you talk me through it?

Mr. Copeland, you're not...

If I can get him there
and I had you on a walkie

or something like that, is it possible?

Without a sonogram,

there's no way of fully
knowing what we're doing.

You could cause an arterial bleed

or... or a million other variables,

all of them leading to death.

And if he stays here?

He'll die from infection...
sooner or later.

Then I have to try.


Hi, hon.

Um, I was looking for
my friend, Bryan Hunt?

He was in the E.R., but I
guess Dr. Bailey moved him.

He's in Room 237.

237. Okay, thanks.

Kinda miss the old nurse.

Hospitals just creep me out,

and this one calls me hon, which...

Who are you?

I'm sorry. Um...

I thought this was
Bryan Hunt's room. Sorry.

I'm Bryan Hunt.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?


At the hospital.

Why are you here?

What does it matter to you, faggot?

Just being friendly.

My mom had a panic attack
when this thing came.

Phones were dead, so
I ran here for help.

Guess I'm stuck here.


What the hell did you
do that for, faggot?

You little faggot bitch!




What happened to you?

Some guy attacked me up at Arrowhead.


Who are you?


I'm helping out the nurse,

the scary one.

She, wanted me to see
if you needed anything.


So, um, do you know who did this to you?

What does it matter?

It's crazy out there right now,

in case you haven't noticed.

Trying to help protect our patients.

Jonah Dixon.

He's about 5'9", black, 28 years old.

He's got a birthmark on his cheek.

Why did he do it?

That's above my pay grade, ma'am.

Well, let me know if you need anything.


I need you to take these.

If I don't come back, get to the mall.

Where are you going?

I'm so relaxed right now.

We gotta get up before Alex arrives.

I know.

What was that before?

It's called sex.


Down in the kitchen with Mike?

It's nothing to worry about.

It's funny how that
always makes people worry.

It's nothing.



Turn around, and look at me.

This is what we use each other for.

Hey. Baby, what?

I don't want to talk about it.

I want to hear about it.


Do you, really?

Of course.

You want to hear how your brother

still talks about me even
after all these years?

Aw, it's just Mike. He's just...

You know how he is.

Well, you want to hear how
he calls me the town slut

when you're not there?

Or how he makes a point
of telling the mothers

of the kids in my class
how I was as a teenager?

Or how the daughter of the woman
he's dating covered her ears

when we were talking
about "The Scarlet Letter,"

'cause her mom told her

that I had an unhealthy
relationship to sex.

Those are uncomfortable things to hear.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna beat the fuck out of him.

- No, you're not.
- He's harassing you.

He's an asshole, but
you're not the hitting type.

It's one of the many reasons I love you.

It's my job to protect you.

You know, when we met...

When we met, I was weak.

I'm not anymore.

When we met, you needed me.

I still need you.

I just don't need you to save me.

What's going on?

Where are you taking me?

East wing.

What happened to you?

I had sex.

Remember your safe word next time.

Mine is Dolphin.

What's with the teddy bear?

I don't like hospitals.

What's not to like?

You're an only child, right?

How could you tell?

Yeah, me, too.

I never liked it personally.

See my friends with their
brothers and sisters,

and it felt like...

like I was missing out on something.

But my mom said I was wrong.

She said it doesn't matter
how many siblings you have.

She said that loneliness was inevitable.

Your mom sounds about as fun as my dad.

Yep. She spent a lot of
time at the psych ward here.

That's not where you
want to visit your mom.

What was wrong with her?

She was bipolar.

She saw this ocean between people...

and if you ever did get
across and make a connection,

it was always temporary.

So what are you saying?

We all have to be
alone? And that's that?

I'm saying don't get attached to anyone.

They'll just use you for their own good.

Great talk.

Hey! Hey, what are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- Don't open the door!

Hey, you okay?

No, but, what can I do for you?

I was looking for my friend Mia.

Long, dark hair.

She sure does have a
lot of friends here.

She went down to her
other friend in 237.


This is a terrible idea.

All right. Keep that close to you.


- You ready?
- Are you?


How far away is it?

Almost there. It's just down at the end.

Kevin, what's on my face?

I can't feel...


Okay, we made it.

All right.

Let's do this.

All right. Are you ready?

We were all in love with her, you know.

What? What are you talking about?

We were all in love with Eve.

I know I was. How couldn't we be?

Such a strange creature.

And then you came along...

and you reached her.

How could I not hate you for that?

Let's do this.

I'll get Dr. Bailey then. You there?

- Yeah, I'm here.
- We're ready.

Did you clean the area with Betadine?

- All over.
- Did you prep the lidocaine?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Inject it around the wound.

How close?

Right around the edge.


All right, that's done, I think.

The area should be numb by now.

You feel that?


Okay, good.

All right, what next?

Use the scalpel as if you were drawing

a straight line through the rebar.

Go three inches on either side of it.


My God.


All right, I think I... That's it.

Tell me what you see.

I see the rebar, and it's in...

Sticking out of, like, a
reddishbrown substance.

That's the liver.

- Get the retractors.
- Okay.

All right, I got the retractors.

Get ready to pull it out of the liver.

Get the clotting sponges ready,

and be prepared to hold firm pressure.

There's gonna be real bleeding.

Right. I'm gonna need your help.

Mike, you gotta hold on to this.

Yep. Don't look.

Okay. All right, just
hold it right there.

All right, I'm ready.


Now pull.

It's out! It's out.


Okay, now the clotting sponge.

It doesn't... It won't stop bleeding!

Use more clotting sponges.

All right, it's stopping.

It's stopping.

Use the staples to
close the incision site.

All right. Okay, fine.

All right. All right. All right.

I'm sorry.


That's it.

Now get back here with him.

See you soon.

Who's the father?

Thought you didn't want to know.

Thought it didn't matter.


But we can't tell her it's not me.

You have to promise me that.


She adores you.

It would break her heart.

Daddy! Mommy!

Daddy! Mommy!

Nathalie showed me a snake!

- It was a larva.
- She said that it's

gonna turn into a
beautiful moth someday.

I'm not gonna see him again.

Thank you.

I would do anything for you.

You know that, right?

Hang on.

It's okay.

Hang on.

It's just blood. It's just blood.

- Mike!
- Kevin!

All right, hold on! Let
me see if I can help.

Hold on.

You all right? You all right? I got you.

What... What the hell is that?

What... What are those things?

Damn it! What... What's going on?


Damn it! Shit!


Come on, let me get you up there.

- Come on!
- They're crawling inside me!

Aah! Aah! Get them off me, Kevin!

I'll get you out, I'll get you out!

I'm too heavy, Kevin!

You wanna die, too?

You have to get to Eve!


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.