The Mist (2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Pequod - full transcript

Kevin and the others try getting away from the church and meet someone on the road. At the mall, a new rule is broken; punishment must be handed down.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on "The Mist"...
- There's something out there.

MIKHAIL: The Black Spring.

It's like our version of Santa,

but instead of not getting gifts,

if you don't behave,
you'll be torn apart alive.

My family's at the mall.
I've gotta get to them.

What if it doesn't have any keys?

- I'll bet Mia knows how to hot-wire.
- Of course I do.

What if we put the bodies outside,
use them as bait...

- What the hell?
- They were American soldiers!

- [shouting]
- Hey, stop it!

- Guys, guys.
- Stop it!

I think we need
to establish a set of rules.

Whoever endangers the group
is thrown out of the mall.

It's okay to be scared
about what happened.

Should I be scared about
the people who hung themselves

or that big cloud
of whatever-it-is outside,

or do you mean
that I'm stuck in this mall

with the guy who raped me?
Who says I'm feeling anything?

Your daughter gets drunk
and screws around,

and it's my boy's fault?

But then again, that makes
perfect sense, knowing your wife.

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[man grunts]

MIA: Jesus!

We gotta go!

Over there.

Driver's seat.

Will this help?



Connor dropped it.

Next time somebody
drops a gun, you give it to me.

You didn't see what happened to Mikhail.

What happened to Mikhail?

A giant moth killed him!

A giant moth?

Can we get going? I don't like it here.

I just need this one

and then this one, and then, there.

What the... Come on!

I thought you said
you knew how to do this.

I can! I can. Something's wrong.

What do you mean, something's wrong?!

I've done this a thousand times!

Even if the battery's dead,

we should hear the ignition
trying to catch.

- Listen.
- [click]

Come on. What the...

Come... [muttering]

We need to find a working car.


all right, all right.

There's a gas station right
around the corner from here.

ADRIAN: We can't go back out there.

Well, how long do you think we've got

before something happens?

It seems like the mist
comes and go, right?

It's thicker when we're out there,

and then it kind of disappears
when we're not.

Yeah, it was super thick
when Mikhail, you know...

Okay, okay.

So we wait for it
to withdraw a little bit,

and then we make a run for it. Okay?

- Okay.
- All right.

The mist is starting to thin out.


- Just follow me, all right?
- Yep.

- You stay close to me.
- Okay.

KEVIN: Okay. 1, 2...


No! Leave me alone!

- What's going on?
- Man: Leave her alone!


- Calm down now.
- Come on.


- I can't breathe.
- Okay.

I can't breathe.

- [sobbing]
- Come on.

Come on. It's okay. It's okay.

Another panic attack?

Well, there's nothing to do
but sit around being scared.

That's why we gotta distract 'em.

Let's see what we got here.

- All right.
- Here you go.

Who's up for poker?

Yeah, sure.

Here. Take this one.

What? Those teens won't say no
to Bridgeville's star quarterback.

Go long.



Look, babe, nothing was gonna happen.

Maybe you just listen
to me once, you know,

instead of always listening
to your asshole friend.

Hope you geniuses aren't planning
another science experiment.

Hey, if I'm looking to get date raped,

I'll invite you into the conversation.

[piano playing "The Entertainer"]

[pounds keyboard]

- Are you all right, Father?
- It's a little out of tune.

[off-key notes]


You know I've always been devout.


I believe in the Bible.
I live life by His word...

more or less.

Do you think
you lost your faith, Father?

Lose my faith? How could I?

I've just seen a demon appear

and the smoke rising from the pit

to torment mankind
just as it's written in Gospel.

I'm not scared
because I'm losing my faith.

I'm scared because
it's stronger than ever.

If we were judged right now,

how many under our roof would burn?

Would Mrs. Raven?

Or will God forgive her
because she's gone crazy?

Would the Chief?

We've all seen his pride.

Would you?

Would you?

The more I believe,

the more I know it's my
responsibility to save them...

and I've never been more afraid.

NATALIE: Are you there?

Are you there?

Are you there?

Who are you looking for, Natalie?

I don't know yet.

Friends, would you gather, please?

- Mrs. Raven?
- Mm, not right now.

Most of you have been
coming here for years.

Most of you know me, just as
I know you and your families.

We know each other too well for me to...

- preach.
- Mm-hm.

Instead, I will talk to you here.

I believe Judgment Day has come.


And I'm... I'm laughing,

because I... I watch TV.

I... I like baseball.


I listen to music.

I have a beer every now and then.

I'm not the Judgment Day kind of guy.

You know that.

And yet, here we are.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope the police get here to save us.

But until then,

I will do whatever I can
to help save your souls...

pray with you.

Mrs. Raven, please.

That's very sweet, Father,
but there's really no need.

The moth is a good friend of mine.

And how is that possible?

We met in my garden the other day.

She landed on my hand.

Will you care to explain to us

what it was doing here, then?

I don't know,

but I'll find out.

Are you there?

I didn't see any cars out there.

There's nothing in here, either.

Maybe this guy will give us a ride.

[brakes squeak]

[breathing heavily]

Any way to get any gas out of those?

I wouldn't want to be out there
long enough to find out.

You're Eve's husband, right?


You know where she is?

I'm sorry.

I'm Clay.


I had a kid in her class. I have a...

He was outside when all this happened.

He's safe somewhere. I know it.
I just gotta find him.

I'm sure he is.

Have you seen him?



You should, uh...

You should stay here, get some rest.

I haven't slept in two days.

You can, uh, put it in the garage.

Please tell me why we're lying
to this poor bastard.

We should tell him.

He has a working car,

and in case you haven't noticed,
we're kinda stuck here.

It's your wife and kid.

Like you care about them.

I'll talk to him.
I'll get him to take us.


You gonna keep your mouth shut?

I don't know.
Are you gonna convince him?

Oh. I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were here.


it's okay.

I guess you think I'm crazy as well.

- Kind of.
- Mm, I may be,

but I can see you're not yourself.

Can I do anything?

They took my gun.

I don't think they'll rob a bank.

[sighs] I just
let three prisoners escape

in front of the whole church.

So what?

It's my job to enforce the law.

Oh, the law is just people
trying to control human nature,

as if that were possible.

No one can do that, not even you.

Thanks, Natalie.

There will be food soon, if you want.


Uh, I think my presence
makes Father Romanov uncomfortable.

I insist.

You need to eat, honey.

But it's so dark.

I didn't like the dark either,

until my dad found a cure.

He made up a story called
"The Owl Who Says What."

He even wrote a book about it.

Owls say, "Who."

Yeah, not this one.

The other owls left him by himself

alone in the dark,
because he was different.

- Was he scared?
- Yeah,

but he discovers a way
not to be afraid of the dark.


I could read it to you if you want.

I'm sure the bookstore has it.

You want to go?

We're gonna go to the bookstore.

I guess. Sure.


I'll tidy up.

She adores her father.

He must be a good guy.

He is.

How bad is it between you and him?

Is it that obvious?


I was married for 10 years.

I mean, not married,
because we couldn't get married,

but we lived together, and I loved her.

But she was the most annoying
person I've ever met.

I know a frustrated woman
when I see one.

Kevin's a good person.

He's kind and sensitive.

He's patient. He's a great listener.

He sounds awful.

His love for Alex is endless.

He needs her love to be the same.

He needs it so much, he can't say no.

He never could.

And now, it put her in danger.

I'm happy he's not here.

In the name of the Father and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit,
bless us, O Lord,

and these, thy gifts
which we are about to receive

from thy bounty
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

In the name of the Father and of the Son

- and the Holy Spirit, amen.
- GROUP: Amen.

What are you reading, Mrs. Raven?

The journal of one
of the first priests here.

I found it in your office.

Well, if you have any
questions about church history,

I'd be happy to help.

Did you know this is not the first time
nature's come alive?

Six people were killed
by wildlife here in Bridgeville

on May 12th in 1860.

Five more the next day.

Three more the following.

And you think this is related
to what we saw outside?

Of course.
They called it the Black Spring.

Natalie, I...

You're looking for answers.

We're all looking for answers.
It's human.

But I beg you, look in the Bible.

Your answers are there.

Not just to this, to your pain as well.

Why look f...

Do you even know
what you're looking for?

There it is.


What I'm looking for.

WOMAN: Ooh, that's a big one.

- Oh, I got it.
- No!

I found it.

Thank you.

Dinner is served.


I'm sorry about the gun.

You see anyone else
when you were out there?

We've been trying to find a car.
We can't find one that works.

You haven't been out
in a while, have you?

Cars stopped working.

No, we drove through the mist
when we first got here.

Yeah, but I was out
driving yesterday, looking.

Couple people on the road
trying to get away, I guess.

Then they just stopped

at the same time, just like that.

I've seen a couple working since then,

but most of them just died.

I got this from one
of those survivalist types.

I wanted a family car,
but Toby thought it was so cool.

Guy said he bought it because it
was a bug-out vehicle, you know,

so old it didn't have a circuit board,

in case aliens or whatever came
and fried our technology.

I... I don't know anymore.

I just know it's one
of the only ones that works.

You should've seen how proud
Toby was riding in it.

You know, Eve and I,

we have a daughter.

Her name is Alex.

Where are they?

They're at the mall.

It's where I've been trying to go.

I was hoping you could drive us.

I... I wish I could, I really do,

but I'm down to an eighth of a tank,

and I'm gonna need every drop
to find my son.

I'm sorry.

Do me a favor,
and just sleep on it, all right?

ALEX: All right.

"There once was an owl

who said, 'What, ' and not, 'Who.'"

You're sure about this, right?

You prefer to keep listening

to them bitching
about us being childish,

or do you want to be a hero,

and have Zoe be all, "Mmm,
you're my Mr. Strong Man.

I want you so bad, Ted"?

- Yo, stop it!
- "Oh, I want you, Ted.

Your tiny, little arms
are turning me on."

Okay. Okay.

Besides, we don't have to go out there.

Picked this up in sporting goods.

Fucking boom.

I mean, you're a sick bastard.


Let's do this.

We're sure this is safe, right?

We served up two soldiers
in a shopping cart,

not even a nibble.

And if we see something,
we'll just close the door, okay?


[spear gun ratchets]


LILA: Did you hear something?

It's fine.

Let's reel it in.


- You got it?
- There we go.

Okay, okay.

There she is.

I'll get the door.

"Then the owl said, 'Who are you to say

I can't say "what" '?

But the other owls
just said, 'Who, who, who.'"

That's not nice of them.

Okay, next one. Ready?


- Oh, shit.
- Damn!

Wait, wait. wait.
Stop, stop, stop! It's stuck.

Hey, screw it. Yeah.

Don't let go of the line.

Otherwise, I might not find my way.

[faintly] Ted.

[reel clicking]

[line recoiling]

VIC: Ted?

- [slithering]
- Ted?




[metallic rattling]

- [Vic grunts]
- [glass shatters]

ALEX: Um, stay here.


Help! Help!


Help! Please!


ALEX: Lila!


- Lila?
- Alex!

- Where are you?
- I'm scared.

I know, but we gotta go, okay?

Oh, my God! It was an accident!

I didn't mean to do it! I really didn't!

- Where?
- Bookstore.


- [Lila screams]
- ALEX: Run!


- Jesus.
- Somebody please help!

Yeah, the Copeland girl.

LILA: Alex, help!

- Where are you?
- ALEX: Lila!

- Lila!
- Over here!

JAY: Holy shit!

What the fuck is that?

EVE: Is she in there? Get out of my way!

No, no, no. You can't! You can't!

- Don't let it in!
- Lila! Lila!

Don't! Look... Look at that!

- We open the door, we all die!
- Lila, run! Help! No!

- [Alex screams]
- Alex!

Look, I didn't know she was in there.

LILA: Mom!

- You can't go in there. It's not safe!
- Lila!

Run, baby!






[sobbing] Lila!


GUS: Eve.

You okay? Oh.


You okay? What happened?

I just...

I... I fought it, hard as I could.

FR. ROMANOV: I am concerned about her.

She's always had some funny ideas.

But she's hurting herself.

Last night, she referred
to the spider as God.

First the moth, then this.

It is idolatry.

If this is Judgment Day,
she will be judged for it.

And if it's not?

You haven't been out there,

not the way I have.

When I was,

I felt something.

What did you feel?

That it knew me.

I'm sorry.

KEVIN: Please.

I have to look out for my boy.

You'd do the same.

You have the only working car.

You're my only chance.

- You understand that?
- Yes, I do.

Are you gonna tell him, or should I?

Mia, I'm taking care of this.

Well, if you were, we wouldn't have

spent the night sleeping
in a goddamn minimart.

There is nothing
that you can say to help.

Look, your son is dead.

We saw him.

You're lying.

I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

You're lying.

You're lying.

You didn't see what we saw.

If you had, you'd understand.

No, you would have told me
when I showed you the photo.

You're lying.
You made this up to get my car!

I'm not gonna do it!
I'm gonna find my son!

He's alive! I know it!

Tell him.

Tell him!

He's dead.

I told them not to tell you.


I didn't want to take away your hope.

I'm sorry.

- I truly am.
- You stop saying that.

He's not coming back.
He's not, and you're stopping us from...

Just shut up!

You are not gonna get the car!

You're not gonna get the car!

I will kill you all, if I have to!

Shoot him!

Come on! Shoot him!


I'm so sorry.

- I didn't mean to.
- [blood spurting]

- MIA: Get the towel.
- [groans]

Do you have a belt?

- [grunting]
- Here, put pressure.


If we don't get him
to a hospital, he's gonna die.

I'm so sorry.

But you have to understand,

it really was an accident.

We were trying to do
the right thing. We messed up.

Shelley lost her little girl
because of it.

And I'm so sorry.

I promise. It'll never happen again.

That's what you said after sending
my friends out in the mist.

Don't look at me. I'm not the king.

So what do we do?

Zoe was closer to Ted than any of us.

She should have a chance to speak.

What do I think?

Anyone who endangers the group
is thrown out!

- Are those the rules, or aren't they?
- This is insane.

I say we put it to a vote!

Maybe we should wait...

until the police get here.

The police?

That's who you're waiting for?
You want to wait for your dad?

Well, tell me, what would he
do if he were here?

Because the Officer Heisel
I know isn't a pussy like you.

This should be decided by all of us.

We put it to a vote, okay?

Everyone in favor of forgiving
Vic for violating the rules,

please raise your hands.

All those in favor
of expelling Vic from the mall,

per the rules
as agreed upon by the group.

You're killing me.

Would you grab
a hiking pack from the store

and gather Vic's things for him?

Put together, uh,
three days' provisions,

a flashlight, and a means
of defending himself.

[all murmuring]


[gasps] There...

Natalie, please. You're scaring my wife.

Oh, please don't be afraid.

I know these creatures.

They would never harm us.

You saw what happened to Mikhail.

I'm sure it had a reason.

Have you ever experienced nature
not having a reason?

Mother Earth is never wrong.

She knows what she's doing,

and so will we if we observe her.

Father, I... I beg you,

the Bible warns
about the false prophets.

She's worshipping a false god
in your church.

I can't reach her.

When you met me, I was unreachable.

That was different.

You knew exactly what you were doing.

I'm sure to an outsider,
it would've looked cruel...

but you reached me.

Father, you reached me.

I know that this may seem harsh,

but if I can save your soul,
it will be worth it.

I need you to kill the spider.

I will do no such thing.

Please. Kill the spider.

- Save yourself.
- I will not kill her.

Mrs. Raven, I'm not punishing you.

I am trying to help you.

Now, please kill the spider.

Absolutely not!

No! No!


No! No!

[crowd murmuring]

Jay, come on. You were accused, too.

They didn't throw you out.
I made a mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes.
This isn't right! Please!

This is what we voted for.

We have to be safe in here.

Get your hands off me! Let me go!

[breathing heavily]

Fuck you!

Fuck all of you!

I know that my actions today

appeared cold and callous,

but I beg of you to understand
that they are the opposite,

that they are an act of charity,

of helping a lost soul
find her way to Heaven.

You asked me
what I thought was happening.

I'm not asking anymore.

I would like to answer.

We're not interested.

No one is interested!


I am.

[woman crying]

[Alex crying]

That's okay.

ALEX: I lied.

What do you mean?

I didn't fight.

I didn't do anything.

I just waited for it to kill me.

It came, it looked at me, and it left.

Why did't it want me?

Shelley, I'm so sorry.

I don't want to be
with those people anymore.

You can stay here.

Kyle, will you get
a blanket for Shelley?

Here. You can have mine.


You were right.

Alex is a liar.

We need to go.

I need to look for my son.

Come with us.

You should get in the car now.


He's out there.

I know it.


Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx