The Mist (2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Tenth Meal - full transcript

Tensions at the mall finally come to a head, and the group makes a discovery which could provide answers about the origins of the mist.

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Previously on "The Mist"...

- No one could love you.
- Alex loves me.

Until she finds someone
that can fuck her.

I did.

What did you do? What did you do?

Jay was gonna take her away from me.

Everyone knows.

- Knows what?
- That you were a slut.

- Who's the father?
- I thought it didn't matter.

We can't tell her it's not me.

She adores you.
It would break her heart.

I didn't touch her that night.

Just like your father.

Always blaming others
for your own failures.

He thinks I raped her, too.

If this thing stops,
will you go with me?

I'll go with you.

Do you know how long
we've been looking for you?

You know me?

I'm just happy you're safe, sir.

- I was with Kevin.
- Where is he?

He's dead.

You've been ready
to send people out for food

when we have plenty.

What do you think they're gonna say

when they know you have your own supply?

- Shelley's dead.
- What happened?

- It was Alex.
- They're gonna come after her.

Lock them up.


Did you do this?

I had to keep him away from you.

You lied to me.

You've lost your mind.

- He's a psycho.
- Alex.

Leave me alone!

I have to protect you.

Now more than ever.

What happened?

My dad's dead.

It's okay.

Adrian, no!

He saved my life.

- He raped you.
- He didn't.

I believe him.

He did.

I have proof.

What proof?

We were at the hospital,

your dad and me.

We talked to the doctor.

They got the results for the DNA test

before the mist even came.

It was him!


Did you find him?


Did you see the other people?

Let's go to them.

I don't think they'll understand.

They haven't seen what we've seen.

Then they will have seen something else.

They haven't seen you survive the mist.

You're ashamed of
what you're going to do.

You should be proud.

They don't know Jay,

not like I do.

Wait here.

I'll find him.

This is it.

This is the last of the rations.

- Keep your voice down.
- Why?

You don't think they'll find out?

After this, starvation.

Or we start sending people
out on food runs.


Chief Heisel?

- How did you get here?
- Is help coming?

Is it over? Are we safe?

Are we?

I'm sorry.

It's just me.

I was hoping my son would be here.

Maybe we go to my office.

It's been hard.

Things haven't exactly been good here.

Things haven't been good anywhere.

You know me.

You know I only try to do
what's best for everybody.

I just want...

I just want people to get along.

You know that, right?

Where is he?

Eve Copeland locked him up
in a storage room.

Then we locked Eve Copeland
and her daughter up with him.

What? Why?

As I said, it's been hard.

The Copeland girl killed a woman.

People want justice.

I just want to help them.


No, it... just...

We just want to ask the Copelands

to find another place to be
until this all blows over.

You taking the law
into your own hands?

This is a private mall.

It's not illegal to throw people out.

You've got something there.

When this whole thing is over,

we'll all have done things
we won't be proud of.

But for now, we just
gotta get to the when.

Give me my son

and I won't interfere
with how you run your mall.

I don't know what the fuck
we're waiting for.

Can someone tell me what
the fuck we're waiting for?


Kevin, I thought you were...

What the hell?

Adrian said you got shot in the head.

- Where is he?
- He's, he's looking for your family.

- Shit.
- Wait, wait, wait.

What's going on? What the fuck happened?

Adrian raped my daughter.

- What?
- When I figured it out,

he knocked me out and left me there.

- No, no, no.
- I've been looking everywhere.

There's a big group
down by the fountain,

but no Eve and Alex.

Yeah, I saw that group, too.
They look pretty unstable.

- There's nobody down there. I checked.
- Okay.

Where's Bryan?

His name is Jonah.

- What?
- It's... it's a long story.

He left while I was asleep.

He's probably looking for Adrian.

We've gotta find them, both of them.

Look, I'll take one floor,
you take the next.

- Okay.
- We'll meet back in the middle.

I'm glad you're here.

Be careful.

If we know each other,
then tell me who I am.

I'm not the person you want to talk to.

- We need to go.
- Go where?



We have to. I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna hurt you, sir.

You just knocked me out.

Dr. Bruin told us to be careful.

She the woman who tortured me?

She's the reason you're alive, sir.

Why do you keep calling me sir?

If I'm your superior, then release me.

I order you to release me.

- Sir.
- I order you, soldier.

You're free, sir.




Can you get up?

Let's go.

Be careful. Easy.

- All right.
- You have to help us.

They're gonna kill us.

Come on.



The boy can go, but you two
need to come with us.

Where are we going?

I found him.

Mrs. Raven?

He's so soft.

Dad, we have to go back
for Eve and Alex.

They're gonna kill them.

He's so beautiful.

Nature can be so cruel.


We can't leave them behind.

We have to.

You'll understand.

Understand what?

Just trust me.

Come, Benedict.

Where are we going?

It's okay, son.

Everything is going to be okay now.


Do you know what's happening out there?

It's the Black Spring.

Black Spring? What's that?

I'll show you.

Show me what?

How to survive it.

We should go back, get Eve and Alex.

Dad, we should help them.

We can't.


We just can't.

You're gonna have to trust me.

Do you trust me?

Yeah, of course.

I love you.

You know that?


And I am so proud of you.

You are the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Dad, what's going on?

You need to come here now.

You trust me, right?

What are we doing?

I, um, I can't explain it.

It'll sound weird.

You just have to trust me.

You're very brave.


I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.

I made you.

What? What are you talking about?

It's not your fault.

It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.

What's she doing?

No. Dad, no.

No! No, Dad.


Dad, let me in!

Dad, what are you doing?

I'm your son!
What are you doing? Let me in!


It's still there.

It will disappear.

He may still be alive.

It may not have taken him yet.


Losing someone you love
can be so beautiful.

You'll see.

I'm proud of you.

I'm so proud of you.

It'll be over soon.

It will all be over.

- Why are you doing this?
- We have to.

We're just making sure

this is a safe space for everyone to be

while we wait this out.

You're insane.

We haven't hurt anyone.

We kept to ourselves.

Tell that to Shelley.

I didn't do anything.

- I saw you.
- That's a lie.

And how do we trust you?

Shelley saw you making out with
the boy you accused of rape.

- Maybe she didn't...
- What?

Maybe she didn't what? Didn't mean it?

Is that why you lied
about surviving in the mist?

You know what? Maybe Shelley was right.

Maybe you are a part of it.

- That's why you killed her.
- We don't have to stand for this.

- We're not your prisoners.
- Stop.

I have fought too many assholes like you

to give up that power freely. Come on.

We have the right to defend ourselves.

Anybody else disagree?

Yeah, I thought so.

How could you do it?

How could you do that to her?



Get off me please, please,
please, please, please,

- please, please, please stop. Please.
- No.

I know where they are.

I know where they're
keeping Eve and Alex.

We need to go.

I can't.

Sir, we have to.

- I can't leave my friends.
- What friends?

The people I met who helped me get here.

None of that matters now.

It matters to me.

These are people
you've known for five days.

I've known you for eight years.

You have no idea, do you?

You have no idea who you are.

Don't you want to know who you are?

- Tell me.
- Come with me.

- I need to bring them.
- You can't.

They can never know. You understand?

If you care for them,
they can never know.


Where have you been?

I, um...

Who's this?

I'm a friend of Jonah's.


- Kevin's here.
- What?

He's alive and he needs our help.

Wow, um...

- I know.
- Jonah.

This guy can help me find out who I am.

- I need to go.
- Wait. Go where?

I'm sorry.

What do you mean? Jonah, go where?

I have to go with him.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You have to go.


But we... Let's just help him.
Then we can all go together.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

- I'll find you.
- Jonah, please.

We have to go, sir.


Don't leave me.

I'm sorry.

She didn't do anything.

- Meaning you have?
- No.

You killed her.

Part of your rules as well?

She was going to break the rules,

and the rules are clear.

Whoever endangers the group

has to leave the mall.

That means Alex must go.

- She has to.
- I'm not letting you throw her out.

Well, then you're leaving with her.

I'm sorry, but those are the rules.

No, please, Gus.


You have to help us.
You have to stop this.

No, Connor's staying out of this.

I can throw out anybody I want.

Please, you have to.

- He doesn't have to do anything.
- Yes, he does.


I'm so sorry.

Please forgive me.

For what?

I was already pregnant when I met Kevin.

He didn't want to know who it was.

He thought it was better that way.

I'm so sorry.


There's a reason
you couldn't be with Jay.

You understand?

After everything else
they've lied about,

you expect us to trust this?


She's lying.

Mrs. Carmody was right.

These people will do anything.

She's sick.

You're a sick person.

You would have said something before.

You would have said something.


You love Dad so much,

we couldn't take it away from you.

There's no place in here
for people like you.

She always was a whore.

The girl fucked her brother.

- I didn't.
- Now he didn't do it?

Which is it?

You disgust me.

You're freaks, both of you.

You've all lost your fucking mind.

It's time.


Connor, please.
Please, she's your daughter.

Where are they?

Let me go and I'll tell you.

I don't even know if
I'm going to let you live.

You wouldn't.

Remember what I told Nash
in the psych ward?

I want to see you suffer.

And I want you to learn...

That there will be no salvation.

But if you tell me where my family is,

then maybe, just maybe,

I will stop before you die.

I love her.

Please stop.

Last chance.

Where's my family?

They're gonna kill her.

They're gonna throw her out of the mall.

Eve, too.

- You need to hurry.
- Kevin?

Kevin! We need to go.

Where's Jonah?

- He left.
- What?

With another soldier. He's gone.

Let's just go.

Not quite yet.

Kevin, here!

Come on.

Adrian doesn't matter anymore.

Come on. Let's go.

Let's go!

- Get off me.
- Come on.


Please let us walk out together.


Then get to walking then.





Are you okay?

They want to kick us out.

Get out. Now!

- You're leaving, too.
- Don't do this!

I am not gonna
let this place fall into chaos,

and chaos is what you bring.

Please. This is insane.

You attacked us.


This is our one chance at safety.

I know you.

I know you.

Please. Please!

Just let my family stay.



Your wife screwed the chief.

Your daughter isn't really yours.

Not much of a family?

Bunch of bastards!

Fuck you.

Get out.

Fuck all of you.

Get the door.


Hurry up!


- Follow me.
- Get the door! Get the door!

- Stay with me.
- Where?

We have a car.
It's at the back of the mall.

- I can't see.
- Just run.

Follow the wall down to the corner.




Go find the truck and bring it here.

She can't be gone.

She can't just disappear. Alex?

- Alex?
- Alex?




Let's go. Let's go.

- Jay! No!
- Alex!

- Get in the car.
- Alex!

- Let go!
- Jay!

- Get in the car.
- Let go!

- Alex, get in the car.
- Jay!

Come on!

- Get in the car.
- Get in the car.

- Eve, get in the car.
- No!

How far away is Arrowhead?

It's two, three hours.

You're doing the right thing, sir.

Do you know what it is out there?

Where it came from?

Do I know?

We should leave.

The doctor will have answers for you.


He didn't do it.

I want you to know that.

Who was it then?

Who told you I was dead?

Let's go. I don't want to be here.

I don't want to be near these people.

It'll be gone soon.

Once they are dead, it'll be gone.

Why would it be gone?

Because I...

I am Nature's messenger.

She chose me,

first through the moth
and then the spider.

The Black Spring is here.

She needed someone, someone who...

She showed me...

What did she say?

Showed me what had to be done.

A Forest Ranger I...

A Forest Ranger I knew, he...

He found a bear,

a mother bear who had given birth.

She'd given birth to three cubs.

The rangers kept an eye on the cubs

to make sure they wouldn't be
injured by other predators.



What are you doing?

Kevin, no.

- What is he doing?
- Put your seatbelts on.

What are you doing?

Put your seatbelts on now.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

- It's stuck. It's stuck.
- Shit.


- Alex. Alex!
- Please.

- Alex!
- Come with us.


Come on.

Come on, get in the car. Come on.

All of you died?

It's all right.

We all die.

I'm dying.

Is he alive?

I'm sorry, sweetie.

I'm so sorry.

She took him.

Jay saved my life.

Just now, before we left.

He was innocent.

Bangor is right, Inland is left.

We could do either.

Let's get out of this town.

It can't be all over.

- It can't be everywhere.
- How do you know?

I don't.


What's that?

Something's coming. It's getting closer.

It's a train.

- Where are you going?
- To the station.

I can get there before it does.

What if doesn't stop?

We have to try.

Dad, hurry.

That's it.

You sure this is a good idea?

They can save us.

Maybe it can get us out of here.

With your wife.

Turn off the light.

What do we do?

What are you crazy? We run.

- They can rescue us.
- Wait!

- Get off!
- No!

Get off! Get off!

What are they doing?

They're feeding it.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx