The Mighty Boosh (2003–2007): Season 3, Episode 5 - Party - full transcript

Howard finally succumbs to Vince's plan for a huge party for his birthday. With Bollo at the door, Saboo and Harrison on the decks and Vince's uber-trendy friends on the dance floor, the party really starts to heat up. That is, until someone is caught in a compromising position with the Head Shaman's wife in Naboo's stock room.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Howard) Come with us now
on a journey through time and space.

(Vince) To the world of
''The Mighty Boosh''.

# ''The Mighty Boosh''

# Come with us to
''The Mighty Boosh''

# ''The Mighty Boosh''

# Come with us to
''The Mighty Boosh''

Hey, birthday boy!
How's it going?

- Going weII, thank you, yeah.
- CooI.

- Got me a present, then, have you?
- Uh... I've ordered it for you. It's on its way.

- I'm sure you have.
- I have. It's on its way.

- Every year you say that, Vince.
- I was thinking.

Let's have a massive party this weekend,
ceIebrate your birthday. It'II be genius.

I'm aII right. I'm gonna have a quiet night in
with Lester Corncrake.

A 1 2-disc box set of CharIie Mingus just came
in - there's some pretty raw outtakes on there.

On one of them, you can hear
CharIie himseIf Iaughing of-mic.

It's a pretty warm moment.
You're weIcome to join us if you fancy.

Yeah... I'm fine, thanks. I don't think
I can sit cross-Iegged by candIeIight,

hoIding hands with you and Lester,
Iistening to CharIie MingIe.

- It's CharIie Mingus.
- Whatever.

- Let's have a big party. It'II be fun.
- I hate parties.

- Who hates parties?
- I do.

- Why?
- You know why.

- Not that oId business. That was years ago.
- Years ago?

WeII, it's fresh in my mind, sonny Jim.
Fresh as a hot bageI from Mama's oven.

Where's the bouncy castIe?

Vince toId us there'd be one.
You've wasted our time.

It's coming. Vince said so.

Listen, Ioser. We've waited two hours.
Now you're gonna get it!

- What?
- Let's jump on Howard instead.


Why, Vince?
Why did you do it?

- No one was gonna come to your party.
- Yeah.

- I panicked, said there'd be a bouncy castIe.
- They aII kicked my head in.

- At Ieast they'd taken their shoes of.
- That's not funny.

- I'm sorry.
- I reaIIy wanted that bouncy castIe.

- If we have a party, I'II get you one.
- I think I'm a bit oId for that now, don't you?

- 50's not that oId.
- Yeah, I'm not 50, am I?

- How oId are you?
- I'm 32!

Ten years oIder than you.

Look, the thing is, it doesn't matter how oId
you are, bouncy castIes are stiII genius.

I went on one a coupIe of weeks ago. It was
amazing. I bounced as high as my own head!

- ReaIIy?
- Yeah.

- As if you did!
- I did.

- Do any somersauIts?
- I did six somersauIts.


And one of those things where you go
backwards and Iand on your feet. CooI.

- Jimmy fIips.
- I did a Jimmy fIip.

- ReaIIy?
- You'd have Ioved it.

# Bouncy, bouncy
Ooh, such a good time

# Bouncy, bouncy
Shoes aII in a Iine

# Bouncy, bouncy
Everybody somersauIt

# SomersauIt, summertime
Everybody sing aIong

# Bouncy, bouncy
Ooh, such a good time

# Bouncy, bouncy
White socks sIipping down

# Bouncy, bouncy
StiIettos are a no-no

# Bouncy, bouncy

# Bouncy, bouncy

# Every time I bounce
I feeI I touch the sky!

I'm not interested.
Stop trying to Iure me in with a crimp.

Man is born aIone, Vince. He shouId ceIebrate
that day aIone... in sombre isoIation.

- If we have a party, there'II be girIs there.
- GirIs!

- Yeah, girIs.
- These Camden doIIybirds aren't for me.

I'm a reaI man, a man of substance.
And I'm having a quiet night in.

This is a nightmare,
because I've invited aII of my mates.

- WeII, disinvite them.
- They're good peopIe. It'II be embarrassing.

Good peopIe? Let's have a Iook
at some of these friends of yours.

- Johnny Rhythm.
- He's a cIub promoter.

- Vector.
- She's a photographer.

- Mama Zoom.
- You know Mama Zoom.

She was here Iast Thursday -
the one eating toast.

Jacques Le Cube.
What kind of a name is that?

WeII, he's French and he's a cube.

He's not coming to the party,
neither is anyone eIse.

No party. And nothing on God's sweet earth
is gonna make me change my mind.

Leave this to me.

- Hi. HeIIo.
- Hi.

CouIdn't heIp noticing you
Iooking at the jazz records.

If you Iike those,
you might be interested in these.

It's just something I've knocked up myseIf -
a penciI case with a picture of a jazz musician,

uniting the twin discipIines of jazz and
stationery management in a unique package.

- Um... I heard there was a party here tonight.
- (Vince) Howard doesn't want a party.

He'd rather sit in a dark room with his
70-year-oId jazz mate swapping hands

- and Iistening to weather reports.
- That is a joke.

- So there is a party here tonight?
- Oh, yes. A big party, yeah.

Yeah, it's pretty much party centraI
round here. My parties are Iegendary.

- Ha-ha!
- Shut your mouth.

- Great. I Iove parties.
- I Iove parties, too.

- Meeting peopIe.
- I Iove it.

- Dancing.
- Dancing and meeting peopIe.

That's what I'm about.
Maybe I'II see you there.

- Maybe you wiII.
- Maybe I wiII.

- Yeah, maybe.
- Maybe!

- WiII I? See you?
- Yeah.

Great. Bye.

- UnbeIievabIe.
- Yep, stiII got the moves.

I've been trying to get you to have a party
for ten years - nothing.

One girI comes in, bats her Iashes at you,
and you meIt Iike warm NuteIIa.

You're just angry cos she Iiked me and
not you. There's gonna be sparks tonight!

The times are a-changing
for Howard TJ Moon.

I've stiII got the magic. Pow!

- (door opens)
- Hey! Thanks for doing that.

So spread the word - Vince Noir's having
a party. Maybe knock up some fIyers.

- I thought it was Howard's birthday.
- Don't put him on the fIyers. No one'II come.

- AII right, gotcha.
- See you Iater.

OK! The party's on, guys.
Better get inviting some peopIe.

- Thought it was a quiet night in with Lester.
- A quiet night in? Ha-ha!

I think not, sir.
I'm Howard Moon, party animaI.

BoIIo, get the big cauIdron out of the Ioft.
I feeI a punch coming on -

- it's gonna be a strong one.
- I've got a bad feeIing about this.

Yeah, OK, Naboo.
I'II teII 'em.

- The party's on.
- Yes!


- Oh, dammit!
- What's wrong with you?

I fooIishIy agreed to accompany my wife
on an extreme-sports caIendar shoot.

- Oh, you mug!
- You pIum duf!

I have ordered not one, not two,
but three crates of poppers.

- We're havin' it Iarge!
- AII right, don't rub it in.

- And it's Bank HoIiday Monday.
- Recovery Monday.

That's right, easing out the comedown -

whiIe you're out there watching your wife
parading about in a jumpsuit.

HeIIo! Idiot!

- And where's Mrs Harrison?
- Staying with her sister in Bournemouth.

I am greenIit the whoIe way.

I just have to find a quiet spot, teII her I'm
going to bed at haIf nine, and carte bIanche.


- You are so under the thumb, it's frightening.
- At Ieast I've got a thumb.

Why don't you just teII this woman
you can't make it this weekend

because you're roIIing with the boys?

If I do that, Saboo,
she wiII pummeI me into the dirt.

- Give her the back of your tentacIe.
- She's a powerfuI woman.

Come on!

Sometimes I wonder
if I made the right decision

marrying an extreme-sports caIendar modeI.

OK, what I've gone for is an oIive-green
roIIneck and quite a heavy-gauge corduroy.

Now, hear me out. This is a bit crazy,

but what if I went for a finer-gauge corduroy...
up against a mufin?

- Yeah, that is a tricky one.
- Yep.

- Have you got any other cIothes?
- No.

Right. What is going on down there?

- What? Too much?
- It's not the 1 8th century.

- Are you an expIorer?
- I go my own way, sir.

- (phone buzzes)
- HeIIo? Come up.

- Who the heII's that?
- The first guests.

- It's 5:45.
- Lester Corncrake came straight from work.


Ciao! Pow! Skiddy-biddy-bow!

- How are you, Lester?
- I bought you a present.

- Yeah! Ooh, Iook at this.
- Yeah.

- Thank you. What is it?
- It's a man corset.

HeIps keep your bangers in check.

Heh! Men of our advanced age and
sexuaI decIine need aII the heIp we can get.

Thanks a Iot. But we're not actuaIIy
the same age, are we?


Oh, you crack me up!

- OK. Ready to bust some moves?
- Does a chicken have Iips?

- I've got a Chick Corea aIbum to show you.
- I used to vomit on Chick Corea for money.

Oh, my Lord!
Did you see the Bebop Brothers?

- I know. It's embarrassing.
- What was that about?

You gonna invite some decent peopIe
to absorb them?

Don't worry, I've invited haIf
the femaIe popuIation of Camden. It'II be cooI.

- Better get on with this, then.
- Catch you Iater. I gotta get ready.

This is your basic cauIdron.
If you haven't got one, don't worry.

Pop down to a WooIworths
to grab yourseIf a metaI compost bin.

They're not expensive and work just as weII.

Now, Iet's taIk about hash cakes.
A IittIe tip about hash cakes:

just start of with one first,
wait about an hour, see how you feeI.

Don't eat 1 5 in one go
cos you will see the deviI,

and he'II try and rip your heart out
through your kneecaps.

Pop 'em in the oven -
about 20 minutes, gas mark 4.

Here's some I made earIier.

- BoIIo, where are they?
- (groans)

When you are the moon,
you pretty much spIit peopIe down the middIe.

Some peopIe go, ''Ah, Iook at the moon.''

''He's aII gentIe, he has a nice white face,
hanging in the sky. He's nice.''

And the other haIf go, ''Ugh, he's
a vaniIIa rapist! Get him away from my kids!''

Hey, guys. Good to see you.

Hey. Nice shoes.
Straight upstairs.

- Hey, Chris de Burgh!
- Hey, BoIIo!

High five. Heh-heh-heh!

Chrissy, up you go.
Love your work!

If it was aII on fire in a bin. Hmph!

(dance music)

- Ooh! FreestyIe!
- These corsets are reaIIy working, Lester.

What did I teII you, Howard?
Women Iove men with knockers.

Oh, yeah! Don't Iook now, but I think we're
getting a IittIe bit of attention from the Iadies.

Oi, sweetheart...

wrap this shit up - you're having a nightmare.

I've been booked to pIay here.

No one's feeIing it.
You're not in your bedroom now.

- This is some ugIy shit.
- Step aside, Pink Hair.

Let the H-Man take controI.

(dance music continues)

- Hey.
- Coming out? It's heaving.

- I'm waiting for the right time to emerge.
- What are you, a pupa?

It's important to arrive Iate,
even at your own party.

- It's my party.
- Oh, yeah, these peopIe are here for you.

- I'm Ietting you bask in the gIory on your own.
- Hurry up, OK? Or you'II miss my speech.

- What?
- I'm doing a smaII speech,

about safety precautions
and fire exits and stuf.

- Might even pop a coupIe of jokes in.
- PIease don't.

We aII Iike having fun, but it's even more fun
when we can have safe fun.

(dance music)

I've got it, Saboo!
A concept is formuIating.

FIeetwood Mac's Tusk in its entirety.


Watch the room crumbIe
at the awe of the H-Man.

Are you insane? There's at most one track
I couId get away with, of maybe Rumours.

Oh, come of it!
Tusk, in its entirety -

with the pauses, as Lindsey Buckingham
intended it to be heard.

Why don't you just give me a .44?
I can spray my brains on the decks.

- Oh, what is your beef with the Mac?
- The same beef every right-thinking man has.

They are buIIshit munchers!

- Start thinking outside the box.
- The box is there for a reason.

To keep baId men Iike you inside it.

You are so square!
What do you want to Iay down?

I wouId Iike to pIay ''WouId I Lie To You?''
by CharIes and Eddie.


- AII right, fair enough. Good choice.
- Thank you.

- SIam it down.
- Can we have the music of for a minute?

- Who's this joker?
- Howard Moon. It's my party. It's my birthday.

Oh, happy birthday, son.
How oId are you?

- 32.
- Oh! You're oIder than me.

Hi. HeIIo. I just want to say thanks
for coming... to my birthday.

Thank you very much.
Didn't know I had so many friends.

- Who are you?
- Ha-ha! Who am I?

Who are you? Right back at you.

Oh, a IittIe announcement to the owner
of a bIue Mazda which is parked outside:

get another car.

- (bangs mic) HeIIo?
- My God, Iook at his breasts!

Yep. Um, so... it's my birthday.

The big 3-2. Time fIies, eh?

EspeciaIIy when you're having fun.
A few ground ruIes:

don't go into the shop - there are objects
that couId get broken and are vaIuabIe -

and my room's out of bounds.

UnIess you're a young attractive girI
who Iikes jazz -

and then it's just down there,
on the right. Ha-ha!

(nervous laugh) Lester Corncrake there,
good friend of mine. Whoo!

Uh, I don't reaIIy know him that weII.
I just met him on the bus.

Ha-ha! Ow!

Yeah, so... WeII, it's been a crazy oId road,
I teII you that.

Phew! Seems Iike onIy yesterday
I was a young guy in Leeds

with a head fuII of dreams
and a passion for jazz-rock fusion.

But I foIIowed those dreams and that passion,
and they took me to Doncaster...

(electro music)


Friends. PeopIe of Camden.
You are the chosen ones.

- He's amazing, Who is he?
- Is he Christ?

You have been brought here for one purpose,
and one purpose aIone:

to bask in the gIory of my outfit
and party Iike you've never partied before!


Oh, yeah, and it's Howard's birthday as weII.

- Music.
- (electro music)

I know it's the extreme-sports caIendar shoot
this weekend, but I just can't make it.

No, I'm not going to Naboo's party.
I've got a headache. It's practicaIIy a migraine.

Oi, you, bighead! Come over here.

- I've got to go now. Bye.
- Lend me a pound. I know your sister.

- Yes. I do not have a sister.
- Don't backchat me, bighead. I'II bust you up.

This bighead business... I actuaIIy have a
reIativeIy smaII head for a man of my stature.

I Iike your hat, man. Can my mate Ricky
borrow it? Cos he Iikes it.

- This wouId not suit Ricky.
- The thing about Ricky is, hats do suit him.

- He's got one of those faces.
- That may be so,

but it's forbidden for a peasant
to touch a shaman's garments.

Wicksy, bust out the knife.
Jab up this joker!

Ah, swordpIay!

I've gotta go to Costcutter for my mum.

- Argh!
- Urgh!

OK... to Oddbins.

(dance music)

- Hey!
- Thanks for upstaging me, Vince.

Sorry. I have to make a big entrance Iike that
so everyone feeIs they've had contact with me.

- Are the Queen Mum? Where's my present?
- It's coming. I've ordered it.

Sure it is. It's my birthday, remember?

- You're not having a good time?
- You're picking up on that?

- You're tense.
- I am. Where's that girI?

- What girI?
- PenciI-case girI. The one I had magic with.

Why do you aIways fixate on one girI?
You gotta pIay the fieId more.

If I don't get some action soon, I'm going gay.

- What, you?
- What's so funny?

- You're the Ieast gay person ever.
- You've got me aII wrong.

- I couId go gay Iike that, sir.
- It's not Iike buying a Iadder.

I've seen men checking me out.

- Have you? You're ridicuIous.
- Checking out my hot pumpkin ass.

Anyway, that is so out of the bIue,
you've creeped me out.

- Don't worry, I don't fancy you.
- AII men do - I'm the Confuser.

(camp voice) ''Is it a man? Is it a woman?
Not sure if I mind.''

- Can you sort me out with someone?
- Let's pIay some party games.

- Sounds good.
- Get you into the spirit. It's your birthday.

I'II grab some girIs, yeah?
You go down to Naboo's shop.

- AII right. Hang on, that's out of bounds.
- RuIes are meant for breaking.

Sometimes ruIes are best bent,
just to breaking point...

Can you just get downstairs, pIease?

In you go. Hey, Brad Pierce.
Shaun Richards. Easy tonight.

Hey, where do you think you're going?
Who are you?

- I am a parka person.
- Bob FossiI. No way!

Come on, BoIIo, Iet me in.
For oId times' sake. PIease?

BoIIo under strict instructions -
no Bob FossiI.

Listen, do you take bribes?
How about this?

- It's a key to a bike I had in the '70s.
- No.

Um... a song?

# I am singing

- No.
- How about I taIk to you Iike a baby?

- (baby voice) Hi, BoIIo.
- No.

Come on, BoIIo.
Remember Paris?

Listen, FossiI, I'II give you five seconds.

If you're stiII here, I'II puII your head of.

Keep your hair in check, carpet man!
I got pIenty of other parties to go to.

Note to seIf:
I got no other parties to go to.

Yes, and the cIever part is,
I didn't even have a Micra!

- Yeah, that's a dynamite story.
- Yep.

Oh, wow! They're reaIIy coming
out of the waIIs, aren't they, Naboo?

- Who?
- The Iadies.

- Yeah. How is your wife?
- WeII, she's good.

As Iong as she doesn't find out
what goes on here.

- You want me to cover for you again?
- I Iove my wife,

but when I see these chiquitas...
drives me insane.

- What do you do?
- I don't do anything.

- What's your secret?
- This is my secret.

My God!

Smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche.

When you are the moon,
when you Iook at Earth - the Earth -

the onIy thing you can see
is the Great WaII of China.

So when I went for an eye test the optician
said, ''Can you see the Great WaII of China?''

I said, ''Yeah, but it's a bit bIurry.''

He said, ''Is it better now?''

''What about now?''

''Can you see it now?''

''And if I do this?''

''And what about now?''

''And what about... Better or worse?''

''Is it more fuzzy?''

''Has it come into focus?''

''And now?''

By this time,
his face was reaIIy cIose to mine -

it was frightening in the dark!

We're gonna pIay a IittIe game now,
a IittIe game caIIed spin the bottIe.

- My kind of game.
- CarIa, grab us that bottIe from the side.

Yeah, sure.

Howard, do you want to do the honours?

Don't mind if I do, sunshine.

- Have you ever done this before?
- Course.

The caII me the Spindoctor. Ha-ha.

Chicka chicka!

I can make this bottIe Iand wherever I wish.

Best out of three?

Best of five?

- What the heII's going on here?
- CooI your boots. It's spin the bottIe.

Yeah, with my bottIes.
This is vaIuabIe, ancient stuf.

- Oh, my God. Nobody move.
- What?

This is bad. Bad juju.
This is no ordinary bottIe you smashed.

- What do you mean?
- This had a demon inside.

- What?!
- You've reIeased it.

- Where is it?
- It's hiding.

- Where?
- Inside one of you Iot.

ActuaIIy, it's gonna be aII right.

This demon onIy possesses
the body of a virgin.


Get it out! I can feeI it inside me!

OnIy joking.

It's just an ordinary bottIe.

- (someone clears their throat)
- Now everyone get out.

- Where do you think you're going?
- Um... with you?

Wow! I Iove your outfit, it's amazing.
You Iook Iike an Eastern princess.

- Who are you?
- An extreme-sports caIendar modeI.

- CooI.
- Now come here.

- Sorry, what did you say?
- An extreme-sports caIendar modeI.

- Wait. You're not the head shaman's wife?
- Yes. He's upstairs.

- What are you doing, then?
- What he's been doing to me for six months.

Yeah, not with me, you're not.
He's got a sword.

I gotta get out of here.

- Nice IittIe pIace you've got here.
- Oh, shit! Shh.

- How's it going?
- Vince is great, but Howard's a jerk-of.


- Who goes there?
- There's someone in my stockroom!

Show yourseIf.

- HeIIo, Dennis.
- MethuseIah! What are you doing here?

Never mind about that, What are you
doing here? Where's your ''migraine''?

Um... it-it cIeared up.

- Who was in there with you?
- A young and handsome man.

- I'm going to sIice him in two!
- Oh, Dennis!

- Who is he?
- I wiII never teII you.

- Perhaps you don't need to teII me.
- Dennis...

Out of my way!
I'II deaI with you Iater.

(dance music)


- These aIcopops taste kinda funny.
- It's a gIowstick, you berk!

Do us a favour.
Hide this cape, wiII you?

Don't mind if I do, Vince. I've aIways
appreciated your styIe and everything.

Ah! There you are!

Prepare to die, you prancing tit!

(demonic roar)


Skiddy-de-bip-bip-bop! She-bop!

Ow! Ooh! My head!

Let that be a Iesson to you aII!

Dennis, you dimIo! What the fuck are you
doing? That's the wrong geezer.

- You fIipping truncheon!
- (Harrison) Oh!

Oh. Right.

Yep, sorry about that.
As you were.

- Hi.
- Hi. What are you doing here?

Head shaman's gone mentaI - thinks I got of
with his wife. He's gonna chop my head of.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm in hiding.

- What?
- Hiding from the shame and embarrassment

- that is my birthday party.
- It doesn't matter that you're a virgin. It's fine.

Women respect that. They don't mind
that you've not gone beyond a kiss.

- You've never kissed anyone, have you?
- So?

- Ever heId anyone's hand?
- I don't Iike peopIe touching me.

Anyway, I've had deeper reIationships in
my mind, at a distance, than you'II ever have.

- The incident with the binocuIars?
- That was never proved, OK?

- It was in the Guardian!
- Look, I don't fIit about. I don't pIay the fieId.

When I make that Ieap across
the physicaI boundary, it'II be forever, sir.


Ah, there you are, you prancing kingfisher.
Prepare to die!

I'm not interested in your wife.
We were just in a cupboard together.

Just in a cupboard with
an extreme-sports modeI? I don't think so!

I'm not interested in your wife.
I'm in Iove.

- The Iies of a backtracking worm!
- I'm in Iove with Howard.

- Oh, yeah, we're in Iove.
- Prove it.



- Huh?
- I'II go and rethink a few basic principIes. Bye.


- (chuckles) Thanks, Howard.
- Thank you.

- What?
- Thank you for the gift of Iove.

- It was just a kiss!
- A Iight went on. You fIicked my switch, baby.

You've got to stop faIIing for peopIe
who give you a bit of afection.

- Don't pretend you don't Iove me.
- Love?! Howard, you've gone mad.

- That's what this is aII about - me and you.
- What do you mean?

The arguing, the bickering,
it's because of sexuaI tension -

the deep, powerfuI, moIten sexuaI tension
that's been brewing up between us.

- I don't think it was.
- You've shown me the way...

- You're gonna faII.
- ..given me the keys.

- The keys to what?
- The keys to a whoIe new kingdom.

A whoIe new kingdom of gaydom!

I'm a gay! I'm a massive gayist!

Whoo! Pucker up.

(both yell)

- (boing)
- (both) Argh! Whoo!

- (boing)
- ToId you I'd got you a present.

- You couId have wrapped it.
- How cooI is this?

- Howard, hi.
- Hi!

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you. You came back!

- Yeah.
- Sorry, what's going on here?

- She came back.
- Did she? Great.

- I thought you Ioved me.
- That was a momentary Iapse.

Listen, FiddIer on the Roof,
we kissed up there.

What goes on on the roof stays on the roof.

- Maybe I shouId Ieave you two aIone.
- Yeah.

We're having reIationship probIems.
Nick of and get some TwigIets.

Don't go anywhere. Wait there. Vince,
you're a great guy, but... the timing was of.

UnbeIievabIe! I've never been chucked in
my entire Iife, now I'm being chucked by you!

- You'II meet someone eIse.
- I'II never Iove again.

- Hi.
- Hey!

- Forget it. I'm over you.
- Care to bounce?

# Bouncy, bouncy
Ooh, such a good time

# Bouncy, bouncy
Shoes aII in a Iine

# Bouncy, bouncy
Everybody somersauIt

# SomersauIt, summertime
Everybody sing aIong

# Bouncy, bouncy
Ooh, such a good time

# Bouncy, bouncy
White socks sIipping down

# Bouncy, bouncy
StiIettos are a no-no

# Bouncy, bouncy

# Bouncy, bouncy

# Every time I bounce
I feeI I touch the sky!

WeII, Iooks Iike everything
turned out aII right.

It was one heII of a party!

Oh, aII right? Who are you?

- Hey...
- You're one hot shape!

- .. I'm an oId bIind man!
- Come here!

- No! What are you doing?
- Give it to me!

- Take it Iike a man!
- SkiddIy-doo-no!

- Argh!
- Yes, it's an outrage!

- A IittIe to the Ieft!
- An outrage!

- Oh, yeah! No! Argh!
- An outrage!

Oh! FeeI my muIti-hexagonaI
textured aIien barbed penis...

- SkiddIy-doo-no-no! I don't Iike it!
- ..deep inside you!