The Masked Dancer (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

It's the night you have
all been waiting for,

"The Masked Dancer" super six.

Women In Black, hit it.

From Group A, it's Exotic Bird,

Hammerhead, and Tulip.

From Group B, it's Zebra,

Cotton Candy, and Sloth.

Stop the music!

Let's take this dance battle
to the stage.

Let's get ready to rumba!

I've been talking about it
all season long

and we're finally here.
It's the super six!

- Whoo!
- All right, let's say hi
to our panel.

It's Ashley Tisdale.

- Dr. Ken Jeong!
- Yeah!

Paula Abdul!

Brian Austin Green.

And who is our guest panelist?

She is an actress/producer/

She has more slashes in her name
than she has ex-boyfriends.

It's Whitney Cummings.
Welcome, Whitney.

Are you ready to do this?

I am such a big fan.

The years of, like,
reading tabloids

and watching game shows

and reading "Tiger Beat"
magazine has paid off.

Whitney, you're gonna do great.


And we're still buzzing
from last week's reveal...

- Yes!
- ...of the Cricket when
Paula two-stepped her way

- to correctly guessing
Brian McKnight.
- Whoo!

- Whoo!
- Tonight, the top three
dancers from each group meet

and compete masked head
to masked head.

- Whoa.
- And because it's
the super six,

every time you see this,
we have a new super clue.

It's the most
important clue we've seen.
So pay close attention.

- Yes.
- Now, we're kicking
the hotter than hot

super six off
with the Cotton Candy.

Let's see if we can spot
some new clues

about this mouth-watering treat.

Wow, super six.

I'm no stranger to competition,
but this has been different.

After my fall...

I wasn't sure if I could
even keep on dancing,

let alone make it this far.

I think you are showing that
you have a winner's attitude,

and I think you're gonna be here
for a long time.

Some haters in the past
said that I can't dance.

- ♪ I'm sour candy
- That was amazing!

Well, I'm about to do
a crazy-fun swing performance

that will change their minds.

Also, here's
a little piece of me.

- Five balloons.
- Gold balloons.

It's gotta be someone
who's fought for the gold
in the Olympics maybe?

- Yeah.
- Let's hear it for
Cotton Candy.


♪ You shake my nerves
and you rattle my brain ♪

♪ Too much love
drives a man insane ♪

♪ You broke my will,
but what a thrill ♪

♪ Goodness gracious,
great balls of fire ♪

♪ I laughed at love
'cause I thought it was funny ♪

♪ You came along
and moved me, honey ♪

♪ I've changed my mind,
this love is fine ♪

♪ Goodness gracious,
great balls of fire ♪

♪ Kiss me, baby

- ♪ Ooh, feels good - Whoo!

♪ Hold me, baby

♪ Well, I'll still love you
like a lover should ♪

♪ You're fine, so kind

♪ Got to tell this world that
you're mine, mine, mine, mine ♪

♪ I chew my nails
and then I twiddle my thumbs ♪

♪ I'm real nervous,
but it sure is fun ♪

♪ Come on, baby,
you drive me crazy ♪

♪ Goodness gracious,
great balls of fire ♪

♪ Kiss me, baby

♪ Well, I'll still love you
like a lover should ♪

♪ You're fine, so kind

♪ Got to tell this world that
you're mine, mine, mine, mine ♪

♪ I chew my nails
and I twiddle my thumbs ♪

♪ Real nervous,
but it sure is fun ♪

♪ Come on, baby,
drive me crazy ♪

♪ Goodness gracious,
great balls of fire ♪

- Whoo!
- Oh, my God.

- Yes!
- Way to go!

- Oh, my God.
- That was truly amazing.

That's so impressive.

- Amazing.
- Cotton Candy!

That was fantastic.
What did y'all think about
that performance?

You know what?
Here we are at the super six

where someone who is top notch
can be eliminated,

so you always
have to bring your A game,

and you brought your A game.

You define what
"The Masked Dancer"
is all about.

- Amazing.
- That was dazzling.
She could, like, fly.

She was, like, elevating.
Did you see that?

- She could be a professional
dancer, a TikTok star.

Someone that can, like,
hit the notes, hit the...

- everything was just,
like, popping, right?
- Yes, yes.

Now let's have our panel each
ask Cotton Candy a question

- to solidify their guesses.
- Ooh.

They will have
15 seconds to ask as many
questions as they can

- in a segment
I call Rapid Fire.
- Oh, my gosh.

That's right, I said "fire"!

- Brian, you first.
- Does ice play a role
in your life?

- Yes.
- Ice?

- Oh, ice.
- Are you hot in there?

- Do you have lots of tights
at your house?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Can you do what you're
known for doing in heels?

- No.
- Do people know you
for being physically fit?

- Good. Okay!
- Yes.

- Is it weird
not being on a mat?
Time is up.

Wait a minute.
Whitney asked 50 questions.

Do the five balloons represent...

Paula, there's
no more questions.

If anyone interrupts
Paula Abdul, I will kill you.

This is a fun show.

Okay, panel, what clues
are you picking up on

based on everything you've seen?

- The Tis.
- Okay, so, based off
the first time we saw you,

I thought you were
figure skater Tara Lipinski.

That performance
convinced me even more

that you are definitely
an ice skater.

- That move you did with
the legs around the neck,

like, that is only
an ice skating move.

And based on the clue package,
I saw the rings.

I definitely think that
you've been in the Olympics.

- Yeah.
- And the five golden balloons,

I feel like that could be,

- you know, gold.
- Mm.

And if you can't
do anything in heels that
you normally would,

- maybe you do them in skates.
- Oh!

- Okay.
- Wow.

- This is Tara Lipinski.
- That's a good one. Wow.

No, no. No, I totally disagree.

I actually think
it's someone outside the box.

I saw five balloons,
and I thought what about
gold records?

Maybe someone very accomplished,

like J. Lo herself,

Jennifer Lopez.
Paula, back me up.

- I wish I could.
- Thank you. Undefeated.

Oh, Ken.

- Whitney?
- This is stressful.

You feel like an ice skater
to me, I agree.

Kristi Yamaguchi
came to mind as well.

Yeah. That's who I named
the last time.

- Ooh. Oh.
- That's who I still think
it is. Yeah, totally.

Okay, but then
I started thinking

you were just so effortless
in the way that you fly around.

- I started going to
cheerleading space.
- Ah, nice.

And then because of the lockers
in one of the clues,

I think it's Gabi Butler
from "Cheer,"

- and I'm right.
- Good guess.

- I know. See?
We're... it's the same.

But I'm going in a whole
different direction.


Last time,
I thought it was Jenna Dewan.

But then again, the clues
are there to throw you,

and I'm thrown because
now I'm thinking it could be
gymnast Simone Biles.

Mm, good guess.
- I believe every gymnast
knows how to dance.

- Mm-hmm.
- But what about the ice?
She said ice.

Yes, but a lot of gymnasts
take ice baths.

- Okay.
- Ah, there it is.

- Have you been
in many competitions?
- No more questions, Paula.

Nice. That was smooth, though.

Our panel knows one thing
and one thing only.

- Cotton Candy is delicious.
Let's hear it for her.
- Yes, she is!

- Whoo! We love you!
- Thank you, Cotton Candy.

She is not playing around.
She is here to win.

Tulip and Cotton Candy,
for me, go head to head.
They're so good.

Did the panel's
Cotton Candy guesses

give you cotton mouth?

Use the hashtag
#TheMaskedDancer and tell us.

That was a great start.

Now we move on to
an Exotic Bird.

Is Exotic Bird
flying all the way to
a diamond trophy win?

Or has she flown
into a windshield,
metaphorically speaking?

When this competition started,
I was super stressed.

I've been made fun of before
for my dancing.

But when the music began,

all I felt was the rhythm.

You were amazing.
I definitely know you're
a performer, okurrr?

Life has really changed
since I became a mama bird.

But being under the mask
has allowed me to rediscover
my sultry side.

- Yeah!
- And now that
I'm in the super six,
And now that

this stripped back duet
is going to prove to everyone,

including me, that I can dance.

Okay, ready for your super clue?

Bye, loves!

Oh, who are we thinking?
Who are we thinking?

Rose tattoo?
This could be Amber Rose.

- Oh.
Give it up
for the Exotic Bird.

♪ The space between
where our ends meet ♪

♪ Has grown too much
for me to block it out ♪

♪ I'll miss the tone
of your heartbeat ♪

♪ It's such a warming
and familiar sound ♪

♪ I hope you're finding
the power ♪

♪ To help you make it
through the darker days ♪

♪ For now, I wait by the hour ♪

♪ If you wanna take
somebody's breath away ♪

- Whoo!
- ♪ I hope you're lonely

♪ Hope you're lost,
'cause I've been ♪

♪ To think you're
better off without me ♪

♪ I know we tried to hold on,
but where do you go ♪

♪ When love,
it just ain't enough? ♪

♪ Does it kill you
when you think about me? ♪

♪ Were you as close
to giving up as I've been? ♪

♪ I know we kept losing touch,
got lost in the rush ♪

♪ I pray you don't hurt
too much ♪

- ♪ Well, we had it a
and we let it fall ♪
♪ Well, we had it all

- Ooh.
- ♪ But I hope you fin
you were looking for ♪
♪ But I hope you find whatevr

♪ Well, we had it all
and we let it fall ♪

♪ Lost in the rush

♪ But I pray
you don't hurt too much ♪

- Wow.
- Good job!

- Exotic Bird!
- Exotic Bird, hello, hello.

- Fantastic. What do you think
about that performance?

That was really emotional
for me. I don't know...

I mean, I always cry
at this time of night,

but I did well up a little bit.

I'm rooting so hard for you,
and I'm so proud of you,

even though I don't even
freaking know who you are.

Yeah. I think that
you're more of a dancer
than you thought you were.

I feel like I picked up
early on in your performances

that you are naturally
a very sensual kind of person.

- Yep.
- But you were a little

with what you were doing,

and so now you're
coming out of that.

Yeah. I just picked up a sense
of confidence I haven't seen

- in your earlier performances.
- Yes.

And you're improving
every time we see you.

- Whoo.
- All right, our panel is dying

to ask the Exotic Bird
some questions.

It's time for Rapid Fire!

- Whoa! Yes!
- Ken, you're first.

Have you ever been
in a music video?

- Yes.
- Oh, snap. Okay.

- Have you ever appeared
in a campaign ad?
- Yes.

- Does the word "model"
mean anything to you?
- Yes.

- Ooh.
- Has it been hard being away
from your baby, Exotic Bird?

Time's up.

- Oh, my God, that was so cute.
- What was that? That was...

- That was a bird.
- Wow.

Ashley, who do you think it is?

The tattoo gun at the end
and the roses

makes me think of
the tattoo artist Kat Von D.

- Going back into
other clue packages,

I saw a lot
of beauty references.

- Kat has an entire empire.
- Yeah.

She has beauty
and she has a perfume line.

- Yes.
- And she just had a baby bird.

So I think it is Kat Von D.

- Wow. Well said.
- Whitney?

With how elegant
your dancing was

and how smooth your body moved,

and then the rose tattoo?

I was getting
Dita Von Teese vibes.

- That's cool.
- Yeah.

Oh, that's a good guess.

But Dita Von Teese
doesn't have a baby.

I guess a baby doesn't
have to be an actual baby.

- My dogs are my babies.
- Maybe.

That's sad.

- Green, Brian Austin.
- Oh, hey.

Nice, the way you
turned those words around.

Good job.

I have somebody in mind
who I know just had a baby.

There was the mama bird
reference in the clue package.

- Yeah.
- She's very publicly talked

about getting her sultry back,

which was in
the clue package also,

and she has a tattoo
on her neck.

- I think it's a model.
- Ooh, good.

She's definitely tall.

I think that it's Ashley Graham.

- Oh, good guess.
- That's a good guess.

Speaking of models,
it also could be my dear
friend Kate Upton.

Had a baby,
has a similar height.

No, I'm sorry.
Kate Upton's my actual friend.

- Okay.
- I'm calling Kate Upton.

- No, don't call her.
Don't call her.
- Why not?

I'm gonna see if she really
knows who you are.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.
- If she doesn't answer,
this could be Kate Upton.

Not answering.
She doesn't like you very much.

- Then I am undefeated.
- Mr. Ken might be right.

Win, win.


- It's not Kate Upton.
- Hey, Kate.

So you're not on
"The Masked Dancer."

Ken is wrong.
Can we just celebrate the fact
that Ken is wrong?

Hi, Kate.

- Give it up for Exotic Bird.
- Yes!

These are our panel's
Exotic Bird guesses.

Can any of their choices

perform an interpretive dance
just like this?

Tell us using #TheMaskedDancer.

I love you. Thank you.

Coming up,
the super six continues

with four more
fire performances.

Oh, my God. Your rhythm?
You blew me away tonight.

I think I know who you are.

- Take it off!
- And a shocking unmasking.

- Oh, my God!
- Are you kidding me?

♪ Who is that?

Ken, you know what tonight is?

Yeah, tonight's gonna be great.
Super six.

- It's fire!
- Oh!

Is it... okay, okay.

- Fire! Fire! Fire!
- Oh!

Ready to burn up
the dance floor,

it's the Sloth. Let's take a
look at his journey so far,

plus some new clues.

I may not be new
to the dance floor,

but this show has made me
step out of my comfort zone.

I just thought of Jason Derulo,
who is an amazing dancer.

It's gonna be great
figuring out who you are.

It helps that no one knows
who I am,

especially the judges,

but I can't wait
for my family to find out.

♪ Love lift us up
where we belong ♪

You know, it gives me
Will Ferrell vibes.

- He did the ribbon dance
in "Old School."
- Yes! He did!

I'm going to do a new
dance style every week

to get to that trophy,

starting with this classic
Hollywood jazz number tonight.

Now, here's a clue.

For you!

Okay, stars. Big movie star?

- Peyton Manning is number 18.
- Yep.

I love that he's sitting there
looking at us, like,

- judging what we're saying.
- While we're talking about him.

Let's hear it for the Sloth!

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♪ How lucky can one guy be?

♪ I kissed her
and she kissed me ♪


♪ Like the fella once said

♪ Ain't that a kick
in the head? ♪

- ♪ My head keeps spinning
- Whoo!

♪ I go to sleep
and keep grinning ♪

♪ If this is
just the beginning ♪

♪ My life is gonna
be beautiful ♪

♪ She's telling me
we'll be wed ♪

♪ She's picked out
a king-size bed ♪

♪ I couldn't feel any better
or I'd be sick ♪

♪ Tell me quick

♪ Oh, ain't love a kick?

♪ Tell me quick

♪ Ain't love a kick

♪ In the head


- Yes!
- Oh, my God.

Come on, Paula. That's insane.


- Oh, Sloth.
- So cute.

- Every time, yo.
- Oh, man.

What did you think
about that performance?

What a thrill.
I haven't seen your
other performances,

but you have an incredible
stage presence.

I picked up a little bit
of athleticism

just with your hips
and your knees.

Am I allowed to objectify you?

Oh! Oh, God.

There's so much Broadway
showmanship on that stage.

I just... I'm in awe
of your jetés, of your...

How about the pirouette turns?

That's crazy.
In a costume like that?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Just stellar,

and you're a frontrunner
of this show right now.

- Amazing.
- Aww.

So many questions for the Sloth,
so little time.

Panel, it's time for Rapid Fire!

Let's start with Brian.

If you weren't a sloth,
what other animal would you be?

- Elephant.
- Paula?

Do you feel like
the costume is allowing you
to feel more at ease with...

- No.
- Ashley?

Has it been hard being away
from your family during this?

- Yes.
- Oh! So you're not from L. A.

I know exactly who this is.

Okay, Broadway, elephant...
Elephant man.

I honestly believe this is
my good buddy Bradley Cooper.

"Hangover 1," "Hangover 2,"

"Hangover 3."

All those stars...
"A Star Is Born."

- He's got a baby.
- Is he a good dancer?

- He's an amazing dancer.
- How do you know that?
How do you know that?

Because we've hung out
and we've danced together.

- What? Where?
- In my living room.

- Brian?
- Okay, because of the way
you carry yourself,

your sense of comedic timing
and everything,

I would almost go in
a John C. Reilly direction.

- Whoa!
- Good guess. Good guess.

- Who has a dance background.
- He's amazingly talented.

You just stole that
from my Will Ferrell guess
from the last time.

But I have gone through
a journey with you

from Jason Derulo
to Will Ferrell.

But based off this performance,

I think you are
in a Broadway movie,

and there is one person,

he has three kids
with Isla Fisher.

And actually, the 18,

There's only 18 episodes
of his show "Ali G."

I think you're
Sacha Baron Cohen.

I think
it's a great guess.
Yeah, so do I.

- I think Sacha is taller.
- You're not getting

Sacha Baron Cohen
vibes from him?

Uh, no.
Remember, I was in "Bruno."

- What?
- And he punked me.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God.

Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.

- Oh, yeah.
- I remember that scene.

Thank you.
I'm terrified of the man.

All I do know is
it's definitely not Judge Judy.

Let's hear it for the Sloth.
Head on backstage.

Ken, did you notice the sign?

- I didn't until just now.
- What does that mean?

That's got to be a clue.

These are our rat pack
panel's Sloth guesses.

Can any of them kick it
old-school like this?

Use #TheMaskedDancer
and tell us.

Up next, the Hammerhead
tangos his tail off.

Who's unmasking at the end
of the night?


♪ Who is that?

♪ Take it off, take it off

Welcome back to
"The Masked Dancer" super six.


Up next, we're headbanging
to some Hammerhead.

Last time, the panel went
a bit overboard,

naming everyone
from "The Situation"
to Ryan Seacrest.

But if you're not convinced,
here's some brand new

shark clues to tide you over.

♪ Everybody

I can't believe

I made it to the super six.

I might not be the best dancer,
but I'm loving this.

- I do not want to go home.
- ♪ Backstreet's back

- ♪ All ri
- Whoo! Go!
♪ All right

In my mask,
I can finally let loose,
and it's liberating.

♪ Backstreet's back, all right ♪

Whoever you are,
you're definitely someone
who loves to be on stage.

I'm doing the paso doble.

when you mess with the bull,
you get the horns.

Or in my case,

mess with the shark,

you get the teeth.

And since this bullfight
is B. Y. O. clue,

who wants to get my back?

- The Hammertone.
- Yeah, tan... I'm getting
"Jersey Shore" vibes,

- you know what I mean?
- Yeah, that east coast map.

Let's hear it
for the Hammerhead.


♪ Baby, do you
understand me now? ♪

♪ Sometimes I feel
a little mad ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm just a soul
who's intentions are good ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, please don't
let me be misunderstood ♪

♪ If I seem edgy,
I want you to know ♪

♪ That I never meant
to take it out on you ♪

♪ Life has it's problems
and I've got my share ♪

♪ And that's one thing
I never meant to do ♪

♪ And sometimes I feel myself
alone regretting ♪

♪ Some foolish thing,
some foolish thing I've done ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm just a soul
who's intentions are good ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, please don't
let me be misunderstood ♪

- Whoo!
- Yes!

- Good job, Hammerhead.
- Good job.

What do you think about
that performance? Whitney?

That was intense.
Feeling a lot of feelings.

But I feel strongly that
you're not a trained dancer.

And that's what's
so beautiful about you

is I don't see a lot of craft.

I see a lot of grit.
I see a lot of heart.

You're an athlete.

You're so exuberant on stage,

and I think you're someone
who's younger.

You love working out.
I noticed that on your body.

Or the fake muscles.
I don't know what they are.

Okay, it's time for our panel
to ask some questions.

- It's Rapid Fire!
- Aah!

Brian Austin Green,
we will start with you.

- Are you known for having
a sense of humor?
- I think so.

- Do you have stage fright?
- No.

Now we know he's not a comedian.

- Are you strictly a solo act?
- Nope.

Have you ever had a relationship
in the public eye?



All right, what clues are you
picking up on, Ken?

I still think this is someone
who's an entertainer.

And last time,
I thought Ryan Seacrest.

Now, to me,
the Jersey clue, it just...

That is the Hammerhead,

elephant in the room,
or whatever you call it.

I mean, this may be Pauly D
from the "Jersey Shore."

- That's a really good guess.
- The Vegas clue tipped me off

because he has a residency
in Vegas at Drai's Nightclub.

- Yes.
- Oh, that's a good guess.

- Paula?
- In the last clue package,

there was a microphone stand
and a mic,

and that's why I went
with Mike "The Situation."

- Good guess.
- But after tonight,

I feel like there's someone
more youthful than that.

And that Vegas clue reminded me

of someone who is known
for making risky bets in Vegas.

The stature, the height...
I think it's David Dobrick.

- Okay. Good guess.
- Whoa!

He's a YouTuber,
and he's really funny.

- Br-r-r-rian.
- I think this is somebody
that seems pretty fearless

and not afraid of what
people say or think.

So that's why last week
I guessed Joe Rogan.

But based on the clues,

there was the eastern seaboard
in the one clue

and suntan lotion,
which these guys are known for.

So I'm gonna take
this one from Paula

and I'm gonna go to
"The Situation."

Well, thank you so much, Brian.

You know, maybe not
Mike "The Situation" or Pauly,

but it could be Vinny
from "Jersey Shore."

- Oh, yes.
- Let's hear it for
the Hammerhead.

- Oh!
- Now head backstage.

Your calamari's getting cold.

Is the Hammerhead swimming
to the next round?

Or is it headed for heartbreak
at the end of the night?

Don't be shy. Tell us
using #TheMaskedDancer.

Up next, Tulip.

Tulip actually might be the most
trained or accomplished dancer.

- Without question.
- Yeah.

You have no idea
how much I want to know
who's behind the mask.

I'm just excited to see
what she does tonight.

- ♪ Who is that?
- Come on, girls.

Welcome back.
It's "The Masked Dancer."

Up next, the Tulip.

This one's so talented,

Paula thinks she could go
all the way.

But if you're not sure
who this flower is,

here's a beautiful bouquet
of new clues for you.

So it's the super six.

This competition just got real.

Yes, yes, yes!

Believe it or not,

I've never really enjoyed

You are definitely
a trained dancer.
I'm blown away.

But since being here,

I'm starting to fall in love
with performing again.

I've done tap.

I've done an emotional dance.

But tonight I'm going back

to some of the first dancing
I ever learned.

Oh, and one more thing.
Bring it on!

Second annual
mother-daughter dance.

Is this someone who's
been judged? Like a...

- Competition shows maybe.
- Yeah.

Let's hear it for the Tulip.

- Yay, Tulip!
- Yeah!

I cannot wait to see this.

♪ Thought I'd end up with Sean ♪

♪ But he wasn't a match

♪ Wrote some songs about Ricky ♪

♪ Now I listen and laugh

♪ Even almost got married

♪ And for Pete,
I'm so thankful ♪

♪ Wish I could say
thank you to Malcolm ♪

♪ 'Cause he was an angel

♪ One taught me love

♪ One taught me patience

♪ And one taught me pain

♪ Now, I'm so amazing

♪ I've loved and I've lost

♪ But that's not what I see

♪ So, look what I got

♪ Look at what you taught me

♪ And for that, I say

- ♪ Thank you, next
- Yeah! Yeah!

♪ Thank you, next

♪ I'm so grateful for my ex

♪ Thank you, next

♪ Thank you, next

♪ Thank you, next

♪ I'm so grateful for my ex

♪ Thank you, next



- Yes.
- Listen, we are in
the super six right now,

and you just brought
the stakes up even higher.

Wow. Such a good dancer. Yeah.

I mean, we all recognize
that you have training.

I saw ballet training.
Beautiful leg extension.

- You're a born performer,
that's for sure.
- Yeah.

- Now, it's time for
our panel to ask

some hard-hitting questions.

It's a game I call Rapid Fire!

- Whoa!
- Yay!

Ex-boyfriend of Donna Martin,
we'll start with you.

She graduated!

- Where would you retire?
- I've never thought about it.

- That's 'cause she's young.
- How are you at
memorizing dialogue?

- I would say I'm a pro.
- Could be an actor.

Okay, what would be worse,
running out of gas

or running low on battery
on your phone?

- On my phone, of course.
- Yes! Yes, girl.

I know what
you're talking about.

- A-ha!
- From the clues,

who do you think this is?

- Ken?
- I still think
this is an actor

and a trained dancer.

I thought this
was Heather Morris.

But then the mom clue,

I was thinking "Modern Family"

and Sarah Hyland.

And she starred in the reboot...

The remake of "Dirty Dancing."

- Good point.
- A table of judges.

- Well, she's appeared
on "Lip Sync Battle."
- Yeah.

And I think the second annual
mother-daughter contest,

or the mother-daughter dance...

Was I believe there was
an amazing,

emotional "Modern Family"
episode with her

and her TV mother Julie Bowen.

- Ah.
- This is Sarah Hyland.

- That's a great guess.
- I know.

Hey! Good guess.

- Brian Austin Green?
- I am still on the train

of you come from more of a world

- of gymnastics and Olympics.
- Yeah.

I just saw a lot
of gymnastic balance

and coordination and moves.

I know that this person
is on TikTok.

I know she has a really good
relationship with her mom.
She's talked about it.

And I know she's been
heavily involved

in the Olympics and still is.

Last week I guessed
Simone Biles.

So, I'm sticking
with Simone Biles.

- Whoo!
- Ba-ba-boom.

I think I know who you are.

- Oh, snap.
- Oh, man.

I kept thinking, like,
she's such a good dancer,
such a good dancer.

Then you said you acted as well,

so I would be a bad guest
if I did not think

Julianne Hough could be
inside that tulip.

- That's so good.
- I'm blown away.

Let's hear it for the girl.
Now head backstage.

There's a flowerpot
with your name on it.

These are the panel's
Tulip guesses.

Can their random array
of celeb names

put their petal to the metal
like this?

Use the hashtag
and tell us.

- Ooh, who could that be?
- Chances are she's going to be
around for a while,

- so we're gonna have fun
figuring out who she is.
- Yeah.

After the break,
it's the crowd-pleasing Zebra.

Plus, one celebrity
will be unmasked.

- Whoa!
- Yes! Oh!

Are you okay? Are you sore?

- Whoo!
- ♪ I'm making big moves

♪ Give away clues,
keep you guessing who ♪

Welcome back
to "The Masked Dancer."

- Yes!
- And now we've arrived

at our final dancer
of the night,

and it's an animal
that always comes in last

It's the Zebra.

You know, I had two left feet
even before I became the Zebra.

But look where I am now...
The super six!

I'm obviously
getting Latin vibes.
- Definitely.

- I'm thinking Ricky Martin.
- Oh!

At first, wearing the mask
freaked me out.

I'm very claustrophobic.

But getting to perform again
has felt like regaining
a piece of my soul.

I think that you're
Floyd Mayweather.

I may not be the best dancer,
but I love it!

So I'm going to keep
the fun Latin vibes going,

and hopefully that keeps me
going in this competition.

And if you haven't guessed
who I am by now, here's a clue.

Knock out, knock out.
Knock out. Is that a boxer?

I think so.
A T-shirt with the K. O.?

We can't forget
the Grammy, guys.

- Yeah. Boom.
- There was a graham cracker
with an "E."

Let's hear it for the Zebra.

Come on, Zebra!

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

- Yasss!
- Whitney saw.

The dancers are wearing 99s.

- Whoo!
- Oh, my goodness!

- Whoo!
- Zebra!

- Amazing!
- Oh, there's those happy feet.

Oh, my God.
Oh, nice work.
Nice work.

- Oh, my God.
- Really good.

What did you think
about that performance?

Who are you?
You're not the Zebra

from last time I saw you
or the time before.

You blew me away tonight.
Well done!

- Yep. I think you have
years of being on stage.

There's a comfort on stage
that can't be faked.

- Right.
- Everything just felt so
effortless from you, Zebra.

So good.
- Well, I'm sure you got some
questions for Zebra.

- Yes!
- It's time for Rapid Fire!

You only get 15 seconds,
so make it quick.

- Ashley?
- Have you ever acted before?

- Yes.
- Okay, okay, okay.

- Paula?
- Are you undefeated?

- I'm still here.
- Brian?

- Are you known for a hook?
- Yes.

- Could I have heard any
of your music, maybe?

- Yes.
- Yes.

That changes everything.
I think I know who this is.

Panel, what clues are
you picking up on based on
everything you've seen?

My first gut was LL Cool J.

- Yeah.
- I saw grammy, and then there
was the knock out.

- "Mama's Gonna Knock You Out"
- Ooh.

Lifts weights.
I'm gonna go with LL Cool J.

- Yes.
- That's good.

- Right? Thank you.
- Oh, my God, that's good.

- You're, like, on fire.
- Thank you. I know.

Producers, fire them, hire me!

Yeah, you have amazing footwork,
and I've been watching that.

Even when you're standing still
and you're moving around,

I can tell that you're used
to moving your feet.

That tends to be a trait
within a certain profession.

Last time I said
fighter Tito Ortiz.

But now I'm thinking
this is someone

who was nominated for a Grammy
for Best Latin Pop Album,

has won a gold medal for boxing.

So, yeah, I know exactly
who this is.

- Who?
- Oscar De La Hoya.

Good guess.
That's a great guess.
Whoa! Whoa!

But Oscar De La Hoya
wouldn't be doing this.

Wouldn't he?
Look at
the footwork though.

I still think
it's Floyd Mayweather.

The money on stage
for "Money" Mayweather.

- Ooh!
- Oh, good guess.

Let's hear it for the Zebra.

Now, do the panel's Zebra
guesses smell like manure?

Or can any of their guesses

command a stage like this?

Use the hashtag
and set us straight.

To out other five dancers
in the lair, come on out.

Panel, audience,
and our superfans

from all over
the country at home...

Who do you think
is the frontrunner so far?

- Sloth, Cotton Candy,
and Tulip.
- Yeah.

Our super six
danced up a storm tonight,

and now you get to reward them

by choosing your favorite
of the night.

Exotic Bird tonight felt like
she was in the pocket.

- She showed up.
- The most improved
was Zebra, for me.

Yeah, for me, too.

There was something charming
about Hammerhead to me.

Yes, he's very charming.

Because he felt like
the underdog in a way.

The one with the least amount
of votes will be forced
to unmask and go home.

Honestly, everybody has been
at their best right now.

The votes are in.

And the super six dancer
not quite super enough...

...will be revealed
right after the break.

Oh, come on.

♪ Who is that?

Welcome back
to "The Masked Dancer"
super six spectacular.

- It really has been fire!
- Whoa!

- Whoo!
- But one of you must unmask.

The dancer with the least
amount of votes is...

They're all so good.

The Hammerhead.

- Aww.
- Oh, no.

To the rest of you, congrats.

Go celebrate
in Ken's dressing room.

- Aww.
- That means, Hammerhead,
you're not advancing,

but we do finally get to reveal
your secret famous identity.

- My Hammerhead.
- But first, let's
have the panel

each ask a question before
they make their final guesses.

- Brian, you first.
- Are you a fan of working out?

- Yes, for sure.
- Okay.

- Nice. All right.
- Ashley.

- Okay, this is
a serious question.
- Oh, jeez.

- Are you taller than Ken?
- Oh!

- Yes.
- Interesting.

- Whitney.
- Have you ever done
stand-up comedy?

- A little.
- A little?

- Have we dated?
- One question.

- Whoa! One question.
- Ken.

Mr. Hammerhead, have you ever
been to New Jersey?

- Yes.
- Oh, snap!

- You got it. You got it.
- Paula.

Are you a lover of social media?

- Yes.
- Okay.

All right, it's time to hear
their final guesses.

- Ken.
- Look, he's been in Jersey.

Vegas. He has a residency
there as a DJ.

Hammertone suntan lotion.
It's gotta be Pauly D.

- Yes.
- That's a good one.

Once I heard Jersey,
tanning, Vegas...

- It's Pauly D. Straight up.
- Yes! Yes!

- Wow.
- Ashley?

Okay, I always
have picked up on kind of,
like, your silly vibe.

- Yes.
- You're tiny in stature.

I'm really thinking
a comedian, because also

you had in one
of your clue packages
a stand-up mic.

- And he was in a movie
based in Vegas,

- "Think Like a Man 2."
- Ah!

I do think
you could be Kevin Hart.

- Whoa! Whoa.
- Yeah.

Yeah, you know what?
Based on the stage performance,

you really seem to want
to have fun up there

and he was really entertaining.

I know he's a big fan of Vegas
and a big fan of partying,

so I'm gonna stick with
The Situation.

- That's a good guess.
- Paula.

You know, we gotta remember

to go back
in earlier clue packages.

- Thank you.
- Like, there was a clue
of you painting.

- And I know
David Dobrik paints.

That's why I'm saying
I know it's David Dobrik.

- Whoo!
- Nice.

Okay, panel, you have made
your final guesses.

Let's see if any of you
are right.

Audience, let's all
encourage Hammerhead to...

Take it off! Take it off!

♪ Take it off

♪ Take it off

♪ Take it off

♪ Take it off

- Oh!
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Vinny Guadagnino from
the "Jersey Shore," y'all.

Come on!

- I said that today.
- You did.

I said it was you earlier.

I don't know why
I didn't stick with that.

Oh, my God. I hate me.

- Love you.
- Thank you.

These aren't my real muscles,
by the way.

Hey, look, so what was it like
being inside the Hammerhead?

Oh, man. Um, it was great.

I'm not a professional dancer.
You guys nailed it.

- Um, but I like
to learn new things.
- Did you have fun?

I had so much fun.
This was the most fun thing
I've ever done.

It's interesting because
I do know you a little bit,

and I do think having
the costume on brought, like,

- a different side out of you.
- Yeah.

The Hammerhead is not
who I am in real life at all,

so I love the anonymity of it.

I got to, like, go crazy
and surprise everybody.

So then was the Vegas thing
just for partying in Vegas or...

I occasionally have a residency
as a stripper at Chippendales.

- Oh, really?
- What?

- I knew it.
- I'm just the host.

- That's how we know each other.
- Exactly.

- I knew it.
- Oh, you guys are coworkers.

Wait, wait, wait.
Why did you say you kind of did
stand-up comedy?

- Well, I tried,
Whitney, okay?
- When?

- Are you married?
- No, I'm not married, no.

What was the wedding cake
in that clue package?

Oh, on an episode
of "Jersey Shore,"

me and Pauly D,
we got bro-mitted to each other.

- Got it.
- Great job. Let's hear it
one more time.

- Great, man. You were great.
- Oh, my God. So awesome.

Next week,
our final five battle it out

in a race
unlike any other on TV.

But right now,
here to dance unmasked...

- Yes.
- the artist formerly known
as the Hammerhead...

- Yay!
- ...Vinny Guadagnino.

- I can't believe I said Vinny.
- That's amazing.

- I can't believe it.
- That's amazing.


- Whoo!
- Vinny!

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