The Masked Dancer (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Are you ready?

- It started with ten.
- Whoo!

It's just entertaining, funny.

Oh! I'm falling in love.

- Take it off!
- Two were eliminated.

Oh! Ice-T!

- Bill Nye! - Aah!

But the battle to keep
it on has just begun.

Only eight remain,

all fighting to earn a place

in "The Masked
Dancer" super six.

Tonight, the costumes are clean,

the masks are on,

and Group B is back.

The gloves are off.

It's time to battle it out

for a spot in the super six.

♪ Who is that?

♪ Camera on and
the music's hot ♪

♪ If you guess right,
I just might take it off ♪

♪ Feeling myself from
my head to my feet ♪

♪ Make you feel the heat
from the boom-boom beat ♪

I'm your host Craig Robinson,

and we got a brand new
episode of "The Masked Dancer."

It's time for the
Group B playoffs.

Let's bring out
tonight's competitors.

The Sloth.

The Cotton Candy.

The Zebra.

And Miss Moth.

♪ 'Cause I-I-I'm in
the stars tonight ♪

♪ So watch me bring the
fire and set the night alight ♪

And our steamy, dreamy panel,

a motley crew of TV titans...

Brian Austin Green,

Ashley Tisdale,

Paula Abdul,

and celebrating a rare victory,
Dr. Ken Jeong.

Ken, you figured it out.

You guessed that Bill
Nye was the Ice Cube guy.

- How do you feel?
- I've done a lot in my life.

I'm a doctor, I'm an actor,
I'm an Instagram model,

but this is the most
important accomplishment

I've ever done in my life,

and that includes my
wife and both of my kids.

Good job, Ken. Well done.

Take a seat. We
got a show to do.

And who's our guest panelist?

She's a two-time Emmy-nominated
member of the Fox family.

She's also the lucky recipient
of daily emoji-filled texts

from her BFF Ken Jeong.

♪ 'Cause I-I-I'm in
the stars tonight ♪

♪ So watch me bring the
fire and set the night alight ♪

♪ Shining through the city
with a little funk and soul ♪

'Ello, darling!

Panel, any ideas?

A blonde who likes to have fun?

let's find out who's behind the mask.

Take it off! Take it off!


From "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

and the star of "I
Can See Your Voice"...

Sorry, Ken. It's Cheryl Hines.

- - Hi, guys.

Craig, you got some moves.

Come on, come on. So do you.

- You doing a thang. - Okay!

we are thrilled to have you here.

Now you can take your
place with the panel,

and no selfies with Paula
until the commercial break.

Copy. Okay.

it's the Group B playoffs.

We've got four supremely
talented dancers in the mix,

but only three will foxtrot
their way to the super six.

we let the Zebra back out of its cage.

Last time he shook
his bon-bon so much

Brian Austin Green
thought it was Ricky Martin.

But if you think that
guess is la vida loco,

here's some brand new clues.

And remember,
when you see this in the clue package,

- that's an important clue.
- This is exciting.

Oh, man. It was amazing to
be up on that big stage again.

You've been in character
from the very beginning.

It really gave me that
little taste of adrenaline

I've been missing ever since
my golden promotion to Z. E. O.

Z.E.O.? He's like
a business mogul?

Our mission at Zebra,
Inc. Is to help others,

especially those who may
not be able to help themselves.

- That's U. F. C.
- Maybe someone like a Conor McGregor?

Childhood was hard,
surrounded by poverty and crime.

- A record breaker.
- Athletes break records.

But also, I always had love.

And I never would have
made it to where I am today

without the support of some
great mentors and friends.

And that's why I need to
give back and be a hero

to all the little zebras out there who
need someone to believe in them.

- This is definitely someone who likes to help others.
- Like Tony Robbins.

Sometimes life is crazy, but love
will always help you fight through.

My first dance was a fun salsa,

but tonight I'm slowing
it down with a sexy duet.

You wouldn't believe how hard
it is to bring the sexy as a zebra.

But just like life, if I can channel
the love, I'll come out on top.

Hey, Cheryl,
you know what you didn't see?

In the previous clue package
was he had won medals.

- Oh.
- Yeah, and I was thinking it could be an athlete.

- Yeah, totally.
- After the break, the Zebra's slow-grooving

to some classic
late '90s R&B.

the rest of your Group B favorites.

That's right. The battle
for the super six begins.

- BRB. - ♪ Take it off

♪ Who is that?

♪ Who is that?

Welcome back to "The Masked
Dancer" Group B playoffs.

And now, ready to perform,

the Zebra! - Cheryl: Whoo!

I love that he's
moving the whole time.

Right. He's always moving.

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♪ I'm so glad

♪ I will never find
another lover ♪

♪ Sweeter than you

♪ Sweeter than you

♪ And I will never
find another lover ♪

♪ More precious than you

♪ More precious than you

♪ Girl you are close to me,
you're like my mother ♪

♪ Close to me,
you're like my father ♪

♪ Close to me,
you're like my sister ♪

- ♪ Close to me,
you're like my brother ♪ - Okay.

♪ You are the only one,
my everything ♪

♪ And for you this song I sing ♪

♪ And all my life ♪

♪ I prayed for
someone like you ♪

♪ And I hope that you

♪ Feel the same way too

♪ Yes, I pray that you

♪ Do love me too

- Yes! - Yes.

- Who is this?
- Zebra!

Look at him go!

Well done,
Zebra. Come on up here.

- What just happened?
- That's so great.

what did you think about that performance?

You know, I'm new to this,
so to see somebody dancing

with a full costume
on is impressive.

- Yeah, it is.
- I don't even think I could walk in that outfit.

You know, your partner was
very trusting and brave, I thought.

Because, you know,
you spun her around

and really just
took care of her.

- And then just let her go.
- And then once in a while,

there was, like,
a weird hip thrust.

- But it was very entertaining.
- Very entertaining.

- I mean, look at you still moving.
- I know.

You know, to me,
the Zebra moves like a boxer.

- Oh!
- Yeah. Watching him now, he has a lot of...

Like the footwork thing,
that's something when boxers

hit heavy bags they tend to do

to sort of keep
their heart rate up.

Not that one necessarily.

That's more of a Ken move. Yes. Exactly,

"More of a Ken move."

All right, time to remove the
voice modulation from Zebra

and get that one
word clue. Lay it on us.

♪ Word up ♪

♪ It's the code word

♪ No matter where you say it

♪ You'll know that
you'll be heard ♪



I still hear an accent,
I just can't place it.

- Yep, yep.
- I feel like you're an athlete.

First I was thinking A-Rod.

Because in the clue package, you seem like
you're someone who wants to help people.

A-Rod is a Z. E. O.
He helps little zebras.

But then his frame?
That's not A-Rod's frame.

So then with the clues,
I think he's a boxer.

- Mm-hmm.
- I think that he's broken records and broken noses.

And I think that you're
Floyd Mayweather.

And there was a
clue of cinnamon.

Floyd Mayweather
fought Canelo Álvarez,

and "canelo" in Spanish
means "cinnamon."

- Oh, my goodness. - Oh, wow.

I think this is
Floyd Mayweather.

- That's... Paula!
- Paula and her facts. It's wild.

- And Floyd Mayweather is a champion.
- Absolutely.

He's undefeated. He's
like an undefeated...

- Tell me about it. - I am.

- I know. - I'm telling you.

Well done.

- The Tis.
- I got some Tony Robbins vibe.

He mentors people
and helps others.

- Tony's, like, 6'7".
- Well, then nix Tony Robbins.

He's not as big as Tony Robbins,
so now I'm getting...

For some reason I'm
getting Mario Lopez vibes.

Because the clue package
said breaking records,

and Mario Lopez was in a movie
called "Breaking The Surface."

- - Yes.

And Mario knows how to shake it.

- He knows how to dance.
- Is that Mario?

Is that how Mario Lopez
moves to his name?

- Definitely, like...
- Mario's a very good dancer. No offense, Zebra.

Oh, that's a good poi... but
he might be covering his moves.

- He might be covering up though.
- True, true.

- Okay.
- Latin guys know how to thrust really well.


My husband is part Mexican,
so I would know.

There you go.

Okay, last time,
I thought it was a performer.

But based on the clues tonight,

the thing for me that stuck out

was UFO with U. F.
C. On the side of it.

- I was trying to think of that.
- Yeah.

So the name that came to
me is somebody that I know

has fought under Oscar De
La Hoya's promotion company.

He has a big neck,
as does Zebra there.

I am going with
fighter Tito Ortiz.

Ah. Good guess.


K-Ci & JoJo, that's like one
of my favorite songs in the world.

- Everyone. - ♪ All my life

♪ I prayed for
someone like you ♪

♪ And I thank God

- ♪ That I - I
finally found you.

- Harmony. - ♪ All...

♪ All my life

Nailed it.

Totally. I am dying to know
now who is in this costume.

- Take it off!
- No, it's too early. A little too early.

- It's too soon.
- A little too soon.

Too soon, Paula.

But incredible job. Let's
hear it for the Zebra.

- Whoo! - Good job, Zebra!

Zebra! - Ken: Zebra!

These are the
panel's Zebra guesses.

Can one of their guesses
sway and slay like this?

Tell us using #TheMaskedDancer.

I was not expecting that.

His first performance
wasn't so frantic.

- Yes. It was...
- It was frantic though in a different way.

- It was Latin.
- It does make me think that maybe it's a comedian.

You think so, but,
like, honestly,

sometimes behind the
mask they're so funny.

It could be anyone.

The Zebra is literally
giving me confidence.

If I make it to the super six,
I'm excited to show the panel

and America what
I'm really made of.

- Coming up...
- What just happened?

...the battle for the
super six continues.

You're so cute, too!

- You're my favorite performance.
- I'm freaking out here.

And later, yep, you guessed it.

- Take it off! - ♪ Take it off

Someone will take it off!

- - Oh, my God!

Welcome back to the reason

you're arguing with
your aunt on Facebook.

It's "The Masked Dancer."

Up next is the Cotton Candy.

Here's some new clues
about this high calorie treat.

that didn't exactly go as planned.

It was a scary fall.

But you think I'm gonna
let one fall stop me?

No way.

I'm used to setbacks.

I grew up in a place where
life was carefree and simple...

...for everyone but me.

It was so hard to
balance practice

with everything else in my life.

- Okay, practice. She seems like an athlete.
- Mm.

I missed out on so
many milestones,

and I started to feel
iced out from kids my age.

"Iced out." Definitely
a figure skater.

I even missed my
high school prom.

It made me want to
scream sometimes.

- Oh, lipstick.
- Maybe she has her own makeup line.

But all these years later,

I'm truly grateful
for those sacrifices.

Because I made it here,
and once again,

I'm taking a big risk.

My last performance,
it was just me and my partner,

But tonight, I'm with a group
of the most talented dancers.

So I have to stand
out and show the panel

why I deserve a
spot in the super six.

They were, like,
primping her. Is she a model maybe?

She's clearly very
strong. She's petite.

She seems like an athlete
the way she recovered from that fall.

- Yep.
- Here to serve us a little sweet and sour,

give it up for the Cotton Candy.

- - Come on, Cotton Candy!

♪ I'm sou-sour candy


♪ Sou-sour candy ♪

♪ I'm sour candy

♪ So sweet,
then I get a little angry, yeah ♪

♪ Sour candy, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I'm super psycho

♪ Make you crazy when
I turn the lights low ♪

♪ Sour candy, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ask me to be nice,
and then I'll do it extra mean ♪

♪ If you wanna fix me,
then let's break up here and now ♪


♪ I'm hard on the outside ♪

♪ But if you give me time

♪ Then I could make
time for your love ♪

♪ I'm hard on the outside

♪ But if you see inside,
inside, inside ♪

♪ I'm sour candy

♪ So sweet,
then I get a little angry, yeah ♪

♪ Sour candy,
take a bite, take a bite ♪

♪ Sour candy

- Whoo! - That was amazing!

She can make
it to the super six.

- Yeah!
- Wow. Cotton Candy, hello.

Wow. Well,
what did you think about that performance?

I'm speechless.

That is someone who seems like

a professional
athlete of some sort

- because that's not easy.
- Yeah.

It's not. It takes
core strength.

- Yep.
- But this was so different

from the first performance
that we saw you in.

You are either a gymnast,

a professional dancer,
or an ice skater.

Just technically,
your performance was so sound.

But my favorite actually is
when she was on the floor

and she did the
little twirl around,

just kind of... But
everything was in step.

That's the
technical term for it?

- Yes, it is. - The floor twirl.

♪ Do the twirl around

The move that I really
loved from Cotton Candy...

- Don't say twirl around.
- I won't.

- Okay.
- She does this butt wiggle.

- Yeah.
- Like she straight leg butt wiggles it. 'Ey!

- Yes!
- Hey, our panel needs a little help.

- Oh.
- Let's take the voice modulation off

and hear Cotton Candy's clue.

This is just as much about
the voice as it is the clue.

It's time for Word Up!

♪ Word up ♪

- ♪ It's the code word -
Twirl around booty wiggle!

Twirl around booty wiggle!

Oh, 'ey, 'ey!

Team player.

- Team player. - Team player!

I think maybe she was
on the Olympic team.

- Yeah. - Yes! Olympic team!

No, I think you're a dancer.

I saw you doing some whacking,
some locking.

It was impressive.
The last time I saw you,

I said I think you're
Jenna Dewan.

And Jenna Dewan
was part of a team,

as in team of dancers
for Janet Jackson.

- Wow.
- That did not sound like Jenna Dewan.

Maybe she's
disguising her real voice.

- Ah. - What?

- Yeah.
- The last time I saw you in your performance,

I immediately thought
Julianne Hough,

but now I'm thinking, like,

you had ice skating
in your background.

And based on the clue package this week,
it confirmed it for me.

I picked up on the hawk
and the flag and the lipstick.

I really think this
is Tara Lipinski.

Yeah. Makes me think
of Tara Lipinski as well.

- Lip-inski. - Mm-hmm.

- Ah!
- You see what I'm saying, Craig?


Plus, she was on Team USA
in the Olympics. So, boom!


- Oh! - Hey!

Boom! Yo!

I feel the same way as you do.

Last time I thought
it was P! nk,

but after that performance,
that is a figure skater.

- Yes.
- There was a book reference in the clue package,

and I know this person
is a published author.

She also won "Dancing
With the Stars" at one point,

so I know she can move.

So I'm going with
Kristi Yamaguchi.

- Ooh. Like that.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- These are all good guesses.

We are dying to
know who you are.

But it's gonna be a while before we
know who you are. You're amazing.

- You're gonna be here for a while.
- You're absolutely great.

About the only
thing our panel can agree on

is Cotton Candy crushed it.

- Let's hear it for Cotton Candy.
- Yes!

So good. - You go, girl!

- Yeah! - She's so cute!

Did the Cotton Candy just
bowl her way into the super six?

Or is it back to the state
fair for this whipped up treat?

Use the hashtag
#TheMaskedDancer and tell us.

Even though my fall
last time looked scary,

it wasn't my first
time falling on TV.

But don't tell the panel.

I want to make
it to the super six.

Was her last
dance like that one?

No. It was a couples thing. It
was like ice skating. Like, beautiful.

- She started in a ring. She did a whole, like...
- It was really well done.

It was to a P! nk song, so it was,
like, emotional. It was so beautiful.

She's a frontrunner for sure.

After the break, Miss Moth gives
us another stellar performance.

Plus, which dancer is getting
unmasked at the end of the night?

Don't go anywhere!

♪ Who is that? ♪

♪ Take it off, take it off

Welcome back to
"The Masked Dancer."

Now we move on to
our next competitor,

Miss Moth,
who has been hibernating

in the Tis' dressing room.

Sorry about that, Ashley.

Last time, Megyn Kelly

and Monica Lewinsky
were guessed.

But here are some new clues

to provide you with
some new inspiration.

everybody. Let's quiet down.

Two minutes to go.

"Moth Talk." Like a motivational
speaker. It's Suze Ormon.

Thank you, thank you.

I never thought in my life

that I'd be standing
here before you today,

and even dancing
on national television.

It was nothing that I
expected. You were so regal.

I feel pretty confident now,

but once I was just
a shy little caterpillar

trying to figure out
my place in the world.

We don't always choose
the challenges we face,

but metamorphosis is inevitable.

E-A-S, are those initials?

It was my choice not to allow
the traumatic details of my past

to define my future.

So here is my headline.

more new headlines. She's a survivor.

"Be brave. Be
smart. Be yourself."

Build a new foundation
and blossom into the moth

you were always meant to be.

And this dance will show
you just how much I have.

Thank you.

Wow. She's pretty tall,
but from the clues,

I think it's someone
with a controversial past.

she's been really hard to figure out,

but it's someone who
has connections to BYU.

Let's hear it for Miss Moth!

♪ When marimba
rhythms start to play ♪

♪ Dance with me, make me sway ♪

♪ Like a lazy ocean
hugs the shore ♪

♪ Hold me close, sway me more ♪

♪ Other dancers
may be on the floor ♪

♪ Dear,
but my eyes will see only you ♪

♪ Only you have
that magic technique ♪

♪ When we sway, I go weak ♪



Give it up for Miss Moth.

what did you think about that performance?

You know what?
That was really fun.

- So good.
- You move really well. Really confident.

Maybe this is something
that is new for you,

but you really enjoy it,

and that comes across
when you're dancing.

Just really quickly,
what I love about

these numbers right now
on "The Masked Dancer,"

you guys really are
telling a great story

from beginning to middle to end.

- Literally a metamorphosis.
- They did.

Yeah, it really... it's more
about nature than dancing to me,

and I learned a lot,

stuff I didn't
know biologically.

What happened to
the "really quickly" part?

Who are you talking to,
Craig? Come on.

time to play a little game

we like to call Word Up!

♪ Word up ♪

♪ It's the code word

♪ No matter where you say it

♪ You'll know that
you'll be heard ♪


- Best-seller? - Ooh.

That voice sounds so familiar.

Now I'm thinking
she's an author.

You know what? You may be a model,

Someone who has a lot of
experience on the catwalk.

And I feel like this
might be Karlie Kloss.

Last time in the package,
the White House clue,

she is related to people
in the White House.

And Karlie Kloss,
we did this YouTube learning series.

She taught STEM fields to kids

while I taught how to
apply the perfect smoky eye.

Case in point, Paula.

From one smart leggy supermodel to another,
Karlie Kloss.

Just watching her,
she doesn't come across

as a professional dancer,

but definitely someone who's
very powerful in some capacity.

- I'm getting an Omarosa vibe.
- Ah!

She has, you know,
a little controversy here and there.

I was thinking about Megyn Kelly.

I do think that she
would fit this stature.

- She looks like that.
- I know. She's very confident.

Very confident! This
woman is a confident woman.

- Yeah.
- And Megyn Kelly also had a best-seller.

Hi, Megyn.

Megyn Kelly was my last guess.

Oh, well, you're smart.

- Brian?
- All right, go with me on this one, all right?

- All right, we're with you. We're with you.
- Oh, no.

based on the clue package last time,

Paula and I thought
Monica Lewinsky.

But this was a much more vulnerable
performance than the last one.

I'm thinking she was sort
of thrust into the spotlight,

not on her own will.

She has done TED Talks before.

And then the dates
on the clothesline.

- "Dateline," the show.
- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, that's good.
- And then there was the Queen Elizabeth photo.

I think this right here
is Elizabeth Smart.

Ah! That's a great guess.

She's been on "Dateline,"

and I don't usually
go deep like this,

but I have four kids and I do
work for a child safety organization.

And Elizabeth is an advocate
for child protection laws,

- which is how I know of her.
- And "Be smart," it said in the clue package.

- Oh!
- Does she have a best-seller?

I don't know. I would
assume she did.

How do know all
this stuff about her,

but you don't know
if she wrote a book?

I do believe there's a book. I
can almost see the cover of it.

But I still don't
think that's you.

Your physique is
beautiful. Very tall.

Although everyone
looks tall to me.

I saw in the clue package "survivor,"
Queen Elizabeth.

It makes me think of
Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

- Ah.
- She was on the second season of "Survivor."

- That's right. Yeah.
- But then there's the thing of salt in the package.

So I'm going back to
scandalous with the President...

- Circle back.
- ...and someone who's salty,

and I'm thinking
of Kathy Griffin.

- Oh! - Oh, good guess.

- Good guess.
- She had a major controversy with the President...

- That is true.
- ...and had to overcome that.

And she did,
by making a documentary about it.

- Yes.
- But what does the BYU mean for her?

It doesn't matter, Ashley!

Great job. Let's
hear it for Miss Moth.

Whoo! Yes!

Who do you think Miss Moth is?

I am dying to know. I'm dying...

She doesn't come across
like your average celebrity.

- Right!
- That's more of a mystery than most.

These are our
panel's Miss Moth guesses.

Are the full of mothballs?

Tell us using #TheMaskedDancer.

After the break,
it's our favorite of the seven deadly sins.

Will the Sloth booty shake
his way into the super six?

someone's headed home tonight,

and it's likely someone
you follow on Instagram.

Or maybe not. I
don't know your life.

♪ Who is that?

♪ Who is that?

♪ Who is that?

Welcome back to the reason
your dad is two-stepping

in his tighty-whities.

I'm sorry about that. It's
"The Masked Dancer."

We've arrived at our final
dancer of the night, the Sloth.

Last time he barreled
onto the stage,

the panel threw out names like
Matthew Morrison and Jason Derulo.

But just who's behind the
mask and those moves?

Here's some new Sloth clues
to help us slowly get there.

Last week was one of the scariest
things I've ever done in my life.

I'm falling in love!

No, I'm really,
really entertained.

Just kidding!

That's not hard
for stars like me.

But I didn't always
feel that way.

A lot of sports balls.
Maybe an athlete?

When I was young,

we moved to a new
place with a new language.

I didn't fit in.

- A boom box? - "Say Anything."

Probably someone in the movie.

I got a reputation as a bad boy.

The truth is I was afraid
to show people the real me,

but I took a chance and jumped!

And it worked!

I learned so much about myself.

So tonight I'm taking
another chance

and baring my soul on stage.

It's not easy for
me to be vulnerable,

but if I can make you
laugh in the process,

then it'll all be worth it.

- I'm thinking it's somebody who's very tall.
- Yeah, he's tall for sure.

Look at him. He's,
like, stretching.

based on the dance that we saw last time,

- I think he is a trained dancer.
- Ah.

Let's hear it for the Sloth.

♪ Who knows what
tomorrow brings ♪

Oh, my God.

♪ In a world

♪ Few hearts survive?

♪ All I know is the way I feel ♪

- Aww. - So cute.

♪ When it's real,
I keep it alive ♪

♪ The road

♪ Is long

♪ There are mountains

♪ In our way

♪ But we climb the steps

♪ Every day

♪ Love lift us up
where we belong ♪

- Yeah! - Good job!

♪ Where the eagles cry

♪ On a mountain high

♪ Love lift us up
where we belong ♪

♪ Far from the world below

♪ Where the clear winds blow

So cute! Baby Sloth.

- Oh, my God. - Baby Sloth.

- Oh! - Baby Sloth.

Do you think he has kids?

Nice work, Sloth.

- Sloth!
- I love you, Sloth. I love you, Sloth.

- Aww. - There we go.

how about that ribbon work, huh?

That definitely landed
you a spot in the super six.

I've never seen more energy. Like,
oh, my God.

Ribbon dancing
is very technical.

- He knew what he was doing.
- And they were coordinated.

Yes. Your arm's
probably so tired.

You're so cute, too!

But you also are, like,
a huge comedian.

Judging by the moves,

judging by what he did
in the last performance...

- Yep. - ...judging by this one,

I think whoever's
inside the costume

- is in really good shape.
- Yeah.

you're the one to beat.

- You're my favorite performer of the entire series.
- I agree. I agree.

- I agree.
- I love you so much. You are that good.

Let's take the voice
modulation off this Sloth.

Paula, Ken, are you ready?

♪ Word up ♪

♪ It's the code word

♪ No matter where you say it

♪ You'll know that
you'll be heard ♪

Leading man.

Did we hear an accent?

There's no accent.
There's no accent.

Leading man. Could be
an actor who can dance.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Ken, what are you picking up?

Well, you know,
when you saw the boom box,

and we saw the height
and saw Broadway,

I was thinking John Cusack for a second
because, you know, boom box, "Say Anything."

And "Say Anything" is one of
my favorite movies of all time.

And as you know,
I will say anything on this show.

- We do know that. - Yes.

But then just thinking deeper,
because you were so good,

I was thinking it could be
Jonathan Groff of "Hamilton."

King George, "Hamilton."

So funny, so complete.

And I'm just a huge
Jonathan Groff fan.

And I noticed in
the clue package

there was, like, a baseball bat.

Musical." That is a true fact.

I'm a huge Jonathan Groff fan,

and I think this could
be Jonathan Groff.

- I'm hoping. - Cheryl?

I don't think you're
a trained dancer.

Well, if you saw last week,
to be fair...

If you saw last week's performance,
amazingly choreographed.

I think he is a trained dancer.

I didn't get that vibe.

I think that this
person is a comedian.

I think he's a tall comedian
who is a good dancer.

I don't know if you know
Keegan-Michael Key.

- Oh. He's great at everything.
- He's good at everything.

He's, I'm sure,
has been on Broadway.

I know he's done
Shakespeare In The Park.

Could be! Both
are super tall and fit.

Keegan-Michael Key for sure.

- Ashley?
- I swear I know someone...

I can't put my finger on it,
but there's someone who stands

exactly like you at all times.

He's putting
his hands on his belly.

- Yeah, he does this.
- Literally, he's doing

an impression of you, Ashley.

I see what he's doing!

I originally thought
he was Jason Derulo.

But it gives me Will Ferrell vibes,
to be honest.

Will Ferrell's very tall
and he's a comedian.

- I actually choreographed him.
- So he's a dancer?

- Will can move.
- Will can move.

- Oh, my gosh.
- And he did the ribbon dance in "Old School."

Yes! He did! That's what I
was thinking of. "Old School."

- Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- Yes!

- He did.
- Okay, so, yeah, I'm really getting Will Ferrell vibes

because it's hard to be that
funny and that good at dancing.

- Good guess, good guess.
- Yeah.

We're gonna have plenty of
opportunities to guess who you are

- because you're gonna be around for a while.
- You're gonna be... yes.

- You're so good. - A long time.

- Can't wait. - Same.

On a side note, doesn't this
look like a cool detective show?

It does.

Absolutely, it does.

That's like a "Turner & Hooch,"

- "Turner & Sloth."
- Great job.

- Let's hear it for the Sloth.
- Yes! Great job.

- Excellent! - You're amazing!


Is our panel a
bit slow on the uptake

with these Sloth guesses?

Use #TheMaskedDancer
and tell us.

Don't crawl anywhere, Sloth.

To our other three dancers in the lair,
come on out.

We just saw all four
dancers from this group.

Panel, audience,

and our superfans from
all over the country at home,

now you must choose
your favorite of the night.

The one with the least
amount of votes will be voted off.

The votes are in, and the dancer
with the least amount of votes...

Oh, man.

...will be revealed
right after the break.

- Oh, man! - Oh!

That's cold, man.

♪ Who is that?

Welcome back to
"The Masked Dancer."

Only three of you can
advance to the super six,

and the other's masked
journey will end tonight.

And the dancer with the
least amount of votes is...

- Oh, man. - Oh.

I'm freaking out here.

Miss Moth.


To the rest of you, congrats.

We'll see you in two
weeks at the super six.

- Miss Moth!
- That means, Miss Moth,

you are not advancing,
but we do finally get to reveal

you secret famous identity.

But first,
let's have the panel each ask a question

before they make
their final guesses.

They need all the help they can get. Brian,
you first.

How would your
friends describe you?

Kind, genuine, caring.

- Aww.
- Are you taller than Ken?

- I am taller.
- Yeah, I figured.

That's what I thought.
That's what I thought. Okay.

- Paula?
- Do you have brown hair?

- No. - Oh.

Do you play any
musical instruments?


Blonde and music?

She plays musical instruments.

America's favorite, K. J.

Have you ever been on stage

in front of thousands of people?


Well, let's see if that helped.

Time to hear our panel's
final guesses. Brian?

so last performance and clue package,

I was really stuck on the
White House with Paula,

and this woman is
the ultimate survivor.

She's met with the President,

she stood in front of Congress

and tried to change
protection laws for children.

So I'm sticking with
Elizabeth Smart.

- Ashley?
- So, last time I thought it was Megyn Kelly.

But hear me out,
I think it's an artist.

I think it's a singer.

Plays a musical instrument,
probably a guitar,

and I'm guessing is blonde.

So I am gonna have
to go with Jewel.

She also has a best-seller,

so I'm really hoping it's you,

- Cheryl?
- Well, this person was someone

who made headline news
with D. C. and the president.

And I noticed the
dates on the line.

- Megyn Kelly was on "Dateline."
- Yeah.

And I feel very strongly
that it's Megyn Kelly.

- Ken?
- Okay, White House clue last time,

and this person,
she is married to Josh Kushner

and making headlines.

I still think it's
supermodel Karlie Kloss.

And Karlie Kloss is
also taller than me.

- Than you. - P-P-P-Paula?

what I saw in the performance is

she's not a trained dancer,

but she fell into the
choreography nicely.

Salt, salty, Kathy Griffin.

She had a major,
major scandal with the president.

- That's true.
- So I'm going with Kathy Griffin.

Okay, panel,
you have made your final guesses.

Let's see if any
of you are right.

Audience, let's all encourage
Miss Moth to take it off.

Take it off! Take it off!

♪ Take it off, take it off

♪ Take it off, take it off

♪ Take it off, take it off ♪

- Take it off! - ♪ Take it off

- Elizabeth Smart!
- Oh, my God!

Activist, speaker,
and best-selling author.

Oh, my God!

you called Elizabeth Smart!

- Wow. I can't believe that.
- Listen to me, okay?

I'm not good at this game, but I
told you I had a feeling about this one.

- Yes, you did.
- So, Elizabeth, what was it like being Miss Moth?

It was so much fun. I mean,
such a different experience.

Can I just say that for what
you've dealt with in your life,

you have been an
inspiration for so many people

and you've done so much good

with a really
difficult situation.

And we need more people like
you on the planet, and thank you.

- Thank you.
- Let me ask you a quick question.

I saw the number
286 in your package.

- What was that for?
- Because I testified

on behalf of a
child safety bill 286.

Oh, that's amazing.

So, Elizabeth, why did you
decide to enter this competition?

Oh, my gosh. I'm such a baby.

You're amazing.

- You want a hand to hold?
- Yes, I would.

My grandma actually
passed away...

- Aww. - ...very recently.

But she was so much fun.

She never let a
moment pass her by.

And so when this
opportunity came along,

I thought,
I live a pretty serious life.

And I'm gonna take this
opportunity and just have fun.


Great job, Elizabeth Smart.

Let's hear it one more time,

- Whoo! - Whoo!

Next week,
Group A fights to the bitter end

to join Cotton Candy, Zebra,
and Sloth in the super six.

Here on Fox,
the guessing game never stops.

- Whoo!
- Stay tuned for "Name That Tune."

But in the meantime,
here to dance unmasked once and for all,

the artist formerly
known and Miss Moth,

- Elizabeth Smart.
- Yay!

♪ I don't think I need you