The Magicians (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The World in the Walls - full transcript

Quentin wakes up in a mental hospital and must set his panic aside to seek the help of the one person he least trusts. Julia is hurt after her fallout with Quentin and commits to learning more powerful spells with the Hedge Witches.

Previously on The Magicians.

- Before I got here,
I was in the hospital.

- Quentin, I'd really
recommend further treatment.

- Look, I've never threatened
to hurt myself or anybody else,

so you can't make me stay.

- Brakebills is the first place
that feels right to me

that is not
literally a fairy tale.

- Quentin!

- I made the mistake of
thinking you were just psychic.

- Do you know
how to close your mind?

'Cause I will
show you right now!

- You are a traveler.

- You can actually move
between worlds.

- Where are you going,
kitty cat?

- I'm done here for good.

You should be happy...
Less competition.

sad, and desperate people.

- That means level 50.
- So you were...

- Top witch in New York,
for starters.

Get me everything
on this list this week.

- I don't know what
you're doing here, Jules.

- Magic wasn't just
handed to me.

- People at Brakebills, Jules,
they can read minds.

They can fly.
You can do a party trick.

- You were my best friend.

- It's amazing I survived
as long as I did

not knowing that
I was a magician.

I can't go back.


Dude, you're in the wrong...

Or I'm in the wrong, uh...

- Hey! Big stuff.

- Hey.
- Got 'em? I'm dying.

Where are they?
Where are they?

- Oh, Jesus.

- Where are they?
- Cut it out.

- You give me happy pills,
me love you long time.

- Eliot, they're looking
for you in arts and crafts.

- Watercolors.

Without me, they're just...

- Quentin, could I speak to you?

- Quentin?

- Okay, this is
obviously a dream

where I realize I'm in a dream.

- So you think your life
is a dream?

- No, my life is my life,

but this is like a...

This is the bad collage.

You, the hospital,
the dean's office,

the Brakebills...
It's all jumbled together.

- So we're back to Brakebills?

- Hopefully soon.

- Where you think
you're a student

studying to be a magician?

- Okay, let's just skip the part

where you don't believe me,

Um, yeah,
it's a little chilly in here.

How about a miniature sun?

- That'd be great.

I hate these dreams.

It's like your feet
are stuck to the floor

or you're paralyzed.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

You released me, remember,
in the real hospital?

I remember what I said.
What was it?

Uh, "You can't keep me here."

I haven't hurt myself
or anybody else."

- You know that isn't true.

- Well, none of this is true,

but I said that to you
in real life before Brakebills.

Send him in.

Quentin, do you remember why

the court ordered you
to be here?

- The court? I don't...

If this is a trial dream,
I am...

God, these things take forever.

- Come in, Penny.

Show me again what you found
in Quentin's trash.

- I don't want to get
nobody in trouble.

- No. Hey,
it's okay, Penny.

No one's in trouble.

Thank you, Penny.


this is what happens when you
don't take what we prescribe.

You start to hallucinate again
that you're a magician,

you have powers.

It's all here...

Uh, the house of cards, Alice,

Eliot, Margo,
the Physical Kids, The Beast.

I know this can
all seem very real,

but it's not.

Brakebills is the hallucination.

This is the reality.

- You're seeing this, right?

- You're very, very sick.

- Are you not seeing this?

Oh, Jesus.

- I see you, Quentin,
and I'm very, very worried.

- Oh, okay.
- They're gone.

The moths, they're...

- They're gone.
- There are no moths, Quentin.

There never were.

- Ah!

Oh, I can't breathe.

- Code red! Code red!
- Main office!

- Don't let them see.

I heard they shot you up.

- I'm kind of foggy.

- No, no, no.
- Just focus on me, okay?

None of this is real.
Just us two.

And this.

- Where are we?

I mean, what's going on?

- You don't remember?

- I... I was at school,
I think, and...

And then I fell asleep
at a party,

and then I'm here

where none of that
ever happened, and...

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Oh, man.
- No.

You came to find me.

- I did?

- To save me.

But first, we have
to break the illusion.

- The illusion?

- I crash-landed on this planet
9.3 light-years ago.

- Alice?
- Wait.

- You're a starship captain,
and you came to rescue me.

- I... uh, no.
- Hang on.

- But none of this is real.
- It's...

We're trapped in a cage,
a menagerie.


And they show us these illusions

to make us fall
in love and mate.

- Alice, that's enough.

Give them back.

- What, Dr. Fogg?
- All of them, Alice.

We need them for Bridge.

They collect us
from all over the galaxy

to feed off our emotions.

- No, that's not true.

It's an episode
of "Lost in Space."

- "Star Trek."

- What?

- That's an episode
of "Star Trek."

- It's an episode
of "Star Trek."

- They finally got to you.

You belong to them now.

It's okay.

I'll still mate with you.

- All right, that's enough.

- Me three!
- That's enough.

- Me three.

Quentin, how are you?

Are you feeling any better?

- I guess.

- Good.

Are you up for seeing a visitor?

- Hey, Q.

I mean, Yale's still
kind of a letdown...

Still, in the best way.

I mean, you would've...

Well, you... I mean, you will
totally agree, you know,

once, you know, it's you.

- When what?
- When I'm out?

- It's just so much
easier than I...

Than we expected, is all.

- So you've been at Yale
these last few months,

and I've been here?

- You don't remember?

- This? No.

- Okay.

James is sorry
he couldn't make it tonight,

but he'll be by next week.

You know, we had
to lock down a church.

- Church?

- Mm-hmm.
- For the wedding.

- Are you engaged?

- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

- Seriously,
it doesn't even matter.

It's not important.

- It's a spell.
- A spell?

- We're all trapped in it,
and I'm the only one who knows.

Okay, look.
I know that I just...

I sounded like Alice
just then, but I'll...

Hey, um, I swear I'm not crazy.

- I want to understand, okay?

- I want to help you.
- No.

- Just tell me.
- No. No.

No. Okay, I can do this.

Oh, God, look.


Jules, look.

Are you seeing this?


Are you guys...
Are you not seeing this?


- Don't...
- What?

- Look at me like that.
- Q...

- Don't feel sorry for me.
- Do not.

I'm not me, and you're not you,
and this is not happening.

Do you hear me?
This is not happening.

I'm not... I'm not here.

I am the one that
got into Brakebills.

- I'm in Brakebills!
- Hey, you!

Keep your voice down.

- I'm sorry.
- It's my fault, um...


Hey, I'm gonna go, okay?

Um, I'll be back Friday.

- This can't be my life.

Jules, it can't be.

- I wanted to see the fireworks.

I really did.

- Wait.

How did you know
they were fireworks?

- What?

- If you couldn't see them,

how did you know
they were fireworks?

- You told me.

- I never said the word
"fireworks," Julia.

What's going on here?

- Okay, did nobody see that?

- See what?
- You laughing at me.

- Laughing at you?

What kind of a friend
would do that?

- Exactly.

- Good-bye, Quentin.

- What?

- All of them one by one.


I believe you, Quentin.

You are a magician...

A very bad one.

- One thing that's real:

you're always a raging dick.

Ellsworth Downs.

Ellsworth Downs.

Ellsworth Downs.


Ellsworth Downs.

- You know.

You know where to look, Quentin.

I can't show you.

I can't touch you.

It's very strong, this spell.

- It is?

It is a spell?

- It's in the book,
but the book is you.

This is all you.

- Me?

Uh, which book?


I can't remember what, uh...

Jane, they gave me pills,
and I can't... I can't remember.



No, No!

No, stop!
Stop it!

Stop! No!

The answer's in these books.

Jane said that these books are
my key to getting out of here.


Every time I talk,
I sound batshit.

- Could I get some
tape anyplace?

- Tape isn't permitted.

- Tape isn't permitted.
- Right, I know.

But why, again?

- 'Cause you can harm
yourself or others.

- It's tape.

- That can strangle,

- Okay, what if you
watched me the whole time?

- No one has that kind of time.

- I need to put these pages
back together.

- You need to get
to music therapy.

- Music is a way for us
to express and receive feeling

in a way that is safe and fun

and sometimes illuminating.

So who'd like to begin?

- Oh, God,
please not that one song.

- Ah, I'm sorry.

What was that, Penny?

- Oh, that one song, please, no.

It gets in my head,
and it never leaves.

- Oh, which song is that?

- "Michael Rowed
the Boat Ashore."

♪ Agree.

- Everything here is me.

- All right, everyone,

why don't we kick it off
with the Beatles?

- "Helter Skelter."
Helter Skelter," please!

- I was thinking
"Here comes the"...

- He's doing this because
I made him take his pills.

- Enough! Dr. London?

Hey, Penny, good luck
getting that out of your head.

- Doctor...

- I hear you were the hit of
music therapy today, Quentin.

- Look, I think I know
what's going on here,

and I think I know
how to get help.

- Well, help is why we're here.

- No, it's not.

I don't mean to be rude,
but you're here

because of a spell, and I need
to break the spell.

- Quentin...

- And if I can just reach
Penny, the real Penny,

and if... if I can get
inside of his head...

- Enough.

That's enough.

- Can I please have some tape?

- Do you remember the last time
you saw your father?

Dinner a few months ago.



- Hello, Curly Q.

- I...

What happened to your face?

Did you run into a door or...

- You did that, Quentin.

- I...

Come on.

- It's time you see something.

- Look, I'm telling you
it wasn't my dad.

It was The Beast.

I never even touched him!
I used battle magic,

the same magic that I'm gonna
use to get out of here.

Are you ready?
Come on. Come on!

What did you do to my powers?

I need my powers.
The Beast is here, okay?

He's coming for me.
He's coming for you.

He is coming to kill us.

You have got to give me
back my power!

I've got to save you!


- Do you remember that night?

- Um...

- Your father does.

Tell him, Ted.

He needs to hear it.

He needs to know the truth
why he's here.

- We were having dinner
to celebrate

when you got into Yale, and...

in the middle of the restaurant,

you suddenly said
there were moths everywhere.

- No.

- And then you started
calling me The Beast.

- Mm-mm.

You're lying.

- And then you
picked up a knife.

- Mm-mm. No.
- I tried to stop you.

I grabbed you.
I tried to stop you from...

- What?
- From... from what?

- You tried to kill
your father, Quentin.

You need to stop fighting this

The more you believe in magic,
Brakebills, The Beast,

the more harm you do.

Accept who you are
and what's put you here.

That's how you get better,

I promise.

- Hey, you,
seriously, talk to me.

Are you fucking with me?


Uh, um, look, this'll
all be over soon, okay?

Just try not
to get buried under it.

I'm gonna talk to someone.

- Hey.

- Quit singing that stupid song.

Damn it.


- Oh, no.

- Yeah, that's right.

I'm talking to you.

I told you, keep up
with that stupid song,

and I'd come right
into your brain and rip it out.

- No, no, no.
- Well, here I am.

By the way, this is the most
pathetic loser dream ever.

- Stop, okay? Just stop.

Please stop. Stop.

- Please be knowing that dinner
will be served in five minutes,

and today, we are to be
serving chicken curry,

which is, of course,
my favorite.

- You racist motherfucker.

- You're not real.

- Yeah, how's that?
- Real enough?

- That hurt.

Do it again, harder.

- What kind of sick shit
are you about, Coldwater?

- Harder.


Nobody here can see you.

- Yeah, 'cause there's
no here, dumb-ass.

This is all in your head.

I'm in your head.

Now stop singing that song so I
can go the fuck back to sleep.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Oh, my God.
It worked.

I did that.
I called you.

I called you with the song.

- You called me?
- I'm in trouble.

Seriously, help me.

- What is today out there?
- Wednesday.

- So I've only been gone
for a night.

Am I asleep there somewhere?

- Man, I don't know
what you do at night,

and I don't want to know.

- Where are you?
- Trying to sleep.

- This is not a dream.

It... it's a...

All of this, it's a spell.

Please, listen.
Find me, okay?

Out there, find me.

I have to be conscious
to break the spell.

Okay, you have to wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up. Wake up.

Wake up. Wake up!
Wake up!

- You, you will not be shouting.

End it now, buster.

- Wake the hell up!

- Okay.

Good job.

- Wow.

My whole body, every part
of my body, is tingling.

I mean, you didn't tell me
it would feel...

- So good?

It's high-end, designer
cooperative magic.

It does something to your cells
to channel all that juice.

Everyone gets stronger.

- Um, I just, um...

I didn't think Q
would, uh, fall in so deep.

- Oh, this is nothing.

- Uh, what...
- What does that mean?

- Well, I mean he might want
to take his shoes off

and get comfortable.

We cooked up a whopper here.

I don't really see him
getting out of it,

even with your boyfriend's help.

- Mm, I thought the idea
was to just mess with him.

- My idea was
to fuck him up hard,

and you loved it even harder.

- Yeah, yeah, fuck him up,
not kill him.

- Wait, what?
- Kill him?

- Oh, he's not gonna die.

He just might not actually
ever wake up.

Oh, my God.

- Hey, you are not going
limp on me here.

This is game time, ladies.

You got the ball, Kady.

Don't drop it.

Now go put all that
sweet hotness to work.

- Sorry.

Ellsworth Downs, Ellsworth...

Downs, Ellis...

Ellis Wirth-Downs.

The Madness Maker.

Oh, God.


"In all of Fillory,

"one magician could drive
every other magician insane.

"An inventor of puzzles
with no solution

"and games where the rules
changed for no reason.

"He was called
The Madness Maker,

"but he had been born

"Ellis Wirth-Downs.

"On his first journey
to Fillory,

"he played checkers
with a powerful witch.

"He cheated,
and her curse was simple:

"the only kind of magic

"he would ever do again
was game magic.

"Jane Chatwin knew his need
to make others suffer

"was only because he felt
so alone in his cursed state,

"because the more Ellis played,

"the more insane he became.

But soon, Jane figured out
how to break this curse."

Thank you, Jane Chatwin.

"The Madness Maker's
curse was"...

It's okay. It's okay.
I know this. I know this.

I know this. I know this.
I know this.

What did Jane say?

God, why can't I remember?

Okay, look, I am, like,
100% sure I invented you,

so if you could please
just disappear?

- Look, it was a party.

He's probably sleeping it off
under something

or someone or...

- Hey.

- Where you been?

- I had to run into the city.

What's up?

- Your lover man here
thinks our little Q

got roofied last night.

- Look, we covered the house.

Let's start checking the lab,

the libraries, or whatever.

- I know where he is.

He crawled in here
and passed out around 1:00.

Anyway, I've seen weirder.

- Come on.
- Hey, wake up.

- He's breathing.
- That's something.

- Let me try.

This is bad.

- How bad?

- "We need to tell the dean"

- Now what?

- We wait.

- When are you gonna tell me
what all this is for?

- I did.

Bigger, better magic.

- Yeah, you just
never mentioned how.

- I guess I could tell you now.

No, I don't feel like it.

Later maybe?

Mm, how about never?
That's a growing possibility.

- Hmm.

Yes, I thought so.

The spell is called
a Scarlatti Web.

We cannot break it.

No one can.

- Wait, he's not
gonna wake up ever?

- I said "no one,"
not "nothing."

We need to summon a Matarese.

- Quentin, I really thought
we were making progress.

I was wrong.

- No.
- What are you...

Lower the wards please.

Very good. And now the South

- Dean Fogg following
the playbook.

The only thing that can break
our spell on your ex-BFF

is a Matarese... evil bug spirit
of the underworld.

About the only way
one of those can get

into this sugary wonderland

is to lower all the protective
wards and shields

in the school, letting any old
anyone waltz right in.

Welcome back to Brakebills.

Let's go steal their shit.

- Careful.


Daemonium Matarese, ecce vocavi

Te in carcere liberare mens est.

Imperio Scarlatti telem nobus.

- That's the answer?

- It shorts out
the cerebral cortex,

which should break him
out of the spell,

which should bring him back,

- Halfway?

- The spell is like a prison
in the middle of the desert.

The Matarese breaks you
out of the prison,

but you have to get yourself
out of the desert,

and it is a lot easier
with a guide.

Penny, are you ready?

- Quentin?

Answer me!

- The problem is
in your frontal lobe, Quentin.

Your emotions are
in complete control now,

overriding logic, reason,
even the will to live.

So this...

Is inserted into the eye socket.

- No, no, no, no, no.

- It's called
a transorbital lobotomy.

- Dad.

Dad. Dad.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, don't!

Dad, don't!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, please, don't.
I didn't mean to, I swear.

- I'm sorry.
- Hey, stop!

Stop talking.
Stop listening.

There are only three things
that are real: you, me, and...


- Get up.
- There are no straps.

This is not a hospital.

You are not crazy.

You can make it disappear.

Do it!


- The old Alma mater
hasn't changed a lick.

- Wait, you went here?

- Kicked out three months
before graduation.

- So, what, this is revenge?

- When you're here
for that long,

they can't just erase you.

They take you
into a special room

off the dean's office

and remove every memory
you make here.

Every single magical thing
you learned amputated,

but those memories are stored.

Normally there's a shield
on this door

a hundred magicians
couldn't break.


Keep a lookout.

- Wait, what's going...

- It isn't working.
- What happened?

- I don't know.
- I went there.

I told him,
the Matarese did his thing,

and then everything went black.

- Hey.

- He's not gonna wake up...


- No, Marina just has to...

- Marina is a psycho.

You were his friend.

- It's her spell.
- I can't...

- No, I didn't sign up
for this shit.

No, you have to go
reverse it now.

- Well, I can finally
reach you again,

but that's never been
the problem, has it...

My reaching you?

- Will you please,
just for once...

No more riddles, okay?

Just tell me what to do.

- It doesn't matter
what anyone tells you.

You make the web you're in.

You're the spider and the fly,

just like...

- Look, I can help.

I can give you the exact
wording of the spell.

- It's too late.

- It was just supposed
to be a joke.

- Yeah, bullshit.
- You did it to get even.

- Oh, fuck you!
- Somebody help him.

- If I had the exact spell
wording one hour ago...

- There's got to be something.

- You have any idea
where he is right now?

Why would you do this?

- She didn't.

Not by herself.
Did you?

- You sure you want to play?

- No. I'm not sure of anything.

Except I'm tired, so tired.

- Of?

- Fighting all the time,

becoming someone that
I actually want to be,

and then realizing that I...

Am nothing.

- So you made the hospital,

conjured that terrible thing
you never did to your father.

Of course you're exhausted.

And you can hide
from it all forever

in this lovely, quiet,
blank void.

But you also built a way out.

why are he and I here?

- "The Madness Maker didn't
play for the joy of winning,

"just the fear of losing.

"The real curse was, he only
played when he could win,

"which cut him off
from the surprise,

horror, sadness,
and wonder of life."

"Jane saw only one way
out for him:

"stop playing.

Start living."


- Somebody woke up.

- Took your damn time.

- Somebody get him some brandy.

- Flying in.


Where's the hedge bitch?

- Chop-chop.

They're going back up.

You should've told me your
friend wasn't properly erased.

- I know.

- And you and Eliot
never should've taken on

the hedge witches alone.

- I know.

- Quentin, do you really think
that the magic that we teach

means that you just get
to fly above right and wrong?

Magic does not solve problems.

- It magnifies them.
- I know that too.

Believe me.

I don't need to be taught
what magic is or isn't.

I need to be taught magic

so that I can decide
what it is or isn't...

for me.

- That was almost well put.

Good night, Quentin.

Oh, and Quentin...

I'm glad that you're
still here with us.

- Me too, actually.



I kind of can't believe
I ever thought I knew...


I'd like to share now

some of it with some of you.

- Ow!

Wait. Wait.

No. No.

- I didn't get you out of there

because you pulled one
over on me.

You and Kady bitched out,
but you'd talk.

She can't.

Oh, poor you and your taste
of honey worse than none at all.

You think Brakebills
cut you off from magic?

You don't know cut off.

But, baby...

You will.