The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 3 - Dancing with the Enemy - full transcript

Tia's supposed to interview the star dancer of a dance company about maleficence in the company. When she goes there, she's gone and her room is wrecked. She goes to Toby and tells him about her disappearance. Becker is not exactly willing to investigate but they find signs of a struggle in the room. They talk to her husband who is the company's artistic director and Toby senses he's having an affair and is abusive to his wife.

(classical music plays)

Watch your spacing. Stay in line!

Music. Music!

Good. Good.

Stop! Stop.

And that is why she's an
understudy and not prima ballerina.

What kind of lazy
entrance was that, Natasha?

I'm sorry Micah. I can do better.

Well what are you waiting
for, an invitation?

Do better, Miss Azarov!

We leave for Singapore in 3
days, if you haven't got it

by now maybe we should
just cancel the whole tour.

Now. Again, from the beginning. Go, go, go.

Thanks for this. Jewel
was supposed to meet me

in the auditorium about an hour ago.

Yeah, she's been known
to keep people waiting.

It's the whole prima ballerina thing

- (whispers) it goes to their heads.
- Oh good, should be fun.

Mrs. Harper? Tia Tremblay, the reporter.

- We were supposed to meet.
- I don't think she's there.

Ok, let me just call.

(phone rings inside room)

Weird. She never goes
anywhere without her phone.

Jewel? Are you in there? Are you ok?

We're coming in, Jewel.


Slow down. What are you
trying to break a record there?

What? I'm starving. Haven't
eaten since last night.

I'm so worried about running
into Sandy at the hospital

that I've been avoiding the cafeteria.

Well I thought you guys
ended on good terms?

Ish. I mean, it's still awkward.

It's hard to get over
your ex when you're running

into her everywhere like
the lunchroom, hallways...

The only place I can be sure I
won't see her is the men's room.

Quite frankly people are starting to talk.

You can't avoid her forever, right?

Well I know. Just, um... for
now I'm happy I got this place.

Cheers to that, brother. Good for you.

Hey speaking of
uncomfortable work situations,

- how's the new boss treating ya?
- Ah he doesn't trust me.

Honestly I don't know
if I trust him, either.

I don't know what the
guy's thinking, you know.

You don't know what he's thinking?

Do you realize the irony of that statement?

- I get it.
- Are you gonna tell him 'bout your... ?

What? No. Are you kidding me? I
don't know how he's gonna react.

- You don't think he's going to find out eventually?
- Toby!

- Yeah?
- Something's happened.

You ok?

- The article I was writing...
- Yeah, the ballerina thing.

Jewel told me she had
information that would

bring the entire company
down. When I got there,

her dressing room was completely trashed

- and she's gone.
- What do you mean, she's gone?

She's disappeared.

And I think someone might
have done something to her.

- Hey.
- Ian, hey.

- Hey Dev.
- Inspector Becker?


Tia Tremblay, Daily Record.
We actually met years ago,

- I covered the Hastings story.
- Yes, yeah.

You and your team did
an amazing job getting

- that kid back home safely.
- Thank you.

I brought Tia in because
she's working on a story

- about the Northern Skies Ballet.
- Stop.

You're not about to pitch me a
case from a reporter, are you?

Jewel Harper, the prima
ballerina, has gone missing.

That sounds like a Metro case. Thanks.

They're not lifting a finger for 48 hours.

- That's the procedure.
- Procedure's wrong.

48 hours can be too late.

When Jewel Harper contacted me,

she told me there was
corruption within the company.

and she was scared for her safety.

I show up to do the interview,

and her dressing room's completely trashed,

she's nowhere to be found

and she's left behind her
cellphone and her wallet.

Jewel Harper?

She's married to the artistic
director of the company, right?

What? Guys I used to date a ballerina.

Yeah, Micah Canet, he's...

also the resident choreographer.

So you think someone found
out about the interview

and was afraid you were
going to expose them?

The company leaves for
Singapore in 36 hours.

We can't afford to wait for
Metro to start investigating this.

Solving a high-profile case like this
would be really good for the unit.


Ok, solve it.

But solve it fast.

Not so bad.


Jewel may be our star dancer Micah,

but enough is enough.

She's costing me too much
money, too much aggravation.

I agree, but cancel? No.

Natasha will replace Jewel.

Natasha? Jewel will have a fit.

Mr. Canet?


We'd like to speak to you
about your wife's disappearance.


Ok excuse me. Can we pick this up later?

Come find me.

Like I told the other
officers, Jewel's a high-strung,

dramatic woman. She's done this before.

She's disappeared before?


Well she loves the attention.

Feeds on it.

She finds that the police
are looking for her,

she's going to love it
even more. I'm sorry,

she's wasting your time.

And her dressing room being trashed?

I mean how would you explain that?

She's never done that before but it could

very likely have been another
one of her temper tantrums.

And where does she go
during these tantrums?

I don't know.

Maybe you should talk to her friend Alya.

We had someone speak to her.
Jewel didn't show up there.

- Huh.
- So you had rehearsal here,

- yesterday at 5pm?
- I did.

Where were you before that?

I was in and out with meetings.

Who were those meetings with?

I'll have my secretary
email you my schedule.

Should I know something here?

This is starting to feel a
little like an interrogation.

Not at all. We're just trying to
figure out what happened to your wife.

What is your relationship like?

Ah, well.

You know, we're passionate people.

So we have our ups and downs.

You're nothing without me.

I made you.

Is that all?

- What are you insinuating?
- I think that's all for now.

Here's my card.

Please give me a call if you
hear anything from your wife.

I will.

Just see. She'll be back here any second.

This will all just have been
another one of her dramas.

I saw them argue.

He was angry. He was threatening Jewel.

I say we bring him in and
sweat him a little bit.

I don't want to make Becker suspicious

of how we made the leap. We need more.


There's no sign of forced entry.

Yeah. There's some blood over here.

That's a passive spatter.

She cut herself.

Or someone cut her.

On this?

And then the blood smeared over here.

Yes. And someone picked up that vase and...

and threw it towards this mirror.

There's some blood down here.

Those droplets are pretty large.

Tear-drop shaped.

You can't get that from
cutting yourself on glass.

Someone threw something at
her to create that splatter.

Lets test both areas of blood.

I bet we'll get two different sets of DNA.

I bet you're right.

I know I'm right.


Hey. What do you guys have for us?

Well what you see here was

not done by one person. There
were clearly signs of a struggle.

Any witnesses?

Well we've spoken to almost
everyone and no one seems

to have heard or seen anything.

The assistant stage
manager was the last person

to see Jewel and that was just before 9am.

And then it wasn't until Toby's
girlfriend came in at 7:15

that they realized she was gone.

So this could've happened
anytime between 9 and 7.

Dev I need you to check
out Micah Canet's alibi.

He says that he was in
meetings all day yesterday.

- Ok.
- You guys found her cellphone?


She texted her friend,
Alya. Said she was scared.

I should be on the list.

Be right back.

- Yeah sorry, I can't...
- You sure?

- Hey!
- No access?

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

My editor's on me. He wants me
to file a story this afternoon.

Look, I can't tell you anything
about this investigation, Tia.

I know. But, I can print
rumours or you know,

you can give me something solid to go off.

Come on, Toby.

Can you just at least confirm
for me that you're mistaken.

Just, something. Just a
little nod of the head.

- Tell me I'm right.
- Honestly, we still don't know.

Call me in a few hours. Maybe
I can give you something then.

But you know what, I have
a question for you actually.

Yeah, nice. I see how
this is going to work.

Did Jewel ever mention
that Micah was abusive?

No. But honestly, wouldn't be surprised.

I've been doing a little digging
around and there was an incident

about a year ago. No charges were laid,

but the police showed up at their house

after a 911 call from
the neighbours describing

what they thought was
a pretty serious fight.

That is very interesting. Thank you.

No, but. Hey!

Ever heard of quid pro quo ?

(phone vibrating)


Hey, everything ok?

Yeah, yeah. I just, um,

I missed you guys.

[How's everything going there?]

We're good.

She's asleep, hence the whispering.

I figured.

You know babe, we're ok. You
don't have to worry about us.

Oh I'm...

I'm not worried. I just,

I miss her. Can't I miss her?

Yes. Of course.

- (knocking) She's here.
- Ok.

I gotta go. I'll call you later, ok?

- [Hey Mich?]
- Yeah?

We miss you, too.

We understand this isn't the
first time Jewel has disappeared.

Everyone we've spoken to
says she's a bit of a diva,

that she's done this before.

Like I told the officer
back at the theatre, yes.

Sure, Jewel's demanding,
but she's a professional.

She would never leave so
close to a performance,

let alone a tour.

You weren't concerned when you
received the text messages from her?

Of course I was, but...

I don't know.

Jewel can be dramatic.

"I'm scared, Alya.

I think he's done with me.

They're pushing me out."

What does that mean? Pushing her out?

Jewel was paranoid a younger dancer

was going to come and take her place.

It happens to all of us.

Was that happening to her?

Honestly, um...

Since my early retirement I've
stayed clear of all the rumours.

I'm happy to just teach the
little ballerinas of tomorrow.

Alright well she wrote "I'm scared."

What is she referring
to? Her husband, Micah?


I don't know.

Don't say anything, Alya. Promise?

Did she ever mention if Micah was abusive?

I... I don't know.

Yeah, well. Look, I know this is hard.

She's your friend... She's my best friend.

We grew up together,

we dreamed about dancing together.

Well then you should have
her best interests at heart.

Tell us everything.

Did she have an argument
with anyone yesterday?

Possibly Micah?

It's possible.


But I didn't see anything.

But he has hurt her in the past?

Yeah he has.

And did she call the police?

No. She was embarrassed
to look like a victim.

I mean she'd hate that I
told you guys any of this.

She had too much pride.

- Hm. Well.
- (Knocking)

Oh. I'll be right back.

So it looks like Micah
and Jewel own two cars.

One of which is a black C-class Mercedes

and I got a hit of the license
plate on a 407 traffic cam.


Well, the car

exited at Wilbur highway
about an hour north.

That was yesterday at 12:30pm.

And when did it come back on?

Well that's the thing.

It didn't get back on the highway.

Well all that's up there are
some cottages and Wilbur Park.

Let's get our people patrolling the area.

I was actually going to go up there myself.

Ok Toby and I are almost done here,

we'll meet you there.

The car's registered to Micah Canet.

There's blood stains there and there.

All four tires were punctured

which more than likely happened
when they tried to enter the park.

Park's closed for the off-season
there's spike barriers at every entrance.

Well that explains why the car
never made it onto the highway.

So how'd the perp get outta here?

Walked? Rode?

Who knows? Maybe they had a
car parked somewhere close by.

Over here you can see a
small, minute blood trail.

That leads up to the river.

These boot prints you see here,

they belong to the perp.
They go off in that direction

- and then they get lost.
- Ok can we get casts made of those?

- Of course. Yeah.
- Thanks.

We found these by the river:

- a piece of clothing.
- And a toque.

They Jewel's?

We won't know until we get
the DNA test results back.

- We're still looking for the body.
- (phone rings)


[Tell me you found her McCluskey, ]

because the media's
hounding me for a statement.

[Not yet, sir, but this looks

[like it's more than a
missing person's case.]

I think we have a homicide on our hands.

Rumours are running wild, Toby.

You've gotta give me something.

Tia, I've been ordered
not to speak to the media.

Ok. So then don't say anything.

You can't get in trouble if
you don't say anything. Can you?

Where are you going with this?

I'm going to make a statement.
If I'm right, keep quiet.

Simple. Here we go.

Jewel was abducted from her dressing room.


you found evidence [leading
you to believe she was killed.]

You heard that from an anonymous source.

- You ok?
- [I...

yeah I just feel

somewhat responsible if she died

because she was gonna talk to me.

[Tia, if it wasn't you]

it would have been another reporter.

- [It's not your fault.]
- I know.

[Go follow your story.]

We'll talk later.

The boot print found in
the park is a men's size 10.

I should have the cast
finished in a few hours.

What about the tooth?

A left central incisor
or the top front tooth.

It appears to have been extracted
with a blunt force to the jaw.

You can see the crack
and the chip right here.

Is it Jewel's?

We can't be sure but it does match the DNA

found in the park and in the dressing room.

However, if you remember,

there were two sets of
bloody prints in that room.

And only one of them is a match.

Ok, so if we find out who
was in Jewel's dressing room

maybe we find our killer.

Ok, thanks.

Let's see what we can get out of Micah.

What the hell's going on here?

You ask for a sample of my DNA, I said yes.

You keep me locked in this room?

When I asked for an explanation not
one person can give me an answer.

Mr. Canet, please. Have a seat.

I don't have time for this.

My tour for Singapore is days away.

Now where is my wife? What's going on here?

Mr. Canet you need to calm down.

We believe that your wife was abducted

and there's a chance that
she may have been killed.

What? No, no, no.

Wh... Sh... she was, wh...

Jewel disappeared sometime
between 9am and 7pm yesterday.

Where were you during that time?

I uh. Wh... , I...

I told you, I... I was with a sponsor.

Your assistant gave us your itinerary.

The only thing you had was a
meeting with Mr. Bernard Coss

- at 9am.
- Yeah, that's right. That's right.

Well we spoke to Mr. Coss and he said

that your meeting ended at 10am.

We know that you were
at the theatre at 5pm.

So where were you between 10 and 5?

I... I had lunch. Um, I did some errands.

Is it possible you were with
Jewel, in her dressing room?

Or maybe you were somewhere
you shouldn't have been?

With someone you shouldn't have been with?

Are you having an affair?


- No. No! Of course not.
- Who's it with?

One of the dancers?

Maybe Jewel's understudy?

- No.
- Natasha.

Is that who it was?

Where did that come from?

- We have sources.
- I want my lawyer.


Of course.

Oh, one more thing.

What's your shoe size?

10. Why?

We'll make sure that you
get your lawyer right away.

Nice work.

Just saw his reaction when
you brought up Natasha.

Phew. It's impressive.

Hundreds of dancers and
you got there in 5 seconds.

Yeah well she's someone we should talk to.

Yeah I still think we
should hold onto him though.

His alibi is weak, it's
the right shoe size.

He's our prime suspect.

But we're gonna need a
search warrant for his house.

We need to find those boots.

Ok, I'll start the paperwork.

Ok, great.

I want a copy of this

interrogation video sent to me.

Only me.

- Got it?
- Yes, sir.

Natasha, we know that
you are having an affair

with Jewel's husband, Micah.


No. Who told you this?

You saw him yesterday, right?

No, it is not true. I was at the theatre.

Lying is only going to get
yourself into more trouble.

If anyone finds out I
slept with him for the role

it will ruin me.

You've got more than your
reputation to lose here

if you don't cooperate with us.

We know you saw her yesterday.

Come in.


She invited me to her dressing room.

To talk.

Ah! You're trying to steal my whole life!

First my husband, now my career.

Ah! (Panting)

And what time was that?

Around 10:30?

Where'd you get that cut?

Just a scratch from my cat.

So you won't mind giving us
a sample of your DNA, then?


Why, what for?

Why did I listen to Micah?

Do you have any idea
who might have done this?


I know nothing.

Ok, well I think that's all for now.

- You're free to go.
- Thank you.

I think Micah may have had an accomplice.

Mrs. Gollnow?

Tia Tremblay.

I know as head of the board you
must have your hands full right now,

but I was hoping I could
ask you a few questions.

Tia Tremblay.

Someone passed along the online
article you published this afternoon.

You're clearly a fan of sensationalism.

It's the first of a series of
articles I plan on publishing,

until this matter is resolved.

What can I do for you, Ms. Tremblay?

Jewel claimed there was
corruption within the company.

But of course every story has two sides,

I'd love to hear yours.

Jewel is hardly qualified to
imply that the company is corrupt.

Would you care to elaborate?

No. I do not.

But I am truly deeply
saddened, Ms. Tremblay,

by the events that have occurred
in the past couple of days.

We here at the ballet consider
Jewel to be a part of our family

and she will be greatly missed.

It sounds like you've
already decided she's dead.

This interview is over.

So where are we on this?

Well, if the killer dumped
the body in the river,

then it could take months to
recover it underneath all that ice.

What about our suspects?

Well at 11:30pm last night,

Jewel sent texts to her friend
Alya saying that she was scared.

Micah claims to have last seen
her at 7am the next morning.

The assistant stage manager

saw Jewel enter her dressing room at 9am.

At 10:30am Natasha Azarov

went to the same dressing room
where an argument took place.

Yeah Natasha joined the ballet
company about a year and a half ago.

Since then she's worked her way
up to becoming the understudy.

We believe Natasha is having an affair

with the artistic director, Micah Canet.

Who also happens to be Jewel's husband.

We suspect that Natasha
and Micah were together

between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

Which neither will admit to.

So sounds like Micah and
Natasha are each other's alibi.

I mean, did they kill her together?

Well we only found the one set
of male bootprints at the park.

So the likelihood that Natasha
was there is slim at best.

Thank you.

Ok, here we go. As you can see,

the wear marks on the tread are
almost exactly like Micah's boots.

Well that puts Micah at the park.

Well, maybe not.

I made this from the boot
prints that we found in the snow.

It does show the same wear
patterns as Micah Canet's boots.

But the depth of the imprint
tells a different story.

Micah weighs approximately 175lbs.

The person wearing these
boots weighs at most 120.

So Micah didn't make the boot prints.

Someone was framing him.

Could it be Natasha?

Natasha kills Jewel and
then frames her lover?

Why? What's the motive?

Let's bring her in and find out.


(Michelle): Your DNA
tests came back, Natasha.

Those scratches on your
arm, they came from Jewel.


You didn't just go to
her room to talk, did you?

You wanted to be prima ballerina

- so you killed her to make that happen.
- No.

Oh my God. What if I did?

And then you framed the man
you were having an affair with

because you were afraid he would find out.

- No!
- You can't lie to us.

We're gonna prove that you
dragged her body into that river.


I wouldn't... I wouldn't kill anyone.

I didn't mean to hurt her, please.

I didn't mean to hurt her.


So Jewel and Natasha had
a fight in the dressing,

that much we know. But if she killed her,

I don't think it was premeditated.

I mean she practically admitted to it.

Eh, I believe her when
she said she isn't sure,

and when you asked her if she
dumped the body in the river,

I saw confusion and surprise on her face.

You think someone else moved the body?

Well, let's look at the
time frame here. I mean,

let's say it's true that Natasha and Micah

had a rendez-vous that afternoon.

Did she drive up North to dump
the body before or after that?

See I don't think she had
enough time to do it all

and get back for rehearsals.

- Ok, so we keep looking.
- She's our prime suspect right now.

Yeah, I know, we keep
her. But Toby's right.

We're gonna need more.


But you're running out of time.

Since your girlfriend's
story was published,

the phone's been ringing off the hook.

Everyone's screaming for a statement.

Can only hold them off so long.

We're on it.

Ok, so what did you see exactly?

I saw a fight in the dressing
room. Jewel went down,

looked like she wasn't moving.

You think she killed her?

I don't know. I saw Natasha
running out of there and...

you know, as for the park, I
don't think Natasha was there.

Ok well the boot casts
take Micah off the table.

Now without him or Natasha,
who does that leave us with?

Another person in the
park weighing under 120lbs.

I think we need to speak to
everyone in that troop again.

When Jewel contacted Tia,

she mentioned something
about corruption, right?

Maybe this goes back to the company.


- I'll speak to Tia.
- Ok.

(Adam): Look Mich,

she's lifting her head for
the first time. Miss you.

Hey. How was your day?

It was ok. What about you? Any,

- any breaks?
- Ah, look.

I know that you brought us the case

and that you have a job to
do just like the rest of us.

But you can't tell me
anything about the case,

I know the drill.

That doesn't mean you can't
tell me if you know something.

Honey, if you want intel
from me, it's gonna cost you.

Honey, are you extorting me?

Well, this is what you get when
you mix business with pleasure babe.

- What do you want?
- An exclusive.


Only after the case is solved.


Ok, I got something. I went
to see Susan Gollnow today.

- The head of the board.
- Mmhm.

It was the way she spoke about Jewel.

Like, she seemed to imply she was dirty.

I don't know but, maybe
you'd want to read her.

'Cause she's definitely hiding something.

That's a good tip.

- Thank you.
- Don't forget.

- Quid pro quo.
- You will get the exclusive.


I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.

Ah! No, no problem.

Please sit down.

I just have a few more
questions about Jewel.

There's really nothing I
haven't already told the police.

Well you see, I'm more curious
about your relationship with her.

- Our relationship?
- Mmhm.

Couldn't have been better.

Unless you count the fact
she made my life hell.

See, 'cause I heard that
there's some animosity

between the two of you.

What? Don't believe
everything you hear, Mr. Logan.

Dancers like to talk.

Jewel was a kind, compassionate person.

See that's not consistent
with what I've been told.

I'm not sure what to tell you,

she was loved by everyone.

You get Alya out,

or I'll have you kicked
off the board immediately.


Then I guess my
information about Alya King,

her best friend, is wrong.


What did you hear about her?

Just that Jewel got her pushed out.

No. Not true.

Susan, I understand your hesitation.

We're just trying to find
out what happened to Jewel.

Everything helps.


had been prima ballerina

for less than a year

and then Jewel forced my hand.

And you just listened to her?

Jewel had the board of
directors in her pocket.

She was going to have
me kicked off the board

if I didn't agree to
make her the lead dancer.

Was Alya aware that Jewel was behind it?

I don't know, Mr. Logan.


Alya King.

Maybe she found out

that Jewel got her removed as
prima ballerina and wanted revenge.

They were best friends, right?

She probably had access
to her car, her home...

Yeah, and guess who just
happens to own a cottage

about 30 minutes away from where
we think the body was dumped?

- Alya King.
- Let's go pick her up.

- Did you find anything?
- Maybe.

This looks pretty fresh. Is that rubber?



It's probably the boot.

What's this?

It's a piece of fabric
from Jewel's costume.

No. I, I know

Jewel and she wouldn't push me out.

It was all Micah, he's
the one who forced me out.

But you still blamed Jewel, didn't you?


We were best friends.

Yes, I was a little bit jealous. But

prima ballerinas come and go.

I had my time and it was over.

Do you spend much time at your cottage?

Sure, it's been in my
family since I was a kid.

What does my cottage
have to do with anything?

We found traces of Jewel's blood

and some of her clothing
burnt in your fireplace.

What are you trying to say?

Did you kill her?


Oh my God they think it's me.

Where were you that day, Alya?

No one at the ballet saw you 'til 3pm.

I w... , I w... , I was at home.

Can anyone confirm that?


I never hurt her. Not ever.

I swear I didn't kill her.


Alya is telling the truth,
she didn't kill Jewel.

You're kidding me, right?

She's got the motive.

She's the right weight to make
those footprints in the snow.

She's got no alibi

and the boots and Jewel's clothes
were found burnt at her cottage.

I understand how this looks. But
I've got a feeling that she didn't.

Feelings don't convict criminals.

Evidence does, Logan.

And it's piled up against her.

So make the arrest.


You know, Tia. I, I love
that our relationship

has gotten to the point
where you feel just like,

super comfortable just setting up shop here

and using my gastro-pub
as your home office,

but you look like you're with
the board of health or something.

You know what I mean?

I know, I'm sorry Oz.

It's just, I'm just trying
to find a break in this story.

She was convinced that the
ballet company was dirty

but I haven't found anything.

Ok well I can't really offer
you a break in the story,

but how 'bout a break from the story?

- Turkish appetizer platter on the house?
- I would love it.

Yeah that's great, make that two.

Hey! Ok but yours, you have to pay for,

- I got bills.
- Whatever,

- Pretty face discount, this one.
- It's fine.

I heard you brought Alya King in.

There's no way she's guilty.

Ok I may not read minds,
but I can tell that

this woman is not a killer.

I know. I read her. She didn't do it.

But without any hard evidence,
I can't convince Becker.

Go back to Micah.

All the research I've done,
it's all pointing towards him.

I got a hold of Jewel's health records.

As soon as Micah and Jewel were married,

her trips to the hospital

went from nonexistent to way too frequent.

Broken fingers, black eye,

she had a cracked rib on her honeymoon.

Well that doesn't prove that he's a killer.

Last month while on tour in Paris,

he knocked her tooth out.

Alya had to take

Jewel to the hospital
for emergency dental work.

Jewel claimed it was because
she had bitten into an apple.

2am, she had bruising all over her neck.

Really? Biting into an apple?

Which tooth?

You're missing the point. She
clearly didn't bite into an apple.

No, Tia. Which tooth?


The front, top left one. Why?

Hey, Michelle, meet me at the office.

I think I know what happened to Jewel.

Alright, see you there.

Thank you.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey!

Wait, did I just give you another tip?

What is this?

You knew Jewel was beaten.

I didn't think it had anything
to do with her disappearing.

You were there the night she got
her tooth knocked out in Paris.

What are you saying?

You stay away from her. It's ok, shh.

We're going to get you to the hospital, ok?

It was her front left tooth.

This is also her front left tooth.

We found this in the backseat
of her car out by the river.


- What are you saying?
- Did you do something to her, Alya?


I don't know what you're talking about.

I can't take it anymore. He's killing me.

I want to be free.

You'd tell us if you knew what
happened to her, wouldn't you?


'Course I would.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh, I could live here forever.

Oh, me too! Ha! Ha! Ha!


We can't hold you any
longer. You're free to go.

We'll be in touch.

- Better be right about this, Logan.
- I am.

Otherwise we just let a
possible murderer go free.

I'm right.

I know I am.


How did you find me?

When I figured it out,

what you had done,

I knew you'd come here.

- I, I didn't think you'd remember.
- Ha.

Car broke down just over there, right?

This is the B&B we had to stay
at while they fixed the engine.

And you said "So this is
what freedom feels like."

"To be in a place where nobody
knows or cares who you are."

He was killing me, Lee.

This would be my new beginning.

I stay here until things quiet down

until my face isn't in the news anymore.

And then I make my way down south.

Start my new life.

But throw away everything?

Your career? Your, your friends?

Your entire life?

It wasn't a life, Alya.

So you frame Micah, Natasha,

you even implicated me.

They were never supposed
to suspect you, Lee.

You went to my cottage
to hide the evidence.

Of course they suspected me.

I did what I had to do.


this is crazy. You're never
going to get away with this.

Is that a threat?

Are you going to try to stop me?

Because I won't let you,
Alya. I've come too far.


Jewel, stop right there.

- It's over.
- There's nowhere to go.

- We know everything.
- Ha.

- You only know half the story.
- We know about the abuse.

What Micah did to you was horrible,

but there are other
things you could've done.

Like what? Call the police?

He would've sat in jail for a night.

No. He needs to suffer

for what he did to me. For every slap,

- every punch.
- Jewel, I'm so sorry.

- I should have done someth...
- Look what you have done.

No one can help me.

- Whoa.
- Jewel, drop the gun.

You know I bought this to use on Micah.

Jewel, don't do it. Don't
throw your life away.

It's too late. It's too late.

No, no, no. It's not too late.

- It's never too late.
- I've lost everything.

You haven't lost, Jewel.

But if you pull that trigger, Micah wins.

He's not worth it.

You can't let him get away
with what he's done to you.

Put the gun down.

- It's gonna be ok.
- Put the gun down.

So what is that now?

Adultery, innocence, guilt.

Man there's no limit to what you
can read in someone's face, is there?

So what's going to happen to Jewel now?

Well, she's looking at
doing time, that's for sure.

Framing someone for murder

is not your run-of-the-mill fraudulent act.

Well she was in a desperate situation.

I'm sure the courts will take
that situation into account.


I gave all of the files
about Micah's abuse to Metro,

so he's not going to get off
that easy, either. (Beeping)

Nicely done.


What's this? Everything ok?

Yeah, it's just...

Adam. He keeps sending
me these photos and videos

of Carrie's big milestone moments.

Makes me realize what I'm missing.

So in your ideal, perfect world,

Carrie would only have these
milestone moments on weekends?

- Nights off?
- Exactly.

Ok. Alright.

Thanks for sitting down
with Tia, by the way.

- It's a big story for her.
- 'Course.

(gurgling from phone)

(door closing)


- Hey.
- Hey. Didn't hear you come in.

- Hey, beautiful.
- Hi.

Hey, did you get my texts?

I did, yeah.

Um, I need to ask you something.

And I think it's going to
sound silly and selfish, but...


Can you stop sending me photos and videos

of Carrie's big moments?

The little stuff and the cute
stuff, that's totally fine.

But the big moments, not so fine.

Just thought you'd want to
see it when it was happening.

I know, I know I'm going
to miss out on some of

her big moments, but seeing it

all on my cellphone for
the first time it just,

you know, kinda breaks my heart.

So maybe when I get home,

I can see it for the first time then.

- Hm.
- Is that ridiculous?


I get it.

- You do?
- Come here.

- I mean I should have known.
- No, no, no, no.

It was a cry for help
and I never saw it coming.

No one could have seen that coming, Tia.

But I should have done my research,
maybe I could have helped her.

Look, she was using you.

Your interview was a part
of her plan to frame Micah.

I just can't,

can't imagine what state of mind she
would have been in to do what she did.

Did you file your story?

My editor already called.

- AP is picking up the story.
- Hey!

Cheers to you. Cheers to that.

Cheers to you for getting me the exclusive.

Mmm. Quid pro quo, right?

We make a pretty good team.

We should do it more
often, don't you think?


Don't think. Bad idea.

Working with an
ex-girlfriend or girlfriend?

Not advisable.

You're gonna get your love of
feet back in no time, buddy.

Time shmime. Hey Anastasia.

- No, I'm taking action my friend.
- What'd you do?

- What did I do?
- Yeah.

I took a 6 month leave of
absence from the hospital.

Plunging all my energy into this place.

You serious?

I could not be seriouser, my friend.

- More serious.
- Exactly.

This way I don't have to
see Sandy, it's a win-win.

Well, here's to doing what we love.

(Toby): Natasha? Is that who it was?

(Micah): Where did that come from?


(Toby): Natasha? Is that who it was?

(Micah): Where did that come from?


(Toby): Natasha? Is that who it was?

(Micah): Where did that come from?

How the hell does he know that?