The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Lockup - full transcript

The team meets their new leader, a man Toby met before and it was not good encounter. They investigate how money that is suppose to be in the evidence locker ended up in sport team's locker room.

No. So I... all... When I was
growing up, I thought pea meant

please pass the salt so
I... But there's no salt,

so then my mother's like,
yeah, the S is shut up,

so I never got salt anyway.
Thank you very much, Michelle.

Oh, now this is a
cheeseburger! Look at this!

- Am I right?
- It's a nice sports bar.

Sports bar? Oh no, my friend.

This is no mere sports
bar. This is a "gastropub,"

all right? This is an
establishment where fine cuisine

and top flight libations merge
in a feast for the senses.

- It's cool.
- Sure.

- Cocktails are amazing, right?
- Speaking of which,

see this? This is Jason right here.

He was voted the top concoctor
of all things alcoholic

- 2 years in a row.
- I love it, Oz. Really. I do.

Hey. Hold on here. What are you guys up to?

- You guys are acting funny.
- Funny?

Why do you care about this
Jason guy and the drinks?

Why do I care? Because...

- OK, just tell them.
- I bought the place!

- What?
- Ha! Ha! Right?

I mean, I didn't buy...
I bought into the place,

not the whole... It's my
cousin's place. You know,

he's a great chef, top of
his class at culinary school,

but he's not really into
the business side of it

- so that's where I come in.
- Sandy, you're good with this?

Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?

- What about your hospital job?
- I'll do both.

- You'll do both?
- Yeah, it's what I said.

- You said you'll do both.
- Not worried about me, are you?

- No, no.
- Oh, I see. You're worried

that I'm gonna not have enough
time for you, is that it?

Look at the little crinkle
in his wolf blue eyes.

He's afraid he'll be looooonely.

- Oh, my gosh!
- Looooonely!

No, no, no. I'm not worried about me, Oz.

The two of you, I mean you
barely see each other as it is

and how are you gonna make this work?

Oh, it's gonna work out
just fine. Am I right?

Of course. Where there's
a will, there's a way.

- Exactly.
- Yeah.

- Cheers to you, my friend!
- And cheers to you!

What's your forecast
for the future, Alphonse?

The Titans are playing hot. We're in shape.

Our heads are good.

So, you're feeling good about
the quarterfinals on Monday?

Well, this is one of the biggest games

in university football
and we're ready for it.

I gotta give a lot of
credit to our defense.

They've really been bringing it all season.

And as long as we don't
lose that momentum...

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey,
hey! They've got me, right?

Huh? So we don't have to
worry about losing momentum.

Ha! Ha!

We won't lose against the Dragons.

Thanks, Alphonse. We're
all cheering for you.

- Good luck on Monday.
- Thank you.

OK, feed's down.

What? You got a problem?

No, no, no, no.

- Do you got a problem?
- Come on, man.

- Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Keep rolling!

Stop! Move! Move back!

Back off, back off! Back off!

Come on! Jesus! Will you?

Come on! Come on!

No, it... it's the bottle on the shelf,

not in the door. They're
dated for a reason, OK?

You just need to look at the schedule.

I know. I'm sorry.

Of course, you can handle it.

OK, you too. Yeah. Bye.


Mmm. Hey.

So? Any news?

I was gonna ask you guys the same thing.

No. I mean, they've gotta
make a decision soon, right?

Klein's been gone a month.

Klein wrote you an amazing
recommendation. Job is yours.

Yeah. From what I hear, they interviewed,
like, 10 top-notch candidates.

- A mere formality.
- Well, until we hear otherwise,

I guess it's, what, business as usual.

- Thanks a lot.
- Becker?

Brian Becker.

Until recently, I was an
inspector at the Metro Major

Crimes Unit. Superintendent
Parker wanted to come down and

do this himself but I figured
I'd save him the hassle.

I'm the new head of the unit.

From Metro to IIB, that...
that's quite a promotion.

Well, I'm quite a cop.

Sergeant McCluskey.
You've got a lot of fans.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Corporal Clark, I've heard
great things about you.

Looking forward to it too. And Toby Logan,

well, you've come a long way, huh?

From freelance face reader to
Special Consultant at the IIB.

You two know each other?

You got the wrong idea about me.

What I got is my own
agenda and you're on it.

You set one foot inside my department,

I swear to God...

I'll snap your scrawny little neck.

Yeah, we, uh...

Well, I, uh...

helped out a partner of his at Metro.

Who'd have guessed we'd
be working together, huh?

Not me.

- I guess we should, uh... give you the tour.
- Yeah.

Maybe in a bit. We got a case!

Last night, 200,000

in US bills, it fell out of the
ceiling in the Titans' locker room.

No prints, no leads as
of yet. Here, take a look.

- That's college ball, right?
- Yeah.

Interesting, but not something
the IIB usually handles.

Well, what if I told you that that money
was taken out of the Metro evidence lockup?

That could put every case
- pending trial in jeopardy.

Think it's an IIB-worthy case now?

That money was marked.

It was originally confiscated during a high
profile drug bust. Los Sangres drug cartel.

- That was a big bust.
- Go to trial next week.

Metro is losing their minds
because if this gets out,

every single criminal who's
waiting for a court date is

- gonna be gunning for a mistrial.
- So this is not only damaging,

it could potentially be
extremely embarrassing as well.

We got a gag order on the press.

God knows this is gonna come out.

When did Metro realize
that this was missing?

Yeah, well, that's the thing.
If that money hadn't fallen out

of the ceiling in the Titans' locker room,

no one ever would have known
that it was missing. Thank you.

Well, we'll get on it right away.

Great. McCluskey, with me.
We'll do the evidence lockup.

Corporal Clark, Logan, I want you
to take the dressing room. Thank you.

Actually, Toby and I usually
go out in the field together.

Klein would stay here

- and just hold down the fort.
- Klein was a lawyer, I'm a cop.

I don't hold down forts. Hey!

- Catch up.
- How's Toby supposed

to use his power when we've got Mr. Metro,

"I don't hold down forts" golden
boy watching our every move?

I can't believe this is happening.
You should've gotten the job, Michelle.

Ah, everything happens for a reason.

What's the history between you two?

It's a long story. Fill you in later.

According to the computer...

that money's just where
it's supposed to be.

Logged in to the system

and sitting on shelf 115,

but instead of cash...

it's filled with cell
phones and electronics.

Do you guys have
surveillance cameras in here?

Yeah. There and there.

We're gonna need to see those recordings.

How far back?

Everything since the money
was logged into evidence.

I also want polygraphs for every
clerk who worked during that time.

You think one of my guys
stole from the lockup?

- You're crazy.
- Money didn't walk away,

sunshine. Get me their
names and schedules, please.

How do you normally process the evidence?

Well, through the pick-up windows.

That one's for civilians
picking up items that have been

cleared for release.
The other one's for cops

picking up evidence to convey to a trial.

How do you keep track of all these boxes?

Well, every box has a tracking number.
It's scanned in and out of the system with

- officer's badge number and name.
- So the only way it could

get out of here is if a
police officer authorizes it.

- That's right!
- No, it's not a police problem.

These clerks...

they're all civilians. Our best
bet is one of them just took it.

We're also gonna need all the logs. I
wanna know everyone who came in here,

what they signed out, what they
signed in, everything you got.

- Mm-hmm.
- Becker.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- How ya holding up?
- Great.

Detective Theresa De Souza... Thank you.

Meet Sergeant Michelle McCluskey.

- Hi. - Nice to meet you.
- Theresa was a supervising

- officer on the Sangres bust.
- I can't believe this is happening

My whole case is in jeopardy. Yeah, I got
a confession, but the money disappearing

has broken the chain of evidence.

- Their lawyers are gonna rip into me hard.
- This has to be an inside job.

We should look into janitorial
and maintenance staff.

All those folks had
access to the lockup too.

Wouldn't be impossible
for Los Sangres to fake

a background check and get a mole in here.

- OK. Will do.
- Thanks.


- That should be all of it.
- Thank you.

We're gonna need a work-up
of every single clerk

in the department, looking
for connections to Los Sangres.

We should get Toby on this.
He can be really helpful

when we're questioning potential
suspects. It helps us bypass

- a bunch of unnecessary work.
- If one of these clerks

is involved, we don't need a face reader,

we need background checks.
But I appreciate the input.

So who steals money from a police lockup

only to hide it inside
a football locker room?

If it came from the Los Sangres case,

could they be crazy enough
to try to steal it back?

Well, maybe one of the players
is linked to the Los Sangres.


Hey. I'm Dan Cuddy. I'm
the trainer for the Titans.

Dan, we've got a few questions
for you about the money.

- Yeah.
- Have any of your players

been known to have substance abuse issues?

Of course not. No. These
guys are smarter than that.

They'd lose their scholarships,
get kicked out of school, no.

JJ's clean now.

What about JJ? Is he still using?

Look, guys, I'm bound by
that confidentiality clause,

so I can't... I can't say anything.

Who has access to the locker room?

Uh, well, the team alone, that's like 40,

and, uh, then there's the team
trainers, team doctors, reporters.

Heck, even the marching band comes in
here so it's, like, at least a hundred.

OK. I'm gonna need the video
surveillance for the facility.

Well, there's no cameras in
the locker room. Privacy issues.

But there is a camera
just outside the entrance.

OK. That'll do. That'll let me know
who came in and out of the locker room.

Corporal, where are we with the lockup?

I checked the clerks, cleaning
staff and court officers,

but so far there's nothing suspicious.

- What about the dressing room?
- I'm going through the footage

trying to identify everyone who entered with
a bag big enough to hold that amount of cash

and checking the entire period since
the money was booked into the lockup.

Once you got the list to
get names together, just

start working. How about the
money? Was that all recovered?

All but 1500 of the 200K.

It was a free-for-all
when the money fell.

Maybe one of the players grabbed the cash.

All the TV cameras kept rolling. Anything
that fell from the ceiling was recovered.

So the 1500 was taken
before the money was stashed.

We find the money,
hopefully we find our guy.

We've got a lead on JJ Jones.

He's the running back. He
was brought in 2 years ago

on scholarship but he
missed a semester last year,

because he was on the disabled list.

The truth is that he was in rehab

for a drug addiction. But
random drug testing shows

that he's been clean ever
since he started back at school.

However, he still has a
reputation as being a party boy.

He's been known to hang out
at a club called Remney's,

which happens to be a haven
for Los Sangres members.

OK. Good work, Corporal.

- Let's bring him in. McCluskey?
- Yeah.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- I know it must be tough.
- What's that?

Having a family, demanding job.

What are you trying to say?


Look. Yes, you are our new boss,

but you're joining our unit,

and we have our routines
and our procedures,

and it's worked for us.
Our, our record proves it.

So if you come in here
and you start messing

with the way we operate, it
is going to affect our results.

I have issues with Toby Logan

- That doesn't concern you.
- If you have an issue with

one of us, you have an issue
with all of us. We're a team.

I am well aware of that. Thank you.

So what's your problem with Toby?

He got one of my best detectives killed.

She trusted him and it cost her.

- Charlie.
- He told you?

- Yeah, we're a team.
- Well, Charlie was my team,

and he got her killed.

There's our guy.

Let's go.

- Sure. Yeah. No problem.
- JJ Jones!

A little busy, man.

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello back.

OK, what's the problem?

- I've been clean all semester.
- We're not the drug squad, JJ,

we're the IIB and you need to come with us.

- You can't take me away.
- Actually, we can.

You missed your last
parole meeting. Let's go.

Yeah but I didn't do anything.

That's what we're gonna find out. Let's go.

Where did you get the money, JJ?


Who took it out of the evidence
lockup? Who you working for?

I don't have a job.

I'm in school and I'm the
running back for the Titans.

What's your connection to Los
Sangres? You're dealing for 'em?

- The drug cartel?
- Mm-hmm.

Do you think I'm crazy? I
got a death wish or something?

Is this a game you want to play? Really?

It's fine by me 'cause,
you know, we got all night.

Don't you have a playoff curfew?
They don't take that stuff

- lightly, do they?
- Yeah.

If you're willing
to get suspended from playing

in that quarterfinal
game, well, that's, uh...

I... I can't get anything. He's
not asking the right questions.

Well, we'll figure it out,
right? We'll work around him.

- You should be running this unit, Michelle.
- It's fine, OK? I'm a big girl.

Of all the people, for him
to walk in and to take over...

He talked to me about Charlie.

Toby, get out of here!

Charlie! Charlie, stay with me.

Yeah, well, whatever he said,

he was right. I let that
guy get the drop on her.

- I should have seen it coming.
- There's nothing

you could have done, Toby.
That guy was a trained killer.

Well, this guy is never gonna believe it.

You know you've been photographed

with known associates
of Los Sangres, right?

I get my picture taken with
a lot of people I don't know.

When did you put the
money in the ceiling, JJ?

I didn't...

You're looking at the wrong guy, man.

You know, I think he knows who hid

the money, but Becker's
never gonna go there.

Let me see what I can do.

Someone hid that money, JJ.

I don't think you did it,

but I do think you know who did.

I may not like everybody on my team...

but I ain't no snitch.

JJ's coming off clean.
He suspects who did it,

but he's not gonna rat on one
of his teammates. He's loyal.

- So you read who's responsible?
- Alphonse Reid.

- The quarterback?
- That's right. He saw Alphonse

in the locking room
alone looking suspicious.

- Well, let's go talk to him.
- What about Becker?

We can't tell him we're
working off one of my reads.

So we don't.

That can't be right.

You ever look at numbers and
they make no sense to you?

Hey! Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

Hey. Yeah. Um, I just wanted
to come by before my shift

and get some accounting done here.
Jason, can you give us a second, please?

- Thanks.
- Well...

You know, they don't pay their suppliers,
they're 3 weeks behind on wait staff wages.

And you want to talk
about working to a budget?

They might as well be heating
the pizza oven by burning money.

Wow! They are
very lucky to have you here.

- Well, we'll see.
- Um...

Are you OK?

You just, you sounded
all stressed on the phone.

Yeah, yeah. I just, um...

- I did want to talk to you about something.
- OK.

Look, my life's been kind of in a bit

of upheaval lately, right?
I mean, between this place

and just trying to take control of my life,

and I was thinking

we could take our relationship to the...

next level, you know... what I mean?

- I don't, I don't know if I do.
- Well, I just, I thought maybe we could,

you know, take control
of this relationship,

you know, move it to the next plateau,

- the next stratus, the next echelon.
- Oz, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.

OK. Just... What, what are you asking here?

Well, Sandy, uh... will you...

- I don't know...
- move in with me?

- What?
- Oh, thank gosh!

You don't know what? What?

Oh, I thought...

I just, I thought you were...

I thought you were gonna pop the question.

- Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no.
- 'Cause we're not ready for that.

- Yeah. Absolutely not. Agreed.
- I mean, things are great

- between us, right?
- Yeah! Things are great.

I mean... if you don't think

about the fact that we won't
be able to see each other

for the foreseeable future,
then things are great.

OK so, so why,

why mess with something
that ain't broke, you know?

OK, so we'll just, just...

keep things the way they are now.

- Yeah.
- OK.

- Yeah. Yeah. It's good.
- OK. I should get back to this then.

- Yeah. I gotta um... Oh, crap, I gotta go.
- OK.

- Uh, so but we're, we're good?
- Great. Totally good.

- Uh... OK.
- OK.

- Bye.
- All right. Have a good shift.


There he is. Hey, Alphonse.

You're gonna have to go through
the coach if you want an interview.

- IIB.
- What do you know about the money

- that fell from the ceiling?
- I already gave the cops a statement.

I thought I was in the clear...
Sorry but, uh, I gotta go

- to the shower.
- The money. You were saying?

I wasn't.

- Who gave it to you, Alphonse?
- And why the ceiling?

I mean, that seems like such a
risky place to put that much money.

I guess there was nowhere else
to put it, huh? When JJ saw you,

- he suspected something.
- He said that? He's crazy!

So if I look in your jacket right now,

I won't find the cash?


- Yeah.
- You're under arrest.

I'm gonna need to talk to my lawyer.

You've got to be kidding me.

- Logan.
- Yeah?

- What the hell's he doing here?
- We followed another line of investigation.

You didn't think about
clearing that with me first?

We're trying to keep this investigation
under wraps because of the hell storm

that will surely explode if anyone finds
out Metro evidence lockup was breached,

and you two are running around
arresting star quarterbacks? On what?

- One of your little hunches?
- Alphonse is our guy.

No. JJ's the prime suspect.

He is the one with the contacts.
He is the one with the background.

That is where you focus your energies.

You two are just wasting department
time and energy on an innocent man.

He had this.

$1000 in marked $20 bills.

It's from the same stash of money
that was found in the ceiling

of the Titans' locker room.
And that money was stolen

from police evidence lockup.

I don't know anything
about the police lockup.

I took the money when it fell.

See, we have a video
showing that all the money

that fell out of the ceiling was recovered.

So... where did you get it?

Quarterfinal against The
Dragons... 20-point spread.

And in college ball, the
only time that money like that

is flying around is when someone's betting

on the outcome. You
know, I was just thinking

that if someone were to cook the upcoming

quarterfinal games, they
could make a killing.

- Oh, yeah.
- That is a baseless accusation.

We know you did it, OK? What
we're trying to understand here

is why would you throw
away your scholarship?

I told you. I didn't do anything.

Mom's got nobody else...

How am I gonna pay for the doctors now?

Look, you're a good kid.

You wouldn't do something like this
unless you were desperate, right?

So I'm trying to figure it out
here. Is it someone you know

was in trouble or...?

Is it someone that you love? Are they sick?

- Yeah?
- You took a payoff, but I'm guessing

you didn't even know who
the money was stolen from.

I just hope that someone's taking care
of your mother when you're in prison.

- Hey. I've gotta talk to him.
- My client's willing to talk.

In exchange for immunity.

We're listening.

I'm all my mother's got.

And if I don't get her to this...

experimental chemo clinic

in Ohio,

she's gonna die.

I had...

met this guy at the club

a few times.

He overheard me talking about

how my mother needed surgery...

And he said that...

he'd pay high dollars

if I just fix the point
spread in our next game.

Who is this guy?


Never got a last name.

Logan. I wanted to ask you a question.

How'd you figure out about
Alphonse Reid's mother?

Well, Alphonse looked down

and to the right when I asked
him why he wanted the money.

So looking down and to the right,

that's sick mother?

And I also gave him the intel on the mom.

I looked into Alphonse's
background and I found

that he was going back and
forth between his hometown so...

- It was that.
- OK.

Looks like I gotta make a call. Alphonse
Reid's gonna miss the playoff game.

- Good save. That was close.
- I got something.

Someone hacked into the Metro police
computer system in the past hour

using an anonymous IP address.
They erased the login history

from Metro's evidence lockup subsystem.

So someone knows we're onto
them. Covering their tracks.

Exactly. But I was able
to access the memory dump

from the backup server and
retrieved the deleted files.

Our perp recoded some
of the tracking numbers

- from the evidence boxes.
- It's a virtual break-in.

So no one physically entered Metro's
lockup to steal the cash. It was all done

- through the computer.
- Each evidence box is assigned

a tracking number, printed
from the evidence log.

See, the tracking number
originally assigned to the 200,000

from the Sangres bust was switched

- with this box.
- It's just a bunch of cell phones

and electronics junk. It's evidence in
a burglary case already gone to trial.

It's scheduled to be released
to the original owners.

Right. So this is how someone
was able to walk in, grab the cash

- without any questions being asked.
- Which is why no one from Metro

knew that the cash was missing until
it fell from the Titans' ceiling.


that's solid work, Alex.

I know.


- Dev.
- Huh?

Right. Uh, now that we
know the actual number

of the box with the cash, we
can see who checked it out.

The true owner of the
box with the cell phones

was a Murray Boone.

But whoever broke into the
system changed the owner's name.

It was signed out at 10:14 AM.

The same day it fell from the
ceiling in the Titans' locker room.

And if you give me a minute...

This is the civilian
who checked out the box.

That is definitely not
the man that Alphonse met.

Thank you. Any progress?

Actually, yeah.

We got video of the person that
checked out the box from the lockup.

- ID?
- Just give me a second.

"Cindy Grant."

"26 years old. No fixed address.

- Multiple counts of possession."
- So you're telling me that a low level junkie

managed to figure out how to
break into Metro's evidence lockup?

It is possible she's working
for whoever paid off Alphonse.

I'll ask around,

see if the guys in drug squad
know her. Clark, you're with me.

- Have fun.
- Thanks.

You know, when Klein formed the unit

was the first time that
I could really be myself.

I didn't have to lie

or make excuses for
what I knew about people.

I just hope that I'm not
back at the beginning.

And you're sure you don't want
to bring Becker into the fold?

The last time I saw this guy, 4 years ago,

he was threatening my life
'cause I got his partner killed.

He's the last guy

I want to share this secret with.

- Toby, look at me.
- Yeah?

You are the key to that unit's success.

And who knows? Becker
works with you long enough,

he might come around.

- People can be more accepting
than you think. - Mm-hmm.

- Your guy's sure she's here?
- It's one of her hangouts.

She'll show up sooner or later.

I feel like this is officially later.

What's that?

- Looks like your guys are on the money.
- Bingo.

- Cindy Grant.
- I'm off duty.

- I close at 10:30.
- IIB.


What the hell do you
want? I didn't do anything.

Sure did. But we got pictures.

Let's talk about this downtown.

McCluskey, you're with me.

You know, actually, I... I
think Toby should be in there.

No offense, but I think I
know how to make a junkie talk.

Right. Talking is one thing, but
Toby knows how to get at the truth,

which is not so easy
with a junkie. No offense.

Fine. Logan, you're with me.

- This should be fun.
- Yeah.

We have you on video, Cindy.

We know you signed out the cash
from Metro's evidence lockup.

- So where'd you take it?
- What cash?

You signed out an evidence
box from Metro Police, right?

Oh, yeah. Cell phones or something.

No, it wasn't cell phones,
Cindy. It was $200,000 in cash.

What? 200,000!

Only gave me 500... That lying jerk...

Who asked you to do it?

I don't know. Some guy
asked me to do him a favour.

Well, some guy who paid you.

- We need to see that money.
- I don't have it anymore. I spent it, OK?

You know, you shouldn't lie to us, Cindy.

We know you got the money on you.

That's all that's left, I swear.

What exactly did this guy ask you to do?

All I had to do was sign out a box.

My name was already there.
I didn't ask any questions.

- What was his name?
- I don't know. I never saw him before.


I think you can do better than that.

Hey, Dev.

You isolate any suspects
from the locker room footage?

Yeah we got statements
from 164 out of 168 people

that entered the room.

- OK. How about the other four?
- I just printed the photos.


These are the only four
that I can't yet identify.

OK, thanks.

Is the guy who paid you

in one of these photos?

Take a look, Cindy.

You know, we're happy to send
you back to jail, right, Cindy?

Him. He's the guy!

This is the guy who organized everything.

He paid Cindy to get
the money out of lockup

and then gave it to
Alphonse to throw the game.

- We just don't know who he is.
- Well, I've run the photo

through every level of facial recognition.

- And?
- And...

nothing 'cause the guy's
not in the criminal systems.

OK, well, let's, let's bring in Alphonse,

show him the photo and
maybe he can ID the guy.

Alphonse was telling the truth.
He didn't know who the guy was.

- What about the money?
- No. We fingerprinted

everyone who touched the
money in the locker room,

including Alphonse. And the rest
were just from the original drug bust.

Not the money from the locker room.

The money our mystery man paid Cindy.

Let's see if Alex can pull a print.

I found 2 sets of prints on this bill.

One is Cindy's and the
other... is running now.

- Let's hope he's got a record.
- I set the search wide

to include all government
agencies that collect prints.

Looks like we got a match.

It's from the American Border Services.

He was printed while crossing
the border. Our guy is one...

"Anthony De Souza."

As in Detective Theresa De Souza?

The detective who busted the Sangres gang?

Should be seeing as Anthony is her brother.

OK, so this is just a theory right now,

but all along we were thinking
it was Los Sangres who stole

the money back. Well now,
it's looking like it was

the officer who booked
it in the first place.

- Theresa De Souza.
- Yeah.

No. I've worked cases with
her. She's solid police.

That may be, but her
brother is well connected.

Doesn't mean she is.

Dev found out that she
was logged into the system

at the same time the box was recoded.

- Coincidence.
- Maybe. Maybe not.


Couldn't it just have been Theresa's
brother doing all this without her knowledge?

Maybe he got access to her passwords,

logged into her account,
and he recoded the logs,

and she had nothing to do with any of this.

Yeah, I guess anything is
possible, but I still think

that we should bring her in.

Look, I know this is your
first case with the IIB,

and this could blow back
on you. It is a big risk.


Bring her in. Let's talk to her.

She'll be here in 2 minutes.

What's going on, Becker?
What am I doing here?

Theresa, we have evidence that connects
your brother to the stolen cash.

What? No. That can't be.

Listen. You come in, you talk to someone.

We got him on camera, Theresa.

He's got someone on the
inside helping him out

He hired someone on the
outside to pick it up

and he contacted the football player
to make the deal to throw the game.

You're his link in the force.

Are you trying to say I had
something to do with this?

Listen, if I can fix the game,

everything I owe them will disappear, OK?

Theresa, I need this.

You find out he was in trouble
so you... you help him out?

- No. I already told you.
- Alphonse was suspended.

The game's in the fourth
quarter. The Titans are winning.

The guys that your
brother owed the money to,

they've already placed bets.
They're gonna lose everything.

Your brother's a dead man walking.

Letting us help you is his only chance

of getting out of this alive.

Theresa, you have to start talking to us.

The bookies he owed,

Guns and Gangs have been
building a federal case

against them for 18 months.

They weren't gonna throw away
the case on some two-bit bust.

I couldn't get them arrested.

What? So you come up with
this idea of giving them

- the money from your bust?
- You act like this was

an easy decision. To throw away
my life like this, my career?

You think I wanted to do any of this?

- Then why?
- Because he's my family, that's why.

I had no choice.

I had to make a move or Tony...

They would have killed Tony.

So I took the money out of lockup.

I knew it wouldn't kill the case.

I already had the confession
from the drug dealers.

It was just icing on the cake.

It was a victimless crime.

So you recoded the evidence boxes.

Tony owed close to 500 grand.

200 grand wasn't gonna cover it.

So he paid off Alphonse,

and they gave the tip to the bookies.

He was gonna double his money.

Tony would have been free and clear.

Where is Tony now?

Our uncle died a few months ago.

He had an old auto body
shop that we can't sell.

McCluskey, go around the side.

Logan, you're with me.

IIB! Open up!


Hey, Becker! He's got a gun! He's in there!

Give me the gun!

You don't want to do this, Tony.

You don't want to shoot a cop.

Drop it! Now!

- How did you know he had a gun?
- Gut instinct.

I... I didn't know you were cops.

- I thought you were here to kill me.
- Lucky for you, we're not.

I got a feeling they are.

- Get him to the car.
- Go running on left.


Take him. I got this.

- Ah!
- Face down! Face down!

You're still breathing?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Good.

Get up! Up!

- You OK?
- Yeah.

She was a good cop.

Just throw it all away like this, huh?

Well, she was trying to save her brother.

People do anything for their family.


Good job back there,
you guys. You too, Logan.

Yeah, well, we're just doing our jobs.

- Welcome to the team, Becker.
- Thank you.

Now if it's OK, I am going home.

Me too.

Get some sleep.

- Hey.
- Hey.



I know you were up for the job.

Yeah and I should have gotten it.

I was next in line,

I was ready, but I didn't because...

because I'm a new mom and they're afraid

that I'll put the job in second position.

Maybe that was part of
it. You'll never get anyone

to admit it if that's
what you're looking for.

You have a different take?


sometimes this job is just
not about being a great cop,

it's about being a great politician.

And which are you?

I'm both.

Hey, thank you so much.
Sorry for the wait. Enjoy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, my god.

OK. I just learned

the definition of a "dinner rush."

Ooh! It's going well though, eh?

Yeah. No, it's going really well.

- How ya doing?
- Good. I, um,

I can't really stay that long
though. I'm... I'm exhausted

and I have to be up early
for my shift tomorrow so...

Another glass of wine? Let
me get you some food at least.

- No. It's OK.
- Hey, some sweet potato fries.

- No, it's, it's OK.
- You'll love 'em.

- See you tomorrow night?
- Well, not if you don't come by

after your shift. I
mean, I gotta work again.

Can we play it by ear?

Yeah, of course. OK.

Hey, why are we both so relieved...

to not be getting married?

We've been together 3 years.

Right? And it took me a long time

to get you to even go out with me.

After all we've been through,
shouldn't we want more?

You're right.

- So what's wrong with us?
- Nothing is

wrong with us. We're just...


We're just not ready to
move forward, it's all.

* And I see your pain *

Do you think that we'll ever be ready?

* All the memories, bye *


* The lake and sunrise *

I don't know, Oz.

I don't know.

Do you think maybe it's... time?

* We are strangers, love *

* We are strangers, love *

Is it getting any better at work?

You know, I am not entirely sure

it's gonna get any
easier with Becker around.

Well, you know what? Give it time.

You guys are a unit, and they're
not gonna let some new guy

- come in the way of that.
- You're right.

You are right.

I don't know what I'd do without you.


Hey, come on in, Oz!

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're all right?


Sandy and I just broke up.

One minute we were talking about

moving in together, and the next...

it's over. Finito. Kaput.

- Just like that.
- Well,

everything happens for a reason, right?

You're gonna be all right.

Sandy's not gonna be in my life anymore.

What am I supposed to do now?

You just take life one day at a time

- * We are strangers, love *
- You move forward.

I can't believe that
happened. It was so fast.

She thought I was proposing
to her, which really...