The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Brothers Volkov - full transcript

.Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) arrive at a homicide scene where a Russian Consul General is found dead and the diplomat's middle son, Dmitry (Elias Toufexis), confesses to his murder. When McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) arrives to take over the investigation, Toby reveals she may need more than a simple confession to close the case. Despite Dmitry's confession and representation by lawyer-brother Yuri (Dmitry Chepovetsky), Toby and McCluskey believe someone else may have been present at the murder scene, and discover Dmitry has a 14 younger autistic brother, Pavel (Jesse Bostick). In order to get to the truth, Toby and McCluskey must navigate their way through the Volkov family secrets while Toby attempts to communicate with Pavel through his obsession with his toy trains, believing it is the key to solving the murder. A new gurney is tested at EMS after complaints of back injuries, but fails its field test after Oz apparently injures his back employing it.

The music that she
was making, it turned

everything into this
incredible light show.

You sure you weren't
just at the Planetarium?

Maybe it was synesthesia
this really interesting

mental condition a lot
of geniuses have.

Oh yeah it's where like one
sense crosses over into another.

Mhm, except...

...she would see music,
as opposed to hearing it.

Like is she going
to hear a Van Gogh

or see a Jay-Z tune...
kind of genius really.

This not so much;
she forgot her bow.

Yeah, right, that's uhm...

that's one way to put it.

911 what is the nature
of your emergency?

My name is Dmitri Volkov,
I have just killed my father.

Is that medieval, is
that baroque or gothic?

Somebody got killed with
a silver bullet I'm hearing.

That's like a werewolf.

- That's not vampires?
- No, it's a werewolf.

You know what you're
talking about or are you

making it up?

Do you know any vampires?



Not since high school.

Okay now see, now the
wheels won't come down.

Tell me why they need to
replace the old stretchers.

You want state-of-the-art
you pay the price.

Come on.

Oh sure, it works for you.

We hate this thing.

Hey, where's the victim?

In the living room.

Got a deceased in there as
well; coroner's just declared.

Oh nice place.

Belongs to the Russian
Consul General.

He's lying on the floor
inside with his head caved in.

Right here is the injured guy.

You really need to
take off these cuffs.

I don't know if
that's a good idea.

I don't think he'll
give you any trouble.

Detective, we'll be
taking over from here.

That's it?
You just take my case?

Yeah, it's not
a problem is it?

You kidding?

We love coming to crime
scenes and just leaving.

Do you have any idea the
amount of paperwork a case

like this is
going to generate?

Always looking out for us.

Thanks Michelle... Good luck.
Get the cuffs off.

That's a nice looking
uniform you got there.

Gallery opening.

I'm going to take his
pressure in the rig.

All right, just going
to walk him out?


With the stretcher?


- Let's get him out of here.
- All right.

So IIB gets called in on a
political hot potato and

you lose your night off.

Yeah, pretty much...
lucky for me this

seems pretty open and shut,
right Mr. Volkov?

He tried to kill me.
I had no choice.


Is there anyone else here?

Not according
to new reports.

I think you open and shut
case is about to get a lot

more complicated.

Alright there Mr. Volkov

Watch your feet there, okay.

Now he's all
yours officer.

All right.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

There's no one
to take care of Paval...

...he's alone...



What do you have
on the deceased?

Fyodor Volkov entered the
diplomatic service in 1975...

1985 to '88 he was with
the Embassy in Ottawa.

He transferred to Toronto
as the Deputy Minister of

Foreign Affairs, and get
this...three years ago?

He was named the
Consul General.

Are you hungry?

I'd really kill for like some
avacados and banana fosters.

What are you
like pregnant?

What about the son?

Dmitri Volkov. He´s 27,
he was born in Russia,

raised in Toronto and
he's a accountant executive

at a Bay Street brokerage firm.

No priors, not even a little
toe over the line this guy.

Any previous
domestic trouble?

No, nothing in the file

but who's to say some
strings haven't been pulled.

It's about Mexican.

Yeah, I'll meet you.

Wait a sec...

I did a little
reading on Dmitri...

so far all I
got is he keeps saying

something about this
guy named Paval.

Any idea of age?

I can stir him up...

I know, I'm still not used
to getting my information

from someone who
wasn't even there.

Got to park right here.

Dmitri why did you
attack your father?

I told him to stay
out of my life.

And why did you want him
to stay out of your life?

Because he was become the
father who would attack

his son with a
letter opener.

Okay look I won't insult
your intelligence as long

as you don't insult mine.

We know that there was
someone else in that house

besides you and
your father.

I have no idea what
you are talking about.

There's someone at the desk
saying he is Mr. Volkov's lawyer.


Did you get anything?

Yeah I saw the Dmitri
wiping down a statue.

Why would he wipe down the murder
weapon and then call and confess?

Well maybe he was trying to protect
the person who really used it.

Listen I gotta get back.


Sgt. McCluskey IIB, you must
be Mr. Volkov's attorney.

I'm also his brother.


I'm very sorry
for your loss.

Thank you.

You can't imagine how
difficult this is,

not only for me,
for all of us.

Our father he was an
extraordinary man.

Is Dmitri all right?

Yeah he's fine under
the circumstances.

I want to see for myself.

Have you been
questioning him?

With his consent.

I'm sure you were most
professional but he was

not fit to be interviewed
given what has occurred.

I disagree.

Further his counsel was
not present for your

questioning and finally as
a Russian citizen and a

son of a Diplomat
he has...

Diplomatic immunity.

Yeah that's the first
thing we looked into.

I should warn you though,
we may contest that.

You say we just watch him, we get
on a plane and fly back to Russia.

The Russians want
him on a plane,

Ottawa wants him on a plane.

Why don't you want
him on a plane?

Last I heard there was a
great court system in Moscow.

You remember the Russian
diplomat in the fatal

hit and run back in Ottawa?

I know where you're
going with this.

He claimed diplomatic, went
back home and skated on it.

I'm not going to
let that happen.

This is murder;
the guy confessed.

He's not going to skate.

You don't know that.

Listen, this is a done deal,

so unless you know
something I don't know... know something
I don't know?

I think there might have
been someone else involved.

A partner or someone he was
covering for, I'm not sure yet.

Based on?

Cop's sense.

Oh what judge
wouldn't buy that.

I'm just asking if we
can hold on to him for

a few days while we
check this out.

Michelle there are two
Ministers coming in from

Ottawa this morning and they got
he entire staff on red alert.

And I know how much
you love a challenge.

I have complete
faith in you.

I have a love/hate relationship
with you... mostly hate.

I'll see what I can do.



Mom, mom, can
you just....?

Hold on, hold on.

Oh so it turns out to true,
there's two brothers okay.

The lawyer friend that
we know, Yuri and also

another who goes by
the name of...



I got to tell you right
now, this thing is not...

is not reliable.

Why can't we just say
thanks but no thanks.

There's been uptake
in back injury claims over

the last year so like it
or not we're stuck with it.

It works when
you do it, great.

All right, so the manual
says that it's idiot proof,

so who would
like to test it out?

Anyone like to volunteer?

Any one at all?

Yeah, I'd love to, yeah
I'll do it, sure, great.

All right.

Way to take one for
the team Mr. Bay.

Yea, for the team.

I'm not covering anyone's
shift for a month,

thank you very much.


Hey, what time
do you get off?

I got off in about
ten minutes, why?

We found Paval.

Really? you want me to
listen in on the interview?

Yeah if you can get away.

Hey officer, it slunk.

Yeah, I think I'll
have no problem.

Do you want to
wait a minute?

- Sure.
- Cool.

It's a nice place.

Yeah, it's Dmitri's, Paval
lives here with his brother.

How can I help you?

Sgt. McCluskey, IIB.

This is Toby Logan.

Can we have a word?

Uhm, please come in.

It's about
Dmitri isn't it?

Yes it is, Ms...

Uhm... Renyeska,

Yekaterina Renyeska, but
you call me Katja.

So what's your connection to
the family? Are you a relative?

Uhm... No...
I look after Paval.

Paval suffers from a
severe form of autism.

Autism, really.

Can we speak with him?

What about?

His brother.

Of course but I'm sure
you're not going to hear

anything from him.

Okay thank you.

Ms. Ra... Ray...

Renyeska, Sgt. McCluskey.

Thank you.

Have there been any
arguments between Dmitri

and his father?

No, none! That
is what's so odd.

This is you?


You're very photogenic.

Thank you, I
used to model.

Now you're a
fulltime nanny?

Well it's a fulltime job
to look after Paval.

Hey Paval. Hi.

I'm Toby.

This is a really
amazing train set.

Did you build this?

Wow, look at
all your people.

That's very cool.

Who's this here?

Huh, huh, huh...

It's okay.

Paval it's okay.

That's Dmitri and Yuri,
the picture was taken back

in Russia.

Fyodor and...

Their mother.
She died soon after the picture.

And Paval?

Born to another woman,
Canadian woman.

She left.

Autistic boy was too much
for her so he goes to a

special school and I look
after him the rest of the time.

Where were you last night?

- With Paval.
- Here?


Why doesn't he live
with his father?

He was travelling so much
he couldn't take good care

of him, that's why
he lives with us.

Hey, hey, Paval it's okay.

Hey, it's okay... no.


Are you okay?

Oh my God, what
did you do to him?

I just touched him on the
knee and he freaked out.

He cannot stand
to be touched.

I'm sorry.

I think you need
to leave now.



Slide gusset collar
to release auto lock.

Do not place unnecessary
fingers into hinge mechanism.

It sounds like it was
translated from another

language by someone who
doesn't speak English.

Somebody's going to hurt
themselves on this

stupid machine.

Nobody's going to
hurt themselves.

Would you mind taking
your shoes off please?

Hey you talked to that
little brother right?

Hm... he's autistic.

I had a hard time getting
through but he,

he's actually amazingly
focused on his own thing.

You know I have a
cousin who's autistic.

Oh yeah?

Yeah my uncle Eric on my
mother's side; he married

a woman with a lovely
little daughter named Eva.

You could name any date in
history and she would tell

you what day of the
week it fell on.

It was sweet but
kind of creepy.

I was inside the kid's
mind for a few seconds;

it was amazing 'cause it's
like he was living inside

his train set.

Yeah it sounds like Eva,
the way she would find a

safe place in
her own mind.

Listen to this...

Do you know any
other notes?

Do you have any
good news for me?

None, not on
the home front.

It seems Fyodor and
Dmitri are like any father

and son; a few spats here
and there but nothing out

of the ordinary.

What about Yuri?

Same and Paval's virtually
catatonic so that all but

eliminates him.

Do you think
Katja's involved?

Here's the thing; there
is nothing indicating

she even exists.

An illegal immigrant.

Yeah and oh, turns out the
Consulate General is quite

the entrepreneur.

I love it when you dish.

One of his companies is a
talent agency specializing

in Russian models.

Katja was a model.

You have no interest in visiting
Russian models, do you Dev?

I would like to visit
Russian models.

Yeah, that's
what I thought.

It's alright to smile...

You were asking about?

Fyodor Valkov.

Terrible news; he was
one of my investors.

He didn't own it outright?

No, no, no, it
was partnership.

He supplied the capital,
I found the talent.

This talent, they
all come from Russia?

There is an unlimited pool
of beautiful young women there.

Tatyana, Tatyana,
keep smiling.

And all your women, they
all have visas and work permits?

I can only assume sir. have lovely cheekbones.

I also have a
lovely badge.

How involved was
Mr. Volkov with the talent?

Well there's no secret Fyodor
had an eye for the ladies.

In fact he took one of
them away from me and gave

her a job; something
she was good for.

What was this
woman's name?

Katja Renyeska.

Don't, don't say it.

That's what you saw;
synapses firing with

nothing to stop
him... sensory overload.

That's acute autism.

Oz was just telling
me about his has this

autistic cousin and she takes
comfort in creating order.


Those kids, they
find their refuges.

Problem is they're wired to
keep the rest of the world out.

So all I have to do is find
a way into this boy's world.

Mhmm, just don't
underestimate how

difficult that is.

I never do.


I'm vibrating.

Yeah, so am I.

I should probably
look at this.

I have to take this.


Sgt. McCluskey.

Hey, I got another
job for you.

What have you got?

I need to know exactly
what the relationship

between Fyodor
and Katja was.

You think you can come up with a
reason to go talk to her again?

Yeah, I think I can
come up with something.

Hey, hi.


I just, I was wondering
how Paval's doing.

He is fine, under
the circumstances.

Right I feel bad
about yesterday.

It's okay.

I uhm... I brought him
a little something.

Hope I can make
it up to him.

Come in, you can give
it to him yourself.

Ah, thank you.


It's Toby, remember me?

I brought you a...
I brought you some figures,

some policemen.

I thought maybe
I'd put them here.

This is Michelle.

Remember Michelle?

I'm going to pop
her right here.

And this is
me, your buddy.

I'm going to put
myself right there.


Who's this?
Who's the Station master?

It's you...

Whoa, that's cool.

Who's underground??

Is that your father?

Why is your father...?

It's okay.


Dmitri I know what it's
like to have a volatile

relationship with a father.

I can tell that you
really loved him.

What would he want
you to do right now?

He would want me to accept
responsibility for what

I have done and I have.

Forensics found smudge
marks beneath your

fingerprints on
the murder weapon.

You wiped it down
before you handled it.

Why would you do that
unless you were trying...

The cleaning lady must
have wiped it down.

See, I just find
this very odd.

Here I am offering you an
out and you're not taking it.

Dimitri perhaps...


My client stands by his
previous statement.

Then I guess this
interview is over.

No, not yet.

Tell me about
Miranov Talent.

Never heard of it.


Your father was an
investor in it.

Our father had
many investments.

Well this one was special;
it is where he met Katja.

And isn't it true that
his interest in her was

beyond simply being
Paval's nanny?

Wait a minute, Katja had
nothing to do with this.

I said I was guilty; why
would I lie about that?

You tell me.

I think it's
enough for today.

His train set means
everything to him.

Fyodor loved
watching him play.

So his father
was around a lot.

Not a lot but he would
check with me on the phone

almost every day.

So you and Fyodor
were close?

You're a beautiful woman,
was there...?

He was my employer.

Well, I should get going.

Thank you for
letting me see him.

Hey Paval, thank you, bye.



Katja and Dmitri
were lovers.

That certainly
explains a lot.

He has every reason to protect her...

he has diplomatic immunity
and she doesn't.

So we're looking at
a love triangle...

Right, which always ends well.

Okay Fyodor finds out
about Dmitri, argues with

Katja, she hits him,
panics, calls Dmitri for help.

He arrives, he sees what's
happened and he acts fast.

Comes over, wipes down
the murder weapon

and calls the police.

Too bad we don't have
one sliver of evidence.

I actually have to get
back to my day job.

Thank you.

I'm putting together a
timeline on Katja on the

day of the killing; I think
you might find it interesting.

So where were you the
night of the murder?

You picked up Paval at his
school and according to

his teacher you were taking
him to visit his father?

So were you at
Fyodor's house?

All right, we were there.

I dropped him home at six,
I picked him up at nine,

the same as every week.

And when you came to pick him up
did you actually see Fyodor?

Yeah, of course.

He seemed a little troubled but,
other than that he was fine.

That was at, um, nine...?


The Coroner said that he
died no later than 8:30.

Well the Coroner
is obviously wrong.

We checked with
Immigration Canada,

we know you are here illegally
and we know you're lying.

You have a chance to help
yourself out if you just

tell us the truth.

Listen, I've told you
everything I know.

So to be clear the Coroner's
reports aren't in, right?


That was good.

You're in charge of
lying from now on.

So this is our
prank victim.

Yeah, you know it's
just flesh wounds.

A little superglue,
toilet and...


Whoa, whoa, whoa, you just
going to leave me here?

We'll get you bed okay,
just keep a lid on it...

You need a bed.

Yeah. Wow.

Must have been some party.

This is kind of like
really embarrassing.

Don't let it tank your whole
college experience, okay.

So how do they
get this off?

It's like a Brazilian
but for your butt.

I got to take this...

You are being so brave.

Hey what's up?

So it turns out Paval was
watching a movie with his

father the night
of the murder.

We're going to bring
Katja in for questioning.

Can you meet me at IIB?

Yeah sure.

Do you think she
knows something?

Yeah, and we need
to see what that is.

All right.

This thing supposed
to be sinking?

Hang on a
second; I got it.

Oh, oh man.

You all right?

Oh.. are you all right?

My back... My back, my back.

You all right?

What did you do man?

I didn't do anything.

Touched the button?


Come on, this thing...

I know, I know. Come on...


The nurse will be
right with you....



Just touch here if
you can hear me.

All right, I'm ready.

Got yourself in a bit of a
spot here Katja;

you know that don't you?


We know that Fyodor
was in love with you.

Was he upset about your
relationship with Dmitri?

Did you two
argue about that?


There were feelings between
us but a different kind.

Dmitri was the one who I
fell in love with and even

then me and Fyodor,
we never fought, never.

Besides he knew that
I'm good for Paval.

If you cared about
Fyodor at all why don't

you just help us get
to the bottom of this?

What happened on the
night of the murder?

Fyodor, Fyodor...

I think she
found the body.

He was already dead when
you found him, wasn't he?

He was laying there,
blood everywhere.

And what happened?

Oh my God!

She may have called
Dmitri to come over.

We've checked Dmitri's
phone records.

He received a call from
Fyodor's that night.

That was you calling
him, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

He came over and
helped you clean up.

How did he get cut?

He made me do it to him

so it would look
like they fought.

So who actually
killed Fyodor?

It was Paval.

Katja, it was
Paval wasn't it?

He didn't know what he was
doing, I'm sure of it.

No way! The kid?


No wonder Dmitri
took the rap for him.

He'd do anything to protect
him, but I just don't buy it.

Are you going to be able
to make it up the stairs?

Yeah, I'm good,
I'm golden, come on.

So did your uncle every get
through to your autistic cousin?

Yeah, actually he bought
her this universal

calendar, put it up on her
wall and it kind of became

this thing they shared, you
know, like a common ground.

Common ground.

Mr. Bay did you
hurt your back?

Yes sir, a little bit.

Then why haven't you
filled out a 5B or a 7D?

Oh well I don't think
that's necessary.

It's nonsense.

Get down here.


Okay we'll try your theory
that there was someone

else in the room
besides Paval.

Let's hope this works.

Hi Paval, it's Toby.

I know everything must be
really strange right now

but I'm going to help you.

I know how much you love
your train set... couldn't

bring everything but I
brought you a few things.

This is a tree.

This is a park bench.

Just like in
your train set.

Now this is you.

You can turn the bench.

And you're going to be
joined by your father.

It's okay, it's all right.

You guys are watching
television just like on

movie night.

The last time you were
watching television

someone came
by, didn't they?

It's okay Paval, it's
okay because this is me.

Look, this is me.

The person who came,
they hurt your father.

What is it Paval?

Look up at them.

It's okay.

Who hurt your father?

Okay. I'll get rid of him.

It's okay, it's safe.

Good work.

There's absolutely nothing that
connects Yuri to the murder.

That's it, see something's
bugging me about my reads.

I think that the statue might
have been wiped down twice.

And you have the
cloth that Dmitri used.

Yeah we collected
it as evidence.

Yuri used another cloth.

You find that cloth and you
connect Yuri to the whole thing.

Hey guys, I think
I got something.

Get this...
I cross-referenced our good

friend Yuri with our
case and I got a hit.

Connecting the dots... two
years ago, Yuri represented

a Sasha Miranov in a case
of living off the avails

of prostitution.

Small world.

Very. And you don't
believe in coincidence.

No, but I
believe in proof.

And what do we have here;
we have an eyewitness who

doesn't communicate with the
world and you... no offense.

So given the circumstances
we, like you, want what's

best for Paval.

You can claim Diplomatic
immunity for him or he can

face trial here.

The crown says they
won't pursue jail time.

So he'd be


But, we have some great
institutions here in Canada...

I think that would
be preferable.

Dmitri and I would
be able to visit him.


Thank you for your help.

Any time.

Hey Sarge, want to
go claw fishing?

Mr. Volkov.

Sgt. McCluskey.

You know there are rare
days when a Mountie gets

her man and
wishes she hadn't.

This is one of them.

I appreciate that.

There's just one little
problem I'm having.

What's that?

When forensics examined
the statue for trace

evidence, two different
fibers were found...

two different cloths.

Someone wiped it
down before Dmitri.

What are you implying?

Whoever killed Fyodor
tried to frame Paval.

Don't worry...
our entire team is on it.

We will find him.

Well this is most unexpected
but it gives me hope.

Thank you Sergeant.

You get anything?


Hello Mr. Volkov.

You have news already?

We do.

We found that cloth and
preliminary forensics has

linked it to you.

Preliminary forensics...
so you have nothing.

Why would I harm
the father I loved? Hmm?

Now if you'll excuse me.

Sasha Miranov had a scheme to
bring girls into the country.

He offered to cut you in for
a lot... that sound familiar?

I was his lawyer,
it was legitimate.


Yeah but you didn't
have any money.

Bank records show that you were
poaching off your father's account.

I'm guessing he
didn't like that.

You two argued, one
thing led to another...

Look if there are inquires
I will face them in my country.

Are you sure?

You might be a lot better off
in a nice safe Canadian prison.

I didn't mean to hurt him.

It was an accident.

I didn't do
anything criminal.

You killed your father and tried
to frame your autistic brother.

You want to tell
me why that's okay?

Come on.

Here I'll take that.

Oh wait, what's going
on with the slug?

It failed its field test
on a number of issues,

but the biggest one here was
Mr. Bay injuring his back.

Well I mean back injuries
were the whole point of

testing these things in the
first place, am I right?

Ah, oh, still
go the spasms?

Yeah, but they're
getting better sir.

Now always remember,
lift with your legs.

Yes, absolutely.

I'll remember that sir.

Safety first.

Oh, ah!

Us one, slug zero.

You were faking.

Well something had to be
done; that thing was a menace.

I'm sorry to take
advantage of our little

arrangement but I did
what was necessary.

No, no, what was necessary...
me waiting on you hand and foot.

Well, you know, I had
to stay in character.

It's not like I asked you to
give me a sponge bath or anything.

No, I got other
things to do.


What do you have to do?

I've got these other
friends, who need me.

Fine, go... go to your
other friends and...

See you later buddy.

So how is your citizenship
application going?

So far, so good.

Good, you'll get it.

Look guys, more help.

Hello Toby.

A little gift for Paval.

By all means.

I brought you something.

You remember this?

You gotta remember your
father just like that

Paval, only like this.

Thank you.