The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Magician - full transcript

McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) interrogate a convicted criminal mastermind, Magnus Elphrensen (Peter Outerbridge), after he reveals an ex-cell mate's plan to kidnap a superior court judge. When McCluskey and Dev attempt to thwart the kidnapping, a mix-up at the courthouse leads to another judge being kidnapped -- the real target all along. McCluskey suspects Magnus of having an ulterior motive and brings in Toby (Craig Olejnik) to investigate. With a ransom demand further complicating matters, Toby, McCluskey and Dev work together to locate the judge before time runs out. Toby must rely on his telepathic abilities more than ever to crack the intelligence of the man known as "The Magician," engaging in a cerebral showdown to uncover the genesis of the mastermind's latest scheme. Oz (Ennis Esmer) develops a crush on Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn), the hospital's head triage nurse. Toby's telepathic reads start to become accompanied by strange and unusual symptoms.






Now we're not going to
have a problem are we?

Thank the driver for me,
he was easy on the bumps.

Yeah, yeah.

What time is it?

Five to nine. Let's go.

Three inch concrete bolt
and an eye hook big enough

to secure an elephant?

Are you sure this
isn't overkill?

I'm Officer Dewhurst,
Correctional Services.

We're ready.

Court's order says you've
got him for nine hours and

not a minute more.

We take him to Don Jail tonight
and he's back in the Pen

tomorrow morning.

That won't be soon enough.

In there.

I don't think you know who we're
dealing with here Sergeant.

Oh, its Sergeant
now is it?

I should have worn a tie.


Hey Toby, come on
man stay with me.

It's our last call.

I've got a headache man.

Can you keep your
eyes open at least?


I can't drive if
your eyes are closed.

Makes no sense Oz.

If you are sleeping it's
going to make me want to sleep.

I'm not sleeping.

How do I know that?

We're having a

Yeah, it doesn't
surprise me.

Between your shifts and
IIB you've been burning

the candle at both ends.

You know you need a jolt.

See that thermos down there?
Can you grab it? Go ahead.

What is this?

It's my mother's
recipe, it's chow gong.

It's turnip juice,
it's fantastic.

You'll love it. Take a sip.


Told you!


Good stuff.

My tongue is on fire.

Yeah, she's still
tweaking the recipe.

Yeah, with Cayanne pepper?

Listen, you drink that
whole thing and you will

have a spring in your step
and a sparkle in your eye.

Wow, that woke me up.

Turnip, right?


Hey... chest pains?

- Yeah.
- Alright.

- What's her name?
- Justine.

How you doing? I'm Toby.
Justine can you sit up?

- Ah.
- Help you out...

Ah, you have
trouble breathing?


Ah, where's your pain?

It's like a
knife right here.

In your chest?


Anywhere else, your
arms, your head?

No, just here.

BP 110 palpate, pulse
is high but steady.

How long ago did
you get the pain?

Twenty minutes ago.

Right after I drank
the milkshake.

Am I having a
heart attack?

You're not having
a heart attack.

Can you help her?

[hearing spell]

Hey, she didn't swallow
anything she wasn't

supposed to, did she?


Alright it will
be alright.

Hey Oz, let's call it in.

- Yeah. Can you stand?
- Can you walk?

We're going to walk
you over to the rig.

She swallowed a ring.

A ring?

What's your name?


Toby, we'll take
care of you guys.


The Maribel Heist,
the Canaccord job,

the Bank of Canada?

Magnus [inaudible] was
behind all of them?

All unresolved, different
MO's, left no clues and

the money was
never recovered.

over his career?

Estimated, there's no
real way of knowing.

Magnus, just the name screams
super criminal genius guy.

Prison Psych team
tested his IQ.

He scored off the
charts apparently.

Still, someone managed to
catch the braniac.

Yeah, I did.

You knew that?

Yeah, yeah.

She doesn't like
to talk about it.

Think we could
loosen these?

For my circulation.

Let's skip the coy games.

Sergeant, not bad for
someone your age.

Don't say I didn't have
anything to do with it.

Least thing you could do
is tolerate my coy games.

You said you wanted to
save someone's life.

That time was of the
essence and that you would

only talk to me so talk.

What time is it?

It's nine thirty-five.

Then you still
have one hour.

Until what?

For eighteen days I shared a
cell with one Randy Coruthers.

He was a chatty sort, told
me all sorts of things

including what he was
going to do when he got out.

He was released
six days ago.

And what's he going to
do when he gets out?

He's going to kidnap and
kill Superior Court Judge

Brent Wilcott.

I pulled this up,
Randy Coruthers.

He grew up in Nova Scotia,
He ran away when he was 16.

No friends, no known
associates, he served

18 months for burglary.

He was released six days ago
with $50.00 and a bus ticket.

I can actually pull
up the court records.

No we have to get down
to the court house.


Judge Wilcott?

Sergeant McClusky, IIB,
do you have a minute?

Sonnenfeld, Wilcott is in
his Chambers in there.

If you'll excuse me I'm
late for an appointment.

Sergeant McClusky, IIB.

Can we have a
word your honor?

Has anyone
contacted my wife?

We have officers outside
your house sir, she's fine.

Does the name Coruthers
mean anything to you?

Nothing comes to mind.

Do you mind if I check
the court database?

Here, this is the man,
he was recently paroled.

He wouldn't be after me.

Two years in Kingston is
enough time to build up

some resentment.

Only I didn't
try his case.

Yeah, it was
Judge Sonnenfeld.

Come on half the lot's empty do
you have to do this here?

You're blocking my car.


[tires screeching]



You've been proposed
to before, right?


But you were married.

[sighs] I did the proposing.

I know, sad.

Should have been
my first clue.

Yeah, but I mean there have
been other proposals, right?


A few kicked tires but.

Come on, a lovely
lady like yourself?

You must have had
hundreds of guys.

What is that
supposed to mean?

No, not that you've had
hundreds of guys, I mean

just there's probably
been three guys.

You know little cue.
I'm going to shush.

That's a good idea.

- Yeah.
- Hey!

You got everything covered?

Yeah, inventory paperwork,
writing letters to myself,

yeah pretty much

Thank you.



My tongue is numb
but my headache is gone.

- Thank you,
- I'll make you another batch.

My favorite cop.

Hey, any chance you
can meet me at IIB?

Yeah, what is it?

A kidnapped Judge and a
man that is incapable of

telling the truth.

Give me an hour.


We've got a fresh imprint
of the oil stains.

Clear tread pattern,
it's a truck or a van.

His wallet and court
case still inside the

briefcase, car
keys on the ground.

Quick snatch and grab.

What about the
surveillance cameras?

Sprayed with red paint,
same with the others all

the way down.

Okay find the tapes and
roll back to before they

were blacked out and get
me the car that came in.

How did the genius
get this wrong?

Magnus is only wrong
when he wants to be.

Then what were you
going to say to her?

I don't know what
to say to her.

You didn't have
anything planned?

Ah, she was going to find
the ring in the milkshake

and I was going to say,
let's get hitched.


Tractor trailers
get hitched.

You have to be romantic.

Okay, look I'm you, right?

Life without you
is not worth living;

love without you
is no love at all.

Sandy, X-ray?


This is a picture of your
heart and this is a symbol

of mine.

Will you marry me?

Ah, that's good.

Yeah, yeah, go
get her tiger.

- Thanks bro.
- Yeah, get in there.

I'm off at nine.


She's off at nine...

This is pretty serious,
he's in chains.

Yeah, well he's made four
escape attempts in the

last five years.

Last time they put him in
solitary a few hours later

they found him
outside the perimeter.

Okay, go ask the right questions
and see what I can get.

So you held on to that
information for six days

and then you told
us the wrong Judge.

Hmmm, sorry about that.

You have to admit though
without me you wouldn't

know anything at all.

The first you would have
heard about this is

when the Judge's
body turned up.

Why don't you just tell me what
the hell it is you're up too?

I would love to help my favorite
cop, got to love the irony.

Where is Coruthers
keeping Sonnenfeld?

[hearing spell]

Could be anywhere.

Maybe it's all a
misdirect, like a magician?

Want's you to look at his
right hand while the left

is palming the card?


I like that.

Well you have made
four escape attempts.

Five, you don't know
about my last one.

Now you're out of Kingston, you're
ready for your disappearing act?

Maybe I just wanted to
get you alone in a room.

That sounds like a threat.

How did you catch me?

You weren't even in
charge of the case.

A lot of cops worked
the Gold Corp case.

But you're the
one that found me.

I guess I got lucky.

Thank you Sergeant.

I find your honesty

Did you get anything?

I got nothing.


Nothing, I can't read his
thoughts, way too quick.

Aren't everybody's
thoughts quick?

No not this quick.

I mean just picture
yourself sitting beside

a highway trying to listen
to a conversation in

a moving car, you
can't, right?

He looks calm when his brain
is going a million miles a minute.

Just slow it down.

Oh yeah, that's right
I'll just press pause and

rewind and press slow mo.

Whoa, what did I do?

It's my headache.

Well I'll get you some more
of my mother's turnip juice.

No, I appreciate that.

I told her how much you liked
it; she'll make you some mee.

It's no problem, really.

You'd half expect him to
disappear like Houdini.

I still can't believe it
was you that caught him.

How did you do it?

He wrote so taunting
letters to the police,

I was fresh out of cadet
training and enough time

to look at the
syntax patterns.

I tied them to an obscure
doctoral thesis and we

traced him through that.

Sounds like solid
police work.

It was a fluke.

He's got a doctorate?


Who, what, where?
What is this?

Mr. Rimaldi in 407.

I think he's trying to
extend his stay so he can

see more of you.

Oh, he's such
a sweetheart.

Or I can tell him you're
planning on opening him up

for a looksy.

That would cure his
interest in surgeons.

Hey Liv, you got a minute?

Hey, yeah what's up?

I want you to
check me out.

Why, what's wrong?

I don't know.

Coruthers was supposed to
meet his parole officer

last week he didn't show.

We checked his
neighborhood, no one has

seen him since he got out.

The Judge's wife
got a ransom demand.


The courier said it
was left in a drop box

downtown with a hundred
dollar bill taped to it.

No way to find out
who dropped it off.

Alright, let's see it.

What is this place?

What are those shadows?

Listen carefully...

One million dollars.

That is the
cost of my life.

It's to be delivered by
nine o'clock tonight.

I will let you know where.

Have it ready.

He will be watching.

No police or I die.

Do as he says or
he will kill me.


It's mainly these
intense migraines.

So when did you
first notice it.

This morning.

Would you say it's connected
to your use of telepathy?

What do you
think that means?

I'm not sure.

There's lots we don't know
about this ability of yours.

It's could be from the
information input or

how your brain is
processing it.

We'll run some tests narrow
down some possibilities.

In the mean time are you
taking anything for them?

This turkish drink
that Oz gave me.

Turkish drink?

Yeah, it worked.

Thank you. Thanks Liv.

You're welcome.

Coruthers never made it
past the sixth grade,

I don't see him
setting this up.

Right, or staking out
the Judge, knowing his

movements, his schedule.

Figuring out where all the
surveillance cameras were

and taking them out.

Getting a van and a
place to keep him,

video equipment,
a computer to burn a DVD.

Okay, what about Lex Luther
here, how is he connected?

Well there's no doubt in
my mind that he's behind

all of it.

Okay well are there any
links between him and the

kidnapped Judge?

Nothing, in fact six
years ago when Magnus was

arrested Sonnenfeld was
still serving as a justice

of the peace.

Alright, so warrant
applications, probable cause.

None of them have anything
to do with Magnus.

As far as I can tell they never
met, in court or otherwise.

Okay, well he's been in
lock down since this

started so he can't be
communicating with Coruthers.

There has to be
someone else involved.

Someone on the outside.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So we're going to
take another run at Magnus.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Okay, how is this going to
be any different than before?

Well you're going to come
in with me this time.

You ask the right
questions and get the read

and I'm going to try
to slow him down.


Magnus, this
is Agent Logan.

He's going to help me out.

I see.

Just want to ask
you a few questions.

Maybe you can help
us find the Judge.

Are you an expert in
interrogation Agent Logan?

No I'm not.


This prisoner Coruthers,
I hear he's quite talkative.

I also hear that he was
not the sharpest tool in

the shed which makes me
wonder how interesting

his conversations
must have been.

If I were to limit my
conversations to those who

understand me, Agent Logan,
it would be a very

solitary existence indeed.

Uh huh.

But you're asking
the wrong questions.

Oh, okay.

What are the
right questions?

Why are you assuming that
kidnapping the Judge

was his idea?

Maybe it was yours.

See, presumptions.

Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Then who?

You have to go
back into the past.

Noah didn't build the
Ark when it was raining.

Is this going to be
nothing but riddles?

Because I'm beginning to
think that you don't have

anything at all and this
was just an excuse for

you to get out of
prison for a day.

Well we rarely get to
spend any time together

Michelle, you and I.

Oh, its Michelle
now is it?

Oh, I feel I know
you very well.

Is that right?

Uh huh.

It must be very difficult
always feeling that you

don't deserve
your successes.

Always waiting for everyone
to find out you're a fraud.

Does this sound familiar?

It's called
"Imposter Syndrome".

You tend to chalk up all
your achievements to luck.

Like catching me.

Just eats you up that a
little cadet brought you

down, doesn't it?

No silly child, that you
take no pride in it.

[hearing spell]

It's quite common for
people that rise in their

careers to quickly,
especially women Michelle.

We're done.

You're going
back to Kingston.

Did he make his
ransom demand?

Now why would I
share that with you?

But I'm sure
you know, right?

The real question is where
would a Judge get that

kind of money?


So what did you get?

Well, when he got annoyed he
pictured you as a little girl.

Of course he did.

You guys aren't going
to believe this.

So Airport Security
responded to our APB.

This right there is Randy
Coththers, he's picking

up a one way ticket to
Cuba, paid in cash.

Brand new clothes, new
bag, got on the plane and

he's out of the country.

Okay, what
about the Judge?

That's the thing.

These photos were
taken five days ago.

Before any of
this happened.

So he had nothing
to do with this.

What do you want to bet that
Magnus has paid him to disappear.

So if it wasn't Coruthers
then who kidnapped the Judge?


I've got the phone and visitor
records for Coruthers.

No visitors but we've got
a dozen calls, all from

the same number.

Are you done with Magnus?

You know Magnus
pretty well, right?

Six years on his tier,
I know him as well as anybody.

So why do you think he
came to us with this?

Who knows, he could have
an agenda but then again

he could just be
messing with you.

Well, they say that
he runs Kingston Pen.

There isn't a thing that
goes on in or out of that

prison that he
doesn't know about.

He controls the
black market.

He's also the prison lawyer,
gives out legal advice to

anyone who wants it.

What about all the
escape attempts?

No one has been able to escape
out of Kingston in years.

If I had fifty million waiting
for me, I'd want out too.

You really think that he has
that money stashed somewhere?

If anyone could pull
it off, he could.

Five hours left then I
have to take him back.

So the calls to Coruthers,
we got a name Gregory Harrow.

He's 15 minutes
away, you interested?

Yeah, I'm in.




Gregory Harrow?

Wait, don't tell me,
last month at Minx.

Bought you vodka red
bull, we did the grind on

the dance floor?

Oh my bad.


Hey what's up?


[hearing spell] Not what you
think, don't panic.

Can I see your phone?

Yeah, what's
this all about?

This looks brand new.

Yeah, somebody stole my
old one from my locker.

We know you've been in touch
with Randy Coruthers.


About a Judge,
Daniel Sonnenfeld?

[hearing spell]
It can't be that,

they can't know
the connection.

They're fishing,
they don't.


Doesn't ring
any bells, champ.

Why did this guy
steal my old phone?

No, but we'll be back
with more information

and you will have a
better attitude.

Can't wait.

Got a good read,
he's lying.

He knows Sonnenfeld and
there's something else

very disturbing.

What do you mean?

There's a girl in a dorm
room, she looked terrified.

I think he did
something to her.

We have four hours left and
I'm clutching at straws here.

Do you think I got what
I did through luck?

What, come on.

No, my father always said
luck is when preparation

meets opportunity.

So then I'm an

I mean, you have to
be good to be lucky.

You ask anybody out there
including me, you're good.

He just has me rattled.

I checked Sonnenfeld's
bank records and over the

last decade I found
periodic influxes that

aren't accounted for.

How much?

Well they're all cash
deposits under the

reporting limit but over
the years added up it's

close to three
quarters of a million.

Okay what about
Sonnenfeld's wife?

Well she claims to
know nothing about it.

I believe her.

I mean the accounts
were well hidden.

So we have to find out who
was paying him and for what.

Okay what about Harrow,
do you have anything on him?

No arrest record but I did
find something interesting

in the papers.

News article?

No... the society pages.

His father owns
Martel Industries.

Young Gregory was the most
eligible bachelor in the

year 2007; he was the
swim champion in college.

Could have made
the Olympic team.

Yeah, if sleaze were
an Olympic event.


Is there anything else?

Just he's used to living
high off the hog, suddenly

he's dead broke.

Had a little spat with
daddy, cut off his trust

fund last year.

Okay check the University
Campus records. Toby said

something about a
connection with a young girl.

Young girl, Okay,
wish me luck.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey , so we're
going in there?

Just you, I need you to find
Magnus's link to the case.

Uh, just me
and Magnus? Really?

It's worth a shot.


You told us the Judge was
going to be kidnapped.

But it was the wrong Judge.

You said that Coruthers
was going to do it,

but he was already
out of the country.

You're wringing us around,

you're not even
trying to hide it.

Right now all I'm trying
to do is figure out who

you are, Mr. Logan.

I know you're not who
you pretend to be.

Okay, who do
you think I am?

Your clothes aren't
high-end pro casual like

the Sergeant's, they're
not cheap enough for

undercover, so I know
you're not police.

You're eyes aren't blood shot,
so I know you're not the

partying type and I'd say
you've been up for what 20 hours?

You do shift work.

You are very observant.

You believe in
evil, Mr. Logan?

- Do I believe in evil?
- Yes.

- I've seen evil.
- Have you?


Have you looked
in the eye.

Yes, I have.

Well then you know the only way
to cure it is to cut it out.

To surgically excise
it and destroy it.

Sounds to me like you're
on a mission for justice.

Oh, I don't believe in
justice, per se,

I believe in just desserts.

And this, did you
get what you deserve?

I was put in prison for
chasing money, Mr. Logan.

Money means
nothing to me now.

[hearing spell]

Just think Coruthers

Officer Dewhurst you're a
sight for sore eyes.

I hope you've had a
productive day.

You're nine hours
are up Magnus.

I booked a nice cozy room
for you at the Don Jail.

You're going back to
Kingston in the morning.

Vacation's over.

Oh well, it was fun
while it lasted.

Who else knew the Judge had
enough money for the ransom?

Whoever gave it to him.

Goodnight Mr. Logan,
get some sleep.

I think he paid
Coruthers to disappear.

Tomorrow morning he goes
back to Kingston so

whatever he's planned
has already happened.

Or it's about to.

It's almost six o'clock so
we have three hours

until the ransom
demand runs out.

Yeah, he kept on talking
about revenge in there,

you gotta believe that
he's got a reason to go

after the Judge.

Assuming that Judge Sonnenfeld
was his only target.

What's this?

Her name is Andrea Fry.

Five years ago she was
strangled, her body left

in the woods.

She was a student at
University of Toronto

around the same
time as Harrow.

Guys this is the girl I
saw when I read Harrow.

I will check with
Toronto Homicide.

I think we just
caught a break.

Detective Ramiro do you
remember Andrea Fry?

Do forget a
case like that.

It was brutal,
she was an orphan.

Run through the system.

She lands this amazing
scholarship, full ticket

to any school she wants.

Fairy tale story, right?

She ends up at U of T
Business school.

Rarified air, kids
with silver spoons.

And Frat houses right?

Yeah, keg parties.

Girls brought in from all
over campus, suddenly it's

not a fairy tale anymore.

Not for Andrea.

She ends up raped with
a cord around her neck.

We're interested with a
prime suspect from that

case, Gregory Harrow.

The guy was just
wrong all over.

I knew in my bones he was
the one who did Andrea.

So why did the
case go sideways?

I had to prove that she
was in Harrow's room that

night, no question that's
where he killed her.

All I needed was a warrant
and I had the evidence to

nail his ass.

Let me guess the Judge wouldn't
sign the warrant, right?

Son of a bitch says
there's no probable cause,

can you believe that?

Witness's started shutting up,
nobody there on her side,

an orphan girl?

It all just fell to
pieces after that.

Harrow skated away.

Do you remember the
name of the Judge?

Oh yeah, real piece of
work, Daniel Sonnenfeld.

Hey Dev, would you mind
printing off a few copies

of this image for me?

- No problem.
- Thank you.




What does that look like
to you in the back ground?

Looks like a trophy.

Yeah, a swimming trophy.

Harrow was a champion
swimmer with a dozen

trophies just like this
in his college dorm room.

I got it in my reading.

A little over five years
ago Gregory Harrow was

suspected of murdering a
woman in college, Andrea Fry.

Only they can't get a
search warrant for his

place because Judge
Sonnenfeld won't sign.

And then the Judge starts
to receive cash every month

over the years it adds up to
three quarters of a million.

Now if we can show the
money leaving Harrow's

account and reappearing
in the Judge's.

Yeah only now he's cut
off from daddy's funds,

he's totally broke.

So he decides to kidnap
the Judge and make his own

money back in ransom.

So is the almighty Magnus
behind this or not?

I don't know yet.

I still don't know how
arranging the get out of

jail for a day and taking
a field trip to IIB

figures into it.

He could pull all the same
strings from behind bars.

We have about an hour
until ransom demand runs out;

we need to search
Harrow's apartment,

his car, the locker at
his gym, everything we can.

Alright give me a minute I
will write it up and get

you a warrant.

Open it.

This is crazy.

It's included in
the warrant sir.

Open it.




What's this?

That isn't mine.

None of that is mine.

I have no idea where
that came from?

Where are your trophies?

My what?

Your swimming trophies
from college, they're not

in your apartment,
where are they?

B17, it's a UStore
at 601 Queensway.

Come on let's go.




You okay?
You okay?


Thank god.

So they say other than
being dehydrated you're

going to be fine.

Feel like hell, well
thank God you found me.

Do you think you'll be able
to identify your kidnapper?

He wore a mask the entire
time, didn't talk to me.

He just wrote notes.

Maybe because you would
have recognized his voice.

We know about the bribe,
how Harrow has been paying

you off all these years.

Do you remember
Andrea Fry?

I don't, no.

Well you were given a
warrant to sign that would

have put away her killer
but you wouldn't sign it.

Even now you're still
protecting him.

Hey wait, what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be on a date.

Yeah, Sandy got
her shift extended.

Five car pileup came in,
multiple injuries, you know.

Oh I saw that Judge at the

yeah you guys found him.

Yeah he's a bad dude.

Ha, two bad dudes
for the price of one.

Justice is served.

Just desserts.

No, that's not
what I said no.

It' all too neat.

What's too neat?

You know I'm not
mind reader, right?

The bag in the locker,
the shadow of the trophy,

paying the guy
to go to Cuba.

I know the guy did it I
just don't know how or why.

Why, who did what, how?



Jail, I got to
go to the jail.

Oh the jail, oh yeah
now it makes sense.




I was able to get you ten
more minutes with Magnus.

Alright I think I
have a way in there.

Hello Mr. Logan, are you
here to tell you just who

you really are?

Mr. Police consultant.

I'm a paramedic.

What do you take me for?

It's the truth,
it's what I do.

Pick people up, fix them up,
bring them to the hospital.

Good people, Bad
people, doesn't matter.

It's not that complicated,
neither are you.

Oh you've got me all
figured out, now do you?

Yeah, I mean you're just
like the rest of us.

You're flesh and bone,
driven by emotions.

Love, hate,
regret, revenge.

By now you've found you're
Judge in peril, you've got

your kidnappers.

What are you really
doing here Mr. Logan?

Well, I just want
to understand you.

With all due respect
Mr. Paramedic,

you don't have the capacity?

Who's Andrea Fry?

[hearing spell]

She was your daughter.

No, I don't ha...

...who are you?

Played your hand
perfectly, you got

you got Harrow.

You ran the table.

Did I?

Yeah, you did.

What is it?

You don't look
satisfied, what's next?

Your loss must have been
very grave, Mr. Logan.

My loss?

To see all this?

The pain must have been
overwhelming, a wife perhaps?

A parent?

A mother, hmm?

Well we all experience
grief and we all deal with

it differently.

Seems I have
underestimated you

Mr. Logan, perhaps you
underestimated me too.

Good luck with your grief.

You can take him in.

You don't mind?

Not a problem.

[taunts, shouting]

Andrea Fry is
Magnus's daughter.


There was no record
of having any kids.

When he couldn't escape
from prison he came up

with this plan to get
revenge on his daughter's

murderer and disgrace the
judge who protected him.

So what are you in for?

Oh, I have many
sins to account for.

Pride, greed. I'm actually
thinking about having one more.

Yeah what's that?


[hearing spell] Stay cool,
they don't suspect a thing.


the outside man.


Toby are you
sure about this?

Magnus paid Dewhurst
he's helping him.

He couldn't escape so he
did the next best thing

He brought Harrow to him
with Dewhurst's help.

Into the same damn cell.

Okay, keep him here.

I need you to
buzz us in now. Come on.


Magnus let him go,
let him go, let him go!

He's mine!

Our appointment with
destiny has merely been delayed.





I had 10 hours of
sleep and I feel great.

Hmmm, what about
the headaches?

They come and go but the
over the counter stuff

works perfectly.

Well we could still
run those tests.

No, I'm good.

I've stopped drinking
the turkish drink.

I wish I could say this is
just an outlier event but

I'm still concerned.

Liv it's nice that
you care about me,

it's nice having
someone worry about me.

I'm just saying you've got
ot take care of yourself.

- Alright.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Your welcome.

So when Harrow's convicted
they are going to have to

keep them as far away
from Magnus as possible.

You really think that's
going to keep him safe?

I doubt it but you have to
admit Magnus almost got

away with it.

It was pretty close but
you've stopped him twice now.

With a little help.

Oh, we all need a little
that doesn't make your

accomplishment any less.

You have to be good
to be lucky, right?

You have to be good to know
what to do with the luck.

Well it's nice to just take
a moment, don't you think?

Yes, what do you want?

What's good, you said
you were just here.

Ah, I hear the milk shake
is full of surprises.

Two chocolate
milkshakes please?

You buying?

I am.

Thank you, Toby Logan.

Thank you.