The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2001–2008): Season 5, Episode 2 - One Guilty Deed - full transcript

Roger Pollard was a member of a London criminal gang run by Michael Shand. When Pollard is found on a beach shot through the head, DI Lynley and DS Havers assume Shand is responsible. They are surprised however to learn that Pollard had grown up locally, making him an easy target for anyone trying to learn his whereabouts. Havers is in her element as she used to go to a holiday camp in the area as a child. She becomes convinced that the death of a young boy from the holiday camp, Martin McRae, some twenty years before is the key to solving the crime.

- It'll take hours to get there.
- Depending on traffic.

- Who's driving?
- What's that supposed to mean?

Well, when you're in a hurry,
you do step on the gas

I am an extremely capable driver.

- Yeah, well, just saying...
- What?

Anyway, you'll have a seat belt.

Anyway, why can't
Roger Pollard come here?

If he's to be a protected informant...

Pollard chose the rendezvous -
that makes him feel secure.

If he agrees to PPI status, I'm gonna
take him straight to the safe house.

We don't want him wandering the streets.
We know what Shand is capable of.

If Pollard does give evidence against Shand,
we could bring down his entire empire.

Yeah, and that would be quite a comeback.

- Well, I like to think we make
a difference - Inspector Lynley!

- Winston.
- Can't it wait?

I don't think so. You're not gonna like this.
It's Pollard. He won't be making the rendezvous.

That's our man. Roger Pollard.

Well, his ID says that, but here
he was using the name Robert Nicholas.

- Anything other than ID on him?
- No. One bullet to the forehead.

- Execution-style - Maybe an
exit wound in the back of the head.

- Have you retrieved the bullet?
- The tide's shifted it.

Then widen your search!

- Where's the pathologist, anyway?
- Sends her apologies.

In court. She'll do the PM
at the end of the week.

What? That's ridiculous.

Call Lafferty. He'll love to
get out of London.

Four days for a PM on a murder victim
is ridiculous!

- Is he always like this?
- Er... not always.

I thought we weren't gonna
frighten the natives on this one.

What? Oh, look...

I'll make a point of smoothing
the Sergeant's ruffled feathers. OK?

I'm sorry, Havers. It's just that...

I don't like to see our main chance
of nailing Michael Shand laying here

with a bullet in the front of his head.

Surely, he would have seen
his assassin coming?

Not necessarily, if the tide was low,
and the killer came from the grass.

You think Shand ordered the hit?

Don't you?

We used to come here on holiday
when I was a kid.

- That explains a lot.
- Well, not here, exactly.

Further up the coast.

We took a caravan every year -
the whole family -

Mum, Dad, Terry, me. It was great.

He rented it as a Robert Nicholas
a couple of weeks ago.

Didn't say what for.
The landlord never asked.

Sergeant... do you mind
if I take the first look?

- Help yourself.
- Thank you.

- Was that better?
- Yeah, much.

Didn't bother locking it.

Well, maybe he felt safe.

He'd have been safer in London.

Perhaps he fancied some fishing.

I don't think he planned to stay
just for a few days.

- Is this the daughter?
- Yeah, the one in the drive-by.

His shopping list...
and a local phone number.

Yeah, hello. I wonder if you could tell me
where you are, exactly.

No, it's OK... thanks for your help.

- Local restaurant - Fish and
chip shop round here, I should think.

This is dated the day before yesterday.

- What's the name on it?
- McRae.

I'll get Winston onto it.

See if you can see anybody about.
We might get lucky with witnesses.

I bet Pollard wasn't the only early riser.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Detective Inspector Lynley and Detective
Sergeant Havers. We're investigating a murder.

Is that right?

- And you are...?
- Frankie. Baker.

You wouldn't know the name of the man
who rented that houseboat, Mr Baker?

- Seen him around. That's all.
- This morning?

Just me and the gulls.

Have you ever heard the name Roger Pollard?

Can't say I have.

Right. Well, thank you for your help.

I've spoken to your DCl.

Since this case relates to
one of our investigations,

I'll be leading the inquiry.

- Great.
- Good.

You'd better find us some rooms, Havers.
I suspect we'll be in the area for a while.

- Havers?
- There it is!

- What?
- The caravan site I was talking about.

Where we used to come. Have they still
got the adventure playground?

Our victim is Roger Pollard,
otherwise known as Robert Nicholas,

a name he's been using
since arriving in the area.

Now, Pollard was a member
of a London-based organised-crime gang,

but he had recently agreed to give evidence
against the leader of that gang,

one... Michael Shand.

Given Pollard's record,

the nature of his associates
and the MO of his murder,

we have to consider
professional criminal involvement.

A contract killing.

Now, if it is a hit, we must assume
the killer's already left the area,

so what we're looking for
are traces of his visit.

Have any strangers been asking
for Pollard under either name?

Inquiries at letting agencies, pubs,
hotels, post offices - that kind of thing.

How would you find a stranger to your
town... who doesn't want to be found?

OK. Now, this is your ground...

so I'm depending on you for this. OK.

Sir, I've tried contacting Pollard's wife,
but she's on holiday for a few days.

OK. Well, there's little more we can
do today, so where are we staying?

Well, there's a conference in town,
and everywhere is booked.

- Tremendous.
- But it's OK,

cos I have
found us an alternative.

What kind of alternative?

If that is D43...

...that must be D45.

Right. Down here, then.

Are you sure this isn't all a bit of a ruse,
Havers? You couldn't find separate caravans?

No! There were none left.
It's a rock 'n' roll weekender.

- A what?
- Anyway, they're huge inside.

Like houses.

Well, this is it. The sitting room

TV. Sofa.


Through here to the... bedrooms.

And... shower. That's perfect.

Cor... they've really updated these
since we came.

- Look. They've got a gas fire.
- So they have.

The beach is only five minutes away

I mean, this is a whole fantastic world
when you're a kid, you know.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Have you got any lemon?

I wouldn't if I were you!

OK! Cheers, anyway.

OK. They've got no bottled tonic,
no lemon, and they've run out of ice

- I'm sure it'll be fine.
- Cheers.


- I don't suppose you...
- That'll be the day, Havers!

Me and Terry used to get to come here
a few times.

You know, a last-night treat thing.
Shandy and a bag of crisps.

Slippery slope!

Hansford's texted to say
he's arrived with Pollard's file.

- Oh, right.
- No, no. No rush.

- Stay as long as you like.
- Thanks, Dad.

- Oh, there you are.
- Sorry. We were in the bar.

Well, I'm not wandering around here
after dark. It's like a maze.

Doesn't strike me
as your accommodation of choice.

Is that the Pollard file?

You didn't tell me he was a local boy.

- What?
- So it seems. Before my time, of course.

Yeah, ten years in the area,
and I'm still an incomer.

- Do you think people might recognise him?
- I reckon so.

Well, to back out of police
protection is one thing,

but to come back to an area where you
might be known, your home patch,

- is practically suicide. Are you sure?
- Yeah. He had quite a reputation in his teens.

Petty theft, vandalism. All sorts.
Oh, he... left quite suddenly.

- Why?
- No-one seems to know for sure.

But people have their suspicions?

That fisherman you were talking to -
Frankie Baker. Pollard burned his shed down.

Yeah. Thought you might like that.

Good night.

Good night. Thank you, Sergeant.

Oh, hi, darling. It's me...

Listen. I'm in a...

Well, you couldn't believe
me if I told you, anyway!

Look, I'll call you tomorrow. OK.

- Hello.
- Morning.

Come in.

- Any rubbish?
- No.


I'd like to report an act of vandalism.

- Come again.
- Good morning.

- Do you run this whole place yourself?
- I can always use a bit of extra cash.

My car was deliberately damaged last night.

- Probably the ghost!
- I'm sorry?

We've got a site ghost.
At least, the kids like to think so.

- Did you used to come here as a kid?
- Yeah, lived here all my life. Why?

Do you know, I thought you
looked familiar last night.

- Do you...
- My car.

- I'll tell Security.
Sorry. I didn't mean to...

- Thank you.
- Sorry.


- I can't believe Pollard used to live here.
- Oh, he was well known.

He was mad to come back,
with Shand after him.

Exactly. So, why did he?

Do you think that's our little ghost?

- Look, it's only a scratch.
- An expensive scratch.

Yeah, well, it's an expensive car.

Got a face for you.
Couple of local twitchers.

Bloke in a blue saloon stops and
asks for directions a few days ago.

Day before yesterday, they see
him outside Pollard's houseboat.

How do they know it's the same man?

Great eye for detail,
your local twitchers.

Plus, they use binoculars like a third
hand! Oh, got a video-fit for you.

Thanks, Sergeant.

Oh, sir... we've got a lead on him.

The local B&B owner recognised
him from that.

- Very good.
- My pleasure.


What have you got? What have you...?

What have you got?
That's hardly appropriate music, is it?

- Well, it's not for him. It's for me.
- Even so...

I don't play it when I open them up.

Obviously, it's Gregorian chants
and joss sticks then.

The bullet was still in the skull.
That's why the Woodentops couldn't find it.

- What about the wound to the back of the head?
- Wasn't an exit wound.

Judging by the powder burns and tattooing
around the entry wound,

I'd say the shot was
fired from close range,

maybe up to 20 centimetres from the head.

- Execution-style?
- A reasonable conclusion to make.

Except for the fact that, in this case...
he was already dead.


The minimal amount of blood leakage
in the tissue,

contrasted with a clot
underneath the occipital bones,

suggests that the cause of death
wasn't in fact the bullet,

but a blunt-force injury.

The wound to the back of the head.

Here's your murder weapon.
We've already matched the tissue.

OK. So...

The killer smashes him over the back
of the head with a spade, to subdue him,

and then uses the gun to finish the job.

A reasonable hypothesis, but... why wait?

- What do you mean?
- There's a clearly defined bullet track

through the blood clot
underneath the occipital bones,

indicating a time delay between
the initial blunt-force injury

and the subsequent shot.

- Are you sure?
- You're the one who asked for the best.

I might just have said something
like that on the phone.

- How long a delay?
- At least ten minutes.

Ten minutes?

- How long did he stay?
- Two nights.

He said he was fishing.

- Did you believe him?
- No.

- Why not?
- You need a rod for fishing,

and all he had was a backpack.

He... He said he was looking for someone.

- Roger Pollard?
- That's it.

- Havers...
- Excuse me.

- Did he do that?
- He did. Do you think I can get it out?

See if Forensics
can match it to the mud near Pollard.


- South London.
- Date and time: two days ago.

Well, they might have CCTV.

You don't remember the make of car
he was driving?

Oh, yeah. A blue car.

Very nice.

Too nice for him, if you know what I mean.
Probably on the never-never.

- Probably stolen.
- Really?

Why did you say
you'd never heard of Roger Pollard?

Never was no good, that one.
Wouldn't bring any good with him.

- But you knew him as a boy?
- Everyone did round here.

How old was he when he left?

- Teens.
- Why did he leave so suddenly?

Just upped and ran.

Glad to see the back of him.

His disappearance wouldn't have had anything
to do with an arson attack, would it?

Came looking for a Saturday job -
him and his mate.

- Who?
- Danny Gill

I told 'em no.

Next thing I know, my
tackle hut's burnt down.

Doesn't take a detective
to reckon who done it.

- Did you force Pollard to leave?
- Like I said, I was glad to see the back of him.

- What about Danny Gill?
- What about him?

- Did he leave with Pollard?
- No.

He stayed.

Moved up in the world.

This is the restaurant -
the number in Pollard's boat.

Not just fish and chips, then.

- Murdered?
- I'm afraid so.

Can't say I ever saw Rog
sticking to the straight and narrow,

but I never expected that.

- But you knew he was in town?
- Yeah, he dropped in one night last week.

- What did he want?
- Here.

Sal, can we get some water? Sparkling.

Coffee? Cappuccino? Tea?

No. No, thank you.
- Old times' sake, I guess.

I'm sure we were never as bad as they said.

"Never as bad" would include arson,
would it?

Well, yeah. You know.

Too much energy, nowhere to put it.

In those days, this place was a total
dead end. Still is for some.

Something only happens
if you make it happen.

- What else did you two talk about?
- Couple of drinks, a few laughs.

That was it. Can't believe it.

Why did Pollard leave so suddenly
25 years ago?

Well, he'd done this place.

Used it up. Too big for his boots,
the locals would say.

Yeah, I get it all the time -
sniping, resentment.

No long-term vision - that's their problem.

Me - I'm looking ahead.

Developing new business, new clientele.

We're opening a nightclub
and, if it all goes to plan, a casino.

- That does sound ambitious - If you
risk nothing, you gain nothing. Right?

I'm looking to bring a lot of money
to this area.

All the locals want is to make a quick buck
from the chavs on holiday.

- Did Roger say why he came back?
- No.

- Was it just to see you?
- Well, I don't see why not.

We have got a very good wine list.

We still don't know
what brought Pollard back here.

But we do know someone told
Shand where he was.


Yeah, fine.

Yeah, I can see the sea.

No, I am not wearing a bikini!

Look... the Dl's here.
If you want to say something...

Is she?

No, that's great.
We will want to talk to her.

OK, cheers. Bye.

- Winston.
- Yeah, so I gather.

Pollard's wife's back.
Shall I go to London to see her?

No, I'll go. You stay here.

Find out what it was that
drew Pollard back here,

seeing as you know the area so well.


- Have you got the ballistics report yet?
- Not yet.

Well, when you do,
I want you to pass it over to NCIS.

Get them to compare it to their
list of suspected contract killings

over the last... five years

Erika Pollard's address?

No Sergeant Havers?

No, she's still there,
following another lead.

Oh, lovely.
Nice little seaside break.

Do you think she... needs a hand?

It's not a summer jolly, Winston.

Now, here's the video-fit of our suspect.

Cross-reference that
with all of Shand's known associates.

And the security footage
from the petrol station?

- Yeah, I've got it, but I haven't viewed
it yet - Right. Let me know when you do.

- None of your business!
- But you get kids involved!

- What does that mean?
- You know what I mean.

Just lay off!


Sorry. Have you got a minute?

All the time in the world. Day off.

- Oh, here...
- No need to.

- It's OK.
- Don't know why I bother.

Smells better... even when it doesn't dry.

How do you know Frankie Baker?

That was his truck, wasn't it?


- Yeah, he's my dad.
- What, you don't get on?

You could say that.

That copper you're with comes on
a bit strong.

Oh, he's all right,
if you know how to handle him

I never know how to handle them.
That's my trouble.

- We're investigating a murder.
- Yeah, I heard about it.

Any chance of a coffee?

- I'm bloody freezing out here.
- Yeah.

- Mrs Erika Pollard?
- Police?

- Detective Inspector Lynley.
- You'll want to come in, then.

Thank you.

You have my sympathies.

- What for?
- The death of your husband.

He'd been walking towards a bullet
for 20 years.

- How do you mean?
- I mean he was a criminal.

He died a criminal's death.

Not for me. Thank you.

You and your husband were estranged?

Our marriage died along with my daughter,
three months ago.

- I'm sorry.
- So am I.

Do you hold your husband responsible
for your daughter's death?


Yes, I do.

Did you know Roger Pollard at all?

I suppose so... as a kid. He was
a couple of years older than me.

Do you know why
he left the area so suddenly?

- He never said.
- Did you see him when he came back?

- No.
- Do you know why he'd want to come back?

Why would anyone want to come back here?

- Do you know Michael Shand?
- By reputation.

You knew your husband planned
to testify against him?

- So he said.
- But you didn't believe him?

Does the name Danny Gill
mean anything to you?

- No.
- Did Roger tell you where he was going?

Down by the seaside.
He ran home, didn't he?

- Did anyone else know?
- Like who?

- Shand, for instance.
- I don't really know.

But the fact that Roger's dead
probably suggests he did.

- Did you tell him?
- Of course not.

It must have been great fun,
living here as a kid.

Well, it's not all ice creams and
donkey derbies.

Long winters. All the caravans empty.

Yeah, I suppose so.
Just you and the ghost.

That's just something
the kids made up to scare themselves.

What is the story?

Some kid wandered into the marshes.

- Who was it?
- A boy called McRae.

McRae?... what was his first name?

Martin. Martin McRae.

- Sugar?
- Three, please.

- What happened?
- Drowned.

Like I said - dangerous place,
the marshes.

Thank you. When did it happen?

25 years ago.

Yeah, that was about the time
we stopped coming.

You know...

We played with all the kids here,
and I was sure I recognised you.

No! There was hundreds of kids,
every season.

Yeah, I suppose so.

My brother...

He used to follow me around, like
we were stuck together, like glue!

I didn't mind, though.

- Little brother?
- Yeah.

- Curly hair? Light-brown?
- Yeah.

- Used to wear an ET mask?
- Yeah, yeah, all the time.

We both got one, but...
well, he lost his, and I gave him mine.

It's funny, you know.
I don't really remember you,

but that mask - it was stuck in my head.

What's he doing now?

...He died... leukaemia.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, he was... ten.

Yeah, we always had good times here,
though, you know.

All that space. Always laughing.

- I'm sorry.
- That's all right

I don't often get the chance...

Are you around tonight? Do
you fancy going for a drink?

- What, you and me?
- Yeah. Why not?

I'm on my ownsome, and it would
be nice to have the company.

Yeah! I mean... if you're sure.


- Hey. I'm Barbara.
- You're a cop.

Yeah, I am. What's your name?

- I'm Nicky.
- Well, pleased to meet you, Nicky.

- Where do you live?
- Here.

- I'm sorry, sir. Mr Shand is dining.
- Tell him Inspector Lynley's here.

I have an Inspector Lynley here
for Mr Shand.

Great. Thank you.

Mr Shand will be with you in an hour.
If you'd care to take a seat

I don't think I do. Thank you.

So, she slaps the can and she says...

"Go on - drink soup. Meat's too expensive!"

No, but it's good business, you know.

And you know, with me, you never lose...

- You're very impatient, Mr Lynley.
- Do you mind if I join you?

For a moment.
Considering membership, are you?

Not to any club
that would have you as a member.

- So, what can I do for you?
- Some bad news, I'm afraid.

Your associate Roger Pollard
has been murdered.

- You say "associate"?
- You remember him.

His daughter was gunned down
inches from where he stood.

I heard about that. Tragic.

And now, a couple of months later,
he winds up dead.

You know, I'm really sorry to hear that.

Young kids today -
they're just running wild, aren't they?

Too many guns. Shame.

It is a shame...

considering what Pollard told me
just before he died.

Oh, yeah? What would that be?

I don't think this is really the place
to discuss it. Do you?

Why don't you phone my office
and make an appointment?

You call me.

Better make it soon,
because, between you and me...

and your... associates here...

you're in a lot more
trouble than you think.

You think she betrayed her own husband?

It's possible. She holds him responsible
for their daughter's death.

Yeah, but setting him up to be murdered...

Grief does strange things to people.

I really should be going.
I don't want Havers to wait up.

- I told you: we're sharing.
- Sharing what?

- A caravan.
- No?

In a holiday camp.

How fantastic!

- Not you too!
- Poor Barbara!

- What do you mean?
- Putting up with you, grumping over breakfast

- I don't grump - Does this
caravan have an espresso machine?

- No.
- Oh, dear.

- Make it more bearable. Come with me.
- Can't

I've got a Faculty meeting.

Although... gosh,
the holiday camp does sound tempting.

And I couldn't get the cuffs
off him in time!

- What, he wet himself?
- Yes, right where he stood! It was awful!

- Have you got a flat, then?
- Yeah, but the mortgage kills me.

At least it's yours.
More than I'll ever have.

Why do you stay here,
if you hate it so much?

It's what I know.

It's all I know. You deal with what
you're dealt with, don't you?

- Not necessarily.

Who's that kid? The one that follows us
around. Skinny little...

- Nicky?
- Yeah.

The Dl thinks
she's keyed his car.

She probably did!

Don't! Who is she?

Just another lost kid.

You know. The mother walked out last year.

Familiar story. I look out for her.
You know, like you do.

She's all right, really

I've known her since she was a
quick fumble by the arcade.

Her mum's not up to much.
Neither was mine.

She tried, for a while...
till she'd had enough of Dad.

So... you get stuck.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a round of
applause for Casey! Big round of applause!

Right. And next up, we'll have Carly and...
What's your name, darling?

- Barbara.
- And Barbara! Come on.

No, don't be shy.
We've all had a go, ain't we?

Come on. Bring your friend.
Come on, darling.

And mind my wire. That's it. Wey-hey!

- I think this is me.
- Yeah.

- All right, thanks.
- OK.

- See you.
- Good night.

Hello? Who's there?


Havers, are you all right?


It was written here on the window.



- Yes, really.
- Well, who wrote it?

Well, I don't know.

- Our notorious ghost, perhaps.
- The gh...? The boy was called McRae.

- What boy?
- The one that drowned.

A boy drowned in the marshes
near here in the '80s.

That's who the ghost is, they say.

- Do they?
- Yes, and this was addressed to McRae.

Right. So, you think Pollard is sending
packages to the spirit world?

All I'm saying is that
it's worth following up.

- Well, how? With a seance?
- Thank you.

I'm sorry!

No, no. Follow it up. Follow it up.

You don't actually believe
that we've been receiving messages from...

Anyway, I thought you weren't
due back till tomorrow.

- Helen was busy.
- Oh, she was, was she?

I think there's a connection
between Shand and Gill.

- Based on what?
- I saw brochures for Gill's restaurant

on display at Shand's club - for me,
that's more than just a coincidence.

Oh, no. We're sharing.

No, he's a perfect gent.


No, I won't let him.



Really? But...

OK, cheers. Bye


He retrieved Pollard's mobile.
- phone records.

He made four short calls to the address
on the mail receipt. The McRaes.

Don't look now, but...
we're being haunted.

- Don't take the...
- Well, all right.

- Shouldn't she be in school?
- You should listen to yourself!

I'll catch you up - yeah?

What are you doing? Ghost-busting?

- What?
- "Who you gonna call?"

I saw it last night.

- Saw what?
- The ghost.

I chased it to the edge
of the caravan site.

It's spooky. Did you see it?

- No.
- But you were out looking?

You live here - yeah?


I used to come here on
holiday with my brother.

He must have been about your age.

Do you have any brothers? Sisters?

What makes us so interesting?
Why follow us about?

Danny Gill always had big plans,
and a mouth to go with it.

- Did his opening a restaurant surprise you?
- I thought it was all talk.

Fair play to the boy. He brought money and
jobs into the area, no matter what people say.

- Where did the money come from?
- He'd always gobbed off about his City contacts.

It never crossed my mind
they actually existed.

He shipped them down
here for the opening.

That wouldn't have been covered
by the press, would it?

Front-page news down here,
that kind of thing.

What month?
- Late spring, early summer.



Fax that to Winston. See if he can ID
any more of Gill's investors.


You say Shand's bankrolling Danny Gill,

but what's their connection
to Roger Pollard?

Maybe he introduced
them, acted as a broker.

Then why is Shand
investing in Danny Gill's business?

What, a casino?
Ideal money-laundering opportunity.

Yeah, but he's a London boy. He has
more than enough opportunities up there.

Yeah. Yet he's still putting more money
into Gill's new club.

Yeah. I wonder what his price is for that.


Let's try through here.

- Sorry, I've forgotten your name.
- Sally. I'm afraid Mr Gill's not here.

- Do you know where we might find him?
- I'm sorry.

Do you remember
if Roger Pollard visited last week?

- I don't remember the name.
- He came with Mr Gill.

I'm not sure.


Oh, him?

Yeah, I do.

Do you remember clearly?

Well, it's a bit awkward.
See, they had an argument,

and you can't tell your boss
to keep his voice down, can you?

No. No, indeed not. Thank you very much.

Not quite the old pals' reunion
that Gill said.

Well, if Pollard...

had helped us bring down Shand, that
would have been bad news for Danny Gill.

He loses his major investor.
But why would Pollard want to warn him?

All right?

I hope you had the fish.

It wasn't a social visit, Mr Baker.

Not my kind of place.
Bit too upmarket for me.

Had Roger Pollard and Danny Gill fallen out
when he left? Was that the reason he left?

- They always seemed pretty tight.
- What about Martin McRae?

- Does that name mean anything to you?
- What, the kiddie that drowned?

Yeah. Bit simple, I heard.
Bit slow, you know.

He should never have been out on his own, on
the marshes. The tide comes in very quick.

You can easily get cut off.

I'm told his ghost haunts the caravan site.

Something Carly made up,
to put the wind up the tourist kids.

You don't get on with
your daughter, do you?

I never thought she'd come to much.
And I was right.

Anyway... There's a pint with my
name on it down The George.

Sorry to keep you.

Winston checked out the McRaes - no-one in.

But Pollard was trying to get in touch
with them.

That's not necessarily
to do with the boy who drowned, though.

Well, Pollard left the area
in the same year.

Even if there is some connection,

you can't believe there's
a supernatural element.

Course not.

You know... things happen.

What kind of things?

And what could it possibly have to do
with Shand murdering...

- It's just a power cut.
- Obviously.


- Carly! Help!
- Can't you hear that?

Hear what?

- Help! Carly!
- It's outside.



Over here.

Nicky! Nicky, darling, wake up.

She's burning up

Nicky, darling...

Detective Inspector Lynley.
Ambulance request.

- Young girl.
- Sir...

Possible drugs overdose.

- What have you done?
- The Paradise Family Caravan Park.

That's it - take deep breaths.

- Spoken to her?
- Not till tomorrow. Where's the mother?

Father. Mother left two years ago

I've got a patrol car trawling
the local hostelries. How is she?

She's all right, considering she
swallowed several tabs of E.

- So, where did she get it?
- We were hoping you might help us with that.

- I wish I could. The area's swimming in it.
- So, where's it all coming from?

First, we thought it was tourists flogging
it. It never used to be a problem.

There's been a lot of action around the
caravan sites during the off-season.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

My abiding pleasure, Inspector.

- Thinking about the Shand connection?
- Aren't you?

Where did you get them from?

Don't worry. You won't get into trouble.

We just want to make sure
that it doesn't happen to somebody else.

Did you find them,
or did somebody give them to you?

Was that what you wanted to tell me?
About the drugs?

Was that why you were watching us?

Oh, don't worry about him.
You can whisper it, if you like.

Do you believe in ghosts?

- I haven't really seen one yet.
- Yes, you have.

If Shand is involved in drugs
round here, then we'd better...

I just heard! How is she?

She's fine. They're keeping her in
for a couple of days' observation.

- Can I see her?
- I'm afraid it's family only at the moment.

- Have you seen her? Is she OK?
- Yeah, she's fine. Really

I'm supposed to be
looking out for her.

Listen. You can't
watch her round the clock.

Look, Carly, she's not your responsibility.

Mr Warren...

Shut it!

We'd like to talk to you about
your daughter, please.

Course you do.

- Be the social tomorrow, won't it?
- I would imagine so.


Probably not such a bad thing
if they do take her.

- You're her father, Mr Warren.
- Yeah, and what am I doing for her?

- Look at this place.
- Excuse me. She needs you.

She don't make it easy.

Used to be such a little... sweetheart.

- What happened to make her change?
- Dunno.

Over the summer she just sort of switched.

She turned her back on me.

She's not missing her mum.
Neither of us want her back.

Who looks after her while you're working?

A few people chip in. Carly keeps
an eye on her. She's a good girl.

Why was she so interested in us?

- How do you mean?
- Well, she kept hanging around our caravan

Carly told her to keep out.

Said it was haunted.

Wrong thing to say.
She loves that sort of thing.

Weird kid.

- Do you think they'll take her?
- I really don't know.

Why do you think our caravan is
the only one that is haunted?

What, you believe in a ghost now?

Well, they're very territorial.
Perhaps we trespassed on sacred ground.

OK. Now I know you're taking the mickey.


- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine, thank you.

That, I believe, is what your ghost
was so concerned about.

You asked what Michael Shand's price might
be for investing in Gill's restaurant.

Do you think?

I think it's the way that Shand
operates. Don't you?


- How is she?
- As well as can be expected.

Did you know Nicky had access to this?

No, of course not. Nothing
hard-core, like that.

But you knew it was hidden under
our caravan, didn't you?

So, you made up a story about a ghost,
to warn her off

I didn't know anything about it.

Then why try and keep her away?

Look, people come here to
have fun, get off their heads.

Where there's demand, there's supply.

- So, someone's dealing on the site? Who?
- Dunno.

- Don't insult our intelligence, Carly.
- I don't.

I mean, I had an idea it might be
going on. There's a lot of dope about.

But nothing specific.

Only that it was
hidden under our caravan.

Well, that was just a story.

Game, not real.
I didn't know about that stuff.

- Who's the dealer?
- I don't know.

I don't.


We're looking to cross-fertilise
the business with a restaurant.

- That's an expensive venture.
- Well, you pay to play.

Who are your investors, then?

I've developed a few City contacts
over the years.

- Took me a long time.
- Would one of them be Michael Shand?


Associate of Roger Pollard's.
He operates in many fields.

Drugs. Prostitution. People-smuggling.
Extortion. Not a nice man.

He also has a lot of dirty
money he needs cleaning.

Well, like I say, I don't know him.

You see, that just raises a number
of questions for me.

Might this
be the Michael Shand you don't know?

Of course, if you don't know him,
you don't know how he deals with people

he considers a weak link

Roger Pollard's
condition gives you an idea.

Well, listen.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Maybe these'll help.
We found them at the caravan site.

The tin they were in is currently
being examined.

- What are they?
- MDMA. You probably know it better as Ecstasy

I never touch it.
Now, look, I'm a legitimate businessman.

Nobody who deals with
Michael Shand is clean.

For us, the question is just
how dirty you really are.

For you the question is: who
gets you first? Us or Shand?

Here's my card,
if you feel like talking to us.

Call Hansford. Tell him to put a trace
on all of Gill's calls.

- You think he'll run to Shand?
- I hope so. What time's Pollard's funeral?

- Why?
- I want to see how his wife deals with it.

It's two o'clock. You'll never make it.

Well, I'll give it a good go.

Your daughter?

I didn't want him
to be buried next to her.

But when it came to it, it felt wrong.

I knew he was on witness protection...

...but I didn't know where.

It suited me

I was happy if I never saw him again.

And then he turned up, out of the blue...

...all over the place,

crying, saying how sorry he was,

how he couldn't forgive himself...

and how I was right to blame him.

But he was gonna put things right...

...lay them to rest.

What exactly did he mean by that?

I don't know.

I didn't care.
All I knew was, my daughter was gone...

...and that he was to blame.

He told me where he was going.

And you passed that
information on to Shand?

Sir, NCIS matched the gun
used on Pollard

with two south
London shootings, one a murder.

- Right. Contract hit?
- Looks like one.

The other was during a robbery.

- Any suspects?
- No-one matching our man,

but we do have this.

Blue saloon. False plates. Index: PO51 HCK.

But one with that description

was stolen from south London
two days before Pollard's murder.

Good. Good

I've got Shand coming in in a minute.

But it's all
circumstantial, isn't it?

I need to keep the pressure on him

I need you to search
Company House database.

Look for a connection between Gill's
restaurant and Shand's businesses.

If we can't link him to the murder,
at least we've got the drugs connection.

- Yes, sir.
- I'll give you a hand.

Great. I'll only be
a couple of hours.

- Just like the Dl.
- What?

I don't ask for much. Just a crumb, maybe.

Perhaps: "Would you do me a favour,
Winston?" Or even maybe a "please"

Winston... would you do us a favour...


- Mr McRae?
- Can I help you?

I'm Detective Sergeant Havers. I wonder
if I can talk to you about your son.

I thought we'd talk
about your connection with Danny Gill.

- Sorry?
- Are you saying you don't know him?

Not ringing any bells.

That is you, isn't it?

Oh, yeah! It's not my best side.

Didn't have my camera
face with me that day.

Standing next to Danny Gill.

Oh! Daniel Gill? Yeah, yeah.

- What were you doing there?
- Having a meal.

The wine list is exceptional there.
I was invited down there by a friend.

It says here you invest in the restaurant.

Don't believe everything
you read in the papers.

Yes. Pollard - that was his name.

He left some messages on our answerphone.

Three or four, in actual fact.
It was quite upsetting

- I wasn't upset.
- No.


What did he say?

He wanted to talk to us... about Martin.

- How did you know him?
- We don't.

Have you received a parcel from him?


Well, do you have any idea
why he wanted to talk about Martin?

Do you want to see his room?

Got a result from Company House.

One of Shand's front companies
is deep into Gill's restaurant.


Good. Good. Thank you.

You are a director in
Hedderley Investments,

which has holdings in a number of companies,
and a majority share in the Cavendish Golf Club.

The Cavendish Golf Club owns outright another
investment vehicle - Rapier Finance Ltd,

which in turn has rather a large share
of Danny Gill's restaurant.

Is that right?

I don't think this is an appropriate place
to discuss the operational details

of any of my companies.

- What was your price?
- Come again?

Payback. What does Danny have to do?

My understanding is
that it involves Ecstasy.

I don't know what tree you're barking up,

...but I can assure you it's the wrong one.

I think we're finished here now.

Mr Shand, you're free to leave at any time.

Just don't think we're finished.

I keep it right.

Such a sweet-natured boy.

A few difficulties with reading
and suchlike.

He'll never be normal in that sense -
I know that - but...

- loving.
- What happened?

So open, generous.
Not a selfish bone in his body.

A very... giving child

I'd like to know.

He must have...

sneaked out the caravan...

...while we were asleep.

We never knew he was gone...

...till the morning.

And they...

...found him...

...just before sunset.

It was not like him. Not like him at all.

- What do you think he was doing?
- I don't know.

He never went anywhere on his own.

Well, I ask him all the time.

- You ask him?
- I still talk to him

I mean, not every day, but...
He comes to see me sometimes.

Oh, that's his.

He loved that watch.

He left it in the caravan.

We were going to get a new strap.

So, we think Gill is dealing on
the caravan site?

- It's a possibility.
- What if he's not just dealing?

He could be acting as a conduit.

Miles of beaches. Easy access for
the boats. Smugglers' paradise here.

But if Shand is bringing Class-A drugs
into the area, he wouldn't advertise it

by setting up a small dealing operation
on a caravan site.

- Yeah. Don't mess on your own doorstep.
- Exactly.

Do you think Gill's skimming?

- He's ambitious enough.
- Yeah, well, he might be ambitious,

but if he's skimming off Shand,
then he's not very smart.

He could be Shand's next
target. Call Hansford.

Tell him to find Danny
Gill and stay with him.

A dark-blue saloon.
- Yeah, that was the same licence plate.

Suspect going left...

Yeah, I can see that, Havers.

Come on. Put your foot down.

Put me through to DS Hansford.

DS Havers. Yeah, we're in pursuit
of a dark-blue saloon, into the old docks.

Index: Papa Oscar Five One
Hotel Charlie Kilo.

Suspect going right. Right!

OK. Suspect going...

- ...right into...
- Idiot!

Oh, no point wasting our time.

Let's leave it to the locals.
Tell them he's armed.

What was he doing at the club?

Come in. You'll wanna see this.

The first wound was to the thorax.
That would have been enough to kill him.

The other two was for luck.

- Do you think there was a struggle?
- Unlikely, given the site of the first wound.

I knew we should have
had a man on him earlier.

We're still not sure that
Pollard's murder was a hit

I'm not sure this is a hit, either.


No. Bit too chaotic
for a professional job.

OK. So, if it's not a hit...?

Still looking for our
suspect in the blue car?

All the resources we can spare.

And I brought you these too.

The doctor says you can
go home in a bit

Nicky... is the ghost the man who keeps
the drugs in the tin under the caravan?

Yeah... we found it.

Do you know a man called Danny Gill?

- He's got that restaurant.
- Yeah.

Is... Is he the ghost?


"The ghost" is just your name for
the man who gives you the drugs

to take to people, isn't it?

No. He's different.

- Well, who is he, then?
- Right.

They found the suspect car.
I'll see you at the site



Who is he? Does he frighten you?

I won't let anyone hurt you - I promise.

How often does he come to the caravan site?

Couple of times a week.

And does your dad know him?

Do the other workers at the site know him?

What about Carly?

Shall I ask Carly?


I'll meet you back at the camp. OK?

He's lonely.

- Who is?
- The ghost.

- Forensics?
- On their way.

Well, he won't have been able
to wipe it all clean,

so we should get an ID at last.

Some DNA, if we need it.

Oh, better than that.

Directions to Gill's nightclub.

Sir! Inspector!

Some bloke interrupted our man
trying to nick his car.

Pulled a gun, stole his keys, took off.

- Where is he now?
- Oh, not far. Uniform's in pursuit.

They're fencing him onto a safe route.

Armed police! Get out
of the car now! Get out!

Put that gun down!
Put it down! Down! Put it down!


Where the hell does he think he's going?

Go and get him.

Come on.

- Carly...
- Too late.

Last one.

You can help me hoover the crache,
if you like.

What? What is it?

Whoever this local dealer is, he frightens
Nicky. Does he frighten you too?

- No.
- Is that why you won't tell me who it is?

- I don't know who it is.
- Danny Gill is dead.

Now, it could be this dealer who done it.

It could be that he killed
Roger Pollard, too.

It's one thing to protect a dealer, but
it's another thing to protect a murderer

I'm not protecting anyone. I don't know what
you're talking about. I don't know anything.

When we do a ballistics test,

we will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

that this is the gun
that put a bullet in Roger Pollard's head.

- What do you think?
- I didn't kill him.

Really? So, how do you explain
the gun coming into your possession?

I didn't. He was already dead.

- So, it can't be murder, can it?
- What do you mean?

- He was dead when I found him.
- But you shot him, anyway?

I was...

Look, what it is, right...

I was paid to do a job, right?

A hit? On Roger Pollard

I owe this bloke, big time.

He says, "Do this job, this one thing,

and you're clear".

He arranges the gun, tells me where
I can find Pollard. So, I do.

- So?
- Well, what am I gonna do?

Go back and say,
"Sorry - someone beat me to it"?

Well, when I found Pollard lying there,
I thought, you know, "Great

I can make it look like I shot the bloke
dead, without actually doing it".

Who's this "bloke" you talk about?

- You're having a laugh, aren't you?
- He arranged the gun for you. Who is he?

You don't answer questions like that, unless
you wanna end up face down in a marsh yourself.

All I know is, Pollard was a grass,

and somebody wanted his mouth shut,

So, what about Danny Gill?

- What about him?
- Did you kill him too?


No way! No, you're not
pinning that one on me.

No way. It's got nothing to do with me.

Really? Well, how do you explain the fact

that I can place you at the
scene of the crime?

Well, I saw you leaving the scene of
the crime

I got a phone call.

He says, "Do me this one little favour,
and you'll get a bonus".

So, I went to the nightclub.

Had a root around in the office,
but I couldn't find what they were after.

I saw the body on the way out...

...and I just ran for it.

- Who was he running drugs for?
- No idea.

All I know is, he was bringing
stuff in on a boat,

but who he was operating for, I don't know.

What boat?

- It were Danny.
- Danny Gill?

- Yeah.
- Nicky says it isn't.

What does she know?
She's just a kid. She'd say anything.

It's where they come from. The drugs.

Danny's been smuggling them in
for some big boss in London

Danny being Danny, innit?

Wants to "spread his empire".
No such thing as enough for Danny.

How do you know this? Did Danny tell you?

- No.
- Well, who did?

How do you know about Danny Gill's boss?
Who told you?

- Rog.
- Roger Pollard?


You said you didn't
see him when he got back

I know. I thought...

- I'm sorry.
- What did he say?

- He said he wanted to put Danny straight.
- About what?

About drugs. About dealing.
I don't know what

Carly, you have really let me down.

- I know where he keeps it.
- What?

The drugs. I know where Danny keeps it.

- What, there's a consignment in now?
- Oh, yeah.

That stuff under the caravan -
that's nothing.

It was just a tiny part of it

I'll show you - yeah?

Come on, Frankie.
We've got your fingerprints.

It's not gonna take us long to match them
to the ones all over the biscuit tin.

Look, it's a hard living, fishing.
You've got to go out in all weathers.

You want sympathy?

You were getting a child to do your
dirty work! A 12-year-old girl. 12!

I didn't kill Danny Gill.

- And Roger Pollard?
- No.

What did you say to him
that made him leave 20 years ago?

That if I saw his face round here again,
I'd kill him.

- Because he burnt down your tackle hut?
- No.

Then why? What else did he do?

Whatever secrets you think you have,
I will find them out. Believe me.

He thought he was God's gift.
Ruined her life.

- Whose life?
- Carly's.

She followed him round like a sheep.

All goo-goo-eyed. Sickening.

I told her he was no good,
but she wouldn't have it

I used to keep her in,

and as soon as my back was turned,
she'd be out of the house.

I knew she'd be traipsing round after him
like a shadow.

Stupid girl.

Only, this time, she stays out all night.

Doesn't come in till first light.
She's in a right state -

shivering and crying.

I knew she'd been with the Pollard boy.

Wouldn't tell me what happened, of course.

Didn't need to spell it out.

I knew what he'd done.

So, I went round the next day
and offered him a choice.

Either he clears off, or I kill him.

And he turns up on my doorstep 20 years
later. I thought he was taking the mick.

And I told him so.

And he told me what really
happened that night.

Why did Roger Pollard
come back here? Did he tell you?


His wife said he wanted to put things
right. Do you know what he meant?

- Well, he were crooked, weren't he?
- No, he wanted to revisit something in his past.

- Why would he want to do that?
- I don't know.

Well, I was pleased to come here and...

I was pleased to come back,
because we had happy times here, but.

Maybe he was the opposite -
maybe he felt bad or guilty.

- What about?
- You tell me.

- Do you believe it's real?
- What?

The ghost.

- I... I don't know.
- I do.

- Is it much further?
- No, it's not far.

Stores it in an old boathouse

I didn't like the marsh when we came here.

Oh, I'd be terrified here on my own.
I bet Martin was, too.

- What do you mean?
- Well, out here, on his own.

He should never have come.
He should never have been out here!

They say they can hear him crying out.

What does he say?

He says, "Help me".

He says, "Come back.

Don't leave me".

No-one wants to be left on their own,
do they?

Who left him?

How could he find his way in the dark,
through the grass and the water?

He couldn't, could he?

Carly... What happened, Carly?
What happened to Martin?

I can't!





Wait! Nicky!

I told him not to go.
- Who? Martin?

He loved me, he did!

Followed me everywhere, like a little dog.

Now all these kids who come and stay
and have such a great time...

...think it's so great...

think they're so special.

And they're not. They're not special.

You took him to the marsh?

It weren't my idea.

- It was the boys'
- What boys?

Rog and Danny.

Like a little dog, he was.

They... They thought he was funny.

Supposed to be a joke, a trick.

What, and you led him there?

"Don't leave me," he said.

"Help me"



The three of you...

took Martin onto the marsh,
and you left him there?

No-one... no-one knows.

But I hear him sometimes

I lay in bed and I hear him.

Is that why Roger Pollard came back?

- You mustn't tell.
- Carly, what did Roger say?

How does telling anyone put it right?
It's a secret.

- What did you do?
- I never wanted to go.

Rog made me. He made me!

He said... he wanted
to set things straight.


Said... he wanted to tell me first.

But he can't tell.

I won't let him! He can't tell.
I won't let him.

What about Danny Gill?
- He guessed.

- He see Rog too and he guessed.
- Guessed what?

What I'd done.

What did you do? What did you do?

The secret.

Who's that?

- Nothing.
- Who are you talking to?

- I've switched it off.
- Don't tell!

- I'm not going to.
- You can't! You can't! You can't!

I've got you. You're OK.

What are you doing here?

Nicky showed me the way.



Martin! Martin!





Up here!

This is the package Pollard sent.


- What else?
- Names. Delivery schedules.

Gill's timetable. Who
sold what to who, when.

This is what Henshaw was looking for.

Pollard has given us enough
to bring down Shand's entire organisation.

Thank you

subtitles provided by Janusmet