The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2001–2008): Season 5, Episode 1 - Natural Causes - full transcript

DI Lynley finds himself suspended from duty accused of having threatened a witness. As a result, DS Havers is temporarily re-assigned to DI Fiona Knight. They look into the murder of Edie Covington who was found dead in her car at the bottom of the lake. Edie was well known to many in the local area and had incurred the wrath of Owen Hardourt-Baines, a local land developer who had hoped to develop the lakeside into a housing estate. The police think they have a motive and forensic evidence that points to a killer, but in the end must look elsewhere. Although suspended, Lynley can't help but involve himself in the case. In his personal life, things are looking up when a reconciliation with his wife seems to be in the offing.

What are you doing? What's going on?

You can not leave like this.

I was just trying be honest.


Let me out!

Please, let me out!

Oh, boy!

Oh... oh... God!

Please, please.

Emergency. Which service do you require?

- Help me. My car is sinking.
- Hello?

- I can't get out.
- I am sorry, I can't hear you.

The doors are jammed!
I can't get put!


Help me!

Oh, God!

Help me!


Got I!

- How long is this going to take?
- If you could stay back sir

I own this land. And I need access

I've got important building work
about to start here.

You live nearby? Did you hear anything
unusual around 11 o'clock last night?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Is it normal have people
parking on your land?

- I've given up trying to stop trespassers.
- Ma'am.

- They found a car... and a body inside.
- OK, thank you.

- Whose body?
- Could you just move over there, please

I have a right to know!

- I need to speak your senior officer.
- Yeah, of course you do.

Tell your boss, when he gets here,
I want a word with him!

We got a set of tire tracks
where the car went into the water,

and another two sets
further up the bank here.

Ok, start a fingertip search and
extend the perimeter, yeah?

- Any news of the pathologist yet?
- Local police surgeon in on his way.

Make it a double.

- What is it, hair of the dog?
- More like Dutch courage, actually.

Next of kin at the perimeter.

Well, get them out of sight.

And move the cordon back.

Sorry, sir, can you move back?

Extend the cordon.

I'll do that.

Move back, please.

As a highly-respected police officer
with an unblemished record.

You took the law in your own hands.

You threatened to throw a suspect
off a high-rise building.

And jeopardised a murder case.

Do you understand why these actions
been brought against you?

Yes, I do.

Sorry I'm late. I had to make
two emergency stops.

My blatter is about the size
of a peanut these days.

It's all right, I'm not invalid.


- And you can drop the ma'am
stuff. It's Fiona - DS Havers.

- Your parents didn't give you a first name?
- Barbara.

- So what is state of play?
- 999 call from a mobile phone last night...

...owned by Edie Covington.

We triangulated the call to here.

Divers have recovered a red hatchback and
of a young woman matching the description.

- Next of kin?
- Tim and Millie Sumner.

Cute little girl. But what are the doing
at the crime scene?

I don't know. They turned up. I kept them
behind the cordon.

And did the husband report Edie missing?

Partner, not husband. And, no,
the parents did - Tilda and Joe Covington.

She's been living with them
for the last couple of months.

Better keep a close eye on him.

- There is no point in doing door-to-doors round
here - The nearest neighbour is a local landowner.

- Did you get a statement?
- No, he wanted to talk to a senior officer.

When I am not here, you are
the senior officer, Barbara

I like people who take command.

Yes ma'am... Fiona.

There you go. It's not that hard, is it?

I've heard you've had your problems
with others SIOs. But don't worry.

We'll get along just fine.

- Thanks. I'll call you in a couple of days.
- Take care.

- Helen?
- I'm... providing moral support.

From a distance.

- How's it going?
- Well, it could be better.

Really? I heard the CPS
weren't going to press charges.

I keep my ear to the ground.

Being married to a detective helps.

- You look splendid.
- Charmer.

No, seriously, you look amazing.

- Have you been away.
- Hardly. I've been working all hours.

Someone's decided I'm finally mad enough
to be nominated for a professorship

I'm on my way to the last interview now.

- That's great. Congratulations.
- Let's not hang out the bunting just yet

- I thought I was meant to be the cautious
one - You are the cautious one, Tommy

I'm just … superstitious.

Hey, we could have dinner.

That would be nice.
Not a celebration though, just dinner.

Just dinner.


Well, I might have rather a lot of time
on my hands. So…

Tommy, it won't come to that.
You're too good, you know that.

- Ah, but do they?
- Of course they do. Now, you knock them dead.

Sorry, I've got to go.

Wh… Helen!

- Dinner?
- Call me

I'll even cook if you like.

- She is beautiful.
- So young!

- We need to get a positive ID from her partner.
- It's Edie. There's no doubt about that.

What, you knew her?

I'm her GP.
Tim and I were at school together.

Are you gonna be all right with this?

I'll draw up the death certificate.
Would you like me to break the news?

No, we'll deal with it, thanks.

Wouldn't you mind following up that lead?

Her watch stopped at the same time
as the mobile call, 11:44 pm.

Which gives us an
approximate time of death.

We can rule out suicide. She called 999.

Bag this.

So how did the car get in the water?

Our best guess is that it was rammed
several times by a powerful vehicle.

Possibly a four-wheel-drive and
that would fit with these tracks.

It looks like they were both made
by the same vehicle.

So the murder weapon was a car?

Yeah. I'll get a check on all the
four-by-fours in the area.

Good luck, everyone has'em round here.

You should go home. There's nothing
you could do here

I'm not going anywhere
till I know what's happening

I'm sorry, Mr Sumner, would you
mind following us?


We need you to identify the body
for the coroner's court.

- An officer will look after your daughter.
- No, I'll take her home

- I could look after Millie if you like.
- That's fine. She's not going anywhere.

We'll need to impound your car
for some tests.

This gentleman will drive you
to the mortuary

I'll take Millie to her grandparents.

That's ok. The neighbours will take her.

- How old was Edie.
- 25?

He must be nearly 20 years older.
What does that tell you?

- She liked security.
- He likes control.

If 90 % of murders
are domestic in origin,

then most women are
killed by their partners

I'll pump Mr Sumner
when he ID's the body.

You intervieuw the parents.

If you want to find out how someone died,
find out how they lived...

how they loved.

- Hello.
- Where are you?

I'm on case.
A young woman drowned in a car.

- Where?
- Somewhere near Lydd on the Kent coast.

It's like the end of the earth.

Don't tell me they've rotated you again.

Yeah, I've been seconded
to a constabulary.

They've moved me around a
lot since you've been gone.

What is it you want, sir?

I've just given evidence
in my hearing and...

they're going quite hard on this
"unreasonable force" argument

- I need to know what you're going to say.
- Why?

- You know what I'm gonna tell'em.
- What?

- The truth.
- We need to go through things in detail.

- If our stories don't tie up.
- Look…

- I'm in the middle of a case. I've got to go.
- Havers, this is my career we're talking about.

You're breaking up. Just
come down. Ask for me.

The local Force will tell
you where the crime scene is.

The mind is like a locked door.
We don't know what we want.

We don't know who we are.

If we could unlock the secret side of
ourselves, we could overcome all our inhibitions

realise our dreams,
become who we really are.

Self-belief breeds confidence.

Confidence compels us to have the power
to set ourselves free.

Did you keep in regular
contact with Edie?

Yeah, every day, because of Millie.

- Did you know she was going out last night?
- No.

Sounds like Edie was quite a free spirit.

Yeah, Edie couldn't be pinned down
even if she tried.

- Is that why you separated?
- No.

How would you characterise
your relationship?

- I wouldn't.
- What?

Characterise it at all.

You were together five years,
but you never married?

- Edie didn't believe in conventions.
- Did you have an "open" relationship?

Just because we didn't have a piece
of paper doesn't mean we weren't committed.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

And I know that is a difficult time,
but I do have to ask you some questions.

Can you think of any reason why anyone
might want to harm your daughter?


Everybody just always
fell in love with Edie.

Well, do you have any idea what
she was doing at the lakeside?

Well, she always loved it,
ever since she was a kid.

But I thought that was private land.

That land's been commons for centuries.
People used to graze their cattle there.

They'd swim and walked their dogs.
And that idiot wants to develop the land.

Suddenly there's fences everywhere
and we can't get access.

So the ownership was a matter of…


Is that all?

There are still several questions
I've got to ask.

That can wait. My daughter needs me.

And her mother has been murdered.

We have to examine everything
relevant to this offence.

That will mean a search of your house.

Don't you need a warrant for that?

Only if you've got something to hide.

What time did Edie go out last night?

I don't know. About 7:00.

- She had got a yoga class.
- And what time did that finish?

At 8:00. But then Tim phoned to say
he was going to pick Millie up.

- They both looked after her?
- Yeah.

So it was an amicable separation?

We don't have to go into that, do we?

- Edie and Tim had their problems.
- No more than anyone else.

Could Edie have gone down
to the lake with someone?

What are you getting at?

Well, I'm told this spot is known
as a favourite for…

for courting couples.

My daughter is dead.

She's not even buried and you're trying
to drag her name through the mud already.

Is DS Havers here?

Can I see your warrant card, sir?

Sorry, I can only let accredited officers
past. If you could move back.

Havers, it's me. Look, I'm at the cordon.
Can you give me a call, please?

- How long is this going to stay up?
- I've no idea, sir.

Well, are we talking hours, days... weeks?

Any of the above

I need access.

- It is a murder scene, sir.
- Edie Covington, isn't it?


- Boys! Boys!
- Yeah, all right.

You knew the victim?

By repute.

Well, I do hope the delay
doesn't cause you too much trouble.

It never ends.

Planning permission, court hearing,
every lost day costs me money.

So, this is all your land, then?

It's been in my family
since the Domesday Book.

Deeds to prove it.

I don't mind peaceful protest.

Mass trespass? Criminal damage?

They have to be stopped.

And this Edie Covington,
she was one of the protesters?

Someone stopped her for good, didn't they?

- I meant in court.
- Of course you did.

- And your house is up here?
- What's your name? And rank?

- Detective Inspector Lynley.
- See your warrant card?

Sorry, my phone.

What are you looking for?

Phone bills, credit card statements -

anything which might help us establish
what Edie was doing before she died.

What's "The Trust"?

Mrs Covington,
we think your daughter was murdered

I need to know everything.

It's a clinic.

What kind of a clinic?

Edie was very young when she got pregnant.
Millie's birth was difficult.

She was in a lot of pain
for months afterwards.

She... started taking painkillers.

So it was a rehab clinic?

She, what developed an addiction?

I had no idea.

Not for ages.

But we faced up to it.

She got help and she got better.

- "Eleuthera". Does that mean anything to you?
- No, I'm sorry, it doesn't.

It looks like two months ago something
happened. She cancelled all her appointments.

This came for Edie.

Was Edie planning to leave the country?

Look, sometimes people can get trapped
in an unhappy relationship.

And then someone else...

Joe's right. You're just
trying to dig the dirt.


Whatever Edie did,
she didn't deserve to die like this.

What's his name?

Joshua Holcombe.

He's a musician.

They met years ago
when they were teenagers.

When did their relationship start up again?

Around the time she went to The Trust.

I was right about Tim.

Classic controlling type,
with a temper to boot.

All we need now is a match on the paint.

Any news on the marriage from the parents?

- Edie received a new passport for Millie.
- So?

They weren't married
and Millie took her dad's name,

but the new passport
was for Millie Covington, Edie's name

- I think she was planning to take her away.
- Maybe. What else?

She also had an addiction to painkillers

and attended a rehab
clinic called The Trust.

And around about the same time
she took up with an old flame -

Joshua Holcombe.

- A lover? Did you get an...
- Yeah.

Also I've been onto the DVLA

Joshua Holcombe owned a Shogun, J reg,
four by...

All right, all right, I asked for it

I said I liked people who took command.

See how you like it in the driver's seat.

We're looking for Joshua Holcombe.

No, I've never heard of him.

It's a criminal offence to obstruct police
in their inquiries. Where is Joshua?

What, you mean "Josh"?

Sorry, I didn't recognise the name.

No, I haven't seen him for a few days

I've been on my feet all day.

Any chance of a cup of tea?


Someone left in a hurry.

Always looks like this.

What happened to you?

Gardening accident.

Don't tell me, you trod on a rake?

- That's right.
- What, three times?

Now, what happened to that cup of tea?

I don't suppose you know
what he was wearing last night?

No idea.

Where does Josh...

And you've no idea where Josh might be?
No forwarding address?

I don't keep tabs on him, like I said.
I'm not his mother. He's a free agent.

You're a pretty free agent yourself, Matt.
Interesting vegetation in the loft.

- What is that you're growing in there?
- Wouldn't know. It's Josh's domain.

That amount of cannabis
will get you a custodial sentence.

Well, I didn't notice
any plants on the way in.

And I'm sure
if Matt keeps me riveted with information,

I won't notice them on the way out either.

What do you want to know?

The body of Edie Covington
was found in a car in Statham Lake.

- She's dead?
- Yeah.

We suspect she was murdered.

So, tell us about Josh and Edie.

If you met her, you'd understand.
It was hard not to fall in love with her

Josh even had her name tattooed on his arm.

So you held a bit of a flame for her, too?

- No, no. Josh would have killed us.
- Is that what really happened to your face?


What rekindled their romance?

- Shared the same passions - For
narcotics and prescription painkillers?

For nature. Saving the planet
before it's covered in concrete.

How's that tied up with this?

We know that Edie went to the clinic
for six months. Did Josh go there, too?

- Probably.
- Probably?

You know what worms do
when you dig them up in the garden?

- Squirm.
- They both went. That's all I know, end of.

Something happened two months ago. Edie
stopped going to The Trust. Why was that?

Search me.

They were lovers.

Bet Josh's DNA is all over Edie.

The pathologist is doing the PM later.

So he goes to meet her last night
and then just disappears.

Well, maybe Edie
didn't want to leave without the girl?

But Josh was obsessed.
Even had her name tattooed on his arm

Matt said they were desperately in love.

Desperate enough to kill?

He's done a runner.
Circulate his description.


Sorry. Fiona

I forgot to ask.

I sort of said that my old boss
could come and see me.

- Tired of me already?
- No, it's...

It's just he's up on this disciplinary.

So I hear.

For assaulting a suspect.

No, he was protecting a woman
from a murderer, reasonable force.

You two have something of a track record,
don't you?

Yeah, well, we were a good team


I don't care what other police officers
say about you

I'm sure we'll make a good team, too.

I'm sorry, but the person
you've called is not available.

Please leave your message after...

They're tracking his sim card and mobile,
so not much more we can do now.

We could check out the land rights angle

I think that's OK for background, but I
don't think it's gonna turn up our killer.

OK, last round

I'll just make some calls
and I'll see you back here in a minute.

OK. What are you drinking?

Red wine. Don't you start.

Red wine it is.

Make sure you write your answers clearly.

And in block capitals.

Just a quick reminder

Sheila will be serving
a pie and pea supper...

You found me, then

I used to be a detective, remember?

We all know that there are herds of cows,

flocks of sheep and schools of fish,

but what is the collective noun for apes?

Is that a troop?

No, that's for monkeys.

Apes is something...

less obvious.

A cleverness? No.

Anyway, how's it going?

We've just launched
a manhunt for our prime suspect.

Oh, good. Who?

Josh Holcombe.

Old flame of the victim's.
Gone AWOL last night.

We suspect some kind of lovers' tiff.

Do you mean...


Shrewdness. Shrewdness of apes, that's it.

- Where did you get this?
- The Internet.

It's very good for research.
You should try it some time

Josh Holcombe and the victim
were protesting against a development

by local landowner
Owen Harcourt-Baines.

The protest turned quite nasty,
ended up in court.

Have you interviewed Harcourt-Baines yet?

Not yet.

- Done forensics on his car?
- No.

But he is a suspect, surely?

I thought you came here to
talk about your disciplinary,

not criticise my work.

Sorry. Force of habit.

Anyhow, I haven't actually
got much time to talk.

My SIO will be here in a minute.

You've had enough time to think about that,
ladies and gentlemen.

Next question.

You're upset with me for some reason,
aren't you?

- Is it something I said?
- No.

No, it's something you never said.

Like, "I'm sorry, Havers, for what happened.

It must be hard losing your partner
and bouncing around from officer to officer

like a bad cheque...

Yeah, I'm sorry.
I've really let you down, haven't I?

It's not just that.

What else is it?

- You're fishing.
- Fishing?

Don't make me say it.

My new boss is OK.

You've only just started here.
Maybe your reputation precedes you.

No, it's not that I don't
get on with people

I get on with you.

It's not the same with anyone else.

Maybe I could help with the investigation?

- No.
- Just informal stuff.

The background checks you hate doing.


I think we're missing something

Edie went to this rehab clinic
until a couple of months ago.

Then she stopped going
and cancelled all her appointments

and wrote "Eleuthera" in her diary.
Do you know it?

- It's an island off the Bahamas.
- Well, that fits

- I think she was planning to get away.
- What forensics have you got?

Thanks for that.

Edie's vehicle was rammed by a 4x4.

There should be red paint residue.

- I'll fish around, see what I can find out.
- Background checks only.

No talking to suspects, OK?

- Did I interrupt something?
- What news?

We're in luck.
They've got a trace on Josh's mobile phone.

Apparently, it's still active in the area.

The signal is too weak
to get a precise triangulation.

But I think our friend Matt
has been talking to Josh.

Better get back to the cottage.

So that's Tom Lynley?

Oh, easy guess.
Dark, moody types are a weakness of mine.

Definitely moody.

So, you had your chat, then?

I found this on the Internet.

I hope he didn't try
and muscle in on our case.

Edie and Josh were protesting against
the lakeside development

I think that could be a lead.

Let's not lose the wood for the trees

Josh Holcombe was Edie's lover.

Was at the scene of the crime.
Didn't report it.

And is on the run as we speak.

I'm an easygoing boss, Barbara.

But one thing I do expect...

100% loyalty.

Hello, can you tell me
the number for the Land Registry, please.

No, just text it to me.

You can't help feeling sorry for him.

One mistake and this is what he gets


No. Tom Lynley.

Is he single?

Kind of. Separated.

If anyone doesn't understand
the impulse to murder,

then they've never been married

- I take it there's no Mr Knight?
- This wasn't exactly planned.

There he is.

Why would Joshua Holcombe
come back here now?

I don't know.
Do you want me to take a closer look?

I think he saw me.

OK, fasten your seat belts.
This could be a bumpy ride.

Are you sure this is
all right for the baby?

He's loving it, kicking like crazy.

Hold on.

OK, now we've got him.

What do you think you're doing, Matt?

I was just borrowing Josh's car.

Where did you get it?

He kept it in a lock-up.

What's going on?

Where the hell is Josh?

I've told you I don't know!

Did you check the car?
Any paint traces or dents?

Bit of a problem.
It doesn't have a front bumper.

Come on.

We'll need to interview you
about the murder of Edie Covington.

Never was there a story of more woe
than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Do you have a different quote
for every autopsy you do?

What's better, to see them as
pieces of meat or fragments of poetry?

- I heard you were on suspension.
- I am.

What are you doing up here?

Have motorbike, will
travel, need overtime.

- What's your excuse?
- Thomas Lynley!

- I've heard a lot about you.
- Good things, I hope.

- And the bad things aren't his fault.
- Great detective work.

Yeah, what were you doing at the lake?

- Going for a stroll?
- Fishing.

Bang goes one of our prime suspects.

Water takes, but it also gives back.

The wrinkling on his hands and on his feet

suggest that time of death
may not be too far from Edie's.

- Both died by drowning?
- Well, both of them had water in their lungs.

- But it's not as simple as that.
- I feel a lecture coming on.

All right.

A brief chronicle of death by water.

The classic drowning goes through stages.

You try to hold your breath...

but ultimately you start inhaling water,

which is rapidly absorbed through the lungs,
causing chemical changes in the blood,

overloading the heart, until...


The foam on Edie's mouth and in her lungs
is consistent with death this way.

No foam on Josh.

So he was dead before he hit the water?

There are signs of blunt trauma
to the back of the ribs,

with underlying haemorrhage

and internal injuries consistent with...

...a significant impact.

What could have caused the trauma?

What am I supposed to be, psychic?
Give me some options at least.

OK, the bumper of a 4x4?

Yeah, that'd do it.

Thank you, Dr Lafferty.

So we're looking for
traces of blood and paint now?

Much obliged for all your help with this,
Tom, but I think we can take it from here.

There may be an aspect you are missing

I'm sure there are several aspects,
thanks, Tom.

It's "Tommy", all right?

Harcourt-Baines, the local landowner.

He drives a 4x4. There are his tracks all
over the crime scene leading to his house.

He owns the land. There are gonna be
traces of him all over the shop

Josh and Edie.

They were trying to stop him from building
a country club right on the lakeside.

They claimed it was public land.

The land dispute gives
Harcourt-Baines motive.

- And have you any evidence?
- It was all over the local papers.

We're gonna need a search warrant, pronto.

- Glad you see the logic.
- For Tim Sumner.

Look, it must be worth following this lead.

It's not a lead, it's a dead end.

The paint on the bumper of Tim Sumner's car
matches the rammed hatchback.

He found out about the affair
and he lost his temper.

He's now our prime suspect.

- The obvious choice isn't
always the right one - Tommy

I'd like to remind you
that you are currently suspended from duty

I'll see you in the car, Barbara.

I told you, background checks only

I see what you mean.
She really doesn't listen.

- That reminds me of another
detective I know - I could do more digging.

Are you kidding? She'll go spare
if she catches me briefing you again.

Since when did the disapproval
of a senior officer ever trouble you?

- Don't even think about it.
- I'll be more careful this time.

What have you got to lose? Havers, please.

Josh and Edie went
to a rehab clinic called The Trust

I know it

I called the Land Registry to see
if Harcourt-Baines does own the land.

You did what?

Which he does, but two months ago

he signed over half of it to this
organisation called The Trust.

About two months ago, they stopped going
and Edie planned to leave the country.

Where is this clinic?

Thank you.


We'll talk later.


Eileen Edwards

Thomas Lynley. I called earlier
and booked one of your two-day

rehabilitation courses.

Of course.

We don't call it rehabilitation,
we call it self-realisation.


Let me show you to your room.
Matthew, can I have the key?

There's a visualisation class
in the Octagon Room after dinner,

which you are very welcome to join.

Maybe you'd like to wait till after our
one-to-one tomorrow morning.

I- I might just do that. I've never really
been to one of these kind of places before.

There's nothing to worry about,
I promise you.

And feel free to use our other facilities
while you are here.


This way.

Well, how is he?

Holding up. Considering.

So he's fit to be interviewed?

Well, there's no physical injuries,
but he's very withdrawn.

Let's see what we can do about that.

- You work on Matt and I'll soften him up.
- All right.

What'll happen to the girl?

Millie? The grandparents
are the next of kin.

They will probably look after her.

To lose both parents like that.
It's terrible.

How well do you know Tim?


I must say I find it hard to believe.

He is a good father.

Well, I see it all the time.

And yet you seem to keep that nice smile.

Look, thank you for all your help, Dr Wilson.
I hope we won't be bothering you again.

Settling in? Do you have
everything you need?

Everyone's been very welcoming.

So, what brings you here, Tommy?

Oh, I don't know

I thought it was probably time
to stop and take stock of my life a bit.

Are you married?

Some hesitation there.

We've been going through
some difficulties of late.

Is that why you're here?

Don't be afraid to talk about
personal problems.

Whatever's going on in your life,
this is the right place to deal with it.

That's very reassuring.

How did you hear about us? It's very
unusual to have such a late referral.

A friend of a friend recommended
you to me. So...

Really? Who?

Where is she?

What's going on?
I've been calling and calling.

Why are you ignoring me?

Have you been drinking again?

Have you heard?
They've found another body in the lake.

- Calm down.
- How can I calm down?

- There are police crawling all over my land.
- Let's talk about this in private. Come on.

How was your love life with Edie?

Remember that not answering questions
can be mentioned in court.

At this point the suspect shook his head.
I'll rephrase the question.

Did you and Edie have regular sex?

I don't see what that's
got to do with anything

Edie was murdered with her lover.

We have forensic evidence
that they had intercourse that night.

At this point the suspect shrugged.

- Do we need this running commentary?
- Yeah, for the tape.

Yes, we had sex.

I loved her. What more do you need to know?

And you had no idea that Edie had
started a sexual relationship with Josh?


Why did you run away?

Why do you think, hmm?

I was beaten up, my mate's killed.
Not hard to see a pattern, is it?

So, who beat you up?

You're the sleuth. You tell me.

Was it Tim Sumner?

Edie's old man?

We mistook you for Josh. Maybe he did, too.

So you knew Josh was seeing Edie?

What have I just said?

- You knew they were having an affair?
- No. Just that they met regularly.

And you didn't notice any changes
in her behaviour when she met Josh again?

I didn't say that.

I noticed that she...

she laughed more.

She slept less.

The spark was back in her eyes.

And why do you think that was?

She had something to get up for.

- She had passion in her life again.
- You mean Josh?

No. I mean the campaign to save the
wetlands. They were working on it together.

Don't try and tell me that you
weren't jealous of Edie and Josh?

Wrong. You got it so wrong.
I was happy, actually.

You expect me to believe
you didn't mind her

spending so much time
with an ex-boyfriend?

One of the detectives

- virtually accused me of murdering them.
- Why would they say that?

You're not driving home in that condition.

- What did you tell them?
- Nothing.

I can't take much more of this.
Two people are dead, Eileen.

- It's all out of control.
- No, Owen, you're out of control.

If you'd done your job properly,
and got the deeds back...

We looked everywhere!

You didn't look everywhere,
because you didn't find anything.

We were disturbed.

If any of this comes out,
you're on your own.

About two months ago, did you notice
any change in Josh's behaviour?

Yeah, he was happy. Said he'd found
something to scupper Harcourt-Baines' plans.

What was it?

He said he had some documents or something.

- But he wouldn't show 'em to us.
- Have you got them?


Do you know
where Josh might have kept them?

They weren't on his body.

Pretty sure he'd have hid them
in the house somewhere.

Two months ago,
Edie wrote something in her diary.


- It's a small island off the Bahamas.
- I know what it is.

Sounds to me
like she was planning to run away.

Well, it just shows what you know.

Don't try and play cocky with me.
I own the copyright.

It's also ancient Greek.

My ancient Greek is a little bit rusty.
llluminate me

Greek for freedom.


Edie felt trapped here.

Eleuthera is the name of a lighthouse
near the power station

where she'd go when she wanted to be alone.

Everything all right?

Yes. Fine. I-I was just looking for that
visualisation class you mentioned earlier.

- It's upstairs in the Octagon Room.
- Of course. You said.


I trust and respect my guests.
And I expect them to treat me the same way.

Of course.

I suggest my client needs a break.

- Can I have a word?
- OK. Five minutes.

Interview suspended at 18:14.

- I'm getting nowhere. What about Matt?
- I doubt he's the killer.

He said Josh found something at The Trust
and hid it in his house.

That doesn't give us much to go on

I think we should at least check it out

I don't have time to run around
looking for buried treasure.

Matt's having you on.
He'd say anything to get out of here.

No, it's more than that.
The Trust keeps coming up.

There's something in
this, I've got a feeling.

Funny feelings may have been enough
for your last Dl, but I prefer facts.

Forensics have given
us enough to charge Tim

I think we should go for it.

Mr Sumner,

you knew Edie was going to leave you
and take your daughter away.

You followed her to her rendezvous
with her lover.

You saw them together and then in a jealous
rage, you rammed her car into the lake.

- And ran over her lover.
- No, no, no.

We have forensic evidence matching
paint on your car's front bumper

to Edie's hatchback.

We have sufficient evidence
to charge you with the murders

of Edie Covington and Joshua Holcombe.

It's me... listen.

I checked in... to The Trust. Yesterday.

Anyway, Harcourt-Baines turned up last
night and he's only just leaving.

You're right, there's definitely
something strange going on

I'll call you later.

We have a strict policy here.
No contact with the outside world.

Why's that?

This is a retreat...
from the hassle of everyday life.

- A sanctuary.
- Of course. Sorry.

That's all right, don't apologise.

Come on, our session
was meant to start five minutes ago.

- This has been a disaster.
- I don't understand. He was granted bail?

- What about the paint in his car?
- As his brief pointed out,

he knocked Edie's hatchback
a couple of months ago.

The insurance claim proves it.

But what really swung it
was the magistrate had been informed

we were actively pursuing other leads.

He'd received a complaint from
a landowner, Owen Harcourt-Baines,

something about intrusive policing
from an Inspector "Lynton".

Ring any bells?

I'm sure it must have been
some kind of misunderstanding.

"Monumental cock-up"
springs more readily to mind.

If your old boss has blown this case,
I'm gonna have to go upstairs.

- But we do have other leads to follow.
- As you keep saying.

But this time I've got evidence.
According to the Land Registry,

Owen Harcourt-Baines signed over the
deeds of the lakeside land to The Trust.


Well, Matt said Josh and Edie
stole something from there.

There's a lot of money in this land deal.
It could be a motive for murder.

What's the camera for?

Things come out in these sessions.
Sometimes it's good to have a record.

Do you ever use it again?

Only to talk about any issues that arise.

It's all right.

Anything that comes out here
is strictly confidential.

Then why do you need to put it on tape?

I'm sensing a little hostility here.

No. Not at all. I just...

I just like to know
what's going on, that's all.

So it's about control?

Josh thought they'd caught him
stealing it on camera.

He knew they'd come after him.

- You'd better not be stringing
me a line, Matt - I'm not.

Straight up.

Now, I want you to imagine you're in a lift.

And you're on the tenth floor.

You're going to press the button,

and as you go down floor by floor

you're going to feel more relaxed.

There's an offence called "wasting
police time". You know that?

Yeah. I know where it is.

This had better be good.

You're passing the ninth floor now.

And you're more relaxed.

You're passing the eighth floor now
and you feel more relaxed.

And now you're on the ground floor,

and you feel totally relaxed.

Are you all right?

Shall we talk about your wife now?
What's her name?


You mentioned you'd been having problems

I was wondering if... your need to control
and emotional unavailability

- caused your wife to leave you.
- She didn't leave me.

She did leave me.

Do you think you pushed her away?



Maybe I did a little.

But you think Helen should share the blame?

Hang on. Surely in the breakdown of
any relationship, both sides are at fault?

Usually, yes, but we're not talking about
who is actually to blame.

We're talking about the anger you feel towards
Helen for the break-up of the marriage.

I don't think I have any... anger...

towards Helen.

Did you have an affair?

- I'm sorry?
- Did you have an affair?

Look... I've got to go

I'm sorry. Thank you very much.
I've got to go.

You were just getting somewhere.
I think you're making a mistake.

- This isn't for me.
- But you've hardly given it a chance.

I think I have. Really, I'm fine.

To get the best effect,
you have to finish the whole course

I disagree. You've helped me
so much already.

Told you.


we've got something.

Thanks for coming, Havers.

OK, what's going on?
What did you find out?

Harcourt-Baines stayed the night there.
I think he's having a nervous breakdown.

- Knight's turned up the
deeds at Matt's house - And?

There's a rider that proves
one of Harcourt-Baines' ancestors

willed the land to the village.
Looks like it was common land after all.

What I don't get
is why Josh and Edie didn't go public.

They could have stopped the building works.

- Maybe Eileen had something on them.
- What like?

I don't know, but they film
the therapy sessions.

I saw a whole lot of stuff in one of the drawers
in her office. Including something on Edie.

Do you think there'll be
something useful in it?

- It's worth a look.
- OK, I'll get onto Knight.

We need a warrant.
And you, better make yourself scarce.

They filmed my therapy session, too.

You've got to be kidding.

Don't worry, I'll sort it.


It'll be worth a few quid down the station.

What did they do to you in there?

- See you.
- See you.

You can't go in there
without an appointment

I'm Detective Sergeant Havers. I'm
investigating the deaths of Edie Covington

- and Joshua Holcombe.
- - Sorry, Eileen.

That's all right.

Yes, terribly tragic.

Two young, vulnerable people.

They were both recent inmates here, yeah?

We don't call our visitors "inmates".

We call our visitors "guests".

Do you know Owen Harcourt-Baines?

Of course. He's a great supporter
of The Trust.

He's also a fellow investor
of an expensive lakeside development.

Do you have a warrant
or some other reason to be here?

Do you deny that you are involved
in the lakeside development?

No. We have a minor interest.

There's the sustainability of our
project to think of

I suppose every fraudster says
the same thing.

That's defamatory

I haven't even started yet.

Right, let's get moving.

Edie and Josh were protesting it.
They attended this clinic

and after that,
they meet with a premature death.

I think I'm going to have to call my lawyer

I need to check security camera tapes

and accounts for the last two years.

Don't you need a warrant for that?

Shall we get started?


I- I thought we could have that dinner now.

You know, you can get these wonderful
devices called mobile phones.

- They allow you to call from anywhere.
- Is it a problem?

Depends what you've got in mind.

Come with me.

You'd better have a good reason
for this intrusion

I'm sure we'll find something.

Can you open this?

Taping personal therapy sessions. That
must be against every rule in the book.

These are riders from 1589 ceding
the lakeside land to the people of Statham.

- What does that prove?
- Owen can't build on the land.

So that makes you party to the deception.

No, I'm a victim of deception.
I'm just an investor

- I don't know anything about this.
- I bet you don't.

These documents were found
in Joshua Holcombe's house.

And still you say you know nothing
about the deaths of Josh and Edie.

So now you're accusing me of murder?

No, I'm asking you what you were doing
two nights ago at 11 pm.

Two nights ago at 11 pm?

I was running a trust
and motivation session

I think we kept going till about 2am.

And how many people
were you trusting and motivating?

I think about 20.
I have their names and addresses.

Was Owen Harcourt-Baines at this seminar?

We're just business partners.
I can't account for his actions.

He's a...

He's a very troubled man.

The roads are clogged.

The transport system is a bit dodgy.

It's noisy, smelly.

It's basically a sprawling, rusty,
chaotic mess.

But I do love it.

Talking of sprawling,
chaotic, rusty messes,

are you still driving the Bristol?

Helen, there are certain things
you cannot say to...

- That car is a slice of history.
- So was the plague, Tommy.

Right, car's off limits.

- You mean it's beyond a joke?
- Yeah, exactly. No!

Why do you have
some chips with your ketchup?

It's the only way to eat them.
Anyway, I offered to cook.

Yeah, thanks

I've sampled your culinary delights.

Oh, you've nothing to fear.
I have now mastered the microwave.

You found the on switch?

I missed your laugh.

There are so many things
I've missed about you.


That's Professor Lynley to you.

You got it?

It must have been a very difficult decision
for the committee,

but I'm happy to report
that common sense did prevail.

Congratulations. That's fantastic.

The perfect excuse to open another bottle.

The perfect excuse to kiss me...

I think you mean.

So, everyone involved with the development
has got an alibi for the night of the murder.

All except one - Owen Harcourt-Baines.

He had the most to lose.
He borrowed massively on the land.

And he's probably behind the attack on Matt

and vandalising the cottage.

Well, we can't rule out
a conspiracy by The Trust

to silence Josh and Edie.

We might find something on those DVDs.

But look at the murders.
They're too disordered,

too full of anger.
More like crimes of passion.

Or done by someone who drinks too much.

Looks like I owe Lynley an apology.

How annoying is that?


Well, his car's here.

Maybe The Trust tipped him off.

What's the matter?

Great timing!

Have you got the number of your midwife?

It's no use. She's miles away.

Go on.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Don't do anything heroic, Barbara.
Think of the paperwork.

Yeah, ambulance.

He lost a lot of blood,
but we got to him in time.

Have you interviewed him yet?

No, he's still drowsy on sedatives.

But I think we can get some basic sense
out of him when he wakes up.

I admit...

...I forged the deeds.

And I even sent some men to...

...beat Josh...

up, but...

I didn't kill anyone.

You had motive.
You wanted Josh and Edie out of the way.

Why... would I kill them?

Your investigation ruined everything.

It delayed the start of the building.

He's got a point. It wouldn't
be in his interests.

Yeah, but we all do things in the heat of the
moment that aren't in our interests, don't we?

So, how's your boss?

I'm fine. My blood
pressure was a bit high and

they were worried I
may have pre-eclampsia.

But a scan shows that
my placenta's a bit loose.

So I need to take plenty of bed rest.

What have you got here?

On one of the DVDs that we found at
The Trust we found this session with Edie.

It was recorded two months ago.

You can talk to me, Edie

I don't want to.

This is a safe place.

You've nothing to be scared of.

I can help you.

What are you scared of?

I just found out that...

It's such a mess.

What's a mess?

I just found out that...

Tim isn't Millie's father.

I wondered for years.

He made me take a test

Tim made you?

Tim doesn't know anything about it.

Millie's real father.

It's OK, Edie.

The real father wants Millie back.

What am I gonna do?

You've faced your fear.
Now we can work through this.

Looks like I was right about
Tim Sumner all along.

- How's that?
- Motive

Tim was fairly relaxed about
Edie's infidelity,

but fanatically possessive about
his daughter.

If he'd found out he
wasn't her real father...

No, I think he's been
straight with us all along

- I'm sorry, I think we're missing
something else - What about the real father?

Edie said that he'd just come back
on the scene recently.

- Back from somewhere?
- I don't know. Just in her life.

- Maybe the real father killed Edie - Maybe
if we find him, we'll find the killer.

You two really are a
double act, aren't you?

- Right.
- What are you doing?

We'll need a DNA sample from
Millie to check against Josh

to rule him out as the real father.

Well, no...

Inspector Knight, Fiona...

you heard what the doctor said,
you need your rest.

Barbara, it looks like I'm
out of the picture for a while,

which makes you acting Dl.

It's up to you how you organise your team.

I'll go to the grandparents,

get Millie and get a DNA test done.

What do I do?

Talk to Tim Sumner. Tell him he
might not be Millie's real father.


You wanted to be part of this investigation
and I am Dl, remember.

Yes, ma'am.

I know this must come as a shock.

She didn't tell me.
She never breathed a word.

Five years ago, before Millie was born,
do you know if Edie was seeing anyone else?

The lads were all after Edie,
she always had plenty of boyfriends.

- What about Josh?
- That was a lot earlier.

- But could they have met up then?
- I think he'd gone travelling.

What does it matter?

Tim raised her and Tim loves her.
That's all that matters.

Finding Millie's biological father
may lead to Edie's killer.

- Why are you doing this to me?
- Please, sit down.

- Millie's all I've got now!
- Sir, sit down.

I need to ask you
some more questions about Edie

I've lost her. And now you want
to take my daughter away as well

I know how hard this must be for you

I've nothing left.

Nothing in the world.

I'm sorry.

But I do need to ask
you if you have any idea

who Millie's father could be.

A standard DNA test
could take a couple of days.

Our labs will speed things up.

We'll just be across the corridor.

All I need is a mouth swab.

- Come on, Millie.
- Go on, Millie. I'll be right here.

Won't be long.


That was in Edie's diary.

What's it doing on Simon's mantelpiece?

I'm gonna check on Millie.


Sir, we've got a problem.

What? I'll ask him. What's Eleuthera?

- Is it a place you used to go with Edie?
- What's this about?

Please tell me what Eleuthera is.

Something's happened. Is Millie OK?

She's disappeared. With Simon Wilson.

- I'll take you.
- Havers.

One, two, three,

four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten.

- Simon was a friend. How could he do this?
- I don't know.

- If he touches Millie...
- I'm sure he wouldn't hurt her.

He's murdered two people.

18, 19, 20,

21, 22, 23...

- We got back-up?
- Another 20 minutes at least



- I am not good with heights.
- Don't worry. I'm here.

Just don't push anyone over.

I wonder if...

There it is.

Though it's away a bit.


Tim, I need you to stay calm, all right.



- What are you doing, Millie?
- Look, Daddy, I can see the sea.

Uncle Simon said Mummy liked it here.

- What have you said to her?
- Stay back.

- Simon...
- I said, stay back!

And you!

You killed her, didn't you?
You killed Edie.

She was going to take Millie.

I warned her.

She knew I was the real father
and she was gonna run off with her.

So you stopped them?

I followed her to the lake that night

I'd been calling her for days, but
she wouldn't... speak to me.

And then when I saw them
together, I realised...

...she was never going to... Listen.

She had no intention...

of letting me get to know my little girl.

And with her out of the way...

...I could get to know Millie. Be her dad

I'm her dad!

Millie. Come here.

If you come any closer,
we're going over.

OK. I won't come closer

I want to go down

Simon, we can talk about this.

What's there to talk about?

I don't care what you've done.

But if you are Millie's real
father, you won't want to hurt her.

Please, let her go.

You're not having her back!

And you, with your perfect partner,
your perfect child, your perfect life.

You didn't even
realise. I couldn't bear it.

- Simon, let her go.
- I want to get down!

It's too late.


Take her down.

Get an ambulance!

I should have stopped him.

He should be in custody.

No, there was nothing
that could be done for Wilson.

Come on, you saved Millie.

Inspector Lynley is a good officer.

He was protecting a woman from a murderer.

Two innocent lives were in imminent danger.

He was just trying to make sure
they came to no harm.

So you maintain it was "reasonable force"?

Inspector Lynley saved the life
of a mother and her unborn child.

The suspect came away with no injuries.

I would say that was reasonable.

Do you think he was in control?

They want to see you now.

What did you say to them?

The truth.

Whatever happens, I couldn't have
wished for a better colleague.

Or friend

I'll never forget this.


Hi. How is he?

He's only just gone in.

What do you think will happen?

I don't suppose you fancy
a coffee or something?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Exceptional powers
are granted to officers of the law.

These powers do not include unreasonable
force, intimidation or violence.

We are not passing
a judgment of guilt on your actions

but trying to decide whether you are a fit
person to hold that position.

Do you understand that?

I do. Yes.

So, how are things?

- Oh, you mean between me and Tommy?
- Well, are you both...

It seems to be going well

I think we're both happy.

I'm cleared.

Marvellous, Tommy. Good.

- Well done.
- Thanks.

Look, I'm gonna get off

I'll see you tomorrow.


- So you're buying tonight, then?
- I don't mind, darling. I could cook

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