The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Mary and Martha - full transcript

June helps the Marthas with a dangerous task while navigating a relationship with her pious new walking partner; Emily and Luke struggle with their altered circumstances.

Previously on The Handmaid's Tale...

We can get you out! You and the baby.

But you have to go right now!

- Who's "we?"
- Marthas. Go!

Do you know Commander Mackenzie?

He has a daughter.

I can't leave without her.

I'll take you to Mackenzie.

Don't move!

You're being cruel.

Confusing her like this.

I'm confusing her?

You're gonna see your son again.

I'm not his mother anymore.

Of course you are.
Your son is in Canada.

He's free. With your wife.

Call an ambulance.

Dear Lord, what have you done?

As a person in need of protection,

do you wish to seek asylum
in the country of Canada?

- Yes.
- God has made me master

of an incredible woman.

You don't need to protect me.

- Are you Luke?
- Yeah.

Your wife saved my life.

They're safe. Emily and the baby.

They made it.

You've got a new posting.

You're not gonna be
any trouble, are you?

No, sir.

♪ The Handmaid's Tale 3x02 ♪
Mary and Martha

I used to be bad at waiting.

"They also serve who stand and wait,"

Aunt Lydia said.

She also said,

"Not all of you will make it through.

Some of you will fall on dry ground

or thorns.

Some of you are shallow‐rooted.

Think of yourselves as seeds.

What kind of seed will you be, girls?"

I pretend I'm a tree.

And I wait.

She's very blessed.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

We're about to take back Chicago,

my mistress tells me.

I will keep our soldiers in my prayers.

Praise be.

I've been praying for
the Waterfords, too.

That is kind of you, Ofmatthew.

Their poor sweet baby,

wherever she is.

I can't imagine what came over Ofjoseph.

I am Ofjoseph.

Now who's the pious little shit?

Go in grace.

Praise be to you.

Ofrobert, did you see?

They have canned tomatoes.

Praise be.



I'm learning.

Casey had her baby.

A shredder.

Heart on the outside.

That's awful.

The Americans are about to lose Chicago.

At least that's what Ofmatthew says.

Did you ask your Martha
about the Mackenzies?

I tried.

She's super mean.

I'd leave the Marthas alone.

Do you need help with something?

No, thank you.

The Marthas don't trust us.

Who does?

They only had golden beets.

That's fine. They'll roast up great.

I thought you said steak.

This is a filet.

Isn't that better?

Not if you like flavor.

I can go back.

Hope we have enough butter

for a Bearnaise sauce.


They're waiting for you.

Blessed be the fruit, dear.

May the Lord open.

I'm glad to see you're feeling

a bit better, Aunt Lydia.

Aren't you kind?

I didn't figure I'd see you back

in this house any time soon.

You've certainly bounced back,

haven't you?

God is merciful indeed.

Lydia's here checking up on us.

Nothing of the sort.

A routine visit to see how our girl

is settling into her new household.

She's fine.

- She's fine.
- She's fine.

Ah, have you found her...

... respectful?

We've had trouble with her in the past.


I want to go now.

All right, my love.

All right.

And The Ceremony?

Our records show that
Ofjoseph's fertile time

was last week.



Praise be.

Mrs. Lawrence?


She's just tired.

All right, my love.


as always.

What's wrong with her?

I don't know.

If there is something unseemly going on

in this household with
Commander Lawrence,

you know you can always tell me.

Emily was here two days

and God only knows what he did to her.

May I see you out, Aunt Lydia?

Thank you.

I'd like to look at your room.

To see if it's shipshape.

All right.

Are you okay?

Maybe next time is better.

All right?

You shut your mouth!


Aunt Elizabeth was soft!

I would never have put
you in a new posting.

After what you pulled
at the Mackenzies',

you should be on the wall!

Everything is...

... in hand,

Commander Lawrence.

Ofjoseph was seen

gossiping at...

... Loaves and Fishes.

That simply will not do.

Spare the rod,

spoil the Handmaid, yeah?

Something like that.

Quite right.

Quite right.

Blessed day.

Take care, dear.

Under His eye.


I wonder what the voltage is
on those things.

Hello, you still there?

Uh, yeah.

Still here.

You need to drop off
The Notarized Form by 3:00 p.m.

Uh, no. My lawyer said
that she'd drop them off.

Well, she hasn't.

so if they're not there by 3:00,
the application's rejected.

All right. All right, it's fine.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

Yeah, thanks.


Yeah. Oh‐oh.

Look who's home, Nichole.

Hey, come say "hi."


I've gotta go to the lawyer's

and then the embassy.

Oh, come on.

Play with her!

Or hold her.

Just for a minute.

Yeah, I gotta, uh...

I've gotta get these forms notarized

for the National Insurance
Number application.

Right. You're gonna be back for dinner?



Yeah, I'm fine with it.



She's got family in
Canada, though, right?

So, when's she gonna let 'em
know that she's here?

I'm working on it.

Look, everyone's timeline is different.

Let me know if you need anything.


Not green onions.

This is healing up nicely.

No swelling or discharge.

Any pain?


That should go away in time.

Cartilage doesn't heal
as well as other tissue...

It's avascular.

Also, chondrocytes can't
mobilize to damaged areas.


So you'll probably end up with a scar.

Uh, all your blood
work came back normal.

CBC, glyco, metabolic.

Pelvic ultrasound and
pap look good, too.


you do have some small uterine fibroids

that we're gonna want to keep an eye on.


Follow‐up appointments, uh,

dental surgeon,



This is a referral

to an OB/GYN for a consult

on clitoral reconstruction

when you're ready.

And Dr. Wilson is a
terrific psychiatrist

I want you to see now that you're
transitioning out of acute care.

She does a lot of work
with your community.

That's all?

That's it.

I'll want to see you for physicals
every other year.


uh, watch that cholesterol.


Yeah, it's a little high

for a woman your age.

You should be able to manage it
with diet and exercise.



Do you have anything for burns?


Look, she can't stay here.

She has to wait somewhere.

Not my problem.

I just get the passes!

You're helping her escape?



We had to change pickup locations.

I can't take her to the new one

until later when it is safe.

Why can't she stay here?

You're new, both of you.

You don't know how
things work around here.


Hen party.

Where's Mrs. Lawrence's tea?

It's coming right now, sir.

Who are you?

My name's Alison, sir.

Uh, she's come to help polish
the silver for your meeting.

That's a lie.

You two...

... are always finding friends.

I'll see if I can find a Guardian
to take you home.

Or wherever.

Stay in this room.

Commander Lawrence.

I don't like...

... strangers in my house.

Why is there a stranger in my house?

She's just here for a while.

Then she's gone.


I asked you why.

She's getting out.

She just needs a safe place to wait.

"She." "She."

You keep saying that...

like it means something.

I don't know that person.

You helped me.

You don't know me.

Is that what you think?

That woman,

those Marthas...

I know what their life is like.

She has a chance for something better.

Let her have it.


It's your funeral.

It's all right. She can stay.

What did you do?

I convinced him.

That must've been some blowjob.

Red Center Special.

I can take this.


Just knock and leave
it outside her door.


And thanks.

Close the door.

We'll lose the opportunity.

Everything's already set up.

Forget it.

I'm not going with you.

If I walk back alone,

I'm gonna get questioned.

Not my problem.


Lawrence is in the parlor.

He'll probably be there for a while.

We should go now.

I wanna see how it works.

We almost never move people.

Messages, black‐market stuff, sometimes.

People are difficult.


I've noticed. I can handle myself.

What? Were you in the military
or something before?

No. Were you?

High school chemistry teacher.


Well, I'm the only
reason why you're not all

in an interrogation room
right now, so you owe me.

Come on, Breaking Bad,

let's go.

Cora's not going.

So you need me.

I'm coming with you.


I am not afraid of hard work.

All right.

But not like that.

Strange to finally be invisible.

One of the reasons they
chose red was the opposite.

We're easy to catch
because we're easy to see.

Like blood on snow.

Did you check her?


Keep going.

Straight line!

No loitering!

Straight line!

Have your passes ready.

Keep walking.


Step up.

This pass is expired.

I did nothing wrong.
I... I did nothing wrong.

- Come with me.
- I did nothing wrong.

Move it!

Let's go!

No Handmaids.

We're not allowed in this part of town.

Commercial laundries,

too many chemicals.

Gilead's green, but...

... they still like their dry cleaning.

Shut the door.

Stay out of sight and keep quiet.

Someone'll come for you.

You can't wait with me?

We have to get back before we're missed.

God bless our labors.

Through work we're cleansed.

Good luck.

June, come on.

Let's go.

Sorry about what I said earlier.

You know, blowjob.

I've heard worse.

Marthas are sinners, too,

so we're told.

I had my tubes tied.

Lucky I can cook

or I would've been upstairs at Jezebel's

instead of in the kitchen.

Did you know Moira?

She called herself Ruby?


She made it to Canada.

Alison's not going to Canada.

She's going deeper in.

A resistance cell out west somewhere.

She's valuable.

A chemistry teacher?

She makes bombs.

Like Ofglen.

Oh, so you know her work?

I guess you don't know
what you're capable of

till you have to do it.


Come on, boys.

Green onions would've
worked in this, by the way.

Just the green part,

and a little less.

All right, Chef Mansplainer.

It's delicious.

Thank you.

I hope you don't mind the fish.

I‐I should've asked.

No, fish is great.

It turns out I have
high cholesterol so...


Yeah, all the meat

and butter, I guess.

You know what helps with those arteries?

A little vino.

Yeah, I never had that problem.

Before Gilead,

I was a vegetarian.

Yeah, it's not like it matters.

You eat what they give you.

June was big on the fish.

And chicken.


... Meatless Mondays.

It was kinda pushy of her, huh?

I mean, she sets the menu,

you do most of the cooking...

No, I didn't mind.

What about, uh...

What about your wife?

She's, uh... She's a veggie or not?


What? I'm just...

I'm... I'm curious.

Because it can be hard, right?

You're trying to figure
out how to raise your kid.

Do you... You know...

You know, could you please,

uh, go get us some more potatoes?

Just, what, was it
veggie or not for the kid?

Go get the fucking potatoes.

You know... I...

I... Sorry, excuse me.

There's, um, pie.


I'm sorry.

Don't even.

That was all him.

You know, he looks at you
and he sees June.

He'd want her to call.

He looks at you,
he's afraid she wouldn't.

Nah, she would.

She's a lot stronger than me.

Oh, I don't know about that.

I can't.

Yeah, because it's terrifying.

And you're right to be scared.

I mean, look...

I've seen a lot of these reunions

and it's not always a storybook ending.

But nobody's talking
about happily ever after.

Just after.

And he does make a great pie.

Rita would never let me help.

Anything to get me to bed faster.


Shit! Fuck!

What happened?

- Shh! Quiet!
- Guardians. They shot her.

- Did they follow you?
- Get her to the basement.

Come on!

No, I don't think so.

I'm sorry. Shh!

I didn't know where else to go.

Let's go!

Shh! Come on!


Towels are to the left.

Straight ahead. Go through there.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Lay her down.

Okay. Okay.


It's okay. She's just
trying to stop the bleeding.

It's okay. Breathe. All right?

Is there anyone we can call?

I don't know. Uh, I'm trying to think.

- Cora?
- Shit.


Okay. Shh.

- Put your hand here.
- Okay.

Okay, come on.


What's going on?

Who's in the basement?

Just Beth.

We saw a rat.

She screamed.


That's two.

You wanna try?

Someone's hurt.

Same someone who was here earlier?

Cora, get the door.

She's here, too.

There's another woman.

She's the one who's hurt, sir.

She screamed.

- Get her out.
- Commander Lawrence...

You heard me. Get her out.

- Blessed evening.
- Is the Commander home?

Yes. What's going on?

We need to speak with him.

Okay. I'll go get him for you.

Praise be.

Good evening, Commander Lawrence.

Sorry to disturb you.

Not at all. What's...

What's up?

Had a bit of trouble in town tonight.

A couple of fugitives.


Let's get you some coffee.

Thank you, sir.

We'll just be a minute.

We're talking to all the
households in the area

to see if you noticed
anything amiss tonight.

We have a man doing a perimeter check

- of your property right now.
- Joseph?

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine, my love.

Why don't you go back to bed?

When we have guests? Don't be silly.

Has he offered you
something warm to drink?

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.


Cold night like this.

Make yourself comfortable.

It'll just be a minute.

Come help me, please.


can you please clean that up?


Just breathe.

It's okay. Breathe.

Shh... Shh...

What's going on?

Guardians. We have to be quiet.

How is she?

- Bad.
- Let me see.

There isn't a lot of bleeding.

She might have internal bleeding.

Please. Don't let me die.

No one's gonna let you die, okay?

Don't worry.

- Please don't let me die.
- It's gonna be okay. I know.

It's gonna be okay. I need you to quiet.

Shh... Breathe slowly.

Those Guardians can get an ambulance

here in two minutes. We tell them...

- No.
- ... we panicked and let them in.

- Christian charity.
- You know we can't do that.

- They can save her!
- They get her, she talks.

They get the entire network!

And they're gonna
fucking kill her anyways!

- Perimeter is looking clear!
- Shit!




I need you to be quiet!

Listen to me!

Be quiet.

Shit. Get down!

Come here. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay!

Shut up!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Okay. Okay.

Are you okay? Okay.

I think they're gone.

Do you know where you're
supposed to go next?

- Yeah.
- Do you know how to get there?

I think so.

Is there a way out down here?

Yeah. Through there to the right.

Door leads to the backyard.

Go before Lawrence sees you.

I need you to go.

- I can't.
- Come on.

I can go home. I'll go home.

No. This place is not your home.

Listen to me.

I know you feel bad. We all do,

but she knew what could happen.

We all did. Listen to me!

Do not let this be for nothing.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Go. Hurry.

Godspeed. Okay.

This is why we don't move people.

Go see to Mrs. Lawrence.

I was wrong.

It's not your funeral after all.

Do you even know who she was?

No, sir.

Women like you are like...

... children.

Asking for too much,

taking whatever you want.

Damn the consequences.

I'm sorry, sir.

I bet you are.

Is Mrs. Lawrence okay?

Do not presume to speak to me

about my wife!

I knew it was a mistake.

Sir, we had no idea
she would come back here.

I mean taking you in.

Clean it up.

Not through the house.



For your hands.

Thank you.

And Cora?

Lawrence sent her away.

I don't know where.

When they've healed,

I'll give you some butter.

It's what we use to keep 'em soft.

He doesn't like liars.


Are you all right?

You hungry?

You wet?



I'll, um...

I'll go get her bottle.


Hi, baby girl.

What's wrong?


Whatever it is,

it can't be bad as all that now.

Huh? Huh?


You always got your shit together.


Nichole, or us,

or work...

... Emily.

Yeah. Yeah,

I totally got my shit together.

That's why I'm up all hours

feeding this little monster,


I could be waking up
next to somethin' pretty,


We're all fucked up,


Isn't that right?

We're all fucked up,


I remember when Hannah was this small.



It's your big sister we talking about.


June went back to save her.


... I couldn't.

She had another job in mind for you.


All right, go on.
Get outta here. I got this.

Go on. Get out of here.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


You look like your mommy.


Blessed day.

My mistress said
she wasn't even a Martha

from this district.

Guardians tracked her footprints

through the Quinns' backyard

but lost her trail at the creek.

It's like she vanished.

Like God carried her off.


A wicked old lady like that?

So ungrateful.

She had safety,

and home,

and purpose.

They should take an
eye when they catch her.

Maybe her ears, too.

Did you hear Ofjohn died?


Poor angel.

Traffic accident.

Her walking partner snapped.

Pushed her in front of a bus.

God rest her soul.

One or two?


Two or three?


Three or four?

About the same?


Fifth line clear?

Even a little bit of the bottom line?


Better now...

or worse?












It's me.


Get off the road!

Move your fucking car!

Get out of the fucking road!