The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Night - full transcript

June embarks on a bold mission with unexpected consequences; Emily and Nichole make a harrowing journey; The Waterfords reckon with Serena Joy's choice to send Nichole away.

Previously on The Handmaid's Tale...

Hello there.

Did you try to find me?
I waited for you.

I know. And I'm so sorry
I couldn't be there for you.

- Hannah.
- Her name is Agnes now.

It's okay. I have new parents, now.

Hey, Waterford! Waterford,
you fucking piece of shit!

- And, you are?
- Luke Bankole.

You're gonna remember my face
'cause I'm gonna remember yours.

He's a serial rapist!

You're not gonna do anything about it.

There's protests planned. I
encourage you to speak out.

Not Ruby, asshole.

She has no contact with the baby.

And she pumps in her room.

You cannot give up. You're
gonna see your son again.

- I'm not his mother anymore.
- Of course, you are.

At least your son is in Canada.
He's free! With your wife!

Commander Lawrence is a very
brilliant, very important man.

He is considered the
architect of Gilead's economy.

I'm wondering why such
an important, brilliant man

would take in such a shitty Handmaid.

He did something terrible.

The Colonies! He came
up with the whole thing.

You are such a fucking idiot.

When did you become such a bitch?

It is our duty to ensure
that the children of Gilead

live by the laws of Scripture,

and our sons and daughters
should be taught to read it.

Fred! Stop! Stop it!

I tried.

We value privacy in this house.
Do you understand?

God has called me to a higher purpose.

You don't believe that?

I will not let you
grow up in this place.

I'm gonna get you
out of here. I promise.

We can get you out.

You and the baby, but
you have to go right now!

- Who's "we"?
- Friends.

Martha's. Go! Go!

My child is missing!

It's too dangerous
out there. We'll stay here.

Listen to me! She cannot grow up here.

Holly, this is your sister.

You're gonna meet her one day.


What is happening?

I'm getting myself in deep shit.

You're getting out of Gilead.

Don't get caught!

Call her Nichole.


- Please don't take her! No!
- Mommy!



♪ The Handmaid's Tale 3x01 ♪

Please, God, watch over her.

Protect her.

Because this isn't the place

with the still waters
and green pastures,

if you haven't noticed.

This is the valley of death.

And there's a fuck‐ton of evil to fear.


Get her the hell out of here.

If she gets out, will she remember me?

Will she know that I gave her away?

I have reasons.

There are always reasons.

I'm sorry, baby girl.

Mom's got work.

Fuck! Shit.

Are you insane?

You didn't get in the truck.


Now, get in the car.

We can catch 'em before
they cross the border.

Come on.

Do you know Commander Mackenzie?

He has a daughter.

Her name is Agnes.

I need you to take me there,
and then we can head north.

A daughter?

I can't leave without her.

You can.

I won't.

You helped Emily.

I liked Emily.

They could put you on the wall.

Even a Commander.


I'll take you to Mackenzie.

Mrs. Waterford?

Serena, praised be.

Everyone has lost their minds.

Go to my office.

Call 911.

Let her pass, son.

This has gone far enough.

We should give her more time...

To get away.

What did you do?

I did what was best for my child.

Praised be.

Oh, my God.

- Where is she?
- Upstairs in her bed.

And the Mackenzies?

The Commander's away for work.

Mistress is sleeping. She goes up early.


Be careful.

All units report
to stations at the perimeter.


Baby, I'm here.

I am not ever going to leave you.

And I love you. I love you so much.

I am always here.

I love you.

Moving in. Moving in.

Don't scare her.



Bring her inside, please?

Yes, ma'am.

Is she okay, Mrs. Mackenzie?

She slept through it all.

Praised be.

Praised be.


This has to stop.

You brought our child into the world.

The Commander and I bless
you for that, God knows.

She had nightmares for weeks
after the summer house.

Of course, she told me.

I'm her mother.

You're being cruel.
Confusing her like this.

I'm confusing her?

Take her home.

What's she like?

She's very happy.

She's a healthy, blessed child.

She's thriving.


She's fine.

She's amazing.

She likes to sew,

but she's not very good at it.

Bless her efforts.

She's actually quite a good cook.

Luke cooks.

Her father.

He's good at it, too.

She wants a dog.


She's allergic.

She says she'll get the shots.

She won't stick to it.


She hates shots.

Yeah. Maybe, a Goldendoodle.

I don't know.

Something hypoallergenic.


The Commander doesn't love the idea,

but she's working on him.

She's very good at that.


I appreciate the home
you've made for her.

Thank you.

Please, stop.

You know all of this ends

with you dying on the
ground in front of her.

If you love her,

you have to stop.

Praised be.

She has your eyes.

It truly is a miracle.

I'm her mother.

Leave us, Nick.

Where is she?

Do me the courtesy of looking
at me when I'm talking to you!

Where is she?

You've killed us all, you realize.

When they find out what happened here,

we'll all be on the wall!

And they will tear you apart!

She's safe, Serena.

Serena, I promise you, she is safe.

I'll know she's safe

when you tell me where she is.

Where is she?

I'm trying to save your life.

Did you give her to Ofjoseph?

I did what was best for her, Serena.

Did you give my baby to Ofjoseph?

You wanted a better life for her,

and that is what a
mother does for her child.

You gave her to a murderer!

You killed my baby!

You've killed my baby!

How could you take her away from me?

'Cause I have another daughter!

You chased us in the woods,

and you hunted us down with dogs.

And when you pulled her away,

she screamed!

My baby screamed for her mother!

And I hope this feels like that!

It's okay.


listen to me.

She's going to be okay.

She's going to be free.

It was so cold outside.

You left her in the cold.

You were supposed to protect her.

I know.

God will protect her.

Have faith.


Take her to her room.

What's wrong with you?

Do you know how many people risked
their lives tonight to get you out?

Jesus, June.

You're so fucking selfish!

There won't be another chance,
do you know that?

You're never getting out.

You're gonna fucking die here.

I know that.

Don't you think I fucking know that?

Come on, Nichole.

No. No.

Come on.



Oh, Jesus.

You guys okay?

No, no!

No. No, no, no.

It's all right. It's okay.

It's all right. It's all right.


If you return to your home country,

would you be persecuted
based on being a woman,

and would you be subject
to the danger of torture,

or risk to your life?

As a person in need of protection,

do you wish to seek asylum

in the country of Canada?


We do.

All right.

This is SQA13.

I need an ambulance

with pediatric at my location.

Are you okay?

I need to keep it clean.

It'll heal quickly,

I'm sure.

I'm heading to the office.

Will you be all right?


They've put Hansen in charge

of Nichole's kidnapping.

You'll tell him what happened.

Ofjoseph attacked Aunt Lydia,

and took Nichole and ran.

You and Offred tried to stop her,

as any mother would.

It's the only way to keep
you off the wall.

You don't need to protect me.

I am...

... protecting this house.

God has made me master
of an incredible woman.

I sent her away, Fred.

It was my choice.

I drove you to desperation.

I'll fix this.

Things will be...

... normal again, Serena.

Back to the way they were.

I promise.




Come on.

What happened?

Get out. Go!

Lord Jesus,

be revealed from heaven

with His mighty angels.

In flaming fire,

Thou shall take vengeance.

Burn, motherfucker, burn.

Hi, I'm Dr. Chung.

You're safe now,

and we're very glad you're here.

We can only imagine

what you've been through.

So, the first thing we're going to do

is we're gonna make sure that
the both of you are healthy.

I'd rather hang onto her.

If that's all right.

Of course, it is.

This way.



Take care.

You, too.


Redeploy your men.

Copy that.

The Mackenzies may forgive you,

but God requires penance.

Let's go.

Sorry‐I'm sorry, dude.



You know what this is?

We'll find out.

Hi, you're next.

- Yes, that's me.
- Hey.

- What am I doing for you?
- Sorry.

- Do you have ID?
- Bankole. B‐A‐N‐K‐O‐L‐E.

Can you just give me a minute?


Here you go.

I do refugee intake

at the office on Dundas.

We're getting slammed over there, too.

Everyone loves Canada.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

Okay. Got it.

Um, can you sign for that, please?


There you go. Great.


Yup. Jackson?

Okay. Yup.

Oh, my God.

She's so big.

She's so big.




Are you Luke?


I'm Emily.

Your wife saved my life.

Let's go.

Eyes down.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

They're safe.

Emily and the baby.

They made it.

Under His eye.


Get your case and come with me.

You've got a new posting.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

You're not gonna be any trouble,

are you?

No, sir.