The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 11 - The Masquerade Party - full transcript

Fred and Barney have picked out the same costume for the Water Buffaloes' annual masquerade ball. Fred selects a new costume, determined to keep this one a secret. Inconveniently for Fred, his new costume, a space suit, debuts on the very night an "invasion of the Way-Outs" is announced in Bedrock, causing instant panic among the populace.

[indistinct chatter]

Hold it, hold it!

[Grand Poobah]
Alright, brothers,

Let's hold it a minute.

The executive board
has voted to have our

Annual water
buffalo lodge affair

the same as every year,
a costume party.

All in favor say, 'aye!'

All: aye!

- All opposed--
- Sam sandstone: I am opposed.

It should be a formal
dress-up affair.

Barney: Sam Sandstone
always wants our annual blowout

to be a dress-Up affair.

Fred: he-He-He-He!
Why not!

Sam owns the only tuxedo
rental shop in town.


[Grand poobah] First
prize for the best costume

will be a brand new,
hand-Fitted bowling ball.

Hey! How about that, Barney.

I'm gonna win
a new bowling ball.

Yeah, your costume always
wins first prize, Fred.

Oh, not always, Barney.

Just the last five
years in a row.

Okay, brothers.

We'll end the meeting as always
singing the water buffalo song.

Hit it, Liberocky!

Hello, hello, hello

Shake hands brother, hi ho

You're always bound to know

A water buffalo

Hello, hello, hello

Greetings fellow buddy

A buffalo as you must
know is never a fuddy duddy

Hello, hello, hello

I'm glad to see
we're proud to be

A water buffalooooo



meet the Flintstones.

They're the modern
stone age family.

From the town of Bedrock.

They're a page
right out of history.

Let's ride with the
family down the street.

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet.

When you're with
the Flintstones

You'll have a
yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

You'll have a gay ol' time!


I can hardly wait to
win my bowing ball, Barney.

Don't count your bowling
balls before they hatch, Fred.

Now, just what does that mean?

Well... somebody
might beat you, Fred.

Could even be me.

You?! Ha-Ha!


Barney, when we get home,

I will give you a
preview of my new costume

and you will see that
you have no chance to win.

- Okay?
- Okay, Fred.

Shh! Everyone's asleep.

Now you wait here and I'll sneak
in and slip in to my costume.

- Okay?
- Okay, Fred.

I got my costume in the garage.

I'll put it on
and surprise Fred.


I hope I don't scare Barney
with this devil's costume.

I really don't expect to
win with this devil's costume.

Fred will have
something more original,

Like he does every year.

Hey Barney, where are you?

Oh, right here, Fred.

I slipped into my costume too.


Will the real satan
please stand up?


Get off!
You stole my idea!

Your idea, Fred?
Oh you gotta be joking.

There have been devils around

as long as there
have been people.

Well, I am a people
and I called it first.

Now take it off
or I'll rip it off!

Oh, you wouldn't do that, Fred.

Take it off or I'll ventilate
that costume with this!

Two can play at this game, Fred.

If that's the way you want it.

Why you little pipsqueak!

Take this!

Wilma: My goodness
what's that! [Clanging]

- Ha-Ha, you missed me.
- Oh yeah, take that!

- Ouch!
- [Laughing]

- Get the point?
- Get the lump?


Oh no, red devils
are fighting in our yard.

Sarge: let's see
if I heard you right, lady.

You saw two red devils fighting
with pitchforks in your yard?

Okay, lady,

I'll have a patrol
car check it out.

Thank you.
Good bye.

Oh boy!

They wake up from
their nightmares

and imagine all kinds of things.

Cop: Ain't it the truth!

Just for the record, I'll
have a patrol car check it out.


Calling car seven,
calling car seven.


Wake up car seven!

Patrol cop: ah-Uh
car seven reporting, sir.

Check out 3-4-2 gravelpit
terrace, possible fight.

Yes, sir.

3-4-2 gravelpit terrace,
that's not far from here.

- Take that suit off.
- Let go off my tail.

[Car screeching]

Let's see how you
like your tail pulled.

Just try it.

Sounds like a fight.
This must be the place.

Watch it or you'll get hurt.

Take it off, I tell you.

Try and make me!

Come back here!

Car seven calling headquarters.

Hello sarge, I checked
out 3-4-2 gravelpit terrace.

Report is right, sarge.

Two devils fighting, horns,
pointy tails, the whole bit.

Don't move in on
them until help arrives.

[Police siren]

I'll teach you to be a devil.

Don't bother, Fred, I already
know how. [Police siren]


The police, thank goodness.

Alright, you devils,
we got you surrounded.

In the wagon, come on.

[Police siren]

So, what else is new, Fred?

Ha-Ha-Ha. Very funny.

What?! My husband is in jail?

I should bring bail money?

He hasn't any money
in his devil suit?!

Betty: Wilma, oh Wilma,

Did you just get
a call from the police?

Yes, it seems we have
two devils down there

who need bailing out.

You mind Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm,
I'll go down and bail 'em out.

Okay, Wilma.
I got some questions for Barney.

And I have some for Fred,
believe me!

There they are, lady.

Ain't they the cutest
little devils? [Laughing]

Hi Wilma. I suppose
you'd like an explanation.

I certainly would.

But you can wait
until we are in the car.

Okay, Wilma.

Make it good, Fred. I got
to tell Betty the same story.

I hope Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
won't give you any trouble

while we are shopping, Janie.

Janie: Oh, they won't,
Mrs. Flintstone.

God, we get along real boss!

Oh, we're gonna
pick out our costumes

for the water buffalo
party saturday night.

Ooh, weirdo!
I'll bet you'll have a blast.

Ooh boss, real groovy!

Yeah, real blasty!

Weirdo and ga-Roovy!


Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
adore Janie.

Yeah, there's something
about her they really like.

[Funk music]


Salesman: Yes,
ladies, take your time,

- There's a wide selection.
- Thank you.

I hope we find something
we like, Wilma.

Oh, we will,
there's lots to choose from.

I'll say there is!

Betty: And that
man wasn't kidding

when he said there
was a wide selection.

How's this, Wilma?

Pretty wide alright!

Just about as funny as this one.

Ballet, any one?

This just isn't me.

Doesn't do a thing for me.

Ha, who needs it.

Hey, this is kind of cute.

Betty, what do you think?

It's adorable, Wilma.
And I kind of like this one.

- Ah! Yours is darling.
- Well, thank you, Wilma.

Come on, Betty. We'll tell
the man we are taking these.

Okay, Wilma.
Gee, I hope Barney likes it.

[Bee buzzing]

- Oh-Oh, a bee!
- [Bee buzzing]


Bee: Holly-Molly, when
flowers start fighting back,

We bees are finished. Ugh!

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
were groovy, Mrs. Flintstone.

Oh, thank you, Janie.

And remember,
we'll need you saturday night.

Oh neato, Mrs. Flintstone.

I'll bring my homework again.

What a nice girl that Janie.

She sure is.

Oh look, Wilma,

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
in the love seat.

Ho-Ho, that's cute.

Janie must have
brought them to sleep.

Bird: Gee,
they call it sleep,

with me it's just
plain exhaustion.

[Knock on door]
Someone's at the door.

I'll get it, Betty.

Betty, run for your life.

Relax, Wilma, that's
Barney in his new costume.

- Barney?
- Oh sorry, Wilma.

I thought Fred would
answer and I'd scare him.

That's as bad as the devil suit.

What can I do?
He likes it.

Barney, take it off,
the party is not until saturday.

Okay, boss.


Oh, hi ya, Bamm-Bamm.

You want to play with dad,
don't you?

Alright, come on.

Oh, don't tire him out, Barney.

He's supposed to
be taking his nap.

Okay, Betty, I won't.

Upsy-Daisy, Bamm-Bamm.

By the way,
Wilma where is Fred?

He's out in the garage
working on his secret costume.

He warned us to stay
away from the garage.

Secret costume?
Big deal!

I think I'll go out
and peek in old Freddy boy.

Hey...put daddy down,

[Crashing] ouch!
Not on the head.

Bamm-Bamm. [Laughing]

Barney, don't bother Fred.

He still blames you for
copying his devil costume.

I know but I just want
one teeny little peek.

Oh, let him go, Betty.

Those two aren't happy
unless they are fighting.

I'll tippy-Toe to the garage

And Fred will never
know I peeked in.


Help, Fred, help! Fred!

I knew I'd trap some

Snoopy-Snoop come
snooping around.

Barney no one sees
my secret costume

until I show up at the ball.
[Window shutting]

Gee, how secret can
a costume get? Boy!

I told you a thousand times

I am not letting you know
what my costume looks like.

Okay, okay.
Big fat soggy deal!

I don't wanna hear
any more about it.

I'll turn on the radio.

And here they are,
the famous Beasties,

Singing their smash hit,

'My broken heart
will never mend'.


My broken heart
will never mend, no, no.

You turned me down
it was the end, oh-Whoa.

Ehh, I don't like it.
I'll turn them off.

But the Beasties
are very popular, Fred.

Now with me.

Well, they sure
have a lot of hair.

And a lot of nerve.

Hey Fred, look.
The Flippo Record Company.

That's the company that
stamps out the Beastie records.

If they stamped out
the Beasties,

They'd be doing something.


My broken
heart will never mend, no, no.

You turned me down
it was the end, oh-Whoa.

The day you told me
we were through, oh-Oh-Ooh

That was the day I
found out I love you, ooh-Ooh

And my broken
heart will never mend

Unless you come
back with a glue.




Manager: Okay,
okay, that does it.

Sorry, Beasties,
you just haven't got it anymore.

But we only got
started last week.

And finished this week.

That's a long time
in the record business.

You have to make
way for the new group.

- Like who?
- Like the Way Out's.

And a one,
and a two

We're going way out, way out!

That's where the fun is,
way out, way out!

That's where the sun is,
way out

Manager: Scoop,
get those Way Out's

lot of publicity, fast,
they are great.

Scoop: Right, boss.
I'll work out a campaign

and launch it saturday night.

On every radio station.

Right, boss.
Every one will be taking about

the Way Out's this
saturday night.

You know, I thought saturday
night would never get here.

But here it is.

Are we all set to go?

Yup, Janie's
baby-Sitting the kids,

Hoppy and Dino have
been fed and let's go.

Hey, what about Fred, Wilma?

Fred will be along later
with his surprise costume.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

The big secret. [Laughing]

Take it easy, Barney. I don't
want my petals to blow off.

Nor my rabbit ears.

Okay, girls,
I'll take it real easy.

There they go.

Now I can put on the rest
of my costume and get going.

Oh this space creature idea.

Well, it's getting
first prize for me tonight.


Oh that chicken hearted Dino.

For all he knows someone
is stealing my car.


[Screaming] [crashing]

Dino, stop it!
No, no, Dino, no, no.

It's me, Fred, with the
food every day, remember?

No, no, cut it out.
Dino, stop it.

Heel, Dino, heel.
[Laughing] heel!

Scoop: Radio station K-N-B-D.
Alright, fellas, let's go in.

We kick off our publicity
campaign tonight.

Way outs: Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eddie: Say,
this is pretty wild copy

You have for the Way Out's.

Scoop: yeah,
hit it real hard, Eddie.

Make it sound legitimate.

It'll go over big.

Right, Scoop.

Eddie: ladies and gentlemen,
here's a special announcement.

Bedrock has been invaded
by the Way Out's.

Creatures from way, way out.

They've landed and
are taking over our city.

Keep your eyes and ears open,

the way out's are
determined to capture you.

Eddie: They're
loose on the streets,

Watch out for the Way Out's!


Lady 1: Bedrock's doomed!

Man 1: They've
captured city hall?

Lady 2: They're
taking prisoners

Man 2: The Way
Out's have landed.

How was it, Scoop?

Great! Now be sure to
repeat that every few minutes.

Right, Scoop.

[Car sputtering]

Now what?

Sheesh, just when I need
this clunker most it clunks out.

There's a house.

Maybe they'll let me
use their phone to call a cab.

Lady 3: Hello?
Oh, it's you, julia.

Monsters from outer space?

Oh, yes, I'll lock
all the doors and windows.

Thanks, Julia.

Oh dear, Way Out's
over here in Bedrock.

Oh, I got to get the cat in.


Sheesh! You think she's never
seen a party costume before.

Hey lady, open up.
[Knocking door]

One of the Way Out's is
pounding on my door, right now.

Oh, that's a shame.

Well, I suggest you
lie down for a while, lady,

and it'll go away.

Boy, the things people dream up.

First, red devils and now,
Way Out's.

Way Out's,
what next!


Oh boy! I'll never get
to that party and win my prize.

Hey, I'm in luck.
There's a cab at the corner.

Eddie: a further
special announcement.

Bedrock has been invaded
by the Way Out's.

Creatures from way, way out.

They are here to capture
each and every bedrock citizen.

Watch out for them!

Okay, mac. The water buffalo
lodge and hurry, please.

Cab driver: oh yes,
sir, yes, sir.

Say, mister, did you
hear about the Way Out's?

The what out's?

No, the way--

I've never had such a time

gtting to a party
in all my life.

Oh, there must be a pay phone
over there in that drive-In.

I'll call a cab from there.

- Boy 1: Gina, look!
- Girl 1: It's a way out.

The monster!

The Way Out's are here.

Run for your lives.

Chef: What happened?
Everyone's gone?

Waitress: And
no one left a tip.

Have you change of a half.
I want to use the phone.

It's a Way Out!

Everybody's come
unglued all at once!

Looks like I'll have
to walk to the party.

Man 3: Here comes one of
them Way Out's now.

Man 4: when I count three,
let him have it.

One, two, three.
Take that.

Beat it you,
go back to where you came from.

Boy, everybody's gone nutty.

I better hurry before
the party's over.

I'll try and hitch
a ride with somebody.

Hey, hey, listen fellas,

Here comes the radio
announcement again.

Eddie: I repeat,
citizens of Bedrock,

The Way Out's are here.

Wow! I bet everyone has heard
of you way out's tonight. Yeah!

Here comes a bus.
I hope they got room for me.

Hey, what are you
supposed to be?

Eh? Oh, he-He!
You mean this outfit.

I'm dressed for the Water
Buffalo costume party...

and I'm late.
How about a lift?

Sure, we pass right by
the lodge hall. Hop in.

Oh gee, thanks a lot.

Hey fellas, are you guys going
to the same dig tonight too?

No, these silly outfits
are our gimmick.

Every new singing
group needs a gimmick.

Yeah, yeah,
you got the gimmick alright.

But can you sing?

All ready fellas?

And a one, and a two...

we're going way out, way out!

That's where the fun is,
way out, way out!

That's where the sun is,
way out

Hey, that's pretty good.

You guys have to come with me

to the water buffalo
party and sing.

Wow! The Water Buffalo party?

It's our big break.

All the big mucky-Muck's
will be there.

Right and if I do say so myself,
we'll be a sensation.


Radio commentator:
And it's two and two,

Ladies and gentlemen. Here's
the pitch and strike three!

And that retires the side.

Now a word front he studio.

Eddie: Ladies and gentlemen,

Bedrock has been invaded
by the Way Out's.

Creatures from way, way out.

They are everywhere.

No one is safe.

Beware of the Way Out's!

Guard: Yeah,
I better tell the Poobah.


[Indistinct whispering]

Grand poobah: Oh my,
oh my that's terrible.


Stop the music. Stop it!

Bedrock has been invaded

by creatures from outer space.

- The Way Out's!
- The Way Out's?

Don't worry,
we'll fight the Way Out's.


We'll drive them out of bedrock.


Well, we're almost there,
I can hear them.

I better put this helmet on.

Right, you better
take the boys in, Fred.

- I'll see you later.
- Okay, Scoop.

Come on fellas.

Oh boy!
Here come the Way Out's.

I better tell the Poob.

[Indistinct whispering]

Don't panic, but there's
busloads of Way Out's outside.

We're ready for them, Poobah.

That's the water
buffalo spirit, men.

Come on, boys.
You are about to be a big hit.

We're sure lucky we met,
Fred Flintstone.

You better believe it.

He-Here they come.

They are marching
toward us down the hall.

They'll pay dearly
for every inch of Bedrock.

Be careful, Barney.

We let them step
inside and then, pow!

[Indistinct chatter]

Now just relax, boys. This crowd
is really gonna go for you.

Okay, let's go!


[Crashing and banging]

All together now.



You were right, Fred.
That crowd did really go for us.

And we didn't even sing.

Something went wrong.

Yeah, from the
minute we met you.

Big night Phooey!

Good work, men.

They'll probably
regroup and try again.

But we'll be ready for 'em.

- Right?
- Right!

I'll tell them
who I am this time

And I'll introduce
you as my friends.

And then they'll know
that we are not gate crashers.

[Knocking on door]
This is Fred Flintstone.

And I'd like you to
meet some of my friends.

It's Fred, let him in.

Not really, Mrs. Flintstone.
But a good imitation.

Those way out's are clever.
Here, better let me handle it.

Yes, what is it?

Barney, I want to bring
in my friends, the Way Out's.

Sure, bring 'em in.

Okay, boys, get ready.

Hey, you see fellas, no problem.
Nothing you can't get right.


And stay out!

That does it!

Oh boy, it's Fred.
It really was Fred.


And is he ever mad!

How do you like that? One
of our own members a Way Out!

Ladies and gentlemen, here
is an important announcement.

Due to numerous complaints we've
been asked to announce that...

what I mean...
we're forced to announce that...

the Way Out's scare has
been revealed to be a hoax.

How about that?!

Oh come on, Fred.
Everyone has apologized.

Join the party.

Hey, Fred... hey, Fred.

Yeah, what do you want?

You won first prize
for the best costume.

No kidding!

Gee, a hand for
the bowling ball.

And besides the Way Out's
have consented to sing.

They have?
Hold this, Barney.


And a one, and a two

There's a place where I can go

And that's where I want to be

I'm saying goodbye
to you good people

For I found a place for me

Yeah, yeah, yeaah

Gonna go way out, way out!

That's where the fun is,
way out, way out!

That's where the sun is,
way out, way out!

Where I want to be...

cause that's the place for me


meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone-Age family

Come on, down to Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

maybe Fred will win the fight

And the cat will
stay out for the night

When you're with
the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

You'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time!