The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 4, Episode 23 - Reel Trouble - full transcript

Fred annoys everybody by constantly showing home videos he made of Pebbles.

'Okay, Bamm-Bamm.'

See if you can catch the
football after daddy kicks it.


'Careful, Bamm-Bamm.
There's a rock in your way.'

Oh! Oh-uh!


'Atta boy, Bamm-Bamm.'

Ho-ho. Wait till the Green Bay
brickers hear about him.

Heh, heh, heh.

Well, let's see how far
you can place kick, Bamm-Bamm.

'Get a good run at the ball
and send it flyin'.

So far, you're doin' great.


Only one thing wrong
with that place kick.

And that's the place
where I got kicked.

[Bamm-Bamm sobbing]

Oh, he's sad
because he kicked me.

It-it's okay, Bamm-Bamm.
It wasn't your fault.

Now, I'll run out
for a pass.

Eh, just shoot me a bullet
to the bread basket.

Beautiful, Bamm-Bamm.



I'm uh, sorry, Fred.
It was an accident.

- Now, now, don't get mad.
- Don't be silly, Barney.

In fact, I'm glad
you dropped in.

I was browsing through some
baby pictures of Pebbles and--

Baby pictures?
Uh-oh. Bye, Fred.

Barney, wait. We went
on a picnic last week.

I gotta whole new album
full of snapshots.

- But-but-but-but--
- Wait here. I'll go get 'em.

N-n-n, oh! Now, I know what it
feels like to be shame I'd?

[Flintstones theme music]

Yabba dabba doo!

meet the Flintstones

They're a modern
stone age family

From the
town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a Yabba dabba doo time

Yabba dabba doo time

You'll have a gay old time

And this is Pebbles wave
bye-bye in the beach.

Here's Pebbles saying,
"hello" at the park.

Barney, will you wake up!?

If you don't like
Pebbles' pictures

why'd you come
begging to seem 'em?

But I do like Pebble's pictures.
The first couple of 1000 anyway.

Fred. Are you boring Barney
with those pictures again?

We won't have a friend left,
if you don't stop.

I can't help it, Wilma.
I'm hooked on my camera.

Then why not get rid
of the camera, Fred?

Why not try it, Fred?

We already have enough snapshots
to last a lifetime.

Okay. Okay, I'll get
rid of my camera.

I'll see what they'll give me
for it, down at the camera shop.

'Well? What do you think
my camera's worth?'

I don't know,
Mr. Flintstone.

Used cameras
aren't selling too well.

But I can give you a
dandy trade-in on a new one.

No, thanks. I am off
the snapshot kick.

Through. Finish.

'No more shot?? for me.
I'm a new man.'

Hmm. You sound like
you're ready for movies.

No, sir. My mind is made up.
I, uh, mo-mo-movies?

Yes. With this new
rockographic movie camera.

Any fool can shoot
good pictures.

Nothing personal,
of course.

But, just think of
all the wonderful moments

of family life
captured forever on film.

And all in living action.

Well, Mr. Flintstone?
What do you say?

I'll...I'll take it.

'I did it, Wilma.
I got rid of that old camera.'

'No more snapshots.'

Wonderful, Fred.
What did you get for it?

What else? A new movie camera.
Isn't it a beaut?

- A movie camera?
- Yeah, isn't it great?

Talk to you later. I'll get
a shot of Pebbles before dinner.

Smile for daddy, sweetheart.
Wave bye-bye.


Atta girl.

He's on the stuff again.

Well, I guess we're just gonna
have to learn to live with it.

Eat up, folks. There's plenty
more where that came from.

Fred, I've had southern
fried pterodactyl before

but never like this.

Well, that's probably because
it isn't southern fried, Barney.

It's barbecued pterodactyl.

Well, uh, whatever it is,
you're a real gourmeddy.

Not gourmeddy,
Barney, gourmet.

An epicure, one who appreciates
good things to eat and drink.

Hey, Wilma. How about another
tall, cool cactus juice?

Right away, dear.

Just as soon as I serve
Betty some more cold slab.

No, thanks. Not another bite.
I've got to watch my figure.

Well, don't worry, honey.
I've been watching it

'and it's not bad
at all. Heh, heh, heh.'

Ho-ho, Barney.


Dino's hungry, Fred.
Give him something.

Why, sure.
Now, watch this everybody.

Trained him myself.
Come on, Dino.

Jump. Jump, boy.
Jump, jump.


Fred, look out. The pool.


Hey, very good, Fred.
Heh, heh, heh.

Hey, what does he do
for an encore?

Never mind, wise guy.
Just throw me a line.

- Who's ready for dessert?
- Ho, boy! Mussel rock pie.

'Hey, let's have it later,
Wilma, after the surprise.'

What surprise?

Home movies.

I got some new pictures of
Pebbles. Wait'll you see them.

You promised you'd stop showing
your home movies to company.

Well, that's okay, Wilma. We
haven't seen one of Fred's films

since last night.
Heh, heh, heh.

Oh, there's been
no stopping him

since he bought
that home movie outfit.

Oh, he'll get over it.
Barney, was the same way

when he first started
collecting stamps.

Yeah, I remember.

'He used to sit there all day
and paste them in.'

I gotta admit, things got
a bit sticky. Heh, heh, heh.

Okay, folks.
Ready to roll.

Uh-oh. I forgot
the take up reel.

Barney, would you get it
for me outta the closet?

Coming right up, Fred.
Whoa! What a load of junk.

It's enough to make
your head spin.


That pesky bowling ball.

Now, hold it, will you, Barn?
Heh, heh, heh.

One of these days, I'll find
another place for it.

Okay, Dino. Lights!

Heh, heh, heh.
That's Pebbles waving hello.

Isn't she cute?

Now, she's waving goodbye.

'Now, here's another shot
waving hello.'

'Here's another shot
waving goodbye.'

'Here's a real close-up,
waving hello.'

Hello, goodbye.
Hello, goodbye.

I don't know whether
I'm coming or going.

Yeah. All those waves
are making me seasick.

Well, you got a real clever
kid there, Fred.

Now, I know what they mean
by a captive audience.

Ho, ho, ho.
She's sucking her thumb.

Naughty little girl.
Ha, ha, ha.

Oh-oh, now,
she's gonna play with her toes.


'Alright, Dino. Pay attention
or you'll go to bed'

'without your flee powder.'

That's better. Look, look.
Now, she's dancing.

'That's dancing?
I-I mean that-that's cute.'

[Fred singing]
London boulder's
falling down

Falling down--

Well, that's reel number one.

Great show, Fred. Wouldn't
have missed it for the world.

Oh, that's only
the beginning, Barney.

There's 15 more reels to go.

Well, I, uh, hate to
rush off, Fred, but

we're expecting an important
phone call from our, uh, uh..

Uncle Slabsides.

Slabsides? I thought
he passed away.

Oh, yeah. Well-well, uh,
it's a long distance call.


How do you like that?
Eat and run.

Fred, when are you
going to face facts?

People are sick
of your films.

Sick of seeing my
sweet, little Pebbley-poo?

- Well, I don't believe it.
- Everybody loves Pebbles, Fred.

But not on the screen
seven nights a week.

You're a home movie fanatic.

I am not a fanatic.

Pebbles, hold it one second.

Atta girl. Now, smile. Smile.


Fred, please.

Wait till I show
these pictures

to the boys at the lodge,
baby, tomorrow night.

Oh-ho! Will they be surprised.

Home movies?
Ha, ha, ha. That's a laugh.

Wonder what old Fred's
really got for us.

You know Flintstone. It's bound
to be something educational

like the, Ms. Bedrock
bathing beauty contest.

Bathing beauties? Hey, come on.
Let's get front row seats.

[crowd clamoring]

Easy, fellas.
I'll be set in a second.

Oh, boy, and Wilma said,
they wouldn't see home movies.

Come on, Barney.
You can tell your Grand Poobah.

What are we seeing first?
A girl in a bikini? Ha, ha, ha.

Uh, no. If you want the truth,
uh, it's a girl in diapers.

Oh, boy. I didn't know
they posed like that.

Hurry up, hurry up.
Start the film.


Here we go.

'This is my little Pebbles,
only seven months old.'

[crowd exclaiming]

'And here she is playing
with her doll.'

Movies of his kid.
He must be joking!

Oh, no, he's quite serious.

And this is only
the introduction.

And now for our
feature attraction.

A full day in the life
of Pebbles Flintstone.


'There she is waking up,
ready for a full day.'

'Here she is sitting
in her high chair.'

Now, she's brushing her teeth.
Then she combs her hair.

And here she kisses
her Daddybs.


Now, now, she eats her mush.

'And now, little miss Flintstone
is all tucked in her beddy-bye.'

Night night, poopsie.


Well, that's it, fellas.
Uh, how did you like it?




Oh, isn't-isn't she cute?
I-I love home movies.

Uh, show some more.
Oh, oh, oh, it's you, Fred.

Oh, the Grand Poobah
asked me to give you this.

Oh, a thank you note.
How thoughtful.

"Dear former lodge member.


"We'll get you for this.

Sincerely, the Poobah."

How do you like that ingrate?

'Uh, you know,
what they say, Fred. '

When it comes to home movies,
keep 'em home where they belong.

You mean, you don't like
my home movies either?

'Well, uh, there's only one hope
for you, Fred. HMA.'

What's H-M-A?

Home Movies Anonymous.

They meet once a week
in a dark room.


Eh, maybe you're right, Barney.
But I don't need outside help.

- I'll kick this habit myself.
- 'You really mean it, Fred?'

Buffalo's honor.

I've shot my last roll
of home movies, so help me.

That's right, Pebbles.
No more home movies.

I'll take pictures
around town.

Pictures that'll appeal
to everybody.


But can I help it if you happen
to get into a scene or two?


Bedrock City Park.

This ought to be
a good spot for pictures.

'There's the city zoo.'

'Hmph. Same old animals.'


Darn animal.
Had to spoil the shot.

Well, what do you know?

'They're still working
on the new public library.'

And there's the statue
of General Stonewall Jackstone.


That's it, Pebbles.
Give Daddy a big smile.

Let's see now. I've got a couple
of thousand feet of film left.

Where can we shoot?


Oh, boy,
The Bedrock Art Museum.

'Just the background
for a picture of you, Pebbles.'

Alright, Fingers.
You know which one we want.

Uh, alright, Boss.

'A Rockbrandt, no.'

'A Vangranite, no.'

'A Rockasso, no.'

'A Whistlerock's Mother-In-Law,
that's the one.'

- Eh, here you are, Boss.
- 'That's the one, alright.'

It's worth a fortune.

Let's go, Fingers.
We ain't got all day.

Hey, Boss, how about this one?
Uh, Da Vinci.

'Leave it!
It'll never be worth anything.'

Come on, let's scram
out of here.

Art thieves! Help! Police!

'They've taken
Whistlerock's Mother-In-Law.'


'Come on, Pebbles, smile.'

'That's it. Hold it.'

'Now, smile. Good.'

My little Pebbles
is a natural born actress.

Look at him taking pictures.
Wonder how we'll come out?

I don't know.
Hopefully got my good side.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, we're on film!

If that camera bug turns it in,
our pictures will

be on the front slab
of every paper in town.

Uh, maybe we should destroy
that film, huh, Boss?

'Yeah. I'll put on a disguise.'

'And you follow me
in the getaway car.'


Well, where do we shoot next,
Pebbles? The City Hall?

A bowling alley?
Tar pits?


(boss as an old lady)
'My, oh, my.
What a cute little mug?'

- I-I mean, child.
- Oh, thank you, lady.

Eh, care to pose with her?
You can be in my home movies.

Uh, I'm already in 'em.
Uh, o-oh, merci, no.

But I'd love to shoot you.

Oh, dear.
Me and my butterfingers.

Now, I've ruined your film.

'Oh, that's okay, lady.'

'I already mailed
the film I shot.'

- 'That's a fresh roll.'
- Oh..

Well, I-I must go and do
my shoplifting, uh, shopping.


Say goodbye
to the nice lady, Pebbles.

Pebbles. Isn't that precious?
I didn't catch her last name.

And, I'm Fred, her daddy.

Fred Flintstone. He-he.
Well, I won't forget it.

Oh, here's my ride.


There goes a sweet little
old lady, Pebbles

or my name
isn't Fred Flintstone.

Fred Flintstone, eh?

Something tells me we'll be
paying him a little social call.


There's nothin'
like being social.

That's us.


How do you like that?
All these new films just back

from the lab and Wilma goes
to her mother's with Pebbles.

Well, that's the way
the boulder bounces, Dino.

'It's just you and me.'

(man on TV)
'It's the last of the ninth.
Tie score. Bases loaded.'

'And Mickey Marble up.
The count is 3-2.'

'Here's the pitch--'

'Alright, Dino. That'll
be enough TV for one day.'

You'll ruin your eyes.

You can relax by watching
some nice home movies.

Just wait till you see these.

There's one shot of Pebbles
that's an absolute--

Hiya, Freddy boy.
Heard you were all alone

and I thought I'd keep you--
Whoops! Home movies.

You're just in time, Barney.
Have a seat.

'Oh, I think I hear
Betty calling me.'

[mimicking Betty]
Barney, oh, Barney.

Uh, y-yeah. That-that's her.
I'll-I'll see you around.

Poor Fred!
He's really flipped.

He's even too far gone
for Home Movies Anonymous.

Okay, Dino.
All set for the big show?

Dino, take off that blindfold.

If there's anything
I can't stand

it's a smart aleck dinosaur.

- 'Mr. Flintstone, I presume?'
- Yeah.

- 'Who are you?'
- The name's Zanrock.

Daryl Zanrock. I'm with
20 Millionth Century Fox.

- BC, that is.
- You don't say.

We're producing
a new TV show.

And I understand you have
just the film we're looking for.

This is my gorilla.
Uh, I mean, associate.

How do you do--

[muffled screaming]

Now, I'm prepared to offer
a big price for your film.

Five bucks,
plus two bits for reruns.

A very fair offer, Flintstone.
I'd grab it.

Well, thanks, but these films
mean too much to me.

I don't wanna sell.


He don't wanna sell.

Tsk. Tsk.
We're being forced to negotiate.

Turn on the radio,
good and loud.


(man over radio)
'And back in Bedrock'

'the art museum bandits
are still at large.'

'The leader is described
as a mean, pudgy little runt.'

Why that..

'About four foot seven
in height.'

'Dark complexion.'

'And answers to the name
of "Boss."'

- Um, uh, say, Boss.
- Yeah, what do you want?

- Why you.--
- You'll have to excuse me.

I have a very important
engagement with the police.

'Get him!
The masquerade is over.'

'Fingers! You numbskull!'

Stop him
before he calls the cops.

Help! Police!

Barney, help me!

'Let me in, Barney, quick!'

Oh, no. He's bringing his home
movies over here to show us.

- Just pretend we're out.
- A good idea.

'Uh, sorry, Fred.
Nobody's home.'

'Uh, this is a recording.
A recording. A recording.'

Please, Barney. Open the door.
It's a matter of life and death.

Oh, boy, what that
guy won't do to get an audience.

Uh, he-he-he.
Mr. Zanrock and company.

So nice to see you again.

I-I-I decided to-to accept
your proposition.

I'm-I'm ready to do business.

Too late, Flintstone.

My stockholders
have voted to put you

out-of-business permanently.

Ah, yeah, it was a
unani-mani-mani-mous decision.


Ya got that smart aleck watchdog
all tied up, Fingers?

Ah, yeah, Boss.

This film is good
for something after all.

Ah, now, now,
just take it easy, pal.



Now, about your will,
I trust it's all in order?

'Any last minute requests?'

Uh, you know,
like jewellery, stocks, bonds

uh, trading stamps,
uh, bus tokens.

I, uh, I, I..



He's loose again!
Grab the pooch, Fingers.

- We'll put him in this closet.
- 'I-I got him, Boss.'


Rrr-rr-rr to you, old pal.

See you in the big kennel
in the sky.

Very touching.


Look at that!
A perfect strike!


'Dino, you stand guard
while I call the cops.'

Darn it!
If I only had movies of this!

Now, don't take
any chances, men.

They could still be dangerous.

Give up, you art thieves.
We gotcha cornered.


And this is Pebbles when
she was only two months old.


'Isn't she somethin', fellas?'

Yeah, I've never seen
anything like it.

Ah, yeah,
you can say that again.

Look, look, look,
there she is crawling up--

Say, what is this?
A midnight matinee?

The cops. Thank goodness!

- What did he say?
- 'Oh, please take us away.'

Uh, no more home movies.

We'll confess.
We'll return the painting.

Yeah, put us in solitary.

Give us bread
and water, anything.

Just get us out of here!
We're crackin' up!

Just look at that.
Pebbles is counting her fingers.

One, two, three little fingers.

'Four, five..'


Ah, thank goodness!
Thank goodness you came for us.

Take 'em away, boys.

And be gentle,
they've suffered enough already.

'...nine, ten,
oh, the little darling.'

Oh, no.

Now, she's counting
her chubby little toes.

One ,two, three..

It's the truth, Betty,
so help me.

I still can't believe it.

Fred out selling
all his home movie equipment.

How did you do it, Wilma?

How did you get him
to give up his hobby?

Psychology, Barney.

I simply told him that
if he showed one more film

I'd hit him
with his movie camera.


Very scientific, Wilma.
Very scientific.


There's nothing like
the feminine approach, is there?

Hiya, folks.
We're back.

Fred, did you get a good deal
on your movie equipment?

I'll say.
I traded it in for this.

- A tape recorder.
- 'Right. Just listen to this.'

[Pebbles babbling]

I recorded that when
Pebbles and I were in the store.

Here's what she said
on the way home.

[Pebbles babbling]

And that's only the beginning.

Into the microphone, sweetheart.


Don't worry, Wilma.
It'll pass. I hope.


Keep goin', Pebbles, baby.

'Daddy's got a couple o' hundred
extra tapes.'

Oh, no.
Poor Pebbles.


That's my baby sayin' that.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday maybe
Fred will win the fight

And that cat will stay out
for the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-dabba-doo time

A dabba-doo time

You'll have a gay old time


We'll have a gay old time