The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Crisis on Infinite Earths - full transcript


Oracle, it's Huntress. Come in.

Huntress, the comms
are barely functional.

Barbara, can you hear me?

I need more time.

The wave's coming too quickly.

You're gonna have to evac right now.

I'm sending all relevant
data before the wave hits.

Oracle? Oracle, please answer me.

Sending all relevant data...


We have only located
four of the seven Paragons

needed to save the multiverse.

We could find the last three if...

Hey, it's... repairing
a Paragon Detector, okay?

It's complex stuff.

Someone call for backup?

- Iris.
- Cisco, thank goodness.

I need another genius intellect, stat.

That's why I'm here.

And that is a super doppelganger,

which is super weird.

Holy all-star squadron.

Hi, hi, how are ya? Ralph
Dibny, Elongated Man.

Ready to help kick butt.

Ignore him. It's his first crossover.

Listen, the antimatter wave

is still ripping its way
across the multiverse.

We have to get everyone we can to safety.

Calculations still show that Earth-1

will be the last place for the wave to hit.

I just heard from Alex
and Brainy on Earth-1.

Everyone we saved from Earth-38
is still accounted for.

Then we should bring as many
people to Earth-1 as we can

in the time being.

Let's get a rescue team together,

save who we can across the multiverse.

I can use my psychic abilities

to stay in connection with the Waverider.

And I'll go as well.

Well, parallel Earth
Rory still has Jonathan,

so I'll run comms and
keep everyone updated.

- Supergirl?
- I'll stay here.

We have to find a way
to get our world back.

Hey, I think we did it.
I think we fixed it.

Guys, we already know all this.

It's buffering, so
maybe a little patience.

- Why am I not surprised?

- That's new.

- Who the hell is that guy?

Dr. Ryan Choi, physics professor

at Ivy Town University on our Earth.

Well, I guess we know our next stop.

Ray, Ralph?

Ivy Town. It's my old stomping grounds.

Let's go.

With all the Paragons identified,

our next priority is determining

how to stop the antimatter wave.

Sorry to interrupt,

but Mr. Diggle has arrived.

How could you let this happen, Sara?

You, of all people?

It's complicated.

It's not complicated.

I wasn't there when he needed me.

Dig, we are working on bringing him back

the same way that he
brought me back, remember?

You're talking about a trip to Purgatory.

- Yes.
- Fine, count me in.

And there's...

There's something else.

Dig, it's Lyla. She's...

she's gone missing.

- What?
- Nobody saw her leave.

She was there one minute and gone the next.

But she has the ability to teleport,

so she...

So there are now infinite
possibilities for Lyla's location.

You. Listen to me.

I am not losing Oliver and Lyla.

So cut the crap and tell me how
the hell do I find my wife?

You heard him. Where is she?

Harbinger could very well
be with my adversary...

The Anti-Monitor.


The Anti-Monitor...

is that... set in stone,

or can we workshop that a little bit?

This is why I have been
preparing all of you...

testing and pushing you to your limits.

I needed your courage, your honor,

your strength of will,

even the truth of your convictions...

everything that makes you

the greatest heroes on
this Earth or any other,

because that's what it will take

to defeat our opponent.

And what exactly does this guy want?

To eliminate the multiverse

and replace it with another universe.

One that he can control...

just like every other megalomaniac.

I should've foreseen

my connection with Harbinger
could be perverted to his ends.

Should have?

Just tell us how to get her back.

I want to find her just
as much as the rest of you,

but I cannot rewrite what
has already been written.

I can only attempt to save what remains.

You know what to do to
get Oliver's soul back.

I'll watch over his body

and I promise you I will keep
you updated on Harbinger.

Copy that.

Cisco, maybe you should
call Kamilla back?

No, no, no. That wasn't a phone call.

I'm triangulating
anti-matter wave particles

on the Earth that are left.


I'm trying to locate
the source of the wave

and according to this, it's hidden

in a subterranean region
right in our own backyard.

Meet me in the cargo bay in five.

Cisco Ramon.

Didn't I just leave you?

You are not a Paragon,

but you do have a purpose.

Vibe must live again.


No, my powers are gone and
there's a reason for that.

You must answer the call
whether you wish to or not.

Okay, maybe you didn't hear me

under those voluminous
mutton chops of yours.

Now go. Serve your higher purpose.

Are you still sure you want me to go?


Go find Ryan Choi and hurry back.


Where did Barry race off to?

Perimeter search...

make sure this isn't a trap
set up by the Anti-Monitor.

That name makes me wanna barf.

Nice to have you back, Vibe.

Let's just get to Nash's work site.

Right this way.

That's new.

We gotta get in there.

Who's there?

Nash, is that you?

I am no longer Nash, I am...


And I'm here to bear witness.

To what?


New name,

new suit...

guess no one's consulting me anymore, huh?

Wait, what exactly happened?

I searched these tunnels
as Nash for Mar Novu

to kill him, expose him as a false god,

and now I'm being
controlled by another god.

And that's the...


He laid a perfect trail for me to follow,

but all along, he was manipulating me

so that he could gain a
foothold in this universe.

Why didn't you resist him?

His will was too strong

and now I am forced to bear witness

as he destroys world after world.

That's why we're gonna stop him.

Now can you open that door?

I cannot.

My memories as Nash

are somehow lost to me
as Pariah, but you can.

By vibing those memories?


What did you see?

A way in.

You think the book can bring
back the destroyed Earths?

Oh, too good.

We don't have time for this.

Tell us how to use the book
or lose an arm... your choice.

Do the strong-arm tactics
work in Gotham City?

The book channels ancient
and endless power.

It takes immense willpower
and focus to make it work.

What did you focus on?

His hatred for Superman.

Got it in one.

But that was easy for the book to provide.

You try to use it on the scale
that you're talking about,

and it could drive you mad.

Like Deegan.

Kara, there's no telling

what kind of ripple effect this could have.

I'm supposed to be the
Paragon of Hope, right?

Maybe this is my role,

to bring back my Earth and...
and Argo and all the others.

I have to find a way to fix this.

See you soon.


So why did we take a detour
to another parallel Earth?

So many Earths are already gone.

The pillars of magic are crumbling,

leaving me the worse for wear,

so I can't get us into Purgatory.

But don't worry, squire.

Luckily, I know a guy.

Oh, you're gonna love her.

She's pretty much up for everything.

Always a pleasure to see you, Lucy.

It's time.

Excuse me, ladies.

Seems like you're not the only
ones who want a piece of me.

I'll see you later.


I'd like to say it's a pleasure

to see you on my Earth outside my club.

It's not.


Don't believe we've met.
Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer Morningstar, as in...

The devil. Yes, exactly.

So tell me. What is it you desire?



I desire to get my father back.

Daddy issues.

Why didn't you say so?

Look, I don't know

if you have an Oliver Queen on your world,

but ours has... shuffled
off this mortal coil.

A soul retrieval, blah, blah,
blah, the worlds are ending.

It's all very Biblical, John.

Okay, okay.

I'm only doing this
'cause I owe you for Maz.

Yeah, you do.

You remind me of my
brother, by the way...

tall, dark, annoyed by me.

You gonna help us or not?

Oh, flirt.

The devil always sees through on a deal.

Take this card.

You'll have a limited time
once inside Purgatory,

and once the picture completely fades...

Our souls will be
decimated, blah, blah, blah.

And trapped in eternity forever,

so I don't recommend it.

Consider us even, John Constan-tine.


Is it? I don't care.

Always a pleasure doing
business with mortals.

He forgot to tell us what to do.

Did he, now?

Welcome to Purgatory.

Looks a lot like Lian Yu.

Which is Mandarin for "purgatory."

Lovely little coincidence, eh?

Any idea why Dad's soul
would choose to come here?

Souls choose their prisons.

This place must be what Oliver thinks about

when being trapped for all eternity.

It's a funny thing too,

considering his memories
are probably missing.

What are you talking about?

The second that Oliver's
soul landed here,

his memories would've
been... how can I put it?


So we'll have to make him remember us.


We'll have to get a move on as well.

This card is already beginning to fade.

Well, when you work with the devil

you never know quite what you're getting.

No pressure there, right?

Perimeter's clear.

There's no sign of any
Quantum Tower on Earth-1.

What are you doing here, Pariah?

Behind this wall... his domain.

What Mr. Green Jeans is trying to say

is once we get inside, we can actually stop

the anti-matter wave right at the source.

All right, let's do it.

This place has some crazy
vibrational frequency

surging through it.

This place is the nexus

between the anti-matter
universe and your own.

Behold, Anti-Matter Cannon...
this is the source of the wave.

Guys, I think this blur is alive.

Let me check it out.


- Barry!
- What happened?

It's a force field. I
couldn't get through.

It's the Flash from Earth-90.

He's trapped on that treadmill.

That's Barry Allen from Earth-90?

How did he get there?

The Monitor sent him away.

You will not do to this
Earth what you did to mine.

He wound up in the Netherverse

where the Anti-Monitor found him,

corralled his speed,

used it to build his Anti-Matter Cannon,

test-fired it...

Destroying Earth-2.

- Harry's gone?
- Jesse.

Pariah, how do we stop the cannon?

The force field that contains
this is anti-matter based.

As such,

anything made of positive
matter cannot penetrate it.

We have to get the Flash
off that treadmill.

The Monitor said Vibe had to live...

that he had a purpose.

Maybe this is it.

Here goes nothing.

Thank you for the reprieve.

But you gotta put me back on it.


The Anti-Monitor designed
that treadmill with a failsafe

so that if I ever got off
of it, it would erupt,

destroying all remaining Earths at once.

We only have a few minutes.

Pariah, how do...


Where'd he go? Where'd he go?


Amanda, please.

I know the red skies are freaky, honey,

but I'm sure it's just atmospheric...

Dr. Ryan Choi?


Babe, I gotta go.

Wow, is that really you?

Dr. Ray Palmer?


I'm Ryan Choi. It's so
wonderful to meet you.

Your second paper on subatomic
density manipulation

was the foundation for my
work on miniaturization.

Wow, thank you. You know, I...

Okay, Dr. Choi,

we need you to come with us right now.

Look, you've seen the red skies outside?

The world is ending.

Dr. Palmer, who are these people?

We are superheroes,

and Ryan, we need your help.

Sure, Dr. Palmer. Good one.

And next you're gonna tell
me I've been nominated

for the Breakthrough Prize
in Fundamental Physics?

Okay, we don't have time for this.

Seeing is believing, right?


You're Elongated Man?

Are... are you superheroes, too?

I know this sounds cuckoo, pal,

but you're what's called a Paragon,

which is a fancy word for saying,

"We need your help to save the universe."

Dr. Choi.

If the world's ending,

I need to go home.

Please, Ryan. We really need your help.

No, you don't. I'm no hero.

I'm a husband.

And if this is the end, I have
to be with my wife and kid.

I'm sorry.


Another Earth is gone.

There's only seven
left in the multiverse.

It's ironic.

I'm watching the biggest event in history,

the destruction of every Earth,

and no one will ever read the story.

These Earths are not the
only worlds destroyed.

My world died.

My family.

What were they like?

So full of life.

They were everything to me.

If only I'd cared as much for them

as I did my work.

I now understand why you are such
a good reporter, Miss Lane.


I couldn't save them.

You wanna take a minute?

Looks like you could use a breather.

Put this on,

this crest...

I made a promise

to keep fighting no matter what.

Hey, why'd you add black to it?

Because, Lois,

even in the darkest
times, hope cuts through.

Hope is the light that
lifts us out of darkness.

I must go back.

Guy never quits no matter
what Earth he's from, huh?

Now you're just talking to yourself.

It's getting worse.

Put me back on that treadmill.

No, all right? We'll find another way.

- Where am I?
- Who are you?

Send me back to Freeland now!

Calm down, Electric Guy.

The name is Black Lightning.


I did not bring you here,
Jefferson, to fight.

I brought you here to save lives.

- Who the hell are you people?
- I am Pariah.

This is Jefferson Pierce. On his Earth...

an educator, a father, and a hero.

What do you mean, my Earth?

There are multiple Earths, Jefferson...

many Earths like this one.

Your Earth...

Has just been destroyed
by a wave of anti-matter.

So... so...

Lynn, my girls?

They're gone.

I transported you here to
help us save humanity.

You should've saved my family, not me!

Not me!


I'm so sorry.

Right now we need your help to
stop this anti-matter wave.

I can't imagine how you're feeling,

but I do know how it feels
to lose your family.

What would they want you to do right now?


All worlds could die.

What do you need from me?

That machine behind you is the
source of the anti-matter wave.

We have to disable it,

but we can't get near it.

Can you contain that much energy?

Let's find out.


You open that book, and you
do not know what will happen.

Do you?

To all of the Earths you're trying to save?

I have to, Kate.

Those people? They need help.

And we are doing our
best to help who we can.

That is not the answer.

Then what am I supposed to do?

Just be okay with all those people dying?

Like Bruce?

Believe that if life's
supposed to end, just let it?

No, of course not,

but if you open that book,
it will destroy you.

I have to do this.

Then I have to stop you.

You won't be able to.

You'd be surprised.

I wish things were different, Kara.

I wish I was hopeful like you.

But one thing I do know is if
you take a chance on that book

and it doesn't work and
something happens to you,

we're all doomed.

Tick, tock, people.

Black Lightning is gonna kill himself

if we don't solve this soon.

Then we need more time.

Every second that we waste
here another Earth dies.

That wave gets closer to my wife.

I was married once, too.

Tina always said that keeping me running

was her purpose in life,

so as someone who's been
running for 30 years,

let me tell you.


in order to find your purpose as a hero,

you gotta take a couple steps back.

Reverse the way you see the situation

and see a bigger picture.

That's it.

I know how to stop the cannon.

This is what The Monitor meant
that day in the Time Vault.

This is what I've been running
towards all these years.

It's time for Flash to vanish in Crisis.

Reversing the treadmill's
directional velocity

could make the anti-matter wave recede

and funnel back into the speed cannon...

Destroying the machine and the wave...

Ending this once and for all...

Freeing me from the
Anti-Monitor's control.

Where's the future? Right here.

Whose life is this? Mine.

What are you gonna do with it?

Live it by any means necessary.

It's gonna be okay. We're gonna find him.

You don't know that.

Dad's soul could be lost forever.

Family's everything to Oliver.
He'll come back to us.

Whoa, Oliver, Oliver! Oliver, wait, man.

Listen to me. I see you, man,

and I'm so sorry that I wasn't there

to have your back during
Crisis, but I'm here now.

I need you to come back to us.

You're my brother.

I can't lose you, man.

I can't lose you.

Hey, John.

- Mia, you came.
- Of course I did.

They're beautiful.

I didn't get to introduce
myself earlier, Dr. Choi.

I'm Iris West-Allen from Central City.

Are you a superhero, too?

No, I'm just like you.

Look, I know this is a lot to ask

and you're right to want
to be with your family

when things go bad.

What about you?

You clearly have someone in
your life you care about.

Don't you want to die holding
them when the world ends?

My husband's not like us.

He goes out there as a
superhero day after day

and faces whatever he has
to to keep his city safe.

That's really brave, Iris,

but that's not me.

See, I'm nothing like your husband.

No, no, you're not.

You're human, and we have a purpose too.

We remind superheroes what
they're fighting for.

My wife, Amanda and I,

just had a baby six months ago.


I might not get to see her grow up.

Don't you want to hold her knowing that

you had a hand in making the world safer?

I need to go tell my wife I'm
gonna be late for dinner.

Just got word from Lois.

Six more Earths are gone.

This is the only Earth left.

- At least now we have Ryan.
- Yeah.

How'd you know what to say to him?


Hey, what is it?

What if this is it?

What if

stopping the wave is my
purpose as a Paragon?

I mean, what if it's the
sacrifice I have to make?

Well, if this is it,

then I don't want you to
die without me, Barry.

I don't want you to be alone.
I'll come with you.

No. You can't come, Iris.

I may be the one with superpowers,

but your intelligence,
your resourcefulness,

your heart...

that's your superpower and
that's what's gonna help you

convince Ryan Choi to be
the hero he needs to be.

Barry, I don't want to
live this life without you.

I don't... I don't want to say goodbye.

When I put this ring on your finger,

I promised I'd always
come running home to you.

And if we're apart, for however long,

know that wherever I go,

I will be running home to you.

Are you still sure you want me to go?


Go find Ryan Choi

and hurry back.

I'll see you soon.


I don't wanna say goodbye.

You two were there the first time
I opened my eyes as the Flash.

I couldn't be the hero
I am without you guys.

Tell Joe and Iris I love them.

We will.

Sorry, kid,

but this has to happen.

Barry, what are you doing?

I'm momentarily stealing your speed.

You play the speedster game long enough,

you learn some neat tricks.

Wait, why are you doing this?

Novu said the Flash must die in Crisis.

He never said which one.

You're a true hero, Jefferson.

I can't thank you enough.

Open the breach.

I need to get in that force field.


Do you want your friend to die?

Let me do this. Let me save you all.

Cisco, don't.

Cisco, come on.

Thank you. Keep riding
the lightning, son.

I know you'll make us all proud.


He's gonna die, Cisco!

You made me team leader, and sometimes,

the leader has to make the tough choices.

We can't stay here.

- Let's go.
- No.

- Let's go.
- No, I'm not done...

Barry, let's go!

- I'm not going!
- Come on!

I have faith in you, Tina.

Well, the truth is, I
have faith in you, too.


I hate to break up the reunion,

but this really is our
cue to make like a tree

and get Oliver's soul back to his body.

Oliver Queen.

Who are you?

- Jim Corrigan.
- Another one I know.

But I'm also someone else.

I'm something else...

a spectre.

Take a hike, crazy eyes.

In another life, I was a
decorated police officer,

a hero in my own right,

but then I was called to a higher purpose.

It's your turn now, Oliver.

Only you can light the spark, Oliver.

- It is your destiny.
- What is my destiny?

To save everyone.

Otherwise, all universes...

all the people you love will perish.

I'm sorry, but I have to.

Dad, no.

It's gonna be okay.

It's going to be okay.

- What now?
- Dad, wait.

I love...

What happened?

Dad wouldn't come back with us.

I'm sorry, Sara.

The others fare any better?

Barry's team stopped the anti-matter wave

with one Earth left.

I need a drink.

I appreciate you helping us, Jefferson.

I know what you've lost.

My world...

I lost the love of my life,

my two daughters.

Nothing will ever be okay again.

I know.

That Flash, the Flash from Earth-90...

he looked just like my dad,

Henry Allen.

He was a resilient man.

He spent years in prison
for the murder of my mom,

a crime one of my enemies
committed and framed him for.

Through all that, he never lost his light.

Times like this,

I try and do the same.

My father...

Alvin Pierce...

he was a good man, too.


Spent his life giving a
voice to the voiceless.

He was murdered when I was 12.

But I still carry the lessons
he taught me to this day.

I passed them along to my girls.

My girls.

Anyway, I get it.


I don't think Henry or
Alvin raised any quitters,

so we should honor their memory...

and rage...

against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas.

Well, all right then, Flash.

It's Barry.

Barry Allen.

Jefferson Pierce.

Hey, Kara.

Listen, I... I get you wanted
to bring those people back.

You have the biggest heart of
anyone that I've ever met.

I just don't want to see you get hurt.

You know, I gotta say.

For someone who was unsure

that they were the Paragon of Courage,

took a lot of guts to do what you did.


But I have hope that there's a better way.

Which is why...

which is why I wanted to give you this.


- Why do you have that?
- It was Bruce Wayne's.

He lost hope and I never will.

Keep it.

I have the courage that
you'll never have to use it.


Iris, Ralph, and Raymond
have returned with Dr. Choi.


I told you I'd come running home to you.

It wasn't you, then?

It was the Barry Allen from Earth-90.

Everyone, this is Jefferson Pierce.

We wouldn't have been able to stop
the anti-matter wave without him.

Wait, so... so the
Superman thing is real?

Oh, damn. After all these years.

And this is your Paragon
of Humanity, Ryan Choi...

scientist, super brain,

and ready to help save the universe.

How do you guys plan
on doing that, exactly?

Well, Kara decided not to
use the Book of Destiny.

It was too risky.

And Harbinger, unlike me, can
travel anywhere she wants.

So how do we find her?

By whatever means necessary.

Well, we can start by trying

to re-task the Waverider's
satellite search grid.



- You okay?
- I'm sorry.

I tried to get word to you that
I was doing recon on Earth-1,

but the deaths of the other Earths

is affecting my abilities.

Where were you on Earth-1?


- I can't remember.
- It's okay.

- I thought I lost you, Lyla.
- Not that easy.

I just...

wish I could remember what happened.

We'll figure this out.

What if the Anti-Monitor wanted
Harbinger back on the ship?

He's been controlling
her the entire Crisis.

And controlling you,

only allowing you to appear
when he wants you to see...

A great tragedy.

- Lyla?
- Lyla.


It is time

to end the age of heroes

and everything you hold close.


That is no longer your wife, John Diggle.

She has been taken by...

The Anti-Monitor.


This is for my girls.

Lyla! You have to fight him, Lyla!

The fate of all humanity
lies with you now, Pariah.

What can I do?

You will know when the moment arrives.


It was foolish to try to stop me, Novu.

No, Mobius.

It was foolish to allow your
creation in the first place.



Alert. Earth-1 is gone.

We're all that's left?

It is done. The infinite Earths are gone.

Soon only the anti-matter
universe will remain.



The anti-matter wave will
hit the ship in 28 seconds.

I know what I must do.

What's happening?


Everyone to the bridge. Now.

Where did you send them?

Somewhere you can't touch 'em.

Wherever they are,
they're gonna fight you.

By any means necessary.

To their very last breath.

What the hell just happened?

Where are we?

This is the Vanishing Point.

What does that mean?

It's a point outside of time and space.

What happened to the
Waverider and the others?

The Anti-Monitor... he used
Harbinger to attack us.

Pariah must have sent us here knowing

that the Anti-Monitor couldn't follow.

Well, we have to go back.
We have to go back right now!

Barry, we can't. They're gone.


- Something's wrong.
- How?


Something's wrong.

Hey, hey, hey!

- I can't...
- Come on.


Fix it. Fix it.

What do I do?

No, no!

Oh, I am so happy that worked.

Lex, what did you do?

Well, I held the Book of Destiny

and I saw you seven Paragons

due to be stranded at the Vanishing Point,

and I thought destiny could use

a little rewrite.


what do we do now?