The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Marathon - full transcript

The Citizen prints an explosive story, Iris' life is threatened; refusing to hide from her attackers, Iris sets out to expose a dangerous organization; Barry must face consequences of the crisis and fulfill Oliver Queen's wish for him.

Previously on The Flash...

Vibe must live again.

I am no longer Nash. I am Pariah.

I freed The Anti-Monitor.

Now I am forced to bear witness

as he destroys world after world.

Oliver scarified himself
to create this new world.

Our Earths must have merged

when we helped Oliver reboot the Universe.

We all live on the same Earth now.

This is the same guy that kidnapped

your cousin Esperanza

and turned her into a meta-assassin.

The guy you questioned
was killed in the same lot

you questioned him, on the same day.

There's major UV energy
coming off this thing.

Looks like Team Citizen
has a new mission.


Come on in, folks.

After five months of Vibaccinos to-go,

welcome to the new Jitters.

Here you go.

And remember, folks,

CC Jitters is here to stay, rain or...

Hands in the air, you
foam-loving fascists!

Are you kidding me? We're
already being robbed?

Jitters just reopened

and was immediately attacked by terrorists.

Why am I not surprised?

I'll go bail out those latte-sippers.

Guys, I got this.

You. Open the register.

Give me everything inside.

Dude, we just reopened.

There's barely anything in there.

- Really?
- Yeah.


Well, I'm gonna start
blowing stuff up then.

Oh, crap.

Sorry I'm late.

I love what you've done with the place.

Flash! Flash!

Oh, stop. Stop it, guys.

I'm sorry.

Crisis is over, we beat the bad guy,

and you're still worried because...


an infinite number of Earths

experienced a cosmic heat death

from which only one Earth was rebuilt.


So now not only do Superman, Supergirl,

and Black Lightning live here,

but now our entire timeline
has been rewritten

so that they've always lived here,

and I don't remember owning this shirt.

Great shirt.

Besides, isn't that a good thing?

We're all one big, happy family now?

No. No!

No, it is not.

Not when these guys...


are crashing the reunion.

Not a single one of our doppelgangers
survived to make it to Earth Prime,

as far as I can tell,

but we did manage to pick up

a butt-ton of bad guys and
aliens and more metas,

and you know the best part?

The best part

is a bunch of our old villains are back,

with fresh paint jobs!

When did you have time to do all this?

Edencorp, The Top, Rainbow Raider.

Our Earth has more threats than ever,

and we don't even know
where they're coming from.

What the hell was that?

Pipes... bad pipes. The heating.

Don't worry about it.

- Let me out.
- Are you sure?

Cause it looks like you
locked Nash in the closet.


Let me out.

Okay, one of the auxiliary
pipes was leaking,

so he's patching it up

in exchange for a Crypto-circuit.

Fine, don't let me out.

I'll let myself out, actually,
thank you very much.

I'm gonna put an Atlantean shoulder check

into this door and bust right through.

- In three, in two...
- Okay.

In one!


- Killer Frost.
- It's just Frost now.

Give me my Crypto-circuit

or I'm gonna punch you in the throat.

I have your Crypto-circuit,
and I could give it to you,

but, you know,

I'm not really sure what you'd need it for,

because you're an adventurer,

so shouldn't you be off
somewhere, adventuring?

Preferably not here.

Yeah, I mean, Gorilla City's
part of Earth Prime now.

Don't you wanna go mythbust it?


Gorillas are atheists.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm gonna run tests on my dig site

to insure that nobody ever

accidentally reopens the
anti-matter universe.

Run your tests,

but I've already run tests,

and that cave is staying shut,

so you're not really needed here.

Oh, you ran the tests?
Then I'm really needed.

What happened to Magenta?

I liked her.

Isn't it great?


It's still our number one story.

Thanks again, friend.

- Iris. Hey.
- Hi.

I was running back from
a car fire on Route 119,

and look who I found on the way back.

- Hey.
- Dig, hey.

How's the fam?

Oh, everyone is very busy.

Lila just accepted a new posting,

so next week we'll be taking
the kids to Metropolis.

I heard.

So shouldn't you be at home,

helping to pack boxes right now?



Oliver's last will and testament

was read yesterday,

and, um,

he left something for you, Barry.

Oliver's mask.

It's the original.

This is the one I made him.

Yeah, it's interesting,

because Oliver was never a
man given to sentiment.

Hey, do you see this?

Right above the left eye.

Oliver hasn't worn this in years.

Why is there a mark on it?

I don't know.

Felicity skimped on the dry-cleaning?

Or he left it on purpose.

I mean, you just said it.
Oliver wasn't sappy.

What if the mask is a clue to
some new threat out there,

something too dangerous to put in writing?


- Barry, you got all that from
a smudge mark? I don't, uh... - I...

Iris, what do you think?

Um, that you two

will have to figure this out on your own.

I'm so sorry, babe, I gotta go

meet with this source, like, right now.

Yeah, no, that's fine.

Do your thing.

Break your story, and Dig
and I can work on this.

We... we can?

Can we?

Were you followed?

- No.
- You sure?


Uh, no... no... no recordings.

The people you're after,
they know my voice.

These people... you say you've learned

quite a bit about them, so you
should recognize this, right?

I spent 20 years working for
McCulloch Technologies.

R&D department, classified division.

And then this guy showed up,

said his name was Malcolm Strombard.

He'd been promoted into our company,

but he had no technical know-how.

But last fall, I... I
came in late one night,

and I... I found him with
the infrared photon rifle

we'd been developing for years.

The next day,

he and the prototype were gone.

So I started looking into it,

and this man, Malcolm Strombard,

he doesn't officially exist.

Of course, no one at McCulloch believed me,

so they fired me.

The group that sent him
to steal that rifle,

they found out I was after him.

Oh, they killed their own man.

They have destroyed way
too many innocent lives,

and they will not stop

unless someone helps us
bring them to light.

Someone like you, Mr. Huskk.

And I can stay anonymous?

No one will ever know your identity.

I will do whatever it takes
to keep you safe, I swear.

These people... they will not

be brought out of the shadows easily.

They live in the darkness.

In the absence of light.

I didn't talk.

I didn't talk, I swear!

They call themselves...

Black Hole.

I made the delivery.

Sending your next target.

You're telling me that
a secret organization

has been operating in Central City

for seven years now?

Yes, and according to my source,

they have a name.

Black Hole.

We've been building a timeline.

It looks like Black Hole's activity started

just after the Particle
Accelerator exploded.

They've been abducting
and training meta-humans,

like my cousin Esperanza
and potentially others.

And Black Hole's reach goes far beyond

theft and training meta-human assassins.

They are also involved in
international arms deals.

And they kill anyone they
believe has been compromised,

including our mystery man,

who's now crispier than the chicken strips

Allegra insists on ordering for dinner.

Better than your vegan donuts.

Iris, have you told Joe about this?

Yeah, I have, but Dad
would have to launch

a RICO investigation to pursue
a conspiracy like this.

This is reporter territory now.

Okay, okay, look. Guys, I get it.

There's nothing stronger
than a reporter's drive.

I... I literally can feel it
coming from all three of you.

But as your legal advisor,
I gotta tell you...

I think that running
this story is a mistake.

Iris, if McCulloch doesn't
like what they read,

they can sue you for defamation.

I know. My dad was worried

about the same thing, but that's a risk

that I'm willing to take, Cecille.

Guys, we don't even know
who's running Black Hole.

We're gonna find out.

Yeah, she's right.

Reporters don't walk away from the truth.

Now, I have a meeting

with the CEO of McCulloch Technologies,

Joseph Carver, in an hour.

So let's see if he's willing to comment

on what's been happening.

But either way, be prepared to go to print.

We are running this story
with or without his comment.

I know it's sort of like

asking the ocean to be less wet,

but Barry, do you think
you could, um, slow down?

Dig, you wouldn't let me
speed you to the crime lab,

so I had to speed the crime lab here.

Look, man, if Oliver really wanted you

to look into something,
don't you think he would've

left you a note instead
of some secret code?

Oh, because Oliver never
kept a secret from you before?

There's sediment traces on the mask

usually found on islands
in the North China Sea.

- Like Lian Yu.
- Like Lian Yu...

Barry, there's more than one
island in the North China Sea.

Yeah, but only one with Mirakuru.

Does that mask really
have Mirakuru on it?

Anton Ivo's super soldier serum.

You really think there's any of
this stuff left on the island?

Yeah, well, Oliver always thought that

some samples could have
survived on Ivo's freighter.

And we don't even know
what the state of Lian Yu is

post-Crisis; I mean, if
somebody got their hands

on Mirakuru, they could
become a living weapon.

Or replicate it and build an entire army.

I mean, Dig, this... this
is... this has got to be

why Oliver left me the mask.

He wants me to find the
last stash of Mirakuru

on Lian Yu before it threatens the world.

Look, I know you don't
want me to run you there,

but it's a 20-hour plane ride.

That's too much.

What you got?

My wife and I started this company

with three employees.

Now we have almost 3,000,

but I still know each one of their names.

It's what Eva would've wanted.

That's very thoughtful, Mr. Carver.

Joseph, please.

I'm a huge fan of "The Citizen."

How can I help?

Well, I have a source

who can prove that

one of your classified Photon Rifles

was stolen last fall and
it's now in the hands

of a secret organization

linked to terrorism, kidnapping,
illegal arms deals,

and murder.

Would you care to comment?

Maurice, tell the board I'm
running a little bit behind.

Ms. West-Allen and I need to speak

someplace a little more private.


Your source... it's Gene Huskk, isn't it?

I completely respect your
need to protect your sources,

but there's something that you should see,

off the record, for Huskk's sake.

Just a sec, please.

Someone did infiltrate the R&D division

here at McCulloch, but it
wasn't a secret organization.

It was Obsidian Tech trying to
steal one of our prototypes,

but Huskk couldn't accept that.

He became convinced

there was some larger conspiracy,

and the paranoia consumed him.

He became troubled,

started scaring other employees.

I had no choice but to let him go.


But, uh, I can assure you

that we have dealt with
this problem internally.

We just completed our investigation,

and we're getting a whole
new security system

starting tomorrow: new badges, new cameras.

The works.

There's no story here.

Well, with all due respect, Mr. Carver,

I think that there is.

Maybe it's just one that you won't like.


Ms. West-Allen, everything that I do,

I do in my wife's honor,
to protect her legacy.

A story like this could really damage

our company's reputation.

Not to mention, scare our investors.

I'm asking you,

please, don't run this story.

I understand.

You have an obligation
to your shareholders.

Thank you.

But I have an obligation to the truth.

You were robbed, Mr. Carver,

and I get that that's embarrassing,

but the public deserves
to know what happened

before anyone else gets hurt,

so if you wish to withhold comment,

that's fine...

But I'm running this story either way.


100,000 views in one hour.
That's gotta be a record.

Citizen just fired its
first shots at Black Hole.

This is a cause for celebration.

- Ooh.
- Are you even 21?

I'd hold off on the balloons and bubbly.

McCulloch Tech just sent a memo.

They are suing "The
Citizen" for defamation.

- This is ridiculous.
- Iris.

Fabricated statements,

deliberate omission of
exonerating evidence...

Iris, something's not right.

Carver is just trying
to bury us in legal fees.

He's just trying to scare us.

Everybody down!

Why is someone shooting at us?

It's them. It's Black Hole.

Okay, we... we gotta go.

So they can kill us outside?

Okay, look, it's me that they're after,

okay, so you guys get to S.T.A.R. Labs.

I will make my way out
through Nash's tunnels.

No way. We're not leaving you.

Look, I have to make sure
that my source is safe, okay?

Once I do, I will meet
you there, I promise.

Now we need to go. On my count, okay?

One, two, three. Go!

Go. Go, go, go, go, go.


You're okay. Oh. What happened?

Black Hole tried to assassinate Iris.

She went to go find her source.
Cecille went to Joe's.

- Where's Barry?
- He's in Lian Yu.

I've been trying to radio him,

but that place is a total dead zone.

What about those clicky
things you guys use?

The extrapolators don't work.

Now that the multi-verse is gone,

the physics behind breaching
has changed entirely.

But don't worry, Frost is out
there looking for the shooter.

She should be careful. Do
you see these burn marks?

Whoever tried to kill us was
using high-intensity light.

Holy crap.

I'm glad you two made it out alive.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- You're fine.


Yeah, why didn't you tell me
that they were in danger?

Okay, I could've... I could've
gotten them out of there.

Don't come at me, Nash.

I'm not here to keep you in the loop.

You're not even a part of this team.

Oh, that's so hurtful.

How's your little team
doing in the standings?

- Your little team...
- Okay, you don't see

this is exactly what I'm talking about.

No, you don't care about the team.

You only work with us when
you want something from us.

Yo, keep me out of this.

So what is it this time?

You... you got a couple glyphs

you need Allegra to x-ray for you?

Oh, or maybe you just want to open up

another Pandora's box of Hell.

Are you kidding me?

I was the one to... I was the only one

trying to stop Crisis.

A Crisis you started!

Billions of worlds,
trillions of people gone,

like they were never even born.

And I paid for it!

As Pariah I paid for it and still managed

to help defeat the Anti-Monitor.

Which did nothing for
the people who died.




An infinite number of Harrison Wells's.

And we're stuck with the one
who killed the multi-verse.

Babe, what the frak was that?

Just making sure we
learn from our mistakes.

Iris is still out there, guys,

and we need to figure out
who this assassin is

before they get to her first.

Thank God you're safe.

I'm not. Neither are you.

Black Hole isn't what we think.

Oh, my God.

The mirror.

- Iris.
- Boss, you're okay.

Yeah, no, I'm fine, but my source isn't.

The person that tried to
kill me got to him first.

Hey, Cisco, where's that binder?

- Right here.
- Thanks.

Where is it? Where is she?

Her. Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi.


She went missing four years ago.

She's an astronomer out of Tokyo

with the power to fuel starlight,

but her meta-powers aren't precise enough

to do the kind of damage you
showed me in those photos.

What if she used the
Photon Rifle to focus them?

Good thinking, maybe the reflector chip

could condense her UV photon emissions.

The rifle is the weapon.

No, she's the ammunition.

So Black Hole turned her into some kind

of evil light doctor.

So we've got a brand new, more powerful,

murder-happy Dr. Light on our hands.

Another new meta-surprise

courtesy of Earth-frakking-Prime.

Actually, you know what?

Hoshi killed my source,

but I managed to save some
evidence that he gave me.


Damn it.

Hey, you should sit down.

I'm fine.

- Did you get hurt out there?
- I said I'm fi...

Whoa, whoa. Call Frost, now.

- That was on the freighter?
- Yeah.

If there's anything left, it's in here.

Open it up, man, let's see what's in it.

All right.

This can't be right.

No, this can't be right.

I... I... I searched the whole
island a dozen times.

Take the win, man.

There's no more Mirakuru left, Barry.

No, I mean, Oliver's
mask, it's a warning.


Maybe this is exactly what it was intended

to be in the first place: a gift.

No, man, no, it can't...
it can't just be a gift.

I mean, there's got to be
something we're missing.

What if somebody got to the Mirakuru first?

Really, and left the box behind?

I don't...

Okay, I need to run more tests.

Or why don't we bring in the DEO?

Or call Felicity or Thea,

I mean, we... we can't just

let somebody create another Deathstroke.

We have to stop this threat, man.

I mean, I have to finish
what Oliver started.


Are you all right, man?

Yeah, I'm... that's never...

I... I... I'm just frustrated, I guess.



Look, I think I know
exactly what went on here.

Oliver and Thea came to this
island a couple of years ago,

and they faced off with the man
who used to live in this cell.

Deathstroke himself, Slade Wilson.

Oliver brought his uniform with him.

Which is how he could have
soil and Mirakuru on his mask.

It wasn't a warning at all.

You're searching for a mission

that doesn't exist, Barry.

But no amount of searching
is gonna bring Oliver back.

That man sprinted from crusade to crusade.

But, Barry, life is more
than just the mission,

and unfortunately Oliver
learned that too late.

And he wouldn't want you
going down that same path.

Oliver died so this
Earth could live, Dig.

I have to do everything I
possibly can to protect it.

Oliver died for more than
this Earth's survival.

Oliver laid down his life

so the people he loved could live theirs.

That includes you.

Life's a marathon, not a sprint, Barry.

Slow down and enjoy it.

So Kamilla asked me to check on you.

What are you watching?

So my latest experiment
jumpstarts my neurons...


They're currently firing
at 120 times per second.

And I think we can get to 200.

Yeah, so this is, you know, progress.

It's real progress.

I'll let you know. Anyway, miss you.

He was regaining his intelligence.

All of Earth-2.

Wiped out.

And he doesn't even know it.

But that wasn't your fault.

Wasn't it?

When the Monitor gave me my powers back,

for Crisis,

I remembered how powerful I used to be.

I can't help thinking that if
I hadn't stopped being Vibe,

maybe I could have sensed
that first anti-matter wave.

Maybe I could have saved them.

And that's why you've become so obsessed

with all the new threats.

You want to protect everyone who
did survive on Earth Prime.

Cisco, do you regret

taking the meta-human cure?


Do you miss being Vibe?

Caitlin, it's not that simple.

I don't know.

I don't know.

You know...

I think you might be onto
something over here.

With all these new threats,

changes to our reality,

we need someone whose job it
is to compile all of them.

Somebody who remembers the difference

between the way it was and the way it is.

Yeah, but...

what you're talking about,

that can't just be done in a day.

And it certainly can't be done

in some room in the middle of Central City.

I know.

But I still think you're
the man for the job.

Besides, maybe some time
away from Central City

will allow you to figure
out who you want to be

in this post-Crisis world.




Here you go.


So you gonna tell me?

Your thinking.

Running this story.

I knew what I was doing, Dad.

Really, Iris? Frost told me.

You have fifth-degree burns.

My forensics guys have been in your office

for hours, and they found nothing.

There's no bullet holes,
there's no casings.

If that assassin would have...

murdered you today,

I would have no evidence to bring her in.

Black Hole attacked my office.

Dad, they nearly killed my friends.

They murdered my source
right in front of me.

He's dead because I asked him to speak up.

And I have to honor that
by exposing each and every

person behind this organization,

so I'm sorry, Dad, if you
want me to give up...

I... you know I wouldn't say that.

But this organization has
been in operation for years,

and their roots run deeper
than you have dug, Iris.

You can't win this war in a day.

Look, when you and Barry told
me that Crisis was coming,

I was determined to solve

as many cases as I could because God knows

how many days I have left

to make a difference.

But then Crisis came.

Barry survived.

So now I have to remind
myself every single day

that we don't live in Crisis mode anymore.

We have time now.

So what am I supposed to do, Dad?

How am I supposed to fight these people?

Well, first thing's first.

Don't go charging to the front line

like you have nothing to lose.

Now... okay, your source.

Are you sure he hasn't told
anyone else about Black Hole?

No, no.

Actually, someone else did know.


It's me.

I think it's past time you
delivered that gift basket.

Don't worry.

I never miss twice.

Can I get you something to eat?

No, I'm good, Dad. Thanks.

- How about a glass of water?
- Yeah, okay.

Sounds good, thanks.


Lower your weapon, now.

We've got you surrounded.
Put it on the floor.

Pretty good Iris, huh?

Uncanny, babe.

Now it's up to the real one.


Mr. Carver, hello.

Ms. West-Allen, what a surprise.

I know.

Reports of my death were
greatly exaggerated.

Oh, careful, there's a scrum of reporters

20 yards down the hall.

Might not be the most convenient time

to call up your meta-assassin.

That's quite the allegation
to make without any evidence.

Oh, no, there's evidence.

You gave it to me.

Your McCulloch ID.

It uses a microchip that
reflects ultraviolet radiation.

And as your former
employee tried to tell me,

it's the same microchip inside
your company's reflector gun

and inside Black Hole's badges.

Black Hole has been using your
optics technology for years,

all while abducting metas
like Esperanza Garcia

who have light-based powers,

your area of expertise.

You placed Malcolm Strombard
in Gene Huskk's division

so that he could obtain the rifle

before it went to market.

And then place said rifle in the hands

of the one person who could power it:

Kimiyo Hoshi, your personal assassin.

You weren't robbed by Black Hole.

You are Black Hole,

and you've been using McCulloch's resources

to power a global conspiracy
in meta-human trafficking,

weapons sales, and murder-for-hire.

Now would you care to comment?

I would.

But I don't think you
have the whole story yet,

because if you did, why would
you be here trying to scare me

while your family risks
their lives for you?

Weapon down, now!

You're right.

I can't stop Black Hole tonight.

But I can't let you hurt anyone else.

Which is why I've set
up a dead man's switch.

If I, my employees, any of my sources,

my loved ones die?

All the information I have
tying you to Black Hole

will be immediately released.

Come on.


Next time I'll have to aim for the head.

Screw you.

So tell your friend to stand down.

Cancel the gift basket.

That's it? You're just leaving?

I follow orders.

- Mr. Carver.
- Mr. Carver.

Hi, thank you all so much for coming.


Given new information
that has come to light,

I have decided that McCulloch Technologies

will be dropping its lawsuit

against Central City Citizen Media.

Any questions?

- Thanks for coming.
- Hmm.

I'm going away for a bit.

I might not have my Vibe powers anymore,

but at least I can still do

some good, old-fashioned foot work,

so I'm gonna go suss out

whatever brave new threats we might have

to our brave new world.

And I was thinking, in the meantime,

maybe you could hold down the
fort here at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Oh, wait, you... you got cameras here?

There's no cameras.

This is... this is some kind of trick.

- Right?
- No.

It's not a trick.

It's more of an olive branch.


I'm sorry I said those things.

I should have held myself accountable

for what happened in Crisis,

but instead I chose to take it out on you.

Anyway, so...

- Hitting the road?
- Yeah.

So while I'm gone, do your best

not to break anything, will you, Nashville?

Break everything while
you're gone, got it.

It's like you're literally not listening

- to what I'm saying.
- What's that?

- Nash?
- Hmm?

I hope you find what you're looking for.

How was Lian Yu with Dig?

I thought Oliver left the mask as...

a reminder to keep fighting.

But with all the danger we've been through,

I guess I kind of

forgot why I made it for
him in the first place.

It was so Oliver would always remember

to protect the people he loved.

That's why he left it to me.

He wanted me to take my own advice.

I've been in overdrive ever since

we learned that you were
gonna die in Crisis.

I've spent the last month
trying to live every day

like it was my last, hell-bent on...

Trying to make the most of the limited time

I thought we had left together,

but Crisis is over now, and you didn't die.

And I think I just... I forgot to...

To slow down.

So are you also thinking

that tonight maybe we just take it easy?

- Great minds.
- Beautiful minds.

Oh, my God.

The mirror.






What were you up to, Eva McCulloch?