The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 23 - We Are the Flash - full transcript

The team gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe.

BARRY: This season on The Flash...

IRIS WEST: DeVoe and his wife
are super-villains.

BARRY: He created 12 meta-humans
just so he could steal their powers.

This was your team member. Ralph Dibny.

A rookie hero.

- I'll save you!

MARLIZE: My husband is dead.

I am leaving you, Clifford.

- This is an intelligence booster.

MARLIZE: Your mind is being rebooted.

The more I try to use my brain,
the sooner I'm gonna lose it.

CISCO: DeVoe plans to position each
of his five satellites around the globe.

Satellites working together
for a single purpose?

DeVoe wants to remove the
intelligence of everyone on Earth?

"Let there be light."


Hey, this is Barry. Leave a message.

Allen. Captain Singh.

Got some good news about you
getting your job back.

You can thank your wife, too.

Apparently, the Mayor read those
posts Iris wrote about DeVoe,

- and she's decided...






BARRY: (YELLING) Cisco, we need power!
CISCO: Working on it!

CAITLIN: Nothing's working.
Not even cell phones.

BARRY: It's what I was worried about.
JOE: It's happening, isn't it?

BARRY: I don't know.
I mean, our plan didn't work.

DeVoe replaced the satellite I destroyed

with the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite
to set off the Enlightenment.

Barr, it's going nuts out there.

I mean, there's no power anywhere.
Our car just stopped working.

Thank God we were close by.

I mean, the hospital's
another three miles away.

- The hospital?

- Oh!
- Joe!

Yeah, the sky turned purple,
and she started having contractions.

Cisco, hurry!

If we're not able to get her
to the hospital, can you...

No, Barry can't run her.
It's not safe for Cecile or the baby.

JOE: Then what are we gonna do?

I have everything here
I'd need to deliver a baby.

- What?
- CECILE: Huh?

- BARRY: Thank God.
- Great.

Um, let's go see how dilated you are.

- Okay.
- Breathe, baby. Breathe.


You're gonna wanna see this.

DeVoe must have predicted Harry
would build his own thinking cap

and power it with the dark matter
from this tube.

Dark matter that he could then
siphon off from S.T.A.R. Labs

and use to infect the world.

Harry was his guinea pig.

He knew if he could reboot Harry's
brain, he could reboot everyone's.

What about Gideon?
Could she hack into the satellites?

No, Purple Haze took her out, too.

- So, what do we do?

I don't know.

IRIS WEST: It's okay, Barry.

I think I do.

Look, I love Inception
as much as the next guy,

but sending Barry into DeVoe's mind?

His mind is the only one fast enough

to survive the linking process
without any harm.

Yeah, but how would this
help us stop him?

If we could find the good
left in Clifford

and help it retake control of his mind,

that good could overpower the bad.

You think there actually is good
left inside of him?

I know that this is hard to imagine,

but there was a time
when Clifford was nothing but good,

when he truly wanted to help the world.

It's the dark matter
he infused in his brain

that changed him, so, yes,

I do believe that there is
some good in him somewhere.

We just need to find it.

This is crazy. I mean, why don't we
just call someone we trust?

Kara, Oliver, Wally.

You could bring a legion
of your friends,

but they would pose no challenge.

Clifford created the bus metas
and a combination of the abilities

to ensure that he could defeat anyone
whose assistance you might enlist.

How long until our minds are wiped?

MARLIZE: We have until
the permeation grid hits 100%.

How would we get me inside his mind?

We need to find a way to transfer
your consciousness into his.

CISCO: No, you know what happens
every time I try to vibe him,

I... I can't do it.

I do.

But I don't think it's your power
we need, Mr. Ramon.

I believe it's hers.

This will amplify Ms. Horton's
telepathic ability

to link the Flash's consciousness
to Clifford's,

wherever he may be.

It will also provide a one-way link

so that he doesn't realize
that someone is inside his mind.

So it's kind of like
a one-way brain radio?

I suppose so, yes.

Hey, you hear that, Harry?

That cerebral inhibitor of yours
is gonna be put to good use.

I'm sorry, but your friend, his mind...

"Sorry" won't make him better, will it?

- Everything ready?
- Think so.

Mr. Allen, the chair.

Ms. Horton, the gurney.

You wanna put him in that thing?

It is the only way to establish
a transcranial link

between Ms. Horton and Mr. Allen.

Joe, I'll be all right.

I'll be here the whole time.

We know.


Mr. Allen, put the cap on your head.

CAITLIN: Once Cecile has locked
onto DeVoe's brainwaves,

we'll transfer your consciousness
to his amygdala.

That's the part of the brain
that connects

emotional significance to memories.

Where the good memories are,

we will find the good part of Clifford.

Here we go, Ms. Horton.


IRIS WEST: Barry? Barry?

Is everything okay?

You've got to be kidding me.

BARRY: Guys, I'm in.

CISCO: Paint the picture. What do
you see? What's around you?

For starters, The Thinker.

I'm in the 405 bus,
in the middle of the street.

I just came out of
that same portal from before.

MARLIZE: This is where it all began.

It is the nexus of Clifford's brain.

Once you find him, get him through it,

and he can regain control of his mind.

Okay, what does he need to look for?

Our house.

All right.

Barry, what do you see?


CISCO: A little vague
for the viewers at home.

What do you mean, "nothing"?

BARRY: I mean, it's empty.

It's completely empty.

- All right, well, where should I go...
- Barry? Barry, can you hear me?


Babe, breathe.

Cecile's powers are connected
to her pregnancy.

Her contractions must be putting
a strain on her transcranial link.

No, no, no.
We need to do something about that.

But we can't stop her
from having a baby, Marlize.

We have to, Mrs. West-Allen,
or this will never work.

She is the only way to get Barry
in and out of Clifford's mind.

Everyone chill. It's not like
Cecile's gonna lose her powers

if she has this baby.

Cecile's gonna lose her powers
if she has this baby?

Won't that leave Barry stranded
in DeVoe's mind?

I'm afraid so.

Information you may have wanted
to share, like, way before now.

Joe, do you still have
that inhaler I gave you?

Yeah, it's in our hospital bag.

Okay. Most inhalers contain
the drug Terbutaline,

which can be used
to slow down contractions.

(DISTORTED) I found Thomas.

He's been this way all the time.

What the hell is that all about?

(STAMMERING) I don't know.

I'm gonna go get the inhaler.

- Cisco, cover me!
- Yeah.


Guys, we need to tell Barry
where to go next.

And fast.

Harry figured out where Marlize was.
Maybe he can...


What are you doing?



You are not frying away
what's left of you.

Help! Help!





Where DeVoe
first fell in love with Marlize.

Tell Barry to go there.

You'll find him there.



And one more thing.

(SOFTLY) Stars so loud...

Nora shouldn't be here...

I won't lose anyone else today.

I won't.

CISCO: Harry had an idea. Go to Oxford.


MARLIZE: The hamlet of Boars Hill.

The place where we fell in love.

(SIGHS) All right, I'm on my way.

All right, I'm here.

- Uh, there is a blanket, some wine.

There's a song playing on a car radio.

Our first dance.

CISCO: And DeVoe?

He's not here.

All right, guys, well...

Where to next?

DIBNY: Rookie?

Allen? What are you doing here?

Ralph? Is that really you?

Hey, man. I thought I lost you.

I... I'm so sorry, man. I... (LAUGHING)

I missed you, too, Barry.

Barry, did you just say, "Ralph"?

BARRY: Yeah, guys.
Yeah, it's Ralph. He's...

He's alive.

Wait, how are you even here?

How are you here?

- Did DeVoe... Did he get you?
- No. No, he didn't.

He... It's Cecile.
Cecile's using her telepathy

to get my consciousness
inside DeVoe's mind.

That's trippy. Why?

We need to find the good part of him,

so we can stop the bad
from starting the Enlightenment.

Have you seen him?

A good DeVoe?


Just the evil, floating-chair variety.

He visits me all the time.

He knows you're here?

Why would he need to...

In this place,
I do as I please, Mr. Allen.

I must say, the fact that
you thought I wouldn't calculate

you and your team
making this feeble attempt

is somewhat insulting.

There'll be no defeating the Big Bad
this year, Mr. Allen.

You see, you're in my mind now.

And there's no escape.

Run, Mr. Allen. Run.




He's coming... He's coming for us.
He's coming for us.

I heard his thoughts.
He's coming. He's coming. Here.

- We need to leave.
- And go where?

(STAMMERING) Okay, what are we doing?

I'm getting you out of here.

We still need to find
the good DeVoe, though.

- How?
- I don't know.

I mean, he's gonna be someplace
that means something to him.

Before he became who he is now.

You mean, like when he was
a simple history professor?

HARRISON: (SOFTLY) Stars are raining.

CISCO: Got to go. Come on!

DEVOE: Good.

We are gathered here today
to worship in song.

I suggest "Kumbaya."


A force field. (GRUNTING)

Force field, sucker.

I should never have let you build
this chair without my oversight.

It was my first miscalculation.

You've made many miscalculations.

DEVOE: Really?

Have you ever pondered
why I never pursued the Flash,

never needed his speed or his mind?


His connection to the Speed Force,

access to all of time,

past, present, future, true knowledge!

And now that you have placed him
inside my mind,

I'll have it all.

You'll have to find us first.

CISCO: DeVoe's lair? Are you crazy?

JOE: Can he find us
in this pocket dimension?

MARLIZE: I bought us some time.

Time, rhyme, fine, sign...

Cecile, we need you to try
and link up with Barry again.

I'll try.

DIBNY: Professor DeVoe?


Barry, can you hear me?

BARRY: Yeah. Yeah, Iris, I hear you.

What's wrong?

Good DeVoe, we found him.

He's dead.

I don't suppose you have
another plan, do you?

No, man, I mean, I...

This was it.

- Now...
- Now, the world belongs to The Thinker.

Allen, listen to me.

I'm stuck here.

But you're not.

You should go.

Be with your family
for whatever time is left.



Okay, first of all, it's our family,

and I'm not leaving you behind.

There's got to be another way.

Allen, you said
the only way to save the world

is by finding the good
that's left in DeVoe.

He's right here,

with a hole in his chest.

It's not the only good left in him.

Why the brakes? Are we there?


DIBNY: So that's the Hellmouth?

That's the nexus of DeVoe's mind.

Marlize said we can take control of him

if the good in DeVoe passes through it.

Allen, we know
that's not possible anymore.

Why do you think he's keeping you alive?

I mean, I couldn't figure it out,
but think about it.

If you get out, you take back control
of this body, because it's yours.

That's why he won't let you leave.

Once you get out,
DeVoe will cease to exist.

All you have to do
is make it through that portal,

and you'll regain control.

Remember who you are, Ralph. A hero.


Let's go get control.

Or how about I kill you?

A second time, if necessary.


- What was that?
- My husband.

He's getting close.


Please tell me someone else felt that.

Apologies. I had to force
an emergency shift

to another pocket dimension.
It can be unnerving.

- Nerving, serving, swerving, curving.
- CISCO: Hey, hey, hey.

- It's okay.

- What's wrong?
- No more labor suppression.

How you feeling, Cecile?

(GASPING) Like... Like I don't know
if I can do this.

You shouldn't have to.
You should be able to have our baby

just like any other parent,
in a hospital, in a regular bed,

not with all this.

Hey, look what you've done.

To our friend, my son, my daughter,

the love of my life,
everybody in this damn city!

- Dad.
- How could you ever think

that this would be better for humanity?

Dad, what did you say to me when
Barry came out of the Speed Force?

You said,
"Strength without faith means nothing."

We need to have faith that
we can get through this, together.

- How long until he finds us?
- Minutes. Maybe less.



Crap in a hat. I can't hit him.

BARRY: He can read our minds.

- Then we do this Dibny style.
- What?

We don't think. Just...

Fill your mind with something else.

Something you love.


Shrimp buffet!

It's you and me, Iris.

Shrimp platter!
Shrimp cocktail! Um...


(IN UNISON) Once again, Mr. Allen,
your best will not be good enough.

What's the plan, rookie?
I'm running out of shrimp entrees.

You're only gonna need one.

They're coming every five minutes.

- The stars are raining...

Cecile, please just focus
on not having a baby.

HARRISON: Stars are raining,
draining, paining.

He sounds just like Barry when he
came out of the Speed Force.

- Yeah. I know.
- No, I mean, he's...

He's saying the exact same words.



You should mind where you point
your weapon, Detective West.



Stay away from my girls!

- CECILE: Joe!



Hey, Attack of the Clones.

Come and get me.

- Hang on!

That was awesome.

Come on.



Now it ends.






(YELLING) How could you beat me?

I didn't.

We did.

Their emotional attachment to Mr. Dibny

have made them stronger
than you would ever be, Clifford!

But then you wouldn't understand.

No! This is not my will!

(AS DIBNY) Not anymore. It's mine.




The numbers are still rising.

Clifford's meta abilities are no
longer controlling each satellite.

If I can just override
their last command. Come on.



IRIS WEST: There's no more dark energy
anywhere in the city.

We did it.

CISCO: Oh, my stretchy so and so.

Uh, guys.

My water just broke.

Let's get her to the med lab. Quickly!

Baby's coming.

Oh, boy, baby's coming.

- Careful. Carefully.
- CECILE: Okay, okay.

CAITLIN: Come on, Harry.

Please, tell me you've done this before.

A few times.

- In med school.
- Med...

- Med school?
- Yeah.

Okay. Okay, med school. Okay.

- Joe, just relax. We got this. Okay?
- Yeah. Just breathe out.

Just breathe out.


Power's back on everywhere.

Now, the world can finally
get back to normal.

Landing, standing, tumbling, tossing,
turning, falling, falling...

- What happened to him?

He's Enlightened.

Another use of Mr. Deacon's powers.

Technological reincarnation.

- Cisco.
- He's taking over.

I told you that the Enlightenment
will come for you, Marlize.

And it will.

Remember, I thought of everything,

even this moment.

Goodbye, my love.


We're back online.

Not just that.

Sally's in a decaying orbit.

Wait. So Marlize deactivating him
triggered a literal dead-man switch?

It's falling fast.

Clifford must have increased its mass
by a thousand-fold.

Barry, the impact of something
that heavy and that fast...

- I know.
- How much time do we have?

Three minutes if we're lucky.

Okay, how do we stop something that's
gonna send us back in the Stone Age?

Together. I'll spread the word
to evacuate downtown.

Ralph, Cisco, you guys
clear the impact zone.

Barry, you've got to destroy
that satellite.


Okay, now it's time for you to push.
On three.

One, two, three.


You're doing great.


CAPTAIN: Go that way!

Ma'am, not this way. Take cover.


- Well, what is he doing?
- He's building up speed.

He's gonna use a sonic punch
to destroy it.

Given the satellite's mass
and its escalating descent,

what prevents it from destroying him?

You're doing great.

Now I need one big push, okay?

One, two, three.


Here she comes.





Thank you.


Oh, my gosh.





This will restore your friend's mind.

Thank you.

I have a lot to make amends for.

You know, Marlize,

there are still a lot
of metas out there.

I mean, we...

We could use your help.

(CHUCKLES) You have
all the support you need.

There are those, however,
that do need my help.

Before I joined
my late husband's crusade,

I used technology to better the lives
of those who had nothing.

Back then, my mechanical creations
healed the world,

not harmed it.

I'll just pick up where I left off.

- Well, good luck.
- Thank you.

- Good luck.
- Bye.


She risked everything
to try and save him.

She really loved him.

Part of her always will.

What? What is it?

That satellite,

it wasn't just me who took it down.
There was someone else.

Who? Who was it?

Another speedster.

CISCO: Hang on, Harry.
We're almost there.

Okay. I'm gonna put this on.



Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Is he okay?
- His vitals are stable.

CISCO: The program completed,
it should've worked.

- Hey, Harry.

Hey. Harry!



Don't worry.

You have been

and will always be

my friend.



- "Heal them."
- "Heal them."


Oh, my God.

Star Wars.

CISCO: I can't believe it.

- You did it. You did it. You did it.
- Oh, I can't believe it.

It's not every day you translate symbols

(LAUGHING) into binary
programming polynomials.

I don't know what that means.

(LAUGHS) Yes, you do.

No, actually I don't.
I don't know what that means.

I think that there's some...

Some short circuits
have been fried up here,

but it's fine.

What are you talking about?

I mean, I just don't understand
the... The thing you said.

It's okay, though.

What's the matter?

- Marlize said this would work.
- It did work.


You did it.

I'm back! I'm here.

I mean, maybe I'm a little more average

than I used to be up there,
but I'm here.

Harry, there's nothing average
about you.

You have seven PhDs.

Well, not anymore. (CHUCKLING)

- I was supposed to fix this.
- What's the matter?

And you did! Ramon.
Ramon, you did. You did.

You brought me back.
You brought back what matters.

So what if I'm... Look, my whole
life, I've been defined by one thing.

My IQ. And...

Somehow, you've given me

a balance

between my head and...

Thank you for the balance, Ramon.

Now, I'm gonna take that balance
to my Earth.

- CISCO: What?
- Wait, Harry. Harry, we just...

We just got you back.

No, I know, Iris.

But I have to go see my daughter.

I mean,
I might not have the intelligence

to garner seven PhDs,

but I can see one thing clearly.

Family matters.

Well, we're family, too.

Heck yeah, you are.

Each and every one of you.

I'll miss you.




- We should probably hug. Yeah!
- CISCO: 'Cause...

I was like...

CAITLIN: We're going to miss you.

- I love you guys.
- CAITLIN: We love you, too.

- BARRY: I love you, too.

There could be a million
Harrys in this multi-verse,

but you,

you're one of a kind.

I love you, too.


It's the end of an era.


- There she is.
- Hi.


Hi. Joe, she's beautiful.

Just like her mother.

I think this calls for a toast.


I said this calls for a toast!


- Sorry, I was...
- I got it.


You didn't think I'd miss my new
baby sister's first party, right?

All right.
To the newest member of Team Flash...

Jenna Marie West.

Welcome to the family.

ALL: Cheers.


Nice party.

It's so good to see everyone.

You know, I heard that the Legends
have quite some parties, too.


So, tell me, did you find
what you were looking for?

Yeah, I did. And a lot more.

- I think fighting a time-demon helped.
- Mmm.

But, Dad, look, I left Team Flash

because I felt like I was always
gonna be in Barry's shadow.

But as a Legend, I...

I learned how to be comfortable
just being me.


- I'm so proud of you, son.
- Thank you.

- Let's see your sister.
- Yes.

- IRIS WEST: Oh, hi, handsome.
- Hi.

Oh, you know, Harry was right.

- This is really all that matters.
- Mmm-hmm.

We're next, you know.


What do you mean? You wanna have
a baby now? What do you mean?

- You... Right now?
- Barry.

- What?
- Relax.

- I'm fine. I just...
- Are you?

- Mmm-hmm.
- I just meant someday.


- Not anytime in the near future.
- Right.

Oh, my God.
Let me just get you a refill.

- So you can relax.
- Thank you. That's nice. Thanks.


- Hi.
- BARRY: Hi.

- We need to talk.
- What?

Wow, this house is bitchin'.

- Huh?
- I think I've seen you before.

Didn't you spill coffee
all over Harry and me?

Yeah, did she pay for yours?
Because she paid for ours.

Weren't you the server at their wedding?

Wait. Yeah, you were.

And where did you get this jacket?


From her.

Um, no. Mine...

Mine is a one-of-a-kind, so...

So was this, uh,
when you let me borrow it.

(CHUCKLES) Who are you?

I'm your daughter, Nora,
from the future.

And I think

I made a big,

big mistake.