The Flash (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Nora - full transcript

After an unexpected guest from the future appears at their home, Barry and Iris must figure out how to get her back to the future without disrupting the timeline.

Last season, on The Flash.


- Killer Frost...
- Is gone.

It says there's still another
cryogenic anomaly in my DNA.

Killer Frost
is still a part of you.

Hang on.

That's me, right there.

Killer Frost,
she was part of you.

Even then.

How is that possible?

To the newest member
of Team Flash.

- Hi.
- Hey.

We need to talk.

- Who are you?
- I'm your daughter, Nora.

Sally's in a decaying orbit.

Okay, how do we
stop something

that's going to send us
back into the Stone Age?

Barry, you've got
to destroy that satellite.

That satellite...

it wasn'tjust me
who took it down.

There was another speedster.

Okay, let's back up.

My name is Nora West-Allen,

the fastest woman alive.

When I'm from,
30 years from now,

I'm the guardian
of Central City.

I'm a speedster,
just like my dad.

People call me XS.

Every day, I hope to live up
to the legacy of The Flash...

But I've still got
a long way to go.

You're saying
you're our daughter?

From the future?

Named Nora?

After your mother.

Anybody need a refill?

Just me?


Cisco Ramon,

always cutting the tension
with a joke.

You know our names?

Of course.
I know all of you.

You're Caitlin Snow,
Ralph Dibny,

Papa Joe, Mama Cecile.

Little Auntie Jenna.

She's so cute.

And Uncle Wally.

Uh, and your nickname is XS?

Clearly not my doing.

No, uh, it's a nickname

that you gave me
when I was a kid, Mom.


You said I did
everything in excess.

Guess I've always
been like that.

Overdoing things,
getting in way over my head.

Like, uh, recently.

This mistake that you made?

Big mistake.

Which was...

Helping you save the city

by destroying the STAR Labs
satellite last night.

You were the other speedster?

I just couldn't
stop myself

from getting involved.

But something happened
when I did, because now,

I can't seem to go fast enough
to open up the Speed Force.

Par... pardon me.

Are we talking about
actual time travel here?

Do you just like,
not pay any attention

when we have our briefings?

Y'all didn't teach him
about the Legends?

Look, nobody said bubkes
about time travel.

Shh, shh, shh. Oh!

Come on, Ralph.
You're scaring the baby.

Yeah, you're scaring the baby.

No, no, she's not scared.

She just said she's hungry.

She said that she's...

I heard her!

I read her mind!

I might not
be losing my powers!

I might not be losing
my powers!


I'm sorry.

I know how bizarre
this must seem,

meeting your daughter
from the future as an adult.

But really, this wasn't
my plan at all,

but I'm kind of stuck here now,

and you're the only people
who can help me.

So... anybody know what to do?

This is so, so weird.

Yeah, I mean, I can't believe
that's our daughter up there.

- We have been lied to before.
- Barry.

Yellow lightning like yours,
purple lightning like mine?

I mean, it's...
it's got to be her.

We're meeting our daughter
for the first time, Barry.

Yeah, well, look.
If it is true, Nora

could say the wrong thing
or step on the wrong butterfly

and screw up
the whole timeline.

I mean, she could Marty McFly
herself out of existence.

Mm, Terminator 2, yeah.

No, that's Back to the...
It doesn't matter.

Look, we just need to
be responsible, all right?

I mean, I think we need to find
a way to send her home, fast.

Barry, don't you think
future us taught our daughter

how not to screw
with the timeline?

Wow, this Speed Lab
sure is archaic, huh?

you don't know...

you know what, um...

Sorry, just... no future talk,
all right, please?

Right, I don't want
to wreck the timeline.

- Right.
- All right, Nora.

This is gonna link us up
with your biometrics.


And this little
scrunchy doohicky

is gonna analyze your
connection to the, um, uh...

The Speed Force.

The Speed Force.
Thank you.


I'll be back in a... flash.

And what does it say?

A quick analysis
of her DNA shows

patterns that are similar
to both of yours.

I knew it.
She's our daughter.

What about her
being stuck here?

Everything's normal.

She definitely has
Speed Force in her system.

She's just not going...
fast enough

to, uh, open up
a time portal, so.

How much champagne did you
have at Joe and Cecile's?

This is the first
opportunity I have

to process my breakup
with Gypsy, okay?

How was I supposed to know

that your future daughter

was gonna come show up

and crash my pity party?

How was I supposed
to "ancipitate" that?

Crap, I was supposed
to meet Singh

- at CCPD an hour ago.
- Okay.

Hey, Wally, can you
do me a favor?

Can you take the sample
to the Legends

to see if they
have any insight?

And maybe,
worst comes to worst,

we can take her home
on the Waverider?

- Yeah, I got it.
- All right.

Okay, just...
I'll hurry back.

Keep an eye on her.

New ID, keys to the lab.

You are officially reinstated
as our CSI tech, Allen.

Thanks, Captain.

Oh, one more thing.

We didn't fill your position
while you were away,

so there are a few cases
waiting for you in your lab.

Get to them fast as you can.

Welcome back, Allen.

"A few"?

- Ahh!
- What you working on?

- I don't...
- You are crazy behind.

Hey, so I thought you were
gonna stay at STAR Labs,

with, um... with your...

Iris... mom.

With your mom.

You know
I'm a forensic scientist too?

CCU grad, just like you.
5.6 GPA.

I could help you
get through this.

Oh, I don't know.
I mean, it's...

So the fire marshal
at this site says

crazing in the melted glass
suggests a liquid accelerant.

Mm, any petroleum-based
household product

could cause crazing.

Well, like floor wax,
or shag rugs, even balloons.

Yeah, the glass
melts under the surface,

like ice cream in the cracks
of a waffle cone.

Oh, like when
you get two scoops

of cookie dough ice cream
with extra sprinkles

at the Mason Family
Ice Cream Shop in...

Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

My parents used to
take me there when I was a kid.

It's my favorite dessert.

Mine too.

Hey, look, I'm sorry,
um, you're obviously

good at forensics,
but you shouldn't interfere.

I mean, people like us,
we need to be responsible.

Right! Uh, timeline.

The timeline, yeah.

All available units,

M-0-3 in progress,
10th and Neely.

M-0-3, that's a meta attack.

Yeah, my suit's all torn up.

I don't have anything to...

Direct from Cisco's
back closet.

One first-edition
red emblem OG super suit.

Total fan favorite.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Uh, I'm...
I'm gonna handle this.

You just... no, no, no.

Uh, you... stay.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Seriously, please.

Now I'm gonna...

Going old-school
today, Flash?

Yeah, it's a little tighter
than I remember, though.

Hey, uh, you might
want to do something.

Now it's my turn, Flash.

Gridlock? Schway!

- What are you doing?
- No, no.

I just... I just wanted...


Oh, grife.
You're mad at me.

No, Nora, we're not.
We're just...

Please don't say

That's so much worse.

I mean, I just didn't think
it was a big deal.

It was only Gridlock.

Oh, Gridlock, huh?

Boy, the future's got some
great names.

This lighting!

How did you know
who he is?

Flash Museum.

Did you say...

- "Flash Museum"?
- Yeah.

It has all the villains and
battles in chronological order.

I've studied everything.

So you know this guy's
real name?

Mr. Myles, the curator,

he scrubbed all the names
for legal reasons.

But it really shouldn't matter.

I mean, Gridlock
was a one-and-done.

You guys beat him in one try,

or at least...
you were supposed to.

Ugh, now, because of me,
he's on the run,

and the timeline's
all messed up again, and I...

Nora, hey, look, look.

I've made way bigger mistakes
than this time traveling.

We'll get this guy... you don't
need to worry about that...

but the longer you stay here,
the more things might change.

We need to get you home.

But I can't go fast enough
to get home.

What about the tachyon
absorption enhancer?

The one that Thawne used
to increase his speed?

Ooh, and if we charge it up,

we could uh, boost
the Speed Force in her cells,

like some kind of, um...

thing that boosts
Speed Force in cells.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's a good idea.

Let's... okay,
finding Gridlock

and getting Nora home
need to be our priorities.

No, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

- Wait.
- Loud!

Okay, so... but this
needs to be our priority.

Now, I realize that
you're all way ahead of me

in this time-travel business,
but guys,

I think I just
discovered something.

So if... if Nora can time travel,

that means she can create
new timelines, right?

New timelines means that
parallel timelines can exist.

So, guys, I think that a whole
other universe could exist.

I know, I know, I know.

It sounds crazy,
but think about it.

There could be an Earth
where we're all bad guys,

or another Earth where
there's no world hunger,

or... or another Earth where...

where they never made that
last "Indiana Jones" movie.

Think of the possibilities.

It's like some kind
of a manyverse.

And everybody knows
about the manyverse.

and so do you, Ralph.

Breacher? Gypsy? Harry?

What did you think we meant
when we said

Harry was from Earth-2?

That he is from Earth "also."

Oh, my God.

You guys really need to make,
like, a welcome pamphlet,

or at least a PowerPoint
or something.

Hey, Ralph, buddy?

Can we get off time travel,
maybe, please?

Let's focus on finding
Gridlock, all right?

Thank you.

I'm gonna go to CCPD,

see what I can dig up.

Okay, I'll stay with Nora.

- Let's just make sure...
- I know.

Protect the timeline.

You thirsty?

Okay, latte for me,
and a decaf Flash for you.


Dad's lightning bolt is way
cooler than Lightning Lad's.

And do you think
he's gonna be back soon?

Well, you know your dad.

Whenever there's a problem,
he's gotta run off and fix it.

But, you know,

this gives us
a chance to connect.

You're not worried about
messing things up, like he is?

I... well, I just, I...

want to get to know you
a little.

How about this?

I will ask you questions

about your life,
and if I'm right,

you just blink twice.

I mean, blinking never
broke the timeline, right?

Okay, yeah, I mean,
if you really want to.

Yeah, I think
it'll be really fun.

Okay, um, so let's see.

You are a reporter
for a newspaper

that you can only read
on Instagram.

Um, okay, you... you are a cop.

You're a... a CSI?

You're a CSI.

Just like your dad.

Okay, well,
what about you and I?

Do we... do we, like,
have dinner every Sunday?

Do we talk on the phone?

Do we still get coffee
at Jitters?

- Uh...
- Was that a blink?

Uh, no, I just...
I have something in my eye.

You know, a coffee in my time
at Jitters is $43 a cup.

- Wow.
- That's one thing

I really like about now.

2018 is way schway.

- "Schway"?
- Oh.

Yeah, I guess it's
a future thing.

Oh... oh, no. Oh, "schway."

No, I know, I'm hip.
I know what schway means.

Like, I'm schway,
you're schway.

We're... we're schway, baby.


Do you think maybe Caitlin
and Cisco need any help?

I can't believe I'm wearing
the same tachyon enhancer

my dad used to meet Supergirl
for the first time.

All set.

Wait, what happened
to the second version?

The smaller one that was
inside the emblem

of my dad's second suit?

Um, if he wore that one,
he could harness tachyons

and share them with me.

Hey, fangirl, relax.

We know.

Did all these suits shrink?

And why does it smell so bad?

Because it's the one you used

when you swam against
King Shark.

Oh, yeah, yeah.


Zoom wants you dead!

Yeah, yeah.

I know King Shark
is technically a bad guy,

but you should see...
just wait.

- When he fights Grodd, it's...
- Um!

Spoiler alert.

We should get going,
actually, let's...


Then this is goodbye.

From your guys'
perspectives, at least.

I'll see you again
in a minute and 27 seconds,

but when you see me again,
I'll be a baby.

Get home safe, Nora.

I'm sorry

we didn't get to spend
more time together.

Oh, it's fine, Mom.

We spend our
whole lives together.

All right.

Did they already leave?

Yeah, why?
What's up?

We have to stop them.

I'm sorry I was too late.

It took me a while to find
where the Legends were.

Well, when they were.

But we got their Gideon

to scan Nora's blood sample.

- What'd she find?
- Negative tachyons.

Negative tachyons?

So, what, instead of speeding
you up, they slow you down?


Oh, damn, I was just joking.

That's a real thing?

Yeah, Ava and her team
at the Time Bureau

have encountered them before,
but no one knows

where they come from
or how they're generated.

Like dark matter
for the space time continuum.

Exactly, and they're
saturating Nora's body

and keeping her from
entering the Speed Force.

What about the Waverider?
Can the Legends take her back?

If negative tachyons
come anywhere near

the Rider's time drives,

uh, the reaction
will vaporize the ship.

Well, there's got to be a way
to get rid of them, right?

I mean, I don't know
about getting rid of them,

but maybe we can offset

the tachyon
absorption enhancer

to negate the reaction somehow.

A new meta
was last seen...

Hey, guys.

Jumping off a building
in order to

evade capture
after stealing...

How did we miss this?

I guess this is a parting gift
from DeVoe.

Without our STAR Labs
satellite, we've lost

our eyes, our ears,
our dark matter scanner,

our facial recognition...
I mean, we're always

gonna be one step
behind these metas now.

I'll work on this.

Why don't you guys
go help Ralph

with the Gridlock
crime scene, okay?

- Uh, I can come help.
- Please, no, just...

we just can't let this
get any worse, all right?

Just relax, okay?

How's your
investigation going?

Uh, it just
doesn't really add up.

I mean, if Eddie wanted to
erase Thawne from existence,

why didn't he just
have a vasectomy?

Right, uh,
nobody's talking.

Probably because
they're afraid

Gridlock will attack them.

Right, but maybe if I had
Killer Frost at my side,

people would be
a little more willing

to tell us what they know.

Ralph, Killer Frost
has been gone

since the night that DeVoe
took over your body.

Jeez Louise,
no one tells me anything.

- Is she gone for good?
- I hope not.

But I've tried everything
I can think of

to get her to reappear.

You don't have
any other leads?

Cisco vibed me back to when

Killer Frost and I
were younger.

You've been a meta
since you were a kid?

- I guess so.
- How?

- I have no idea.
- Did you see anything else?

- Just that my dad was there.
- Well, that's something.

Except my dad's
been dead for years.

But none of this
matters right now.

We have much more pressing
things to deal with.

Hey, come look at this.

I present Gridlock.

A mystery in three acts.

Please note
the dark matter levels.

Act One, Gridlock attacks the
cops before Barry shows up.

Okay, but these
dark matter levels

are perfectly normal
for a man of his size.

Until Act Two.

He gets lightning punched
by Barry.

His dark matter levels

Which brings us
to our third and final act...

Gridlock hits back.

Even higher.

How... how is that possible?

It isn't, unless every time
Gridlock got hit,

his cells absorbed
the kinetic energy.

That would increase
his dark matter quotient,

thereby increasing his powers.

If this is true, then whatever
movement he's exposed to...

The stronger he's gonna get.

So, if Gridlock keeps moving,
he becomes unstoppable.

So, figure it out yet?

Whatever these negative
tachyons are,

it feels a lot more
like science fiction

than actual science.

I wasn't asking
about the science.

I was asking about
the scientist.

You and Nora, you guys
have such a strong connection.

I mean, it's...
it's effortless.

So why are you so intent
on sending her back?

I mean, what do you mean?

First of all, she can't
stop talking about the future.

But... I mean, you know
the danger that her being here

poses to the timeline.

Yeah, I do,
but I also know you, Barry.


You're the guy
that went back in time

to borrow Snart before he died.

I know.

You're also the same guy
that travelled to 2020

to figure out who Savitar was,
and 2015 to train with Wells.

You changed fate
to save my life.

So, now that our daughter
is here in front of us,

asking for our help,
you expect me to believe

that you're worried
about the timeline?

Nora shouldn't be here.

Look, I'm...

- I've always wanted a family.
- I know.

You know, and when
we got married,

I knew that one day,
we'd decide to have a baby.

We would try,
and you'd get pregnant.

I'd be there for the sonogram,
I'd hear her first heartbeat,

and then she'd come.

And we'd take her home,
see her first smile,

her first tooth,
the first time I read to her.

Her first steps.
The first time she ran.

But her being here now,
don't you feel like

we missed all those firsts?

That we skipped
all the good stuff?

Baby, we will still have
all of those firsts.

Just not in that order.

But my whole life's
been out of order.

These powers, time travel...

that's the reason
my mom was killed,

why I grew up
with my dad in prison.

They missed so many firsts.
They missed our wedding.

I know.

I don't know, I just thought
that when it was our turn

to have a kid,
that life would let us

have this one little thing
the normal way.

Just once.

But we lost that chance.

No, we're not losing anything
by having her here now.

We're only gaining
something extra, Barry.

And look,
if we figure this out,

I mean, by the time
we do have a baby,

we are gonna be
the best parents ever.

- Maybe you're right.
- I know I'm right.

You're gonna be there to put
that quarter under her pillow,

and you're gonna be there

to drive her to her
first day of school,

and you're gonna be there
to cheer on her first run.

And we are gonna have
all of those firsts.

I promise.

And think about it.

We have a kid
who defied the laws of physics

to hang out with her parents.

I mean, that's pretty...
that's pretty schway.

Yeah, as eager as she is,
you'd think that she's the one

that grew up
with a parent in...

What's wrong?

Um, nothing.

I'm... I'm gonna be right back.



What happens to me
in the future?

You said that you spend
your whole life with your mom,

but you didn't
say the same for me.

My poker face
is that bad, huh?

I need to know.

How long?

You never come back.

How old were you
when it happened?

I was born, um, a few years
before you vanished,

but I don't have
any memories of you.

So the wedding was...

Was pretty much
the first time I met you.

I'd imagined so many
different things to say to you.

Still can't believe I went with
"Remember to say 'I do.'"

I guess things don't always
go the way you plan them.

You're not stuck here,
are you?

I found it
in the museum archive.

Negative tachyons,
harnessed on demand.

Really should work
on that poker face, I guess.

This didn't have to
be a secret.

Why did you keep this from us?

Because if you knew
I could have gone home,

you would have sent me back

the second I walked
into Grandpa's house.

I mean,
it's like you said, Dad.

Speedsters have
to be responsible.

But... but I'm
not responsible, am I?

I'm... just selfish

and really, really bad
at being a speedster.

Nora, you're not bad.

I mean, I can do
some cool things, you know?

Sometimes, I run so fast,
I reverse time a bit,

but I can't do
the things you can.

I don't even know
how to phase yet.

Guess there's only so much
you can learn from a museum.

What about your mom?

Yeah, I... she's around,
you know?

It's just, uh...
just me and her.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I know.

I shouldn't have lied.

I just wanted
to see you so badly

and spend a day with you.

Go for a run
for the first time together.

I missed all your firsts.

I was so worried about
screwing up your childhood

and screwing up
our family, but...

I'm not even there.

Barry, we need you
in the Cortex.

It's about Gridlock.

- I...
- I'm fine. Um...

you need to go fix my mess,
and then I can go home.

I scanned the crime scene
photos and got a match.

This is not Lang's first rodeo.

CCPD put out a warrant
for him for carjacking.

He killed
the whole crew inside.

And now he absorbs
kinetic energy?

He only gets stronger
if you punch him,

you shoot him,
you throw him into traffic.

Which could only
make the traffic worse.

God, I'd hate to be stuck
in that gridlock.

Gridlock... Gridlock...

I came up with the name.

I am fortune's fool.

So how do we find this guy
without Sally the satellite?

We don't need a satellite
to hack a cell phone.

And if we want to find his
cell phone, we'll find it...

By the airport?

Got it, 'cause he's on a plane
that just took off.

Central City Air,
flight number 5201.

Why would he get on a plane?

Because he's gonna crash it.

We are currently cruising
at 34,000 feet.

We anticipate
a smooth flight,

so sit back and enjoy...

Excuse me, sir.

If you could please
fasten your seatbelt

until we reach
cruising altitude

and the captain turns off
the seatbelt sign.

Are you gonna buckle
that thing in too?

Well, it must be
something priceless

to get its own seat.

Jewels, maybe.

The plane just lost
an engine.

It's headed for downtown.

If Gridlock takes out
the other engine,

the pilot won't be able
to avoid the buildings.

Thousands of people will die.

Not if you phase the plane
through the buildings.

I read about you
doing the same thing

to a plane in the future
when you were fighting Mob Rule.

Can you two do that?

A plane?

No... I mean, no,
I don't think so.

I mean, I think it's too big.

The three of us.

I mean, the three of us
might be able to do it.

No, I can't phase anything.

I can't even phase myself,
let alone at G-Force.

Wait, G-For...
G-Force, that's it.

The plane is still ascending.

Once he blows up
the other engine,

it's gonna slow down
and point downwards

before it starts its descent.

That'll give us
about ten seconds

- of zero Gs on the plane.
- Yeah.

And zero Gs
means no kinetic energy,

means Gridlock has no powers.

Can you breach them
onto the plane?

A plane goes way too fast.

I'd need to see it in person.

- Then go.
- But I don't have a suit.

I actually have a backup.

I got more than just a list
of metas from that museum.

Damn, Gina. I made that?

Uh, Ryan Choi, actually.

Oh, this is a supersuit.

- No offense.
- None taken.

Guys, he just took out
the other engine.

You can do this.

Uh, don't drink and vibe.
I feel like I'm gonna hurl.

It's slowing.

Guys, you've got
ten seconds.











Okay, everybody stay calm,
all right?

Just stay calm.

All right, come on.

Hey, take a wall, all right?

We got this.

Barry, hurry.

- It's not working.
- What?

I can't do this.

All right, yes...
listen to me, just breathe.

Feel the floor
beneath your feet.

Feel the rumble of the plane.

Feel the air.

Feel that wind on your face,

- and the lightning.
- And the lightning.

Feel its electricity
pumping through your veins,

traveling to
every nerve in your body

like a shock
you never want to end.

You are no longer you now.

You're no longer you.

You're part of
something greater.

You're part of
something greater.

Part of the Speed Force.

That's right.

All right, it's ours.

Now, let's do it.

Everybody hold on!

Hold on!

Are you okay?


You phased.

For the first time!

Well, Gridlock's off
to Iron Heights' meta wing.

Where he won't be moving
from for a very long time.

Thanks to your help.

I'm glad we got to team up.

Me too.

Ladies and gentlemen,

say hello to the tachyon
absorption enhancer 2.5,

now complete with
completely recalibrated

Time Bureau technology.

We haven't tested it yet,
but it should counterbalance

the negative tachyons
in Nora's cells.

Here you go, Billy Pilgrim.

Consider yourself
unstuck in time.

So I can run home now?


maybe we hit pause
on this thing.

You want Nora to stay?

Um, yeah, I thought

getting her home
was our priority.

No, it is, I just...

now, I'm thinking that
maybe we should make sure

her powers
are working correctly

before we send her home.

And what about the timeline?

It's risky, but I don't know.

I mean, Wally and I
were talking about it.

Yeah, the Legends
have a theory.

Uh, there are some historical
events that are soft.

Basically, you change those,

it's not going
to affect much else,

like catching Gridlock late.

And then, there are those
that are fixed.

You mess with them,
and all sorts of craziness

starts to happen.

Like the night my mom died.

Changing that
created Flashpoint.

It looks like Nora
is gonna need a place to stay.

Uh, yes, and I'll stay
in the lounge.

What lounge?

This lounge.


- Damn.
- Dad.

- You found my spot.
- You knew about this?

I've been napping in here
since day one.

Uh, well, Nora
was gonna stay here,

if that's all right with you.

Okay, well, now I can
get to know my granddaughter.


I'm sorry, you met Elvis?

Met him?

Uncle Wally fought the ghost
of his twin brother.

I, uh... I went to a monastery,

and I was trying
to find myself,

but I was really close.

Then, the Legends came,
they swooped me up,

and life got even more crazy.

You want to go back,
don't you?

I can't.
I mean, I just got here.

I don't want to leave the team.
I don't want to leave you.

Wally, everybody in this room
loves you, especially me.

But you didn't finish
what you set out to do,

and nobody's
gonna get in your way.

So promise me, when you find
what you're looking for,

come back,
or you're gonna have

a very angry-looking dad
in your Zen garden.

Will you take care of him,

You got it, Kid Flash.


You okay?


I thought I missed out on
my chance to connect with Nora,

but now that she's staying,
I get another shot.

If you could have seen her
on that plane,

you'd know that you guys
are already connected.


She was fearless,
just like you.

- We have a daughter together.
- Yeah.

We make a person.

In the end,
everything works out.

We get our happy ending.


If Barry can go back in time,

why didn't he stop
the Thinker from killing me?

Kidding, I'm kidding.

Guys, I'm kidding.

I realize that could have upset

the delicate balance
of the universe.

Besides, if he did that,
who knows?

He might have created
a timeline where

I died in that particle
accelerator explosion.

Wishful thinking.

I'm glad you're here,

and I'm glad that we don't
have to hold your hand

through the time travel thing;
you're figuring it out.

Yeah, well, time travel's
not the only mystery I solved.

While you guys
were fighting Gridlock,

I was, uh, running this down.

- What's this?
- An answer.

And a lot more questions.

It's my father's
death certificate.

A friend at county
helped me out with that.

The ME who signed off on it,
Cameron Mahkent?

He doesn't exist.

So then,
this death certificate...

Is a fake.

You should get some rest.
You've had a long day.

Ooh, I'll try.

I'm just so excited.
Like, literally.

Phasing excited all of
the electron clouds in my body.

Well, if you're not tired,

two scoops of cookie dough
ice cream sound good right now.

From Happy Harbor?

If that's okay with you.

It is, yeah.

Just, uh, bring me back
some mint chip.

My name is Nora West-Allen,

and I'm the
fastest woman alive.

When I was a child,
my father disappeared

in something impossible.

Then I grew up
and became the impossible.

Now I'm trying to live up
to the legacy he created

so that one day, I'll stop him
from ever disappearing.

I'm XS.

How schway is that?

Stay where you are.

Freeze, don't move.

Who the hell are you?

Wh... what do you want?

For all of you to die.

Greg, move your head.