The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Family of Rogues - full transcript

Barry and the team ally with the kidnapped Captain Cold's sister, but Barry feels duped when he learns Snart is working on something with his father; Joe faces a difficult decision.

My name is Barry Allen,
and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,
I'm an ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, with the help
of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

I hunted down the man
who killed my mother,

but in doing so, I opened up
our world to new threats,

and I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

How come you haven't given me a code name?

What do you think I should be called?

Golden Glider.

Smart is sexy, Cisco.

Why didn't you just kill me?

Well, I guess you owe me one now too.

My name is Jay Garrick.

Where I came from,
I was a speedster, like you.

When you created the
Singularity above Central City,

you also created a portal
connecting our two earths.

I somehow ended up in your world.

There isn't just one breach.
There's 52 of them.

But the most significant breach of all

appears to be here, inside S.T.A.R. labs.

Hey, Iris. What's up?

Barry, I need your help, now!

- Were those gunshots?
- Yeah.

I'm at Baldwin Tower!
I can't find a way out.

Window... is there window?

Over here!

Yeah, up ahead.

Okay, I'm by the window. Why?

Okay, great, you're gonna need to jump.

What? Are you crazy? Barry, no way.

Iris! Do you trust me?

Yes. I trust you.

Okay, then jump.

I can do this. I can do this.

- All right. You good?
- Yeah.

All right. Wait...
how many guys are up there?

Two. They both have guns.


Okay, now they're taking little naps

till the CCPD wakes them.

So what exactly were you thinking?

I got a hot lead on a real estate scam.

I mean, these guys have been
illegally evicting people,

breaking up families.

Okay, look, no story is worth your life.

Thank you for coming!


I can't wait to write about this.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Still can't believe what I'm looking at.

52 breaches in Central City,
and the biggest one

just happens to be in our basement.

- We need a name for it.
- It's not a pet, Cisco.

No, it's a wormhole.

Professor Stein, what are you doing?

Your blood pressure is 147 over 82!

You could pass out again.

Oh, it's merely a few points

above the 140 average for someone my age.

Besides, I have some ideas
I would like to contribute

to this discussion, Dr. Snow.

And I want to hear them.

This isn't just a wormhole.
It's my way home.

Back to Earth Two.

Jay, you really think that we can use this

as some kind of bridge
from your world to ours?

Zoom uses the breaches. Why can't we?

We don't know how.

Everything I put through just bounces back.

If Zoom's using these
breaches to transport people

from Earth Two, maybe it takes a speedster.

- He's not gonna...
- Yeah, he is.

Maybe I'm not fast enough.

I don't believe your speed

is the entirety of the issue, Barry.

It might be the breach's stability

or lack thereof. He's right.

We need to think of the breach as a door,

and on Earth Two, there's another door.

In between, we have a hallway,

but the hallway's constantly shifting,

twisting, collapsing upon itself.

And the doors keep moving with it.

So we stabilize the door,
we stabilize the hallway.

And then I can jump through it.

Exactly, it would serve
as a kind of cannon.

A speed cannon.

We should hang out more.

All right. No more tests today.

All of you are leaving now, as am I.

Cherish the gift of youth

as I will go cherish my much needed nap.

Clarissa's already on
her way to pick me up.


You're wearing your wedding ring.

Divorced men take them off. Widowers don't.

I need you to leave town.

And you thought you could pay me

to walk away from my own daughter?

Last time, you walked away for free.

No amount of money is gonna
keep me away from Iris.

It has been 20 years, Francine.

Why did you show up now?

Now I'm different.

Now I'm ready.

No. Now you're too late.

Iris is fine without you.

You've done...

You've done a wonderful job, Joe.

Better then I ever could,

but right now, she needs her mother.

Losing the love of your
life isn't something

you can just get over in a few months.

I would know.

Would you?

You have 48 hours to leave Central City.

I'm not going anywhere.

Hey! Hey! The Flash!


The drinks that they're serving today.

They're called "The Flash."

A brewed coffee with an
extra shot of espresso

to keep you running all day.

But you should maybe just,
you know, have one of those.

Yeah, no, my...
my friends, ordered these.

I didn't even realize...

Are you sticking around to celebrate?

I don't know, should I?

You know, actually, never mind, I can't.

I have to head into work.

- Okay.
- But it was great to see you.

- Yeah, good to see you.
- Okay, bye.

Bye, Patty.

- All right, four Flashes.
- Mm-hmm.

Be careful... apparently,
they are super-caffeinated.

First I have a day named after me.
Now I have a drink.

Well, all the things you do,
rebuilding this place,

protecting people...
everyone's appreciative, right?

- Mm-hmm, I'll drink to that.
- Yeah.

Hey, you guys think
Professor Stein is okay, right?

I mean, Clarissa would call
if there was anything wrong.

- Yeah.
- All right.

I'm just gonna call and check in.

I'll be back. Uh...

I don't see that call going well.

Young lady,

these repeated intrusions are interrupting

what should be a speedy recov...

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Don't apologize.

You can bump into me any day, Cisco.

Lisa Snart.

You here to double-cross us again,

or are you and your big bro
holding up coffee shops now?

I need your help.

In your dreams, Sister Cold.
You know I could call The Flash.

He'd be here in like two
seconds... Probably one.

Call him.

Oh, okay. I'm gonna call him. Mm-hmm.

You really want me to call The Flash?

I need his help too.

My brother's been kidnapped.

All right, so you really want us

to just believe that
Captain Cold was kidnapped?

- I saw it happen.
- Mm-hmm.

Last night, Lenny, me, and Mick

were knocking over the cashier's cage

at Central City Racetrack.

Does it physically pain your family

not to rob people?

I never finished the job.

After Mick torched
through the side entrance,

I looked back for Lenny
and saw him getting thrown

into the back of a van.

And why didn't you and Mick follow?

I would have.

Someone hit me from
behind and knocked me out.

When I came to, Lenny was gone,

and Mick already made off with the cash.

How do we know this isn't
some kind of a trap?

If Lenny wanted Flash dead,

he would have let Mardon,
Simmons, and Bivolo

take that honor, remember?

- Yeah, I remember.
- Good.

Then you'll also recall
that you owe Lenny a favor

for saving your life.

Time to make good on that debt, Flash.

I do not like her.

Yeah, but she makes a point.

What? We should at least hear her out.


Even if I wanted to help,
how are we supposed to find him?

Not a problem.

See, when I rebuilt the cold gun,

I didn't have time to
place a tracker on it,

so I devised a method of locating it

by borrowing some military technology.

See, the gun works the
same as thermal imaging,

only instead of infrared heat signatures,

it's looking for
ultraviolet cold signatures.

Whoa, look at that.

The gun's UV thermal
reading was last picked up

at 5th and Hoyt eight minutes ago.

All right. Let's see if you're a liar.



Are you okay?



I'm supposed to be here to rescue you.

That's not necessary.

You can speed along now.

Look, Snart, if these guys
are making you do this...

No one makes me do anything.

Then why does your sister
think you've been kidnapped?

What's taking so long?

I got held up.

Always the excuse with you.

Look at that.

I didn't think you had it in you, son.

Thanks, Dad.

Come on.

We're behind schedule.

You know what they say.
"Live fast, die young."

Talk to me. What's going on?

Cisco! Snart hit me with his cold gun.

His vitals are bottoming out!

I'm bringing the heat right now.


The suit. What's happening?

Therma-threading, baby.

It's a little something I added

for situations exactly like this one.

Please, please tell me it's working.

Yeah, it works, but Snart's gone,

and Lisa has a lot of explaining to do.

So your brother was not kidnapped.

He was pulling a job with your father.

What? No, Lenny would never do that.

Oh, just like he would never

try and kill The Flash with his cold gun.

Are you sure it was my dad?

- That's him.
- Lewis Snart.

Convicted of larceny, armed robbery,

aggravated assault,
assault with a deadly weapon.

You have to believe me.
Lenny would never work with him.

He's a bad guy.

You and your entire family are criminals.

Why should we trust anything you say?

I didn't get this scar being a criminal.

I got it being a daughter.

Let me go. I got this.

I see you found my hiding spot.

This is usually where I come

to, you know, get away.

First time my father came after me,

I was seven.

Second time, I was eight.

That's when I learned
that a bottle hurts worse

than a fist.

He used to say he was
trying to teach us lessons.

I must have been a slow learner,

because the lessons never stopped.

I'm sorry, Lisa.

Lenny practically raised me.

If it weren't for him,

I would have turned out a lot worse.

I know, how could I be any worse?

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

But believe me, there is worse.

And, look, he may be a jerk brother,

but he's the only jerk brother I've got.

He protected me.

Now it's my turn.

If he's with my dad,

he is in serious trouble.


You've gotta find out what's going on.

Hey, baby.


What are you doing here?

Came to check in

on my favorite crime-fighting reporter.


Actually, there's something
I need to talk to you about.

Hey, Iris.

Editorial needs your photos and story ASAP.

Congratulations, Detective.

Your daughter's exposé
just made the front page.


I am so happy for you.

A little bit jealous, but I'll get over it.

Thanks, Linda. I got lucky.

No, she's being modest.

Your daughter's a serious badass.

You don't have to tell me.

Well, better let you get back to work.

Wait, there was something that you wanted

to talk to me about, right?

Later, it can wait. Go be fabulous.


Back from the dead so soon, Barry?

Pass me the salt.

Don't spill. It's bad luck.

Why are you working with Lewis?

Lisa told us you hate him.

Things are...

complicated with family,

as you know with your own parents, hmm?

Tell me what's going on.

Let me help you.

Don't waste your time trying to save people

who don't want to be saved.

Yeah, well, maybe it's not
just about you, all right?

I'm betting whatever you two are up to,

innocent people are gonna get hurt.

Don't worry, I remember our deal.

You leave me alone, I
make sure no one dies.

All right.

You're a criminal, Snart,

but you live by a code.

It sounds to me like Lewis doesn't,

like he won't care if people die.

That's why I can't leave this alone.

Then everyone will know who
The Flash is under that mask.

I don't care.

I will take you down anyway. Both of you.

We'll see about that.

Thanks for dinner.

Iris' mom is alive.

I lied to Iris, you, everybody.


I felt like I didn't have a choice.

Francine did so many things wrong.

Just about everything.

I don't know.

Now I feel like my one
wrong might be worse.

Look, Joe.

I've known you for,
you know, most of my life,

and I know that you
always have a good reason

for the decisions you make.

And obviously, you were worried

that Iris would go down the wrong path

if Francine raised her.

Look at Snart.

He's a criminal because
he had Lewis for a father.

That could have been me.

Oh, come on. Never.

Yeah, because I had you.

And so did Iris.

You just gotta trust in
that and tell her the truth.

Yeah, how do I do that without hurting her?

She's not a little girl anymore.

You should have seen her
in action the other day,

putting her neck on the line for a story.

She can handle anything that comes her way.

I just lied to her for so long,

I'm scared she's not gonna
understand or forgive me.

I could lose her.

No, she's gonna forgive you.

You just gotta give her a chance.

We make our move at 9:00.

That's when the cleaning crews go in

and the daytime shift leaves.

Now we'll go up in the service elevator

to the 27th floor.

They got a two-man team of armed guards

working the 27th through 29th floor,

but if we time it perfectly
with their shift change,

we should be able to get in and out.

And if the timing doesn't work out?

Then those guards don't make it home.

But if we start on the top floor,

there's a service elevator that will...

Son, you and I both know

that there's casualties
in this line of work.

Rutenberg, you're the tech guy.

Did you find a solution
for the vault hallway?

Not yet.

That Draycon Systems
keypad's gonna be a problem.

Fine. How about you?

You gonna disappoint me too,
or is that freeze gun of yours

gonna look after the power source

for the laser grid?

It's a cold gun, and yes,

but I have a better way
to get past the lasers.

That gun is the only reason you're here,

so shut up before I make you...

Ow, my... my head.

Oh! My head! Aah!

Feels like it's gonna...

Nobody talks to my son that way.


Don't worry, sir.
I waited for you this time.

Okay, I may have done a
quick preliminary assessment

of my own.

Something is definitely weird.

- Oh.
- Decapitation.

- Yeah.
- Yikes.

We're still recovering parts
of the head, so the ID

is taking a little longer than normal.


Sorry, I thought I stepped on an ear.

I didn't. If I did, I'd be hearing things.

Oh, hell no.

Doesn't look like the head was sliced off

with any weapon I'm familiar with,

and I'm familiar with most weapons.

Yeah, you're right.

Perforation around the
neck... it's too jagged.

It's almost like the head was blown off.

Like a meta-human who
can explode heads, right?

Not necessarily.

Traces of thermite.

- Bomb residue?
- Uh-huh.

But then why wasn't the rest
of the body blown apart?

- I don't know.
- The victim is David Rutenberg,

security systems expert,
and guess who's on his list

- of known associates.
- Hmm?

- Lewis Snart.
- Lewis Snart.

Isn't he related to Leonard
Snart, aka Captain Cold?

- Please don't call him that.
- Okay.

- One second.
- Sure.

Come here. I think this guy
is part of Snart's crew.

So Snart put a bomb in
him to keep him in line?

No, Snart wouldn't do that,
but his father would.

So Lewis is killing people,

and Snart's still working with him?

What happened with the deal you had?

Maybe he doesn't have a choice.

So you think Lewis put
a bomb in his own son

to force him to pull off a heist?

Snart still wouldn't do it.

He'd dig the bomb out of
his own head if he had to.

So it must be something
else that Snart cares about.

The only thing Snart
cares about is his sister.

Thought you might be hungry.

Ah, good to know whatever Earth you go to,

there's always a Big Belly Burger.

Thank you very much.

Looks like you're making progress.

Should be able to do this a lot faster.

You miss it, your speed?

Yeah. Surprising how much.

So what will you do when
you go back to your Earth?

I don't know.

Guess I'll just have to
get used to being...



Two years ago, I was just a scientist

slowly trying to save the
world by purifying heavy water

without residual radiation.

Important work.

Yeah, it was,

but after the Particle
Accelerator exploded,

I didn't need to wait years
for my research to save a life,

I could save one before breakfast.

I could save 50 before going to sleep.

There's nothing like that rush.

You guys have been fighting so
many battles, one after another,

I'm not sure Barry's had
time to take it in,

to appreciate how great it can feel.

Being a superhero isn't always
about how fast you can run.

It's about helping however you can,

wherever you're needed most.

I think that Jay Garrick,
physicist, has just as much

to contribute as Jay Garrick, superhero.

Maybe more.

You know what would help me
build the speed cannon faster?

- Hmm?
- An extra set of hands.

Specifically ones with
a surgeon's precision.


Sure, if you think I can really help.

Hey, Caitlin?

We need you up here, like, right now.


Oh, boy.

What is it?

there are traces of thermite on your skin.


Like an explosive?

Not like an explosive.

It's a bomb.

When you were knocked out,

your dad must have injected you with it.

Hey, Dad, what's up?

Your message was pretty
cryptic, even for you.

Hey, baby, I need you to sit down.

Dad, what's going on?


When I was still a beat cop,

me and my partner were on patrol,

and dispatch came on the radio.

A little girl had called in.

She said her mom had taken some pills

and she wouldn't wake up.

And the little girl gave the address.

The address was mine.

By the time I got here,
your mother was unresponsive.

Passed out on the couch.

And in the kitchen, the stove was on.

There you were, standing in front

of an open flame.

If I hadn't gotten here when I did...

- Wait, my mom...
- Your mom was a drug addict.

This wasn't the first time

something like that had happened.

I got Francine into another rehab,

and a couple days later,

she was gone.

I looked everywhere for her,
but wife of a cop,

she knew how to disappear.

I couldn't stand...

the thought of you growing up

thinking you were abandoned.

Going to sleep at night thinking

your mother left because you weren't enough

to make her stay, that you weren't loved,

because I loved you.

I loved you with everything I got.

Then we took Barry in,

and I saw the trauma he
was going through and I...

I was sure.

I was sure...

that I did the right thing.

Not giving you that burden.

What do you mean "Mom left"?


I don't... I don't understand.

I don't understand. What
are you telling me?

Your mother's alive.

She's here in Central City.

She wants to see you.

All these years, I thought...

Daddy, you told me that my...

I know.

I should have told you sooner,

but I couldn't figure out the right way.

The mother you thought you remember...

the perfect mother and the
stories I made up for you...

that is the mother you deserve,
and I knew Francine

couldn't be like that.

She would only break your heart.

I'm so sorry.


It's okay. I understand.

You were just trying to keep me safe.

The micro-bomb casing must be made

of some kind of a ferromagnetic material.

Once you hold it steady with the magnet,

I can surgically excise it.

Put the magnet down!

This is a really concentrated bomb.

It's gonna combust if it's exposed

to magnetic friction and an oxidant.

What's he talking about?


The bomb will explode if
it comes in contact with air.

Don't worry, Lisa.

We're gonna find another way to get it out.

Scientific minds. Can we confer, please.

What if Flash speed extracts it?

Nope, it's too risky.

I'm gonna find a way to get it out.
I just need a little time.

Well, we need to keep track of Lewis

until you figure out how
to disarm the bomb.

I wish we knew what he was
gonna steal next and when.

Maybe I can get them to tell me.

Their tech guy is dead,
so I'm betting they're

gonna need a new one.

I'm saying I'm gonna
infiltrate Lewis' crew.

You're gonna pretend to be a criminal?

How hard can it be?

These visits are getting old.

Third time's a charm.

I told you, I don't need saving.

But your sister does.

I know your dad put a bomb in Lisa.

Lewis told you he'd kill her

if you didn't help him, right?

Look don't worry.

My team's working on a
way to remove the bomb.

I hope you got that gun
of yours ready to blast


Who the hell's this?

Lenny said you needed new tech.

What's up, I'm Sam, so...


You tellin' me you think this kid

can crack a Draycon keypad?

I did help Snart steal
the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond

from Central City Museum last year.

That was locked up behind
an AmerTek Industries

Phase Three Suppression Door
with a Draycon XL-1218 keypad.


Couldn't have done it without him.

Draycon's my jam.

Okay, Sam. Let's go.

Right now?

You got a problem with that?

No, all good. Can't wait.

Oh, this should be fun.

Keep quiet and follow my lead.

Just like old times.

You watching the Diamonds' game?

Yeah, the Salamanders are killing 'em.


What floor are you going to?


Hey, what's the hold up, guys?

I mean, you wanna call management

and explain why the toilets
are still overflowing?

We're all on the clock, right?

Yeah, you guys are good to go.


You enjoy the game, guys.

Diamonds don't stand a chance.

Not tonight they don't.

Hold on. Did you hear that?

I got it.

It's two armed guards.

Guess your timing didn't
work out after all.

Yeah, that's why I got a Plan B.

'Cause you always needed one.

Yeah, but...

your sister turned out

to be a disappointment also.

All right, what do you guys
say we get on with the job?

Guards are gone. Must have taken a break.

Yeah, must have.

Okay, Sam.

Show us what you got.

Yeah, all right. Gonna just...

You guys just keep a lookout and I'll...


Told you Draycon was my jam.

- Nice job, Sam.
- Yeah.

It's good to go out on a high note.

I'm sorry, Barry.

What are you gonna do
to me with that thing?

Operating pressure on
this is over 1,000 PSI.

This will easily suck the micro-bomb

out of her neck and into the barrel of this

with one high-powered shot.

There is one slight risk.

Besides shooting a high-powered weapon

directly against my neck?

The gun does use compressed air.

I trust you, Cisco.

Okay, son. Make me proud.

Like I care.

Ha, now what?

I told you, I had a better way

past the lasers.

Step aside. Time for another lesson.

You've got 125 seconds
before the system defrosts.

- Then what?
- Sirens.

How do you feel?

Like we should have put down some plastic.

It's not funny.


but I like it when you smile.

Okay, ready?

Shoot me, Cisco.

It's... d... Flash!

Cisco, how's it going with Lisa?

Kind of in the middle
of it right now, buddy!

All right, we need that bomb out.

The heist is going down right now.

Time's up.

Let's get out of here.

Only place you're going is
back to Iron Heights, Lewis.

- Ah, you wanna bet?
- Do I wanna bet?

Do not bet! Give me a minute.

Tell me this, what kind of man

puts a bomb in his own daughter?

A very rich man.

Shoot him, son.

Kill him or you'll never
see your sister alive.

Do it, Cisco.

I got the bomb out!

Lisa's safe.


You're working with The Flash?

I thought you hated him?

Not as much as I...

hate you.

Lisa was safe.

Why did you do that?

He broke my sister's heart.

Only fair I break his.

Last time I was in Iron Heights,

- I was visiting my Dad.
- Yeah, me too.

- And yet you killed him.
- He deserved it.

- Is that funny to you?
- No.

What's funny is I finally
figured out your secret.

And what secret would that be?

You'd do anything to protect your sister.

Well, I know your secret too.

Better hope I don't talk in my sleep.

You won't.

Today just proved what I've always known.

There's good in you, Snart.

And you don't have to admit it to me,

but there's a part of you that knows

you don't have to let your past define you.

A part of you that really wants

to be more than just a criminal.

So I should be a hero like you, Barry?

What exactly does that pay again?

It's just a matter of time.

Something you'll have a lot of in here.

Not as much as you think.

Be seeing you.

You really think that leopard's

gonna change its spots?

I do.

Maybe we should transfer him
to the meta-human wing anyway.

I already got Patty on the paperwork.

Hey, I wanted to thank you

for the advice you gave.

I told Iris.

She's gonna sit down with Francine.

It was hard, but it was for the best.

I'm glad. Any time.

- You're a good son, Barry.
- I know.

Thank you.

Fancy seeing you here.

We have to stop running
into each other like this.

I know, we should just make
a schedule or something.

Okay, great. Well, then I'll just have,

you know, my people call your people.

See, that's the problem.
Neither one of us have people.

So how are we possibly gonna do this?

- There. My number.
- Oh!

That's what you meant, right?

Yes, it...

- No.
- Yea... I...

No you didn't.

You know what, though?

I've actually been meaning
to give you my number

in case you had questions about a case.

You know, sometimes when
you call through dispatch,

- it gets all jammed up...
- Mm-hmm.

And this is efficient.

And as law enforcement colleagues,

- efficiently is important.
- Yes, it is.

No, that's a... yeah...
That's exactly what I was thinking too.

'Kay, great. Awesome.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, I'll see you.

Yeah. Oh!

Ope! Just kidding.

Okay. Thanks.


So, taking off?

Thought I'd say good-bye and thank you.

Yeah, well,
I wouldn't leave a bomb in anyone.

- Not even you.
- It's more than that.

You were there for me
when I was feeling weak.

I hate feeling weak.

It's hard for me to trust people.

I trusted you.

You know, you might
actually be my first real friend.

Is any of that true?

Till next time, Cisco.

Later, Golden Glider.

Ta-da! The speed cannon.

Wow! Look at that.

Dudes, you actually built the thing.

Mr. Garrick, I am quite impressed

by what you've accomplished during

my recent wellness hiatus.

- Have you tested it out yet?
- Not yet.

You wanna do the honors?

No, no, no, no. Now that I...

now that I am back to optimum health,

Please allow me.


- How did you stabilize it?
- CFL Quark Matter.

Ah, negative energy density

with positive surface pressure.
It's genius.

You created CFL Quark Matter?

It's something we perfected on my Earth.

I'll show you sometime.

You mean, sometime in the next few minutes?

Oh, yeah I guess this is it, huh?

- Time for me to go back home.
- Right now?

I mean we still need your
help with the Breachers.

My first priority is Zoom.

I need to find out what he's up to.

How he stole my speed.

But you can do that here and, you know,

if you go back, then we can't get in touch

with you when we need your help or...

with Zoom or whatever else.

It would be nice to be
able to pick your brain

every once in a while,
get some more speedster tips.

Okay... Once we take care of Zoom,

- I'm going home.
- That's fair.

Good, 'cause I could use a shower, a shave,

and some sunlight.

I'll, see you later.

So, Professor Stein, how are you feeling?

Well, it appears

that a little rest heals all maladies.

I... I couldn't feel...

- Professor?
- No, no, no, no get back.

Come here.

Professor Stein! Professor Stein!

Can you hear me, Professor Stein?

What happened to him?
He went up like Firestorm,

but the flame, why was it blue?

I don't know. This isn't good.
We need to stabilize him fast.