The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Flash of Two Worlds - full transcript

A mysterious man brings warning of an evil speedster intent on destroying The Flash, and a determined officer wants to join Joe's meta-human task force.

- My name is barry allen,

And I am
the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm an
ordinary forensic scientist,

But secretly, with the help of
my friends at s.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

I hunted down the man
who killed my mother,

But in doing so, I opened up
our world to new threats.

And I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the flash.

Previously on the flash...


- The man who saved
central city.

- Why did you want
to kill me?

- He promised he'd take me home.
- Who?

- Zoom.
- Wells killed my mother.

I don't know anything anymore,

Especially who I can
and can't trust.

- S.T.A.R. Labs is now
safer than ever.

- People can't just waltz
in and out of here.

- Exactly.
- [gasps]

- Stay where you are.
- My name is jay garrick.

Your world is in danger,
barry allen.

Please, just let me explain.

I mean you no harm.

- How do you know my name?

- I know all your names.
Caitlin snow,

Cisco ramon,
detective joe west...

- Enough.

That part about explaining
needs to happen right about now.

- This world is in danger.

- What other worlds
are there?

- When you created the
singularity above central city,

You also created a breach
between my world and yours.

- I'm sorry, a breach?

- Yes, a portal
connecting our two earths.

- And what precisely
is your concern?

- A few days ago, you found
a dead man named al rothstein

At the nuclear plant.

But then a different
al rothstein tried to kill you.

- Atom smasher.

- That man was from my world.

If he got through the breach,

I suspect there'll be
more to follow.

- Okay, so, jay, how exactly
do you know all of this?

- Where I came from,
I was a speedster like you.

They called me the flash.

[stirring music]

♪ ♪

Before I arrived
on your earth,

I was in a fight
with a man named zoom.

- Zoom?

I've heard that name before.

Atom smasher, he said zoom
sent him here to kill me.

Who is this guy?

- He's a speedster,
like you and me.

And fast.
Maybe the fastest of all.

But evil.

He is an unstoppable demon
with the face of death.

[dramatic music]

We were engaged in our
fiercest battle ever,

Racing throughout my city.

But I wasn't fast enough
to stop him.

zoom has me beaten.


He was about to kill me

When suddenly there was
a blinding light

And the sky split open.

A breach,
between my world and yours,

Caused from the singularity.

It pulled me in...

♪ ♪

And I somehow ended up
in your world.

Unable to return home.

- What do you mean?

- I lost my speed.

- How?

- Not entirely sure.

- So, you've been in
central city for six months.

Why haven't you come
to see us before?

- I'm in a foreign world here,

I didn't know
who you all were.

Took me that long
to piece it all together.

- So that's how you know
our names.

You've been following us.

- Look,
I know how this sounds.

The existence
of another earth,

You, another flash,

It all came as an unexpected
shock to me, too.

I just wish there was something
I could do to convince you.

- There is.

We're gonna...
Do some tests on you.

See if you're telling us
the truth.

'cause if you're not,
this zoom,

He's not gonna be
your only enemy.

- [grunting]

Where the hell am I?

- You want to go home?

You only have to do one thing.

- What's that?

- Kill the flash.

[dramatic music]

- So, mr. Garrick,

How long have you been
the flash on your world?

- Not long enough
to call me mister.

Please, it's jay.

- Jay, of course.

- On my world,
I've been the flash

For about two years.

- And how did you get
your speed?

- Not really sure.
I was at my lab

Trying to purify heavy water
without any residual radiation

When there was
a blinding light.

I fell into a coma.
When I woke up,

I could run almost as fast
as the speed of light.

- Sorry.
Did you say lab?

Are you a scientist?

- Well, I certainly didn't work
at a place like this,

But, yeah.

I had a respectable
solo operation.

Part-time chemist,
part-time physicist.

Part-time superhero.
- Hmm.

- I can forget that
superhero part now, though, huh?

- Is any of this possible?

A breach to another earth?
It's not, right?

- The contrary.
Just recently,

The many-different-worlds theory

Proposed interaction

With parallel universes
was plausible.

Now, if what mr. Garrick's
saying is true,

That theory's been proven
sooner than we all thought.

- It doesn't add up.

- I'm gonna be honest here,

I don't understand
what the hell

Any of you
are talking about.

- So, jay is saying
he's from,

Like, a mirror-world.

Or a parallel universe

That's very, very similar
to ours.

- Multiverse would be
a more apt description.

- No, not helping.
- Bless your heart.

- Okay, let's see
if this helps.

This is our earth.

Let's call it earth-1.

And this second earth,
let's call it earth-2.

This is where jay
claims to be from.

And these other earths,
three, four, five,

To infinity, all of them,
are nearly identical to ours.

And they all exist
at the same time,

Giving us endless alternatives
to what we have here.

For example, the joe west
on earth-2, your doppelganger,

He might not be
a detective.

He could be
a nobel prize-winning physicist.

And you, the barry allen here
is the flash,

But over there,
he could be an electrician.

- So, I'm assuming that the
people on all these other earths

Work to make money
to pay bills and such.

- I would imagine.
- So we got that in common.

I'm heading back to the station.

Call me when this makes
a little bit more sense.

I'm still trying
to wrap my head

Around this whole idea
of time travel.

- [laughs softly]

- There is, uh,
one problem that remains.

If mr. Garrick is telling
the truth,

There is a breach

Somewhere in central city
that we need to find

And close for good.

- Yeah, but how do we
find it?

We don't even know
what to look for.

- Well, I-I suggest
we put our heads together

And come up with
a solution.

Not literally,
of course.

Those days are over.

- What'd you find?
- Well, jay's heart rate

Is extraordinarily low.

And he does have
regenerative capabilities.

Other than that,
I'm not seeing any evidence

Of the speed force
in his system.

- We don't even have proof
that he's a speedster,

Much less
from another earth?

- Not necessarily.

- What does that mean?

- Well, jay doesn't know this,

But while I was testing
his heart rate,

Blood pressure,
and motor responses,

I also measured his autonomic
reactions while we were talking.

- You gave him
a lie detector test?

- And he passed it.

- What if he's not
a good guy,

And he just wants to
find our weaknesses?

Keep running tests.
See what else you can find out.

[phone vibrating]

[phone beeps]

- Detective west, sir.

- Yes, officer...?

- Spivot.
Patty spivot.

Captain singh mentioned
there may be positions

Available on your
anti-meta-human task force.

- Yeah, everybody quit.
There is no task force anymore.

- Well, I know someone
who's interested in being on it.


- You do realize that

Meta-humans have
super powers, right?

- [laughs softly]
- and even if they didn't,

You wouldn't be
a good fit for the team.

- Because I'm a woman?

- I didn't mean
to imply that.

- Good, because I know how
difficult this job would be,

But I think
I'm an excellent candidate.

I triple-majored at hudson in
biology, chemistry, and physics.

I'm in prime
physical condition.

And I rated top of my class
in marksmanship.

- Your class?

You don't even have
your stripes yet.

- Soon. Been on the job
seven months, sir.

- Are you aware of what happened
to my previous partner?

- Detective thawne, yes.

I know that he died
and the one before him,

Fred chyre, died, too, but the
one before that's not dead,

Just transferred.

I'm sure it had nothing
to do with you.

- Listen, officer...
- Spivot, patty spivot.

- Yes, spivot,
the answer's no.

- All I'm asking for
is a shot, sir.

Please, just an interview.
- You just had the interview.

Didn't get the job.

[electronics beeping]

- I hope you understand
why we have to do this.

- I get it, kid.

You're doing
what you think you have to.

But you'll all realize
soon enough that this,

The tests,
it's unnecessary.

I want to help you, barry,
not harm you.

- You're not the first person
that's said that to me.

- If what you told me
about zoom is true,

That he sent rothstein here
to kill you,

Instead of locking me up
in here,

You better start listening.

Because if zoom is involved,

You are gonna need a lot more
than just me at your side

To stay alive.

- Barry, there's a fire
at the waterfront.

Fire department's en route.

- I'm on my way.

- Be careful.

[stirring music]

♪ ♪

[sirens blaring]

[indistinct chatter]

[heroic music]

- That was the flash.

♪ ♪

- [panting]

That was a big fire.

It's out, cisco.

- Copy that, see you in a bit.

[smacking lips]

- [panting]



[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- I thought it would be
harder than this.


♪ ♪

- Barry?

Are you there?

What was that?
- I don't know.

We need to find out.

[camera shutter clicks]

- Bar.
- Hey.

- What are we
dealing with here?

- Pfft.
Well, definitely a meta-human.

Had a pretty solid look
at him between punches.

And he was, like,
made of sand.

- Sand?
- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.
- These walls are too porous

To pull any prints.

I can't even get one
off the boat,

But check this out.

There's gasoline burns

Water didn't go off.

Sprinklers weren't working.

This was arson.

- Excuse me?
Barry allen?

- Yeah.
- Hi.

- Two days in a row, officer.
What a coincidence.

- Or kismet, if you
believe in destiny or fate.

- Uh...

- I'm patty. Patty spivot.
- Hey.

- I'm really excited
to meet you.

I'm a huge fan.
- Excuse me?

- Your forensic reports.
I-I read them sometimes.

- Oh.

- Who am I kidding?
All the time.

I've actually
read them all.

- Wow, I don't think that
I've read them all.

- They're always so detailed.
You know, they really paint

A picture like you were
somehow actually there

When somebody was being
brutally murdered.

- Thank you.

[playful music]

- Uh, anyhow, I-I found,
uh, something.

Well, I think I found something.
It's just a theory,

But I would like to show you.
- Great.

- So, this right here is
the point of origin of the fire.

And look.

I don't know a sandblaster
on the market

That can make a cut
that precise,

So I think a meta-human
may have done this.

Took a sample for you.

Uh, there's also some

On the back of the pipe.

- You should have gone
into csi work.

- I love the science, but out
here's where all the action is.

Isn't that right,
detective west?

- Mm.

The answer's still no,
officer s...

- Spivot, yeah.
- Spivot.

- What was that about?

- I'm trying to join
the anti-meta-human task force.

- Ah.
- But you heard him.

Hey, he's kinda like
your dad, right?

So, do you have any advice
on how I can crack his no-code?

- Yeah, I've been trying to
pick that lock since I was 11.

So, if you figure it out,
how about you let me know?

- Deal.
- All right.

- It was nice to meet you,

- Yeah, you too.

- His blood pressure is low,
his heart rate is low,

His oxygen levels
are impressive.

- Yeah, but nothing compared
to barry's.

- No, but he's certainly in
the physical specimen range.

- In more ways than one.

- Oh, I wasn't
paying attention.

That's enough for today,

Thank you.

- Found it at
the crime scene.

I mean, it's gotta be from the
meta-human that attacked me.

- Huh.

What is this stuff?

- [sighs]
- it's not sand.

It's human cells
whose myosin ii protein

Have migrated to
the cell's periphery.

- Jay's a fellow
science nerd.

- Those cells have the ability
to rearrange and harden,

Giving them the appearance
of sand.

- And how do you
know this?

- The belong to
a meta-human

I've fought before
named sand demon.

- I know you're new here,

So I'm just gonna
break it down for you.

The whole
"naming the bad guys thing,"

That's my jam.
But you know what?

I'm gonna let you
have that one

'cause I actually
kinda like it.

I'm not mad at that one.

Is that barry's sweatshirt?

- Oh, uh, sorry.
It was all we could find, so...

- I was gonna say,
'cause it looks a lot smaller

On you, right?

I gotta do this thing.

- So, who is this
sand demon?

- I don't know his name,

But I know how
to stop him.

- You know what?

I think we'll be fine
on our own.

- Look, barry,
I don't know what else I can do

To prove to you
I'm on your side.

I've been poked, prodded.

I even subjected myself
to a full body scan.

- I was being thorough.

- Sand demon's from my world.

Let me teach you
how to stop him.

- Yeah, I don't need you
to teach me anything, jay.

- Zoom sent rothstein here
to kill you.

He must have sent sand demon
here to do the same thing.

Don't you get it?
Anyone close to the flash,

All of you,
are in a lot of danger.

- All right.

If you're so good,

You would have
caught him already.

[tense music]

Let's get jay back
to his cell.

♪ ♪

- Whoa.

Hey, beautiful mind,

I think you need
to take a breather.

- After some, uh,
lengthy calculations,

I believe I have
discovered the key

To proving the proposed
breach theory.

Exotic matter.

- Huh.

You mean, like,

Transdimensional energy?

- Precisely.
Exotic matter,

Transdimensional energy
will theoretically leak

From one universe
into another.

Now, if this breach
mr. Garrick's talking about

Is real,
if there is indeed

A hole in our universe
which leads to his earth...

- We can make
some adjustments

And upload an
electrophotography program

To the s.T.A.R. Labs

And essentially photograph

The exotic matter leak.

- Thereby giving us
the locale of said breach.

- Last time I saw the kit,
it was in the fabrication room.

- I shall return.
- Oh, hoo, hoo.

- Ha-ha!
- Getting gooseys.

All right.

Let's see what you're made of.

That's too much.

[dark music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- I thought it'd be harder
than this.

- [heavy breathing]

What's happening to me?

[dark music]

- Hey.
- I found our meta.

His name is eddie slick.

We tracked those prints
to his address.

- All right, where are you?
I'll meet you there.

- Too late.
He made me.

- What?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [grunts]


♪ ♪

- So, can I be on
your task force?

- That look familiar?

How about now?
- [grunts]

- What's it look like?
- A fire.

- There you go, genius.

It's the fire you started
in the third ward last night.

- Man, I didn't start no fire
there last night.

- What?
Were you out of town?

Your cat get sick?

Well, let me guess.

You don't start fires

You been rehabilitated.

- Yeah, I done it before.
So what?

I didn't do this one.

I always start a fire with
something that's hard to trace.

You know, like acetone
or something.

- Or maybe you don't need
to use accelerants anymore.

Iron heights can hold
people like you now.

You know that, right?

- You think I'm one of
those meta-human freaks?

If I had powers, you don't think
I would have used them

To get away from you?

- December, 2013.
Where were you?

- Why?
- Answer the damn question.

Where were you?
- Blackgate penitentiary.

You don't believe me.
Check your records.

- Jimmy, I need you
to confirm something for me.

- So, joe told me
what you did.

I'm impressed.

- [chuckles]
no, all I did was, you know,

Run the other print
from the electrical pipe,

Then track slick down
from there.

- That's all.

- Yeah.
[both laugh]

- How's it going with joe?

You any closer to
cracking his no-code?

- Are you kidding me?

He's like
the permission sphinx.

Or like a magic eight ball
with just one answer.

Or like, you know,

The bridgekeeper
protecting the holy grail.

- What is your quest?
- Oh, to join your task force.

- No.
Both: Aah!


- Well, maybe I can put in
a good word for you.

- That would mean
a lot to me, barry.

- He needs me.
- Yeah.


- Okay, so, slick wasn't in
central city

The night the
particle accelerator exploded.

- He's lying.

- He's a dirt bag,
and an arsonist,

But he's not lying about this.
He's not a meta, barry.

- Slick is the guy
who jumped me.

- Do you think it's possible

That the slick in there
has a--

- A doppelganger?
I don't know.

- Yesterday's surprise broadcast
from a star city vigilante

Who is calling himself
the green arrow

Has spawned a massive outcry of
both support and dissenters...

- Catchy.

- I hate it when they put
a color in their name.

- Yo.
- Yo.

The sample you gave us?
- Yeah.

- Not sand.

Definitely human cells.

- Yeah, I know.
It's not him, I get it.

- I hate to say it, but I think
this earth-2 theory

Is starting to make sense.
- For real?

- What, you think jay is lying
about the sand demon?

- I don't know.
That's my point.

But I'm not gonna just believe
some guy that walks in here

And says a few things
that sort of check out.

- Sort of?
He was--he was right about zoom.

- We don't even know
anything about zoom.

What is zoom?
Is zoom even real?

Right now, that's just,
you know, a story

Around a campfire.

I mean, have you
discovered a breach yet?

- Not yet, but we know
how to now.

- Have you found one thing to
suggest that jay is a speedster?

Is the speed force
even in his system?

- It doesn't appear to be,

- See?

We are scientists.

You are a journalist.

We test, we prove, we report.
That's what we do.

Except right now, nobody here
wants to do any of that

Except me.


- Can we have the room
for a minute?

- [sighs]

- What has happened to you?

- Are you--me?

- Yes, you.

The you that
I grew up with.

The you that is
my best friend.

The you that became
the flash.

I haven't seen that you
in a very long time.

- A lot's changed, iris.

- Yeah, it sure has.

You have learned how to
not trust people.

What is it about jay
that you don't like?

- I don't know.

- It's because he reminds you
of harrison wells.

- I trusted that man.

For months.
We all did.

[poignant music]

And you know what?

Eddie is dead.

Ronnie is dead.

And a whole lot
of other people in this city,

They are dead

Because we trusted him.

I'm not gonna let us
make that mistake again.

- Barry, not everyone
is harrison wells.

Besides, you defeated him
because you trusted in people.

Because you believed
in them.

This team that
you have here,

They will follow
your lead.

They'll do
what you say.

But if they think that
you don't believe in them,

It won't be long before
they don't believe in you.

♪ ♪

- Get to walking.

I don't want to see
your ugly mug around here again.

- Sayonara.

- We didn't have
probable cause.

- I get it.

- One thing you should know

About dealing with
these meta-humans,

Nothing is ever
as it seems.

Speaking of which,

You're the only person here

Who wants to be
on my task force.

You want to tell me why you're
so hell-bent on being on it?

- You want to tell me
why you're so hell-bent I'm not?

- Didn't I just tell you

I didn't want to see
your ugly mug around here again?

- Well, you're gonna have to,
detective west.

So I can get to
the flash.

[dramatic music]

- [grunts]

♪ ♪

- [grunts]
- hey!


♪ ♪

- I like you.
You'll do the trick...

Just fine.

♪ ♪

- Finally come
to your senses?

- Sand demon kidnapped
a police officer.

A woman that I know.

- And you need my help?

- I need you to
help us save her.

Before something happens.

- I guess you're gonna have to
trust me now, huh, kid?

- [laughs softly]

- We're looking for
any structures

That promote humidity.

Greenhouses, grow rooms,
anything of the sort.

His body will literally start
to fall apart

If he becomes dehydrated.

- Like dry sand.
- Exactly.

Sand demon always attacks
on two fronts.

He creates a diversion, then
strikes when you're distracted.

- Okay, then what do we do?

- We use your speed
to get to him

Before the distraction
can happen.

- Jay, how do I stop somebody
who can slip through my fingers?

- The way I was never able to.

With lightning.

- Yo, are you about to pull
a zeus right now?

- What are you
talking about?

- Barry's gonna hurl

From the energy he creates
when he runs.

- Because lightning
plus sand equals--

- Glass.

- Time to learn
something new, kid.

- [laughs softly]

All right.

- Choo!

- [chuckles]

- Give me a sec.

Hey, are you good?

- That was singh.

Ccpd still
hasn't found anything yet.

Irony is, I didn't want patty
to have anything to do with

The damn task force
in the first place.

And she gets taken
because of me.

- No, no, no, this isn't
your fault, all right?

- It's hard not to
think that.

- Well, look, we're gonna
find patty, all right?

Whatever it takes.

- [sighs]

[water dripping]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

- Flash is coming for you,
you know?

- Yes, I'm sure he is.

- You can't beat him.

I don't care
what powers you have.

- I wouldn't be too sure
about that.

- Is that why you need
to build that concussive bomb?

Yeah, I know what it is.

I'm a cop.
I've seen one before.

- This isn't gonna kill
the flash.

I am.

This...Is gonna
kill you.

♪ ♪

- You know you got lucky,

You think you were chosen.

The rest of us
don't mean anything.

But it's not true.

You were just at the right place
at the right time.

Getting those powers
didn't change who you are.

They only highlighted the worst
parts of who you already were.

- Maybe you're right.

Maybe not.

Either way, you and the flash
are about to find out

What those worst parts are.

♪ ♪


- I've searched all the vacant
buildings in central city

And none of them fit
the description that we need.

- And I've looked at any draw
upticks on the electrical grid.

Nothing out of the norm,
I'm afraid.

- We gotta do
whatever it takes.

I'll be back.

Okay, come on.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Flash is coming for you,
you know?

- Yes, I'm sure he is.

- You can't beat him.

I don't care
what powers you have.

- I wouldn't be too sure
about that.

- Oh, no.

[heavy breathing]

- Mr. Ramon?

What are you doing
down here?

- I figured out
where patty is.

- And how exactly
did you do that?

- Just a hunch.

We gotta tell barry.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Again.

- [panting]

I've been doing this
for an hour.

It's not working.

- It's because
you're trying to rush it.

This is the one time
you need to slow down.

Let the energy
pass over you,

Then simply direct it
to where you want it to go.

- All right, jay...

I don't know if
I'm gonna get this in time.

- You'll get it.
I believe in you.

- The last person that
helped me like this

Was a man
that I looked up to.


He taught me how to get faster,
how to get stronger,

How to use my powers
to save people.

That same man
murdered my mother.

[tense music]

- It's a tough break,

But I'm not him.

- Yeah.

- I know where they are!


The abandoned woodrue
grow house.

That's where slick's
keeping patty.

- Dude, great job.

- And I was thinking,
if I were sand demon

And I were attacking a speedster
on two fronts,

I would probably want
to slow you down,

Like, by using
a concussive bomb

Or something like that.
- That's a good thought.

He's actually used one
on me before.

His body absorbs the blast
so it doesn't affect him.

Well, kid, gonna have to
think of something.

- You know what?

What if we give slick
a diversion?

He knows you, right?

You said you went up
against him.

- Yeah, but, barry,
I don't have my speed.

- He doesn't know that.

You got your suit?

- Sure.
Well, except my helmet.

- Helmet?
- Silver kettle helmet?

Gold wings?

- Don't tell me
you guys found it.

- [chuckles]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Never thought
I'd see that again.

- [laughs softly]

♪ ♪

- It was my father's,

From the war of the americas.

- Did you just say
war of the americas?

- I wish you would have just
told us you lost your helmet.

Would have saved us all
a headache.

[heroic music]

♪ ♪

sure you want to do this, flash?

- Yeah.

Let's go see
what you're made of...Flash.

♪ ♪

[whirring and beeping]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

- I'm in the security feed.

Go, barry!

♪ ♪

- Is that you, flash?

Found your way here.

[heroic music]

- I came quite a distance.

- I thought you were dead.

- You were wrong.

Like usual.

[stirring music]

Let the girl go.

- Have at it.
But you touch her,

She goes boom.

And I think even you
aren't fast enough to save her.

♪ ♪

Quite a bit slower on
this earth, aren't you, flash?

- [grunting]


- You don't have
your speed, do you?

- Slick's distracted.
Go, barry.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- [grunts]

- Jay!
- Barry!

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- Patty's alive.

- Must be my lucky day.

Zoom sent me here
to kill you.

Now I get to kill the flash
from two worlds

Before I go home.

- [choking]

- He's choking jay.

- Barry, you gotta
do something now.

♪ ♪

- Come on!

♪ ♪

- Aah!

[electricity sparking]

- [grunts]


- [panting]

[rousing music]

♪ ♪

- You okay?

- Yeah.
I'm okay.

Nice shot, kid.

♪ ♪

- Flash?

Both: Coming.

♪ ♪

- You're pretty good
at this.

- [chuckles]

I've had a lot of practice
over the last year.

- Mm.

- It was really courageous
doing what you did today,

Standing up to the sand demon
without any powers.

- Ah, barry did all
the work.

I just stood there
and took a few punches.

- It was more than a few.

- This is a lot harder
than I thought.

Losing something that was
such a big part

Of who I was for so long.

- I lost something
that was a part of me, too.

It's hard,

But it gets easier
every day.

[sentimental music]

You just have to find
a new way to live.

Just because it's
a different life

It doesn't mean
it's a worse one.

♪ ♪

And, speed or no speed,

In my book you were
still a hero today.

I'm just sorry

We didn't all realize it
a little bit sooner.

- Especially me.

- I'll leave you two
speedsters alone.

- [laughs softly]

- So, I hear they call you
"the scarlet speedster."

- Yeah.
- [chuckles]

- What about you?
- "the crimson comet."

- Mm.
- What is it with

and nicknames?

- [laughs softly]

Hey, look, jay, um...

So, thank you
for all your help.

And for being so patient
with me.

- Nah, anytime, kid.
You're a quick study.

Took me a lot longer
to learn how to toss lightning,

Believe me.

- Then I suppose
I had the right teacher.

- It's going to be a lot harder
to take down zoom.

- Who is this guy?

- No one knows.

He showed up around the same
time as when I got my powers.

Killed a lot of people
in my world.

I spent about two years
tracking him down.

But he was too smart,
too quick.

He's always
one step ahead.

- You really think he's just

Bringing these guys here
to kill me?

- Zoom is obsessed
with destroying me.

Now he wants to destroy you.
- Yeah.

- He needs to be the best.

And he will do
whatever it takes

To ensure
he's the only speedster.

In any world.

[stirring music]

- Officer spivot?
- Detective.

- You're supposed to be
home resting.

- I'm okay, sir, really.

- Look, I'm sorry you got
mixed up in all this mess

Because of me.

- It's not your fault.

- Do you really think
you have what it takes

To be part of
my task force?

- I know it, sir.

- Well, I always check the
jacket of anyone

I'm considering for it.

In my research on you,

I found out
we got a mutual acquaintance.

Mark mardon.

I need you to be honest
with me here.

Why do you want
to do this?

- Mark mardon killed my dad.

[dark music]

He had a little shoe shop
down on chesterfield.

It was a cash business.

One night he went
to fairfield bank

To make his weekly deposit,

And the mardon brothers
showed up.

While he was
waiting in line,

Mark shot my dad in the face
for a few hundred dollars.

♪ ♪

Then a few months later,
mark and his brother got powers.

Two murderers
got superpowers.

So that's why I'm here, sir.

That's why I'm so hell-bent
on being on your task force.

'cause there's some bad people
out there

And they can do anything.

And I may not have powers,

But I want to stop them.

You're the only person I know
who wants to do that, too.

♪ ♪

- Monday, 8:00 a.M.

Don't be late.

- Uh, late for what?

- The task force,

[rousing music]

♪ ♪

- [laughs softly]

[elevator bell dings]

- Joseph.


Been a long time.

- Yeah, it has.

Why are you here?

- Because you didn't
return my calls.

And I wanted to see you.

And our daughter.

[tense music]


- Any progress with
the electrophotography?

- The satellite picture
of the city's still rendering.


- While we wait,

Care to tell me
what's going on with you?

- What?

[computer beeps]

- Two hunches in one day.

Slick's locale,

And that he'd be using
a concussive bomb

To thwart barry.

Do I need to inform you of
the odds of such a prediction?

[dark music]

- Something's happening to me.

I'm starting to
perceive things.

Horrible things.

It started after wells killed me
in the other timeline.

It came back when atom smasher
attacked on flash day,

And then again
when sand demon showed up.

I get a vibe,

And then a vision of something
that's already happened,

And then it's gone.

♪ ♪

That's how I knew
where slick was.

- Cisco, this is amazing.

We--we have to study this,
figure out just what to do.

- No, no, no, we're not doing
any of that,

And we're certainly not
telling anybody, either.

- Cisco, I would think
you'd be the one most intrigued

With knowing exactly what
this is and how it works.

- I'm seeing things
I don't want to see.

And knowing things
I don't want to know.

I just want it to stop.

Professor, I don't want anyone
to know about this.

Not yet.

♪ ♪

- It's okay to be afraid,
you know?

- Wells told me
this was my future.

That he gave me
this power.

But everything he did
was evil.

That's what scares me,

You have to promise me

You won't tell anyone
about this.

- I promise.


- Oh, wow.

- It appears that while
we were indeed successful

In closing the singularity,

There was an unfortunate
side effect.

- What are you talking about?
- Using electrophotography,

Cisco and I were able
to search central city

For any signs of energy
entering our earth

From another dimension.

From any "breaches",
as mr. Garrick described them.

- But, of course, there isn't
just one breach.

There's 52 of them
scattered throughout the city.

- These breaches are pockets
of time and space

Folded into
and upon itself.

But the most significant
breach of all appears to be

This one.

[computer beeping]

- And where exactly
is that located?

- It's here,
inside s.T.A.R. Labs.

And just beyond that breach

Is an entirely diff--fferent--


- Professor?


[dramatic music]

- I'd like to personally
welcome you

To the scientific and

Advanced research

as it's more commonly known,

S.T.A.R. Labs.

Founded in 1991,
s.T.A.R. Labs is leading

The world in exciting
new technological discoveries

as our motto suggests,

Are truly bringing us
tomorrow's world today.

Specializing in
artificial intelligence,

and meta-human stu--

Oh, are we in for
an unexpected treat.

It is my absolute honor
to introduce you to the founder

Of s.T.A.R. Labs,

The savior of central city,

Dr. Harrison wells.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Hello, kids.