The Flash (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Fastest Man Alive - full transcript

Barry takes on a group of armed men at an awards ceremony, but side effects from his new super power catch up with him.

My name is Barry Allen.
lam the fastest man alive.

When I was a 11, my mother was murdered.
I saw a ball of lightning.

Inside the lightning was a man.
He killed my mom.

- I swear to God, I didn't do this.
- Where's Mom?

What happened that night
was impossible.

Then an accident made me the impossible.

- You were in a coma.
- How long?

- Nine months.
- Your muscles should be atrophied.

But they're in a state
of cellular regeneration.

I wasn't the only one affected, was I?

We've been searching
for other meta-humans like yourself.

All my life I've wanted to do more, and
the first chance I get to help someone...

...I screw up.
- The good you do will far outweigh the bad.

You're not gonna be in here much longer.

Whoever killed Mom,
I think I finally have a way to find them.

This is the part where I'm supposed
to do the whole intro thingy.

Barry Allen, fastest man alive,
but you know all that already.

All right, let's get to the good stuff.
You see that smoke?

That's a fire on Western and Third
in downtown Central City.

And that blur? That's me on my way to it.

I'm going 352 miles an hour.

And it's a slow day.

This is Ladder 52.
We're still at least two minutes out.

- People are gonna die.
- I know.



What? Did I miss it?

You overshot by about six blocks.

My bad.

Paige. My daughter.

Has anyone seen my daughter? Paige.

You there yet?

What are you doing?

- Nothing.
- Who are you talking to?

- No one.
- Are you talking to Barry?

- Who?
- Barry Allen?

Struck by lightning,
in a coma for nine months... to run faster than
the speed of sound? Ring a bell?

- Nope, haven't talked to him.
- Cisco, there's fire everywhere.

Cisco, are you still there?

Mom? Mommy?


Everybody's out.
What else you got for me, Cisco?

Barry, it's Caitlin.

Hey, Caitlin.

- How's your day?
- Get back to S. T.A.R. Labs.


On my way.

Have you both lost your minds?
Who do you think you are?

Well, I'm the eyes and ears,
and he's the feet.

This isn't funny.
You could have gotten yourself killed.

You can't be running around the city
like some supersonic fireman.

Why not? This is what we talked about.
Me using my speed to do good.

We talked about you
helping contain people...

...who have been affected
by the particle accelerator explosion.

Meta-humans. And aside from Clyde Mardon,
we haven't found any.

People in the city still need help.
And I can help them.

We can help them.

Will you please say something?

I think what Caitlin is saying,
in her own spectacularly angry way... we're just beginning to understand
what your body is capable of.

Not to sound like a broken record,
Mr. Allen...

...I do caution restraint.

Dr. Wells, I doubt restraint
is how you got to be the man you are today.

In a wheelchair and a pariah.

Lack of restraint
is what made me these things.

Know your limits.

Don't expect me to patch you up
every time you break something.

Hey, uh, anything happen out there today?

The sensors in the suit
were kicking back weird telemetry.

Your vitals spiked for a few seconds.

Never felt better.

- Hey, Joe, everything all right?
- Great.

I got a fresh crime scene, a dead body,
detectives interviewing witnesses.

Yellow tape stretched over everything.
I'm missing one thing.

- Can you guess what that is?
- I'll be right there.

My day job beckons.

When do you think he'll realize
he didn't take his clothes?


Perp made off with a bunch of handguns.

At least six Glock-19s
fitted with extra ammunition magazines.

Somebody's looking to do a lot of bad.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Doing a little Fall shopping?

Oh, heh, I was going so fast this morning,
I didn't even notice.


I downloaded surveillance footage
off the video camera.

Looks like only one perp.

Footage may only show one,
but it was six guys.

Look, the tracks.
They're all crossing each other.

Six sets of footprints. Six guns stolen.
We should be looking for a crew.


Weird. The shoes.
Looks like they're all the same size.

Men's 10s, I'd guess.

Just like you, captain.
Not that you're a suspect, sir.

Your ability to multitask is remarkable.
The way you can embarrass me...

...the captain, and yourself,
at the same time.

- Joe, I'm sorry.
- I'm starting to think, "Joe, I'm sorry"... my actual name
considering how often you say it to me.

- I'm dealing with a lot right now.
- Look, I know you are.

Believe me, I'm dealing with it too. I've
always had a very simple set of beliefs.

Gravity makes things fall.
Water makes things wet.

Until a few weeks ago, I believed the fastest
man could run a mile in four minutes.

- Not four seconds.
- I can do it in three.

- Not relevant.
- You haven't said anything to Iris, have you?

No, I made a promise. I keep my promises.

Keep on lying. You're liable
to get struck by lightning. Get to the lab.

Start processing the evidence
from the gun store.

- Hey, Iris.
- Did Barry run away again?

Unless that's one
of your homework questions...'s none of your business.
Go to your room.

- I want to see my dad.
- I already said no, Barry.

He didn't do those things.
He didn't hurt my mom.

I was there that night. I saw.
There was a man.

Yeah, I know.
We've gone through this already.

Then why can't I go see him?

Because I said so.

You're not my father.
You can't tell me what to do.

Right now I'm the only adult
that gives a damn what happens to you.

So, yes, I can tell you what to do.

- Now go to your room.
- I hate you.

This is your fault.
I could've taken European Folklore... cover my sociology requirement,
but no.

You said, "Take Journalism, Iris.
Reporters have all of the fun."

Guess what, Barry?
Reporters have none of the fun.

Journalism is boring. I'm bored.
I blame you.

What? Why are you staring at me like that?

You look really nice.

Thanks. Why don't you look nice?

This afternoon? Suit and tie?

- The university is giving Simon Stagg...
- Simon Stagg...

- Some award. You agreed...
- To explain the science in your article.

- It's all coming back to me now.
- How fast can you get home and change?

Uh, pretty fast.

Allen, Joe asked me to see where you're at
on the evidence from the gun store shooting.

- Oh, hey, Iris.
- Detective.

Please, guys, uh, just kiss already.
I already know, remember?

Ugh, thanks for being
so cool about this, Barry.

I know it's not easy keeping a big secret.

I'm getting used to it.

I find it quite remarkable...

...having once been a timid freshman... be standing before you
the Regents choice for Man of the Year.

While I very much appreciate the award...

...the real honor for me is knowing
that my work in organ transference...

...helps give people a second chance at
life. Thank you all very much for coming.

Okay, all right, first things first.

Simon Stagg's work in cellular cloning...

...has led to huge advancements
in organ replacement.

- Are journalists allowed to drink on the job?
- If you are bored...

...wait until we get to the science
behind cellular regeneration.

I have missed this, Barry.

We haven't spent time together
since you woke up from the coma.

Yeah, I've had a crazy few weeks. I know.

I thought maybe you'd been avoiding me
because of Eddie.

I know you think it's wrong,
me dating my dad's partner and...

No, that is not it. At all.

Oh. Oh. Mr. Stagg, I was wondering
if I could get a quote from you.

Not now, miss.

I'll just make something up.

So, what were you gonna tell me?
You were about to say something.

Quiet down, all of you.


How considerate.
You're all wearing your finest jewelry.

Almost like you knew
we were coming to rob you.

Now everybody line up.



Drop your weapons.

Barry. Barry. Barry.

I turned around and you were gone.
What happened? Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I went after them to try to get the plates.

And I fainted.


- Where were you?
- Dad, go easy.

I found him outside. He fainted.

You want me to get you a paramedic,

No, I'm fine. Thanks, Eddie.

I thought I was dead.
I saw the gun go off and then boom.

Suddenly, I'm outside.
I have no idea how I got there.

Let me talk to you for a second.


- You chased those gunmen?
- They must be the same guys...

...that knocked over the gun shop.
What were you going to do...

...when you caught them, huh?

Ask them nicely to pull over?
You're not bulletproof.

Wait, are you?

- No.
- Okay. No more heroics.

Chasing bad guys is not your job.
It's mine. You're not a cop.

- Promise me.
- Promise.

And you know Iris is not stupid. Start
making better excuses than "I fainted."

You lied to us.

How could you not tell us
you're experiencing dizzy spells?

We're your doctors.

God knows
what's going on inside your body.

Your cells are in a constant state of flux.

You could be experiencing cardiopulmonary
failure, or a transient ischemic attack.

Mini-stroke. Probably not.

You, of all people, should know
that in science, we share.

We do not keep secrets.

Wow, I haven't seen anyone
make her that angry since Ronnie.

Ronnie was Caitlin's fianc??

The one that died
the night of the accelerator explosion?

Yeah, he is missed.

Now, let's figure out
why this is happening to you.

We're all set.

- A little padding. Just in case.
- Yeah.

You sure about this, Cisco?

Most home treadmills...

...have a maximum speed
of about 12 miles per hour.

This one has been Cisco'ed.
Trust me, it can handle your speed.


Heart rate, blood pressure,
nerve conduction all normal.

For Barry.

Brainwave function within standard limits.

Heh. Told you the treadmill could take it.

Caitlin, look at the glucose levels.

- Oh, my God. Of course.
- Right?

- It was so obvious.
- Glucose.

Barry, we think we know why you keep...

Passing out.


Where's Barry?

Taking a shower.

At 3:00 in the afternoon?

If I go up those stairs,
am I gonna see Barry...

...or are you gonna be grounded
for lying to me?

I'm sorry, Daddy.
But don't worry, I know where he went.

Me too.

- I passed out again?
- Total metabolic failure...

...brought on by acute hypoglycemia.

I'm not eating enough.
So an l.V. bag and I'm good to go.

Try 40. Guess you were thirsty.

We're gonna need to fashion you a diet
based on your metabolic changes.

I've done a few calculations.

You need to consume an amount equal
to roughly 850 tacos.

Unless we're talking cheese and guac, which
is like a whole other set of equations.

For Mexican, I recommend Tito's
on Bruckner Avenue.

Best burrito in the city.

Detective West, what brings you
to S.T.A.R. Labs?

When I couldn't find you at your lab,
I started doing a little research.

Turns out, there's been reports
of a red streak around the city.

Stopping muggers.
Rescuing people from burning buildings.


...didn't tell him we
were working together.

Joe, I can explain.

You already have a job
in law enforcement, Barry.

- I suggest you get back to it.
- Mm-hm.

Don't look at me. I'm on your side.

Detective, we all want
what's best for Barry.

If you wanted what was best for Barry,
you'd talk him out of this...

...instead of encouraging him
going out there risking his life.

You saw a man control the weather.

What are the police gonna do
against someone like that?

Since the accelerator explosion,
we suspect there may more like him.

And you're gonna do what? Catch them?

Are you insane?

You think because you can run real fast
that you're invincible? You're not.

You're just a kid. My kid.

I'm not your kid, Joe.

And you're not my father.

My father is sitting in Iron Heights.
Wrongfully convicted.

You were wrong about him.

And you're wrong about this.

Now, I may not be able to help him...

...but if I can save someone
from a burning building...

...or stop some armed thieves,
I'm gonna do it.

And you can't stop me.

So don't try.

You think you're so smart.

All of you.

But you don't know what you don't know.

And I hope that you're clever enough to
figure it out before somebody gets killed.

Where's the rest of your crew?

Just me.

- What do you want?
- The only thing I still want in life.

Your boss dead.

It's not my fault your team moved too slow.

I told you were Stagg would be,
not how long.

I need his full itinerary
and security access to his office and home.

Screw you. I've got a reputation
in the security business.

It's one thing if my employer gets iced.
It's another if it happens in his bedroom.

You'll do what I ask, Mr. Java.

What the hell are you gonna do to me
without your army?

I am an army.

Come to yell at me again?

Simon Stagg's head of security
was murdered last night.

The coroner took some skin samples.
Hopefully they belong to the killer.

See if you can find a match.

Can't be a coincidence
Stagg's benefit was attacked.

- Going to interview Stagg now.
- I'll come with you.

Your job is in here.
Stay in here and do it.

- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, baby.

Gotta go.

Why is my dad mad at you?

Work stuff.

Why are you mad at me?

You were supposed to meet me at Jitters... give me scientific background
for my article.

- And I didn't show up.
- I have to come up with a new topic... 24 hours or I fail the assignment.

Don't say that you're sorry.
Okay? I know that you are.

What I don't know
is what is going on with you.

We grew up one bedroom down
from each other.

Do you honestly think that I don't know
when you're happy...

...or sad, or depressed, or lost?

I'm gonna ask you one last time, Barry,
and you better be honest with me.

What the...

You want to know what's happening.
I'm fast now.

And, God, I just want to tell you.

How I feel. How you make me feel.

But I can't.

Hell is going on with you?

We are not done talking about this.

Impossible. There was a murder.

These skill cells belong to the murderer,
but these are naive.

Stem cells. They can replicate
and become any cell the body needs.

They only come from babies.

This means your killer is what, a newborn?

You honestly think
someone wants to kill me?

We're not sure, Mr. Stagg. But the event
you were being honored at was robbed.

And your head of security
was found murdered this morning.

I am a scientist and a philanthropist.
We're not often the targets of assassins.

What about lawsuits?
You've got about 20 of those pending.

Yeah, it is a sad fact of life, detective,
that when you earn a lot of money...

...people who haven't
think they can take yours.

People like this guy, for example?
Danton Black?

Danton Black.

You fired him. Now he's suing you.

Unfortunately, our working relationship
wasn't successful.

But I can assure you both of one thing.

Danton Black is not a killer.

He's a clinical researcher,
not a criminal mastermind.

Now, if I can help you in any way,
please let me know.

- I want these people caught as much as you.
- Then here we are.


Head down.

Additional units are on the way.

- Captain, what's going on?
- Not now.

An armed gunman's
shooting up Stagg Industries.

Joe's there.

Get him out of here. I'll cover you.
Ready? Go.

- Go.
- No.

- Whoever you are, give yourself up.
- Sorry.

We're not going anywhere.

Until Simon Stagg is dead.

Sorry. The abrasions
are already rapidly healing.

Yeah, I got my ass handed to me.

You got blood on my suit.

I think some of it belongs to him.

Another not-so-friendly meta-human.

Danton Black.

A bio-geneticist.
Specialized in therapeutic cloning.

- Growing new organs to replace failing ones.
- Stagg stole his research and then fired him.

I saw Black create duplicates
from his own body.

That's pretty ironic.
The guy specialized in cloning.

And now he can make Xeroxes of himself.

If he was experimenting on himself
when exposed to the dark matter wave...

...released by the accelerator explosion...

Meet Captain Clone.

Don't worry.
I'll come up with something cooler.

Where are you going?

Joe was right.

I'm in way over my head.
Yeah, I'm fast, but I am no warrior.

I could barely fight one meta-human,
let alone six.


...I understand.

Today was a setback.
But any grand enterprise has them.

And we can never learn to fly
without crashing a few times.

This wasn't a grand enterprise, Dr. Wells.

This was a mistake.


Sorry, no physical contact.

Five minutes, Allen.

Sit down, son.

Barry, how did you get here?

I ran here. Joe wouldn't bring me.
He wouldn't let me see you.

- I hate him.
- No. No. Don't say that.

It isn't Joe...

...that doesn't want you to come here.

I don't want you to come here.
I don't want you to see me like this.

You have to let him go. My dad didn't
do these things. He didn't hurt my mom.

The man in the lightning.
The lightning man killed my mom.

- Barry, look at me. Look at me.
- Not my dad.

You can't help me.

Now Joe is gonna look after you
until I can get out of here.

You just... the good boy
that your mom and I know you are.



Detective, was the gunman apprehended?

The shooter's whereabouts are unknown.

We consider him armed and dangerous.
Thank you. No more questions.

Nice work, Eddie.

Yeah. Right place. Right time.

No, you were a hero today.

C.C.P.D. still has a killer on the loose.
I should get back to the precinct.


So did you come here for caffeine?

Or are you gonna tell me
what's going on with you?

Mr. Stagg, I wish you would reconsider
our offer for protective custody.

Danton Black has proven
he is willing to kill, and he's got...

...friends, and trust me,
they're all dangerous.

I've increased my security, detective.

I hope Black comes looking for trouble,
because he'll find plenty.

Spoken like a true philanthropist.
Or is it humanitarian?

Sorry, I can never remember
which one you're pretending to be, Simon.


- Don't get up.
- Ha, ha.

Another fan of yours, doctor?

Can we talk, detective?

So you were right.

Barry's not the only one who's special.

This guy that tried
to kill Simon Stagg today, he could...

Replicate spontaneously.

Yeah, we know.

Did you know about Barry?

When he was first in his coma... came to the hospital...

...and you asked me
if you could take him to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Did you know what he could do?

- Heh.
- Heh.

I had my suspicions that he was...


- Mm-hm.
- Hey, Joe.

I was never looking to become...

...a senior member
of a secret crime-fighting unit.

You and I both know, we are the only ones
equipped to protect Central City.

Maybe I'm more interested
in protecting Barry.

But he's set to fly into the fire
right along with you.

No, he's not.

Not anymore. He quit. He didn't tell you?

I haven't seen him.

I'm sure it's only temporary.

From what I know of Barry,
when he sets his mind to something... one's gonna talk him out of it,
but the next time he suits up...

...runs headlong into danger, he will fail.


He doesn't think he's capable.

Doubt... his real enemy, Joe.

Not whatever's lurking out there.

And as long as you continue to doubt him,
he'll keep doubting himself.

And for the record, I care about him too.

Guess you were hungry.

Stress eating.

I came to say I'm sorry.
And you're right, I have been distant.

- Correct.
- Kind of a jerk.

You should apologize more often.
You are sensational at it.

So, what were you gonna tell me
the other day?

I thought I had to do something.
Something I thought was important.

But it turns out that I'm
not very good at it.

But what I am good at is being your friend.

So if you need help
with a new topic for your article...

I found one.
Something that actually interests me.

I know this is gonna sound crazy.

It's been all over the internet this week.

At a building fire. At a bank heist.

When those robbers
shot at the security guard...

...he said he was whooshed outside.

- Something out there is saving people.
- I thought you were taking Journalism.

Not Science Fiction Writing.

Since I have known you,
you have believed in the impossible.

What if you were right
about the night that your mom died?

Look, I told you. I'm through.

I know, but you need
to get to S.T.A.R. Labs right now.

- Barry, it's okay.
- It is not okay. Black is here and he's...

...just standing there.
That's not him, is it?

It's one of his replicates.

- How did you get it?
- I grew him.

I isolated a sample
of Black's blood from your suit... see if I could trigger
the in vitro cultivation process...

...and learn how Black multiplies.

So I exposed the target cells to a protein
gel and they began replicating into that.

Why doesn't he...? It doing anything?

We did a brain scan. Involuntary motor
functions are active. Little else.

- We think it's acting as a receiver.
- The clones are an empty shell without Black.

Shut down the real Black
and you might shut them all down.

How do we know which one's Black?

That occurred to me
given your passing out.

Black has limits, just like you. Controlling
all of those clones must require...

...a tremendous amount
of physical strength.

So look for the one showing signs
of weakness or fatigue. He's the prime.

Just a theory, but one you might
want to put to the test, Mr. Allen.

I whipped up these high calorie protein
bars for you to keep your metabolism up.

- Unh.
- Aah!

- Any more of them?
- Nope.

- Why did it start moving?
- The prime.

The prime is on the move.
This heard the summons.

And I know where he was summoned to.
Stagg Industries.

You should call it in.

Police can't fight this.

What Black's become, like Mardon...

...beyond me. Maybe way beyond them too.

The only person it's not beyond is you.

You gotta do this. I get it.

So for once in your life,
do what I tell you to do.

Go stop him.

Just get me those figures by morning, okay?

Freeze. Don't move!

- Hello, Danton.
- Goodbye, Simon.

Stay here.

I know Stagg stole your research, but that
doesn't give you the right to murder.

You think this is about my job?

This is about Elizabeth.

She was my wife.

She had a degenerative coronary disease.

She'd been on the transplant list for
years, but time was running out.

- So if I couldn't get her a new heart...
- You were gonna grow her one.

I was so close until Stagg stole my
research so he could reap the glory.

And I got to bury my best friend.


...I'm alone.

Remember, Barry. Find the prime.

There's too many of them to fight.

- Barry, you need to isolate the prime.
- I can't.

It's impossible.

Nothing's impossible, Barry.
You taught me that. You can do this.


- Barry, are you all right?
- I'm fine.

I'm fine.

It's done.

Hang on.


- Don't.
- Unh!

Central City police officials...

...are now confirming
former employee Danton Black...

- I tried to save him.
- Doesn't sound like he wanted to be saved.

Some people, when they break...

...they can't be put together again.

Some people heal even stronger.

I hope so.

Well, at least Multiplex
won't be able to hurt anyone else.

Told you I'd come up with a cool name.

I may be the one in the suit
doing all the running...

...but when I'm out there helping people,
making a difference...'re all out there with me.

Finally realized something.

We were all struck by that lightning.


Pepperoni. Olives.

And jalapenos. Just like you like it.

Thank you.

You were wrong.

I have been wrong a lot this week.
You're gonna have to be specific.

You said that one of the things
driving you... run around out there
was that you couldn't help your dad.

You can help him.

We can.

We're gonna figure out who or what
killed your mother that night.

And then we're gonna
get your father out of prison.


Joe, what I said about you
not being my father...

Barry, I know. I know I'm not your father.

You're right, you're not.

You're just the man
who kept me fed and in clothes...

...who sat beside my bed at night until I fell
asleep because I was afraid of the dark...

...helped me with my homework.

You taught me how to drive and shave...

...and you dropped me off at college.

Sounds a lot like a dad to me.

Every kid dreams of being a superhero.

Having powers. Saving people.

But no kid thinks about what it's like when
you're a hero and you're not saving people.

Truth is, not much else changes.
You still hurt. You still love.

You still wish, and hope, and fear things.

You still need people to help you with all
of it. In some ways, that's the best part.

Barry, an armored car
was just hijacked on Griffen Avenue.

- Get your ass over there.
- I got it.

Actually, the best part, it's this:

Wells. Who the hell let you in here?

You been having a party out there?

Oh, I'm sure you saw on TV.
Former employee of mine tried to kill me.

Former employee
with the ability to replicate...

...faced off against a man
who could move at super speed.

You've seen him too, haven't you?

- Indeed, I have.
- Extraordinary.

The power he possesses.

It's like the... It's like the gods of old.
Like Mercury on Earth.

Can you imagine if you could control
his power, if you could harness it... could change
what it means to be human.

The man in the red mask is the key.
And I'm gonna get him.

The man in the red mask...

...he's called the Flash.

Or at least...

...he will be, one day.

What the hell?

Forgive me, Simon.

I'm worried you'll think
this is personal. It's not.

It's just that the man in the red mask...

...the fastest man alive...

...he must be kept...