The Flash (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

CSI investigator Barry Allen awakens from a coma, nine months after he was hit by lightning, and discovers he has superhuman speed.

- To understand what I'm about to tell you,
You need to do something first.
You need to believe in the impossible.
Can you do that? Good.
You see that red blur?
That's me.
That too.
There I am again.
My name is barry allen.
I am the fastest man alive.
My story is pretty simple.
My whole life, I have been running.
Usually from bullies.
Sometimes I escaped.
Sometimes I did not.
- Tell me what happened.
- Those guys were picking on kids
Just 'cause they thought they weren't cool.
It wasn't right. - I know.
- I guess I wasn't fast enough. - No.
You have such a good heart, barry.
And it's better to have a good heart than fast legs.
- Hello. I'm home.
- Barry got into a fight. - Oh, yeah?
- And he won.
- Ah, way to go, slugger.
Oh, and uh, no more fighting.
- But after that night,
I was running from something much scarier.
Something I could never explain. - Henry! Henry!
- Something impossible.
- Help!
- Mom! Mom! - Barry, don't!
- Mom! - Don't let him touch you!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Nora! - Stay back!
- Nora, hold on!
- Run, barry, run!
- Mom?
- Second robbery this week.
- The teller I.D.'d clyde mardon as the shooter.
- What?
Oh, jeez, the mardon brothers are back?
- What do we got?
- Perps took the bank, shot out the cameras,
And as a chaser, killed the security guard over there.
I've got unis kicking in doors
Of known mardon brothers associates.
- Csi been over it?
- Uh, no.
- Where's allen?
- Sorry, sorry.
- You can't keep covering for him.
- Csi, csi coming through. - If he's not here now,
I'm gonna have to carry on this investigation without him.
- Sorry I'm late, captain singh.
- What was it this time, mr. Allen?
Did you forget to set your alarm clock?
Before you answer, I should remind you
The excuse you gave last time was car trouble.
Want to know why that one was particularly memorable?
- I do not own a car.
- He was running an errand for me.
Barry, did you get me what I asked for?
- Yeah, yeah. I did.
I have it right...
I had a few bites of it.
Getaway car's a mustang shelby gt500.
Shelby's have a rear super-wide tire
Specific to that model.
12 inches with an asymmetrical tread.
And there's something else.
Fecal excrement.
Animal, I'd guess.
- My dad gave me that pen...
Before he died.
- Sorry.
- Okay, I am ready to see this atom smasher smashing.
- There was a shooting today.
Your dad needs me to process some evidence,
Which means I don't know if we're going
To be able to make it to s.T.A.R. Labs.
- But seeing this thing turn on is like your dream.
Your sad, little nerdy dream.
Besides, I canceled a date for this.
- Hands off my fries.
- I'm stress eating over my dissertation.
We started selling cronuts at jitters.
I ate two today. If I don't graduate soon,
I'm gonna be more muffin top than woman.
- You look amazing.
What is so important
About this particle accelerator anyway?
- Harrison wells' work in quantum theory
Is light-years ahead of anything they're doing at cern.
- You're doing that thing where you're not speaking english.
- Okay.
Just imagine
That that dot is everything the human race
Has ever learned until this moment.
- Does that include "twerking"?
- That is everything we could learn
From the particle accelerator.
It's a whole new way of looking at physics.
It will literally change the way
That we think about everything.
- You got to get yourself a girlfriend.
- Hey, leave him alone. He's working.
- Hi, dad.
Your test thingy is done. - Yeah.
I think the mardon brothers are hiding on a farm.
The fecal matter I found on the street, it was cow manure,
Which contained traces of oxytetracycline.
It's an antibiotic.
There are only four farms in the area
That still use it in their feed.
Bet you find a really sweet shelby parked at one of them.
- Dad, seeing as how barry solved your poop problem,
How about letting him go to s.T.A.R. Labs?
- Fine, go. - Yes!
Thank you, joe.
- So, barry, how was your trip?
Did you find proof of the impossible in starling city,
Or did you just make my dad mad for no reason?
- Actually, while I was away,
I had a chance to think about...
You know, relationships.
And, well, I'm not in one.
And you're not in one, either.
And you're my best friend, iris.
- You're mine too.
Why else would I be here?
- That's not what I meant. What I--
- I know what you're gonna say, barry.
- I'm not sure you do.
- Even though we pretty much grew up
In the same house together,
And we're kind of like brother and sister,
Because we're not brother and sister,
It can get really weird and awkward
To talk to me about girls.
But I just want you to know
That it shouldn't be awkward.
There is nothing that I want more
Than for you to meet the right person
That totally loves and adores you
For the amazing guy that you are.
- Took the words right out of my mouth.
- Aw, aren't you glad I know you so well?
- Thank you.
My name is harrison wells.
Tonight, the future begins.
The work my team and I will do here
Will change our understanding of physics.
We'll bring about advancements in power,
Advancements in medicine,
And trust me, that future
Will be here faster than you think.
- Oh, hey, my laptop! It's got my dissertation.
- I'm sorry.
All right, kid, you don't have to do this, all right?
Just give me back my friend's bag,
And we'll call it even.
- Barry!
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Freeze! Police!
Or do you want to find out the hard way
You're not faster than a bullet?
- Who is that guy, and what is he so proud of?
So he caught a mugger?
- He's a transfer from keystone.
Started a few weeks ago. Eddie thawne.
- Oh, that's detective pretty boy.
That's what my dad calls him.
Says he actually keeps score when it comes to arrests.
He is pretty though.
- This is the last farm on barry's list.
- Look, I know the kid's smart,
But you said it yourself.
Sometimes he's chasing flying pigs.
- Well, let's check it out anyway.
- I'm linda park, and we're live outside s.T.A.R. Labs
Despite the inclement weather,
Which is only going to get worse.
The torrential downpour has in no way affected
The particle accelerator,
Which is up and running smoothly
According to s.T.A.R. Labs ceo harrison wells.
The weather has also...
- Whoa. - Mardon.
- I've got a plane to catch!
- What the hell?
- Chyre, hang in there.
- Wait, we're now being told to evacuate the facility.
The storm may have caused a malfunction
To the primary cooling system.
Officials are now trying to shut down
The particle accelerator, but so far,
Have been unable to regain control of the system--
- What the hell happened to him?
- He was hit by lightning.
- How is he still alive?
- Go.
- No heartbeat. Cbc, chem 24, type and cross four.
Bag him. - He's coding.
- You can't be in here. - I'm family.
- Charge the paddles to 200. - Barry!
- Clear.
- What are you doing?
- He likes this song.
- How could you possibly know that?
- I checked his facebook page.
I mean, he can hear everything, right?
- Auditory functions are the last
Sensory faculties to degenerate.
- ♪ can't read my no he can't read my poker-- ♪
- Oh, my god!
- Where am I? - He's up.
- Dr. Wells, get down to the cortex, like, right now.
- Pulse 120, pupils equally reactive to light.
Look at me, look at me. - Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, relax.
Everything's okay, man.
You're at s.T.A.R. Labs.
- S.T.A.R. Labs? Who are you?
- I'm cisco ramon. She's caitlin--dr. Snow.
- I need you to urinate in this.
- Not this second.
- What is--what is happening? What is going on?
- You were struck by lightning, dude.
- What?
Lightning gave me abs?
- Your muscles should be atrophied,
But instead they're in a chronic
And unexplained state of cellular regeneration.
- Come here. Have a seat.
You were in a coma.
- For how long?
- Nine months.
Welcome back, mr. Allen.
We have a lot to discuss.
- It's hard to believe I'm here.
I have always wanted to meet you face to face.
- Yeah?
Well, you certainly went to great lengths to do it.
S.T.A.R. Labs has not been operational
Since fema categorized us
As a class four hazardous location.
17 people died that night.
Many more were injured.
Myself amongst them.
- Jeez.
What happened?
- Nine months ago, the particle accelerator
Went online exactly as planned.
For 45 minutes, I had achieved my life's dream.
And then--then there was an anomaly.
The electron volts became unmeasurable,
The ring under us popped.
Energy from that detonation was thrown into the sky
And that, in turn, seeded a storm cloud--
- That created a lightning bolt
That struck me.
- That's right.
I was recovering myself...
When I heard about you.
The hospital was undergoing unexplainable power outages
Every time you were going into cardiac arrest,
Which was actually a misdiagnosis
Because you see, you weren't flatlining, barry.
Your heartbeat was moving too fast
For the ekg to register it.
Now, I'm not the most popular person in town these days,
But detective west and his daughter
Gave me permission to bring you here,
Where we were able to stabilize you.
- Iris? - Iris, yes.
She came to see you quite often.
- She talks a lot.
- Also, she's hot.
- I need to go. - No, you can't.
- No, no. No, caitlin's right.
No, now that you're awake, we need to do more tests.
You're still going through changes.
There's so much that we don't know.
- I'm fine. Really, I feel normal.
Thank you for saving my life.
- Really?
- Can I keep the sweatshirt?
- Yeah, keep the sweatshirt. - Okay.
- Sure.
Fill 'er up? - Thanks.
- Oh, my god.
You're awake.
Why didn't s.T.A.R. Labs call us?
- I just woke up.
- Should you even be on your feet?
- Iris, I-I'm okay.
- I watched you die, barry.
You kept dying. Your heart kept stopping.
- It's still beating.
- Feels really fast. - Oops.
- Are you okay, tracy?
- Yeah, I got it.
- My dad is gonna be so happy to see you.
Let me get my stuff, okay? Be right back.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
How can I help you today?
"this is a robbery."
Is this supposed to be a joke?
- You tell me.
- Oh, you scared the hell out of us, kid.
- Yeah, that was quite the nap you took there, baby face,
And you still look 12.
- You look okay.
Are you really?
- Yeah. - Detective west,
We've got a 5.15 in progress at gold city bank, two dead.
Storm's really picking up on the south side.
I'd grab your rain gear.
- I'm sorry, barry. I got to run.
- Do you need my help? - No, you take it easy.
There'll be plenty for you to do once you settle in.
Let's go, partner.
- Hey, allen. Glad to see you.
- Thanks, eddie. - Hey, iris.
- Detective, you should go.
My dad doesn't like to be kept waiting.
- Glad you're back.
- The night of the explosion,
Clyde mardon shot and killed chyre.
Mardon and his brother died trying to escape.
Their plane crashed.
- Iris, got a minute?
- Hey, barry. Good to see you.
- Screw you!
- You okay?
- I-I'm fine.
I-I just need some air.
But I'll call you tonight, all right?
What's happening to me?
- Oh, oh!
- You don't really believe he can run that fast, do you?
- Well, I believe anything is possible,
And in a few minutes,
Maybe you will too.
- How does it fit?
- It's a little snug.
- At least you will be moving so fast
No one will see you.
See, you thought the world was slowing down.
It wasn't.
You were moving so fast
It only looked like everyone else was standing still.
Dr. Wells will be monitoring your energy output,
And caitlin, your vitals.
- What do you do?
- I make the toys, my man. Check it.
This is a two-way headset with a camera I modified.
Typically designed to combat battlefield impulse noise,
Or in your case, potential sonic booms,
Which would be awesome.
- What? - Nothing.
I just noticed you don't smile too much.
- My once promising career in bioengineering is over,
My boss is in a wheelchair for life,
The explosion that put you in a coma
Also killed my fiance.
So this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go.
- Mr. Allen, while I am extremely eager
To determine your full range of abilities,
I do caution restraint.
- Yeah.
- He just passed 200 miles per hour.
- It's not possible.
- Mom!
- No, barry! - Mom!
- No! Don't let him touch you!
- Aah!
- What is all this?
- Witnesses from the robbery at gold city bank.
Perp made off with 200 grand, more or less.
- Catch these guys. - The windows blew in.
It was like a hurricane.
Everyone ran for cover.
- We're going to have a sketch artist work with you,
If you feel up to it.
Third robbery in a month
Where a freak storm precedes it.
Sounds like one of those "wide world of weird" cases
Barry's obsessed with. - He's not obsessed.
- Guess you haven't read his blog.
- The security cameras at the bank.
- Apparently it all shorted out.
- We got a bunch of witnesses here.
They all have cell phones.
- The sky went black and then, boom.
Outside was inside.
Man, it was like there was a thunderstorm
In the bank.
- Vukuvich, suspect is driving a black mustang.
Partial plate six-kilo-charlie-three.
Put out an apb. - Copy that.
- It looks like you had a distal radius fracture.
- Had?
- It's healed... In three hours.
- How is that even possible?
- We don't know...Yet.
- You really need to learn how to stop.
- What happened out there today?
You were moving pretty well,
And then something caused you to lose focus.
- I started remembering something.
When I was 11, my mother was murdered.
It was late.
A sound woke me up.
I came downstairs and...
I saw what looked like a ball of lightning.
Inside the lightning,
There was a man.
He killed my mom.
They arrested my dad.
He's still sitting in iron heights for her murder.
Everyone, the cops, the shrinks,
They all told me what I saw was impossible.
But what if the man who killed my mom
Was like me?
- Well, I think I can say unequivocally
You are one of a kind.
- Can I help you, detective?
- You can stop acting like you can't stand me
When your dad's around.
- Aww.
And I like having a boyfriend who isn't shot to death.
You can't tell my dad.
He doesn't know about me and eddie.
- Doesn't seem like anyone's in on the secret.
- I was gonna tell you.
When you were in the hospital,
Eddie covered my father's shifts
So that we could both be with you.
I thanked him with a cup of coffee,
And things just kind of happened.
And it's good.
- Dating your partner's daughter--
Isn't that against department regulations?
- Why are you so upset?
- I just don't like having to lie to your dad, you know?
- Barry?
- Hey! Mardon!
- That poor man.
The way that fog came in,
I have never seen anything like it.
- Barry! Iris.
- I'm all right, dad.
- What the hell were you thinking
Having her out here? - No, no, no--
- And I told you, when you see danger,
You run the other way. You're not a cop.
- Because you wouldn't let me. - You're damn right.
- Joe, I need to talk to you.
- It can wait. - No, now.
I know who did this.
It's clyde mardon.
I know everybody thinks he died in a plane crash
After the s.T.A.R. Labs explosion,
But he is alive.
All right, something happened to him that night.
I...I think he can control the weather.
The recent robberies, they all happened during
Freak meteorological events.
And when I just confronted mardon,
The street was instantly enveloped in fog.
Of course you don't believe me.
You never believe me. - Okay.
You want to do this now?
Out here? Fine.
Mardon is dead.
There is no controlling the weather, barry.
Just like there was no lightning storm
In your house that night.
It was your brain helping a scared little boy
Accept what he saw.
- My dad did not murder my mother.
- Yes, he did! Your dad killed your mother, barry!
I am sorry, son!
But I knew it, the jury knew it,
And now he's paying for what he did.
- Dad, enough! - Unh-uh, iris.
I have done my best to take care of you
Since that night, and I have never asked
For anything in return, not even a thank you,
But what I do ask now is that you
For once in your life see things as they are.
- You're not going to believe this.
We got the eyewitness sketch
Of the robber from the bank job.
If I didn't know better, I'd say that's clyde mardon.
But that's impossible.
He's dead, right?
- I wasn't the only one affected
By the particle accelerator explosion, was I?
- We don't know for sure.
- You said the city was safe,
That there was no residual danger.
But that's not true, so what really happened that night?
- Well...
The accelerator went active.
We all felt like heroes, and then...
It all went wrong.
The dimensional barrier ruptured,
Unleashing unknown energies into our world.
Antimatter, dark energy, x-elements--
- Those are all theoretical.
- And how theoretical are you?
We mapped the dispersion
Throughout and around central city.
Though we have no way of knowing
Exactly what or... Who was exposed,
We've been searching for other
Meta-humans like yourself. - "meta-humans"?
- That's what we're calling them.
- I saw one today.
He's a bank robber, and he can control the weather.
- This just keeps getting cooler.
- This is not cool.
All right? A man died.
Mardon must have gotten his powers the same way I did.
From the storm cloud.
He's still out there.
We have to stop him before he hurts anyone else.
- Barry!
That's a job for the police.
- I work for the police.
- As a forensic assistant.
- You're responsible for this.
For him.
- What's important is you!
Not me. I lost everything.
I lost my company.
I lost my reputation.
I lost my freedom.
And then you broke your arm,
And it healed in three hours.
Inside your body could be a map
To a whole new world-- genetic therapies,
Vaccines, medicines, treasures buried deep
Within your cells and we cannot risk losing everything
Because you want to go out and play hero!
You're not a hero.
You are just a young man who was struck by lightning.
- I didn't do this.
I swear to god, I didn't do this.
- Dad, why are they taking you?
- Barry, don't go in the house. - Where's mom?
- What's gonna happen to my son?
- Dad! - Barry!
- Dad! - Stay out of the house!
- Joe, you know these people?
- My daughter's best friends with their kid.
- I'm sorry. - Mm.
- Mom. - Barry.
- Mom!
So that's my story.
I've spent my whole life searching for the impossible,
Never imagining that I would
Become the impossible.
- So why come to me?
Something tells me you didn't just run 600 miles
To say "hi" to a friend.
- All my life, I've wanted to just do more...
Be more.
And now I am.
And the first chance I get to help someone,
I screw up.
What if wells is right?
What if I'm not a hero?
What if I'm just some guy who was struck by lightning?
- I don't think that bolt of lightning
Struck you, barry.
I think it chose you.
- I'm just not sure I'm like you, oliver.
I don't know if I can be some...Vigilante.
- You can be better.
Because you can inspire people
In a way that I never could--
Watching over your city like a guardian angel...
Making a difference...
Saving people...
In a flash.
Take your own advice.
Wear a mask.
- Cool.
- Cool.
- I've been going over unsolved cases
From the past nine months,
And there's been a sharp increase
In unexplained deaths and missing people.
Your meta-humans have been busy.
Now, I'm not blaming you.
I know you didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I know you all lost something.
But I need your help to catch mardon
And anyone else out there like him.
But I can't do it without you.
- If we're gonna do this,
I have something that might help.
Something I've been playing with.
Designed to replace the turnouts
Firefighters traditionally wear.
I thought if s.T.A.R. Labs could do something nice
For the community, maybe people wouldn't
Be so angry at dr. Wells anymore.
- How is it going to help me?
- It's made of a reinforced tri-polymer.
It's heat and abrasive resistant,
So it should withstand your moving
At high-velocity speeds.
And the aerodynamic design
Should help you maintain control.
Plus, it has built-in sensors
So we can track your vitals
And stay in contact with you from here.
- Thanks.
Now how do we find mardon?
- I retasked s.T.A.R. Labs satellite
To track meteorological abnormalities
Over central city.
We just got a ping.
Atmospheric pressure dropped 20 millibars
In a matter of seconds.
I've tracked it to a farm just west of the city.
- I'm not saying mardon is alive.
But if he was, this is the last place
Him and his brother hid out.
Let's go.
On your feet.
Hands on your head.
- You got me.
The night of the storm, after s.T.A.R. Labs blew,
After our plane went down,
And I woke up on the ground alive,
When I saw what I can do, I understood.
I am god.
- Shut the hell up.
- Turn around.
- Do you think that your guns can stop god?
- Why in the hell would god need to rob banks?
- You're right.
I've been thinking too small.
- Barry! Barry!
This thing's getting closer.
Wind speeds are 200 miles-per-hour and increasing.
Barry, can you hear me?
- Yeah. Loud and clear.
- If it keeps up, this could become an f-5 tornado.
- But it's headed towards the city.
How do I stop it? Guys?
What if I unravel it?
- How the hell are you going to do that?
- I'll run around it in the opposite direction,
Cut off its legs.
- He'd have to clock 700 miles-per-hour to do that.
- Your body may not be able to handle those speeds.
You'll die.
- I have to try.
- The suit's holding up.
- But he's not. - He can do it.
I know he can do it.
It's too strong!
- It's time to think big.
- You can do this, barry.
You were right.
I am responsible for all of this.
So many people have been hurt
Because of me, and when I looked at you,
All I saw was another potential victim of my hubris.
And yes, I created this madness,
But you, barry, you can stop it.
You can do this.
Now run, barry, run!
- Barry?
- Hey.
I didn't think there was anyone else like me.
- I'm not like you.
You're a murderer.
- Barry? - It's over.
I'm okay.
- What you can do...
It was the lightning bolt?
- More or less.
- I'm sorry, barry.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
And I called you crazy for chasing the impossible.
But you really did see something
That night your mom died.
And your dad is innocent.
I need you to promise me something.
I don't want you telling iris
About anything you can do, any of it.
I want her safe.
Promise me.
- Yeah.
- Hey, slugger.
You've been calling me that since I was 11.
- Funny thing is, I finally got
Into a fight today.
- You just got out of a coma.
I'm not sure you should be picking fights.
Did you win?
- Yeah, I did.
- You didn't kill mom.
You know I know that, right?
- You believing me is all I need.
- You're not gonna be in here much longer.
Whoever killed mom...
Whatever killed her...
I think I finally have a way to find them.
To stop them.
- Barry, we've talked about this.
It's time to let it go.
You have got to stop worrying about me,
And live your life.
- For the first time, I feel like I finally can.
The truth is, ever since the night mom died,
I've been stuck in one place,
Missed out on a lot of things.
But I'm different now.
I've made some new friends.
They're helping me find my way...
- Why is it shaped like a lightning bolt?
- So it's not boring.
- To finally move forward.
You remember when you wanted me to change my name
So I wouldn't have to deal with people knowing you're my dad?
I'm glad they know.
I'm so proud to be your son.
- I love you, son.
- I love you too, dad.
My name is barry allen,
And I am the fastest man alive.
A friend recently gave me
The idea for a new name.
And something tells me, it's gonna catch on.
- Greg, move your head!