The Crossing (2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Face of Oblivion - full transcript

Desperate to rescue his son from a potentially lethal situation, Jude makes a request that could endanger the lives of everyone at the camp; Hannah's secret past comes to light; Sophie discovers something unexpected in Leah's blood work.

Previously on "The Crossing"...

- I'm not inclined to believe in...
- Time travel?

I think it's happened before.
There was an earlier migration.

You got a boss who's keeping secrets?

I told you, I didn't want him involved.

Now, do your job.

I was meant to find you.

They said if I found you, I'd be okay.

You used to be an Apex collaborator?

- While you're in here, I own you.
- Ow.

I just want my daughter.

Let's go find her.

You left out some of the more
colorful genocidal admissions

from your story.

I have to weigh that!

You're gonna suffer for this.

You stay right here, okay?

I won't be long.

Oliver! Oliver!

Come on.


He's fine.

- Do not touch him.
- Or what?

You'll lead me into another trap?

You'll leave me for dead?

That's not how it was supposed to go.

We're past that now.

Do exactly as I say, and he'll be fine.

My daughter for your son.

We'll make the exchange tomorrow.

If you involve anyone else again...

I won't.

I want to hear his voice.

Hi, Dad.

Hey, buddy.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Where are you?

Uh, well, I had to deal
with some work stuff.

Remember that, uh, accident
you heard at... at Harborfest?

That turned into a pretty big deal.

Is everyone okay?

Yeah, yeah. Everybody's okay, buddy.

But I asked my friend Reece
to stay with you

until I'm finished.

Okay. Bye, Dad.

I'm gonna call you in four hours
with a location.

Then we'll make the switch.
Do you understand?

Before I was the sheriff of Port Canaan,

I was a cop in Oakland.

I was detailed for five years

to the Fugitive Apprehension Team.

We had a very high clearance rate.

Anything happens to Oliver,
there's nowhere you can hide,

and I'm talking on this planet.

Do you understand?


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You're very good.

Thank you.

How are you at faces?

If I could describe someone,
would you be able to draw them?

I could try.

These are nodal points.

I've committed them to memory...

point of the chin,
the corners of the mouth,

the innermost point of each eye.

It has to be perfect.

Who is this person?

Someone... I'd like to see again.

So, this is where they worshipped, huh?

Lot of good it did 'em.

Why do you cover it up?

Your print?

You were Alpha-Zulu. You should show it.

I don't need to be reminded.

Of what?

Killing Apex,
breaking off collaborators?

I wish I had your memories.

No. You don't.

I don't suppose you've seen
Hannah around, have you?

I haven't.

Do I need to remind you what happened

the last time you hooked up
with a tourist?

Hurricane Claire.


Claire and I aren't even a thing.

Yeah, well,
someone should tell her that.

We're having drinks tonight.
Maybe I will.

Look, anyway,

I don't think this girl, Hannah,
was a tourist.

I-I think she's one of those
people from Thorn Beach.

One of the survivors?

You know, I heard
some chatter online about that.

Yeah, some DHS grunt

dragged her away at the end of the day.

I mean, they must
be keeping them nearby.

Where? In the mountains?

She was talking
about where she was staying.

Something about cabins, a lake.

Steve Lorusso told me

that he got re-routed
on his deer hunt yesterday,

out by Longview Ridge.

The road was blocked by feds.

Now, that's curious.

Remember when we were kids,

and my folks sent me to that lodge

to have my behavior fixed?

Camp Tamanowas.

That could be it.

What is it about this girl?

I don't know.

You've reached Emma Ren.
Please leave a message.

Agent Ren's not available.

Unh-unh. No. I need to see her.

You need to turn your car around
is what you need to do.

I'm the sheriff of Port Canaan.

Well, then, I guess
you've got somewhere to be.

Now turn your car around.

Unreal. Right.

You believe this guy?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

We have a breach at the front gate!

I repeat, we have a breach!

Hands where we can see them!

I need to see Agent Emma Ren.

Don't move.

We're good.

All right.

I need your help.

Like I asked for yesterday

right before you had me
escorted out of the station.

She took my son.



Your Apex.

She's alive?


- I'm gonna get a team together.
- No. No.

This is real easy.

I get my son back
in exchange for her daughter.

Her daughter?

She's Leah's mother.

I can't let her leave, Jude.

Look, I bring Leah to her mother.

Her mom gives me Oliver back.

After that, you can take it up
the chain of command!

You can blame me for everything!

Leah's not going anywhere, Jude.

She's dying and highly contagious.

If she takes one step out of this tent,

she'll contaminate the entire camp.

You like fishing, right?

I saw the pictures at your dad's house.

Where's our poles?

Our fishing poles?

I need one of your rods.


Well, I need a massage,

so why don't you start rubbing
and we'll see where it goes?


I want to talk to my dad.

Your phone's broken.

Then I'll use yours.

Your dad's trying to find
someone very important.

So, right now, he needs us
to let him do his job

because if he doesn't find that person,

it could be very dangerous.

He'll find them.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Um... I was wondering

if I could ask you
to do something for me.

A favor.

What do you want?

To find someone.

I assume you have some sort
of facial coding database.

I-I can pay you.

With what? You got no money.

Well, she... she does.

And if you will help me find her,

she will pay you... handsomely.

Sheriff Ellis.

This is Dr. Forbin.
She's been treating Leah.

Is she as bad as she says?

What she's suffering from,
it has no precedent.

There's nothing
I can currently do for her.

How long?

Honestly, I'd be surprised

if she lasts the next 48 hours.

Reece is never going to believe this.

- Who?
- Her mom.

Jude, can we take this outside?


What, she doesn't know?

Okay. Here's a quick primer.

All these people here
are from the future.

Emma's boss sucks,

and her biggest concern
is keeping secrets.

Like Apex.

And apparently, she's not doing
a very good job of it.

Look, my concern
is the wellbeing of your son.

That's my concern.

So I suggest that we put out
an Amber Alert first.

No. No, no. No.

No one else can be involved,

not after what happened at the shipyard.

Look, she calls me in... in one hour.

I just... I need to think.

Agent Ren?

One of the detainees... Paul...
gave this to me.

He asked me to run it
through facial recognition.

He promised me untold riches.

You tell anybody else about this?

No, ma'am. Brought it straight to you.


No, no, no, no, no. Not today, Marshall.

I got information.

Is it about the guy
who pulled the triple lindy

off the top of the bank
building last night?

- No.
- Then you have nothing that I want.

Jude. I need Jude.

- I've left three messages.
- Well, then, leave a fourth.

You're still here.

Look, I know where they're keeping

those people from the beach.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I'll show you where they are.

A-And, in exchange,
you get one of them out.

A girl. Her name's Hannah.

A girl?

Not any girl, she's...

Leave. Now.

Before I tase you!

If this little girl is gonna die...

...she should...
she should be with her mom.

That's what I would want
if it were my kid.

I want to help you. I do.

It's just I'm playing catch-up here.

Maybe if you told me more about Reece...

No, you can help me, okay?

Just get her out of here.

Put... Put her in a hazmat suit,

I need this.

I can't.

I can get a report on her condition

or a picture.

Something to show her mother
how serious this is.

Maybe you can tell her yourself.

I don't think Agent Ren
would appreciate me leaving.

Is that your final answer?

Then I'm exposing us both.

Oh, w-wait.

Hey, Paul.

Mm. Hello.

Can you tell me about this?

I have a guard saying
that you approached him

and offered him a bribe to look
into this person for you.

If you stay silent,

I'm gonna have to make up
the rest of the story,

and I'm afraid my version
lands you in an isolation wing.

I've done nothing wrong.

Then tell me who she is.

What do you want with her?

She's just someone I know.

Someone you know?

Out there in the world?
How is that possible?

Okay. Let's play it your way.

But for all I know,
you could be a danger

to the rest of the people in the camp,

and I can't have that.

She's my wife.

Your wife?

I've heard rumors
about an earlier migration.

Does this have anything to do with that?

Tell me the rest of the story, Paul.

When did she come here?

You wouldn't believe me.

You haven't believed any of us.

That's why we're all still stuck here.

Yes, she left earlier.

For all I know, she could
be at the bottom of the ocean.

She could be...
a hundred years from here.

But I've come all this way.

I have to know.

Please. Help me.


What are you doing, Jude?

Where's my doctor?

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'll have her back when I'm done.

I want you to turn the car around

and get back here
before somebody gets hurt.

If I come back and miss this
meeting, Oliver gets hurt.

After everything that's
happened, don't you owe me?

Agent Ren, Leah's mother could
be the key to her survival,

not to mention stopping this thing

from getting out into the world.

She said that she helped
treat her before,

and I found trace amounts
of foreign antibodies

trying to attack the virus.

If there's any truth
to this Apex phenomenon,

I'm going to assume those
antibodies came from Leah's mom

and that treating this disease
is only a small part

of what she can do.

So I'm going with the sheriff willingly.

Did you get all that?

I want an update every half-hour.


Do you have any kids?

A daughter. She's 8.

How come she's not here?


We're meeting her later.

What's her name?


That's a pretty name.

You remind me of your dad.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Here. You try.

I don't know how.

You just cast it out.
You've seen me do it.

You've never fished before?

First time.



How's Leah?

I'll know in five minutes
when I pick her up.


The faster you get her to me,

the faster I'll be out of your life.

How's Oliver?


Let me talk to him.

At 5:00, when we make the exchange.

No, I want to hear his voice.

Just... Just have him say something.

Head towards Redfish Lake.

I'll send you the exact address at 4:30.

Yeah. All right.

He's a good boy.

But if you betray me again...

Hey, I don't want to hear it.

I'll come through on my end.

You just come through on yours. Got it?

Why didn't you tell her Leah's sick?

Because I don't know what she'll do.

I don't think so.

What's going on between you and Luke?

That's my business.

When your business draws

unnecessary attention to the rest of us,

it becomes my business, too.

Because if we're gonna get out of here,

we need to act civilized.

We had a disagreement.

This looks like more
than a disagreement.

He's been threatening me.

Well, you should have
asked someone for help.

- It's not that simple.
- You could have come to me.

- I couldn't.
- You could have.

I couldn't!

I worked with Apex.

It was just a couple times.

I gave them information.

You're a collaborator?

They caught my dad on a salvage run.

Brought him to the house.

They cut his hand off in front
of me and made me watch.

They said his head was next.
What was I supposed to do?

I've seen your arm.

I know what you did to people like me.

So go ahead.

Do it.

I'm tired of running and lying

and don't even know
why I have to anymore.

Because I did what I had to to survive.

We all did.

Luke know about this?

He put his hands on you?

I wasn't gonna let it get that far.

- He trusted me.
- I dealt with the situation.

I made the call.

Hey. Can you do me a favor?

I need a facial recognition query.

It has to be off-network.

Can't go through Homeland.

Never mind why. Can you just do it?

How much time have you spent
with her mother?

More than I'd like.

And have you noticed
anything unusual about her?

That person I spoke to at the camp...

they mentioned enhancements...
strength, healing properties,

sensory capabilities.


You're telling me this is real.

If it is...

I mean, it would be like

getting a glimpse of our own evolution.

She isn't our evolution.

She was made to fight,
and she wants her kid back.

She's dangerous.

Is that the location?

What if she needs help?

That is the number-one reason
to not be in a relationship.

Every expert will tell you that.

Never mind the fact that you're
already in a relationship.

You want to mope about
this girl, be my guest.

I've got business.

You spent two hours with this girl.

I can't explain it.

All I know is, I can't stop
thinking about her.

So what do you want to do?

Because we're not getting in that camp.

Maybe we don't need to get in.


All right. Here we go.


Wait, how's she gonna know it's you?

Mine's the only number stored on it.

She opens it up, she calls,

and we figure out what's
really going on up there.

The camp should be right over... here.

There it is.

Main lodge should be right up ahead.

Uh, dude. Bogey, 6:00.

Say what?

- Get out of there!
- Yeah, I'm trying.

Damn it!

Nature's cruel, bro.


How's it going?

Listen, I'm going to need you
to leave Hannah alone.


Okay, look. Um...

I don't know what she's told you,

but you can't trust her.

She worked for Apex.
She sold out her own people.

We all did
things we thought we had to do.

They killed my brothers! My uncle!

I never even met my own parents,

and she just gets to walk around?!

As long as I'm here,
she gets to walk around.

And if you ever step to her again,

there won't be a second conversation

between you and me.

I got a question.

Who made you king of the camp?

I did.

I can end this right here. Believe me.

I've done it so many times
that I've lost count.




Where's Leah?

I couldn't bring her.
They wouldn't let me.

Then we have no deal.

She's sick, Reece. She's really sick.

If I... if I took her out of camp...

...she'd infect other people,
and they'd die.

Tell her.

I'm Dr. Sophie Forbin. I'm a virologist.

I've been caring for your daughter.

She has what the others at
the camp call Mantle's Disease,

but I think you already knew that.

You need to take me to her. Now.

I can't get you into the camp.

That's why I brought her doctor.

This woman can't help me.

Oh, you might be surprised.

So you came all this way

just to tell me
that my daughter's dying?

I came all this way to tell you
that we did everything we could.

And that hurting my son...
is not gonna save Leah.

Take a look...

at this.

She told me you can treat her.

You've done it before, haven't you?

Yes, I have.

All right, well, I assume you need

certain equipment, materials.

Let me help you to create the treatment,

and then I can take it back to Leah.

Give Jude his son,
and take me in his place.

I can't let you do that.

If I don't go, two kids die.

There may be five other people
in the country

more equipped to help treat
your daughter than me,

so we really shouldn't
waste any more time.

Where's his son?



Hey, Dad.

Hey. Hey!


I missed you.


Are you okay?

- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

You're fine.


How did it go with Reece?

You mean your girlfriend?


That's why you had her
babysit me, right?

So I'd get to know her.



You got me.

I knew it.

And then, out of
nowhere, she books this movie.

I mean, of course she does,

she's super-talented and crazy hot.

Anyway, it shoots in London,

and her apartment
is just gonna be sitting there,

so she told me that she would
sublet it to me for dirt cheap.

That's great, Claire, because...

Come with me.

What? We've always talked about it.

Yeah. Yeah, I know. It's just that...

I don't know if I'm ready.

You know, like, right now.

Come on. I know you're dying
to leave this place.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

Sit tight.


Who is this?


Hey, uh, I got Oliver back.

Good. That's a relief.

Look... slight wrinkle.

Your doctor and Reece went off

- to, uh, work on a treatment.
- Okay, stop.

Uh, we shouldn't be talking
about this over the phone.


Is she safe?

Yeah, I think so.

Um, I'll come by the station
tomorrow morning. We'll talk then?


Hey, buddy.

High-low time.

All right.

You want to go first, or should I?

- I'll go first.
- Okay.

My high was going fishing.

Oh, yeah? Huh.

The next time, just you and me, okay?

But I'm a little rusty.

That's okay. I'll help you when we go.

- Promise?
- I promise.

And my low

was not getting to spend
any time with you today.

Yeah. I'm sorry about that.

That was my low, too.



Can I say something
and not get in trouble?

Ollie, you can always tell me anything.

I think you can meet
someone better than Reece.

You know, as a girlfriend.

She didn't even know
we needed fishing poles.

She didn't?

Well, then, I definitely need
to find someone better.

Will you help me?

You know, maybe you know somebody.


This is my high. Right now.


Can I help you?

I'm Agent Ren with Homeland Security.

Okay. What's this about?

I've come into contact with
someone who's searching for you.

Do you know this man?

Oh, my God.


He's my husband.

Do you mind if I come in
and ask you some questions?

We were married
for nine years. No problems.

Then one afternoon,
he comes home from work

and says he hasn't been happy,
that he's leaving.

Did he have a reason?

He kept talking about
these people that he'd met,

how they made him feel.

The way they looked at the world...

Kept saying that we weren't
living our best life.

He even tried to get me to go
to one of the meetings with him.

Did you go?


I tried to explain to him
they were just love-bombing him.

He didn't want to listen.

Love bombing?

It's something that these cults do

to create a positive
association in your mind

with these events they're throwing

and your positive feelings.

I read everything I could
on the subject,

tried to get him out of there.

So Paul is in a cult?


Isn't that why you're here?

He and the people he's with...

Claim to be from the future?


I met him at Hofstra.

Friend set us up.

He got a job on Wall Street,

opened his own
financial advisory business.

I used to think
the strangest thing about him

was he... he would write his initials

in the labels of all his shirts

in case they were misplaced.

In a million years,
I never would have predicted

that this is where he would end up.

Not in a million years.

I'm sorry.

Do you have any more information
about this group?

I have some old pamphlets

from when they were just

a storefront self-awareness group

and Paul's letters,

disassociating from me,
his family, our friends.

Could I see them?


Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx