The Crossing (2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Pax Americana - full transcript

Reece takes drastic measures to save Leah before it's too late. Hannah decides to escape the zone and visit the outside world.

No one expected to arrive

in the water,
beneath the surface.

Previously on "The Crossing"...

We were running away.

-From what?
-The war.

-But there's no war.
-There will be.

We're not the first ones
to comes here.

How long
have you been here?

Longer than you think.

Come on, Marshall,
what did you do now?

I guess you weren't able to
bring anything from home?

This locket,
but I lost it in the ocean.

Apex took over
the government.

They hunted us
like animals.

They were genetically engineered
killing machines.

They created a virus.

I just want my daughter.
She can't be away from me.

This is Mantle's Disease.



Tell me you got an update.

Still no body.

You said she was hit.

"A likely kill shot."
Your words.

You want to drag the harbor,
Craig, be my guest.

This is Apex. If there's no
body, assume the worst.

You're gonna need more

Local emergency calls will be
filtered through intercept.

If anybody sees anything,
we'll be first responders.

We'll go door-to-door
if need be.

Sounds low-profile.

I know what
my job entails.

Unlike you,
I've actually killed them.

Well, that was
a long time ago...

She's alone.


And I've whipped up
a little something

that should give me
an advantage.

All right,
this might be a lead.

Infrared is picking up a heat
signal in the Western Ridge.

I'm scared.

Hey, what does being
a mommy mean?

That you're always gonna be
there for me.

That's right.


Hey, Jude.

Just getting out the toys
for the open house.

Figured it'd be busy with all
the, you know, stuff that's --


You must be Oliver.
I heard a lot about you.

Ollie, this is Nestor.

Don't let the beard fool you.
He is in fact an actual deputy.

-It's true.

Hi. You look like you're gonna
be a heck of a sheriff one day,

just like your dad, huh?

I'm not a big fan
of guns.


Well, they've got plenty
of other jobs

that don't require
the gun.

Desk jobs and so forth.

You could do that, you know?

You got to wear that headset
all day,

you're talking into that,
your ear gets sweaty.

It's not the best job
in the world.

Hey, Ollie, there's a bathroom
around the corner.

Why don't you use it
before we go?

Hey, we got to take him
to the range.

Hey, did we get
any calls yesterday

about any suspicious activity
down at the shipyard?

No. I-I saw
in the duty log

that there was some
heavy air traffic.

Figured it was probably
the Air Force

just scrambling some choppers
out of Lewis-McChord.

Probably some kind
of drills.


Do me a favor,
if you hear anything,

get any calls,
get me on my cell.

Yes, sir.

Anything you want to
bring me in on?

No, just...

if you get any calls,
let me know.


We'll be at Harborfest.

Yeah, no, yeah.

Have fun.

and kick Marshall.

All right. Wake up.

I requested
a late checkout.

The guy you got into it with
declined to press charges,

so you're good to go home.

You got to stop doing this,

Come on, these tourists
come for Harborfest,

they blow in like
they own the place.

It's not about
some tourist.

It's 10 years
since the accident.

And I am sorry,

but you can't keep
living in the past.

You have to start
thinking about your future.

Maybe I don't have one.

Who else knows
about the earlier migration?

No one.

You don't have to do this.

I'm not gonna tell anyone.

You need to understand
that here, in this time,

you have no power.

You have no freedom.

You have no life,
except the one I give you.

I understand.


Then maybe you can
be of use to us.

The best thing
is just to be patient.

The guy I talked to?

He said talking about
where we're from

is not helping our cause.

They think we're crazy.

And they don't let crazy people
just walk around...

Crazy people get locked up.

Hey, what's this?

He was out
of the camp yesterday.

He talked
with someone in charge.

They're ready to help.

There's money available to us,
places to live, even jobs.

Did you see
these places?

Just pictures.

If you want a life here,
do exactly what they tell you,

and say as little
as possible.

Where'd you get those?

Oh, I found them.

Yeah, well, they don't
hide who you are,

if that's what
you were hoping.

Do I know you?

No, but I know you.

And I know what you did
back in Metolius.

If these
settlers found out,

I don't even want to think
about what they'd do to you.


maybe we can work something
out... that doesn't happen.

Hi, Roy.

What's going on?

Can I ask you something?

Do you know how long
we're gonna be here?

I'm not a part
of those conversations.

But I meant what I said,
if there's anything

I could do for you to make
things a little easier --

You could get me
out of here.

I can't do that, Hannah.

That would be
breaking the law.

There are
serious penalties.

Yeah, it's okay.
I understand.

Is there anything else
going on?


No, it's fine.

I just --
I shouldn't have asked.

Hey, hey.

All right, here it is.

All right, this is it.

What do you think?

What is it?

It's a tradition.

Come on, man.
It's gonna be fun.

There's, like,
games and music.

There's a guy who juggles

and all kinds
of junk food.

Don't tell your mom.

I thought we were
gonna go fishing.

Just you and me.
-Yeah, we are.

I just thought I'd show
you the town first.


what kind of junk food?

Yeah, now we're talkin'!

Come on, let's go.

Do you think
she'll like it?


Yeah, I'm coming.

The trail is taking her back
toward the town.

If she gets to
the general population,

this becomes
a lot more difficult.

So we're gonna stay
south by southwest.

So keep her cordoned off.

Amount of blood she's lost,
she's lucky to be on her feet.

You underestimate
this target,

she will be the last thing
you see on this earth.

Move out.

You really punching out?

There goes
your double overtime,

just floating away.

Yeah, heading back
to the hotel.

If I don't get some sleep,
I'll be useless.

What use are you now?

This isn't
exactly Guantanamo.

Give these kooks
some colored pencils,

and they take care
of themselves.

Hell, I'll take
all the shifts.

You're a real patriot.

Come on.

What is this?


Emma, hi.
How's the girl?

Not good.
High-grade fever,

fatigue, some respiratory

I'm sending in
a specialist.

She's gonna develop a screen,

make sure we don't
have more carriers.

I got ahold of the Sheriff.

He wasn't too happy.
I can't say I blame him.

I expect
he'll fall into line.

I reported on his location

because I thought you were gonna
give me the leeway

to meet with him alone.

No, you reported on his location
because it's your job.

Is there something
you aren't telling me?

I told you
I didn't want him involved.

You had to go
and "make him an asset."

So I dealt with the situation.
I made the call.

And do your job or I'll find
someone else to do it.

If we do exactly what they say,
take care of ourselves,

you know, don't say anything
about what's going on here,

what happened before,
where we came from...

Director Lindauer.

Good morning.
Sir, I'm Dr. Sophie Forbin.

I appreciate you
meeting me in person.

My specialty is
quarantine measurements,

screening methodology,
vaccine production.

If HSI needs a virologist,
I'm eminently qualified.

Director Lindauer.
I'm Dr. Forbin.

Your paper in the Journal
of Microbiotic Virology.

Nice work.

Shall we?

I was one of six co-authors
on that paper.

My sources tell me you did
the bulk of the research.

Anyway, let's skip
your curriculum vitae.

You've been vetted,
I'm impressed.

May I ask what, if anything,
you've heard about Thorn Beach.

The shipwreck?
Only what I saw on the news.

Dozens of fatalities.

And 47 survivors.
English-speaking, coherent --

though they seem to be victims
of some mass delusion.

Brainwashing, perhaps?

Trust me,
you'll understand

when you hear where they claim
to have come from.

What does that have to do
with me?

One of them's displaying

of an unidentified virus --
A little girl.

She's dying.

Has she been isolated?

Yes. I need you to prepare
a diagnostic,

see if anyone else
has been infected.

You need me
to stop an outbreak?

I need
your utmost discretion.

You report only to me until we
know more about this thing.

I don't want to start
a panic.


When do I start?

You just did.

Baker team. Stand by.
I think I got something.

Myers, sound off.

Where is my daughter?


I'll take it from here.

Dr. Forbin.

Emma Ren.

Sophie, please.

Shouldn't these people
be in quarantine?

We believe we isolated
the patient

before she became

How could you know that?

These people have experience
with the virus.

I was told this was an
unidentified pathogen.

It's complicated.

Look, if you want answers,
I'll get them for you.

Whatever it takes
to help this little girl.

Agent Ren, I reviewed
the patient's lab work.

I've never seen this kind of
rapid onset before.

She's experiencing acute
distress, prostration,

exanthema, early signs
of brain inflammation,

and I don't know
how it's transmitted.

Forgive me
if I sound harsh,

but I wasn't brought in here
to save a little girl.

I'm here to prevent
a pandemic.

This Thorn Beach thing
is crazy, right?

The story is
they were all dead,

but Kara's brother
works for the Coast Guard,

and he said that they
pulled a bunch of people

out of the water...

What the hell
do you think is going on?

Well, in the words of
my great-grandpa Lonny --

if you can't do anything about
it, don't worry about it.

What the hell is this?

It's a...
Nerf basketball hoop.

It's an earring, Marshall.

Is it?

Who was here last night?

No one.

♪ I wanna wake up
in a different city ♪

Go to hell.

There you go.
All right, remember.

Be the ball.

Dad, what does that
even mean?

It doesn't have to mean

It's "Caddyshack."
Now come on, focus.

Be the ball.

Ah, close.

So close. So close.

We're gonna have to
try that one again.

This time, skip
the weighted bottles.

Loosen up.
You got to loosen up.

Way too tight.
Got it?

Okay, focus.

You got it. Do it.

Yeah! What?
Are you kidding me?

What do we get?

What do we get?
-The gray shark.

Of course. Nice!

It was so close.

Thank you.

Nice job!

Excuse me, is there transport?
Is there --



I was wondering
if you could help me.

With what?

I don't really know
this place.

You lose your tour group
or something?


Maybe you could
show me around?

Private tour's
gonna cost you.

I don't have any money.

-It was a joke.

You hungry?



That's amazing.

So, uh,
where you from anyway?'s called Metolius.

Yeah? I went river rafting
out there once.

There's like 12 people
in that town.

It's growing.

Where are you from?

Right here.

I'm gonna leave soon,
go to L.A.

It's time.

I don't think
you should do that.

And why not?

Maybe you're meant
to be here.

Man: Are you ready to rock,
Port Canaan?

One, two, three, four.

There's so much
music here.


You wanted to see me?

Hey, Thomas.

Have a seat.

So how was your visit with
my colleague, Mr. Lindauer?

It was good.
Nice guy.

Sounds like the conversation
you and he had

was different from the
conversation you and I had.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

There's no excuse.

It's okay.
Everybody makes mistakes.

But just so I'm clear --

what you told me about
the earlier migration...

that was a lie?


That's a pretty
unusual one.

I was trying
to get attention.

I was scared.

You were scared of what?

You know, this --
this whole situation.

I wanted to feel

Which is it? You were scared
or you wanted to feel important?


Jude: Now, who wants to be
my next deputy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Hey, it's not all blasting
sirens and chasing bad guys.

Although we do that.
But you know what?

You're gonna have to take
a pledge to protect and serve,

and then you get a badge
and some cool toys.

So who's in?

Together: Me!

All right, wait.
We'll get one right here.

All right, here you go.

Hey, Dad,
can I wear your hat?


There you go.

Girl: Can I have one?

All right.

Hey, take over
for a second, will you?

Excuse me.

What do you want?

Is there somewhere
we can talk?

I'm sorry, you're too old
to be a junior deputy.

Look, dude...

I think
it's happened before.


There was an earlier migration
of refugees.

-I don't know.

But I know there's some people
at high levels that do.

The same people that dropped
a Blackwater convention

on the shipyards,
I suppose.


Why are you coming
to me with this?

You're the only person
I can trust.


Listen, if there were others,
they left a trace.

Witnesses. Something.

If you went into town

and checked the records --
-No, I can't help you.

This is important.

Hey, you got a boss
who's keeping secrets,

corruption at the top --
Been there.

No desire to go back.

see Agent Ren out.

Hi, Leah. It's okay.

I'm a doctor.
My name is Sophie.

I have a real important
question to ask.

Do I look stupid
in this suit?

I know I do.

It's so hot as well.

Do you mind?

You know, I was studying
your blood work,

and I saw something
that surprised me.

The way your body is
reacting to the virus,

it's like
it's already fought it.

Have your received treatment
for these symptoms before?

From my mom.

Your mother
gave you medicine?

She was the medicine.



Are you in charge?


He's back with the vehicles.

Excuse me.
Are you Rebecca?

Leah was staying
with you, right?

I'd like to ask you
some questions.

You're wasting your time.

She can't be saved.

That's what I thought at first.
Now I'm not so sure.

Look, I don't know who you
people are, and I don't care.

But if you have insight
into this virus,

you have to talk to me.

That little girl is in there
fighting for her life.

What do you want to know?

I think she's fought this

aided by some type
of treatment, an antiviral.

-There's no treatment.
-She said her mother

used to give her medicine,
made by her blood.

The way Leah talks
about it,

it sounds like her mother
was immune.

No one is immune.

Only what?

She's a sick little girl.

She doesn't know what
she's talking about.

If you know something,
please tell me.

I have to tell you,
they were very nice.

They showed me around.

I had this sweet liquid
made of combined fruit.

They call it a smoothie.

And more importantly,
I established some contacts.

For the outside.

You know, to have a head start
once we get out of here.

That's amazing.

Tell you what,
let's stay in contact.

Happy to help.


tell me something.

Did they -- they tell you
how long we'd be in this camp?

A couple weeks.


'Cause I just saw them

a couple months' worth
of food out front.

The men I talked to
said we'd be out soon.

I took that to mean
a couple weeks.

Huh. I thought you
talked to just one man

in a windowless room.

I got to explain myself
to you?

I'm just asking.

And I answered
your question.

You want to go looking
for problems?

I'm sure
you'll find them.

But I guarantee you'll be
the last guy out of this camp,

if at all.

We love you, Port Canaan!


I've never heard
a band like that.

Yeah, they're okay.

I mean, I don't think the Stones
are real worried.


You need to get out more.

Maybe you can take me.

Y'know, you should be
more careful.

What do you mean?

A girl
who looks like you?

You shouldn't trust
someone like me.

Some random guy
you just met in a crowd.

You're more than that.

I was meant to find you.

They said you were a good man,
someone I could trust.

They said if I found you
I'd be okay.

Is this a joke?

Are you kidding me?

Come on, we're going.



Don't even try it.

-Don't. Let it go.
-What the hell, Sheriff?

He can't just take her.
-Yeah, he can.

And he better.
Right now.

Come on.

Everything's all right.
Everything's under control.


Come on.

Baker team, sound off.

Baker team, sound off.

Drop your weapon.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

Drop to the ground.


sonic discharge.

In case you were wondering.

We can't pick up
that frequency.

But an Apex?
Scrambles you up good.

Welcome to
the Long Peace, swan.



Haven't seen one of you
in 10 years.

Don't worry.

...I look forward to making up
for lost time.

How many more
are there?

I'm the only one.

I don't buy that.

You splash into the ocean,
survive undetected --

you should be long gone --
but you stuck around. Why?

Why would you stick around

unless there was something
that you wanted?

Or someone?

And when I find out who it is
that you stuck around for,

I'll put a bullet
in their head.

Thank you.

There you go, buddy.

So what do you think,

Not that bad up here,

You all right?

Hey. What's going on?

What did I do wrong?


Then why did you
move away from me?

Remember we talked about my job
being complicated?

I didn't tell you

because I thought
you were too young,

but I'm gonna tell you now...

...because I don't want you
thinking for one second

that any of this
is your fault. Okay?

When I was a police officer
in Oakland,

some people were upset
that I arrested them.

And I had to leave so that they
would stop making threats.

I moved away
to keep you safe,

because you are the most
important thing in my life.

Are you safe now?

I am, and so are you
and so is your mom.

Hey, you know,
you guys are gonna be

moving to Portland soon.

That's always been
part of the plan.

Has she talked
to you about that?

Well, that's gonna happen.

And then you're gonna be
like 30 minutes from me.

So we can get back
on schedule

of seeing each other
all the time. Okay?

Hey, look at me.

I love you.

I will do anything for you.


HSI Field Office,
Seattle Seaport.

I need information

on the Tamanowas detainment
facility in Oregon, please.

I'm seeing no record of any
operation under that listing.

Then do a global search
of the entire Pacific Northwest.

Key words -- detainment,
vetting, quarantine.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
No match.

I have 47 detainees
of unknown origin.

I have 75
government-sanctioned staff.

Ma'am, may I have
your badge number?

Why are we stopping?

Oh, are you talking
to me now?

And why should
I talk to you?

You're taking me
against my will.

I know the camp's not perfect,
but it's safe.

You're protected there.

Everyone at that camp --

they either hate me now
or they're about to.


what's going on?

Come on.

Where are we going?

You need to get
in the back of the truck

so I can sneak you
back into the camp.

No questions,
no consequences.

Come on.

Hey, Hannah.

How's it going?

What are you doing
in my cabin?

Come on.

Can we get past all this
wide-eyed disbelief

and just get to where we're
gonna end up eventually...

Good friends.

Get out.


I'll scream.

Yeah? And then what?

A bunch of people
come running over,

ask what's going on,

I tell them what I know.

You used to be
an Apex collaborator.

Maybe I'll tell it
to that big guy, Caleb.

Did you see the tattoo
on his wrist?

It's an Alpha-Zulu

Do you know what they used to do
to people like you?

Horrible stuff.

Don't touch me.


You don't seem to get it.

While you're in here,
I own you.

No one has ever
survived Mantle's.

No is immune.

No one except...


What is Apex?




There it is!

Dad, what was that?

You stay right here, okay?
I won't be long.

What's going on?

Watch out. Back it up.

Back it up!