The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - The Caretaker (No. 78) - full transcript

A State Department official is killed in Beijing, leading Red and Liz to "The Caretaker," a shadowy keeper who maintains a safety-deposit vault for criminals. Also, Tom makes a risky decision, and Liz continues her quest to learn more about her mother.

The recording...

...implicates the United States
in the murder of a Chinese official.

The recording appears to prove that
Zhang Lau was poisoned... part of a plot
orchestrated by this man:

State Department official
Russell Pritchard.

How the hell did this happen?
My face is all over the news.

Well, you better get me out of Beijing.
The Chinese are looking for me.

It's only a matter of time before--

Hey. Hey, wait. Please.

Please. That recording isn't real.
It's all some kind of frame-up.

It was released by a man called
the Caretaker.

That's who you have to find.
The Caretaker.

Help. Help"

♪ People say a man
ls made outta mud ♪

♪ A poor man's made
Outta muscle and blood ♪

♪ Muscle and blood
And skin and bones ♪

♪ A mind that's weak
And a back that's strong ♪

♪ You load 16 tons
And what do you get? ♪

♪ Another day older
And deeper in debt ♪

♪ Saint Peter, don't you call me
'Cause I can't go ♪

♪ I owe my soul ♪

♪ To the company store ♪

It's me.

The first secret has been released.

The second one will come very soon.


Made you breakfast.

I'm the one who's
supposed to be taking care of you.

Heh. Come here for a minute.

Well...'re feeling better.

- Much.
- That's good.

What is this?

- Yes.
-"Yes" what?

Yes, I wanna marry you.


- Are you for real?
- Yes.

I wanna take care of you
for the rest of our lives.

For better and definitely for worse.

I don't know what to say.


Ugh. Maybe he'll walk you
down the aisle.

- Not if you're at the other end of it.
- Good point.


I have a delivery for Tom Keen
from Safe Stop pharmacy.

- I can get it.
-lt's prescription medicine.

- I need a patient's signature.
- I got it. It's fine.

I'm good. I'm great.

- Rest.
- I will.

- You got everything?
- Yep. Percocet for the pain...

...and a Glock 26 for your pleasure.

How are you feeling?

We've decided to keep the baby.


- I've accepted Tom's proposal.

- We're gonna get married.
- Right.

I know how you feel about him.

I hope you'll keep an open mind.

Are you aware that a gentleman
in your State Department...

-...has been murdered in Beijing?
- Yes. Fished out of the Hai River.

His name was Russell Pritchard.

Murdered by the Chinese
as payback...

...for the assassination
of a Chinese official, Zhang Lau.

- How?
- With the help of Addison Wen.

An extremely powerful
Chinese-American businessman.

While Zhang Lau was in town
visiting the U.N...

...Mr. Wen invited him
to a dinner party at his home.

That night,
Zhang Lau is poisoned by agents...

...that Mr. Wen agreed to let the State
Department place on his serving staff.

That agreement, it seems,
was recorded by Addison Wen himself.

He knew once the murder
was committed...

...he'd be considered a loose end.

He wanted insurance
the government wouldn't kill him.

Precisely. Which brings us
to our next Blacklister.

They call him the Caretaker.
A secret-keeper.

Documents, recordings, photos.

The Caretaker maintains an
impenetrable safe-deposit vault...

...for criminals, governments,
captains of industry...

...and he only releases those secrets
according to one's specific instructions.

So in Addison Wen's case,
that recording was leverage.

He didn't want it released unless
he was murdered or arrested...

-...for the poisoning of Zhang Lau.
- I agree.

And yet my sources tell me
Addison Wen is very much alive...

...and was in no danger
of prosecution...

...which means something
has gone terribly wrong.

The integrity of the Caretaker's operation
is the only thing preventing thousands...

...of closely guarded secrets
from being exposed.

Secrets that implicate
powerful and dangerous people.

I'm begging you.

I don't know who you are.
I've done nothing to you. Please.

Please, you don't have to do this.
You can let me go. Please.

If his system is failing, I assure you...

...Russell Pritchard's death
is only the beginning.

"Department official Russell. . . .
LIZ: According to Reddington...

...the recording of Pritchard and Addison
Wen is just one secret of thousands.

He says the Caretaker has evidence
of murder, corruption, blackmail...

...and not just from governments.
From corporations, billionaires.

- This is information people kill to acquire.
- Kill to keep secret.

He wants us to find the Caretaker
and contain the leaks.

Isn't it best or the truth to come out?

- That sounds a little naive.
COOPER: All right. Morality aside...

...let's find this guy and deal with what
secrets he's keeping one at a time.

Start with Addison Wen. If he deposited
a recording with the Caretaker...

...maybe he knows what is going on.
We better get to him fast.

If he helped us kill Lau, the Chinese
are gonna want a word with him.

Well, you don't seem
very surprised to see me.

Heh. They say two things
will survive a nuclear holocaust:

cockroaches and Twinkies.

You're a little of both.

I'll make this easy for you.

And hard.

I'm here to make you an offer.

Mind if I change into some clothes
before we negotiate?

Be my guest.

- So, what's the offer?
- Peace.

Despite the fact that you
shot me and left me for dead.

That's far enough.


Damn it, woman. Why does it always
have to be like this with you?

I came here for peace.

- Peace is boring.
- Not if I put a hole in your head to get it.

And you come at me again,
that's exactly what I'm gonna do.



Hello, Jeanette.


Tell us about the Caretaker.

I was told he could keep a secret.
I was misinformed.

Mr. Wen, tell us everything you know and
maybe we won't give you to the Chinese.

WEN: I'm an American.
You can't extradite me.

Who said anything about extradition?

Tom and I are getting married.

That's great.
After everything you've been through...

...l'm happy you found your way
back to each other.

I know from my own
personal experience...

...that's not an easy thing to do.

I'm so sorry about what's happening
with you and Charlene.

Forget about that.

You're getting married.


It's crazy.


I just wish...

...despite everything she's put me
through, I wish my mom could be there.

Of course you do.

It's only natural.

Everybody has something
to say about her.

I just wish I knew the truth for myself,
you know?

You're sure there's no one
who can help find it?

I tracked down this one man,
Anton Velov.

He said he didn't know much, but I think
he was holding something back.

Sounds like you should
pay this Mr. Velov a visit.

Could be you didn't poison Lau, but
the recording proves you conspired to.

So you've got no play here
except to start talking.

I don't have anything to say.
I don't know his name. We never met.

But you gave him the recording. How?

I put it in the tubes.


What tubes?

The U.S. Post Office initiated
pneumatic tube service in 1893.

Soon, it had over 27 miles of tubes
running beneath Manhattan, Brooklyn...

...and the Bronx,
and that is just the post office.

There were libraries, hospitals,
department stores.

According to Wen,
the Caretaker uses it... transport documents
and other hard media.

Which one of these tubes
leads to this Caretaker?

There are hundreds of tubes
and thousands of terminal points.

It's a superhighway to transport drugs,
cash, contraband right under our noses.

There is no way to untangle it.

I know someone who can.


He's quite an eccentric...


But I'm a faithful client,
and he's agreed to meet with us.

There is one thing
that I can't seem to...

-...wrap my head around.
- What?


After all the lies...

...all the deception and humiliation,
how you can just forgive and forget.

I haven't forgotten.

Forgiveness can't change the past,
but I believe it can change the future.

That's a charming sentiment.

But as far as I'm concerned,
some things are unforgivable.

Shall we?


He's here?

He's approximately 60 feet
beneath our feet.

He calls himself Hugo.
He's a hobbyist of sorts.

Spent 20 years
meticulously restoring...

...and expanding the old BRT
pneumatic-tube system.

- So it's true. It really exists.
- Yes.

Fully functional
and wonderfully reliable.

Hugo runs it as a private service
to a specialized clientele.

I've been a client since his early days.

And I'm wagering
the Caretaker is, as well.

Oh, try not to stare.


Hugo, I see you're busy as ever.


You didn't say
you were bringing persons.

Well, you know Dembe, and this is
former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen.

- FBI?
LIZ: They employ me as a consultant.

He employs me as an inside source.

And in that capacity, she has alerted me
to a troubling development.

It may have grave repercussions
for many of your clients and well, you.


I need you to give me the location
for one of those clients. The Caretaker.

I can't violate a client's privacy.
That-- That would be a violation.

Normally, I would agree...

...but the Caretaker's system
has been compromised...

...and the FBI are looking for him.

They Will find him.

- And then--
- They'll find me.

No doubt.
But if you can give us his location...

...Ms. Keen will steer the bureau
away from you...

...guaranteeing you will not be
imprisoned. Now, wouldn't that be nice?


Hello, Jeanette.


I want out.


Gina, I never thought I would, but I do.

We don't save people, Gina.

We watch them drown.

And I'm tired of hurting people.

I wanna start pulling people up
instead of holding them down.

And I can't think of
a better place to start...

...than right here with you.


...l could end this right now.

I could go find the major,
and I could end him too, or...

...we can just agree... just walk away.

I don't come after you.

And you don't come after me...

...or my family.


I should have said yes
that night in Budapest.

No, Gina. Listen to me.

I'm asking you to help me walk away.


Someday, maybe someone
will do the same thing for you.

I'll try.


♪ Up from the grave He arose ♪

♪ With mighty triumph o'er his foes ♪

According to Reddington,
one of the tube lines leads... the basement
of the Caretaker's house.

In what world
does that make any sense?

Ha, ha. Only in Reddington's.

The house should be
just around this corner.


Hold up. What's that?

It's a little late for a burial.


♪ He arose the victor
Of his dark domain ♪

♪ And lives forever
With his saints to reign ♪

♪ Up from the grave he arose
With a mighty-- ♪♪

Drop the knife. Drop the knife.
Hands where we can see them.

Now we know where
he keeps his secrets.

The video that was released,
a man died because of it.

We're told other people will die
when other secrets are released.

Is this a deliberate leak
or negligence? A flaw in your security?

Who penetrated your system?

No one.

The system is perfect.

I released the video.

I'm begging you.

I've done nothing to you. Please. Please.
You don't have to do this.

You can let me go. Please.

Please. You don't have to--

You have 24 hours to
release ledger item number 2156...

...Luftreiber Airlines
and the German government.

Please, Daddy.

Just do what they say.


They kidnapped my daughter.

For three generations,
my family has guarded...

...the secrets of presidents,
corporations, criminals.

The traditions,
the pride of my fathers... nothing compared
to the love I hold for Rose.

She's all I have.

- They know that.
- Who?

Who "They"?

They took her and the ledger.

They have the names of my clients...

...and the locations of the secrets
I keep for them.

They've ordered me to betray
a second secret by midnight...

...or Rose will die.

We can help you.

We will do everything we can
to help find Rose.

We can't do that without knowing the
secret the kidnappers wanted to know.

You confiscated it already
from the grave.

The canister.

Air? What secret of theirs is he keeping?

A copy of a contract between
an airline and the German government.

A hundred million euros up front...

...50 million euros every year
thereafter for services rendered.

It's dated March 4th, 2007.

I got a hit. April 12, 2007.

An A318 airbus
operated by Luftreiber...

...crashed after takeoff
at Tripoli International.

That was back in March.
All 107 passengers and 6 crew dead.

That's when airline officials announced
the crash was an avionic malfunction.

All very cut-and-dried.

Unless the rumors were true.

A terrorist attack? Then why would
the airline assume liability?

Perhaps to shift blame
from another institution.

One with an even great responsibility
for the safety of German citizens.

The German government?

You're suggesting the terrorists
warned the government beforehand.

And failed to alert
the airline to the threat.

Luftreiber claims responsibility,
shielding bureaucrats from a scandal... exchange for remuneration for
the inevitable blizzard of lawsuits.

One hand washes the other.

So the airline places the contract
in escrow with the Caretaker... leverage against exposure.

Have you got leads on
who abducted his daughter?

Last seen at her office three days ago.

Ressler's there
reviewing the security video.

Forward me anything he finds.

But under no circumstances can
that contract become public knowledge.

If we do nothing,
Rose Janus will die at midnight.

We still have two hours.

Very well. Make every minute count.

But if you fail, I warn you,
do not expose the Germans.


Your guest is here.

Thank you, Darla.

Thank you for meeting with me,
Mr. Velov.

A year ago,
I came to visit you in your restaurant.

I remember.

You were asking about
Katarina Rostova.

That's right. I was hoping that you could
answer a few more questions for me.

She was just a name.

One of many I heard
when I was with Spetsnaz.

Beyond that, I know nothing.


She was my mother.


Dear, I cannot help you.

I would if I could, believe me.

I, too, have daughter.

The life I led, the things I had to do,
she won't talk to me.

I try to explain, but there are some--

Some things which
can never be forgiven.

I'm sorry.

Why did you agree to meet
with me if you can't help me?

My daughter.

I don't know where she is.

I am dying-

I have written her this letter.

You are with FBI, no?

You can find her.

Give it to her.


It explains everything.


He told her nothing.

You're certain?

He spent most of the time
talking about his own daughter.

Thank you, Darla.

She deserves the truth.

Watch the road, Dembe.

That's Rose Janus.

And this is the license plate
of the kidnapper's van.

Run it. Find it. We've got 90 minutes
before they execute her.

That's not enough time.
Release the Luftreiber contract.

Germany's one of our closest allies.
You wanna embarrass them like that?

Yes. They were warned by terrorists,
did nothing and covered it up.

If Reddington's theory is true.
But the contract is for services rendered.

There was no mention
of terrorism or the crash.

The date is circumstantial.
No hard evidence--

- Hell of a smoking gun.
ARAM: Nothing on the van.

It's a late-model Chevy Express.
Thousands are registered in the area.

And the plates were stolen from a Honda
Accord on the day of the abduction.

Do it. Leak the contract.

- That's a mistake.
COOPER: You're right.

It will embarrass Germany,
could damage diplomatic relations.

No one will be killed for it.
We do nothing, Rose will die.

- The kidnapper's instructions--
- We know what they are.

Follow them. To the letter.

What is it? What do you see?

What you said about forgiveness
changing the future... comforts me to know
you're looking forward again.

The future holds such promise.

The past... many regrets.

The van is lined
with Chobham ballistic armor.

Virtually impregnable, heat resistant...

...most often deployed
in tanks and APCs.

- So it's military.
-lt's an after-market job. Very specialized.

Only a few custom shops have
the equipment necessary to install it.

I can't say which one,
but I know someone who can.

- Semo.
- Hey, ha, ha! How you doing, sole?

You still got that sweet GTO?

Sadly, no. I gave it
to a North Korean general... exchange
for a young woman's freedom.

I know a lot of women.
I'd have kept the goat.


As I recall, you've always carried
a torch for Oldsmobiles.

I have a line...

...on a low-mileage,
pristine 1970442...

...with a factory W-30 package.

I can put you in touch
in exchange for a small favor.

- You interested?
- What do you think?


Cynthia Panabaker.
I drew the short straw.

- Harold Cooper.
- You have any idea... much this place
spooks Main Justice?

Reven Wright and Diane Fowler
were good people.

They were patriots assigned
to oversee this task force...

...and now they are missing
and presumed dead.

No one wants to know
what happened to them more than I.

I have no interest in disappearing
or dying in the foreseeable future... I will watch your back
and you will watch mine. Are we clear?

Your assistant said you had a matter
of some urgency to discuss.

We have a major
national-security breach.

Anybody with a tree to shake's ordered
to shake it, see if anything falls out.

- This is the Reddington tree.
- How can we help?

Two known terrorists penetrated
the Port of Tampa 14 hours ago.

German BND had them hard
on the radar, and we lost them.

- The terrorists?
- No, the Germans.

Someone leaked some documents
implicating them in some cover-up...

...and they think it was us.

- Why would they suspect--?
- I don't know. They're Germans.

Now, they may end up sharing their
intel, but for now, they're pissed...

...and we can't afford
to wait till they calm down.

So find out what Reddington knows.

Before anything blows up,
would be nice.


- Cooper.
- The gunmen who took Rose Janus...

-...I’ve got an address.
- How?

Reddington spotted some
custom work on their van...

...traced it to a chop-shop.
We got a physical address.

I want that address. Then I want you
back here with Reddington.

Why? What happened?

I just got paid a visit
by the White House counsel.

We have bigger problems
than saving the Caretaker's daughter.


Two known terrorists penetrated
the border through the Port of Tampa.

Two hours ago, a cargo truck was stolen
from a shipping company near the port...

...and whoever took it was smart enough
to disable its satellite tracker.

And the White House
is asking for Reddington's help?

COOPER: At this point,
I think they'll take help from anybody.

The German BND captured chatter
indicating that an attack...

...on a major domestic target
is imminent.

According to their intel, the terrorists
have access to a metric ton of C-4...

...stolen from a Mexican armory.
The Germans were tracking it, but...


Oh, my God.

You released the Luftreiber contract...

...and now the Germans
are refusing to cooperate.

- I did it to save a woman's life.
- And now many more may die.

I don't mean to gloat,
but boy, did I tell you so.

You know everything there is
about port security.

Yes, but this isn't about port security.
It's about cargo theft in Florida.

Luckily for you, Harold,
I poke my thumb in many pies.

This one is particularly profitable... I've associated myself
with some of the players.

Can your associates find the truck?

Their methods are breathtakingly simple.

Place their own tracking devices
on cargo containers...

...track them out of the port...

...and attack them when
they're most vulnerable.

Yes, they can help find your truck.

The question is,
why on earth they would want to.

- Because it's their patriotic duty.
- They're Mexicans.

- Get them to help, and I'll owe you.
- Yes, you will.


FBI. Don't move.

- Come on.

No. No.


Get on your knees.
Put your hands behind your head.

Donald Ressler, FBI.
Everything's okay. Are you all right?

Is this your father's ledger?

Okay. Come with me. Come on.


Justin Van Zandt. USMC.

Served with distinction in Afghanistan,
a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

And now kidnapping. Why?

I want a lawyer.

Habeas corpus isn't on the menu today.

Not when we're dealing
with matters of national security.

So who do you work for?

The men who took you
were former Marines. Did you know that?

No, I didn't.

Nothing in their file suggests that
the men who took you...

...had the ability to penetrate
your father's operation.

Do you have any idea
who they might be working for?

Someone they met overseas?

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

If we can't find
the person responsible...

-...we cannot guarantee your safety.
- Does my father know you found me?

Yes. He's on his way here right now.

Come on, Van Zandt.

We know you and your partner
were just the muscle.

- Who hired you?
- We know how close the two of you were.

What we don't know
is why you're protecting the man...

...responsible for his death.

You shot him.

Yeah. I'm angry about that.

I'm angry that somebody
turned a war hero into a kidnapper...

...put him into a position
where I had to shoot him.

I'm angry at his friend for not giving up
the son of a bitch that made that happen.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Why don't you tell us
what was supposed to happen?

I told him we didn't need guns.

He thought it would help sell it.

- Help sell what?
- That we were trying to hurt her...

...when all we were trying to do
was help her.

Help who?


She's my sister.

Look. I'm grateful you guys found me,
but I'm starting to feel...

...a little bit like a suspect here.

- How fitting.
- Your brother came clean.

You want to explain why
you kidnapped yourself?

Keen located the cargo truck.
It's heading for New York City.

You need to roll out now.


Okay. We are go. I-95 is shut down...

...and target is approaching our detour.

Yes. He's taking the off-ramp.

We're in front. We got a clean visual.
Two targets in the cab.

What should I call you?
My idiot boyfriend or my idiot husband?

- Heh. You can't stay angry at me forever.
- Watch me.

- I told you take it in.
- I told you that we needed a new car.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Could you help us?

My husband is a complete idiot.

- Freeze.
RESSLER: Don't move.

Targets are down.


Nice job.
Like being a bitch comes naturally.

- Aram, are you there?
- Yeah. Hearing every word.

Get these vehicles out of here.
Sir, we have a serious situation.

We got a problem.

Headquarters, expedite the bomb squad.

We're gonna need a perimeter set up,
evacuation around our location.

Oh, no. This is no good.

ARAM: What? What's wrong?
- Bomb's been activated.

- We have less than two minutes.
- Okay. Well, I'm told the bomb squad...

-...won't be there for 12.
-l'm sending you a photo...

-...of the component parts now.
-lt's not enough time.

We're gonna disarm this thing,
and we need you to walk us through it.

We are looking at a timed detonator.
About 20 barrels of accelerant...

...ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

We got about
a minute and 45 seconds left.

Okay. That's not helping.
All right. There are four batteries.

We need to disable all four.

First, I need you to cut the green wire...

...that leads to the switch
on the bottom.

But just make sure
you don't disturb the mercury.

RESSLER: Okay. Got it.
- All right. Trace the wires...

...from the timing device and cut the...

Okay. Cut the orange and white ones.

Orange and white.

RESSLER: Done. Next?
ARAM: There's one last battery...

...connected to the green control box
on the top left.

Cut the wrong wire in the wrong
sequence, and the bomb detonates.

All right. There are two wires there.
Blue and red.

So here's what you do.

Apologize to Agent Navabi.

- What?
- We don't have time for this.

- We have 30 seconds.
-"I'm sorry" takes less than one.

- Twenty-eight.
RESSLER: I'm not sorry for firing her.

- You called her the "B" word.
- I didn't call her a bitch.

Actually, you did.

Okay, whatever. I'm real sorry
for calling Agent Navabi a bitch.

Blue. Blue.

Cut the blue wire.

apology accepted.


- Is she okay?
- She's alive and safe.

But no, she's not okay.

What do you mean? Let me see her.

- What did they do to her?
- Nothing.

She kidnapped herself
to get away from you.

She knows what you did, Mr. Janus.
She's known for months.

Imagine how she felt finding herself
on a missing-children's website.

Her real name is Jessica van Zandt.
Did you know?

Did you ever bother to find out
who she was?

My wife and unborn child...

...died a few months before.

I was out for a drive...

...and I saw her...

...crossing the street.

She tripped. Her father...

Her father. Mean. Drunk.

He started beating on her.

I got out, went over to him to explain,
"She's just a little girl."

Beautiful little girl.

Words were exchanged.

He took a swing at me.

I moved in in self-defense.

He went down...


As he lay there bleeding...

...l felt a little hand in mine.

She just took it.

Like she was saying:

"Thank you."

We walked back to the car.

She got in willingly.

And we left.



You took her like a thief.

And by the time
she realized what you'd done...

...sought out her real family, the only one
left was her brother, a Marine.

- A Marine.
- Protecting his country... an effort to atone
for failing to protect his sister.

He wanted to go to the police,
turn you in.

But she had other plans.

If she's released that ledger, she's
caused more damage than she knows.

Oh, I think Rose knows
exactly what she's done.

For generations, you and your
ancestors kept other people's secrets.

But it was your secret,
her, that put an end to it all.


Irina Velov?

- Yes.
- This is for you.

It's from your father.

He told me you're estranged.

And my name's Elizabeth, by the way.

He couldn't find you, so--

Anyway, he says it explains everything.

Yes, it does. For you.

Me? I don't understand.

My father and I aren't estranged.
We talk every day.

He told me you'd be coming.

He didn't write that letter to me.
He wrote it to you.

I'm curious, Harold.

How do you think
the White House is going to... their appreciation to me...

...for foiling the terrorist plot?
Maybe an embossed ashtray.

Or one of those little
American flag pins for my lapel.

I think the best you can hope for
is tolerance.


I'm here to call in your chit.

Excuse me?

Nobody uses the word "chit" anymore,
do they?

Rhyming with a vulgarity
didn't do it any favors. A chit is--

It's a note for a debt incurred.

All those lives at risk...

...and you only helped
in order to force it down my throat.

What do you want?

The caretaker's ledger.
I'd like to borrow it.

If it were up to me, I'd burn it.

I've learned the hard way that some
secrets are best kept in the dark.

Mine certainly is.

If you insist on sleeping in the office...

...l might suggest you forego
the floor and get yourself a futon.

- Your chiropractor will thank you.
- How did you know?

Harold, forgive Charlene.

A friend told me, recently,
that forgiveness won't change...

...the past but could very well
change the future.

Apparently, nothing is unforgivable.

Go home, Harold.

My mother's alive. You lied to me.

Velov is the one who lied to you,
Lizzy, not me.

Katarina Rostova
committed suicide in 1990.

Velov was the agent
assigned to find her.

He was getting close, she knew it.

That's why she allegedly
walked into the ocean.

She wanted the world
to believe she drowned.

But Velov knows differently.

He tracked her to a hotel in Prague.
She had just left.

But in such a hurry, she missed this.


A photo of her little girl.


That could easily have been planted.

You said the name "Masha Rostova" had
been lost to history until the manhunt.

Now it's out there,
and someone's looking for me.

It's my mother.

Who else would care? Who?

You were right.

Some things can't be forgiven.



How was your day?

It was, uh, busy.

Spent it telling anyone
who'd listen how much I love you.

♪ I'll spend the day ♪

♪ In my own way ♪

It's me.

He came.

Just like you said he would.

How do you want me to handle it?

♪ I'm only human ♪♪

This is above and beyond, my friend.

Above and beyond.


Is that it?

If anything happened to me,
this was to go to Elizabeth.

So she'd know.

Now I'm not sure
I ever want her to know.

Perhaps, Raymond,
in this case, what you want is irrelevant.

If the universe wants her to know,
she will find a way.