The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Mr. Solomon (No. 32) - full transcript

After Red learns that a tactical nuclear weapon is being targeted by thieves, it's a race against the clock as the task force struggles to stop them - and prevent an imminent nuclear ...


I take it I'm not being transferred
to Leavenworth?

Miss Hitchin doesn't like loose ends.
You understand.

Of course.

Actually, I helped put
those protocols in place.

She wanted me to be sure to
thank you for your years of service.

I suppose a gold watch
would have been too much to hope for.

Let me guess.

You blew a tire,
stopped the transport to change it...

-...and shot me as I tried to escape.
- Close.

I pulled over to take a leak,
you grabbed a gun. Took you down...

-...after you shot him in the leg.
- Nobody's shooting me in the leg.

My bad.

You shot him in the head.


You heard me. Run.



And who might you be?

Are you serious? What about the rings,
and a photographer--

And the dress, and the flowers,
and all that stuff. We don't need it.

They had a cancellation at the church.
I say we go for it.

Hold on, I thought we were gonna
try to do things right this time.

Doesn't this feel right?
To do it now, today.

At St. Cecilia's, where we wanted
to do it the first time.

It feels kind of crazy.
I mean, there's other dates available.

April 25th. I'm due on the 22nd.

All right, so let's say
we could get this done today.

Which I really don't know if we can.
It's not gonna be perfect.

It'll be better than waiting a week or two
and having you roll me down the aisle.

If that is what it takes,
I'll roll you wherever you need to go.


But are you absolutely sure
about this?

Come on. It's me and you.

We usually do, like, six impossible
things before breakfast.

I love it when you misquote
Lewis Carroll.

I know. That's why I do it.
Ah, ah!

- What?
- Wait till the wedding night.

RAYMOND: Seventy-two hours ago,
Matias Solomon escaped from custody...

...while being transferred
to a holding facility.

- How does that happen?
- The official story is...

...he overpowered a guard,
wrestled away his gun...

...and managed to kill
the entire transport team...

...before vanishing like
the proverbial will-of-the-wisp.

And the unofficial story? The Cabal?

Apparently not, considering all of
the dead men were assets of the Cabal.

Yesterday, Solomon reached out
to an associate of mine.

A man with
a very specialized field of expertise.

Solomon was inquiring about
the storage and transport...

...of tactical nuclear weapons.

Which would be
troubling enough on its own...

...but coupled with the fact
your Air Force is scheduled to transport...

...just such a weapon
down the New Jersey Turnpike...

...l'm afraid your wedding plans
will have to wait, Lizzy.

Is that what this is really about?
Getting me to delay my wedding?

This is about preventing
Matias Solomon...

...from getting his hands
on a nuclear weapon.


-l'll take it to the task force.
- I was hoping you'd say that.

But I'm not going to get involved.
What I am going to do is get married.

And I hope you can be there.

Both of you.

Thank you, Elizabeth.


I just got off the phone with Justice.

Reddington was right about Solomon.
He escaped three days ago.

He left a pile of bodies behind him.

- Why didn't we hear of it?
- Looks like a covert Cabal operation.

- An execution gone wrong.
- And the nuke?

Ran into a wall with
the Office of Secure Transportation.

They refused to acknowledge
if they had weapons in transit.

The weapon Reddington
was talking about... the latest generation
of so called gravity bombs.

It's completely maneuverable,
and has an adjustable yield... you can choose whether to destroy
a small city, or just a couple of blocks.

That's convenient.

Did you get your information
from Beyoncé herself?

Oh. Uh, sorry. The playlist
for the wedding reception.

Which I really need to discuss
with you.

Uh, about the wedding.
Uh, it's this afternoon.

- I thought you and Tom hadn't set a date.
- Which is why I came to talk to you.

Let me guess. You told Reddington,
he gave you the case.

Yes. Which I'm not taking,
but I think that you should.

- Even if it means you can't make it.
ARAM: Hang on. No.

I don't have the playlist or a gift.
I was gonna lose a few pounds... fit in my slim-fit suit, which
is hound's-tooth, by the way. Uh...

Look, it's very small. Just a few friends.
I'd love you to be there...

...but preventing Solomon
from getting this weapon... more important than watching me
re-marry my ex-husband.

COOPER: I have a meeting
with General Baxter at the Pentagon.

I'll find out if there's actually a threat.
Meantime, reach out to Homeland...

...and Nuclear Security at the DOE.
See if Solomon's on anyone's radar.

Hey, look. I meant what I said
about you taking this case.

But if you happen to be done in time,
I'd love it if you'd perform the ceremony.

- Liz, I'm flattered, but I'm not qualified.
- You can get ordained online.

It takes like 10 minutes. Uh, look,
there's a minister, but we don't know him.

And I'd just much rather
you say a few words.


Assuming I can get away,
I'd be honored.


The service is at 4. No pressure.


- This is everything?
- We load it in here, we're good to go.

All right then.

Let's go steal ourselves
a nuclear warhead.


TOM: Hey, you.
LIZ: How are we doing?

Good. We got the rings,
and I got a place to hold the ceremony.

You know, it turns out I am amazing
at impromptu wedding planning.

I had no idea. How you doing?

I got your suit from the cleaner
and dropped it at the apartment.

And Reddington?
How did he take the news?

Today's not about him.
It's about you marrying a woman...

-...eight months pregnant.
- Right. We're screwed.

Should I downgrade your bouquet
to daisies?

I told you peonies.
And don't forget the candles.

Candles, peonies. My first honey-do list.
I'll call you in an hour.


Let me be clear, Harold.
I'm not going to confirm or deny...

...any mission details about
movements of our nuclear arsenal.

Rolly, my Cl is reliable.

If he says your convoy will be hit
on the Jersey Turnpike...'s gonna be hit.
- Duly noted.

If you're going to ignore me,
you could've done it over the phone.

I had you come here because
I wanna make it abundantly clear...

...this is a military operation.

You and your team
need to stand down.

General Baxter, you have a problem.
I can help.

It's not a request, Harold.
Tell your people to stand down.

- Yeah, look, that's just not gonna happen.
- No. It's not.

We can't protect the convoy directly,
so focus on Solomon.

He's burned with the Cabal.
He needs a team.

I'll check with Mossad.
See what mercs they're tracking.

Have Aram put together a list of
equipment they'd need to pull this off.

Liz. Playlist for the wedding.
It's definitely a work in progress, so...

Hey, you heard Cooper.
We got a lot of work to do.

If there's any way
that we can get there, we will.

- Hey. Are we good?
- Yeah. Fine. It's, uh, your big day.

This is about you and Tom.

- Look, I know the two of you have--
- It's not about him and me.

It's about him.

He laid a hand on you.

As far as I'm concerned,
there's no coming back from that.

I get where you're coming from
and I love you for saying it.

But I kept him prisoner
in the hull of a ship...

...and tortured him for two months.
So in my book we're even.

- I said my piece.
- Mm-hm.

If I can be there for you today, I will.

- Mr. Cooper, genius.
- What is it?

No wonder he's the assistant director.

The way his mind works,
his attention to detail...

- I can't believe he's living in his office.
-l'm sorry, what?

- Did I just say that or think that?
- He's living in his office?

Oh. No. I mean, not living-living.
He's working-living.

He's here all the time.
Point is, he was right.

To handle a nuclear weapon,
Solomon and his men...

...will need something to shield
themselves from the radiation.

The Hunt Valley
Nuclear Research Facility.

Right outside Baltimore. Robbed
an hour ago by a group of armed men...

...who took an isotope transfer cask.

All right, let's go.

You guys are a little late to the party.

We've already got Homeland, DOE
and the FBI interviewing the staff...

...but I was told to help you
with whatever you need.

- We're part of a special task force.
- Yeah, you seem pretty special.

- It must've been traumatic this morning.
WOMAN: It wasn't fun.

About the worst we've had before was
anti-nuke yahoos climbing the fences...

...and spray painting the joint.
Show them what we got.


It's definitely Solomon.

WOMAN: He's the one. Said something
about stealing a nuke.

The other, she was talking about
payloads and guidance systems.

Let's see if Aram can ID her.

If I give you a secure e-mail,
can you forward this footage?

Yeah, no problem.


I thought you said it was bad luck
to see each other before the wedding.



Even worse luck to see me
before the wedding.

I thought we had an agreement.
We're done.

- Gina, what are you doing here?
- Just doing a favor for a friend.


Hello, Jacob. Long time no see.


Tell me you got something, Aram.

- What about the B-52s?
- The planes?

The band. Total crowd pleaser,
right? "Rock Lobster."

- Aram, please focus.
- Uh, yeah, right.

I've ID'd the woman in the video as
Nez Rowan. Sending you her info now.

She is ex-Navy, where she was
a nuclear weapons specialist.

I guess we now know
why she's on the team.

She also goes by about
a half dozen other aliases.

Been a freelancer for eight years.

- You have anything to trace her?
- One of her preferred aliases...

...Harper Waters,
is checked into a motel in Baltimore.

RESSLER: All right, send us the details
and have a TAC team meet us there.

Desk clerk confirmed
our target's in room five.

We were able to snake a camera
in the air duct from the adjoining room.

Another door opens to the parking lot.
I've got a second team there.

We're gonna breach from the hallway.
Don't let her get out that other door.


- Navabi, you in place?
SAMAR: Affirmative.



MAN 1: South corridor clear.
MAN 2: Command Six...

-... you have eyes on the target?
MAN 3: Go, go, go!

MAN 2: We've got a silver SUV. Keep moving.

MAN 1:
Copy. En route.


MAN 3: Keep on blocking the exits.
MAN 1: We have a runner.

- Move. Move.
MAN 1: Female suspect on the move.

- Team one, move up.
- Stop!


Next one's in your head.
Hands where I can see them, now.


See, we got you on video
at the Hunt Valley robbery.

We've got a motel room
filled with classified documents...

...and two wounded agents, one in
critical care who may never walk again.

The only thing going for you
at this point is that he's not dead.

- I was unarmed.
- Oh, that doesn't matter.

You're an accessory. And if your crew
succeeds in its attempt... hit that convoy
and steal the nuclear device...'re gonna get a needle in your arm,
just like your boss, Mr. Solomon.

The only reason I mentioned
I was unarmed...

...was because it might factor into
the deal you're gonna offer.

You've got nothing to bargain with.

I'm a professional.

I pledge allegiance
to the highest bidder.

I have no loyalty to Mr. Solomon
or anyone else...

...beyond the terms
of our business arrangement.

Once they left me in that motel,
our contract was null and void.

But if you make me an offer...

...l will tell you what you want to know.

No deal.

Yes. Deal. Full immunity. No jail time.
And witness protection.

Solomon and his friends are
very motivated and very powerful.

And if their plan goes south,
they'll know who talked.

And they'll be very, very peeved.

Before you throw me in the hole,
tell the Pentagon geniuses...

...we know the convoy
on the turnpike is a decoy.

Then let's see how fast
they wanna cut a deal.

You are a genuine anomaly.

The St. Regis program...

...has consistently produced
reliable operatives.

Except for you.

Is there a question coming?

Where do you think we went wrong?

When did you start to feel love
for Elizabeth Keen?

I don't know.
I just know that it happened.

And I'm really glad that it did.

- Even now?
- Especially now.


You were my finest accomplishment.

And my biggest disappointment.

Mine too.

Get up.

Get up.

Turn around.

Get on your knees.


Goodbye, Jacob.


Was that your plan?

A little sooner would've been nice.

To tell you the truth,
up until I pulled the trigger...

...l hadn't made up my mind yet.

Well, have you made it up now?

Those last few weeks...

...when I thought you were dead...

...l actually missed you.

But I meant what I said.

You're my greatest disappointment.

I've acquired new intel
regarding your convoy.

I thought I made myself
abundantly clear on this issue.

We have a suspect in custody,
a nuclear weapons specialist.

She claims the convoy
on the turnpike is a decoy.


- Rolly?
-l'm here.

Listen to me, we've got to find out
everything she knows. Immediately.

She's asking for immunity.

I don't care. Give it to her.
Give her whatever she wants.

Rolly, the truth.
ls the nuke vulnerable?

A minute ago, I would have said no.

I thought you'd come around.

Your deal is contingent
upon your intel being valid. Start talking.

The real convoy is coming in
on 95 at 1550 hours.

There's an abandoned van parked
under the overpass at mile marker 22...

...packed with a 1500 pound
ANFO bomb.

They'll blow the bridge
when the real convoy gets there--

- Shutting down traffic.
- Once the convoy stops, they'll hit it.

Hard. Twenty-six seasoned mercs...

...with enough firepower
to retake Omaha Beach.

Hey, tell all your Feeb buddies
to pack extra pairs of shorts.

They're gonna need them.

I've got a satellite view of the overpass.

But if there is a van,
we can't see it from the air.

- Who's on site?
- Maryland State Police... coordinating
with the Office of Special Transport.

They're shutting down the 95
and rerouting the convoy.

- Explosive Ordinance Disposal en route.
- No, I'll take the call.

I got back-up.
It'll make a difference to Keen...

...if neither of us is at that wedding.
Go. I'll be okay.

- Give her a hug for me, okay?
- I will.

Be careful.



What brings you here? You need
an update on the Solomon case?

I just got off the phone
with Agent Navabi.

She thoroughly briefed me
on the situation.


Then you're here for the wedding.

No, Lizzy.

I'm here to ask you, to implore you...

...please, don't do this.


I'm telling you,
no matter what you believe...

...Tom is not the man you think he is.


You're wrong.

You don't know him.

He's a criminal.

No. He's changed.

Men like Tom don't change.

You're attempting to build a life with
a man who is fundamentally dishonest.



I am attempting to build a life
with the father of my child.

A normal life with two parents
who love one another.

With everything you know about me,
can't you see that?

Can't you see how important
that is to me? To my child?

You were wrong about him once.

What makes you so sure
you're not wrong this time?

Do you really want your child
to pay the price for that mistake...

...for the rest of his or her life?

Get out.

I want you to go, please.

I don't want you here.



♪ You came to me in peace ♪

♪ I gave you what you wanted
But no more than just enough ♪


♪ And now I'm on my knees ♪


♪ I am here to return your love ♪

What is it?

I just, uh, didn't expect
to feel this nervous.

♪ Let anyone that trusts in me
Be seen and be heard ♪


It's okay to be scared.

What you're doing...

It's a huge step.

- What am I doing?
- You're trusting Tom.

Taking a leap of faith.

One you know could end
in disappointment.

But it's because you love him.

Thank you.

You're the closest thing I have
to a real father.

I am also officially ordained
as a Minister...

...of The First Church of
Life and Energy dot com.

If this is what your heart
is telling you to do, Liz...

...that's all that matters.

I'm so glad you're here.

One less thing to worry about.

♪ Someone you love ♪

♪ You'll do it right
For someone you love ♪


RESSLER: Come on, come on.
We gotta move.

the convoy's already been diverted.

- What's our status?
- Traffic's about to be shut down.

- EOD just pulled up.
- All right, well, hurry it up.

Get everybody back,
set up a perimeter.

Solomon and his team must be close.


Raymond, we should turn around.

You're upset.

I'm sure Elizabeth didn't mean--

- Why didn't she escape with the others?
- Who?

The mercenary agents Ressler
and Navabi arrested at the motel.

She could have fled with Solomon...

...escaped in the SUV with the others.

Agent Navabi said
she broke off on her own...

...tried to get away in a second vehicle.

Hand me the phone.
I need to see that vehicle.

♪ In my imagination
You're wild with wanting me too ♪


It's Aram.

I mean, uh-- Uh, Agent Mojtabai. Heh.

Uh, whatever. I recognize you from--

- Mugshot?
- Uh, no.

Uh, from your description.

- Thanks for coming.
- Oh, quite a grip.

So, I was--

Yeah. This car looks great, man.

I know, it's just, right--

-lt's my grandfather's.
- Oh, wow.

Going to be a pretty sweet
getaway car, right?

Uh, not that you would know.

Or ever, uh, like, uh, need one.

A getaway--

- Aram.
- Yeah.

Have you seen Liz?

Uh, right, yes, she's inside.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

I'll just leave the keys in the visor.

I told myself no more secrets.

And I promised you that
I would be completely honest... matter what.


Today the Major found me.

Gina told him where to find me...

...and he came into our apartment,
and tried to kill me.

But he's dead.

And I, uh...

- You killed him?
- Uh, no.

Actually, Gina did.
But that's a long story.

But what I want you to know is that... happened because I made it clear
that I'm out.

I'm done with those people
and that life.

But there are things that I did--
And I might be done with those things...

...but I can't promise you
they are done with me.

And I can't promise you
that it's not gonna happen...

...tomorrow, or next week,
or five years from now.

And I would understand...

-...if you didn't want to deal with--
- Stop.

It's me, you remember?

Your ex-wife who shot
the attorney general...

...and was publicly branded
a Russian sleeper agent.

I know a little something about baggage.
But I love you.

And I am willing to help you
carry yours...

...if you can help me carry mine.



Not enough hazard pay in the world
to convince me to open those doors.

Come on, come on.

There wasn't anything inside.

You're sure?

Look, I know who you are
and if there was something to tell...

...I’d tell you.
But there was nothing inside the car.

Door's unlocked.

Doesn't look rigged.

Here we go.
I'm cracking it open.


What the--?

- What is it?
- Nothing. It's completely empty.

The van's completely empty.

Something wrong, boys?

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe the car means nothing.

Maybe she was just unlucky.

Why didn't it start?

What do you mean? Starts just fine.

Drove it up onto the flatbed myself.

She's a sacrifice.

Solomon isn't after that weapon.

It's a distraction to keep us looking
one way while they go another.

He's after Elizabeth.


RESSLER: Listen, give me two two-man
teams going north and south, all right?

Thank you.

Reddington, suspect lied about
the location of the attack on the convoy.

There is no attack. There never was.

The target is Agent Keen.
You need to get to the church, Donald.

What are you talking about?

RAYMOND: Ever since Elizabeth
went public as Masha Rostova...

...still waters have been stirred
and old grudges have surfaced.

And now someone out there
is singularly focused on coming for her.

RESSLER: Coming to kill her?
RAYMOND: No. To abduct her.

They're sending Solomon.

In retrospect, the perfect choice.

He knows us intimately,
he knows about the task force.

They gave us a false trail,
and we followed the scent.

Donald, if Fm right, and this was all
an elaborate feint...

...all that matters is that
you get to that church.


On my way.

We are gathered here today
in celebration of Elizabeth and Torn.

In my years on this Earth
I've been blessed...

...with some remarkable friendships.

And I've come to believe that friends
are indeed the family we choose.

We are here today to witness
the beginning of a new family...

...inspired by the love of a man
and a woman who have found... each other, their truest friend.

Two people who choose each other.

Now, each choice brings with it
blessings as well as hardships.

Choosing a partner means choosing that
person's life to become your life.

Their joy becomes your joy... do their burdens.

Nobody gets in.

The sum of our choices are a weight
that each individual carries alone.

But as man and wife... partners... choose to shoulder
that weight together.

And all of us here today...

...we celebrate the choice
you've made.



Elizabeth, I'm sorry, but we need to go.

What are you doing here?

Men are coming for you.
We need to leave now.


Solomon never intended
to take that weapon.

He was contracted by an employer
to take you.



- They're here.
- Tom.

Keep clear of the windows.
Everybody, stay low.

- Aram, get these people out, now.
ARAM: Stay down.


I'm sorry, Lizzy.

- You have a team in position?
- We have a perimeter.

Agent Ressler's en route.

In the meantime,
we'll have to hold the fort.




The others?

Great, we're surrounded.




- Yeah.
- You know why I'm here. Send her out.

It's curious. I thought you were
the Cabal's most loyal soldier.

Yet here you are,
under the patronage of a new benefactor.

I was loyal to the Cabal.

Right up until they tried to kill me.

I'm totally violating my
non-compete agreement...

...but what the hell.

So where do we go from here?

I was instructed to deliver
Masha Rostova to my employer.

That's what I intend to do.

Send her out, and this can all be over.

So this is your big plan?

An assault on a building
filled with armed FBI agents?

Honestly, Matias,
I expect better from you.

First of all... and I both know that you are
outmanned and outgunned.

The plan was to grab her today,
no matter where she was.

Grocery store or house of God,
it makes little difference to me.

And for the record,
I take no offense that I wasn't invited.

It came together rather nicely.

They went with ruby fringe tulips
and pink peonies.

You'd be impressed.

I tell you what, then.

I'll call back in a couple of minutes.
Give you time to consider my offer.

And then, I'm coming in
to check out the flowers myself.



Your target is Elizabeth Keen.

She is to be taken alive
and unharmed...

...but please feel free to kill anybody else.

All right, don't worry.

My friends, they are the best
at what they do.

There's no signal.

They're jamming it.

When Solomon calls back,
they'll have to stop.

You'll have a few seconds to send
a message.

Reddington. It's her, isn't it?

Solomon's employer.
My mother.

Who else would call me
Masha Rostova?

Lizzy, your mother is dead.

Then who is it?

Who? You owe me this.

I'll tell you what I know
as soon as I know you're safe.

We're not all out of options here.
Nobody has to get hurt.

Lizzy, you are not going out there,
under any circumstances.

- Agreed.
LIZ: You want me to ask those...

...terrified people what they think?



Hello, Matias.

ls she coming out, or am I coming in?

-I'm coming out.
- No.


There seems to be disagreement
on that score.

We'll need more time
to sort this out.

You've had all the time
you're gonna get.

Brace yourselves. They're coming.


- This is on you.

All of this, indeed, is on me.

Your SOS get through?

Let's hope so.



Concentrate fire up front.
Drive them to the back of the room.

They'll attack the front,
drive us out the back.

Most of his men will be there.

Once you breach the doors,
it'll be quick.

Pin them down,
we'll come in the back, put it to bed.

Harold, we need to barricade
that back door.

- Aram.
- Yeah.

Give me a hand.

It's our only way out.

If we get out at all,
it will be through the front.

Most importantly,
keep Elizabeth out of sight.

No one's keeping me anywhere.

If anything happens to you, if you're hurt
or taken, none of this means anything.

Don't you get it? I'm the only one in this
building they're not gonna shoot.

Exactly. So if they don't know
where you are...

...they're gonna be a lot more careful
about where they point their weapons.


Feels familiar, eh?


Let's hope this ends better than that did.

Light them up.


The baby.

You're the only one
they're not gonna hurt.

The baby is safe.




Harold, some cover.

I'm out.

Dembe, the bag.


Liz. Liz.


We will get you out of this.


Please don't ever do that again.

No promises.

We just heard from operator 46.

The police have been alerted
and are three minutes out.

Take the doors.




Oh, God. What?

Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on.


Hold on. You're okay. You're okay.

I got you. Just stay with me.
Stay with me.

It's gonna stop. No.

Oh, God. Unh.


You have to go.



Tom, get her out of here.

- You're ready for this?
- Yeah.

♪ You took your hits
With the bruises on the soles of your feet ♪

♪ Well, who's to say if they're deserved?
But you're turning reckless now ♪

♪ I hear you saying through your teeth ♪

♪ That you'll take them down first ♪

♪ But I saw you flinch
When the doctors got their claws in you ♪

♪ I saw your smile start to crack
It's not so funny when you're sunk ♪

♪ And there ain't nothing you can do ♪

♪ And your options are all dead ends ♪

♪ When there's no way out ♪

♪ I'll let you build your home with me
Till the clocks run down ♪

♪ When your luck's run out ♪

♪ Call me and I will come
And fix you ♪

♪ Get your feet on the ground ♪

♪ When there's no way out ♪

♪ Call me and I will come
And bury you ♪

♪ All safe and sound ♪

♪ When there's no way out ♪

♪ I'll let you build your home with me
Till the clocks run down ♪


♪ When your luck's run out
Call me and I will come and fix you ♪

♪ Get your feet on the ground ♪

♪ When there's no way out ♪

♪ Call me and I will come
And bury you ♪

♪ All safe and sound ♪