The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Mr. Gregory Devry (No. 95) - full transcript

With her name finally cleared, Liz attempts to reclaim her former life. Red works with the task force to infiltrate an assembly of high-level criminals at large in a rare, risky opportunity to capture the heads of the world's most lethal organized crime syndicates.



You've got 20 minutes.

Three sleepers in this main room
and one in the master bedroom.

Time is short,
we won't be doing cut-downs on site...

...I’ve got a carpet van en route.

I want a full scrub.
Cheyenne, windows, Haunani, floors.

We have 18 minutes, ladies,
let's get to work.


♪ And it's all right
And it's coming on ♪

♪ We gotta get right back
To where we started from ♪

♪ Love is good, love can be strong ♪

♪ We gotta get right back
To where we started from ♪

You're the lucky one, sugar.
We're gonna leave you alive... you can deliver a message
to Reddington personally.

Tell him, "We know."


♪ And if you get hurt
If you get hurt ♪

♪ By the little things I say ♪

♪ I can put that smile
Back on your face ♪

♪ And it's all right
And it's coming on ♪


♪ We gotta get right back
To where we started from ♪



♪ We gotta get right back
To where we started from ♪

Yes, I understand.

♪ And it's coming on ♪

Please, not at all.

I've been waiting for this day for a while.

I'll be in D.C. soon.

♪ Right back
To where we started from ♪

♪ All right
And it's coming on ♪

♪ We gotta get right back ♪


I feel terrible about this.

Don't. I mean, if anything feel relieved.

A week ago
I was facing 16 counts of capital murder.

Besides, I've still got my personal piece
and a CCP.

Liz, you're a convicted felon.

They withdrew
your concealed carry permit.

I'll have to confiscate
any other firearms in your possession.

Will I be issued a weapon
for field operations?

You're a consultant, not a sworn officer,
you won't be going on field operations.

What you are going to be
is a phenomenal resource.

- You're ability as a profiler is--
-l'm good, it's okay.

I appreciate the pep talk, but I'm good.

I really am.

That makes one of us.

I told myself I wasn't gonna cry,
so I'm gonna make this quick.

Apparently, not quick enough.

- We love you, Agent Keen.
LIZ: You see, that's, uh...

I'm not an agent anymore.

I put you all in an impossible situation.

And for reasons
I'll never quite understand... gave me the benefit of every doubt.

Even Mr. I'm-Just-Doing-My-Job.

You did so much more than that.

There's nothing harder
than hunting one of our own.

Especially when she's innocent.

Hey, in all my years with the bureau...

...l'm proud of the jobs all of you did.

What have you heard from Reddington?

I feel like you're overreacting.

Given the circumstances,
I don't believe that's possible.

About the ladies--

Their families know
they'll be well-provided for.

Thank you, dearie.


Hello, Elizabeth.
Word of caution, he's in a bad mood.

- What do you know about Shell Island?
- Never heard of it.


The Shell Island Retreat
is the pet name...

...for an assembly
of affiliated criminal organizations.

I'm sorry, wait,
are you giving me a case?

You look surprised.

I thought maybe, after all we've
been through the past three months...

...that you might wanna take a break.
I mean, aren't you exhausted?

Your past three months...

...have been what my life has been like
for the past 25 years.

I'm often exhausted.

The Shell Island Retreat is a ritual
that dates back to the Roaring '20s.

The de facto master of ceremonies
is Marcus Caligiuri.

Next in line to Espen Van Der Mervve... assume leadership
in the Pater Dei Group...

...the world's oldest
and largest weapons dealer.

The leaders of the Bratva, Yakuza...

...assorted international cartels...

...they gather when they are presented
with a problem so difficult... can only be resolved
by enemies working together.

- And where is this Shell Island?
- There is no Shell Island.

It's just a name.

The actual location of the meeting
is always a closely guarded secret.

I'd have thought
you would've been invited.

Howard Jasnoch,
he's a competitor of mine...

...he's arranged transport
for the individual who called the meeting.

- And who is that?
- I don't know.

What I do know is,
if he's called a meeting...

...and the members are gathering,
he's a very big fish.

Whatever is troubling him...

...whatever has caught
the attention of these men, is critical.

No less than an existential threat.

These meetings are infrequent, Lizzy...

...making this a very rare opportunity.

Follow this fish
and you can net the entire school.

Dmitri Sarkovski,
the CEO of Vitus One Bank...

...helped orchestrate, and profits from,
the Greek financial collapse.

Espen Van Der Mervve.

Wanted by the Hague
on accessory charges for war crimes.

All of them are at large
for charges including...

...narcotics trafficking, smuggling,
cybercrimes and assassination.

Reddington has confirmed all of them
will be in attendance at this meeting?

The Shell Island Retreat
provides a rare opportunity... capture the heads...

...of some of the most lethal
organized crime syndicates.

- Does he know where this meeting is?
- He knows someone who does.

Howard Jasnoch,
he's an underworld travel agent of sorts.

According to Reddington,
he's preparing travel for one attendee.

Hang on, I got a flag on him.

- Georgetown address.
- Roll out, people.

- Keen.
- Oh, sorry.


It's not so bad.

I downloaded the fourth series
of Doctor Who. Tom Baker's amazing.


- We need to go to your boat.
- Yeah?

- Now. Ha, ha.
- Okay.


I gotta do one thing.

Okay. Uh...

This is a washer...

...but I promise you,
I'm gonna replace it...

...with something so much better.


Elizabeth Keen...

...will you marry me?

I know I wasn't the best husband...

...but I can be.

I can be. I don't wanna be anyone else.

- Ha, ha, I don't know what to say.
- Yes, you can say yes.



If I've learned one thing from being
on the run these past few months...'s that I can't tell you
what I'm gonna want 10 years from now.

Even a year from now.

I just know what I want right now.


♪ Tricky anaconda ♪


- So this isn't a no?
- Ha-ha-ha!

♪ Corning out from under
Round you go ♪

♪ I got you where I want you
Never know, never know ♪

♪ Oh, I got you where I want you
Where to go ♪

♪ Well, this one is gonna cost you ♪♪

Howard Jasnoch.

We know you're moving a client
to the Shell Island Retreat.

I want a name and location.

- Now!
- I don't have a name, I swear.

Only an address.



AGENT 3: FBI! Hands! Hands!

AGENT 1: Moving!
AGENT 4: Covering!

Who are you?



Who are you, I said?


Raymond Reddington.


- Where have you been?
- I came as soon as I got the call.

Who's this guy?
He claims he's Reddington?

Yes, and we can't disprove it
with DNA...

...because there's nothing on file
from 1990...

...when Reddington disappeared.
ARAM: Whoever he is...

...he's got intel on nearly every Blacklister
Mr. Reddington brought us.

Criminal histories, rap sheets... clippings
when they were captured or killed.

He doesn't even look like him.

In the five years I hunted Reddington,
we had one photo of him.

That only had a passing resemblance
to the man we've been working with.

He disappeared 25 years ago,
could've had surgery.

Nobody really knows
what he might look like today.

But whoever he is...

...he has too much classified data
for us not to take him seriously.

I wanna know what he knows,
how he knows it.


So you're Raymond Reddington.

Must make you wonder
who you've been working with...

...these past few years.

Why don't you tell me
about the case files?

You know, for years I couldn't figure out
why my colleagues were being targeted.

I didn't understand.

Then I saw you on TV...

...With him.

You're the fugitive, Agent Keen, right?

You were in possession
of classified data, how did you get it?

I knew someone was helping the FBI.

Imagine my surprise
when I realized it was me...

...Ray Reddington.

The case files,
how are they connected to Shell Island?

You keep calling them case files.

These were people... friends.

They were criminals
who were taken down by the bureau.

With the help of a man
you call Raymond Reddington.

He's an imposter. He's using you.

You wanna know about the case files...

...about Shell Island? I'll tell you.

As soon as you give me
10 minutes with him...

...face to face.

The FBI has no relationship
with Raymond Reddington.

No, they don't.

But they think they do.


RESSLER: The cases you've given us,
he said you've targeted his colleagues.

He's a probe.

When we brought him in
he had classified data.

I'm not interested in the data he has...

...l'm interested in the data
he's looking for.

About me
and my relationship with this task force.

The manhunt exposed
your relationship to Liz.

Yes, people are talking about
whether I'm cooperating with the FBI.

Rumors are swirling.

And whoever he is...

...he was sent to determine
whether those rumors are true.

Has our friend arrived yet?

I'm excited to speak with him.

I know you're there.

And I know you told them
about Shell Island.

But since you're not me... didn't receive an invitation...

...and you don't know when and where
the meeting is taking place.

I do.

Of course, you need a taste.
That's how this works, right?

He trades information on his friends
to get what he wants.

Taste this.

An FBI executive is going to be taken.

I can save her.

In exchange, I want a meeting with him.

Face to face.

- He's bluffing.
- He has nothing to gain by gaming us...

...and everything to lose.

If you talk to him,
you acknowledge we work together.

But if he doesn't,
an innocent person could die.

COOPER: Reddington, you cannot--
- Hello there.

Are you enjoying
the accommodations?

Ah! There he is.

Excellent. Let's begin.

In less than an hour an FBI executive,
Janet MacNamara. ..

...will be abducted by my friend...

...and regular at Shell Island,
Marcus Caligiuri.


MacNamara, Janet P.
Runs the FBl's Human Intelligence Unit.

- She's not an agent, why a target?
RESSLER: She's a high-level executive...

...cleared to know all bureau assets,
including CIs like Reddington.

Caligiuri needs confirmation
about a relationship...

-...she can give it to him.
- Okay, she's not at work.

She's picking up her son
at a piano lesson.

- Forty-first and Macaroy in Hyattsville.
- Ressler, Navabi, get there now.

Oh, sorry. No, it's cool.

I have somewhere I gotta be, so...

REALTOR: It's a secure building,
there's a 24 hour patrol officer.

It's the perfect apartment
for a young woman like you.

I love it. Here's my application.

- How soon can I move in?
- Um, as soon as possible, Ms. Keen.

Elizabeth Keen?

- Yes. ls there a problem?
- No, it's just...

There are other prospective tenants
who already submitted applications.

- I thought you said--
- We'll review your application...

...and get back to you.


I see.


Thank you.

Excuse me,
we're looking for Janet MacNamara.

I'll need a minute to check.

- Are we good?
- We're fine.

Because you didn't say anything
on the way over.

You didn't just fire me...

...we slept together one day
and you fired me the next.

It's a little more complicated
than it, uh, sounds.

- Room 5B.
SAMAR: Thank you.

- Janet MacNamara?
- Yes.

Agent Ressler, FBI,
this is Agent Navabi.

- For your safety, come with us now.
- What's happened?

- We'll explain it to you on the way.
-l'm not going anywhere without my son.

Whatever you're here for,
this must be some kind of mistake.


We've got a problem.

Come here.


Get back in your room.


- Stay down!
MAN: Don't shoot.

Everybody back in your room. FBI.

- Unh!
- Just the woman I was looking for.

TYLER: Morn, no! Let her go! Mom!
JANET: Tyler, stay there!

Janet! Hey, where's your mother at?

Stay there.









Who are you?

March 8, 1985,
I ran point on an attack...

...on the Beirut home
of Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.

I coordinated Operation Mine Sweep...

...which provided back office support
and oversight...

...for naval intelligence operations
in Kuwait...

...carried out by the 160th SOAR.

The op was off the books...

...but can be confirmed
by Assistant Director Harold Cooper.

How the hell does he know that?

If I'm not who I say I am,
how would I know...

...that Raymond Reddington
held TS/SCI clearance...

...from the office of Naval Intelligence?

If I'm not Reddington,
how do I know that four years ago...

...he hosted a Shell Island Retreat
at a chateau in Tle-De-France?


I must confess
to feeling curiously flattered.

Hook us up to a forensic polygraph...

...and ask the only question that matters:

Are you an imposter?

I'll submit to the test.

Will you?

How'd he know about Fadlallah?

Did you host a Shell Island Retreat
four years ago?

- I did.
- You can't tell us where it is this year?

Why didn't you take him up
on the polygraph test?

Because I can defeat a polygraph.

So can he,
or he wouldn't have suggested it.

If I were you, Harold, I'd concern myself
with finding Janet MacNamara...

...who apparently knows all about
our little arrangement here.

You need to find Janet before she talks.

I forgot how much it sickens me
to come here.

Then why bother?
Why give him the time of day?

Because my life depends on it.

Not if you move on.

We beat Berlin and the Cabal,
isn't that enough for you? It is for me.

Is it?

I know I'm lucky
the way thing turned out...

...but I can't even rent an apartment
because people think I'm a criminal.

Tom thinks we should just go away...

...and start over. Maybe he's right.


There's something you need to see.


The Cabal is in green,
their affiliates are in red...

...their competition is in blue.

Since I've been a fugitive,
the pestilence on this map has grown.

This is what we're up against.

A multi-headed hydra.
You cut off one head, it grows two others.

You have to cut off every head,
burn the rest of it.

It's a mythic battle
and it's not anywhere close to being over.

It's your battle, not mine.

I wish that were true, Lizzy.

But the manhunt revealed certain facts
that had long been hidden.

About you.

- Me?
- Katarina Rostova...

...was a name
that had been lost to history.

Masha Rostova was never more
than suspicion and rumor.

The manhunt and the publicity
it generated changed all of that.

But who would care
that I'm Katarina Rostova's daughter?

The daughter
of a legendary spy master...

-...the secret keeper who disappeared.
- Disappeared?

You and Sam told me she's dead.

The secrets she took with her...

...could compromise
any number of players on that map.

They'll be coming.

They'll be coming for you.

- But I don't know anything.
- They don't know that.

You can't walk away, Lizzy.

They won't let you.


Who are you?

Knowing my name
is no way to stay alive.

So let's forgo introductions,
shall we, Janet?

- What do you want?


One of two men will die today.

One is a killer,
filth who deserves what he gets...

-...the other one is a cabinet maker.
- No.

He's very good with his hands.

He has an eye for beautiful design
and fine details.

I'm sure that's why you married him.

If you tell me what I need to know...

...l'll make certain
the right man dies today.


Janet MacNamara has been taken.
To get her back we have to find Caligiuri.

I want the location
of the Shell Island Retreat.

I'm not the FBI informant.

Reddington doesn't know
where they're meeting.

Unless he knows exactly where it is...

...because it's the scene
of his next command performance.

That's why he had me arrested.

So I'd be here
while he's putting on his show.

He's using you
to take my seat at the table.


What do you want?

- Let me walk.
- Not gonna happen.


If you do, I will tell you
where the retreat is taking place.

- You said you weren't an informant.
- I lied. I'm a criminal.

He exploited me.

He's exploiting you too.

I get my freedom,
you get a dozen major criminals.

Forget it, the guy's unreliable.

Everything he said checked out.
It's our best chance to find MacNamara.

He could've staged her abduction
to increase his value.

A woman's life hangs in the balance,
trusting him is a risk we have to take.

- I disagree.
-lt's not your decision anymore, is it?



Make the deal. Put a wire on him,
don't let him out of your sight.

We cut a deal. Immunity in exchange
for taking us to the meeting.

- We 're marshalling strike teams now.
- Harold is nothing if not predictable.

You said you don't know
where this meeting is.

I wanna believe you...

...but if this another of your games,
if you have a hidden agenda...

...and you plan on going, don't.

If we show up and you're there,
it'll confirm their suspicions.

Thank you for your concern, Lizzy.





Thank you.

Reddington. Fashionably late,
as always, huh?

Marcus. Hello, everyone.

It's good to see so many friends,
and even more enemies.

Welcome to Shell Island.


You'll be recording evidence
of a conspiracy... be used in their prosecution,
and to justify your release.

If you could remove your jacket.


This isn't the TSA.

These people have real security.

Before I'm allowed to set foot
in the penthouse dining room...

...l'll be diverted into an adjoining suite.

I'll be asked to relinquish
all weapons and personal items.

I'll then be relieved
of electronic devices...

-...and asked for a password.
- Borsheim.

My clothes will be physically
and electronically inspected...

...before I step out onto the 22nd floor.

Which is why we'll be deploying
the latest surveillance tech from the CIA.

What about transmitter intercepts?

Transmitters run on delay.

it won't come online for four minutes.

During that window,
they can't be detected by security.

What if it takes longer than four minutes
to get through?

Let's hope it doesn't.

Comforting to see everyone's appetites
for food, lies, and larceny...

...have not diminished over the years.

And although some of you
might have room for yet another dessert...

...or patience
for one more hilarious story...

...l'm afraid I don't.

Earlier this week,
the murderer of three of my contractors...

...was ordered
by someone in this room... send a message that they believed
I was working with the FBI.

It was a vile, cowardly,
unforgiveable act...

...that, quite frankly,
has resulted in very little impact on me...

...when compared to
the devastating loss...

...felt by the children
of those three dead women.

Now, given the publicity...

...surrounding the assistance I rendered
to Special Agent Elizabeth Keen...

...during her recent stint as a fugitive...

...l understand
where one's suspicion may come from.

But it is unfounded.

And before this dinner is over...

...l will not only prove
that I have not betrayed us...

...l will identify the person who has.

Save your breath, Reddington.
Your grave's already been dug.

I'm sorry, but, "been dug,"
is that correct?

- That doesn't sound correct.
- I think it's "digged."

It is dug.

I'm fairly sure
"digged" is the archaic past-tense.

I suppose they're both
grammatically correct.

Sounds funny either way.
I'm sorry, you were saying?

Two years ago...

...20 of us broke bread at this table.

Now there are 12.

We have lost Hector Lorca...

-...Floriana Campo--
- And others.

What's your point, Marcus?


My name is Janet MacNamara.

I run the Human Intelligence Unit
at FBI headquarters.

We keep track of all criminal informants
employed by the bureau.

Over the past two years...

...our most valuable asset
has been Raymond Reddington.

I thought we weren't
supposed to have phones?

Okay, do we need to review?

- You have--
RAY: Four minutes.



Alpha teams took the northeast corner
on Benson Place.

Bravo's covered the hotel,
Charlie holds the south...

...and Delta's waiting on my command.

Ninety seconds.

One spotter at the door.
I'll take him.

- Has the target cleared the lobby?
- Not yet.


Okay, he's in the elevator.

You allege you have nothing to do
with the demise of our associates...

...and yet do you deny
that you benefited from their misfortune?

No, I profited handsomely.

- I didn't realize that was against the rules.
CALIGIURI: It's not.

But we know you weren't just working
with Agent Keen while she was a fugitive.

- Okay, transmitter's up.
- Why am I not hearing anything?

Aram, is he in or not?

The only assistance I gave Agent Keen
was after she shot the attorney general.

They were on TV always,
working together.

She was a fugitive, Dmitri.

I was paid a significant fee
by certain unnamed parties... aid in her escape, it's what I do.

That is true, but we're not just relying
on the word of Janet MacNamara.

She provided us
with access to documentation...

...confirming that in the last 28 months,
significant resources...

...have been directed
to a top secret task force...

...dedicated to the apprehension...

...of key figures
in the so-called criminal underworld.

Based on information
provided by a single high-level informant.


And that is a fact.

One you cannot deny.

Take your seat, Marcus.

Your information is incorrect,
and you're standing in my light.

You know what your problem is?
You talk too much.

That's not
gonna be a problem anymore.


- It appears we have a late arrival.
- Okay, he's in.


How fortuitous,
we were just talking about you.

You? How the hell did you get in here?

- Hey, is it me--?
- That sounds like Reddington.

This can't be good.

May I present to you
Raymond Reddington.



Pour the man a glass
of this wonderful port.

It appears this party's
just getting started.

He lied to us.
He knew that location the whole time.

Why, what's his angle?

I don't know and I don't care,
but I'm calling that breach.

You do, it'll prove Red's with us.
He'll be killed.

Reddington knows our protocol.

If he's there, he knew we'd find him.
He knows we're listening.

If he's willing to roll the dice,
we should be too.

Raymond, what is this?

He's not Raymond Reddington.
He knew I called this meeting.

He knew that I was gonna accuse him
of being an imposter... he beat me here.

I told you
that before this dinner was done...

...l would prove my innocence
and identify the person who betrayed us.

- Meet the fake Red. Faux-Red, "Fred."
- Fred?

I took Agent Elizabeth Keen on as a client
when she was a fugitive... gain her trust
in exchange for information... to who was responsible
for decimating our ranks.

Like you, I'd heard the rumors
that I was the one who betrayed us.

And sure enough,
after gaining her trust...

...she confirmed
that the bureau's confidential informant...

...was a Raymond Reddington.


- I am so totally confused.
-ls it possible they know each other?

If that's true,
my head is going to explode.

By the way, very clever, Marcus.

Abducting Janet MacNamara
in your search for the truth.

But you and I both know...

...the confession
you coerced from that poor woman...'re holding
at Calabrese Fine Imports...

...was simply to confirm your lie.

LIZ: You got that?
ARAM: Yeah.

Calabrese Fine Imports.

-2119 McWhorther Street.
- On my way. Dispatch tac teams.


I think we're gonna kill both of you.

You've been nipping at my heels...

...ever since the incident
at that awful karaoke bar in Mombasa.

You're a liar.

I would very much like to hear
what he has to say.

It's simple. Marcus hired him.

- Hired?
RAYMOND: To surrender himself... the FBI, pretending to be me... he could use the feds
to dismantle my business.

- This is absurd, ha, ha.
- Words, words, words.

- No proof.
RAYMOND: You want proof?

The FBI would never fly blind
into an operation like this.

He's wired.



You can go after a man's business,

...even his associates,
but other than family...

...the only thing off-limits
is a man's reputation.

You have given false allegations
against my good name.

Which will be whispered and repeated
by those who envy my success... matter how thoroughly
I repudiate them.

Repudiate them?

Words, that's all you ever had.

Gentlemen, I never wear cufflinks.


- We lost the signal.
- Go, breach now!



- The FBI.
- Actually, those belong to me.

SAMAR: Helicopters.
They'll be escaping on the roof.

I suspect the FBI is on its way
because of you.

So now we're all in a bit of a hurry.


I need you to put to rest
any question about who hired you.


It was Caligiuri.

- You lying bastard.
- He came to me, said he had a plan.

Said he knew about Elizabeth Keen.

I'm gonna kill you, you--

You were right, Marcus.

I am the informant.

Tell all our friends in hell
to be patient.

I'll be along soon enough.


Perhaps we should all get
our hats and coats.

What about him?

Oh, yes, about him...

Fastest way to the roof
is this express elevator.

We're not going up, Dmitri.
We're taking the service elevator...

-...down to the garage.
- Who are the choppers for?

Why aren't they landing?

The roof is clear.
I repeat, the roof is clear.


The choppers were just a diversion.




- Janet MacNamara.
- Yeah.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

Hang in there.
I'll get you out of here, all right?


I know you've been through
a terrible ordeal, Janet...

...and I'm sorry for that.

But unfortunately your knowledge
of my relationship with the bureau... inherently dangerous to you,
your family, and to me.

So please listen carefully
and follow my instructions to the letter.

First thing tomorrow,
you will inform your superiors...

...that the trauma
of today's experience...

...was such
that you have reordered your priorities...

...and wish to spend more time
with Bob, Tyler, and the dogs.

You are going to move to Santa Monica,

I've purchased a beach house,
the deed is in that envelope.

Your property taxes
will be paid for on a bi-annual basis...

...and I'll be checking on you
from time to time... make sure you're still safe.

Travel safely, Janet.

The sunset over the Pacific
is magnificent.

What was his name?

RAYMOND: Gregory DeVry.
- Were you close?

Gregory was a dear friend.

And a brilliant grifter.

He made a good living
conning con-men.

Short of George Sanders...

...l can think of no one
I'd rather have pretend to be me.

But you killed him?

Gregory had terminal stomach cancer.

So, at his request, I euthanized him.

LIZ: You manufactured a doppleganger
to reclaim your reputation.

I have many contingency plans
in place.

This was one.

Why not tell us?

The FBI would never permit me to do...

...the very thing necessary
to make the plan work.

- Let everyone escape.
- So they could spread the word...

-...we're networking together.
- Are we working together?

The way you were talking before,
I wasn't so sure.


- Tom?
- No.

The woman who turned me down
for the apartment.

Elizabeth, this is Barbara Menninger.

Look, I wanted to apologize.

When I realized who you are,
I just-- I overreacted.

Frankly, I thought you were
a terrible person, and that was wrong.

You've been exonerated,
you deserve a second chance.

So I want you to know
the apartment's yours if you still want it.


♪ Is it all that you need
To get back, to feel good ♪

♪ Satisfied that you did
What you could ♪

♪ It works itself out ♪

Thank you.

For everything.

You won't lose her... matter what happens.

♪ You put your thoughts
Into the shape of a weapon ♪

♪ All you did was learn
A terrible lesson ♪

You wanted to see me?

What is this place?

♪ Again ♪

You will not marry her.



Because I didn't ask
Daddy's permission?

Is that really why you called me here?

Or did you just want someone
to play Go Fish?

You married her
over my objection once.

It will not happen again.

♪ By distractions ♪

You that woman Elizabeth Keen?



You're a traitor!


Ms. Keen, how you feeling?

Well, all things considered... crap.

Well, we, uh, got back your MRIs...

...and it looks like you've sustained
three broken ribs.

No other internal injuries or bleeding.

There's nothing we can do about the ribs,
just tough it out until they heal.

- I’ve broken a few before.
- Yeah, we noticed that.

But, hey, uh, good news, the baby's fine.

It is?

- The baby?
- Uh, yeah.

Uh, but you really, uh, have to be
more careful now that you're pregnant.