The Blacklist (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - The Vehm (No. 132) - full transcript

First the Cabal, Then Shell Island, now according to Red the FBI task force must deal with the The Vehm, a deadly vigilante group from the Middle Ages who is back in action. And Liz must carefully plan her next steps after the new surprise.

Hey. Hold up. Hold up.

- Something extra.
- Oh.

Thanks. The boys had a blast.

Good kids. Except yours.

I think he needs more sugar.


Hey, hey! Guys!

- Get out of the street.
- All righty, bye, bye, bye.



♪ Everybody loves a clown
So why don't you? a'

I know, come on.

Kidding me.


♪ Everybody loves a clown
So why can't you? ♪

♪ A clown has feelings too ♪

Oh, God, no!

No! No! What?

Wait! What? What did I do?


Help! Help! Help!

♪ If you wondered why
This clown is crying ♪

♪ Look a little closer
Inside I'm dying ♪

♪ It's not easy to be in love, you see ♪

♪ When you're a clown like me ♪






♪ Never is a long time ♪

♪ Too long to be talking about ♪

♪ Catch myself from wondering ♪

♪ While those words
Keep spinning around ♪


♪ Feeling alone ♪

- Hey.
TOM: Hi. Breakfast is sewed.

I got juice, coffee,
apple turnovers from Pan Lourdes...

...and no pancakes.

Okay, great.

- Let me help with that.
- I got it.

- You shouldn't be lifting things.
- Well, my ribs feel better, so I'm fine.

I'll be the judge of that.
Let me take a peek at this.

- Hey. I prefer the bookish teacher.
- Then you're in luck...

...because I got a job.

A real job teaching history
at Shorewood High School in Boston.

Boston? You're gonna move to...?

We're gonna move to Boston.

I know you need time
to think about everything, and I get that...

...but what happened to you
was terrifying. Okay?

Like a giant flashing sign from God that
you need to start over somewhere else.

If you don't want to do it for us,
then do it for our kid.

- Our kid?
- Mm-hm.

Come here, buddy.
Hey, there he is, Hudson.

I hate to break up this family reunion,
but I gotta go.

I gotta check out the campus
in Boston.

- So I'll clean this up before I go.
- Okay.

A teacher?

There was a lot about our old life
that I really liked...

...including you.

- Huh.
- Wait, wait.

Oh, yes.

Be safe.

[BABY comma]

RAYMOND: Edward Weston
was an associate of mine.

His murder remains unsolved.

The cause of his burns,
a mystery until now.

William Dowd, found under
the 14th Street bridge this morning...

...sprinkled with burning lead.

The marks and use of lead...

...are consistent with a medieval device
subtly called a lead sprinkler.

The device is used
to shower victims with molten lead...

...or, in the case of Mr. Dowd,
to pour it into his mouth...

...causing serious inner burns
and eventual death.

We boring you, Donald?

Where's Keen?

You wouldn't be here without her
if she was okay.

She's recovering nicely.

COOPER: That's a relief.
-l'm sure it is.

You confiscated her firearm.

So, you think a convicted felon
should be allowed to carry guns.

All the ones I know do.


I see you've started without me.

- You should be recuperating.
COOPER: Take whatever time you need.

I appreciate that, and the cards,
and flowers and trashy novels...

...especially the trashy novels, Aram.
Thank you. But I am good.

Don't let me interrupt.
What's the case?

The Holy Vehm,
a vigilante group that operated... the Germanic regions of Europe
during the Middle Ages.

The Vehmic court
was sanctioned by the emperor...

...and directed by the archbishop
to punish sinners.

What sins did these two commit?

Well, in the 15th century...

...The Vehm meted out justice
for heresy and witchcraft.

But today, who knows?

During the height of their power,
they killed thousands.

If I'm correct
and The Vehm has been resurrected.

There's no telling how many victims.

Aram, see what cold cases you can find
with even a remotely similar MO.

Ressler, Navabi, find Dowd's wife.

- See what she knows.
LIZ: What is that?

- Some kind of metal?
COOPER: It's lead.

You should be resting.

I'll have Aram order an analysis,
see if we can trace that lead to a supplier.

I've got agents working double-time
to find who attacked her.

That won't be necessary.


Here. Careful, it's loaded.

-I'm pregnant.

I've known for some time.

- How?
- Everything.

Your body, your skin...

...a look in your eyes,
different tastes for different foods...

-...nausea, distracted, moody.
- Heh. Yes.

With everything that was happening,
I just...

I mean, I guess I knew...

...but I just couldn't--

I bought a pregnancy test
three weeks ago...

...and I threw it out before I took it.

I mean, I was okay facing the Cabal...

...but those two red lines,
I just could not handle that.

I assume Tom is the father.

I haven't told him.


He's still figuring his life out.

There's a job in Boston.

I know you want to believe
that our work is done, but it's not.

The addition of a child will make that...

...infinitely more difficult.


What they did to him...

...who would do such a thing?

Does your husband have any enemies?
Any problems at work?


William was a kind man
and a great father.

He was involved in the community.

- When our daughter was in school--
- How many kids do you have?

One. Amy.

There's something she's not telling us.

Twenty pictures on their fridge,
not one of their daughter?

You think something happened
between them?

We need to find her...

...see if she agrees with the wife
about his parenting.

I'm guessing the answer's no.


Father, forgive me, for I have sinned.

It's been a week
since my last confession.

Since that time, I've killed two men.

PRIEST: Well done, my son,
for you are the tip of his spear.

Through your hands,
his judgment is witnessed.


Let us pray. Our Father...

We've linked The Vehm's M.O.
to a dozen murders.

Each victim was subjected
to some form of medieval torture.

Sam Archer was whipped
until an artery burst...

...and he bled to death.

The bruising, fractures,
and deep puncture wounds...

...indicate that
Joseph Gibson's extremities...

...were crushed with some device
called "The Spanish Boot."

None of the victims had a record.
Why were they targeted?

We're not sure.
We're still going over case files.

Sir. From your wife.

Those are beautiful.

My office.

What else do we know?

They found William Dowd's daughter
living as "Lisa Neil:.. name, new social.

- She's definitely hiding from something.
- Or someone. We're on it.

ls this a bad time?

- I thought you'd rolled out.
- That's why I'm here.

Ressler and I, are we partners?

Would that be a problem?

He did fire me.

Yes. An appropriate action
given the circumstances...

...but one he deeply regrets...

-...and went to great lengths to fix.
- He did?

In a status report submitted to me
after I returned, he was...

...quite eloquent about
your value to the task force.

You're welcome to read it
after you question Lisa Neil.

It's hard to forgive sometimes.

Lisa Neil.



Yes, is this Dr. Meyer's office?

I have an appointment next week
for my son.

I think he's a threat to himself.

It's urgent that we see
the doctor today.

Lisa Neil?

- Can I help you?
-l'm Agent Navabi, FBI.

This is agent Ressler.

We have some questions for you
about your father.

My father died years ago.

You must be confusing me
with somebody else.

Someone like Amy Dowd?



Someone there?




- There was no one out front.
- My secretary leaves at 5.

- You must be Mr. Harris.
- Yes.

Where's your son?
I was told the appointment is for him.

Oh, it should be, but, you know,
my wife doesn't really believe in therapy.

You know, she thinks people like you
do more harm than good.

Do you, Dr. Meyer?

I don't believe so. Heh, heh.

Tell me what's going on with your son.

LISA: My father was murdered?

By people who thought he had sinned.

It might help us find his killer
if we knew that was true or not.

- Was it?
- Yeah.

That's why I ran away.

So can I ask
how you treat the children?

You know, how it all works.

It's important for me
to get a sense of the child... the first few sessions
would be one-on-one.

Without a parent present?

For me to gain their trust,
it's best to start out that way.

I was 12.

I came home from swimming
at my friend's house...

...went into the basement
to put my suit in the dryer...

...and he was there.

- Your father.
- And someone else.

A boy.

When you're alone with my son,
would you be touching him?

Heh. Absolutely not.

I'm not sure
I understand your question.

I mean,
would you think about touching him?

I'm sorry your son is having a hard time,
but I think you should leave.

- Unh. No. No. What are you doing?
HOLT: You hurt children.

- No.
- You earn their trust then abuse them.

They said I was crazy.

That I was making it all up.
That my father never raped that little boy.

But I know the truth.

My father was a monster.

Whoever killed him
did the world a favor.

- Sooner or later, we all pay for our sins.
- No. What are you doing?

What is this? What are you doing?

I paid for mine...

- What are you talking about?
-...and it's time you pay for yours.

Oh, we meet again.
You must be the new neighbor.

-I'm Zoe.
- Liz.

Who's this?

- Stanley.
- Hi, Stanley.

Ha-ha-ha. Hi, Stanley.

He's so cute.

Don't let that fool you.
He's the devil child.

He hasn't slept the night through
since ever.

Well, we can stay up together.

-I'm expecting a little devil of my own.
-Oh, really? That's amazing.

I mean, besides no sleep, no sex,
and stretch marks the size of Kansas...

...there are really great things about it.

I can't think of any,
but that's what people say.

I'm sure you have a thousand questions.
I'm here, anytime.

-I'm here all the time.
-That's very nice of you.

I'll probably take you up on that.

I thought you were going to Boston?

Rescheduled for tomorrow.
Felt like hanging out.

What's that?

Something I've kept in my wallet
since the day you gave it to me.

- Is that...?
- A hope. A wish.

The child that we were
gonna adopt, and that, I hope... the one we're gonna have.

- You found my pro-con list.
- Pro.

Chance for a normal life, family,
doting husband with rock-hard abs.

- Ha, ha. Really?
- Heh, heh.

Liz, we're pregnant.

Yeah. We are.
But before you get too excited--

It's way too late for that.

I'm thinking about
giving the baby up for adoption.

Why? Why--?

- Why would you do that?
- Take another look at the list.

I mean, there are only three pros
and maybe--

I can probably think of 100 cons.

I'm a felon.

- People hate me. I'm a pariah.
- Here, in D.C.

That is why we have to move.
And the rest? Dangerous job, fixable.

- Unmarried, totally fixable.
- Unmarried was never a part of my list.

Well, a guy can dream, can't he?

Yeah. Yeah, they're all fixable, Tom,
except for one:


We can get away from him.

His life, my life,
is so filled with violence...

...and anger and hatred and death.
How can I bring a child into that world?

- My world.
- Our world, Liz...

...not his. Ours.

This is why I didn't tell you.
I knew you'd be annoyingly positive.

- What, you don't want to be positive?
- I don't want to be naive.

Just promise me
that you'll keep an open mind.

All right?
About Boston and us and...

...our little one.


- What?
-l'm pretty sure...

...l put question marks
next to your name.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

That's weird because it looks like
you changed your mind.


Heh, heh. Oh, my God.

I'm a violent man.

I've taken on a life that requires it.

I hurt people.

I kill people.

And each time I do... that moment...

...another part of me dies
along with them.

When I was young...

...l romanticized the life of an outlaw.

Bad guys.

That was a long time ago.


- Yes.
LIZ: The Vehm are hunting pedophiles.

Dowd's daughter
confirmed that's what her father was.

You just won't rest, will you?

I'm pregnant, not sick.

Besides, you said a fight is coming
that can't be avoided.

- Tell me about the other victims.
- Never charged with any crimes...

...but hidden in their backgrounds
are whispered accusations.

Incidents swept under the rug.

So your theory is that someone
has reorganized a 15th century cult... hunt and kill pedophiles.

It fits the fact-pattern.

Not all of them.

My associate, Mr. Weston,
the man who started us down this road...

...was many things,
but a pedophile was not one of them.

I saw his dark side...

-...and it did not involve children.
- What did it involve?

Maybe that's where we should look.

You're right. Of course.

What? Of course what?

Thank you, Lizzy.

You attacked a pregnant woman,
broke three of her ribs...

...battered her so badly...

...she was left lying unconscious
in a grocery-store parking lot.

Call Mr. Kaplan from the car.

We need to find Gerald Sullivan.

So our metallurgist broke down the lead
that was found on William Dowd.

A specific dye was added
to deepen the gray scale.

- Was it traceable?
- To an online company.

They made many sales, but only one
stands out, the St. James Shelter.

It's a halfway house
for ex-cons in Philadelphia.

They use lead
to make religious jewelry.

Could be a location for The Vehm.
Ressler and I will check it out.

Right, you and Ressler.

I know it's strange,
but he got me my job back.

Did he?

In the status report he submitted
to Cooper, he lobbied for me.

- He didn't have to, and he did.
- I can't imagine it was difficult to write.

I'm glad he did. Someone needed to.


Where'd everybody go?







Damn it.






Hey, Navabi.

- You okay?
- Yes. Thank you for asking.


Ressler's running his prints.

- Should have an ID soon.
- He's a zealot, like my brother.

A true believer
who twists the gospel to justify murder.

I don't need his name
to know who he is.

The files you found at St. James
contain detailed accounts of the victims.

The research they did was extensive.

They found details
local cops clearly missed.

ME finished the autopsies
on the three Vehm.

Says he's ready for a show-and-tell.

- Seemed pretty excited about it.
- Okay. Okay, yes...

...l admit, three fully shaved dudes
is kind of weird.

It's not something you see every day,
but then--

Well, then there's something
that you almost never see.

You've never seen a eunuch?

Well, no, I--

I've seen a eunuch before.
I've seen more than I care to admit.

- Are they all eunuchs?
- Sliced and diced.

But the beauty part--

And I use that term advisedly,
of course.

--Is that it's self-inflicted.

- He did this to himself?
MAYNARD: They all did.



SAMAR: Yeah?
- Prints came back.

The guy's name is Harlan Holt.

Served seven years at Cumberland for,
get this, sexual assault of a minor.

So he's a pedophile.

Who got early release... agreeing to castration
to mitigate his deviant desires.

Vehm at the morgue
are castrated as well.

So Vehm are pedophiles,
and their victims are pedophiles.

It's monsters hunting monsters.


Let's talk about Bobby Sanders.

He was 12. You were his teacher.

He trusted you,
and you exploited that trust.

We know who you are, Mr. Holt.

HOLT: My brothers and I
are defenders of the innocent.

We subjected ourselves to mutilation
in order to cleanse impure thoughts...

...allowing us to embody
God's will on earth.

We are the protectors of the children.

Well, we got the case files
that you kept on your victims.

You should tell us about them,
these sinners. William Dowd.

Hid behind the makeup of a clown.

Always chose the weakest child,
the one who was too scared to tell.

How about Arthur Shepherd?

HOLT: A counselor for children
with special needs.

The system did nothing
despite an eyewitness.

What do you mean, did nothing?
Was the case thrown out?

No charges were ever filed.

There's no justice
in your justice system... we provide it.

An eyewitness to the abuse
of a child with special needs...

...and no charges were filed?
That makes no sense.

RESSLER: Shepherd's file
includes eyewitness account.

How do they have case files?
They're not cops.

Where did they get them?
Who did they get them from?

- Who took the eyewitness statement?
- ADA in Baltimore, Peter Levy.

We need to call him,
see if it happened. I doubt it.

- Where are you going with this?
- The Vehm are zealots.

They'll kill anyone
they're told is a pedophile.

What if someone's telling them
people are pedophiles that aren't?

Reddington says his friend wasn't.

What if the person bringing
these case reports... someone with their own agenda...

...and they're using The Vehm
to carry it out?


My God, Gerald...

...burying your business
in the dirt like a dog.

- How the mighty have fallen.
GERALD: What the hell is this?

A terrible time of year to go camping...

...but I suppose we do what we must
when we're on the run.

Brenda and I were just catching up.
She's not hungry...

...but I noticed you packed bratwurst
and couldn't resist.

I do love a good cookout.

Look, Red. It's not what you think.

I think you had Weston killed,
and Locke, Bosker, Hundly.

Someone is clearing the playing field,
Gerald, and my money is on you.

Locke and Bosker?
They laundered for the cartels.

Hundly cleaned cash for the sex trade.

I handled white-collar crime.

I know how the market was divided.

In fact, I was impressed by how well
you co-existed with your competitors...

...until now.

You got greedy, Gerald.

I'm not on the run
because I killed my competitors.

I'm on the run...

...because I don't want to be killed
by who did.

Red, you know me. You know Brenda.

You think we'd be living in the Bentley
if we didn't have to?

If you're not controlling The Vehm,
then who is?

I'm a dead man if I say.

I came here for one thing,
but I've decided I'm gonna leave with two.

The first is the name of the person
who controls The Vehm.

And the second?

A song, Gerald.

I so wanted to be a scout.

Tying knots, the pinewood derby
and the campfire songs.

Oh, those songs.

I keep trying to explain to Dembe,
but I'm no singer.

Just one song.

RAYMOND: Ha-ha-ha.



♪ Michael row the boat ashore ♪


♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Michael row the boat ashore ♪



♪ Sister help to trim the sails, hallelujah ♪

♪ Sister help to trim the sails-- ♪♪

That's enough.


Okay, then.

Just the name.

- That's impossible.
LIZ: That file, your file...

...says the eyewitness
in the Shepherd case...

...gave his statement to a Baltimore ADA
by the name of Peter Levy.

We called
the Baltimore District Attorney.

There is no Peter Levy.

Once we found out that case was false,
we looked at the others.

Jared Locke's victim...

...he doesn't exist.

You were given a screen grab of a model
from a children's website.

You killed William Bosker
for molesting his nephew... Akron, Ohio on June 23rd.

The State Department said
he was living in London at the time.

You're being manipulated.

- We need you to tell us by who.
- That's a trust...

...l can't betray.
RESSLER: He's betrayed yours.

Why don't you tell us
before someone else is murdered.

- You don't understand. It's too late.
- What do you mean?

- Too late?
- We received a new file yesterday.

There's a benefit
at Cleveland High School tonight.

RESSLER: Okay, you need to tell me
who the target is.

Think back, Harlan.
Think hard. I need a name.

James Wagner.

I'm gonna ask you one last time.

Who gave you these files?

Stop me if you've heard this one.

A priest, a eunuch
and a pedophile walk into a bar--

Excuse me?

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

I'm here to offer you
the sacrament of confession.

I'll be your father-confessor.

I know, the hypocrisy is staggering.

This is James Wagner.

We believe that there's an
imminent threat on his life.

The principal will speak first...

...about your charitable donations
and scholarship program...

...before the announcement of the
auditorium being named in your honor.

I need a smoke. I'll be back in five.

MERYL: I don't think you're supposed
to smoke on campus.

Oh, what are they gonna do,
suspend me?

You know what my problem
with religion is?


Like anything
that has a potential to be beautiful... will turn it into something ugly.

For every saint,
there are two million sinners.

- Which are you?
- Like you, I'm a sinner.

An envious one, I might add... my transgressions
are not nearly as divine... the ones you've been guilty of...

...during the years you're associated
with the Vatican bank.

I'm afraid you were misinformed.

I did work with the bank... bring an end to an unfortunate era
of waste and corruption.



Generally speaking,
I'm not a huge fan of the incorruptible...

...but your new pontiff...

...he is not your father's Holy Father.

He has an undeniable decency,
which you sorely lack.

Yes, at his instruction,
you helped to root out corruption... that the Vatican bank...

...would no longer be
in the money-laundering business...

...but to paraphrase Aristotle,
corruption abhors a vacuum.

So you moved right in.

You and your little band of eunuchs.

Kudos on that, by the way.

Gathering sick men,
tricking them into thinking...

...they're killing pedophiles when, in fact,
they're killing money launderers...

...whose business you covet?

The Vehm cleanse the world
of God's mistakes.

Their other targets
are necessary sacrifices...

...for the good of the holy church.


No sin in murder
or money laundering... long as it serves our father
here on earth...

...or you.

Donald Ressler, FBI. I understand
you're James Wagner's assistant.

- I am. ls something wrong?
- I need to see him right now.

- He stepped out.
- Call him.

He has me hold his phone.
Says it messes up the lines in his suit.

I have nothing to confess to you.

Oh, that.

I wasn't really interested in hearing it.

Although I suppose life in the abbey
must be full of intrigue.

What I am interested in
is a proposition.

Care to hear it?




You have a job for The Vehm?

I do.

One that should appeal to you.
It's a money launderer

A formidable player
who presents a significant obstacle... anyone interested
in clearing the playing field.

- Who is it?
- Contact The Vehm.

Tell them to meet us here.
I'll explain everything then, not before.

- They're busy.
- Hm.

The FBI raided their chamber of horrors.
Killed one, captured some others.

They'll talk,
and when they do, they'll talk about you.

So my proposition is this:

Do what I'm asking, do it now...

...and I'll make sure
you go someplace quiet...

...where the FBI will never find you.


Up here, around the corner.

- What happened?
- I don't know. I don't know.

We heard some kind of fight,
but when we got here, he was alone.


SAMAR: Reddington?
- Ladies.

What a pleasant surprise.

Especially you, Agent Keen.

I didn't expect to see you in the field.

Well, I am a consultant.

I came to consult with
Cardinal Richards.

- Are you drinking communion wine?
- Yes. God, it's God-awful.

If they'd only switch to a good burgundy,
people would be much more devout.

Where is the cardinal?


Meeting with congregants.

Something about church finances.


What, you're arresting me
for smoking?

Smoking on school grounds
is a health-law violation.

I was attacked.

We're searching for the people
who assaulted you.

Yes, those nutjobs assaulted me.

-I'm the victim.
-Today, you are.

But the people who victimized you,
those nutjobs...

...they go after two types:
pedophiles and money launderers.

- I am not a pedophile.
- Maybe you launder money.

But thanks to you lighting up,
I can hold you until we find out.

Watch your head, pal.

The Vehm are the congregants
the cardinal is meeting with.

- Do they know he deceived them?

I've done business...

...with a few of the people
they were tricked into killing.

So it was easy enough
to provide the details necessary... show them
they'd been terribly misled.

- Where did they take him?
- I have no idea.

- They're gonna kill him.
RAYMOND: Probably.

Hell hath no fury
like a fundamentalist scorned.

- How did you contact The Vehm?
RAYMOND: The cardinal did.

He was quite excited about it, actually.

In exchange for the promise
to keep the FBI from finding him...

...he agreed to sic The Vehm
on one last money launderer.

I omitted the fact that the cleaner
he was inviting The Vehm to kill was... fact, himself.

The cardinal took out the others
to expand his business.

- Did you take him out to expand yours?
- Yes.

To raise capital in preparation for war.

- What war?
- Ours.



Holt just gave us a detailed list...

...of every member of The Vehm.

Just a matter of time
before they're all in custody.

- Anything on Richards?
- Not yet...

...but Justice has confirmed
that he used various charities... launder profits
from offshore gambling.

- All in all, a pretty good day.
- Liz, could you give us a second?

Yeah, of course.

I know I've been prickly with you,
and I'm sorry.

I read what you wrote about me
in the status report...

...and I just wanted to thank you.

- I didn't write about you in the report.
- The report you submitted to Cooper.

- You lobbied to get my job back.
- Don't know who told you that...

...but I didn't lobby Cooper
to get your job back...

...because I didn't believe
that you should've gotten it back.

- I see.
- I mean, look...

...nothing personal, but with
Reddington being such a wild card...

...the rest of us need to know
where we stand.

I'm not so sure I know with you.

Okay, well, it's nothing personal,
but you sucked in bed.

LIZ [ON PHONE]: So how'd it go?
TOM: The job fell through.

I don't understand.
I thought you had it.

- Heh, heh. I did.
- Reddington.

It doesn't matter.
I'll figure something else out.

Which he'll find out about
and sabotage...

...especially if it means
me going away.

You think I'm overreacting,
but I wanna know that my kid--

- Our kid.
- I wanna know my kid is protected.

He or she will be, Liz, by me.

By us.

I have something else lined up.
It's just gonna take time to get it going.

I do have some say in whether or not
we put our child up for adoption.

If what I try falls through,
if Reddington interferes...

...then maybe you're right.
Maybe I'll be okay with it, but I'm not...

...right now.

-L'll be back tomorrow. Can we talk then?
- Sure.

I wish you didn't have to go home
to that empty apartment.

I don't know, I'm kind of into empty.

I get to...

...take my time.

Fill it with What I Want.

Make it my own.

- A new start.
MAN: Okay.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

MAN: What are we gonna do
with you today?


What are you doing here?

I missed you.

Yeah, I dyed my hair to hide.
I don't need to hide anymore.

Lizzy, I misspoke earlier...

...about your child.

I said that having it would be...


You got me a couch.

When your mother
was pregnant with you... was terribly inconvenient.

The Cold War was ending.
Her country was falling apart.

Everything she had ever known...

She dreaded having a child.

Almost aborted it.

Not one day of her pregnancy...

...did she ever think of you
as anything but a curse.

And then,
from the second you were born...

...there was never a day when she...

...thought you were anything
but a blessing.

In my experience...

...there is never a convenient time
to have a child.

It certainly isn't
a convenient time for you.

But if, in saying that,
I left you with the impression...

...that I didn't think
you should have your baby...

...l'm sorry for that...

...because nothing
could be further from the truth.


What I did was for your protection.

Taking his job away.

I'm not a threat to your safety, Lizzy,
or your child's.

On the contrary, I can guarantee it,
but I cannot do that if you run away.

You're the only reason
I need protection.

I wish it were that simple.

I think you should leave.


Oh, I should probably mention,
I booked a pregnancy massage for you.

She'll be here at 9.
Her name's Edwina.

She's a registered nurse,
and she smells absolutely divine.

I hope it goes with
the rest of your stuff.

I'm told it pulls out.

- Thank you, Aram.
- You're welcome.

What for, exactly?

I know it was you who wrote about me
in Ressler's report.

Oh, that.

- Too many gerunds?
- He didn't even know.

What did you do,
hack into his computer?

I know it was the wrong thing to do,
but this task force needs you.

I don't deserve a friend like you.

Maybe not.


You have one.

Cardinal Richards. They found him.


♪ You know you didn't understand me ♪

- Oh, sir, I didn't-- I didn't know that--
- It's okay, Aram. It's fine.

Are you, uh--?

Are you sleeping here?

Charlene and I have separated.

I'm looking for a place.

Until I find one...

I am so sorry.

Yeah. I am too.

- Want a drink?
- Yeah, I don't, uh...

I do have some limeade
in the fridge downstairs...

...along with these cherry turnovers
Agent Keen brought in that are amazing.

- Should I bring them up?
- Sure. Why not?

- And, Aram...
- Yeah?

-...if you could keep this between us...
- Of course.



Zoe, it's your neighbor, Liz.

I could use some company.

Where's Zoe?

Reddington moved her out.
Got her a bigger apartment.

- Why?
- For your security.

We'll keep a man in this apartment
24 hours a day.

Anybody who wants to get you
will have to come past us.

Nice hair.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Keen.

I'm calling about my pregnancy.

My child.

If you could please call me
at 202-555-0143.

It's about an adoption.

Giving up my child.