Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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About three hundred and seventy years ago
So, um... it was the year 1640 AD.
During the Chosun dynasty when King Injo was ruling,
Chosun was known as the hermit kingdom, keeping its door closed to other countries.
and wasn't close to any other countries.
However, the neighboring countries sailed to the other far-away countries
to trade any items they need or even steal them from each other.
Chosun was the only country not joining in the trading circle.
Anyway would that be why?
In far off Europe, many people became curious about Asia.
William, a pretty youth in England, was especially fervent in his curiosity.
But what he is trying to do with a chamber pot is anyone's guess.
1640 Brighton in England
A dark... Dark night...
A ritual performed in secret, away from others...
I spy a person...
Who is quite engrossed and lame...
Oh!, oh!, this feeling of liberation...
It's like bright ring of the bell...
The agony...deeply hidden inside.
Pours out finally!
I think I can sense a certain force from the far east...
So refreshing...
You can truly sense it, sir?
What are you waiting for?
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find.
Knock and the door will be opened to you.
Mother! How nice to see you!
Is... Is anything wrong?
You lounge around all day,
and surround yourself with these bizarre things.
Can't you be more like your cousin Antonio, he made a fortune trading bloody peppers...
So he can help me get more Oriental Chinawares.
Ouch.. It hurts!
By the way,
Your so called friend is here. Japanese sailor...
Yan !
Yan, I finally figured out what this thing is for.
This china ware is a spiritual energy, right?
All these are from Nagasaki.
Soon a sea route will link Japan and the Netherlands.
The ceramic road
like an aquatic silk road.
Bringing the Eastern Arts to Europe.
The era of the sea, my friend, has arrived.
Ah, there must be great treasures out there, just waiting to be discovered.
Near Chosun Jeju 1640 ( Injo year 18)
Drink some water.
Oi, give it to me.
It looks like a nobleman doesn't get seasick.
You know they say noblemen do not beg for food even after starving for three days.
Could we get some water, please?! Please!!
Jeju Island (Jeju-do)
Hey, Jang Beo Jin. What the heck are you doing now?
Put your head back into the water!
Did you come to dive or wash your face?
Let's go for it!!
Wooooooh ~
As you may know already,
the one used for ancestral rites are traditionally the live abalone dedicated by a low-ranking diver.
A low-ranking diver who catches a good live abalone
will be awarded with a good grade in the advancement test.
Keep that in mind.
Low-ranking divers!
Look at these..
Since Keut Boon got the biggest abalone today,
everybody, give her a big hand.
It's not even that great quality today.
That's my daughter.
Is this all you got?
What is this?
Is this an abalone or just a small clam?
I can't tell at all whether it's an abalone or just a small clam.
Whose daughter is she?
Am I catching an octopus now?
Why are you guys clinging to her?!
I told you to try your best since we need a live abalone for the ancestral rites.
What is this?
We got the live abalone Kuet Boon caught. What's there to worry?
Yeah. Correct!
Deliver this to put on the ancestral rites table and don't forget to bring back the JinSangPae (tax reduction medallion).
Ask someone else to go.
Quick and hurry up!
Let's hurry up and go to the garlic fields.
What are you staring at so intently?
You will see it so often that you will get sick of it.
You'd better disembark now.
Bring me some water here.
I told you to bring me some water.
What is this guy saying?
You are being disrespectful.
That's fine.. As an exiled noble, causing troubles is not a virtue of a nobleman.
Where do I go?
Guide me to the destination now.
Mrs. Gang Jin
You need to prepare plenty of food for everybody.
Yes, I understand, Elder Sir.
Ahjumma ~
Yes, it's here, it's here.
Really, what took you so long?
You couldn't come earlier? Why're you so late?.
Ahhh! The pleasant nutty smell of oil.
Here, take this.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
This medallion is worth many abalones.
What is that over there?
Ah ~ I think the fishing boat is departing today.
It looks like the rite is almost over.
Then, we should go over there and freeload.
-Let's go! -Shall we go?
Even if we arrive a little late, who would blame us?
You are not committing yourself to your duty.
Go ahead! Eat up!
I'm sorry.
Aigoo...What do we do?
I heard she knocked over the ancestral rites table.
What? Who?
Who else could it be?
Choi Jam Neo's wicked daughter.
It's Beo Jin?
What's the use in talking? It'll only hurt my mouth.
Mother! I didn't do it on purpose!
I didn't!
If you have the strength to knock over the rites table, try being a good diver!
Then you'll catch something!
Jang Beo Jin!
Please, help me!
There is a way out.
All my mates were scalped.
But, I survived!
These are my beautiful daughters.
Sacrificing your body is the only way to stay alive.
See that Island over there?
That's Eight Island.
I barely survived that place with my own skin.
That must have been 28 years ago.
Let's drink up! We're almost to Nagasaki!
But I can find him in no time.
Here's the third of the money
And where is the contract?
You'll have the rest when you bring William back safely before the wedding
Can you see anything in the dark?
Have you ever heard of Eight islands? Isn't it scary?
You're not far from Nagasaki now.
You don't want to stay there too long. You know, I cannot guarantee your safety.
(Dutch) What nonsense! At least I want to see something before we go back.
When did you learn to speak Dutch so well?
(Japanese) How many days has it been since I've been on this boat? That's nothing.
As I thought, you are amazing...
I miss you so much!
My treasure...
If I go back home, my mom is going to kill me...
What should I do?
What can I do to stop living like this?
A person in this island who will save me...
I'd be happy if even one person like that shows up...
Hurry up and move!...
You're here, Beo Jin?
Jang dol oppa!
Did you see my medallion while cleaning up after the rites yesterday?
In addition to knocking over the rites table, you also lost the medallion?
Have you seen it or not?
I didn't see it either. Someone must have taken it already.
Do you remember yesterday?
It was the guy I met for the first time.
With slanted eyes, tall, and
he looks sleek like a slimy cutlass fish...
Ah~, that exile?
Excuse me,
A new exile came in here yesterday, right?
Do you remember me?
Yesterday, at the rites,
you dropped your bag, and I was picking it up for you and I lost my medallion.
O...Give me my medallion anyway.
What are you talking about?
Ah...it's in your bag.
It looks like you are of a low class,
how dare you talk to me like that!
Even if you're not educated,
there's a difference in class, and between men and women.
I don't know about things like that.
So, give me the medallion.
What are you doing?!
I'm just checking.
What's all this noise about?!
How can you make so much commotion as soon as you arrive,
You still haven't learned your lesson.
You've disgraced your noble family when you sexually harassed women.
Then you should be showing remorse.
Just drop it to see what happens...
Then, you are not getting anything for dinner.
It's not my fault.
It's that exile's fault.
Losing the medallion, and knocking over the rites table,
they are all his fault?
He's at the government office, go ask him.
In addition to knocking over the rites table,
you slept over at another person's house without permission,
idled around all day, came home when the sun went down.
And what?
Are you yelling because you didn't know that 5 medallions are worth
a deduction of 100 abalones?
How did you lose that?
Consider you had your last meal of your life today.
Beo Jin's mom.
That's enough.
Beo Jin would know what she did wrong by now.
Please stop.
They say that even a mouse, when punished that much,
realizes its wrong doing.
Look. Beo Seol thinks so, too.
Jang Beo Jin!
Who told you you could stand up?
That's enough. Come on out.
Send him to Jang's home in San Bang town.
So he would learn a lesson!
Han Yang (Seoul) has lost public morals since I left there.
From today you will be living at a private house.
I don't want to be a burden on a commoner's family.
Send me somewhere I can live on my own.
A son of a decent family in Han Yang (Seoul)
wants to live alone feeding himself?
Even if I am in exile,
I'm still a nobleman in name.
How can I live among the common folk?
What nonsense!
If you forget that you are exiled, and if there is another incident like yesterday's
you will be confined in a house.
Remember that.
Send him to the Jang's residence in San Bang Town.
Jeju San Bang Village.
Is there something going on at Beo Jin's house?
Policemen are there.
An exile dressed up formally...
How amusing!
You think you're on some vacation?
Do I have to take in another wretch like this?
How disrespectful!
How dare you call me a wretch!
Should a rotten persimmon that fell off a branch be served on a silver tray?
Any exile who enters my house has to listen to what I say!
How dare you act so high and mighty?
The official personally ordered that he stay with you,
Whether you feed him or starve him,
that'll be this exiled guy's fate.
So, do as you wish.
Exiled guy?
You can't do this to us.
Working hard as divers every day with not even a day to dry our bodies.
It's difficult enough collecting the minimum quantity to present the king.
Instead of government helping us,
they're going to dump a glutton here?
A glu...A glutton?
Go to the official and
just deliver this message.
"I can't take him for free.
In return,
reduce our San Bang Town's taxes.
Reduce it by 3 boxes (300 abalones),
then I'll take this banished man."
How about a deduction of 1 box (100 abalones)?
2 boxes (200 abalones).
Don't be so rigid.
Ah! Then,
take him back with you!
Ok. I'll certainly deliver the message.
Let's go.
This is not a place for a person to live.
Where is the guest room?
I've had a long, tiring journey, so I'm going to...
What a scrawny-looking face...
It doesn't look like you'll eat a lot.
Noblemen in Han Yang...
Han Yang?
This is Tamna Island.
Forget about Han Yang!
If you want to eat, you have to work!
What meaning does nobility have here?
Forget all of that here!!
What are you all looking at?
Before it's too late, divers should get going.
What was this room used for?
Did a person really live in this room?
Should an exiled scholar expect silk bedding?
I don't have to dive today.
I was on my way to the shore..
What are you doing here?!
Why are you here? You...
I thought this household was something else from the beginning.
It's not surprising you're a daughter of this household.
So you came to our house?
Ah, that's right.
My medallion, hurry up and take it out.
I told you already that I don't know anything about that.
Why do you keep asking the same thing like a goldfish?
What are you going to do if it is here?
That's enough.
Is anyone there?
Take this trash away quickly.
How disrespectful!
Someone of low class such as you should not touch this body.
Of course.
Only noble ladies in Han Yang are permitted to touch that body.
How ill-mannered!
Stop it!
That's him, the one who took our medallion.
This Scholar Sir?
That's enough.
Where is the bedding?
What do you think this is?
Scholar Sir.
Why did you throw your bedding out here so that it would get all dirty
Even though it's warm here,
when you sleep on the cold floor, your mouth will be twisted like this.
Beo Jin, your abalone container is empty.
That is so, at least I was going to go and collect seaweed.
Your mom thinks you're still diving right now,
If she finds out you are just hanging around here...
Dad! I'm going to the shore.
Make sure you get the medallion from that exile.
Do you have anything to ask me?
Hey, come over here. Come over here.
to the pig pen.
Ah-cha, Han Yang (Seoul) noblemen can't go all at once.
When the divers aren't here,
you can look at this great scenery,
Hold on to this paddle lightly,
use the strength in your wrist.
What's this?
Seaweed made of gold?
My 8th year as a diver...
I finally made it!
How could I have discovered such precious seaweed?
What is that?!
This is so amazing.
You, your hair...
is gold!!
Are you okay?
Please! Please!
Sacrificing your body is the only way to stay alive...
Please.. Please don't kill me.
Oh My God!
This must be the Eight Island.
What are you saying?
Is this Eight Island?
Is this Japan?
Yes, Japan.
Hey! Are you trying to say you're hungry?
Wait here.
Golden Hair, were you very hungry?
How could you look like this?
What are you doing?
Grandpa, you came because you smelled the food, right?
You have a nose like a dog's... Dog's nose!
Eat little...He's very hungry.
Blue-eyed boy...
Blue-eyed boy!
Grandpa, grandpa, have you seen someone like him before?
Look at the hair. It's made of gold. Gold!
How can gold be produced out of a boy's head?
It's unbelievable.
Golden Hair..
If he gets caught, he is dead.
Oh.. Grandpa, are you lying again?
If people discover him, they will take him to Han Yang.
Then he will die.
Blue-eyed boy! Get up!
We have to go somewhere.
This is my secret place.
From now on, you stay here.
You can sleep here,
Oh right! I'm Beo Jin, Beo Jin.
Repeat after me, Beo Jin.
Are you telling me you're a virgin?
What is your name?
Your name.
Yeah... Me too...
Me Too?
Your name is "Me Too"?
Your name is "Me Too"?
If someone comes to take you, use this to cut their throats.
But, you shouldn't cut their throats for real.
Then, use this to stab them first, and then,
run far away. Over there, toward that mountain.
Got it?
And this...
This is the most precious thing I have...
Don't ever lose it.
Now then. I'll bring you something to eat tomorrow.
Remember what I said.
Make sure to hide yourself. Got it, "Me Too?
You really should not go out...
Exiled nobleman?
Did you see it?
He's fallen for me and was staring at me just now.
Of course, even a banished nobleman has eyes,
How could he not recognize me?
He was exiled because he was flirting with women...
He must really like women...
In Han Yang, there are many noble widows who just gave up their virtue because of him ...
Whether a man is of common folk or nobility, what matters is his handsomeness.
That's true. That's true.
Let's go.
No one is home.
What a ridiculous guy..
There are only books in here.
What are you doing right now?!
I was looking for my medallion. Why?
How could a lowly common girl enter a nobleman's room
and touch his things?
Huh..a nobleman's room?
Which room?
This room?
For a guy living in our storage room for free..
Ok...that's enough, hurry up and take out my medallion.
Medallion... Medallion...
You really are causing trouble.
Stop. Enough already,
Hand over my book.
Take out my medallion.
If you don't, I'm going to burn this book.
Oh my....How disrespectful! A commoner threatening a nobleman?
What are you doing? Hurry, put it out!
Here, here, here!
My book! Oh no!
Oh no!
It took me a whole season to knit this fishing net...
It became like this..
I'm sorry
If it wasn't for that exile, none of this would have happened.
How...How impudent!
You ruined my precious book.
Jang Beo Jin
Starting today, that exile is your responsibility.
From now on, whether that exile does well or not,
it's all your responsibility.
Remember that.
Ah... Mom...
That doesn't make sense.
That's not fair.
Even anchovies have faces, baby octopuses have eyes.
As an exile, you shouldn't be a nuisance.
That's too disrespectful.
How dare you look down on me, Park Gyu?
Whatever, give me back my medallion.
Hurry up and give me my medallion.
These are Japanese footwear called Geta.
I hated seeing your dress getting all wet on rainy days.
Keep yourself dry with these.
I'll miss you dearly.
I promise I won't be long.
Where the heck am I?
What a laxity of discipline!
Come out right now!
I'm up, I'm up...
I'm up.
Go to the orange orchard and fertilize all the trees.
We're going to present them to the king as our tax, so fertilize evenly and carefully.
If you don't go,
You know what will happen, ok?
You take this now!
How disrespectful.
How can a troublemaker tell me to do this and that?
If you don't listen,
I'm going to tell my mom.
That's enough.
I don't remember hearing anything like that.
I only heard- go to the orchard.
Then, you have to help with the fertilizing.
It's your turn now.
What is this anyway?
Crap. You don't know it?
You have to fertilize with this,
so that the trees can grow.
How disrespectful!
Where are you going?
You going to seduce girls again?
I was wondering why you followed me here.
You're the one who's being even more disrespectful!
Eat it quickly.
A person lives on food for strength.
Me Too, I'm okay.
I already ate some.
Eat some.
It's alright. Ok.
I'm telling you it's alright.
That's right.
I can do this, too.
What the primitive people here can do...
There is no reason why I can't do it, right?
My treasure!
You take this.
Is there someone in this village who has to hide behind a mask?
I really want to leave here.
You have to take me with you.
It's mine!
It looks like a foreigner's hair.
You're in trouble. They are coming to get you.
Who are you?