Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

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Episode 2
Oh my treasure!
That's right, that's right.
How does it taste?
It's an aristocrat's.
Until now,
no foreigner has left Chosun alive.
Oh! What is this for?!
Take this.
I'll have this.
It's a fair trade.
It's a mask of a king.
Everyone wants to be a king.
Even if it takes killing his own father
and siblings.
Barn in Sanbang village to keep tribute for the Palace
Is that really food for a human being?
How does it differ from fodder for pigs!
Wanna eat some?
If you wanna eat, work.
Here, if your hands idle, your mouth will be idle, too.
How rude to tell me to work!
I wouldn't eat such fodder for pigs even if you beg me to eat.
He's not hungry enough yet.
Somewhat poor . . .
It seems that since he came here, he hasn't eaten anything yet.
Poor? Yeah, right!
Hey! Is it our first time to deal with an exiled nobleman?
Those men whose necks are stiff like that
become pliable like flesh of a sea urchin only if we starve them at first.
I'll leave you alone.
So you can continue what you're doing.
Come on, take some.
Just eat by yourself.
Just a minute, mister.
Give us one more day.
We'll find the horses, no matter what.
We can't do anything about it.
The official commanded us to bring him in immediately...
He didn't even sleep to protect the horses for tribute!
And now he has to be arrested for punishment?
Ah! Didn't you know how big of a crime it is to have tributes stolen?
Just give us one more day! One more day!
Mister, please! Mister!
Punish the guilty for his crime!
What are you doing?
Yang Soon's dad is going to die!
Aigoo, this is so unfair!
Barn for tribute in Daejung Hyun
Who are you?
I'm an exiled scholar living in Sanbang village.
I just came to watch the horses.
An exile's life is so relaxing.
I heard this place...
holds the horses to be tributed to the king...
But, the horses here are somewhat...
That's what I'm saying. Only the good horses are gone.
Are you saying they were stolen?
Only the healthy and strong ones reserved for the king,
are taken without a trace.
Ranchers from here and there were taken by the police...
I can't go to sleep tonight, I must keep watching them.
In our house,
all the rice cakes in the pot completely disappeared yesterday.
Missing rice cakes is not a problem. You know that the horses for the King are gone...
But, what really is going on?
We have a reputation of not having any thieves in our island....
Aigoo, it tastes really fresh!
Fish taste best when you eat it just after you catch it.
I think I heard something...
I heard it, too.
Maybe there are wild pigs?
We have to save our energy for the deep ocean diving.
If you feel cold at night, cover yourself with this.
Being lonely in a foreign place might make you feel colder.
Me Too, where are you from?
From how far away did you come?
Me too?
Me Too, you, where did you come from?
No, no. I'm William, William J. Spencer.
Where did you come from that you don't know any Korean?
I'm a little curious, but that's alright.
Just trust me. Since we're friends now, Me Too, I will take good care of you.
I came across the ocean from England.
To get away from my continuously disapproving and scary mother and
from the fiancee that I dreaded to be with.
With my best friend, Yan, I left for Nagasaki on my search for beautiful ceramics.
After a long journey, we came close to Nagasaki,
but because of a sudden storm, I fell into the water.
I thought I was going to die... Fortunately, I, William, am a lucky boy!
Now I'm still alive, and fell on to this beautiful East Asian land. I even met a nice mermaid.
And that is...
Is that me?
My name is Beo Jin.
Wait, is this right?
Is it this one?
Anyway... My name is Beo Jin. Beo, Jin.
Beo Jin?
Th.. That's your name?
Ah I... William.
William. Wil-li-am.
Wil... li... am.
Your name is William?
I thought your name was "Me Too".
That's really a strange name.
William. William. William.
Hey everybody-
What are you guys talking about?
Someone is lucky that she is somebody's daughter.
I heard you're going on the deep diving trip?
Why me?
Says who?
Your mom.
You're not even a skilled diver, but you get to go anyway...You're lucky...
That doesn't make sense.
Instead of Keut Boon who is a good diver,
Beo jin is probably going to get promoted first in our group.
Mom, am I really going on the deep ocean diving trip?
Why am I going there?
Mom, you know my diving skill already?
Even high-ranking divers have a hard time on this trip, how can I handle it?
Do you think she doesn't know that already?...That's not why you're going.
She wants you to go to get some sense into you.
We'll see tomorrow. We might even have to catch a dead one in the sea.
That's just senseless talk.. Go and get ready for tomorrow.
I...I'm going on the deep ocean diving trip tomorrow.
Have a good trip.
After all, you're the only one who worries for me.
Aren't you leaving?
That, that girl....that...that...
Beo Jin is lucky!
Do you know what this water is?
Is it filthy water?
It's freshly drawn water for Sulmoondae Granny to whom we pray for the well being of our divers.
Then, it must be clean.
Is that all you can think about?
What do you mean by that?
If the Sulmoondae Granny gets angry...
All right, I'll go fetch some water.
Dad, I'll do it.
That's all right.
I'll go and bring water.
They believe in superstitions. Commoners as expected are...
Scholar Sir.
As expected, a nobleman is different.
Scholar Sir! Since you're going anyway, bring enough water for drinking and cooking
so that you don't have to make two round trips.
Give it here.
"Give it here"..."Give it here"...
On the right side.
Three times.
It's hard, isn't it?
Should we go somewhere quiet
and have some citrus tea?
Ah, you don't have to be shy.
Everyone is like that in the beginning.
Hey, you!
I already told you to show some self-restraint.
And you still haven't come to your senses?
How could you
walk around where there are many women
without being properly dressed as an aristocrat?
Be careful of what you say.
Then, is it a virtue of a nobleman to harass women?
You should concern yourself with village matters.
Even though the villagers are working tirelessly,
their lives are pitiful!
Isn't this the fault of those who are in charge of governing the village?
How rude you are!
How can an exile wag his tongue like that?
I was in the middle of doing some work, so...
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Two, two, three, four.
William must be hungry.
It's a giant clam! Giant clam!
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
Do you know it by now?
You're only good for diving in shallow water to collect seaweed.
You shouldn't have come with us.
How could you follow us on a deep diving trip?
Listening to all this talk, I think you still have some energy left.
I want to dive again tomorrow for another giant clam.
What do you think?
Oh gee!
Leaving the worst diver, someone's daughter, alone and picking on the rest of us.
What....Look at you!
You are bad at diving as well.
When we get home tomorrow you should dive in the shallows to at least and make up for this.
Mom, can't you even see how hard this is for me?
If you needed a child to boss around like that,
you should have given birth to a cow instead!
What was that?
Oh my, my. This mouth of yours!
Since you're the first one among the low-ranking divers to join a deep diving trip,
with a proud heart
you should work the hardest!
I don't like any bit of it.
Who said I wanted to be a diver?
If you're born in Tamna (Jeju),
you're destined to be a diver, so, why are you crying?
So, why did you give birth to me?!
Oh, my, my.
Catch the thief!
Everyone come out!!
What is going on?
Calm down.
What is it?
I was sleeping, then I heard something.
I slowly went out,
a dark shadow came into the kitchen and took something with it.
Could it be a boar? Maybe?
I looked carefully, it's a human being!
It's late at night!
What is all this noise about?
Aren't you the secretary?
What brings you here this late at night?
I asked what's all this noise about!
A thief came into my home.
Did you say a thief?
Did someone steal the tributes to the king again?
No, that's not it.
Just some dried abalones,
but not the tributes to the king.
A kitchen knife and
even the boiled eggs I was going to eat are all gone.
Also in my house, the rice I had prepared for a ritual service is missing.
How stupid!
That kind of petty theft should be reported to the police quietly.
Perturbing the people, what's all this fuss about?
Return home, everyone.
Hurry up!
Keut Boon's mom, I'm here!
That... That girl.
What have you done so well?
Beo Jin.
Beo Jin, are you okay?
William, you're going to leave here, right?
You have to take me with you.
Don't forget about it when the time comes. You must take me with you, okay?
That you won't leave me alone, that you'll definitely take me with you.
Now, William can't go alone.
If you break a promise made with our fingers like this, you'll be dragged into waves by the Youngdeung Granny.
All right?
I truly...want to leave this place.
Since there is even a person like you, and the world must be unbelievably big and different.
But, why do I have to be stuck
in Tamna for the rest of my life?
Even though you don't understand anything,
after saying things to you like this, my heart feels better.
Thank you, William.
But, why is this here?
Do you like it? Look.
You're a girl as small as a colt. You shouldn't lurk around in the dark.
Then, you, an exile who knows the danger of darkness, where have you been until now?!
What are you hiding there?
It's none of your business.
Then, is that by chance...
the medallion?
Give it here!
Uh huh! Let go of me!
It's beautiful.
Don't blame me too much.
I drank a lot...
These two are what I made.
What is this one?
It's a goblin!
White porcelain!
Who are you?
I asked who you are.
Take off that strange mask.
This is cooked well.
What do you have there?
Mom! Eat this!
Oh my sweet daughter!
Give me some, too.
Soup taste the best when you eat it at the seashore.
Over there...Isn't that Beo Jin's father?
Oh my!
Our lot in life is hard.
What in the world...What is this?
Beo Jin's mom...
I saw it !!!
I saw him.
I saw him.
What's happened?
That wretch took it all.
He must have taken all the tribute.
What? He took it all?
Who is it? We must catch him now!
I definitely saw him. He just popped up in the middle of the woods.
His eyes were blue. His height is 3 meters tall. His hair is waving around everywhere like seaweeds. He must be!
..a goblin.
Who the heck do you think you're joking with?
Let's go. Let's go.
And the nose...
Go away.
Throw him out to the water.
Beo Jin!
Are you okay?
This is bad! They are coming to get you!
William, it's dangerous.
It's dangerous.
You know I can't believe you're standing here with me.
And I thought I'm the only one who fell of the boat.
Who is that girl?
Well... Where should I start?
She has saved me, and sheltered me, and fed me.
Yan, I assure you she can be trusted.
I mean, I would've been compeletely lost and clueless here without her.
Rather be lost and clueless. It could be quite dangerous.
How did he run away on this rugged road that easily...
It cannot be his first time using this route.
How can a foreigner...?
It's extraordinary.
Although San Bang village's beach is a scenic masterpiece,
for a young scholar to spend his whole life,
isn't it too early?
From the accent, I guess you aren't from here.
What's your name?
My name is Park Gyu.
How did you manage to get all of these out of the water?
Oh that's just amazing!
Well, look. North star is over there.
Latitude...33 degrees north.
It's too far south to be Chosun.
So.. Where are we now?
Tamra Island! Of course!
Tamra Island. In Europe, they call it Quelpart.
It's an island in the southern end of Chosun.
Tamra.. Chosun..
Fantastic! The ocean is filled with exotic lslands.
We'd better leave soon. This country's much more clammed up than Japan.
You'll never know what to expect if the local people find us.
No, I can't just leave now. Not like this!!
I mean...
Not until I find my precious treasure back.
There is nothing more important than getting out of here in one piece.
We have to go to Nagasaki before Holandia Two leaves.
You scared me!
You should signal your arrival.
Look at her foul tongue and indiscreet behavior .
I see from the way you were surprised, you must have committed a sin in the meantime.
What sin?
Forget about it. Bring me some water.
Oh, of course, I should bring you some water.
But, later.
Dear, dear.
Excuse me, Daesanggoon (the leader of divers).
Have you ever seen a stranger at the seashore?
For example, someone with a nose that points toward the sky
with a pale complexion on face...
How pathetic!
If you're that bored, give us a hand in making the net. A market day is coming soon.
You're being rude.
Ugh, ugh, ugh...
How much rice did you shovel in that mouth of yours that our pot is empty?
'Rice? What the...!'
William, wake up already.
I'm here.
Beo Jin?
Hurry, get up.
You have to eat breakfast.
You're "Japang (hungry)", right?
Eat this.
He's blessed with good timing when it comes to food.
Yan, come here.
I have to go now.
I came early in case you were japang.
Next time I'll bring a lot.
I'm leaving.
Wait...Wait a minute.
What did you say?
Isn't this your golden hair?
It's quite long.
Is this, for me...to keep?
I'm okay.
You learned from everything I've been saying?
That's right,
Ok, I should teach a little before I leave.
First, morning greetings.
"Babmugutsuka (Did you eat your meal)"?
"Babmugutsuka (Did you eat your meal)"?
Say it with me.
You're doing well, William.
"Babmugutsuka", William?
"Bab..mugutsuka", Beo Jin?
I did have breakfast.
Yan, "Babmugutsuka"?
Hey! Hey you guys!
Look at this abalone!
I caught it.
Isn't it really big?
What is this?
Is this gold?
Hey, give it to me!
It's mine.
Gold color looks good.
Where did you find something like that on this island?
That thing, that exile must have given it to you, right?
I'm right, aren't I?
That kind of thing is only from Hanyang.
Beo Jin.
Is that true?
Really? Did that exile give it to you?
The exile...
What does she see in that exile?
Why do you keep following me around?
I heard you gave a golden string to Beo Jin, is that right?
Why did you give it to her?
The thing tied to the abalone knife.
Are you really trying to get Beo Jin's attention?
Do you have any for me?
You couldn't have just brought one from Hanyang.
Government office in Jeju Daejung Hyun
Where did you find this?
On a forest path toward Sami village.
Did you look for other things?
We looked everywhere, but nothing else...
Sami village...
For now, I took care of the things that can be evidence.
you need to fulfill the amounts for the tribute.
No matter how difficult it is, if you squeeze hard, they'll come out.
Yes, I will.
This is a letter from Hanyang.
An investigator is coming, and we're ordered to cooperate with him.
From now on, we need to be more careful.
I wanted to settle the matter secretly . . .
It's going to be difficult.
Why is this here?
It's an interesting looking mask.
A mask is for someone who needs to hide his face.
Is there someone in this village who needs to live hiding his face behind a mask?
I.. I don't know!
Give it to me!
It's mine!
Is this what you've been telling others that I gave to you?
You seem to carry many interesting things with you.
Where did you get this?
You worthless exile, now you're even stealing things?
I didn't even give this to you,
but you say you got this from me.
That's very strange.
What is this tied to the knife?
By any chance, is it human hair?
Just like...
Hair of a foreigner...
A foreigner?
What... is that?
Ah, that's right.
I have to go to the orchard to work.
Exile, I'll be leaving first.
If I get caught by my mom, I'll get in trouble for not working.
Did someone set up a trap
to catch a hog?
Beo Jin.
Are you okay?
Did you come down to the village?
William, you can't come down to my village.
You'll be in big trouble if you get caught.
I have to do something.
What if things get more dangerous?
Look at me carefully.
"Ahndoi (No)".
"Uihumhae (Dangerous)"!
"Maeul (Village), "Maeul (Village)".
"Sanbanggol (San Bang village)".
"Sanbanggol (San Bang village)".
"Ahndoi (No), Uihumhae (Dangerous)".
"Ahndoi (No), Uihumhae (Dangerous)".
That's good, William.
William, run!
What are you saying? Reporting to the government office? No!
What? You didn't take the medallion?!
You really have a brain of a goldfish.
When I'm with you, I feel like I'm in a totally different world.
There's somewhere you need to go with me.
Don't go.
Water! You need to be careful.
Beo Jin's father is being taken away!