Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 52 - Lucky Stars - full transcript

Raven explains astrology to the other four Titans and tells their horoscopes, but Cyborg does not believe her.

[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]

♪ Go!

Opening theme playing...

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go!

Season 06 Episode 51 IMDB
TV release: S06E39

Episode Title:
"Lucky Stars"

[alarm ringing]

- Ah! Another beaut...
- [metal clanks]


♪ I took you home

♪ In the driving rain
Ray-Ray ♪

♪ Oh, yeah


Version 6.5, here I come!

- [button beeps]
- [grunting]

Have the most wonderful
of days, Miss Wonder Woman.

And you too, Mr. Green
Lantern. [giggles]

[groans] Ow!


[all talking indistinctly]

What gives? Ain't nothing
beens going right all morning.

It's because Mars
is in retrograde.

Mars is in the what, now?

So it is the Martians who are
the ones to blame for the bad luck!

Them fools be giving
little green mens a bad name!

Ugh, not Martians. Mars.

During retrograde,
the planet Mars reverses

its normal course
and causes bad luck.

- [scoffs] That's some baloney.
- [baloney thuds]


That's astrology!

Please, what is this astrology?

It's an ancient science
that explains how the planets

and stars affect our horoscope.

[gasps] The horrorscope!

That sounds the horrible!

No, Star, a horoscope is
just a forecast of the future.

But terrible things could happen
if you choose not to believe in it.

Man, that's a grip of baloney
right there.

You don't believe that there
are cosmic forces controlling us?

I said it's bal-la-la-

It is not baloney!

I'll prove it by giving
you all a quick reading.

[Raven] When you were born,
each of you were assigned

into one of
the 12 constellations,

collectively known
as the zodiac,

which controls your destiny.

Beast Boy, your sign
is the Taurus.

- [Beast Boy sighs] - Which
means, you're loveable and charming.

Oh, yeah, that's right, mama!

I'm so loveable. Look at
this loveable, little face.

Just look at it! Don't you want
to kiss it. Come on, come on.

- [Beast Boy] Ow!
- Starfire.

Your sign is the Pisces,

which means, you're
compassionate and understanding.

Whoo! And I
the understand that.

The very well.

Perhaps, there is something
to this astrology after all.

No, there isn't. Those claims
are broad and ambiguous enough,

that they can be applied
to anybody.

[Raven] Spoken like
a true Aries.

Fiery and overconfident.

Ha-ha! That describes my man
Cyborg to a T.

Indeed, he can be quite
the know-it-all.

This astrology nonsense is a
triple stack baloney sandwich.

- [plate breaks] - You'd have to be a
dumb-dumb to believe in this garbage.

[upbeat music playing]

[horn blowing]

Hey, I was watching that!

Sorry, bro, but I gots to keep
my eye on them stocks.

My horoscope says today's
gonna be a good time to invest.

- Tells 'em, mama.
- That's right.

Jupiter is in close
proximity to his sign.

Which means, Beast Boy should
expect big returns from risky ventures.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, boy!

I'm gonna risk my entire
life savings up in them stocks!


Dude, those are IPO stocks

- So's?
- They are super-high risk.

Yeah! But check out
them good returns.

[bell ringing]

Of course, they've got
good returns.

Those crack heads on Wall Street
are just trying to take your money!

Hmm, now that you mention it,

junk bonds gots even
higher risks and returns.

- [keys beeping] - Well, say
"goodbye" to your life savings.


[all] Whoa!

Oh, snap!
Look at this cash flow.

My horoscope made me rich, baby!

I'm rich! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Ha, ha. Mama needs
some new shoes.

Do you still think it's
all "baloney," Cyborg?

It's fried baloney
dipped in baloney sauce.

The only thing it proved is
investing in the stock market

is a huge gamble.

That sometimes pays off.

Ooh, me, next! Me, next!

What does
my horoscope say, Raven?

Well, Neptune is in transition
around your sign today,

which means you should
expect big things.

[sighs] What...

[gasps] What's happening?

Ooh, I can't believe this.

I'm tall!
I'm finally tall!

My horoscope was right!


Total bologna!

Robin's a teenage boy. And teenage
boys have growth spurts all the time.

Friend Raven, can you please
tell me my horoscope?

Venus is crossing paths
with your sign, which means,

you're going to find romance.

Starfire, would you care to
join me for dinner this evening?

- I suppose so.
- Yes!

♪ A gr-ow-ow-ow-th spurt
And a date! ♪

Big things are happening
for sure.

[excitedly] Big, big things!

What is the matter, Robin?

Are you not having
the good time?

[grunts] Did you have
to invite them?

But why would I not
invite our friends?

Because you never know when
something romantic might happen.

These are for you.

[snaps fingers]

Ooh! What do we have
the here?

[dramatic music plays]

[Robin] A plate of Beef
Wellington made just for you.

[gasps] Oh, Robin!

I love it!

Great! Then let's dig in.

[exclaims] No!

At long last, I have found
my romantic soulmate!

[stammers] You can't have
feelings for a ball of meat!

It isn't even alive!

Yes, he the is.

The Mr. Beef Wellington
is the proper gentleman.

[Starfire in British accent] I say, my
dear, you look absolutely breathtaking!

Why, thank you,
the Mr. Beef Wellington.

You are quite
the handsome yourself.

[British accent] Would you care to join me
for an evening jaunt in my motor carriage?

We can nibble on crumpets and
partake in the visual delights of the city.

[laughing in British accent]


Oh, why, yes. I would very much
enjoy the that. [kisses]

- [kisses] - Listen, you
overcooked sack of meat!

This is my date and I'm not
going to sit by and let you ruin it!

[British accent]
Unhand me, you brute!

Or else I shall give you
a swift pummeling.

- [intense music plays]
- I'd like to see you try!


[British accent] I'm sorry, my dear,
but that ruffian had to be taught a lesson.

Now, shall we be off?


Well, Star definitely
found romance.

So, now do you believe
in the power of horoscopes?

Not at all! Starfire has always
fallen in love with inanimate objects.

The girl's crazy.

[voice breaking] I wish I was
an inanimate object.


[tummy rumbling]

Oh, man, I's hungry.

How about pizza?

You know what would
liven that right up?

Some anchovies!


- [grunts]
- Wait a second, Cyborg,

I don't think you should
eat those.

- Why not?
- Because Saturn is in equinox,

which means, you should avoid
sudden changes.

Whatever! Ain't no planet
going to tell me what to eat.




It's just a bunch of...

Baloney... [vomiting]


- [Cyborg] Oh.
- Cyborg, check it out.

Look who's changing
the light bulb all by himself.

And the Mr. Beef Wellington
and I got the engaged.

[Starfire chuckles]

[British accent]
We are the madly in love.

- [chuckles]
- [kisses]

And I's made this suit
out of all my monies.

[upbeat music playing]

So, now's I look
like a million bucks. [grunts]

You hear that, Cyborg? Good things
come when you follow your horoscope.

That's it! This baloney has
gone on long enough.

What are you doing, bro?

Destroying this stupid book,
so I won't have to hear about

this astrology nonsense
ever again.

Stop! The forces of the zodiac
are not to be trifled with.

- [Cyborg] Baloney!
- [crackling]

Ahhh! My legs!

My love!

My money!

Nice going, Cyborg!

You just ruined astrology
for all of us, fool!

No, I didn't. It was never
real to begin with.

- [lightning strikes]
- Whoa! What was that!

- [alarm blaring]
- Titans! To the roof!

- [alarm continues blaring]
- [elevator dings]

[Starfire] Look,
a shooting star!

That's not a star.

It's the Zodiac.


It sure looks angry.

Of course, it's angry.
Cyborg just destroyed its book.

Still think it's...

Definitely not baloney.


[Zodiac yells]

[all scream]

Come on, guys.
Let's take it down.

[shakily] This is your fight.

We will not be the helping.

Well, that Zodiac doesn't have
no beef with us, bro!

[Zodiac yells]


My powers are no match
for this guy.

The planets are the only thing
that can affect the zodiac, Cyborg.

Only true believers can
harness their powers.

I believe! I believe!

I believe!


[upbeat music playing]

Planet power!



[Zodiac grunts]

Venus! Mars!


Neptune, Jupiter!


Mercury! Saturn!





[all cheering]

- I did it, guys.
- I knew you would.

Your horoscope said you would
overcome a great challenge today.

And to watch out
for speeding trains.

- [scoffs] That's baloney.
- [elevator dings]