Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 28 - Booty Eggs - full transcript

Trying to avoid getting creeped out by Easter, the Titans dispatch the Easter Bunny and take matters into their own hands.

[opening theme playing]

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Titans, it's Easter!

And you know
what that means.

Time for the annual Jump City
Easter egg hunt.

-[all cheering]
-[Cyborg] All right! All right!

-That's right.

Today, Jump City
will be littered
with secret eggs

waiting to be discovered.


I's gonna be
sniffing 'em eggs out, boy.


I am going to look
in the potted plants

and the other obvious
hiding places.

I've got eyes everywhere.


No egg is safe from me, baby.

I can see the hairs
on a fly's booty.


Excellent. It appears
our Easter baskets

will be overflowing
with eggs this year.

It's gonna be
the best Easter ever, yo!


[alarm blaring]

Is it the crime alert?


Happy Easter, everyone.

Oh, no!

[all] The Easter Bunny!

♪ Hop, hop, hop
I lay my little eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
And then I hide my eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
Oh, won't you find my eggs? ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp
Yes, eat my little eggs ♪

♪ Yummy-yum, yummy-yum
Yummy-yum, yummy-yum ♪

♪ Ooh, I'd like to watch you
Eat my eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
I lay my little eggs ♪

[grunts] How can
we have forgotten
the most disgusting part

of this beloved holiday?

A creature that grotesque

could only be the result
of dark magic.

Oh, no!
He is heading this way.

[Easter Bunny] Hop, hop, hop.
Hop, hop, hop.
Hop, hop, hop.

That fool's gonna creep us out
with them egg-laying antics.

Hop, hop, hop.
Hop, hop, hop.

I don't wanna be
creeped out on Easter, man.

Hop, hop, hop.
Hop, hop, hop.

The holiday will be the ruined.

Hop, hop, hop.

Wait, look. I think he left.

Oh, Titans.

[all scream]

He's here. He's here.


He's gonna drop them
booty eggs on us!


-Get it together!

This Easter creepiness
has gone far enough.

-[Beast Boy grunts]

I say we kick the Easter Bunny
out of Jump City
once and for all.

Who's with me?

-I'm with ya.
-I'm the with you.

-Let's do it.
-Mmm, I don't know.

We probably shouldn't
mess with the holiday.

It could lead
to some kind of disaster.

I really wants
to get that bunny though.

He makes a great point.

So you're just gonna
ignore my warning?


-I get it.

[Robin reading]


[all] Titan robot, go!



[Starfire] Cease your
encroachment, hare!

Ooh! You're a big boy.

I've got
a special one for you.


[Beast Boy] Stop that!

It be gross, fool.

But I have to lay my eggs
for people to find.

It's Easter after all.

Now, here comes your
big egg, big boy.

-Come on! I can't do it.

-I can't do it no more.
-[all groan in disgust]

Big effort.



[robot gags]

Ugh. That does it.

Left leg, power stomp.


[Easter Bunny giggles]

I'm flying!

Left arm, rocket launch.


[Easter Bunny giggling]

We defeated the Easter Bunny!

[all cheering]

We can finally enjoy
the egg hunt

without the creepy creeps.

Uh, who's gonna hide
them eggs though?

The Easter Bunny of-- Oh...

Told you
this was a bad idea.

We don't have time to reflect
on our reckless actions, Raven!

It's up to us

to make sure Jump City
enjoys an Easter egg hunt.

But how is it possible
to acquire
the multi-colored ovoids?

[rapid beeping]

[bell dings]

We'll make them ourselves.

[all cheering]

-[all exclaiming in disgust]
-[Starfire] Oh.

Okay, Titans,

we're going to need
enough eggs to hide
throughout the city.

Are you ready?

Titans, dye!






[all cheering]

It took us three hours
to decorate five eggs?

[grunts in frustration]
We need to work faster, Titans.

Or everyone will miss out
on the egg hunt.

You ask the impossible!

There are so many
cool colors to pick from.

[groans] You're right.

But [gasps] what if
we mixed all the dyes?

We can mix all the colors
and dye all the eggs
at once.

-I love it!
-[glass shattering]

I don't know. We may be
playing with Easter forces
we don't understand again.

Mixing up all them dyes
sounds like
a lot of fun though.

I couldn't agree more.

So, are you guys just gonna
keep ignoring my warnings?

-[others agreeing]

Titans, mix!


Well, what are we waiting for?

Dump those eggs.


[glass shattering]

Ooh, the glowy.


It's the most beautiful thing
I's ever seen.


I's gonna name this one
Pablo Egglesias.

And ain't's never gonna
let it go.

I love you, Pablo.

[sighs] We did it, Titans.

Now, all that's left to do
is hide them.

[feedback whining]

[Robin clears throat]

[Robin] People of Jump City,

welcome to this year's
egg hunt.

There's lots of eggs to find.

We's hids them real good, yo.

So you best be using
them peepers

and get peeping!

On your marks, get set,


[dog whining]



[indistinct happy chattering]

See, Raven.
Nothing bad happened.

And you were worried
messing with the holiday

would bring
some kind of catastrophe.


[Beast Boy screams]
Guys, guys, guys!

Pablo be cracking, yo.


-[others gasping]

Happy Easter, everyone.

Pablo, you's creepy, bro.

[Cyborg gags]

The babies are supposed
to be the cute.

This baby is not the cute.


Eh. Well, at least now we know
where the Easter Bunny
came from.

Wait. What about
the rest of the eggs?

[eggs cracking]

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

[overlapping voices]
Happy Easter, everyone.

[people screaming]




Happy Easter.

-[tires screeching]
-[sirens wail]

-Happy Easter.
-[woman screaming]

-Happy Easter.

Oh, no. We have unleashed
the Easter creeps.

Cyborg, call it in.

[people clamoring]

One, five, six...
[mumbles] nine, nine.

[Titan robot flying overhead]


[all] Titan robot, go!

-[Cyborg] Left leg,
power stomp.

[baby Easter Bunnies giggling]

-Left arm, rocket launch.
-[baby Easter Bunnies giggling]

Ah! Ugly babies, ugly babies,
ugly babies everywhere!

-Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Ugly baby overload!
Eject, eject!

[Titan robot retches]

Oh, there are too the many.

The city is lost.

-[tires screeching]

[people screaming]

I'm sorry, Raven.

This is all my fault.

I know.

I should've listened to you.

I know!

Aren't you gonna say,
[imitates Raven] "It's cool,"
or something?

Of course not.

I warned you multiple times

to stop messing
with the holiday,
you big dope.

Listen to me next time!

Mmm. I'll consider it.

[Robin groans]

Friends, it appears
this is the end.

We's had a good run.

[Easter Bunny giggling] Mmm!

Is that...


[all] The Easter Bunny!


Looks like you've gotten
yourselves into a pickle, gang.

Mr. Creepy the Bunny, please!

You must help the us.


First, promise me

you'll stop
the holiday shenanigans.

I'm the Easter Bunny.

[creepily] Leave Easter to me.

[all] We promise.


Hear me, children.

It's time to go ho-ho-home!

♪ Hop, hop, hop
I lay my little eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
And then I hide my eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
Oh, won't you find my eggs? ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp
Yes, eat my little eggs ♪

♪ Yummy-yum, yummy-yum
Yummy-yum, yummy-yum ♪

♪ Oh, I'd like to watch you
Eat my eggs ♪

[all] Aw!

Look, they are going the home.

It's so beautiful.

[Easter Bunny giggling]

[sniffles] Goodbyes, Pablo.

I'll always love you.


Happy Easter, everyone.