Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - BBRBDAY - full transcript

The Titans time travel back to the 1980s to determine whether or not it was the best decade ever.


♪ T E E N T I T A N S ♪

♪ Teen Titans let's go ♪


♪ Teen Titans, go! ♪

Yo, yo, yo. Y'all know
what tomorrow is?

It's my birthday!

Whoo! It is the eve
of the BBBDay!

My favorite day of the year!

- Your birthday is always so much fun.
- That's what's up!

And this year, the party's
gonna be exclusive, yo!

Ain't nobody gets in
without an invite.


Here's one for Cyborg,

one for Starfire,
one for Mama Raven,

and... That's everyone.

How can it be everyone
when I am a someone?

- Where's my invitation?
- Hmm, this be a delicate situation.

So, I'mma put it
real gentle for you y'all.

- You ain't invited, fool!
- What? Why not?

Do you not remember
last year?

Party all night.

We're gonna party all night.

What's the emergency?

Yes, I'd like to report
a noise violation.

Party's over!

It's the cops.
Everyone, scatter.

And that's why you ain'ts invited.

My parties is for the
party animals only, fool.

Oh, yeah!

Come on, I'm a party animal.

No, you're not.
You're a party pooper.

Party animals have to poop, too!

You have to invite me, Beast Boy!

- Or what?
- Or, I'll call the cops again!

It ain'ts illegal to keep
poopers out the party, yo.

They'll see. I can be
a party animal, too.

It's my birthday!

Good morning, Titans.

Why's you wearing that pin, fool?

Because today is my birthday.

- No, it's not.
- Shh.

And I, the original party
animal, am having a party.

One for Cyborg, and one for
Starfire, and one for Raven,

and... Nothing for you!

Hey, it's the same time
as Beastie's party.

Oh, my.

That will make it difficult for
you to choose which party to attend.

But choose, you must.

- Beast Boy.
- I choose the Beast Boy.

Wait, wait, wait!
You can't decide until

you hear all of the details
of my birthday bash.

It will be hosted here,
in the spacious living room.

And where's I supposed
to have mine?

The kitchen.

My party will also have not one,
but two birthday cakes.

And if that's not enough,
I've also invited a special guest.

Hey there, gang.

- Bob Uecker!
- Who's Bob Uecker?

"Who's Bob Uecker?"
"Who's Bob Uecker?!"

He's the former professional
baseball player

who played six seasons
in the majors

before going on to have
a successful career

as a sportscaster, and actor,

starring in many iconic film
and TV roles

including Harry Doyle
in Major League

and George Owens
on Mr. Belvedere.

Oh, that Bob Uecker.

I've paid him to be at my
party for several hours.

The contract's for 75 minutes.

Bob, I have a very important
question to ask you

about Mr. Belvedere question.

No, Kevin did not grow up
to be Marilyn Manson.

You're thinking of that nerd
from Wonder Years.

Oh, yeah, uh-huh.
That all sounds real nice.

But at my party,
I's gonna have pony rides!

The best thing ever!

That thing you got
is big as a horse!

- You can'ts ride a Bob Uecker.
- Oh, can't I?

Come on, Mr. Baseball!

Is you gonna
let him do you like that,

- Bob Uecker?
- It's in the contract.

Now, Titans, you must choose
which party you will attend.

Robin's Birthday Bash!

Beast Boy's lame pony party.

I'm real tempted on account
of the Uecker situation,

but Beastie is my best friend.

The promise of the twin cakes
cannot be true.

So, I will join the BB for the BDay.

You know me.
Can't pass up a pony ride.

That's what's up!
Told you you ain't no party animal.

You's just party poop.

Let's do it, yo!

Tough break, buddy.

I'm so tired of people
thinking I'm a stick in the mud.

You know, since it's your birthday,

how about I take you out
for some frozen custard?

It's not really my birthday, Bob.

I'm doing this out of spite.

Oh, snap.
This party is off the tank!

He actually sat on him?

Oh, Bob.

You've got the best stories.

- I didn't say anything.
- Just go along with it.

- Tell me more about Mr. Belvedere.
- Whaaat?

Ah, Bob Uecker's telling
Belvedere stories.

Party! Party! Party!

Cyborg! You decided
you wanted to party

with the true party animal.

No. I'm here for Bob.
Yo, Bob.

You remember that time Wesley
wouldn't eat his Brussels sprouts,

so Mr. Belvedere tried
to teach him a lesson

by serving him nothing but
Brussels sprouts every meal,

and then he got all sick
because he didn't eat anything?

Mr. Belvedere really
had it out for Wesley, huh?

I get it, man.
That kid was the worst.

Can we talk baseball instead?

I bet Wesley ate his greens
after that one.

Nature calls.

Ooh, yeah, sorry.

The bathroom's reserved
for my party guests only.

Ugh, come on!
I really gotta go.

Well, you can either
join my party

and enjoy the luxurious
bathroom amenities,

or you can pee in the kitchen sink.

Ugh, fine.
I'll come to your stupid party.

Just open the door!

Yes! Now, to lure
Starfire over with a scheme

so complex, her mind
won't be able to resist.

I've got two cakes!

Two cakes!

- Two cakes.
- Oh... The truth is before me.

The twin cakes
as were foretold.

- Who wants the first two slices?
- Stop me!

Hey! What's you all
doing up in heres?

- I'm here for Mr. Baseball.
- I wanted the cakes.

- I had to go to the bathroom!
- Well, well, well.

Looks like everyone
came to my party after all.

I guess I'm the real party animal.

Bro, you's just proving you's a pooper

- by pooping on my party.
- Aw.

Mad you weren't fun enough
to get invited to my bash?

Nah, I ain't mad, bruh.

'Cause it's time for the real
party animal to throw down.

That's right!
Pony ride!

Ooh, so majestic.

He's like a horse!
But smaller!

I've gotta get in on that!

- Party, party...
- Wait!

And that is all she rode.
This party is over.

Am I done here?

It's not over, Bob!
Come on!

If a party animal
is what they want,

then that's what they'll get!

Hey, before we do this, know the
frozen custard offer still stands.

Just throw the switch, Bob!

Party! Party!
Party! Party! Party!

Hey, yo, yo, yo.
The party has arrived!

Bob, what happened?

He spliced his DNA
with animal DNA

in an effort to become
the ultimate party animal.

- Now the more he parties...
- You didn't let me finish my question.

What happened to that
kid who played Wesley?

What's he up to nowadays?


I need more party!

Bro, why's you doing this?

More partying!





Party! Party!


If we don't stop him, his hard partying
ways are gonna destroy the city.

Party! Party!

His party powers are the too strong!

- How do we stop him?
- As a true party animal,

I ain'ts never
wanted to do this,

but this is desperate times.

What's the emergency?

- Yo, I gots to report a noise violation.
- A what?

Yo, yo, fireball!
What's your problem, broses?

Party's over.

I'm just trying to have
a good time!


Sorry I ruined your
party again, Beast Boy.

I just really wanted
to prove I could be fun.

It's cool, bruh.

From now on, I'll invite you
to all my parties.

Thanks, Beast Boy.
Hey, what happened to Bob Uecker?

I'm gone!