Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 36 - Episode #4.36 - full transcript

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Hello, the people,

and welcome back to the show.

So, let me get this straight,
you're telling me

if I eat one of these
emotion cookies

I'll feel the same emotion
that's on the cookie?

That is absolutely the correct!

Allow me to demonstrate.

I will take this tears of joy emotion cookie,

eat it, and experience
the tears of joy.

The delicious!

What? That was insane!

- Mind if I try one?
- Be the guest.

Oh, boy, let me see.

- Well, this one looks good.
- Ooh, the super happy!

The good choice.

Mmm, ooh!

How do you feel?

I feel really, really happy!

This is amazing!

Oh, man,
I've got to try another one!

Let's get a good one.
Oh, man.

I can't decide, I'm just
going to eat them all!

- Wait, you are not supposed to mix the cookies...
- Too late!

It's crunch time, baby!

Oh, no.

Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.

I hate you!

I love you.

I'm sorry!

Nice baby music.

Oh, snap,
these fools think we're soft.

Hey, Beat Box,

I think it's time we go hard.

♪ Hard! ♪

♪ Just like an algebra test ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like a silverback's chest ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like a dungeon quest ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like a really wack house guest ♪

Boom! How's that?
Is that hard enough?

Oh, you think we should
go harder, huh?

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like a whole face tattoo ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like a master of jiu-jitsu ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- ♪ Just like catching the stomach flu ♪

- ♪ Hard ♪
- I'm hard.

♪ Yes, we're harder than you ♪

Man, that was redonculously hard.

♪ We ain't got to keep this on the low ♪

♪ Don't do it fast we can take it slow ♪

♪ Show you things that you ain't seen before ♪

♪ Before you go you ought to know ♪

♪ I won't be catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, she got me catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ I can't be catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, she got me catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ Pull up, pull up, pull up ♪

♪ Now we cruisin' in the ranch ♪

♪ She just couldn't wait to get out ♪

♪ She texting all of her friends ♪

♪ Like look at the whip that we in ♪

♪ We cooling for the weekend ♪

♪ Dropping the top and then we out ♪

♪ We do this every season ♪

♪ Sun shades on a sunny day ♪

♪ Doing 80 and we're switching lanes ♪

♪ Just keep it cool and
chilling with the bae ♪

♪ Don't call my phone not hearing what you say ♪

♪ Oh, what you say ♪

♪ We ain't got to keep this on the low ♪

♪ Don't do it fast we can take it slow ♪

♪ Show you things that
you ain't seen before ♪

♪ Before you go you ought to know ♪

♪ I won't be catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ Well, she got me catching villains ♪

♪ Oh, no, no ♪

♪ Straight bugging I be bugging ♪

♪ I be bugging on the beat ♪

♪ Got a lot of hotter rhymes that
they're loving in the street ♪

♪ I spit fire like I downed 55 habaneros ♪

♪ Skills for days more like months ♪

♪ Making pay or dineros ♪

♪ Getting crazy getting freaky ♪

♪ On the beat you don't believe me ♪

♪ I'm amazing I'm a tiki
torch that's beating ♪

♪ Getting flaming bugging is what I do ♪

♪ When I'm paid in full for entertainment ♪

♪ Ya'll be loving what I do I
act a fool and get my payment ♪

♪ So watch me ride a beat
like I'm at a rodeo ♪

♪ Bucking bronco going gonzo but
he can't throw me, though ♪

♪ I'm nice and sweet like ice cream ♪

♪ I like when people like me ♪

♪ If you spite me you might see
a side that's really feisty ♪

♪ Making stacks and taking racks ♪

♪ I'm racking up the dolo ♪

♪ The Federal Reserve has
to print me even mo' mo' ♪

♪ It ain't about the money
it's just about the funny ♪

♪ I love to bug out on the beat
and get hoss on my honey ♪

♪ Straight buggin' ♪

Robin and Robin is taped
in front of a live studio audience.

All right, one last check.

Come on, handsome,
let's do this thing!

Oh, I can't go out looking like this.

I look like a buffoon!

She's never going to
go out with me now!

It's hopeless.

Or maybe it isn't.

You know I'll always have your back, buddy.

And there's one thing
I can teach you.

Oh, what's that?

Confidence, bro.

"Confidence, bro?"

Confidence, bro!

Look at this suit.
This isn't you.

You want to get to this girl's
heart, you got to be you!

Even with my tuna fish breath?

That's why we're
taking her for sushi!

And even with my
freakish baby hands?

Those hands are non-threatening.

Plus, they're adorable!

Oh, what about the fact

that I have a miniature
version of myself

growing out of my eye socket?

Look, Big R, being true to yourself

is the only way
to live your life.

People call them imperfections,

but the truth is they make us
who we are.


I... I still don't know
if I'm ready.

That's why I'm coming with you.


Go get 'em, tiger!


Okay, next time
go with the tuxedo.


Ugh, the baby rain cloud

is ruining our
cotton candy crops.

If this rain keeps up,

we're going to lose our
entire season's worth.

If only there were somebody
here to help us.


Raven, thank goodness
you're here.

This baby rain cloud

is flooding our
cotton candy field.

Please, you've got to
help make him stop!

I've got this.

Um, excuse me.

Excuse me. Hello?

Hey, big guy, over here.

Oh, pardon me,
I couldn't stop laughing.

Yeah, I can see that.

Well, it's kind of
raining a lot over here.

- So if you could just...
- I'm just a happy little rain cloud.

Yeah, great.

You're making a mess. Stop!

Well, that's not
a very nice thing to say.

And you forgot to say "please".

Look, I think we got off
on the wrong foot here.

Hi, my name is Raven.
What's yours?

Christopher the rain cloud.

Cool. Now, could you please

stop raining over
our cotton candy field?

But I'm a rain cloud
and this is what I do.

What's the matter?

You don't like the rain?

No, look!

The rain is making
the crops soggy.

Oh, jeepers, I can fix that.

Let me just get some of this
out of my belly.

Here, try it.

Hmm. This is the best
cotton candy I've ever had!

It's delicious!

Oh, so glad!
Now let me go fix the rest.


- Yay!
- Yes!