Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 49 - The Hive Five - full transcript

The HIVE just wants a day off to relax, but the Titans keep ruining their plans.

"The HIVE Five"

I call this H.I.V.E meeting to order.

Now, it's no secret that
we've had a rough time.

The Titans are everywhere we turn,

thwarting our schemes,
ruining our lives.

But not for much longer,
because my latest plan...

One sec. Hello?

Hello, is Fred there?

Sorry, you got the wrong number.

As I was saying, we will no longer
be at the mercy of the Titans.

Thanks to my latest plan...


Hi, I am calling for the Fred.
Is he in?

Wrong number!

The era of the Teen
Titans will come to an end,

thanks to my latest plan...

Who is it?!

Good afternoon, sir.
Can I talk to Fred?

There's no Fred here!

My latest plan...

- What?!
- Yo, yo, yo! This be Fred.

Anyone call for me?

The Titans?

I hate those guys!

So let's hear your
latest plan to crush 'em.

You know what? Forget it.

I can't deal with those jerks today.
I have a new plan.

- Let's take the day off.
- How about instead,

we launch a swarm
of jerk-seeking murder missiles?

- No.
- Could retrain and release

a vicious pack of
jerk-seeking murder dogs?


Spray the city with
jerk-seeking murder fog?

No! What we need is a quiet
day of rest and relaxation.

I get it. Rest, relax,

let the Titans think
we've gone soft and then, boom!

We hit them with the murder missiles!

Yes, sir, jim-dandy!

That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, yeah!

No murder missiles. It's a day off!
No chaos, no crime.

Just enjoy yourselves, and if
you see the Titans do not engage.

- What if they see us?
- Do not engage.

What if we see each
other at the same time?

I said, "Do not engage!"

We can't let them upset us!


Oh, yes, hello. Do you have
any olive oil in the house?

- Olive oil?
- Well, you better let her go

before Popeye gets mad.

Olives are the funny.

Rest! Relax!
Day off!

No Titans!
Meeting adjourned!

Hey, See-More!

I didn't know you were an artiste.

All right! Not bad.

Hmm, you made this weirdo look good.

Now, draw me.

But can you do me a solid
and give me a discount?

Just kidding, dude.

No, but really, I only
have five bucks on me.

What is that? A circle?
That's easy, anyone can draw a circle.

How about like this?

- Ahh!
- So, what you got now? Hmm... Mmm.

Not bad, but how about one
of those funny, tiny bodies?

Ooh. Tinier.

Give me more muscle.

Oh! Make me holding Jinx.

Yeah, yeah, but give me more muscles.


Ah! Make me surfing.

But, like, on a shark.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Make the shark Beastie!

Hair! Give me cool hair!

Give me more muscle.

A shark. Beastie. Jinx.

That doesn't look anything like me!

This guy's a terrible artist.

Move it along.
Don't waste your money.

Curse you, Cyborg!

You and I have a lot in common.

We're sleek, we're cuddly.

And best of all, we're bad luck.

Come on.
Let's have some fun.

Jinx, are you currently engaging
in the criminal misdeeds?

Are you planning the heist?
Are you walking the jay?

- Answer me!
- Do not engage.

Ooh, kitty!


- Hey! That's not your cat!
- Oh, is she the yours?

- She's an alley cat. No one owns her.
- I see. In that case,

we will act in accordance
with the Law of Felines

and let the kitty decide
who she will play with.

Here, kitty!

- Kitty, here. Come here!
- Come to Starfire, kitty.

- Come here!
- Come to Starfire, Kitty.

- Come here!
- Kitty! Joy!

♪ Oh, kitty, kitty, kitty time, time ♪

♪ Oh, the kitty, kitty time
meow, meow, meow ♪

Oh, how I love the kitties!

- Well, I hate you, and I hate the Titans.
- "Meow!"

You call that dancing, bro?
Watch this!

# One, two, three, hit me! #


Beast Boy.

Anyone up for a little game?

Yes, sir. I could play.

Let's pick teams.

Only if I can pick first.
Ooh, this is tough.

- I'll take Billy.
- Yee-haw!

Hey, I was gonna pick Billy.

- I'll take Billy.
- Whoo!

- I'll take Billy.
- I'll take Billy.

- I'll take Billy.
- I'll take Billy.

- I'll take Billy.
- Man, why am I always picked last?

Looks like it's gonna be
a bea-utiful day for a ball game.

Peanuts! Get your peanuts!

Hot dogs! Hot dogs here!

Stee-rike three! You're out!

Out? How was that a stee-rike?
He missed by a mile.

- Are you blind?
- I've had enough.

You are out of here!


Here's the wind up and the pitch.

Back, back, back, back, back.
And it's gone!

Home run!



You have disturbed my afternoon
reading, and now you shall pay!

Man, the Titans ruin everything.

Today, Gizmo, we walk tall.

♪ Let's do it again ♪

Gizmo, I know it's you.

Ah, no, man.
I don't know any Gizmos.

You can't fool me, you little miscreant.

It's not what you think!


It's my day off!

I just wanted to have a good time.

And be tall!

Oh. Very well.


So, is everyone rested and relaxed?

Good, because I have a new plan.

One sec.

Yes, hello. Is Cole there?

Yeah, uh, Cole.
Last name...

Last name, Cuts.

"Cold Cuts!"
Like lunch meat!