Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Body Adventure - full transcript

Cyborg gets sick, so Robin tries to use a shrink ray so he can go inside Cyborg and cure him, but the shrink ray doesn't make him small enough. Robin likes being small so much he decides to stay that way, but with Cyborg getting worse, the Titans modify the shrink ray and shrink themselves down enough to enter Cyborg.

2x21 - "Body Adventure"

Sorry you're feeling sick, bro.

- Hopefully, this soup will help.
- This should keep you nice and warm.

And I have prepared the ceremonial
sword for your end-of-life ritual.

Please extend your neck.

It's just a cold, Star!
I'll be better in a few days.

This is no cold, Cyborg!

I've seen this before. A
virus has invaded your body!

And it's destroying
you from the inside out.

You. Are. Dying!

This is awesome!

- Yeah, why?
- Body Adventure!

That's why.

It's every superhero's dream
to shrink down to the size of

a germ and to explore
the miracle of the body.

That ain't my dream.

- Yeah, gross!
- Think about it.

Surfing on blood cells,
climbing a rib cage,

swimming in the stomach,

I'll take down those
viruses, mano-a-germo!

Hyah! You know...

Body Adventure!

Sorry, you aren't
crawling all up in this.

It's just a cold!

And it's going to kill
you, Cyborg! Maybe!


You can't go inside him, Robin.
It's not like we have a...

"Brand new shrink ray I just bought"?

Uh, dude, are you sure it's new?

Uh. Yeah, they don't sell
junk at the Swap Meet.

Now, stand aside!

Body Adventure! Body Adventure!
Body Adventure!

Robin, are you not
supposed to be much smaller?

I think that's as far as it goes.

Huh, no problem.
This can still work.

Cyborg, open wide!

Body Adventure!

Do not worry, Cyborg,
I shall maneuver your Heimlich.

Oh, no,
is the ray of shrinking broken?

- Looks like it.
- Then Robin's stuck as a baby?

Oh, it's okay, my baby-waby.

Our li'l coco-moco-chucka...

Bad baby! Bad!

Okay, Titans, change of plans!

Body Adventure is canceled,

but Operation Big World is a go!

Everything's huge!

This is awesome!

I am so hungry, one
pizza won't be enough!

And while you starve, I'll live for
an entire week on this single topping.

How am I going to finish this all?

The food just keeps coming.

Ugh. I am stuffed.

Whoo-hoo! Silky Horse!

Oh, I did not see you enter.


Being tiny really increases
my ninja stealth skills.

What's that behind your ear?

It's me!

I can be anywhere at any
time and you would never know.

Anyway, just pretend I'm not here.

Can't seem to shake this cold.

I stepped on tiny Robin!

No, you stepped on my cherry tomato!

Now what am I going to
use as a bowling ball?

Dude, we need to talk!

Sounds like your cold is getting worse.

Just say the word and I'll
write you a prescription for a...

Body Adventure.

Stop with the Body Adventure!

My body is not an adventure to be had!

We think you should
unshrink yourself, Robin.

Indeed, I feel like I am being
watched wherever I go.

And I'm just not ready
to be a father yet.

No way!

Being tiny is awesome!
Check this out.

I made a mountain out of flour and
these carrot sticks are my skis.


And, if you think that's cool,
check out my new boomerang.

I made it out of a toenail.


That's it!

If you're going to stay small,
you cannot be our leader!

- What? - We're big people
dealing with big problems.

We need you up here.
Now what do you say?

Never! I love my tiny life!

Silky Horse!

What are you doing?

I've decided to shrink the entire team.

- But the ray is broken.
- Not anymore.

I was able to fix and
improve it with my tiny hands.

Let's do it! Tiny Titans, go!

Now enough of this...

shrinking nonsense!

It's time to...

What happened to my body?

The virus has gotten so
bad that it's shut down

all your systems.
Exactly like I told you it would.

We're going to need more soup.

Or, you know, real medicine.

No, it's already too late.
We only have one option.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

Body Adventure!

- Where are we?
- Looks like we're lost in the carpet.

Not for long.

Let's climb something
tall to get our bearings.

Ooh, that looks kinda far.

Perhaps we should have gotten
closer to my body first.

Oh, hey, it's Jerry, my favorite flea.

Flea you later, Jerry.

We have not moved
but a few inches closer.

We're never going to make it.

I'm going to die here,
sick, tiny and alone.

Not on my tiny watch.
I have an ace up my sleeve.

Silky Horse!

We finally made it!
Body Adventure!



Where are we?

Ugh, I think it's the stomach.

Whoa, this is most unpleasant.

Come on, this is great.

Who wants to surf this hot dog?

Easy! Ugh!

This is... This is fun...

like a big old swimming pool.

Body Adventure.


Oh, well...
Aah, that tastes gross!

There's more fun to be
had in the body. Follow me!

Body Adventure!

Hmm... Where to next?

I know, let's hit the rib
cage for some awesome climbing.

Would not the virus most
likely inhabit his air sacks?

- Yeah, probably.
- Fine!

Ugh! It's so slimy!

Ugh, it's like you were
inhaling jelly, Cyborg.

So fun!

Mucus vines!

Don't do that! It tickles.

Oh, gross!

I need a shower!

Okay, Robin, maybe we should
just take Cyborg to a doctor.

No, we came in here to
fight some viruses in an

awesome showdown and that's
what we're going to do.

- Look, there's one now!
- What's up, guys?

Titans, go!

- I would rather the not.
- I am not touching that thing.

- Gross, dude!
- Uh, no thanks.

Everything in this body is
sticky and smelly and weird.

I thought a Body Adventure would
be awesome but it's just gross!

Come on, let's get out of here.

I'll just be over here,
inflaming some membranes

and spreading mucus
and what have you.

How do we save poor Cyborg now?

- Oh.
- Ugh.

Maybe try calling a doctor!

- Fine!
- Azarath Metrion Zinthos.

911, what's your emergency?

You got to help us.


Sorry, I can't understand you.

Is this some kind of joke?!

No, no, no, no, no,
don't hang up!